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Marketing, Jacking and Mining Memes

Geoff Livingston

Image by MeMe. One bubbling trend in online marketing is meme marketing. Memes are ideas, behaviors or styles that spreads from person to person within a culture. Now guerrilla marketers and companies want to create their own memes. So right out of the gate, meme marketing seems to be a respun version of viral marketing to bamboozle companies into shelling out dollars.

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Meme time! How are you going to change the world in 2012?


I don’t know if Craig Newmark intended this post to be a meme, but what the hey, I’m taking that ball and running with it. Here’s how it works – whether you’re tagged here or not, please write a quick blog post or share a comment, and tag some more people. And we all know that associations also are doing great things to make the world better. For others.

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Facebook Video and Facebook Live: The Future for Marketers

SocialTimes Facebook

While Facebook may not provide quick-witted memes  or cuts of hilarious videos like other platforms, it can take brands to the next level. Furthermore, Facebook Live streams generate 10 times more comments than standard videos. Believe it or not, Facebook is the answer for marketers. All you need is a little strategy and a few hot influencers. So what is Facebook video anyway?

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The Ugly Side of Social Media Sharing

Waxing UnLyrical

On April 7 my Facebook friend Susan (name changed) uploaded this photo (image used with permission from “Susan”): By April 21, it turned into this photo meme: What was posted as a “friends only” image was altered into a very public meme, where her kids and the neighbor’s kids (all under 13 years old) became branded as “What is wrong with today’s kids?”

Blogger's Block Should be a Meme

Net-Savvy Executive

Over 360 comments (so far), suggesting and discussing more topics than Fred will be able to write about in a year. Fred Wilson posted a simple request yesterday and got an amazing response. He wrote that he was experiencing Blogger's Block , and he asked his readers to suggest topics. The response? Obviously, people—a lot of them—are interested in Fred's opinions. Tag, you're it.

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All About Internet Memes [Infographic] | pamorama


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact All About Internet Memes [Infographic] by Pam Dyer on August 31, 2010 Share Here’s an infographic by Online University that does a good job of describing Internet memes and the sites that host them. The infographic presents a great mix of some of the funniest, most popular memes in Internet history.

A Fascinating New Trend

Twist Image

My added interest in this trend is the request to share, comment and spread them. Have we become tired of LOLCats , Someecards and other random memes? Fascinating memes. The Internet provides a deep river of flowing memes that are fascinating (and funny) to watch. On top of that, the majority of these memes disappear without notice as well. A few manage to have some semblance of longevity. Follow the memes. internet meme. "If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else." " - Marvin Gaye. content.

With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Personal > With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme by Tamar Weinberg on March 31, 2008 Share As I was traveling on my last of three conferences, Chris Kieff tagged me on the 4×4 meme that’s going around. The idea of this meme is somewhat like previous memes , but it’s four times full of fun. Then, you need to top it off by tagging four people. The other site?

Life After Digital

Twist Image

Have we become heartless meme generating morons that are tearing apart the moral fabrics of our society? These moments - which, historically, would become memories - are now becoming moments in time that are documented, shared, rated and commented on by everyone. analytics barcode biography civilization cyberbullying data digitalbiography digitalrevenge digitaltechnology documentary globalnetwork instagram internetculture lifeafterdigital meme piracy recognitiontechnology selfie smartphone socialmedia technology theagendawithstevepaikin thewizardofoz tvo What do you think?

Top 12 Blog Posts Of 2012


Pinterest, Instagram and memes were popular topics. Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting last year! Let us know in a comment below. Here are the 12 most-read posts on our blog in 2012. We’re looking forward to more in 2013. Sh*t Social Media People Say. How To Run An Instagram Photo Contest. Pinterest Early Best Practices From Firebelly. 9.

The Secrets to Becoming Part of the Spin Sucks Crazies

Spin Sucks

Superman might be faster than a speeding bullet, but Paula Kiger comments on every blog post at light speed. Eden Spodek , among other things, is a magnificent meme maestro. Give her a topic and, like black magic, she’s give you a meme. Rob Biesenbach leverages his handsome mug to distract and disorient comment spammers. Those are way too boring for our Crazies.

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Georgetown Lecture: Social Gets Bigger and Blander

Geoff Livingston

Please comment if you’d like to suggest something, I’ve got a few hours to cram (yikes!). 1) Social Media Gets Bigger. Industry discussions about community engagement best practices, nurturing, blogging, conversing, commenting, liking, moderating, etc., have become a redundant meme over the past five years. usually write out my thoughts before speaking. Conclusion.

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4 Social Media Management Strategies for Mobile Consumers

agora pulse

Give your audience an opportunity to share that inspirational quote, funny meme, or 20% discount code. Larry Kim , founder and CTO of WordStream, says, “Photos, infographics, memes, illustrations, and videos are just a few forms of visual content that are having a huge impact on the way people consume information. Most likely not enough. Encourage Sharing. Image Credit. Image Credit.

Meme: Ways to Increase Your Twitter Following Ethically

Geoff Livingston

Ethically is an extremely subjective word, so please comment if you feel we are off. We hope other successful Twitterers/bloggers will continue the conversation in a meme, and spread this more mindful approach towards Twitter followings. second place is commenting with Congressional Twitter feeds. Many have been decried for questionable methods. link]. Some will follow back!

Orchestrating Viral Social Media? Claiming #AlexFromTarget

Spin Sucks

Of course, so many people got to talking about the latest viral social media meme featuring Alex Laboeuf, a Target employee from Frisco, Texas, with a perfect jawline and a dreamy side swept mop, you may have heard about #AlexFromTarget even if you don’t keep up with what teenaged girls are talking about. . Comments LauraPetrolino You have to wonder how much of it is delusion.

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The Technology Part to Your Content Marketing Plan

Razor Social

Meme Generator. If you’re looking to add some humor to your content mix, try using memes! Memes are a great way to entertain and engage your audience on social media, and you can create them easily with one of the many available meme generators. Share it in the comments section! improve your brand reputation. increase leads and sales. Feedly. Quora. Reddit. Pixlr.

How to Bring Humor to Community Management

Convince & Convert

Although a seemingly simple idea, what makes this campaign shine is the clever use of memes and puns both in the Facebook post creative as well as the comments. To drive participation and engagement around the contest, the community management team for Ikea Singapore responded to every comment with a funny meme starring the Shelf Help Guru.


Ari Herzog

Comments This was a viral meme once on facebook and it is really. You cdnuolt blveiee that you cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what you were rdanieg, rihgt? The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in what oerdr the ltteres in a word are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is that the frsit and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae.

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Euro 2016 on Twitter: 10 Great Accounts Every Fan Should Follow

Talkwalker SM

Euro 2016 is now well underway with every goal, incident and meme sending social media into a frenzy. Why you should follow : Surprisingly unguarded (often funny) comments about matches and players and the occasional foray into politics. Never miss another meme! To answer this, we decided to look at the impact of top tweeters by the numbers. Gareth Bale ( @GarethBale11 ).

101 Marketing Tools and Technology Tips for 2017

Razor Social

Create your own memes. Memes are everywhere, and online marketers are predominantly using them to entertain and engage their audience on social channels. Memes are a great way to generate an immediate reaction from your followers, and you can create them easily with one of the many available meme generators. Are you tired of all the fluff you read on marketing? Use know.em

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How Nonprofit Pros Use Twitter


Don’t be so quick to jump onto trends and memes — they usually *aren’t* the right way to engage your community. If you would roll your eyes at your meme tweet if it came from another org, don’t post it. Make your tweets short enough so RTs can add a comment to make it more meaningful to their Followers. This post originally appeared on Michael Dougherty. Pitman.

Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

Ari Herzog

The constant parade of new verbs and nouns has been interesting: texting, “going viral,” mashups, memes, flashmobs, friending, unfriending, likes, retweets, crowdfunding, “add me,” rickrolling, circles, FollowFriday, hash tags, Pandora, Instagrams. Please continue reading Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old and leave a comment if inspired. This is his story.

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5 Findings From Wendy’s Epic Week on Twitter

Simply Measured

The Wendy’s voice is a “challenger with charm,” for example, which means that even when we’re shooting back a sassy comment, it’s with a smile and a wink. kylegriffin1 Our community manager was unaware of the recent evolution of the Pepe meme's meaning and this tweet was promptly deleted. chlangie x=9 Y=10. — Wendy's (@Wendys) January 4, 2017. Here is what I found.

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Social Networking Stats: Tumblr Serves 20 Billion Page Views Per Month, #RLTM Scoreboard

The Realtime Report

With over 80 million blogs and tens of millions of users ( GigaOM ), the platform has grown popular for sharing pictures, stories and memes without losing its “intimate, community feel.” The #RLTM Scoreboard:  Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 1 billion active users. via  Facebook. Twitter: over 500 million users. via  Twopcharts. Qzone: 599 million monthly active users. via  TechCrunch. Sina Weibo: over 368 million users. via  China Daily. Renren: over 170 million users. via  iResearch iUser Tracker. LinkedIn: 187 million active users. via  LinkedIn.

Facebook Audience Optimization: Better Engagement and Insights for Pages

Jon Loomer

Use trending memes and hashtags. The suggestion of trending memes surprises me a bit since Facebook at one time punished memes in the news feed. Let me know in the comments below! Facebook has launched Audience Optimization to benefit brands in two primary ways: Help reach the people most likely to engage with content; and. Audience Restrictions. Audience Insights.

The 20 Best New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017 (And How to Use Them)

Buffer Social

With its one-click meme feature, you can turn a video or a gif into your favorite meme in a blink of an eye. Simply select the meme and will add the captions and effects for you. At the moment, only the “Deal With It” meme is available. Feel free to comment below and I’ll be excited to check them out. Panda 5. Yotpo. Refind. Adobe Spark.

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8 Tools to Curate Content for Social Media


Type a keyword in their search engine and find stories (relevant news, live events, popular campaigns, conversations, and even memes) worth sharing on the topic. You can also enhance your story by adding posts, photos, or comments from you site. The “art” of content curation, as I like to call it, is a lot more challenging than it may seem. Check ‘em out! The

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?


Facebook is Deleting Popular Meme Pages Without Warning | The Daily Dot. As I learned the hard way when I was tagged in the comments on a viral video, but then couldn’t find said video. Seems there’s a crackdown and there’s no recourse if you’re a meme page owner. What a week! They make it sound so eaaaaaaasy. Get your ears prepared! Quicksprout.

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How to Know If Your Brand Should Hop on a New Social Media Trend

Ignite Social Media

While some social media trends are family-friendly, such as #FirstDayOfSchool, other trends are decidedly less so, like memes relating to Harambe. Some hashtags, trends and memes, while popular, have the potential to be lost on – or offend – your brand’s audience. We’d love to hear in the comments! Go catch em somewhere else, man. PokemonGO

How to Prioritize Your Social Media To-Do List

Simply Measured

While researching the best cat GIF’s and 90s memes can be fun, there is real work to be done and it can get very overwhelming on a medium that never stops. Let me know on Twitter , or comment below! I’m often asked: With so much to do and so little time to do it all in, how do you prioritize your social media tasks? To fit this model, a social strategy must be in place.

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The Psychology of Change: How We React When Our Favorite Social Networks Shift

Buffer Social

And the memes started flowing. How has your approach to marketing changed as platforms like Facebook have matured? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Instagram changed its logo on Wednesday, and as with almost any significant change to a popular social network, the internet was split. Some loved it. Others disliked it. And how do users react?

16 Tips for Using #hashtags HINT: You’re doing it wrong :P #socialmedia

Laurel Papworth

Comments. Comments. Understanding Memes #PoopTweet and random stuff. Random Joke Memes. Comments. Comments. Comments. Comments. Comments. Comments. Comments. Comments. Comments. Comments. Comments. Any sports Grand Final, or viral meme may trend at any time. Comments. Comments.

Are Bloggers Community Managers?

Spin Sucks

Because this post began as a comments-section Q&A, we’ll continue it in the same vein: What Is Community Management? Your goals for your blog include “community growth” goals, such as, “By the end of the year, 50 percent of my comments will come from people who leave at least two comments per week.”. Your blog has spawned “memes.” Are Bloggers Community Managers?

How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

Katie Lance

Have you ever said this to yourself, “I’ll just check Facebook really quick…” only to realize that you’ve wasted a half-hour watching Jimmy Fallon videos and reading silly memes? Leave us a comment below or in our awesome Facebook community! Find more statistics at Statista. Weekends I slow down and try to disconnect!” Not sure which ones to be on?

Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

Sprout Social

Whether it’s a brand promotion, video, news update or even a meme, visual content rules the social media landscape. Your profile picture will also appear when you post to other walls, comment on posts or when you’re searched with Facebook’s Open Graph (that’s a fancy term used for its search function). Social Media Image Sizes Per Network. Twitter. Instagram. LinkedIn. Google+.

Putting the Art in Article, Part I: Beginner Thou ART, Teach I Shall

Waxing UnLyrical

Memes and GIFs. Very loosely: *  A meme is any image or set of images , usually taken from a movie or previously published content, with words over the top. Before you criticize me in the comments, I know this is not really a meme , but it is what everyone is calling it these days. * A GIF is very similar, but the picture is animated in a short, repetitive action.

Meme 53

Exclusive Interview with Adnan Ebrahim: Founder of “Top Gear for the Facebook Generation”, Car Throttle

Viper Chill

Car Memes, which he also owns, has 1.4 That’s why we get so many comments on posts and why our users create their own content on Car Throttle. In the process, we acquired a (then small) page called Car memes from a Bristol University student Gabor, who is now our Head of Marketing. We average 100,000 comments and 1.37 In 2013, memes worked. million.

Meme 44

Monday Roundup: The Power is Yours

Waxing UnLyrical

Why: In this post for ,  Nathan Dube  shares how a simple meme and one cat were powerful enough to raise money for social good. 3.  Please share in the comments below! Happy Monday! Is everyone looking forward to the holiday week? And for my fellow Americans, any big 4th of July plans? Image:  Artotem via Flickr, CC 2.0. Power. Saying “No” so that you can say “Yes”.

Meme 69

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Eden Spodek

Spin Sucks

She’s been a friend for so long, I can point to a gazillion times I’ve spent time with her. I can point to the time she showed up at my hotel with a package of macaroons after I got back from Paris and was craving them in a big way (and no, I did not share with Lindsay Bell l, even though she begged). I can point to the ridiculous (but hilarious) memes she made of Robert Downey, Jr.,

LinkedIn Etiquette: Are You Breaking The Rules?  

agora pulse

Share this to save a puppy” style memes. By sharing an article to Twitter and tagging the author you will be more likely to build a connection than simply adding a comment to the thousands already there below the article on LinkedIn. Like every social network, LinkedIn has its own official rules of conduct. But But most LinkedIn etiquette expectations come from the LinkedIn community.