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Even Yahoo! Gets A Redesign

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Even Yahoo! You don’t necessarily need to change the content, although that may be necessary as well. Every now and then you have to take a second look at your website and decide if it’s time for a redesign. has redesigned its search results pages. When you redesign your website, you want to stay true to your brand and image. But the redesign itself should reflect your company’s values. It should reflect your values from the header to the footer. It’s important to realize, though, that website redesign is about more than changing a pretty face.

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What The Twitter-Yahoo! Partnership Means To You

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Now, they’re in deep with Yahoo! First and foremost, Yahoo! Yahoo! This deal looks to be better for Yahoo! Yahoo! The announcement indicates that Yahoo! is planning to beef up its content with tweets in the following areas: “sports, entertainment, music, and more.” Is this a good deal for Yahoo!? Small Business Internet Marketing search engine marketing Twitter yahoo Twitter and Google got their very public divorce in 2011 after a brief flirtation period with realtime search. is not a search giant.

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Yahoo! Search Data (@YahooSearchData) a Good Source of Trending Topics for Lifestyle Publishers

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I’d given Yahoo! Search Data a shout-out in Search Trend Optimization for Evergreen Content but it continues to be a useful resource so I wanted to bring it up again. Take a look at some recent tweets: Crafts of all types are buzzingon @ Yahoo including “paper crafts”, “kids crafts”“duct tape crafts,” “4th of July crafts”. — Yahoo! — Yahoo!

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How Yahoo! Contributor Academy Built Free Educational Courses

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Yahoo! We do offer lots of rewards for being a creative, expert, polished web writer who publishes excellent content. Jelena Woehr is community and social communications manager for Yahoo! Communication Writing community community manager creativity dan pink education ethics learning personal branding Social Media social media ethics teaching web writer writing yahoo Yahoo!

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Interview with Community Manager: Jonas de los Reyes from Yahoo!

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Jonas de los Reyes is a lead community manager of Yahoo! You would often find me in our services like Yahoo! We have a lot of really great content and this gives us the opportunity to better engage our community. I have seen companies deepen their engagement with their communities through a Flickr group or a Yahoo! in Southeast Asia. The first was blogger relations.

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Tweet Containing Swear Word Appears on Yahoo! Homepage

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I’ve always considered the Yahoo! home page a place with family-friendly content. So much so that I’m reconsidering my usage of Yahoo! Perhaps this “news story” made it onto Yahoo!’s ’s home page because it’s a trending topic, but you’d think that it would be edited out by the Yahoo editors. But apparently not.

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5 Mistakes That Prevent Your Content From Going Viral


Why isn’t your amazing content going viral? Why aren’t people sharing your content? What pushes someone to not only to view your content, but to pass it on? There is a science to creating viral content. There is probably nothing more efficient and effective in spreading your message than a viral content marketing campaign. There is no emotional appeal.

Offsite Content Marketing: Six Tactics to Reach New Audiences

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Yesterday we had a nice conversation about content distribution and how to gain new readers. The comments were alive with things such as “the Internet is over-valued,” which means comments and social shares are too, and without those things, you’re losing out on important data to help guide your content. Offsite Content Marketing. Content Amplification.

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The Fleeting Value Of Content

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Most content screams into an empty universe. It's nice to create content with the intent of reaching a broad and targeted audience, but it's becoming harder and harder to do this. No matter how good the content is. Yes, the best content always rises to the top, but when the amount of content being produced rises exponentially and is being published at a frenetic pace, it becomes a lot harder for individuals to filter the signal from the noise. Content is short. Content is long. Content is text, images, audio and video. content.

SEO Guidelines for Sponsored Content and Partner Links

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Sponsored content in various forms is growing in popularity as publishers seek additional sources of revenue. This topic has been in the news recently with Google first issuing a reminder that any links within sponsored content should not pass PageRank. It does not apply to instances in which regular editorial content is given a sponsor treatment. Sponsored Content Compliance.

What Agile Content Marketing Means for Your Business

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It’s our ritual, our process, and the way we tackle each new piece of content. But we need to ask ourselves: with the amount of content we must produce, is the same old process we’ve done for years the best way to move forward? Agile has proven to be so powerful, it is used by Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, and just about every other leading technology company today. CMI ).

25 Ways to Create Shareable Content

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It’s not easy to have consistently fresh content that people want to read and share and shout from the rooftops. That’s why a content development process is essential. The SmartBrief newsletters aggregate content every day (at least 10 articles) around one topic, such as entrepreneurship, leadership, or social media, that is applicable to something you care about. The Debate.

Every Piece Of Your Attention Is Being Monetized

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Because of this, publishers should move away from the ad-supported model and figure out new forms of revenue (get people to pay for content?). Look no further than the Yahoo news this week. Yes, your data - even after it was already monetized - is being moved to the black market and being re-sold (not by Yahoo, but it is still being monetized). content. yahoo. .

27 Must Use SEO Tools for Incredible Content Marketing Results

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Content marketing is about creating, optimizing, and distributing valuable content to grow your web presence and steer the actions of consumers. Some are free, others are paid, but they can all help you get incredible content marketing results. It also gives you valuable crawling, indexing, and content optimization insights that can affect your Google rankings. nTopic.

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Defining Your Keywords

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For those of you who write content for Yahoo! you’ve probably received the new “ Yahoo! Style Guide : The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World.”. After skimming through the contents for the 512 page book there was one section that caught my eye in particular: Charting Keywords with a Keywords Research Tool.

The 5 Most Common Kinds of Dark Social Content

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Which owned content is your audience sharing behind closed doors? By looking at Dark Social data, you’ll be able to optimize your public social marketing strategy to highlight the items or content pieces actually being shared privately. But we share these pieces of content privately, too. Does your audience share the same content publicly and privately? You: OMG.

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The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012

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A marketer who’s an engineer by training (I can relate to that), April has a broad range of marketing experience that encompasses messaging, media relations, lead generation, email marketing, content marketing, social media, analyst relations and sales enablement. EndPlay is a leading provider of SaaS content management, engagement and monetization solutions delivered in the cloud.

One More Reason Why Content Is All Important Factor!

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One More Reason Why Content Is All Important Factor! Free Search Engine Submission Of Your Business, Brand, Referral, Product, Personal URL Submit Your Site For Free Get Listed On Google, Bing, Yahoo And More! HERE ARE COUPLE OF LINKS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE EARNING QUICK REFERENCE: 1. The Social Media Network Called TSU has crossed the 3 million Users mark! ? Over 3.5 link] 3.

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Why Quality Content is the Core for Any SEO Strategy

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Is quality content the backbone of your SEO strategy? Shabby content doesnt engage readers. So do search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo  Google in particular. Here is a closer look at what qualitative content is and why it should be the main driver of every search engine optimization strategy. SEO Strategy: What Is High-Quality Content? Image source.

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5 Tips for Great Content Curation

5 Tips for Great Content Curation. In reality, good content curation isn’t as simple as pushing a share button. It’s actually a combination of finding great content and following some simple best practices on how to successfully share that content. Be Part of the Content Ecosystem. Be part of the content ecosystem, not just a re-packager of it.

The Conundrum of Content

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Others are getting my good content. Or maybe I should just say they are getting my content, whether it’s good or not, well that’s in the eyes of the reader now isn’t it? Being a content producer is brutal, it’s hard and it never ends. Because content, in and of itself, is constantly being redefined and producing it is constantly a challenge.

Demand Better Content

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They meticulously curate and edit this content so that it fits within the allotted pages. The big question is: Can robots do a better job than these editors in knowing what content you are most interested in? Through studying Web analytics and niche topics that are getting search engine traffic online, Demand Media uses the information to create content (mostly text articles and videos). The success of this type of business is predicated on the ability to not only create, monetize and syndicate content, but to get it to the top of a search engine's natural listings as well.

The Future of Digital Marketing According to the Giants

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Google, Yahoo! Virtual reality seems to be one of the hottest trends: Google has Google Glass , Facebook bought Oculus VR (which makes the virtual reality gaming headset Oculus Rift), and Yahoo! These purchases tell us that real-time information delivery, social interaction, immersive content and improved ecommerce experiences are in store for us in the near future.

3 Reasons To Love Flickr Again

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Yahoo! But if you aren’t using WordPress, or if you do other kinds of content marketing online using services like Squidoo and HubPages, then Flickr is still a great place to store and share photos. Social Media blogging Flickr photos videos yahoo has decided, after eight years, to spend some energy improving Flickr. This is great news. Specifically, there are three new improvements to Flickr that I think make it worth sharing photos (and videos) to again. Here they are (in a nutshell): 1 terabyte of space for storing photos and videos. So What Can Flickr Be Used For?

Does Good Content Matter Anymore?

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We’re content starved. The emergence of tablets and mobile devices has only enhanced our desire to consume digital content. When content producers cannot meet the demands of a ravenous public, things can get ugly and the public walks-digitally speaking. Specifically, the dearth of original compelling content in the digital space has caused us to consume subpar content wrapped around good SEO. Good content is getting lost in the firehose of bad content. Most producers of content are in the business of driving traffic.

Revamping Old Content

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Unloads Delicious Kudos To HubPages » Revamping Old Content About once a year or so you should go through your old content and update it. This includes your static content, blog content, and maybe even your social media content. And still other content will need a major overhaul. There are many ways to revamp and repurpose old content.

Our Narrowing World View Is Not Facebook's Fault

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Don't blame Facebook for the type of content that we see. There was a lot of conversation this week about what Facebook does (and does not do) to control the content that we see. Should Facebook suddenly ensure that content (of all shapes and political sizes) get their own fair share of distribution? like AOL and Yahoo. Customization allowed consumers to choose the type of content that they wanted to see. content. content distribution. yahoo. . Facebook was accused of suppressing conservative news , and how it hits the newsfeed. How so?

Blog Authorship: Tools to Keep Your Blog Content Safe from Plagiarists and Duplication


If you spend days and nights creating the most outstanding content ever, this post is for you. As a contributing writer, I know all too well how difficult it is to create content that strikes the right chord with editors and readers. Blog Authorship: Keeping Your Blog Content Safe from Plagiarists and Duplication. Plagiarism Detectors Can Find Content Thieves. Bulkping.

Can Yahoo! Be The Comeback Kid?

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Don’t write Yahoo! According to this article at TechCrunch, Yahoo! In fact, Yahoo! Here are three specific reasons why I think Yahoo! If Yahoo! Making good use of this app can give Yahoo! This is a huge opportunity for Yahoo! Personalization – Yahoo! But Yahoo! If Yahoo! can take its current technology to learn enough about its user base to deliver personalized content, then it can become a major player again. Yahoo! I’m rooting for Yahoo! off yet. because no one is dominating here yet.

Facebook Is A Reflection Of You

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The content that you see (and that you are creating, sharing and "liking"). Facebook is not a traditional media outlet, where content is produced, edited and marketed from a certain standpoint down to you. We have shifted from the Web portal model (think of how Yahoo and AOL curated, edited and created stories like traditional media), to a place where our homepage (or, now, our main tabs or destination apps) is our Facebook or Twitter feed. It's easy to think that a world in which everyone we know is sharing and creating content exposes us to many more voices. yahoo.

Content vs. Community: How Online Publishers Can Nurture Both

Simultaneously, the amount of content produced sky-rocketed , with more compelling material than ever before. However, the past decade hasn’t fostered thoughtful interaction between that content and its consumers. Engagement is About Humans, Not Clicks Let’s face it: Content is becoming commoditized. A more social and real-time community will self-perpetuate content.

A Pinteresting Story

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Users create a board (it can be anything from cool pictures of cats to the most fascinating business Blogs) and as you come across pieces of content online (and it can be text, images, audio or video), you "pin" the content (which is done by installing a "pin it" button on your web browser's toolbar). Pinterest creates a mood board or visualization of this content. Delicious was created by Joshua Schacter in 2003 as the notion of tagging (or labeling) content to make it findable by others begun to take hold. content. yahoo. That Facebook IPO. clickz.

17 Content Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On

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Content marketing — like any other type of online marketing — is continually changing and evolving. Meaning, if your content campaign today looks just like it did in ‘07, then it isn’t as effective as it was in 2007. Example: one of my Internet marketing buddies’ content marketing campaign was built heavily around article directory submissions (think Ezine Articles ).

Mobile Breaks Search. And Your Brand

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to a handful of Web portals ( AOL , Yahoo , etc.), The saving grace used to be Google and search to dig into the niches and find that more specific kind of content. If your app isn't a daily utility (like banking), and a consumer needs/wants your content, how will they find it? The solution seems simple enough: we need a better mobile search experience that enables consumers to access content, and share it much in the same way that the desktop/browser experience provided. content. content marketing. yahoo. Not smartphones, but mobile. Everything.

10 Steps to Creating Reader-Oriented Blog Content


Reader-oriented blog content writing is simple once you are familiar with the basic building blocks required to draw the reader in and keep them reading. Here are 10 basic steps that will lead any blogger down the desired path to creating compelling content. Bing, Google and Yahoo provide analytical tools that can help you track metrics and demographics. 1) Know Your Reader.

10 Great Alternatives to the Google Keyword Research Tool


Keyword research is a fundamental part of content marketing. . Search engines favor compelling content, but you won’t generate much traffic if you don’t include the words and phrases people are most interested in and actively searching for. Content Marketing SEO Social Media Content marketing engagement What to do? 10 best alternatives to the Google Keyword Tool.

Are Brands Confusing Advertising With Marketing?

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It turns out that the major advertising networks think that Yahoo made a mistake in the acquisition of Tumblr. As much as brands toss the words engagement and content marketing and social media and mobile around the boardrooms, they''re still ultimately looking for one thing: a quick impression. They are publishing and content channels that enable the content to be as shareable and findable as possible (when done well). content channel. content marketing. yahoo. or another place to put an ad. Welcome to the post-impression era. Epiphany! brand.

Why Human-Curated Content Outstrips Computers Every Time

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to discuss the undeniable power of excellent curation, delivering content to users that is perfect for the moment, and what makes people hit the “share” button. From Cision , a free ebook called Power Your Story: Content Marketing Essentials. “It’s about content that is perfect for the context.” Yahoo! Elias Roman, Songza @eliasroman.

Yahoo Adds Enhanced News Results to searchmonkey

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Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Yahoo Adds Enhanced News Results to SearchMonkey by Adam Sherk on August 31, 2009 On Friday Yahoo announced new additions to its SearchMonkey enhanced results, including options for news content. SearchMonkey allows sites to use structured data to include additional information in their Yahoo search results such as addresses and phone numbers, review scores, pricing, etc. Once the markup is added the enhanced results should appear in Yahoo after the content has been crawled again.

Do You Need A Degree In Digital Marketing And Social Media?

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If you can't find out information in a general search (on Google , Bing , Yahoo or whatever), leverage your online social networks ( Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn , tumblr , etc.) you will have years and years of content to help you learn. Your perspective many not be fully crystallized, but by the sheer act of creating content, you will better understand how to use and leverage these publishing platforms to get an idea to spread. yahoo. How important is a formal education for a career in marketing? I get asked this question a lot. I am certifiable. Regrets? Doing.