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Why You Need Intelligent Content Now

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What is intelligent content? Rethink how you create, manage, and connect content, and make life easier on yourself and your organization. The post Why You Need Intelligent Content Now appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories What Are Your 2017 Content Marketing Goals? PR Content Strategy: Let’s Talk Shop!

Online Tools that Help with PR

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You have the opportunity to manage that yourself. All of this can be managed—and your day-to-day life won’t seem so hectic—with a few online tools. SlideBatch is  the solution for “making web content visual and powerful.” By Gini Dietrich Running a small business isn’t easy. This is both good news and bad news. But you still want them to talk about you. Feedly.

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Introducing The Modern Blogging Masterclass

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It will prepare you for the dearth of content you have to produce next year. How to build a content map, based on your organization’s priority keywords and the questions your prospects are asking. How to repurpose content, create contributed content, and use media relations to reach new audiences.      . How to build content upgrades in existing content, to drive leads.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Amanda Gant

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With a good content management system or a developer, you can add almost anything to your site. also edited all three versions of Andy Crestodina’s book, Content Chemistry , so I’ve read that one more than a hundred times and at least thirty times in the past six months. By Gini Dietrich. love Amanda Gant. What is the Biggest Mistake You’ve Made in Your Career? Giddy up!

Six Tips for Better Business Writing

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Internet browsers, content management systems, Pages, Word, and most software have spell check built in. In today’s text, Twitter, social media world, people are getting more and more lazy about their grammar and spelling, according to This Embarrasses You and I* , an article in the Wall Street Journal. He also hammers interns to stop peppering sentences with “like.”

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Learn How to Measure What Matters

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He shows you how they used content, crowdsourcing, videos, photos, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, and YouTube to get cyclists and supporters engaged in a big annual ride. We’re slowly moving our paid content to a new content management system (thanks to Joe Hackman ) so no more waiting for one of us to email you the details after you buy.

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Five Ways to Become a PR Technologist

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It means you understand how to use a content management system. Social media monitoring and measurement tools; Analytics and measurement; Social media influence tools; Collaborative social media platforms; Content management systems; and. This week our guest posts focus on adapting the traditional to the new.  ” I mean, come on. Test new technology.

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Measuring PR Results On a Shoestring Budget

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So, Anthony, my answer is a combination of three or four different tools (depending on what your content management system does and which customer relationship management software you use – even if it’s WordPress and Excel). It’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap!). This week’s question comes from Anthony Rodriguez. LOVE IT!

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Eight Practices for Developing a PR Hybrid Professional

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The PR technology tester works with content management systems and learns new technologies that allow everyone to be more efficient. 4. The communication organizer listens, creates a content development approach, and develops a playbook for the entire organization to use. Deirdre teaches you how to listen first in order to understand how to develop the relevant content.

Review of Content Marketing Measurement Platform Squeeze

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Squeeze is a Sequentia product and the way they describe it is as: A new content marketing measurement platform designed to help marketers make better decisions, optimize their budgets, and deliver greater results. You can squeeze links for any of your content, as well as forms. It’s not an aggregation of content across the web. I have something new for you to try!

Measuring PR Results to the Bottom Line

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software (even if it’s just in Excel or  Constant Contact ). Content management system on your website or blog. For this particular client, we use email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, the  response campaign , and  content marketing. Do they read and share the website content? Clicky.

Measuring Results at the Enterprise Level

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That’s right! It’s that time again. Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap)! This week we’re talking online monitoring, measuring results, some elbow grease, and marketing expertise. Rusty Speidel , a friend I met on Twitter who later became a close offline friend (mostly because we both road bike), has been giving me a hard time about measuring results. theend.

Gin and Topics: No Toilet Paper, Tech Terms, and Puppies

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even recommend learning basic programming so you can adjust things in your content management system. 1. It’s a sad, sad day in Chicago. One year ago, we had so much snow the city shut down. Today? It’s in the upper 40s. Mother Nature is clearly confused. As much as I love snow, I do not  want it in June. Do you hear me, Mother Nature? No No snow in June! Hendricks.

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PR for Products vs. Services: Do They Work the Same?

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It was a follow-up to his first webinar on creating content for pull PR and marketing. He talked about how to force feed prospects your content so, by the time you meet with them, they’re ready to buy from you. The links include our pricing page (under development), boutique vs. large agency , and then content specific to their business needs (i.e. think it does.

Four Mobile Marketing Growth Areas

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This first ran on MyMobiManager , a company that creates content management systems for the mobile web. And, as business leaders, we may have to consider jumping in bed with the wireless companies in order to get our content out (and not blocked). Creative and fun, if you’re looking for help in that area, you should check them out! We love you, but oy! And apps?

eCommerce Marketing: Do Free Trials Work?

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keeping it inside your content management system). I was talking to Erik Hare yesterday about how we both have blog posts in some sort of process for days, sometimes even weeks. I’ve already written shells of the blog posts for Friday, Sunday, and Monday. And I have a half-written guest post for Troy Claus. But today? Today I have nothing. mean, literally nothing. Zilch.

Gin and Topics: Mourning, Whining, and Rolling

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It’s just the design and content management system, which means we still have to do our part of uploading content. What a crazy week! First there is an earthquake on the East Coast (I know it’s not a big deal to you West Coasters, but those buildings can’t withstand that kind of shaking). What’s going to be the third big piece of news this week?

How Do We Get On the First Page of Google? | Spin Sucks

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New Community Manager at Arment Dietrich Facebook Privacy Have something to add? Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t know a ton about optimization and SEO – all the little tricks and ratios and content that gives you some of that oomph. By producing original, valuable content that many people reference, visit, engage with, etc. Leave a comment! My $0.02.

Solving the Content Management System Standoff: Drupal, Joomla or WordPress?


Similarly, the same approach should be taken when it comes to choosing the best open-source content management system (CMS). Whether youll be running a company blog or a site thats jam-packed with graphics and video, making the right choice depends on your content. Drupal is built to provide a stable performance with a great deal of content versatility.

Twitter Eases Process of Embedding Timelines

SocialTimes Twitter

Senior product manager Mollie Vandor  used a blog post  to reveal three ways for publishers to generate an unlimited number of timelines: factory functions , Twitter’s new oEmbed application-programming interface  and via publish.twitter.com. And, as always, by embedding Twitter content in your website or app, you are agreeing to the Developer Agreement  and Developer Policy.

Open Source Web Management and Design Tools


Everything a web designer needs for free: Designing and managing a website need not be an expensive affair. This list is not comprehensive, but rather provides the categories for each step of website management, as well as open source examples of tools you can use. FireFTP – Runs in Firefox on all operating systems. – Content Management Systems.

12 of the Best WordPress Guides, Hacks and Plugins of 2010

Webbiquity SMM

WordPress is no longer just the leading blog platform , but is now the most popular open-source CMS (content management system) as well. An outstanding list of useful WordPress plugins from Andy Beal, author of Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online and the brain behind the Trackur social media monitoring tool. WordPress Themes and Plugins.

Discover Marketing Technology Used by Leading Companies

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Current ranking is… WordPress – website content management. Mailchimp – email marketing system. Drupal – website content management. Salesforce – customer relationship management. For example, these are the business tools used by Airbnb. Zendesk – customer service software. Adroll – retargeting ad platform.

The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem

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Marketing technologists (those that understand how it all fits together) will become invaluable as businesses adopt customer relationship management solutions, email service providers, content management systems, and big data. Now that the infrastructure is almost built, it’s time to consider content. You can generate content with WriterAccess.

Four SEO Tips for WordPress Websites


WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. Not only is it used by almost a quarter of new webmasters, it’s also the system of choice for 17% of Alexa’s top one million sites on the web. There are a number of good WordPress plugins ; all you have to do is search for “SEO plugins” in your plugin manager and you’ll be given a wide choice.

Five Reasons Why I Love Wordpress


Main | Stop tweeting about the # of followers you have » October 23, 2009 Five Reasons Why I Love Wordpress WordPress was originally made as a blog publishing application but has now evolved into a huge content management system (CMS). These are what turn the basic blog program into a full content management system. Essentially, the WordPress theme system is a way to skin your website. Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « You can’t fight the power of video. It’s bigger than all of us. This is a very big misconception.

Hot Association Social Media Jobs This Week – January 13


Position works with SHRM’s Online Content, Development & Integration Manager to develop and implement complex multimedia projects. He/she will be responsible for website content and social media, including strategy and development, and support ASIS media relations and other department stakeholders as necessary. photo credit ). Jobs Jobs Jobs

11 Qualities of the Ideal Social Media Strategist

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social media strategist’s toolkit could include a range of productivity apps, a social media management tool like Sprout and they might even need familiarity with content management systems. 2. Audience There is no single quality to look for when searching for the ideal social media strategist. The big question becomes how can one person do all that? Multidisciplinary.

Is HTML Or A CMS Better?

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Is it better to design a website using HTML or a content management system (CMS)? Time Management: Designing your website and updating your content can be done much more quickly with a CMS than with an HTML website. To be sure, there are pros and cons to either method. Here are a few things to think about when making your decision about whether to design your website using HTML or CMS. Security: In terms of security, HTML is superior; however, most CMSs have security plugins or add-ons that you can use to make your site more secure.

Learning + Technology: The Latest on What Associations Are Doing


Just over half of respondents (51 percent) report using a learning management system (LMS) to deliver and manage education. percent of respondents who reported using either an LMS or a learning content management system (LCMS) in the 2010 edition of the survey. Download! Anther 10.6 percent said they plan to within the coming 12 months. Only 31.4 percent).

WordPress vs Drupal: Which CMS is Right for Your Site?


Most websites these days have massive amounts of content that must be managed for the smooth functioning of the site. The role of this falls to content management systems, or CMSes. Many government sites, including whitehouse.gov, run on Drupal because of its security features, but it’s not as popular because it is perceived as a difficult system to learn.

Taxonomy in Content Curation


First I have to admit that they have done a very good job of building a comprehensive taxonomy (classification) system to organize all the content they serve.  But the site also proves my point that CMS systems are not the right solution for managing curated content for the following reasons. The only other solution is to rely on many people tagging the content

Blogger to WordPress – Why Make The Change?


Blogger will work just fine if all you’re looking for is a simple blog that stands alone from the rest of your website, but for flawless integration and versatility, WordPress is one of the best content management systems you’ll find on the web. It can be a tricky process, because transferring isn’t easy when you have hundreds of posts published already.

5 Things I’ve Learned from Running BizSugar

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

If you’re considering acquiring or building a user generated content site, here are a few things I’ve learned that may help you. BizSugar is built on Pligg, an open source content management system. It has fewer plugins and a lower level of functionality, but the benefit is that it’s geared toward managing a user generated content site, so it.

The Intersection of Online Communities and Learning Management Systems


We’re seeing some interesting things going on in the association industry at the intersection of online communities and learning management systems (LMS). Just over half of respondents (51 percent) report using a learning management system (LMS) to deliver and manage education. This post originally appeared on Online Community Results. live) Webinars or Webcasts.

Google’s Change of Address Tool is Broken

Bill Hartzer

There are several web CMS (Content Management Systems) whose URL structures are inherently broken and not set up properly. Google’s Change of Address tool, accessed by website owners in the Google Search Console, is broken. It generally works for most website owners as it should. This missing functionality causes certain websites to not be able to use the tool.

Don’t Get Lost in the Jungle: A Field Guide to Navigating Your Targeted Content Strategy


Don’t Get Lost in the Jungle:  A Field Guide to Navigating Your Targeted Content Strategy. Personalized content isn’t anything new. And just when you thought you had a handle on content-first design, technology has thrown content strategists for another loop. With these technological advances, how can you design a targeted content strategy?

How Many Ways Can You Design A Website?

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Still others prefer to use a content management system. There are of course many content management systems. There are open source systems like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. And there are many premium systems that you can buy. There’s not just one way to design a website. Every website is different. In fact, today there are so many different platforms to use for building websites that no two web developers will agree on the best one. Many website designers and developers still prefer to use HTML. Is there one way to accomplish that?

How WordPress Can Make Your Website More Manageable


The standard content management system for millions of websites, WordPress is one of the most praised and appreciated online development platforms out there. Here are five great reasons to use WordPress as your development platform of choice, each geared around the platform’s simple manageability. Few content management systems load as quickly as WordPress.

B2B Marketers Are Humans, Too

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Volvo Trucks bet on the former and successfully demonstrated the precision of its dynamic steering system through an  award-winning  video that has generated 78 million views. So why make a B2B ad that looks like B2C content? B2B brands that put a compelling twist on their content stand to reap the benefits. The brand wasn’t targeting consumers, but transport companies.

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