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Monday Roundup: PRSA 2015 International Conference

Waxing UnLyrical

Good morning from Atlanta! I’m here for the 2015 PRSA International Conference where there’s absolutely no shortage of awesome speakers this year. What do you hope to learn at the PRSA 2015 International Conference? Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Monday Roundup: PRSA 2015 International Conference. ” 1. How to Prevent a Social Media Crisis. ” 2. 

HR Reinvention: A Strategic + Interactive Conference for HR Leaders


This 90-minute workshop will provide you with new insights into your own creative personality and level of development and you will construct both your own initial roadmap to enhanced creativity and innovation and walk away with a to-do list to assist others in unlocking their potential in similar ways. Guess where Jamie Notter and I will be on May 22?  In Omaha for HR Reinvention. Humaniz

7 Valuable Lessons Bloggers Can Learn from Construction Workers


Did you know there are similarities between blogging and construction work? also took notes about how the construction lessons I was learning applied to blogging. This post is a collection of those notes and reveals valuable lessons that bloggers can learn from construction workers to become better bloggers. Construction workers aren’t typically reading types. On a construction site, tools are a worker’s best friend. In construction work, you don’t get paid for thinking. This is what construction workers call “getting it done.&#. It’s true.

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Survey: Blogging within the architecture, design and construction.

Gemma Went

Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Survey: Blogging within the architecture, design and construction industries 21/04/2010 tags: blogging by Annalisa Morgan In January of this year, we conducted a survey on the use of blogging amongst professionals in the architecture, construction and design industries. Why did you launch the blog?

Facebook’s risky new approach to (forced) sharing

Danny WhatMough

True to form, yesterday Facebook rolled out a whole host of new features at its F8 developer conference. Privacy – Privacy has often been an issue for Facebook and the reason for this seems to lie in the fact that Zuckerberg’s vision – where everything should be seen by everyone – is at odds with what most users want and also how the site was initially constructed.

Realignment #3: Value Propositions Are Not About You


Without an outside-in perspective, you cannot discern the true market value of your assets and, hence, construct meaningful value propositions, beyond recitations of programs and products. Three things emerged in my research as prerequisite to the construction of a true and compelling value proposition. From the new book:  The Demand Perspective: Leading From the Outside.

Digital Literacy, Pragmatism and the Social Construction of Reality at

Buzz Marketing for Technology

SHP Conference 2008. Digital Literacy, Pragmatism and the Social Construction of Reality. Pragmatism , reality , Research , social construct , society , thesis , William James. As I ‘write’ this I am looking through corrective lenses at a screen that is a representation of a digital ‘reality’ The alphabet by which the words and sentences are constructed is a social construct, as is the programming language by which the website on which you’re reading this came into existence. Skip to content. About. Get in touch!

Connecting 2 the World: Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work literacy skill?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work literacy skill? have been reading "Constructing Grounded Theory" by Kathy Charmaz for my dissertation. The idea came to me, as I was reading, that I could use the framework presented in the book to help develop analytical skills in my students and to help them to learn to construct knowledge from data by: learning how to collect relevant data. In addition, the deeper thinking skills needed in good qualitative research could create opportunities for the construction of new knowledge and more complex ideas. Ka kite.

Adult Bullying is a Problem

Spin Sucks

As a speaker, author, and business owner, I get all sorts of feedback. I can take the constructive kinds of feedback and welcome it because it’s the only way I can get better. We Must Do Better None of that feedback is meant to be constructive or helpful. It doesn’t help me and it doesn’t help the conference organizers. have really thin skin. Really?

Social Media Tools and Resources for Social Learning


This past week I, together with my friend Shari Rager from American Medical Writers Association, did a session at Tagoras’s Learning*Technology*Design conference on designing for social learning. Learning and Collective Knowledge Construction With Social Media: A Process-Oriented Perspective. Defining and Designing Social Learning. Social Learning in the Association Space.

Calling all bloggers! « The Cube

Gemma Went

05/01/2010 tags: architecture , blogging , construction , construction marketing pre conference training day , Social Media , survey by Gemma Went I’m giving a talk in Feb at the Emap Construction Marketing Pre-Conference Training Day on the value of blogging in the architecture/construction sector,  click here for more. I’d love to present some real life case studies and wondered if any of you that publish a blog would help me out by completing this quick survey. will, naturally, blog about the results here. Cheers Su. what a year!

Facebook’s New Timeline Could be a Boon for Brand Marketing


It’s a complete design overhaul that constructs a visual history of everything you’ve ever done. Facebook rolled out Timeline this week, and brands are eager to take advantage of the new feature. If you aren’t familiar with Timeline, it’s the revamped version of the Facebook Profile. It’s a way to show off who you are, what you do, and where you’ve been.

Merging offline and online : two events we're speaking at

Gemma Went

The first is EMAP’s Construction Marketing. This is a two day event, the first is a workshop and the second is the conference. I’ll be speaking at the workshop on the 3rd February, where I’ll be giving advice on blogging in the aptly named ‘Making Your Mark on the Blogosphere’ session. Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Merging offline and online : two events we’re speaking at 20/01/2010 by Gemma Went There are two industry events coming up next month that I’m involved in. what a year!

A Key to Building a Sustainable Online Personal Brand


The Power of Being Constructive. The books and blogs that they’ve written have been positive and full of constructive advice. Their tweets are largely positive and the communities that they form are largely positive and constructive too. When they speak at conferences their messages almost always contain inspirational and useful ideas. Build Something Positive!

Four Content Ideas for Driving Inbound Leads

Spin Sucks

Because of my problem with authority (thanks dad), it’s very rare that I walk away from a webinar, conference, or seminar where I’ve learned something. Then expectations are set even before a phone call is made or a proposal is constructed. He was entertaining and really knowledgeable. Four Content Ideas for Driving Inbound Leads. Questions people ask. Price, of course.

Seven Ways to Change the Perception of PR

Spin Sucks

It’s in our nature to collect these highly negative outliers and then construct generalizations that hurt entire industries. Even PRSA got some very negative press when they tried to discourage a critic from attending their conference. Today’s guest post is written by Glenn Ferrell. You get the picture. It’s in the past, but it still hurts. Of course PR has a perception issue.

Google Wave: Thoughts after an hour of testing

Freelance Social Media

Right now “settings&# is under construction, so I wasn’t allowed to add extensions. But to see demos of a few, check out [link] One of the featured extensions on that link is conference calling within the wave. Here’s what I took away from an hour of testing Google Wave. Gadgets are fun, but the Extensions are going to be where it’s at. Playback is awesome.

Change the Tone of your Conversation with your Members/Customers


To gauge how deep your understanding of members is and what gaps you must fill, we constructed a diagram that lays out the layers of factors and experiences that define a member as a whole person in concentric circles–with #1 representing the outer circle. The mantra among customer service advocates is to “listen to your customers.”  ——— ( photo credit ).

Beyond The Ink Smudge To Digital Relevancy

Diva Marketing Blog

Diane Everson , publisher of The Edgerton Reporter in Edgerton, WI wasn’t the only one whose newspaper spanned generations at the 2014 Inland Press Mobile and Social Solutions Conference last month. Each element in a digital/social media must beautifully stand alone before it can be (re)constructed or as marketers might say integrated. Always in motion is the future”– Yoda . Except  .

Where Big Ideas Come From

Spin Sucks

Some of you know this is my absolute must attend conference. Backtrack again to when I was involved in urban development; we were busy trying to put up creative construction walls that talked all about the project and the company. Today’s guest post is written by Lisa Gerber. This is much easier said than done and I”ll explain why in a minute. Talk about an emotional connection!

A Tale of Two Communities Part II –


The end result of this community – The most amazing conference I have ever attended.  I was so moved that when I got back, I put together this video.  If you watch it, keep this in mind – I had never met any of these people in real life prior to going to this conference.  Read Part 1 here. Disclaimer:  I work NimbleUser, which is a consulting partner for 

Ten “Boring” PR Skills You Need to Have

Social Media Strategery

Do you know how to give honest, constructive feedback to a colleague? A few weeks ago, I was talking to some college students about PR, advertising, living in Chicago, and the work I'm doing at C-K. They loved hearing about the work that we've done with Corona, Porsche , and Cedar Fair. We talked about branding, TV commercials, media tours, and social media. Excited yet? Delegate.

What You Need to Know About Cornerstone Content


The story says that the freemasons, upon their post-construction celebration, forgot just where they placed the cornerstone. Clark says : “A cornerstone is something that is basic, essential, indispensable, and the chief foundation upon which something is constructed or developed. The Ultimate Guide to 160+ Business and Digital Marketing Conferences in 2016. Usability.

Research-Driven Ideas for Social Data


Attending the European Conference of Information Systems in Tel Aviv last week, I was happy to find that areas such as data visualization, predictive analytics, social CRM and ROI etc found their way into the conference. These areas have been somewhat excluded in the past by more traditional information systems research. Predictive Modeling of Social Activity.

Thank you #ASAE11


So I know everyone is asking and waiting for my #ASAE11 recap, so I’ll just say up front that I’m not sure if I’ll do any analysis beyond this post.  I just have a few simple things I want to say here, and I’m thrilled by all the great recap blog posts coming out of the conference that do a great job of showcasing the specifics of the meeting. Thank you. As for me?

What does the ‘Pro’ in ProBlogger Stand for?


On the flip side if a blogger models constructive and positive blogging this can help with building a strong positive and constructive community of readers. I overheard an interesting debate on Twitter recently about what the ‘Pro’ in ProBlogger stands for. Is it to signify professional behaviour, or is it about the profession of blogging? It’s about the Profession of Blogging.

What Kind of Online Community Do You Have Behind Your Firewall?

Social Media Strategery

Despite the newsletter articles, blog posts, press releases, and conference presentations, many "communities" are nothing more than a new version of the same old Intranet, only with shinier tools. Balanced, professional discussion containing constructive criticism, ideas, and empathy. What group/community receives the most visits and/or posts on a particular day? 10% to 49%.

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Where Great Content Comes From

Twist Image

Last week, I was lucky enough to have attended the TED conference. I''ve been going to this event since 2009. After talking about her new book, recent travels and the fame of being famous because of TED, the host asked her about the construct of poetry, her levels of concentration and the effort it takes to create a poem. ted conference. This could get gross. You have been warned. This year, one of the highlights was the return of Sarah Kay (you can watch her first TED talk below). Kay was about to launch her latest book of poetry, No Matter The Wreckage. Not the case.

Is a Great Blog in the Eyes of the Beholder?


With so much to accomplish, how can you construct a blog that matters? The Ultimate Guide to 160+ Business and Digital Marketing Conferences in 2016. If you’re anything like me, you’ve put tons of heart (time and work) in your quest to create a great blog to showcase your work or business. Most everyone agrees on this part. But, right after that, the trouble starts.

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5 Tips for Great Content Curation

Concise,succinct and constructive. Join Mashable for Our Biggest Conference of the Year. Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. People Recommended Mashable Staff More people. Jobs Events Try Our New Social News App Welcome to Mashable! Trending Stories. Like Tweet. 10 Kindle Cases That Look Like Books. 5.

Finding Social Media Professionals

Bare Feet Studios

warm welcome to the latest social media agencies and consultants on the Constructing Social Builders listing added over the past week, including: Social Media Consultants: A warm welcome to the latest social media agencies and consultants on the Constructing Social Builders listing added over the past week, including: Social Media Consultants: Liquid Wireless : An emerging media consulting company Digital Response Marketing Group : A consulting, blogger relations and consulting group. What a wonderful conference! This ad featured a professional driver on a closed course.&#

The Ultimate Guide to Leaving Comments On Blogs


Disagree – you may not want to do this on every comment you leave but courteously disagreeing and then adding constructive reasons why can make a good impression. If you disagree, be constructive. In fact this advice is Day 20 in our 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbook. Benefits of Leaving Comments on Other People’s Blogs. 1. It’s also great writing practice! 7.

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Time to Replace your Online News Room with Facebook!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Back in October of 2007 at a MarketingProfs conference I remember listening to a panel on how someone used a blog as their online news room. The panel was run by David Armano and featured Todd Andrilik the director of marketing and PR, for Leopardo Construction, who was using WordPress as a online news room. shout out to Andy Sernovitz who runs a blog by that name - [link] ).

From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The overall goals of the SOC project were to: 1) perform a comparative analysis of collaboratory projects, 2) develop theory about this new organizational form, and 3) offer practical advice to collaboratory participants and to funding agencies about how to design and construct successful collaboratories. Remote access facilities have also been constructed at the University of California, Santa Cruz; the University of California, San Diego; and the California Institute of Technology. JCMC Home. Submit. Issues. Author Index. Editors. About JCMC. Bos, N., Zimmerman, A., Olson, J.,

The Bamboo Project Blog

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Last week I liveblogging several conference sessions at Brandon Hall. Sending one person to a conference can potentially educate your entire organization. At last weeks Brandon Hall Conference , I remixed David Wilcox and Beth Kanters fabulous Social Media game for my workshop introducing learning professionals to Web 2.0 The Bamboo Project Blog. Web 2.0 Comments (2). |. Web 2.0

Early Bird Tickets for the 2016 ProBlogger Event Available Tomorrow for 11.5 Hours Only


We’ve also done a lot of work this year on surveying previous attendees to find out exactly what topics they want to learn about and have constructed a schedule that is purely built upon what we heard you say. Every year we’ve held this event we’ve had speakers and attendees fly into Australia for this conference – many staying on for a vacation. Workshops.

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Overblog – How to Make the Most of Social Media

Bill Hartzer

As of this writing, the stats section, and earnings page of this website are still under construction. The live video streaming feature would be perfect for those that wish to do a live report on a trade show, or business conference. If you have ever tried to add your social media content to your blog , you know how troublesome it can be. button to begin posting to your blog.