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Nonprofit Webinar Series – Social Fundraising

Janet Fouts

We’re doing a series of webinars over the next 4 weeks that should really help you create compelling content, build your network and start some sharing and participation among your networks. Free webinars you say? These webinars are totally free and you only have to sign up once to be able to come to all 4. Register Here. Here’s the line-up. June 21 – 1 pm PT.

10 Thought Leaders Share Thoughts on Curating Content

Within the field of content marketing, curation is becoming a popular topic of discussion. Curating content can provide the best of both. Content curation can takes many forms: feeds, “channels&# (such as on YouTube), it can appear on blogs, or even be the links you upload to social media sites such as Facebook. That becomes a really big issue with content curation.

Why B2B Marketers are Flocking to Native Advertising in 2015


It can be either a sponsored article or can be a content marketing asset like a white paper, recorded webinar, etc. Curation The stats from the Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends on B2B marketers plans for content marketing spending in 2015 vs. 2014 were not that surprising. Why is that? Native ads generate 82% more brand lift.

Content Curation for Twitter: How To Be a "Thought Leader DJ"

Content Curator is a DJ. As a Content Curator, you should be entertaining. Ultimately, when your friends or followers share your curated content with their friends, THEY look smart and cool. So, how do you curate content for Twitter and become a "Thought Leader DJ"? 1. great content curation tool to monitor alerts and gather content from co-workers is MediaFunnel.

7 Simple Secrets to B2B Lead Generation Titles that Convert like Crazy


Many content marketers seem to miss out on a key aspect of success – the title of your white paper, eBook, guide, webinar, etc. CurationCreating great content and not spending time coming up with a title that will convert to clicks and leads is all too common. At Aggregage, we see lots of content marketing pieces across a wide variety of industries. However, I’m a techie (Ph.D.

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Become a Content Marketing Fox

Spin Sucks

Or you can build the pyramid from the bottom up and develop a white paper or eBook inspired by a series of popular blog posts or based on a webinar. Complement with Curated Content The ideal content marketing mix includes 25 percent curated content, rounded out by 65 percent created content and 10 percent syndicated content. How can you make best use of this newfound money?

Why the Future of Social Community is Omni-Social

Convince & Convert

The rise of this multi-faceted approach to community was the subject of a deep, strategic Webinar I hosted recently with my good friends at Janrain (a leading provider of customer identity management and community functionality, and a Convince & Convert partner). Click for the replay of the Omni-Social Webinar. Omni-Social Model #4: Comprehensive and Curated.

Best B2B Marketing and Sales Strategy Guides and Insights of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Social media, content aggregation and curation , user-generated content and other developments have dramatically changed the B2B buying cycle over the past few years. This evolution has changed life for sales reps as well. Prospects often don’t surface until much later in the buying process than they did just a few years ago. B2B Marketing Trends,  Tips and Strategies. Now What?

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The New World of Member Engagement – Webinar Series


Young Association Professionals , Aggregage , Association Universe and Infinite Conferencing are are excited to bring an amazing series of interactive webinars on how association professionals need to think and act differently to drive member engagement.  She frequently presents at leading industry association conferences and often appears in social media-related webinars and podcasts.

Content Marketers: Are you a Teacher, a Curator, or a Pundit?

Home Blog Meet the Enterprise Irregulars Contact Enterprise Irregulars Smart Thinking for the Smart Enterprise Featured Posts Business Software Trends & Concepts Subscribe Browse: Home / Featured Posts , Trends & Concepts / Content Marketers: Are you a Teacher, a Curator, or a Pundit? Content Marketers: Are you a Teacher, a Curator, or a Pundit? Curators oversee collections. 

25 Excellent Content Marketing Tools for Your Brand


The team at Social Media Strategies Summit researched the marketplace of content creation, curation, promotion and distribution, and tracking/analytics tools to assemble the infographic below. Content Curation Tools. It’s simple to curate, crowdsource, and engage readers. It’s a great tool for webinars, ebooks, and product demos. 2. (free/paid).

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Influence your PR campaign with Influencer Marketing

Waxing UnLyrical

Promoting various events and webinars. Influencers curate content that caters to the interests of their followers. Guest Post by Taral Patel. Let’s face it. Content is evolving and so are the ways in which people consume it. This is where influencer marketing comes to the rescue. Well then, who are these so-called “influencers?” But wait. The answer is no. What is their reach?

The Best of the Best of 2015 Round-ups

Spin Sucks

For now, I like to look at some of the curations with “softer” or incomplete data as a source for inspiration vs. evaluation. AdWeek does a great job curating these—looking at everything from commercials , to outdoor ads , and PSAs. By Laura Petrolino. Ok, let’s be real here…. This week is going to be crazy, and painful, and exciting all at once. So with that said….here

14 of the Best Content Marketing Tips, Tactics and Techniques of 2013

Webbiquity SMM

Tom Edwards recommends ways to use Flipboard, an application that “visualizes your social feeds such as Facebook & Twitter as well as providing access to curated topical magazines all while allowing the user flexibility in how they consume their content of choice.” So it is with Content Marketing Week. Where do you find ideas and inspiration for content marketing topics?

30 Remarkable Content Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

Webbiquity SMM

62% of B2B vendors in North America use webinars and webcasts in marketing, though usage is considerably higher at the enterprise level (79%) than in SMB firms (61%).( 57% of B2B marketers use content curation as part of their content marketing strategies. But only 42% say they are able to measure positive results from content curation efforts.( Image Credit: Robert Rose.

How To Create More Content, Faster, Without Sacrificing on Quality


Some ways to do that are: Curating posts into an ebook for download on your site. Creating a webinar with the information you have written. Webinar, Tweetchats , hangout interviews with multiple people and hosting chat written questions… these are some of the ways you can pull it off. But if your aim is to write more productively and create varied content, then read on.

From Facebook Product Ads to More Retweets: What’s New in Social Media


Interested in curating a collection of relevant products to show to specific audiences all at once? Advertisers can curate ads as they see fit. tried out the tool, befittingly dubbed Retweeted More , on 2 tweets announcing the same webinar, and found that it accurately predicted which one performed better. Facebook Product Ads. Facebook Conversion Lift and Partners Program.

Google News Lab, Algorithms, and Content Creation

Spin Sucks

The YouTube Newswire is curated by journalists at Storyful who discover and verify the best news, weather, and politics. Related Stories The Minimalist Approach to Brand Storytelling Produce, Promote, and Host a Webinar to Generate Qualified Leads Become a Content Marketing Fox. By Gini Dietrich. This still makes me a little hot in the head. Those ironies are obvious to a human.

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How to Make Social Media Less of a Time Suck

Spin Sucks

You don’t want to retweet a contest you already chose a winner for or a webinar that has already occurred. Curation tools allow you to gather and automatically share content. Today’s guest post is written by Yvette Pistorio. . Because of the fast pace of social media, we are constantly bombarded with distractions from one social network or another. Twitter. Plurk. Facebook.

Member Engagement – Real Questions


We had a fantastic session by Tom Morrison on Maximizing Member Engagement as part of the Member Engagement Webinar Series. CurationLink to the Recording. Slides: What struck me were the wonderful questions that Tom posed for associations. Why People Join Associations: Organize themselves. Coordinate their efforts (cause). Leverage the costs over many people. Again, that’s gold.

Five Qualities Your Next Content Strategist Should Have

Spin Sucks

Like a curator for a museum, the content strategist selects and displays the right pieces for maximum impact.” — Content marketing specialist Derek Kirby of Adobe. Related Stories Geography Pitfalls to Avoid in Writing Produce, Promote, and Host a Webinar to Generate Qualified Leads The Epic Legacy Building Opportunity of Go Set A Watchman. By Elli Bishop. Intuitive Analysis.

How to Write a Great Business Blog Post


Think curation, not just creation.  We often get stuck staring at that blank page, thinking “I need to write something about x” – but your blog feeds (the sources you read) are FULL of industry content you might be able to report on, refer to, disagree with, or otherwise mention for some useful reason. If a colleague needs help promoting a relevant webinar, write about it.

How to Immediately Gain Traction on Twitter (and Grow Your Business)

Rebekah Radice

Plus, don’t miss my upcoming webinar (invite at the end of this post) where I offer proven tips to grow a solid Twitter following. The question I’m always asked is where to find tweetable content, what to talk about and how to best curate it. However, finding time to fit it into your daily content curation process can be tough. Optimize Your Bio. Resist that temptation.

Become a Content Marketing Powerhouse: Secrets to a Super-Sticky Strategy

Rebekah Radice

Whether it’s blog posts, videos, presentations, webinars, Infographics or podcasts, your content – when shared with the right people – helps tell your story in a powerful and meaningful way. Then look to tools for content curation. We’ve all heard the adage that content is King. In fact, it can feel downright impossible. So where do you begin? Facebook has 1.35

Member Engagement – Real Association Goals


Thus, we are left with the key questions that were well stated by an attendee: "How do we get more members to attend programs/events/webinars and renew???" This is well stated as the real objective and I look forward to the conversation around this during this great webinar series: The New World of Member Engagement. CurationThe recording will be up shortly.

Content Curation: a Required Skill for Digital Era Communicators

Home Blog Consulting Speaking Books About Contact Calendar Content curation: A required skill for digital-era communicators Over the years, I have chatted with people who work for museums. These interactions have given me some introductory insight into the job of a curator. In larger organizations, curators are also subject-matter experts on the collections for which they are responsible. Why curate content? There’s not much disagreement that communicators need curation skills, but dig deeper and it seems that this is limited to collecting links.

55 Fresh Ideas for Your Christmas Newsletter

Writtent Blog

What’s more helpful than a beautifully-curated list of recommendations for shopping? 2. Curating some recipes for parties can be a fun and engaging Christmas newsletter. Have them curate a holiday themed board, and share. Host a Webinar. Your competitors may be too focused on their personal holiday vacations to consider hosting a webinar. Image source.

Who Really Owns Social Selling?

Convince & Convert

Marketing should have a library of developed and curated content to share with sales for target personas, hopefully for each stage of the sales cycle. Join LinkedIn and the Oracle Marketing Cloud for a webinar on April 22 nd to hear more about who owns social selling, or download the full ebook. The obvious answer would be the sales team. They’re the ones selling.

Gaining a Formal Social Media Education in a DIY World

Spin Sucks

In social media, anyone can try the platforms, learn enough to be dangerous and, with a few clicks, become a video producer, community manager, content curator, published writer, or any combination of the above. IABC recently presented an eight-week webinar, Develop and Implement an Integrative Approach to Social Media , developed by Shel Holtz and Joe Thornley. Do they speak, write? 

105 Ideas to Add to Your Editorial Calendar

Convince & Convert

Sponsorships are on the rise for content marketers to fund events, podcasts, webinars, and more to reach new audiences. Webinars. Training and demos are well-suited for webinars, often including a slide deck and presenters guiding your audience through the information. Think about multiple webinars in a row—that is an awesome and typical form of virtual event. Really!

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

Convince & Convert

Starting today, we are launching… Definitive: High grade digital marketing guidance, topically sorted, and curated to the max. Resources we feature in Definitive may be: e-books videos recorded Webinars blog posts infographics, and more The format doesn’t matter. Digital marketing education is changing, and we’re changing too. via an easy-to-use preference center.

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105 Types of Content to Fill Up Your Editorial Calendar

Convince & Convert

Sponsorships are on the rise for content marketers to fund events, podcasts, webinars, and more to reach new audiences. Webinars. Training and demos are well-suited for webinars, often including a slide deck and presenters guiding your audience through the information. Think about multiple webinars in a row—that is an awesome and typical form of virtual event. Really!

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Association Social Media: National Society of Accountants


upcoming webinars and related blogs (we have our webinar instructors blog to promote upcoming webinar topics). -  digital magazine releases (then we make a few of the articles into blogs). Buffer has a simple, sleek, interface and makes content curation around the web a snap , especially if you install the Chrome or Firefax Buffer browser extension. LinkedIn: [link].

How to Use SlideShare to Attract 450k Views of Your Content

Socially Sorted

The SlideShare team hand curate content to share on their home page as featured SlideShares and on Twitter. Here is an example in our slide deck about marketing for webinars: 21 Pro Visual Marketing Tips for a Packed House at Your Webinar or Live Event from Donna Moritz. Are you looking to get more eyeballs on your content and drive traffic to your business? click through.

7 Bright Ideas for Promoting Your B2B Content Marketing on Pinterest

Writtent Blog

With 25 million members and growing , Pinterest has grown from a niche curation platform to a formidable presence among major social media networks. We’ve curated some of the brightest ideas on how you can develop a Pinterest for business presence to be reckoned with: 1. However, is the network a viable tool to promote content in the B2B realm? Sure, but it’s a bit harder. Experiment.

88 Expert Content Marketing Posts Worth Another Read

Webbiquity SMM

Michael Brenner condenses responses from a content marketing strategy webinar into into these 17 questions on how to build an effective content marketing strategy, and worked across his team to come up with their best answers based on our experience with over 200 brands from around the world. Image credit: HubSpot. These writers face the same challenge. Is your Content Boring? by Comms Axis.

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Marketing Automation Discussion at SFAMA

Janet Fouts

Make use of content curation tools to share great content written by others. Chunking up content–like a webinar for example–into short segments that demonstrate particular tools, techniques or strategies allows you to use that webinar for multiple audiences and extend it’s value considerably. On the panel: Jason Miller – Marketo. Lindsay Mahoney – Silverpop.

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79 Remarkable Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012

Webbiquity SMM

“Best in class” b2b companies are significantly more likely than average firms to integrate their social media efforts with their email marketing (65% vs. 51%), SEO (61% vs. 49%) and webinars (47% vs. 31%). Note: a slightly shorter version of this compilation was recently published as a guest post on Jeff Bullas’ blog. And their competition. And…even social media itself.

57 Notable and Unique Content Marketing Ideas

Writtent Blog

Webinars. Curate away, or create your own with a website like Piktochart. Organize, sponsor, and promote a remote seminar or conference, where you invite industry leaders and experts to share via Webinar or Telecast software. Create a little tension and energy around topics that matter by sponsoring one of your own over webinar or a Twitter chat. Co-Creation. Posts.

Top 5 Tips on Making More Attractive Facebook Page

Writtent Blog

For example, Groove Commerce highlights their monthly webinars in their cover photo. Of course you want to share links on your Facebook page to your own great content and to relevant content you curate. If you’re trying to harness the power of Facebook to market your business, great content and lots of engagement are only 2 pieces of the puzzle. fans consume your content more easily.

Trends for 2012: Social Media Intelligence

Proactive Report

Content curation. Stacy Poliseo, Internet Marketing Project Manager, Marketing and Communications for Johns Hopkins Medicine has just recently completed a thorough social audit and will share her insights on Friday November 18 on the Bulldog Reporter Social Media for Hospitals webinar. Better use of analytics and more focus on measurement. Social media education and training.

30 Killer Resources to Learn Content Marketing

Writtent Blog

The truth is the individuals and brands that succeed in the years to come will be those who are aggressive about self-education. I’ve curated a list of resources that I can recommend without hesitation to anyone. The Ultimate Webinar Checklist. Running your first webinar? Image credit Adobe. This fact has created an interesting playing field for content-minded professionals.

How to Create Massive Value Content & Blow Your Readers’ Minds


Other bloggers invite you over for guest posts and webinars. Hold a webinar on the same content and give the guide away to listeners after the webinar. 4. Curated Posts. Because they know well to curate. Curators are people who bring the best stuff at one place – in your case, that “place” is your blog. This is a guest contribution from Pooja Lohana. TITLE.