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Marketing Videos Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Spin Sucks

know I do, which is why one of the greatest services I feel like I can share with people is helping them find ways to cut costs on their PR and marketing videos. You’re a video producer who helps people cut costs on their marketing videos!? Video can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars, but you can also produce a great video for much less. By Tony Gnau. What!? Much less!

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5 Tips for Creating High-Quality Social Media Content at a Low Cost

Ignite Social Media

Below is an example of this exact tactic brought to life by our client Hills Bros. The post 5 Tips for Creating High-Quality Social Media Content at a Low Cost appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to your content marketing efforts. Search Free Stock Websites. Get Creative with Your Props and Your Talent.

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An Online Business Survey and A Good Example

Small Business Mavericks

Copyblogger has done it again; giving us the 2015 Cost of Online Business Report by Demian Farnworth and giving us some good examples of how the same basic information can be presented in various ways for maximum impact. If the biggest challenge of these business owners is seen as generating traffic, don’t you think following the good example of offering a couple of alternative formats will help? Putting The report itself is interesting because it includes the results of a survey conducted on businesses operating online.

Facebook Ads: 9 Factors That Impact Cost Per Conversion

Jon Loomer

And by “results,” note that I’m focusing on Cost Per Conversion. That is the one KPI that matters in this case — not CPC or CTR, for example. Your focus is on the cost per desired action. There are nine main factors that impact the cost per conversion of Facebook ads… Click To Tweet. 1. As competition goes down, so does the cost.

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The 3-Pronged Facebook Advertising Strategy That Cut Lead Costs by 80%


The campaign was costing them roughly $17 to acquire a new lead – which in this space was considered fairly good. Here’s how it looked: At a cost per lead of $19.07…that The first segment of the campaign ran for about three weeks, and although lead and sales objectives were being met, we knew Facebook was building data that we could then use to lower the lead costs even more.

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Two Examples of What NOT to Do When Asking Influential Bloggers For a Link


First example. Second example. In both examples mentioned here the parties asking for links neglected to perform even basic research on their link prospect, which resulted in disastrous PR, and in second case they even earned penalty from Google. When it’s time to reach out to the people you don’t know and ask them for a link, are you confident that you’re able to do it right?

4 Mistakes Marketers Make With Mobile Facebook Ads

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For example, you can show ads to consumers who are traveling or vacationing in a specific area with messaging or offers relevant to their situation. Making sure you attribute call conversions  from your Facebook ads to accurately measure cost per lead and prove (and improve) return on investment. You know the person seeing your ad is an active smartphone user, so if you are a hotel chain, for example, show ads promoting free mobile check-in or free WiFi. It’s no secret that digital advertising has gone mobile. And that means avoiding these common mobile-related mistakes.

Two Social Media Toolkit Examples and Other Goodies


The purpose is to establish a common, yet customizable approach to analyzing social data using the most cost-effective methods available. We have also included case studies, examples of social media in action, to highlight the work of your colleagues and inspire your own programs. Some goodies I’ve come across this week for you. 1. Part 2: How to Use the Metrics. ” 2.

9 Benefits [and 3 Costs] Of Building Community On Your Blog


Perhaps the best example I can think of to illustrate this is the time I started Digital Photography School (my main blog). For example I once received an email from a reader – Mandy – asking how she should go about photographing her dying grandmother with dignity. The Costs of Community. Benefits [and 3 Costs] Of Building Community On Your Blog. General

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Marketers Must Balance Targeting With Audience Reach

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For example, the team at Pampers  could hypothetically use third-party purchasing data to deliver ads on Facebook to Huggies  customers. Buying very targeted, smaller audiences resulted in higher CPMs (cost per thousand impressions), but not much else. Instead of targeting very specific, small groups of people, like pet owners, these marketers are building quality audiences on Facebook that are broad enough to reach more people, at a lower cost per person, and deliver measurable sales impact. Advertisers experiment with new precise ad targeting.

A Comprehensive Facebook Ads Checklist to Increase Email Acquisition

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To make sound decisions based on real data, measure your Facebook ad spend in relation to certain key metrics, such as the number of newly acquired email subscribers, open rates, CTRs and cost per action. Take theSkimm , for example. Advertising/Marketing Facebook A/B testing Acceleration Partners Ad Targeting Behaviors Click-Through Rates Contests Cost per action CTA CTRs custom audiences Demographics Email lead generation Lookalike Audiences MAUs measurement Monthly active users Preferences Robert Glazer Shares Sweepstakes Targeted Ads theSkimm TwitterWith roughly 1.65

How to Know You’re Getting the Best CPC for Your Facebook Campaign

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One of the primary challenges content marketers face is making sure that they’re getting the best cost per click that they can for their Facebook campaigns. Version B is also shown to 50 users and 10 of them click on it, giving him a CPC of $0.05—one-half the cost of Version A. We all want more for less. You wouldn’t want to spend your entire campaign budget at a CPC of $0.50

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5 Fatal Mistakes Your Paid Content Marketers *Are* Making (and How Much it’s Costing You)


How much do I think this probably cost their client? For example, your agency might be submitting “blog posts” that look like this: What’s wrong here? Fatal Mistakes Your Paid Content Marketers *Are* Making (and How Much it’s Costing You). Businesses wanting to reach users in more subtle ways are jumping on the blogging bandwagon. Well and truly.

11 Myths of Social Media Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

While recent studies show that about half of marketers say that social media reduces their overall marketing costs , it is by no means without a price. The primary budget effect of social media marketing is to shift costs from media buying to labor. For example, if you build weapons systems for the U.S. Social media is so easy we can hire an intern to do it. Argh, no! Um, no.

5 Sales Email Myths that are Costing You Money


While discounts certainly appeal to customers, this example shows that a discount doesn’t always have the pulling power we think it will. In this context, an answer isn’t necessarily an answer —to a question, for example—although it can be. So, for example, it would be much stronger to follow this email’s subject line with an aspirational opening sentence than an offer-focused opening sentence. Sales Email Myths that are Costing You Money. Recently, I worked with Darren on some sales content—including launch emails—for the release of a new product at DPS.

Making Dough(nuts): A Real World Example of Using Social Media.

Jason Yormark Home About Me My Videos My Resume Contact Me Browse > Home / Community , Social Media / Making Dough(nuts): A Real World Example of Using Social Media Effectively | Subcribe via RSS Making Dough(nuts): A Real World Example of Using Social Media Effectively August 13th, 2009 Posted in Community , Social Media Tweet Share There aren’t many folks who will argue that social networking isn’t a valuable tool for business.  FROST has been able to drive significant buzz, awareness and business using tools that cost nothing but time thus far. 

3 Trends in the Daily Deal Industry


Rising User Acquisition Cost. In an interview with AdWeek , Boyan Josic, CEO of Daily Deal Media, stated that the prices for daily-deal keyword search terms have skyrocketed, driving industry-wide acquisition costs from $2 a head to higher than $10. Business & Marketing crowdsavings acquisitions Groupon rising user acqusition costDaily coupon fatigue is settling in.

Are You Measuring Cost Of Acquisition?

Small Business Mavericks

When it comes to business metrics , no metric is as important as the cost of acquiring a new customer. This is where the cost of customer acquisition gets sticky. Take the previous example: An $8 loss on a new customer can be turned into a gain if that customer buys your next product at $15. If there is a way to control the cost of aqcquisition, and there usually is, then you should control that cost. If you can reduce the cost of acquiring a new customer from $20 to $15, then you might only lose $5 on the new customer. Manage that cost of acquisition.

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A Complete Guide to Twitter’s Q2 2016 Earnings Call

SocialTimes Twitter

Some of the content is exclusive–as an example, The Rally , which is a two-hour show Monday through Friday from 9 p.m. Second, while we have worked to drive higher return on investment for advertisers (by leveraging our current user base, ad formats and innovations in targeting, creative and measurement), we’re still priced at a premium CPE (cost per engagement) relative to others.

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CPA: A Viable Alternative to CPC


When a business starts investing in online media for the first time, the first step for its digital media specialist is to educate company management in cost per click (CPC, also known as pay per click or PPC) as a benchmark to establish the effectiveness of purchased media channels. An example of a CPA publisher is The Usual Scenario. Takeaway.

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5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Delivers Results at Lower Cost!

Harp Interactive

A recent study by HubSpot concludes that the cost per lead for inbound marketing is dramatically lower than the cost of lead acquisition through outbound channels! Lower Cost: Unlike the expense of outbound marketing, businesses do not require big budgets to gain visibility. blog for example, lives forever unlike a print or a banner ad that has a limited life.

LinkedIn Recruiter: Solution to All Your Recruitment Problems


Many global companies like Ebay have used it and have voted it as more cost effective and an easier recruitment option. For example, when using Talent Direct, LinkedIn manages your recruitment campaign. Linkedin companies Cost Effective recruitment solutions Inmail passive talent recruitment Recuiter Professional Services Talent direct

How HR Technology Can Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line

The Realtime Report

HR solutions such as those available on can give your company a much needed boost in profitability by reducing costs proportionately. HR software and cloud computing have joined forces to keep hard print copies to a minimum and even more cost effective is the fact that many of these tasks can be automated. Realtime Metrics For Cost And Quality Control.

Proving Value vs ROI in PR

Proactive Report

The areas where PR can show ROI are: Revenue generation – One example is Rosetta Stone’s discovery of the over-50 market and their partnership with AARP.  Avoiding or cutting costs in areas like R&D,  customer service, support and advertising. Here’s one example of how it is being done in the health care sector. Proving Value. PR Actions. Analyze the data.

B2B Marketing Stats from HubSpot’s Marketing Data Box

Webbiquity SMM

Slide 21: Online costs per lead are lower. Not surprisingly, offline tactics (trade shows in particular) are viewed as costly by B2B marketers on a cost-per-lead basis, while online tactics are seen as more cost-effective. Direct mail, for example, can be highly effective if done properly. HubSpot last week released the Marketing Data Box , a 3.4 Email.

How to Measure CRM ROI for Your Nonprofit


This means everything boils down to a simple ratio of net gain over total cost. For example, many CRM vendors offer free ROI calculators on their site, where you can plug in a few variables and crank out an estimate. In the section below, we’ll give you some examples of common cost and gain metrics—some that are universal, and others that are specific to nonprofit organizations.

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Are You Struggling With Pay Per Click Conversions?

Small Business Mavericks

However, your click through rate needs to be seen as a comparison to several other sets of data, in particular conversion rates and costs per click. Your campaign may be receiving a thousand clicks per day, and the cost may be as low as a dollar a click, however, if you are only converting at 1% with a profit per sale of $10, you’re actually losing $900 per day. However, people who do click through will do because, in the example given, they are interested in red widgets. PPC for Small Business click through rates conversion rates cost-per-click Pay Per Click

Why Stands Out As a Best Practice


This basically means that profits for instance comes longer down the priority list – great customer service is seldom the most cost effective way to run a business. By the way – this is not a review of the book – you can read my little less than traditional review here. basically stands out because of two main focus areas: customer service and company culture.

The role of social media in managing projects for brands

Social media can allow for innovation , save project management costs, and facilitate communication. Cost-effectiveness. Social media can save project management cost. Hiring a team of developers to build an internal project management environment is costly. Virtual workspaces, on the other hand, connect employees and increase their productivity at a relatively low cost.

10 Ways to Advertise your YouTube Channel (With Examples)


There will be some video and photo examples to help you along though! This is a contest via promotion for the winner, and doesn’t cost you anything but time. The post 10 Ways to Advertise your YouTube Channel (With Examples) appeared first on Devumi Blog. We’re going to go a little off the well-beaten path with these 10 ways to advertise your YouTube channel. Yes, I know.

Is Brand Engagement Over on Facebook?

Janet Fouts

Here’s an example. Cost: We see Facebook ads with a typical CPE (Cost Per Engagement) of between $0.29 and $0.65 on the brands we manage. But cost per engagement is defined by Facebook as “The average cost per action related to your Page’s posts as a result of your ad.” The news about Facebook lately has been pretty grim. The Wall St.

[Case Study] Why Nonprofits Should Save Some Marketing Budget for Facebook Advertising


Minimal Costs. When comparing Facebook ad costs to other forms of online paid media, it tends to come at a very low cost-per-click (how much you pay every time someone clicks on your ad), contributing to low costs-per-conversion as well. The results are the perfect example of why testing and tweaking to figure out what works best is so important. Location.

Facebook 20-Percent Text Rule: Is It Changing?

Jon Loomer

Here’s an example of a tweet: I think Facebook have dropped the 20% Text Rule! Here’s an important tidbit: Facebook ads that contain images with little to no text tend to cost less and have better delivery than ads with image text. Facebook also provides examples of each and what to expect regarding distribution. jonloomer ? Not really.

Social Media ROI: 5 Must-Reads


101 Examples of Social Business ROI. By Peter Kim Here are 101 examples of social business return on investment, roughly 60% revenue generation and 40% cost reduction. Each example lists brand, activity, and source + year. Here are 5 must-reads on social media ROI that we don’t want you to miss. Social Media Metrics That Matter Now.

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How to build email subscribers from Social Media

Razor Social

For example, create a pinned post with a nice image that directs people back to an opt-in on your website. An example of how you can get more traffic is using evergreen content. For example ‘Evergreen posts’ are blog posts that don’t go out of date. For example, was social media going to take over from email? Well…long live email. Summary.

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Are You Measuring Your Social Media Efforts?


The costs involved with monitoring deal with the tracking and storage of large amounts of data. Not only that, but there are certain functions and tools that you might be interested in, which also cost more. Always be honest with yourself when it comes to determining the cost of social media monitoring. What Do You Need to Monitor? What’s Your Budget?

7 Tips for Managing Your Money More Effectively


You may be surprised by how much that coffee cup is costing you. For example, companies such as  Fisher Investments ( FI ) can help you navigate the world of stocks and investment portfolios. One example is to find out if you would save money by bundling your home insurance and car insurance with the same provider. Pay Off Your Debts. Track Your Expenses. Ask for Help. link].