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Looking for info on social media consulting fees?


If you’re working on your social media budget for 2011, and looking for information on social media consulting fees, Mack Collier has a good updated list of  what social media consultants charge for various services. Audit of existing Social Media Strategy Including Recommendations for Improvement –  $2,000-$10,000. Featured budget consulting fees

5 Tips for Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits


Unfortunately, out of this majority, only 26 percent believe their strategy is effective. In each department of your organization, staff should be aware of your strategy. This is the foundation of your content marketing strategy, as this is the group you will always be speaking to. Utilize Social Media in Your Strategy. Content Strategy Implementation

Develop a Bare Minimum Brand Strategy

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When it comes to brand strategy I see this all the time—expressed by clients large and small as some variation on, “We don’t have time for brand strategy… and there’s no money for consumer research … so let’s just get to the communications, all right already?” Your consultant or project leader should still speak to 10-12 key customers. This Functionally and emotionally?

Technique Matters for Communications Strategy Success

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If you want to compare this to a communications strategy (which…surprise, surprise…we are!) my objectives would be things such as: Muscle fiber recruitment, speed, power, and technique improvement,  but my overall goal of this time period is very simply to lift heavier things. Lifting heavier things takes work and strategy. Technique Matters in Your Communications Strategy Execution.

5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Social Media Agency Or Consultant

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So let’s talk a bit about how to choose the right agency or consultant if you’re ready to make that investment. Experience – It goes without saying that you should never hire a consultant or agency with little to no experience. How did their social media strategies align with their client’s business goals and objectives? One Size Does Not Fit All – Avoid boilerplate proposals and strategies at all costs. While growing your reach is certainly a part of an overall social media strategy, it is not the be all end all. Good luck!

The Basics of B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

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But it may also be a problem with basic B2B social media marketing strategy. If you’re not sure your strategy is on track—or not sure what your company’s social media marketing strategy is —hopefully this post can help. Cross-Platform Social Media Strategy. Platform-Specific Social Strategy. Social Presence Promotion Strategy.

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You’re Never Going to Sell Content Strategy


All but two have said some version of this: “I’ll keep you in mind when we have a content strategy project.”. If they honestly think that a content strategy project is going to magically appear or that they are going to sell content strategy to a client, I’ve got news for them: It’s not going to happen. worked for a digital agency back when content strategy was new.

6 Takeaways From 23 Years as a Consultant

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have a lot of business and professional miles on these tires, because I started my consulting career when I was just 18, and have started or owned six companies since then. built my largest company based on two principles: telling the clients the truth about Web strategy and online marketing, even if it’s painful; and being the fastest firm in the business. But it works for me.

Monday Roundup: Classic Measurement Strategy

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some things do get better with time. A lot has been (and continues to be) said about measurement, but when you’re in the market for measurement strategy, it’s always smart to revisit some classics. Here’s What are some of your tried and true classic measurement strategies? Monday Roundup: Classic Measurement Strategy is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc.

Seven Frequently Asked Questions on Social PR Strategy

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When I teach workshops, there are certain stumbling blocks to smart social PR strategy that come up frequently. Here are the seven most frequently asked questions in my social PR strategy workshops, and how I typically answer them. 1. That’s where you have to really blueprint your social PR strategy. Too much to do, not enough time. Now you’re asking me to add social?!”.

4 Social Media Management Strategies for Mobile Consumers

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How many social media management strategies REALLY incorporate mobile users? It’s important for your team to develop a strategy to grab their attention immediately. Check out these four social media management strategies to interact with mobile consumers. 1. Develop tailored social media management strategies for your mobile consumer. Most likely not enough.

Social Media Strategy Template

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Download the PDF of the Social Media Strategy Template here. However, only 38 percent of companies say they have a defined social media strategy. No wonder then that there is so much discussion about how to measure results and reluctance on the part of the CFO to fund programs that have no strategy or defined metrics. Develop a content strategy with an editorial calendar.

Your New Content Strategy [REGISTER!]


Questions like, “do we have a content strategy?” If Veteran communicator Bob LeDrew has helped develop communications and content strategies for not-for-profits and associations. And now he’ll help you understand the ins and outs of building a strategy for your own organization. Key Takeaways: An overview of content strategy. Overview.

10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Consulting Firm

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With this rapid growth in social media uptake, the demand for social media training and consulting has risen tremendously. The question however remains, “what do you ask when seeking to hire social media consultant s?” Competent consultants need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of your marketing niche. The same case applies to social media consultancy.

The Ultimate Guide to Social PR Strategy: A Blueprint for Success

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Getting Your Social PR Strategy Off the Ground. But if they’re not mapped out as part of an overall strategy – one that makes perfect sense based on, and follows logically from, your business objectives – then pretty soon your program is going to start crumbling worse than a House of Cards. Smart Social PR strategy always always ALWAYS maps to business objectives.

Are You Ready to Get Started on Content Strategy?


One of the buzzwords du jour is “content strategy.” You may know you really need a content strategy to make your website better, but don’t have time or staff, and don’t know how to get started. Content strategy is not to be feared. Content strategy is a process, and you can do as much or as little as you are able. Think of content strategy as a roadmap for your content.

SEO Strategies: Optimisation Ideas for Your Google+ Page


Tweet Guest post written by Emma Tomlinson , who is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a SEO consulting company based in Bristol delivering successful campaigns to both SMEs and major brands. As a final tip, do not forget to use other social media strategies too. Google+ Google google plus guest blog search engine search engine optimisation seo SEO strategies

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4 Social Media Trends and How to Adjust Your Social Strategy

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Social media has evolved over the years and in order to design a successful social media marketing strategy, you must consider the latest social media trends that are likely to have the biggest impacts. 70 percent of businesses agree videos are the most important marketing tool; whereas two out of three companies expect to include videos in their marketing strategies.

Three Keys to Blueprinting Your Social PR Strategy

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Last week, we spent two days on-site with a new client for a series of discovery meetings. (I love how the PR industry has co-opted the word “discovery” from the legal profession, by the way.) It was an intense couple of days, but absolutely essential to mapping out and implementing their social PR strategy, which is what we’ve been retained to do. So here we go. ” 2. What

Is Social Media Strategy Required or Redundant?

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But on the subject of social media strategy, we disagree in every possible way. Magazine about social media, as was asked whether entrepreneurs should hire a consultant and develop a social media strategy. There’s a tendency to hire a consultant and formulate a plan. There is no such thing as a Twitter strategy. Or a Facebook strategy. No replies.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Revamping Your Paid Strategy

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Marketers should follow the three-pronged strategy from Hubspot that suggests starting with publishing on your own platform, then reaching out to industry influencers (a.k.a. According to Jay Dwivedi, President of Market Research Firm  xInvest Consultants , “There is no one type of content that works for all websites. Image via There Is No Magic Formula.

How To Develop And Execute A Social Media Strategy For Free

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The same concept can certainly be applied to other things that you want or value in life and it certainly applies to the development and execution a social media strategy. With respect to social media, I’d adjust the statement to say: “If you want a social media strategy that performs, dedicate resources that will perform.” In this case…an intact brain. Cheers!

Monday Roundup: Building Blocks for Strategy Development

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Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining a plan you’ve spent oodles of time on, this week’s roundup gives you some key components of strategy development. 1. Questions to Ask When Developing Your Brand Strategy. Three Keys to Blueprinting Your Social PR Strategy. How do you approach your business’ strategy development?

What is Rob Ford’s media strategy?

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Any PR consultant worth his salt will tell you that when a scandal hits the headlines, it’s best to apologize, take full responsibility and promise never to do it again. And this is the strategy that beleaguered Toronto Mayor Rob Ford tried to exact earlier this week. This could be a winning strategy. Photo credit: Wikipedia). But it didn’t turn out that way.

Blog Business Model 6: Sell Consulting Services


And really that’s the first step in building a successful blog that sells your consulting business—wrangling some attention. Selling consulting through your blog. I’m beyond honored to have the opportunity to make a living doing what I do—the (mostly) prim and proper chick rocking the hell out of a rebel’s brand. Blog Business Model 6: Sell Consulting Services.

Social Media Strategy from A to Z » Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Blogging , Business , Marketing , Social Media > Social Media Strategy from A to Z Social Media Strategy from A to Z by Tamar Weinberg on May 28, 2010 Share Social media might be old. It might even be a dead buzzword. Others have been there for over a decade. Blogging.

A Guide to Multilingual SEO Strategy


The following three principles outline core strategies for implementing multilingual SEO within a website. Understand your international niche and design sympathetic marketing strategies. To fully utilize multilingual SEO it might be appropriate to consider consulting a specialist in this area. Web Analytics multilingual seo multilingual seo strategyAdapt. Optimize.

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Four Benefits of Charitable Content Strategies

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That is why, as a marketing consultant, I always recommend fitting in a good cause when creating a content strategy. I’m not talking about greenwashing , faking, or engaging in spammy or unethical behavior. I’m talking about using your business for good where it makes sense; taking ownership of your organization’s “corporate responsibility.”

Monday Roundup: Renewing Your Business Strategy

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Need some spring cleaning for yourself and/or your business strategy? ” 2.   How to Validate that your Social Media Marketing Strategy is Working. Why: “Every so often, it’s great to take a step back so you can move forward,” writes Ian Cleary  in this excellent post, as he reviews some tools and methods to help you assess the success of your strategy. 3. 

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How to Spice up Your Social Media Strategy in 2011

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Is your company’s social media strategy really working? So why not spice up your social media strategy and make it work even harder for you? But you also can’t keep doing the same old thing if your social media strategy isn’t helping you reach your goals. Do you have any ideas for how businesses can spice up their social media strategies? Get Real.

Is Social Media Strategy Required or Redundant?

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But on the subject of social media strategy, we disagree in every possible way. Magazine about social media, as was asked whether entrepreneurs should hire a consultant and develop a social media strategy. Just dive in…It’s very difficult to create goals and strategies for something like Google+ or Facebook or Twitter if you’re not familiar with Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. reject everything about this sentiment, but perhaps most vehemently the notion that you should have a strategy for Google + or Facebook or Twitter per se. No replies.

Open for business

Gemma Went

News digital strategy marketing consultant social media consultant social media strategyA little while ago I made the leap from my business, Red Cube, to the new brand story agency, Aesop. It was a bold move, giving up my own business to join someone else. hadn’t really been looking at the time, but the opportunity showed its face and my instinct was to jump. Well … Read more.

Monday Roundup: Spring Cleaning Your Strategy

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Spring cleaning your strategy can be a breath of fresh air. that I’m going to use for my own “strategy spring cleaning.” ” What are you doing to make over your strategy this year? Author information Shonali Burke President & CEO at Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Monday Roundup: Spring Cleaning Your Strategy.

Four Key Strategies to Reclaim a Branded Social Experience

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To build influence, Lilly Pulitzer also features gallery submissions in email marketing and paid social programs for a modern multi-channel strategy. As reported by ODM Group, 74% of people consult social media prior to purchase , and featuring UGC enables brands to deliver on this need with a visual sponsorship of the brand and its products. How can you accomplish this goal?

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Strategy & Tech Tools Can Boost Content Success

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Another study – the 2015 CMI Benchmark, Budgets and Trends report – found that just over half of the marketers they interviewed (52%) had no content strategy at all. Of the other half who did, only 38% had documented their strategy.  It’s the strategy that will lead you to success. Social Media Strategy Template. Need help with your content strategy?  

Resources for Selling Consulting Through Your Blog


As Ash explained in her post today , using blogging as a platform from which to sell consulting services can be effective and lucrative. How I got two job offers and a $200 an hour consulting gig from blogging explains how blogger Joe Bunting landed two job offers, consulting gigs and other paid projects from his blog. The strategy he sets out here is a solid blueprint for those who want to do similar things with their blogging. What other resources and articles do you know of that can help those trying to sell consulting services through their blog?

Create Tools Agnostic Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps [Infographic]

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As an aside, I tried to find some research to support my theory and came across a  Mashable post  referencing “new research finds that 72% of businesses that use social media do not have a clear set of goals or a clear strategy for their social media platforms”. As far as the infographic below – It was inspired by Jay Baer’s “tool-agnostic” take on how to develop a  social media strategy.

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