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Twitter Tweetdeck I use Tweetdeck for serious twitter sessions. It doesn’t have the advanced functionality of Tweetdeck (such as cross-posting to Facebook), but it’s so easy-to-use that it’s my favorite Twitter app. It takes up a lot less screen real estate that Tweetdeck, and I always use Tweetie when conducting my live, Twitter 20 interviews. This nifty piece of software allows you to specify page title, description, and keywords for each post. Katie Morse Community Manager @misskatiemo [link] [link] Katie Morse Jason – great post!

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9 Social Media Goals You Can Set for Your Business (and How to Track Them)

Buffer Social

Lead generation is typically used by companies with a long sales process, such as enterprise software companies. To summarize, if you want people to see your social media posts, you have to produce enagaging content and respond to your community. Build a community around your business. For Facebook groups, there are Grytics and Community Analytics. Generate new leads.

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44 Powerful Marketing Tools for Facebook Ads, Websites, CRM and More

Jon Loomer

Whether it be for managing Facebook ads, CRM, podcasting, webinars or my website, people are curious about the software behind this business. I’ve written on this topic before , but it’s been two years since the last time I’ve discussed the tools I use. ScreenFlow : I initially purchased this software close to four years ago to do screenshare videos. Facebook Ads.

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How to Get Insanely Productive with Social Media Updates to Scale Your Referral Traffic


Manage Flitter : This tool lets you easily schedule one social media update (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) for each day of the week to go live at your "best time" (Time when this software deems most efficient in terms of your following activity). Morning is my time to read all the emails and go through my favorite communities and blogs. Tweetdeck keeps me very productive.

How to Answer Twitter Questions Like the Pros Do

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One of the best ways businesses can use Twitter for client acquisition and brand development is by answering questions people ask relating to their service and/or product.  It’s also a great way to grow your online community, and meet fellow colleagues in your industry. All you have to do is set up keyword searches via software such as  Hootsuite  or  Tweetdeck. The concept is simple. You can set up a number of searches based on your product and/or service. It’s important that you regularly check your accounts so you answer questions as soon as possible. WOW! .

Social Media From A to Z: A Glossary


This list will constantly evolve — please add other terms in the comments below and I’ll be happy to incorporate them. A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z A Application Programing Interface (API) : An API is a documented interface that allows one software application to to interact with another application.

“Reclaim Blogging”: Why I’m giving up Twitter and Facebook

Seth was smart to ignore social networks distractions so that he can concentrate on his core strength, however he also had a strong community as he is well known in the industry. Unless you clearly state in the Bio field that it’s a broadcast account for those prefer Twitter to RSS, it quickly looks like a one-way selfish move, and a ‘F U’ to a devoted, existing community.

28 Resources from My Internet Marketing Toolbox

Viper Chill

Software You might think that someone who makes a good five-figure income online each month has a ridiculous computer setup. like to think of a Web browser as the only tool that I need, but if truth be told, there really is some software that makes my life a little easier. In simple terms, it’s the best graphic design software for my needs, even though it comes at a hefty price.

Forget What the Experts Say…You CAN Shortcut Your Way to Success with Social Media

Tools like HootSuite and Tweetdeck let you schedule and post to a variety of networks. Social media to me is about the communities and their conversations. If you want an avatar or to include your social profiles join our Facebook community. Join the MyTechOpinon Community Login with Facebook: Visitors Friends Comments Last visitors view more. And they would be right.

How to Reach Out to Bloggers

rarely ever cover software here, so if you’re showing me a software story, it damned well better have a human angle. Putting that list in Tweetdeck makes it easy to keep up with that segment of people on twitter so I can see who is into the same things as me. link] Linking In, or Not: Modern Day Cold Calling on Linkedin | Community Organizer 2.0 [.] Lets dig in.

Twitter Commits Suicide (or Twipocalypse Now: Redux)


The Redux Reflux Clearly Twitter needs to evolve, but it should do so by embracing its developer community, not alienating it or taking it for granted which is what it appears to be doing. So, it appears that Twitter may be intentionally using its community of third-party developers as a free R&D office by letting them assume all of the risk of enhancing the service. Twitter 2.0,

How Businesses Use Twitter Today

Social Media Network Marketing

Sections To Read Home Main Page Community - Social Media Network Online Who will benefit from this blog? TweetDeck ( - free) is a commonly used tool to monitor key streams. With TweetDeck You can monitor not only important Twitter mentions but also update and monitor what is happening that is relevant for You on Facebook and Linkedin. Hi Folks, do you work as an Online Community Manager? Social Media Community Managers Management Monitoring Social Media can be overwhelming. Unported License. Social Media Ne. Reactions: Email This BlogThis!

26 Free Tools for Monitoring Your Brand's Reputation


Beyond the integrated search of Twitter apps like Seesmic and TweetDeck, Monitter provides real-time monitoring of the Twittersphere. TweetDeck : Not only a great way to manage your Twitter account, but the keyword search means you can see what people are saying about you. Sideline : A TweetDeck-esque tool from Yahoo. link] Todd Wallace I really like TweetDeck, and of course I use Twitter Search. I use Google alerts to check out my personal name and my business name daily. Do you know what people are saying about your brand? Can be subscribed to as an RSS feed.

Social Media Monitoring Grudge Match: Radian6 vs. Scout Labs

Radian6 has what is essentially internal project management software for response management, but Scout Labs offers automated sentiment. Courtenay The new desktop app "Engagement Console" is built on Adobe AIR, like TweetDeck. Have you had a chance to try out Community Insights from Biz360? Connie Community Strategist, Techrigy @cbensen (oh dear! monthly. Dislike?

Twitter Etiquette: Should You Follow Everyone That Follows You.

Jason Yormark

Jason Yormark Says: August 26th, 2009 at 12:56 pm The Twitter software approach is an interesting development. I'm on the fence. haven't seen any software yet that can help manage unfollowing very well. personally use Tweetdeck which fits the job perfectly. As a person who works to help others build community, do you find that the “collectors&# and the simple “sellers&# are polluting social networks? How can we work to have a stronger community outside of selling ourselves or products? Which one is the proper “Twitterquette”?

Twitter Webinar Basics Etiquette | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

Before getting into the strategic value of a Twitter presence and the zillions of software applications available to enhance your Twitter experience and options, let’s cover the basics. learned today about TweetDeck & find it easier to understand what’s going on. “How can I get more people to follow me?&# “Should I have a public or a protected account?&# “What else should I know about that I don’t know enough about to ask?&# There has got to be something special going on here. For some, this will be how you are most comfortable learning.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

Convince & Convert

The feeling of community, and “we’re all in this together&# is slipping away. 2. But do you think, maybe, it had something to do with the fact they were watching their Tweetdeck more than the panel? But do you think, maybe, it had something to do with the fact they were watching their Tweetdeck more than the panel? Between the people, the parties, and purveyors of all things bacon, it was a twenty ring circus of the sublime and bizarre. Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better If registration climbs again, SXSW organizers will have a real dilemma. Scan Me?