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Actionable Social Analytics: From Social Media Metrics to Business Insights [White Paper]


Tweet Recently, Awareness released a new white paper on social analytics and suggestions on how marketers process and assimilate seemingly endless social data. This white paper called ‘Actionable Social Analytics: From Social Media Metrics to Business Insights’ presents comprehensive definition of social analytics to increase marketing and sales effectiveness.

White paper on Social CRM for associations


We’ve just published our latest white paper,  Social CRM for Associations: What association executives should know about applying social media to membership management. The white paper deconstructs Social CRM into its basic parts and applies the concept to association management. Community management. Many associations will choose to hire a community manager to lead the charge. Depending on the association’s structure, the community manager could sit in many different departments, especially membership, communications, or government relations.

How To Optimize Your B2B White Papers For Google

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If you’re like most B2B companies, you have white papers, case studies, articles, product brochures, and a lot of other marketing, sales, and thought leadership documents. The fact is if your content can’t be found by Google, your white paper (and other writings) will get limited traffic. It really doesn’t matter how important your white paper is.

The State of Community Management 2014


From the Community Roundtable comes the awesomest comprehensive report on communities. Those objective markers – developed in conjunction with members of TheCR Network – enable community teams to validate their approach and develop roadmaps. The State of Community Management 2014 from The Community Roundtable. Report: State of Community Management.

Community management and content creation

Janet Fouts

Community Management Isn’t Content Creation. (go read it now and come back). Now,  I don’t 100% disagree with him that not all community managers are suited to create content. To tell great stories you have to stop having your community managers produce your content. Big brands have a tendency to think community management is a rank and file position.

Get your Online Community Software Selection Guide!


Remember the white paper we produced in 2009 that included a comparison of private online community vendors? That’s why it’s time for a new paper. Whether you’re looking to switch solutions or need to launch a new community, the downloadable guide will give you a healthy head start by giving you answers on how the vendors would respond to most of your initial questions.

Community Manager Appreciation Day: 5 Must-Reads


Today is the 3rd annual Community Manager Appreciation Day ! Worldwide Salute to Community Managers. By Jeremiah Owyang It’s the third annual Community Manager Appreciation Day (every fourth Monday of Jan) and I’d like to salute the folks working on the front lines at companies big and small leading the charge. Ways To Celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day.

Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business

Edwards and Telligent CTO Rob Howard are releasing a white paper today that delineates what these standard-setting communities of the future will look like. According to their research, here are nine steps businesses must take in order to make their online communities world-class. 1. You can read the full white paper on Telligent’s website. Mobile 2.0

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10 Things to Consider As You Move to Google+

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Here we’ve spent years (in most cases) building communities on something we don’t own and guess what? This is why it’s so important to build community on a platform that you own. It means with content and building community and engaging your audiences and stroking their egos by commenting on and sharing their content. In this case: A database. Video. Access.

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How to Create a Call-to-Action for All of Your Content

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Let’s look at three different examples of how to build a call-to-action through building community, generating leads, and driving sales. Did they download a white paper? Communication Content call to action community building content development content marketing drive sales generate leads marcus sheridan PESO model shelley pringle Vistage Our time equals money.

Your Logo is NOT Your Brand – Marketing Brand Strategy in a Nutshell

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Your brand is your promise and value you offer customers, your community and all who come in contact with your brand. It’s community. Supporting Resources: 15 Tips to Zoom Your Brand (white paper). Digital Body Language: 105 Factors Impacting Your Personal and Business Brand (white paper). Smart marketers know branding is much more than a logo.

A Brief Introduction to The New Community Rules: Marketing on the.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Business , Marketing , Social Media > A Brief Introduction to The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web A Brief Introduction to The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web by Tamar Weinberg on July 15, 2009 Share After years of trial and error and months of writing, The New Community Rules ( O’Reilly link | Amazon link ) has been released, and I wanted to dive into some of the concepts I discuss in the book, many of which I hope to explore in depth in future blog posts.

How to Determine and Prioritize Social Media Marketing Goals and Objectives

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Know how to not only build community but build real relationships with human beings built on trust and authenticity. Supporting Resources: How to Get Your Social Marketing Budget Approved (white paper). Achieving measurable social media ROI is very similar to teens and sex. Everyone is talking about it but very few are actually doing it! We believe in risk. iTunes. Stitcher.

From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories

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From shared databases to communities of practice: A taxonomy of collaboratories. From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories. The types are: Distributed Research Centers, Shared Instruments, Community Data Systems, Open Community Contribution Systems, Virtual Communities of Practice, Virtual Learning Communities, and Community Infrastructure Projects. " Compared to other peer groups, scientific communities are often surprisingly egalitarian and broadly international. Community Data Systems.

Innovation in Healthcare Social Media


Here are some awesome free resources for you to check out: Innovation from Within  [WHITE PAPER]. ” Social Media – The Competitive Edge in Healthcare  [WHITE PAPER]. Case Study Featured From the Trenches Open Community Risk and Social Media Social, In Theory “The healthcare industry is in flux. ———— ( photo credit ).

Top 9 LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Groups


It is intended for interactive advertising and marketing professionals who are actively engaged in social media and community-oriented websites around the world. Provides free white papers and reports to keep you up to date on industry trends and best practices. Denys Prykhodov / They’re great places to solicit and share social media marketing advice!

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How to Be a Storyteller

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It makes no sense, for example, to create excellent white papers if your target audiences do their product research on Twitter and YouTube. Content Marketing brand story community engagement content marketing digital storytelling social media storytelling storytelling writing But here’s the key question: How do companies get started with storytelling? Everyone Is a Storyteller.

12 Visual Content Marketing Ideas that Get Shared Like Mad

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10 Reasons You Need to Build Your Personal Brand (white paper). The days of only using textual content marketing to build your brand, attract, inspire, engage and empower your audience and customers are long gone. If you are only using textual marketing you are already falling behind. In case you haven’t noticed, the world is turning visual. Source: WebDam Infographic. iTunes.

How to Get Heard in a Noisy World

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This is why the standard ploy of offering a gated ebook or white paper in exchange for data just doesn’t work anymore. Digital Marketing community engagement content marketing content overload digital marketing marketing strategy trust Image via People do strange things when they’re desperate to be heard. At the same time, I get it. They segment by persona.

20 Ways to Generate ROI from a Corporate Blog

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Promote white papers / eBooks / reports for lead generation. Use “ads&# in your blog sidebar, and in-post text links where appropriate, to drive visitors to your white paper or other gated content download pages. When you come out with a new white paper, summarize one of the main findings in a blog post with a link to the page to download the full document.

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33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats

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White paper and eBook downloads are the top producers of B2B leads, cited by 59% of marketers. 80% of B2B decision makers visit vendor-independent communities, vendor-sponsored forums, and LinkedIn at least monthly for business purposes. 81% of B2B decision makers use online communities and blogs to help make purchasing decisions. Lead generation is still a challenge.

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15 Things Smart, Social Savvy Business Marketers Never do on Facebook

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Facebook presents tremendous opportunity to nurture relationships, establish and grow community, increase brand awareness and even your business bottom line. It will also help you build relationships and connect with influencer in your community and network who are helping you learn and grow. It’s no surprise that Facebook is still one of the hottest social networks around.

Six Skills Every PR Pro Needs

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Content goes beyond the white papers and advertorials we’re accustomed to doing. When you are developing content for something personal, you begin to understand the applications it has for clients, as well as how to build community. If you missed it a few weeks ago, the New York Times  wrote a piece about redefining public relations. Yes, 30 years ago. Content Marketing.

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It’s Time to Stop Focusing on New Technologies


What I mean is that we should stop focusing on the tools, and focus instead on what the internet and social media universe were meant to accomplish – building relationships and harnessing communities. strongly believe that you can have the best technology, but if you have no relationship and no community, you will never be successful. ” Focus Instead on Building Community. One way people are using their social media time now is to build ad hoc communities. Instead I encourage marketers to focus on building relationships and community.

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It’s Time to Stop Focusing on New Technologies


What I mean is that we should stop focusing on the tools, and focus instead on what the internet and social media universe were meant to accomplish – building relationships and harnessing communities. strongly believe that you can have the best technology, but if you have no relationship and no community, you will never be successful. ” Focus Instead on Building Community. One way people are using their social media time now is to build ad hoc communities. Instead I encourage marketers to focus on building relationships and community.

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Just Because You Run the Same Plays Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get the Same Results

Social Media Strategery

Over the course of eight years in the consulting industry, I’ve noticed an increasing number of colleagues, peers, and clients thinking that just because they read/downloaded/heard a white paper, strategy, or presentation, (a play, a swing, or a catch) they too can go out and be a communications or social media expert too. Really?  Could you? 

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How to Keep the Creative Content Spark Alive

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We are required to bring original perspectives to the table—not the kind that stop at one or two clever tweets, but perspectives which can be fleshed out into lengthy blog posts, e-books, and white papers. It could be a friend or a local community hero, or someone who started before you and can show your readers how to move forward. Try Note that I said perspectives, not ideas.

Facebook Boosted Post vs Other Facebook Advertising Options – Do You Know the Difference?

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Steps to Develop a Social Business Plan (white paper). Would you like to achieve more ROI from your Facebook advertising and Facebook boosted posts? Do you see that cute little Facebook “boost post” button but don’t really know how to optimize it? If you answer yes to this question then you have arrived at the right place. Sign up here->   Social Profit Factor .

Extend the Life of Your Event with Post-Event Planning

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Content: Turn insight and tips shared into white papers, tip sheets, blog posts, or webinar topics. She manages the company’s Twitter , Facebook , Google+ , LinkedIn , Tumblr , and Instagram communities, contributes to Cision Blog , and assists with content, social strategy, and tactics. Hosting an event is just the beginning of its life-cycle.

Sunsetting the Tenacity5 Brand

Geoff Livingston

My decision to do this lies in three factors: 1) We’re not making great money. 2) The work we are getting is tactical and not highly engaging (social media community management, blogs, white papers). 3) The amount of effort needed to turn the company around is extremely demanding for a middle-aged man with a family. Even two might be worth grinding through.

How to Make Your Content Go Viral

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coefficient greater than one indicates exponential growth, the type that describes wildly successful Internet campaigns like the Old Spice Guy: So now everyone is rushing to figure out what their Virality Coefficient is in order to make their videos, podcasts, blog posts, white papers, and more go viral. Build a community. We say, “Sure! But then, surprise! Make changes.

Six Surprising B2B Content Marketing Ideas

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Boring white papers and boastful case studies are common pitfalls. Company-Focused Community Site – Instead of reaching your customers on a 3rd party social network, build your social network. The main point is to cultivate a loyal community and bring people together with similar interests and similar problems. white paper can become a series of blog posts.

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ROI and Social CRM Use Case 1: Using LinkedIn for Member Recruitment


Our (SocialFish) definition of Social CRM is “ the discipline of applying social media to membership management “, and the 12 use cases in our white paper, ROI and the Impact of Social CRM , show this in action. In ALL cases, you should be building your community on social media sites before you even think about ROI. ROI = low-cost, high-quality leads.

What is the Value of a Tweet or Facebook Fan?

Laurel Papworth

White Paper: Value of a Facebook Fan - An Empirical Review. Monetization Money Online Communities revenue social media social networks statistics dollar Facebook LinkedIn online community social network Twitter value worthWhat is the value of a Facebook Like? What is the $$ figure for a Facebook Fan? What is a Twitter Follower worth? worth of ticket sales. PowerReviews.

20 Ways to Cultivate Brand Unawareness in Social Media

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Yet another deal related issue: if you hit your community with a different offer every day, you run not only the risk of annoying them, but also of confusing them. Example: Offering a free white paper download to someone likes you on Facebook, and the download consists of 200 words of common knowledge. This is a guest post by Brad Shorr. Alert: This list is not exhaustive.

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Study shows social media drives sales

Sherrilynne Starkie

AIR MILES collectors were encouraged to engage with the AIR MILES-hosted social community website by sharing thoughts about the brand or participating in promotions; they were rewarded either with a small number of bonus miles or entry to a lottery for large prizes. The Air Miles program logo in Canada since 2009. Photo credit: Wikipedia). In total, over 99,000 unique posts were analyzed.

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Understanding Social Media ROI Cycle


According to him, around 50% of the business community is still in the Launch stage, about 40% is in the Management stage and about 10% is in the Optimization stage. Ideally, this would mean buying something, but it can also mean downloading a white paper, liking a Facebook Page, responding to a survey, or any other measurable evidence that they’re connecting with your brand.

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