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How to Be Visual (Even When You’re not an Artist)

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The master said it best: visuals are now the most important element of content marketing. The good news: Even someone who made that can create effective visual marketing. Read the whole entry. » Digital Marketing art bigstockphoto content marketing creative commons slideshare stock photography visual marketing visual storytelling Without a.

Every Communicator Needs a Real Camera

Geoff Livingston

There are many types of visual media marketers are using, from illustrations and graphics to video and photos. In spite of protests by media and pundits , marketers, entrepreneurs and artists alike would benefit from having access to a real camera and photographs. would tell you use both a camera and a creative commons licensing site. Don’t kid yourself.

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[Cool Infographic Friday] 20 Captivating Marketing Statistics


Cool Infographic Friday] Big Data Big Profits [Cool Infographic Friday] The Ultimate Guide to Creative Commons [Cool Infographic Friday] Women dominate social media How to Lead Your Way to a Social Organization ePatient 2015: Healthcare Associations, Are You Ready? More like this. Cool Infographic Friday] Content for SEO. Useful Data

Public Relations Lessons From Jesus, The Apostles And The Bible

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Image: Martin LaBar via Flickr, Creative Commons And even many non-Christians will be relaxing, perhaps joining in the revelry (as many of my friends did when I was growing up in India). What all these stories have in common is that they all have a more-or-less related theme, which is essentially how and why to live a good life. What do they have in common? Jesus.

Lawyers: Stop Hiding. You Have To Market Your Marketing.

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Many of you are pretty conservative when it comes to marketing. That Marketing and Advertising Stuff Is Beneath The Profession. There is now greater understanding that marketing and advertising can be done with dignity, and within the ethical boundaries we have all been given, which can vary from state to state. You Have To Market Your Marketing. 350 (1977).”

SalesForce Marketing Cloud – The Next Step In Social Media Engagement?

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Potential prospect is entered into as a prospec Company users Buddy Media dashboard to deliver helpful/useful content (not marketing materials) to the prospective customer via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or a host of other channels. Is the Marketing Cloud the next step in business social engagement? No…I haven’t gone off the radar. Cheers!

Talking The Social Media Walk

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Image: Lars Plougmann via Flickr, Creative Commons Really, if you just read through the comments, there’s your follow-up blog post… but since I promised you one, you’re getting one. Image: Aftab Uzzaman via Flickr, Creative Commons It’s why I wrote about networking with a twist a while back. Burke always, always keeps her promises! Interesting.

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Content Marketing is More Than Just Blogging


Content marketing is about more than just blogging. Find photos from Flickr or Picasa — be sure to use Creative Commons photos — or buy royalty-free stock photography, and put them in your blog posts for added impact. Blog Blogging Content Marketing audio content creation content marketing photos podcasting videosBasically anything you can read. And video?

How to Market like a Musician


Traditional marketing can feel so grossly salesy. The key to getting over that “ick factor” is to get creative. Social media and the Internet have simultaneously torn down the walls of traditional marketing and made it easier than ever to build and engage with an audience. Marketing can be learned by reading blogs like this one and through trial and error. Find Ears.

WOM: What's Really Behind The Buzz

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Image: betsyjean79 via Flickr , Creative Commons Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism, Design, Digital, TV, Radio, Podcasts, Blogging, Social Networks, Newsfeeds, Affiliate Marketing, Web TV, SEO… Creative industries have evolved just as the environments, mediums, consumers and needs of our clients have evolved over time. How many heads?

So What Will You Have For Lunch?

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Image: Ranjit Bhatnagar via Flickr , Creative Commons And thanks to , I can share it with you. Shannon Pauls Very Official Blog Spin Sucks TopRank Online Marketing Blog Writing Boots - David Murray Love WUL? October 23rd, 2010 Tweet I can still remember my first tweet. How unbelievably ridiculous. Or pathetic. What can I say? I was new. Who I am. link] (esp.

The Value Of A Fire Drill

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Image: Stephen Korecky via Flickr , Creative Commons I was finger painting in kindergarten and having a good ole time. Shannon Pauls Very Official Blog Spin Sucks TopRank Online Marketing Blog Writing Boots - David Murray Love WUL? And of course, then came the questions from my mom: “What happened to your clothes?” Not everyone agrees with this… before it hits the fan, that is.

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[Cool Infographic Friday] Content for SEO


Quoth this post : “The power of content for SEO is clear, as 92 percent of marketers cite  content creation as effective for search engine optimization. In MarketingSherpa’s latest  Search Marketing Benchmark  report, content came out a winner, named a top-performing strategy by survey respondents. ” More like this.

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Three Most Important Content Marketing Lessons of 2012


This year has been one of major upheaval after another for content marketers. Here are three things that every content marketer should have learned from the past 12 months. 1. For example, the big co-citation link here is my use of “content marketing” in the headline, plus my name. Photo credit: JanneM (Flickr, Creative Commons). Boom , co-cited.

Simply The Best

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Image: sahmeepee via Flickr , Creative Commons The Best means that you are indubitably, unequivocally, indisputably the best in who you are, what you do, and what you stand for, no matter who – or what – else you are compared with, or what others might be exposed to. Anywhere. Any time. Across any industry. Or time zone. That you are a law unto yourself. Read All About It!

Content marketing: feeling ripped off?

Sherrilynne Starkie

Your content marketing program is taking off. Official Creative Commons logo. Headline Marketing Social Media Content marketing Google Ottawa Plagiarism WhoisYou’ve spent the time, resources and effort required to develop original, compelling stories, videos, podcasts and photographs and it’s starting to pay off in terms of website traffic, enhanced reputation and sales enquiries. Good for you. Then you notice that someone, a competitor even, is ripping you off!  Someone has taken your original content and is using it online as if it were their own.

The Best Content Marketer? An Orange Cone


What Does Soccer Have to do With Content Marketing? If you want to succeed at content marketing, sometimes you only have to be an orange cone. Because you’re doing the bare minimum, while your competition is doing nothing at all. I’ve worked with clients in the past who were being totally dominated in search, and our content marketing plan was an all-out game of catch-up.

[Cool Infographic Friday] All You Need To Know About The Anatomy of Songs


Cool Infographic Friday] The Ultimate Guide to Creative Commons [Cool Infographic Friday] Big Data Big Profits [Cool Infographic Friday] Why Video is the Best Form of Engagement [Cool Infographic Friday] Women dominate social media [Cool Infographic Friday] 20 Captivating Marketing Statistics [Cool Infographic Friday] Content for SEO. This is what they sound like to me.

12 Social Media Marketing Myths


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 12 Social Media Marketing Myths by Pam Dyer on January 19, 2010 Share For brands, resistance to social media is futile. Are you considering Twitter, Facebook, et al as part of your marketing plan? But incorporating them into a corporate marketing program requires time, skill, and money. Yet many marketers remain skeptical, hesitating to expand budgets and expend resources on a craze. Social marketing results can’t be measured. Your competitors have embraced it.

Don’t Be Authentic: Real Social Media Marketing Advice

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Eric Wittlake  is an B2B marketer and blogger. You can find Eric on Twitter @wittlake  or on his blog, B2B Digital Marketing , when he isn’t working with B2B clients on media and integrated marketing programs at Babcock & Jenkins. Lead image: Creative commons, commercial use allowed with attribution. Today’s guest post is written by Eric Wittlake.

20+ Commonly Asked Questions About Blogging & Online Marketing


As each year passes, blog marketing techniques evolve. If you’re a business, you may have the luxury of hiring an awesome Internet Marketing Company to keep up with the trends, but as individuals managing a blog for as a hobby or for profit, it’s up to you to not only maintain that blog but keep up with ways to increase traffic. Email Marketing. Enjoy! Comments.

What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Interviews , Marketing , Opinion , Social Media , Websites > What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer? What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer? This will help a great deal in planning and managing successful marketing campaigns. Others aren’t. Mídias sociais. |.:The

12 of the Best Guides and Sources for Free Stock Images

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Richard Byrne responds to a teacher frustrated by “students are getting when they search on Google Images” with details of eight free-image alternatives, including the Morgue File ,  (“a search engine for public domain and Creative Commons licensed pictures. As noted on the CyberChimps blog , “a picture is worth a thousand words. Compfight.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009

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Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Blogging , Business , Google , Industry News , Internet , Interviews , Marketing , Search Engine Optimization , Social Media , Viral Marketing , Web Design > Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009 Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009 by Tamar Weinberg on January 5, 2010 Share It’s my birthday!

The Psychology of Sharing


Hipster sharers, for example, are known to have a trademark as being young, popular and creative. Related Posts [Cool Infographic Friday] The Ultimate Guide to Creative Commons [Cool Infographic Friday] Big Data Big Profits How to do data management right. How to Market like a Musician [Cool Infographic Friday] Periodic Table of Google Analytics. How big is your storage?

Weekly Roundup: The Holly And The Ivy

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Image: Cornelia Kopp via Flickr, Creative Commons My husband is… well, I’m not quite sure what he’s doing, but he’s probably puttering around happily (that’s what married couples do, we putter companionably). Shannon Pauls Very Official Blog Spin Sucks TopRank Online Marketing Blog Writing Boots - David Murray Love WUL? “ Dog beds? sari. 3.

Weekly Roundup: Paloozas And Palominos

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Image: Derrick Coetzee via Flickr , Creative Commons Seems to me both are somewhat extraordinary, perhaps exaggerated and possibly exciting. How to not suck being a conference moderator or speaker , from TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog. Why: I’ve used David’s book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR , for my classes at Johns Hopkins for the last two years.

Blog Marketing Tactics - 10 Tested, Proven Ideas

When everyone is doing something (such as pinging influencers in blog posts) it starts to be less effective because it’s so common. Creativity first, data second If I purely listened to data to make decisions on what I published here, this site content would look a far different than it does.  Yes, blogs are best consumed through feeds.  Exactly. 6.  What did I learn? 

Bad Grammar Can Affect Your Brand, Your Career, Your Company


According to the Herald-Sun article, Public Relations Institute of Australia’s marketing director Kate Johns says many university graduates have a fundamental lack of understanding basic grammar principles. Photo credit: Infomatique (Flickr, Creative Commons). Blog Content Marketing Writing content marketing grammar punctuation spelling writing

Affiliate Marketing: Cult or Cash Cow?


This is a guest post from communications and marketing consultant Brook McCarthy. Each affiliate promised this course would bring clarity, a well-trod path to business success, and digital kinship which, as an online marketing professional, is sacrosanct. Becoming involved in affiliate marketing means hitching our professional reputation to another’s. moved on. The buzz begins.

You Ruined the Internet for the Rest of Us. Thank You.


With the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, content marketing just got harder for everyone else. ” It means that marketers need to understand how content marketing works, and need to work with professionals who can actually do it effectively. It means now we can get some real marketing done. Photo credit: ajc1 (Flickr, Creative Commons).

Facebook Marketing: Now Available! | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Facebook Marketing: Now Available! What is Facebook Marketing About? Facebook Marketing is a deep dive into how Facebook can be leveraged by your company starting TODAY. This includes anyone from the CEO to the CMO to PR, communications, and marketing. Everyone!

So you've got a blog, now what? How to promote your bloggo

Gemma Went

How to promote your blog 05/07/2010 tags: blog marketing , How to promote a blog by Gemma Went By: flydime / License: Creative Commons License (By 2.0) So you’ve got a blog. There were no launch marketing activities, no promotion to drive people there. It looks great. You’ve got all the whistles, bells and widgets added to it. Readers.

[Cool Infographic Friday] Do’s and Don’ts When Meeting with a VC


Our incubator is called Next Step Labs and we basically connect the dots between ideas, go-to-market strategies, technology vendors, consultants and strategists, and funders. Cool Infographic Friday] The Ultimate Guide to Creative Commons [Cool Infographic Friday] Big Data Big Profits [Please Share!] Two reasons I like this one. More like this. Potluck

25 Social Media Pet Peeves – How Many Are You Doing?

SocMed Sean

People who use social media as a marketing tool, rather than an engagement opportunity. MLM scams, “social media marketing” get rich schemes, and anything else that claims to use social media to make you rich. A while back, I asked a fairly straight-forward question on my Facebook page : What is your social media pet peeve? What’s yours? So…here they are.

Resources for Small Staff Associations


This is a list of free or cheap web, social media, marketing and design resources that I presented in my session, 20 Tools to Help You MacGyver Your Small Association’s Communications, at YourMembership Xperience 2016. CC Search  lets you search images with Creative Commons licenses across a number of different sites. SOCIAL MEDIA/MARKETING. Here it is. WEB/ANALYTICS.

13 Time-Saving Blogging Tips from the World’s Busiest Marketers

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The benefits of custom article marketing are clear; and recent studies have found that 60% of consumers cite custom content as a key factor for developing an affinity towards companies. Lean content marketing practices dictate removing as many steps as necessary. For some busy marketers, taking a rigid approach to scheduling can be critical to actually creating content.