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Facebook to Users: ‘Notify a Few Friends About This Post’

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Facebook is running a “small test” of a feature that would allow users to send certain friends notifications  about posts they might be interested in. Reader Sean Charles shared this screenshot with SocialTimes, saying that he was able to send notifications to 10 friends at a time, and his friends received those notifications. Instead of tagging friends in the post or the comments section, we’re testing a more discreet option to alert them of your post by sending them a notification. Readers: What do you think?

Stop Losing Track of Instagram Comments

The Social Media Hat

Social Media Stop Losing Track of Instagram Comments. Comments From Engaged Followers Are Too Easily Buried In Notifications. You see, when you post a great image to Instagram, it will garner all kinds of likes and comments. Continue to post great images and those likes and comments will pile up gloriously. Comments are effectively buried!

A Commenting System to Rule them All: Why Choosing the Right Comment System can Make or Break your Blog


That’s where comments come in. Although we often take comments for granted as a feature that is generally present at the bottom of most articles and blog posts, considering what a powerful tool it is for UGC ( User Generated Content ), it’s important for online publishers, community managers and everyone else to invest in the right comment system to maximize its full potential.

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12 Best Comments Plugins To Consider For Your WordPress Website


And nothing works better than the comments plugins that open a platform for viewers to comment, question, interact and even give feedback. Let us take a look at the best available comments plugins that work wonder for your WordPress site. Best Comments Plugins For Your WordPress Site. Yoast Comment Hacks. Livefyre Comments. Disqus Comment System.

How to: Turn On/Off LinkedIn Notifications | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

The good news is, like most networking sites, we have the ability to customize how we’d like to receive information from our connections. I’ve recorded a short video demonstrating how to change how you receive these notifications from LinkedIn. Let me know in the comments if this was helpful to you and if you’ve got other questions. Great question, David!

How to Get Notified When People Talk About Your Website on Google+

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Want a notification any time someone comments or posts about your website on Google+? Click on the "Activity Stream" tab next to the "Social Referral" tab Now you'll have a list of everyone posting and commenting about your website on Google+. Click "Send", and you'll soon be receiving notifications of every person that links to your website from Google+! To do this: 1.

Facebook Announces New, Improved Share and Save Options, Social Plugins

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Facebook announced in a blog post  that it released Save to Facebook and Share to Facebook buttons for Google Chrome; redesigned its social plugin  buttons (like, share, send, follow, recommend, save); and will offer publishers the ability to add like, comment and share buttons to the bottom of Instant Articles  “in the coming weeks.”.

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Great Content Is The Least Of Your Worries

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Alerts and notifications. Consumers do like alerts and notifications that are valuable. Brands are trying to add value with alerts and notifications, not bulk up on impressions. They love commenting, sharing, complaining and more. notifications. If a brand is looking to do something more than traditional advertising, what would be your recommendation? The natural answer is: create content. And, to leverage that content through digital (re: social media) channels, so that consumers will see it, share it, talk about it, etc. Utility. Functionality. Design.

Facebook Notification For The Benefit Of Managing Your Social Media Community

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One such tool that enables you to receive notification on Facebook Fan Pages is the ' PageNotifier'. The Notifier scans for new comments on status updates, videos, photos, and albums. If atall there are any new posts / comments etc the notifier captures this and sends us an email along with the link to the comment / post etc. Add to this it emails to you any comments on the photos as well. Share in which other such notification you rely on Fortunately many famous / popular Social Media sites have given access to various third party tools.

How Privacy Breach Notification Law Affects Your Blog


Then ask not for whom the bell tolls, as it tolls for you—Privacy Breach Notification Laws are here. However, irrespective of the scope of your online presence, please take a few minutes to get yourself up to date on what privacy breach notification laws are, and how they impact you. the date range within which the breach occurred; Whether the notification was delayed because of a law enforcement investigation (if applicable); and. These provide cover for legal action taken against the business in the cyber world and the cost of notification of any breach that may occur.”.

Never Miss Important Social Media Updates

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Make Sure That You Get Notifications For What Matters Most Ever have someone ask you if you saw their post on Facebook, only to have to admit you hadn't? That's where notifications come in. Most networks give us ways to create additional notifications so that we can know for sure when someone important to us posts. Either way, adjusting notifications is a piece of cake.

12 Ways To Send A Google+ Notification

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All social networks have ways to contact other users – also called a notification. But Google+ has more notification triggers than any other social network. Here are 12 ways to send, or receive, a Google+ notification: Share a post – If you share a post with someone directly, they’ll receive a notification of your activity. Comment on one of their posts – If someone else creates a post, you can comment on that post. Mention them in a post – Sometimes, all you have to do is mention someone in a post. Caroline Melberg).

Why Livefyre is Here and How It Helps You

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You don’t want to be required to sign up for a user profile to write a comment. You want stress-free commenting. You are opposed to comment registration and you support creating conversations. You comment on blogs with the hope that people reading your comments will visit your site. Livefyre promotes commenting through social media. True or false?

How to Silence Readers From Commenting on Your Blog


You wake up one day and check your mobile phone for any new email notifications. Surprised, you quickly turn your laptop on and glanced at your latest blog post comment status. No comments whatsoever. But how come your visitors left without leaving any comment on your blog? So why don’t you invite them to comment on your blog, literally? 3. There are none.

The Importance of Comments

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How many of the blogs that you read do you comment on? How different do you think the blogs you read would be if there were no comments? Or if people did comment? If you can have a business blog that people read and comment on, you have a real-time focus group. If you answer the comments quickly, a conversation happens. People who read that conversation feel attached to your business because they got interested in your story, and that story is being told in the dialog of the comment section. Blogging for Small Business blogging comments marketing

Fear of Feedback Needs a New Perspective

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It’s the perfect solution to eliminate the heart palpitations that come with anxiety every time you get a notification of a new comment, right? Sometimes exploring other perspectives within your post or through research can help you prepare for the comments. Respond to comments. Commenting Be a good commenter elsewhere. Part Sometimes commenters have a bad day.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

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For the better part of a year, a black REPLY button has existed underneath every comment. It is also clear that when someone (me, a guest author, anyone) replies to your comment, you rarely return to add a follow-up comment. The way it’s historically worked on this blog is when you submit a comment, you have the option to check a box — powered by a WordPress plugin called Subscribe to Comments — to receive subsequent comments by email. Scroll through the comments below to see what I mean. Blog News comments plugins Wordpress

Efficient Blog Commenting: Save Your Time and Energy


Commenting on other blogs is an integrated part of blogging, and it’s vital. You need people for successful blogging and blog commenting is one of the coolest ways to build loyal relationships. This post is based on Joe’s guest post here at ProBlogger, where he wisely gave a strategy for commenting on other blogs. Effective blog commenting. Commenting on other blogs can be overwhelming if you try to combine it with your regular blogging activities. It’s part of my strategy, though, so I need to be efficient in my commenting.

12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Use


Coupled with their comments, messages, questions, issues, etc., Remember that when you add a Facebook Page to watch, the people who manage the Page will receive a notification — but it won’t include your name or the name of your Page. Mark all Facebook notifications as “read” so you stop stressing out. Scroll down to the Ads Emails Notification section.

Reply to Facebook Comments via Email | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Reply to Facebook Comments via Email Written on January 12, 2010 by Justin Levy in facebook , social media 15 Comments - Leave a comment! Today Facebook launched the ability to reply to comments (status updates, photos, videos, and Wall posts) via email.

How to Use Twitter as a Professional Networking Tool


Should you have a comment or information regarding a specific topic that interests that individuals, they may respond directly to you improving your exposure. Leaving informative comments or sharing your knowledge can not only help others, but it improves your reputation. Replies to any post will send a message to the person as a notification. Mention Others. Be Informative.

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Blizzard Will Allow Users to Stream Its Games Via Facebook Live

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Once this feature becomes available, players will be able to live-stream their gameplay sessions to Facebook, and their friends will be able to subscribe and receive notifications when new streams are available. In a statement, Gio Hunt , executive vice president of corporate operations at Blizzard, commented: Blizzard games are best when played with friends, so it’s important to us to provide our players with features and services that make it easy and fun to share their experiences with each other. Blizzard will add Facebook Login to its PC games later this month.

LinkedIn Groups Have Changed. Do They Still Make Sense for your Org?


Group owners, managers, and moderators can still remove off-topic conversations and place members in moderation, and other group members can also flag inappropriate comments and conversations after they’ve been posted. Comment by sharing this post. A few weeks ago, LinkedIn announced that they were going to be rolling out some pretty big changes to their Groups feature.

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How To Solve Your Biggest Instagram Challenges With Planoly

Peg Fitzpatrick

post a photo and it doesn’t look right with my other Instagram photos. I can’t find comments to respond to. But what you can do with Planoly is everything leading up to publishing your post with a notification to remind you when you’ve scheduled it. Common Instagram challenges. I can’t organize my content for Instagram. forget to post on Instagram. Super easy!

Buffer for Instagram is Here: 8 Ways to Get Your Best Instagram Marketing Results with Buffer

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Buffer for Instagram works by sending a notification to your phone when it’s time to post. 1. Click to sort your Instagram posts according to the Most Popular (a combination of likes and comments). With Buffer for Instagram, you can sort every post by the most popular, most likes, and most comments. Open the notification, select Open in Instagram. Pacific. 2.

Google+ Tips and Tricks

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comment on your posts go to your phone. If you get one for every time anybody comments it will drive you bats. Adds desktop notifications and you can post or respond from a popup window. Click on a photo to edit who gets to see it, tags, captions, moderate comments and even some limited photo editing capabilities ala Picassa. Return or Enter Start a comment.

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Get Your Social Media Inbox To Zero

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Because while most of us never would have intended to waste precious time each and every day sifting through loads of social media notifications and messages, that's exactly where we find ourselves. From Twitter mentions and direct messages, to Facebook and Instagram comments, and everything in between. Facebook Comments. Facebook Ad Comments. Instagram Comments.

Digital Sabbaticals are Healthy

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Five days after logging off Facebook to spend time with family and enjoy the other side of the country, I returned to the social networking site and observed 6 private messages and 67 notifications. The notifications were generic: people inviting me to like their pages, people inviting me to future events, people commenting after I wrote comments, people liking or sharing content on my wall. “It’s only by having some distance from the world that you can see it whole, and understand what you should be doing with it.” ” - Pico Iyer.

5 Ways to Maximize the New Instagram Algorithm

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An interesting thing about Instagram’s algorithm is it will be keeping track of your likes, your comments and who you’re engaging with on the platform. Share with people the ability to turn on their notifications about you. By turning on their notifications, your followers will get a notification on their phone every time you post. Consistent content.

Hyper Alerts: Facebook’s Missing Link


Between comments, birthdays, likes, friend requests, Foursquare check-ins, events and Farmville requests (seriously, can we be all done with Farmville?) it can seem like there’s a notification for everything. But amidst the chair height adjustment and friend request alerts Facebook seems to have left out one very important notification: page alerts. Enter Hyper Alerts.

5 Easy Ways to Get Better Instagram Engagement

agora pulse

When you take this simple action, the user will receive a notification. You can select anything from visiting your site and making a purchase to tweeting, sharing or commenting,” writes Courtney Ramirez , director of content strategy at Endurance Marketing. Say goodbye to the “King of Engagement.” How can brands beat this trend? Be Interactive. likes on my photos and 6.1

Get Internet Voicemail from Website Visitors with SpeakPipe

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Within moments of your submission of the message, I receive an email notification that someone left me a voicemail. If you were inspired, please add a comment and sign up to receive blog posts by email. In the spirit of Vine, SnapChat, and other applications that enable you to record your voice (or any sound) in combination with video to your friends, meet SpeakPipe.

How To Schedule Instagram Posts

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When you receive the notification on your mobile device, tap to open AgoraPulse. When you receive the notification on your mobile device, tap to open AgoraPulse. And let me know if you have any questions in the Comments. Social Media How To Schedule Instagram Posts. Tweet this! Source ). Tweet this! Source ). In a study of 55 brands, the brands posted an average of 1.5

Musings on Joining New Social Media Sites, Site Recommendations.

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Today I received an email notification telling me that someone had added me as a Source on Amplify , so I decided to hop back on and refresh my memory as to what my profile looked like, out-dated no doubt. Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit July 12, 2010 - Posted by akstout18 | Articles Sites , Social Media Marketing , Social Networking | amplify , clipmarks , dropjack , goarticles , social media marketing , social media sites , social networking One blogger likes this post 4 Comments » [.] Flying Tech Comment by CTEric | July 23, 2010 | Reply Thanks much!

Social Media Updates: July


It allows you to optimize your schedule and budget, check campaign performance and respond to your notifications anywhere, any time. Twitter Removes Background Wallpaper From User Home Pages : Twitter recently made background images from Home and Notifications timelines available only to logged-in users to present a cleaner, more unified look to new users. Linkedin. Twitter. YouTube.

18 WordPress Social Media Plugins to Live By

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Some of the features include: Facebook comments. The same applies to your blog posts when people have questions or comments. LiveFyre is one of the best social media accessible commenting platforms because you can use multiple avenues to login and comment. Additionally, you can get email notifications each time someone comments on your blog posts. PopUps.

55% of Visitors Read Your Articles For 15 Seconds or Less: Why We Should Focus on Attention Not Clicks

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Medium’s Ev Williams explains  their stance on which numbers are meaningful: We pay more attention to time spent reading than number of visitors at Medium because, in a world of infinite content — where there are a million shiny attention-grabbing objects a touch away and notifications coming in constantly — it’s meaningful when someone is actually spending time. SurveyMonkey.