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    [Comments] Weekly Roundup: Linking, Thinking and Blinking
    Get Shareaholic test Filed under Communication , Social Media , Weekly Roundup | Tags: connections , linking , thinking | Comments (3) Site settings comment help? Get notified of updates in this conversation "> Follow conversation Stop receiving notifications "> Following conversation people listening Followers Livefyre is in Offline Mode - you can still post comments. Sign out Leave your comment here. Comment as pts moderator Joe Hackman Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New! Here are seven of them: 1.
    [Comments] To Create OR To Aggregate, That is The Question
    recently read an interesting post that posited user interaction as the new king, content as the queen… and then there are backlinks… interesting strategy Barbra Gago Says: March 20th, 2010 at 1:32 pm Don, Thanks for the comment. Blog Resources Contributors Academy « 3 Ways to Get Sales to Love Marketing Over 1 BILLION gURLS Served! » To Create OR To Aggregate, That is The Question. Barbra Gago Inbound & Social Marketing Manager This year at SXSW there was a lot of talk about content, and not just creation, but strategy. This was unsuccessful. Good luck!
    [Comments] Influenster: Green VoxBox Review
    Respond to Mentions: Mentions are Twitter’s equivalent of comments.  Give me a shout in the comments below to let me know how you plan to use these to get your tweets noticed. Twitter is a game changer for new blogs.  By far, it is the easiest and cheapest way to get readers to your blog. However, effectively using twitter to get noticed is more art than science.  When I started, I made some embarrassing goofs. Such as: retweeting my own posts, posting my blog links 10-15 times a day, not retweeting other people’s stuff, and other knucklehead moves. Here’s mine.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2011
    [Comments] How to Format Blog Posts Effectively
    The call to action might be anything—it could be to apply what you’re writing about in your own life, to go away and do a little homework, to react to the post in comments, to share the post with someone else… but the key is to actually invite your reader to do these things, rather than just assume that they will. Image by Kailash Gyawali. Of course, as the question implies, the most powerful communication strategy for bloggers is quality of writing—but beyond that, here are a few things I’ve found helpful over the last nine years of blogging. 1. So take time to hone them.
    [Comments] Which Company is Most Useful to You?
    Ordinarily, we could hash it out in the comments, but I’m going to use my nifty new Nestivity Twitter community to discuss #Youtility and usefulness LIVE during my session, and would love for you to participate there, too. . Image from Youtility is marketing so useful, people would pay for it ( tweet this ) It’s a necessity for all businesses now, forced to compete for attention not just against other companies selling the same stuff, but against everyone and everything. Like this guy, whose massively useful video on shucking corn has generated 7.5
    [Comments] How Print Magazines Should Be Using QR Codes
    Questions or comments? I have a confession to make, and it may surprise you. Despite the fact that I am a self-proclaimed social/mobile/online/digital/tech enthusiast, I still like getting print magazines sent to me in the mail. There, I said it. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but I have to say that there’s still something nostalgic about getting a new issue of my favorite magazine sent to me in the mail, and having the ability to actually flip through its crisp pages as I scan from page to page. Why is this the trend I’m seeing with print magazines? Maybe.
    [Comments] How to Publish Your Blog on Amazon Kindle
    Let’s discuss them in the comments. This guest post is by Ali Abbas of Have you published your blog on Kindle? If not, you should do it, pronto! It’s easy, it’s productive and it’s free. We’re not talking about publishing ebooks or PDFs, but your dynamic and regularly updated blog. Rather surprisingly, not a lot of bloggers have considered this option hitherto, but some big guns, including The New York Times, PC Magazine, Amazon Daily, Huffington Post, and others—that realize the potential—are already there. Is it really worth the effort? It does not. Great!
    [Comments] Integrated Marketing Summit Comes to St. Louis December 10
    Subscribe to the comments for this post? The Integrated Marketing Summit is bringing 30 of the United States’ leading experts to St. Louis, Missouri on December 10, 2009. Some of the topics include social media, sales and marketing lead management, search engine optimization, and integrated marketing. Some of these well-known speakers include: Jamie Turner , Director of Consumer Insight for direct response and interactive agency BKV, and Chief Content Officer for The 60 Second Marketer. Ekaterina Walter , Social Media Strategist, Intel Corporation and best practices expert.
    [Comments] MashedIn Social Media Friend Finder Application Launched
    Subscribe to the comments for this post? Social Connections has released , an application that allows you to identify mutual connections across multiple social networks. MashedIn provides a widget that you can add to a web site or blog where your users can authenticate with either Facebook , Twitter , or LinkedIn to reveal common connections to the widget owner. Individuals have various groups of friends or connections on different social networks they use on a regular basis. MashedIn provides a key value to companies and business professionals. Share this on
    [Comments] How to Blog Without Comparing Yourself to Others
    This blog has more followers on Twitter, has better and longer comments, has more views, has more Likes… Just calm down. No, I carry on blogging, leaving comments on other blogs, and writing guest posts for sites such as ProBlogger. A lot of the time, I see bloggers get frustrated with themselves because they’ve just encountered a blog that they think is superior to their own. With the amount of work that we put in, we deserve to have 20,000 subscribers, we deserve to have at least 100 comments on each post, we deserve to have 25,000 followers on Twitter.
    [Comments] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search 13 Observations From South by Southwest (SXSW) March 16th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet As usual, this year’s South by Southwest Interactive conference was a blur. Thanks for the great comment. Thanks for the great comment. Scan Me? Largely, it didn’t happen.
    [Comments] Tweeters expand the reach and appeal of conferences
    Or, use Blast Follow to follow everyone all at once. { 4 comments } Chris Hall April 29, 2010 at 9:36 am The power of social media is about getting people together. there's a bug or something on my WordPress or with Disqus: the comments for that post are closed and I cannot figure out how in the world to open them. have a theory that active tweeting during a conference significantly expands the reach of the conference AND paves the way for increased attendance at the next one. also have a theory that suggests waiting a full year to have the next event is too long.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, JULY 16, 2010
    [Comments] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Best YouTube Campaign Ever
    Blogs I Follow – this is the best way to organize your commenting strategy, Alltop style. How to select the number of items in the WordPress admin – change the default number of posts, pages, comments, etc. Here is the final video in a series of one of the funniest social media / Youtube campaigns of the week ever by Old Spice where they answered questions from Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube comments. Articles featured in the resources come primarily from people I interact with in the comments, and on the social networks. The Resources Mashup. Facebook.
    [Comments] Tools to Streamline Your Video Marketing
    If you have any more quick tips on tools to help you market your video content then please let us know in the comments? Guest Post by Neil Davidson. We hear a lot nowadays about how video marketing is becoming more and more important, both for traffic generation & SEO as well as for site performance. This is true, but getting value through your video marketing in the early stages can be challenging and causes many to give up entirely. As with most things getting started is the hardest thing; how do you produce and market your videos in a short space of time and on a tight budget?
    [Comments] How to Convert Visitors from Your About Page
    Offer personal comments on why you love each of the products you recommend in order to make your About page product features more engaging to visitors. Share your tips with us in the comments. This guest post is by AJ Kumar of Single Grain. One of the most under-utilized pieces of website real estate out there is the About Us page.  While most webmasters treat it as a throw-away repository for a stock biography or company history, consider the mindset of the visitors who arrive on these pages. . So why waste this valuable opportunity to engage visitors and increase conversions?! 
    [Comments] A Broadcast News Perspective by Debbi Morello
    Her commentary today is based off her comment in said post, which I found to be unique and interesting. This guest post attempts to provide a third side to the Mindless and Elite topic , perhaps the most important one: That of the reader (and the final post on the topic). Debbi Morello (@ debmorello ) is an accomplished photo journalist and humanitarian (full bio follows). From the social media perspective she is on Twitter, but is not a blogger (yet). believe this movie is timeless. Love Albert Brooks, love William Hurt and of course, our heroine, with all her flaws, Holly Hunter.
    [Comments] How to Mass Monetize Your YouTube Channel
    After an exchange of comments on each other’s videos, I discovered Michael knew a lot more than I did about being found on YouTube and being paid for being found.  I was making approximately $3 per month from  my YouTube channel and Michael showed me the potential to make 3500% more than that! Share them with us in the comments. This guest post is by Jenny Dean of Floppycats. One of the joys of the Internet is the opportunity to become friends with a complete stranger on the other side of the world.  So if you don’t have an Adsense account set up, you will want to do that.
    [Comments] 8 Must-Dos For Aspiring Writers | Brass Tack Thinking
    Brass Tack Thinking Make Things Happen Home About Amber Naslund Tamsen McMahon Contact Speaking Amber Naslund Tamsen McMahon Brass Tack Reading Archives 8 Must-Dos For Aspiring Writers May 21, 2010 | by Amber Naslund View Comments If writing is part of what you do or want to do, calling yourself a “writer&# isn’t as simple as putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, now is it? A big writing project I’m working on (more soon) is reminding me viscerally of this: Writing is hard, and hard work. Write private thoughts in a journal or comments on a blog. But get.
    [Comments] 6 Ways Web Check-ins Can Benefit Your Brand
    It was fun, comments were through the roof and I personally skipped around like a monkey-boy to a few other blogs I’ve never visited before. Tying strategic incentives to the social actions you desire can drive specific fan behavior such as Tweets with specific #hashtag use, Follows and Listing on Twitter, Likes & Shares on Facebook, blog comments and more. Tweet Guest post by Clinton Bonner , community connectivity expert, futurist, and blogger at Everything to Everything. That’s a colossal potential audience advantage for Web check-ins. Loyalty. Link Link Link.
    [Comments] Awesome Content on the Way and Why I Haven’t Been Posting Much Lately
    If you’re interested, contact me or leave a comment below. The worlds of automotive social media and automotive search marketing are converging. We’ve known this for a while and I’ve been preparing for the collision in order to help our clients make the most out of the changes. The only thing I wasn’t expecting was how tremendously complex it all was going to be. For the last month, we’ve been pushing hard to help educate and assist dealers on both fronts, but social media has been my primary focus. It can be dealers or vendors – I’m not picky.
    [Comments] Is Twitter growing up?
    whenever it arrives, will surely include new features, is likely to include the business accounts that were promised last year and will possibly reveal in full the monetisation policy that has been imagined and speculated about by commentators ever since the service started. Tweet. There are rumblings of some pretty big changes coming down the round for our favourite little microblogging service. The last week alone has seen the launch of Twitter for Blackberry , the acquisition of Tweetie (read: Twitter for iPhone) and a sneak peak of a brand new Twitter 2.0, Who knows!
    [Comments] Join me at Clearvale SecondFloor speaking event, August 18th
    Leave a Reply Please read my comment policy Search Twitter Updates Laughing my head off watching The Flying Karamazov Brothers (trying to) juggle greased balloons in San Jose. (@ San Jose Repertory Theatre) 2 weeks ago @ artist_branding Glad you enjoyed Open Leadership! The date for the event was originally set for July 14th but I had to move it because of a conflict on my part.) The event will be hosted by Dr.  Pehong Chen, Founder and CEO of BroadVision, and will take place on the second floor of BroadVision’s corporate headquarters, 1600 Seaport  Boulevard, Redwood City, CA.
    [Comments] 3 Simple Gamification Ideas for Your Brand Strategy
    She welcomes your comments at  . How does a bank get its customers to trade their free checking accounts for checking accounts that charge a monthly fee? According to the Chicago Tribune , it turns the process of switching accounts into a game. That's what Extraco Banks in Waco, Texas discovered when they decided to phase out their free checking accounts. In the end, Extraco was able to get 14% of its customers with free checking accounts to switch to premium accounts. This kind of conversion rate is unheard of in the banking industry in similar situations.
    [Comments] PTI Story on the Love-Hate Relationship Between Celebrities and Social Media
    case in point is Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan who miffed with unsavory comments posted on his Twitter account had recently reportedly abandoned the microblogging site and his 8 lakh followers to move on to Facebook. While sometimes there is a drop in online activities due to “social fatigue&# or when users have reportedly been troubled by nasty comments, such instances have seen to be just temporary. I was recently quoted in a PTI story on the love-hate relationship between celebrities and social media. “Am I sensing twitter fatigue? Or is it just ME&# ???
    [Comments] Search Engine Marketing Job Opening: Advertising Inventory Analyst
    Subscribe to the comments for this post? ICONSTAFF has an opening for a motivated, organized and energetic Advertising Inventory Analyst. The successful candidate must be smart, energetic, organized ad operations professional. S/he must possess excellent problem solving and analytical skills, be detail oriented, able to multitask in a fast paced and challenging work environment. S/He have to be good with numbers and calculations, have an in-depth understanding of ad serving back-end and front-end systems and be a team player. Knowledge of ad serving technology – Dart strongly preferred.
    [Comments] Yahoo! Makes Changes to Linkdomain Search for Webmasters
    Subscribe to the comments for this post? As a search engine optimization professional, one of the tools that I got in the habit of using over the past several years has been the un-publicized feature called “link domain&#. For years, even though Google eventually turned off the link query at their search engine and made it available to site owners only , and eventually turned it off also, Yahoo! always allowed us to use the linkdomain query at etc.). And including you could exclude certain sites (like the domain linking to itself). Digg this!
    [Comments] Social Web Bootcamp – Time to Get in the Game
    Tagged as: blogging , bootcamp , Honolulu , HowTo , INGdirect , knowhowcafe , learn , socialmedia , training , twitter 1 Tweet { 3 comments… read them below or add one } Roxanne Darling October 27, 2009 at 1:49 pm Two-thirds of the way through, and people are loving WordPress! link] This comment was originally posted on Twitter Leave a Comment Additional comments powered by BackType Previous post: How Do Logos Matter to You? We appreciate the connection and hope you will leave a comment or let us hear from you. Then Social Web Bootcamp is for you. Hawai?i
  • SOSHABLE  |  SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2009
    [Comments] Twitter Today: What are you… pushing?
    For every tweet you do for a client, there should be dozens of retweets, comments, mentions, and interactions that you’re having with others. Blast. Do you remember what Twitter looked like this time last year?  Probably not – the vast majority of the users on the site today weren’t around this time last year.  Things have changed dramatically over the last 7 months. For many, Twitter shouldn’t ask, “What are you doing?&# Twitter’s growth has been astounding.  Today, over half of the tweets on many users’ streams are links. There, I said it.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011
    [Comments] Monetizing Your Leaderboard
    Brogan was also called "very opportunistic," according to Gini Dietrich over at Spin Sucks in her Blog post, Beware The Google + Experts (I'd recommend reading the comments too, but there are close to 450 of them, so pack a lunch), and the debate has raged on all week (yes, I realize how very "high school" most of this is). The trouble with new media is that it's hard to tell the pretenders from the the professionals. You can't fake a track record, either. Social Media goes both ways. If you think someone is a fraud, why not leverage Social Media to figure it out.
    [Comments] Video Content Marketing Strategy, Email Painkillers and Expensive Mistakes
    Let us know in the comments – we’re all ears! It’s been a pretty dramatic week in the marketing arena. Following the release of Instagram’s new video app, Twitter’s Vine was suffering a decrease in popularity and utilization. Vine responded nimbly this week with 15 new-and-improved features. While it’s anyone’s guess which video app will prevail, companies of all sizes can take a lesson from the agility Vine displayed in responding to their competition.         Image credit: Apolonia/ Painkillers vs. Vitamins in Email Writing. What Top Marketers Do Differently.
    [Comments] Social Media Do’s and Don’ts While Traveling
    It’s best to tell people the dates of your trip in person rather than through post or comment, and it’s always a good idea to ask a neighbor to keep an eye on the house while you’re away. Social media is such a powerful tool that it can either be used for good or harm. This is particularly true when it comes to travel. As a tourist, there are dozens of ways to harness the power of social media to enhance your trip and improve your experience. However, there are also some major mistakes you can make if you’re not careful. Do: Use Pinterest for trip planning ideas. Social Media
    [Comments] Five for Friday 09.10
    Share your thoughts in the comments below or with your own networks. Comments - Leave a comment! blog comments powered by Disqus Stay connected Recent Posts Can influence be bought? Home About Archives Press Clips Spark Advisors Suggested Reading Five for Friday 09.10 Written on September 10, 2010 by Espo in Five for Friday Why is it that short weeks feel like the busiest ones? If you can answer that, I want to pick your brain and give you a hug. This week’s shortness also brought with it the first game of the NFL season, which is very exciting. What do you think?
    [Comments] YouTube to launch a kid-friendly app
    The result is a simple-to-use interface that rids the screen of distracting elements such as viewer comments while offering unique features such as a parent-controller timer that shuts down the app after a set amount of time. USA TODAY reported on Friday morning that YouTube, Google’s online video library, wants to provide a more age-appropriate experience to its younger users causing their engineers to come up with a new app called YouTube Kids. The free app launches Feb. 23, and at present is available for Android devices only. Instead, they often pump money into TV ads.
    [Comments] Extra Boost of “V”: More Vloggers for your YouTube Cravings
    Fun Fact She has a “porno music/comment time&# at the end of every video where she interacts with her supporters by responding to their comments. million views and over 40,000 comments. Comments? Get Shareaholic test Filed under Guest Posts , Herwin Icasiano , Social Media | Tags: vlogging , youtube | Comments (2) Site settings comment help? Get notified of updates in this conversation "> Follow conversation Stop receiving notifications "> Following conversation people listening Followers Livefyre is in Offline Mode - you can still post comments.
    [Comments] How to Grow Gracefully
    Comment on their blogs, share their posts and grow together. Write about what you know, but use reader comments and feedback to solve problems. This guest post is by Courtney Carver of If anyone tells you that launching a blog doesn’t take blood, sweat, and tears, get your money back. There is no doubt that launching and growing a successful blog takes time, energy, and dedication. There are so many recommendations about how to grow your readership that you might find yourself focusing on the wrong things to start. Lots of them. Say thank you. Connect.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  SUNDAY, JULY 11, 2010
    [Comments] Unplugging vs Making the Right Choice
    Tom Huntington commented that my motivation to distance myself on Twitter may be faulty, and that I should focus my priority on following people because of an inherent choice. I don’t think a “sabbatical” from social media is the solution to “social media” that distracts you from your priorities. But I thank Tom for his comment and asking me to think about the reasons I do what I do online. -- Thank you for reading Unplugging vs Making the Right Choice at AriWriter. figured I’d return when there was a reason. York, and Josh S. Peters about my then-Twitter reincarnation.
    [Comments] Curation, attention deficit and the exaflood
    Home Comment Caviar Be 3-D. My Work Content Curation Subscribe Dare To Comment Fresh insights on social media and content curation marketing from a young professional in the field Curation, attention deficit and the exaflood by Ian Greenleigh on August 8, 2010 · 6 comments Overwhelmed by a conversation about being overwhelmed. Content on the subject was being published at a digestible pace, and it seemed we all had time to reflect, analyze and, if we cared to do so, publish our own thoughts, either in comments or on our blogs. Dare to Comment. Bonus!
    [Comments] Before You Seek Business
    If you have a blog and not a static website, you might want to encourage comments. Find others who might like what you’re talking about and comment on their posts. Don’t littler the comment sections with links back to your site. Just make sure your comment is filled out with the URL to your site, so that people know how to get back. Other ways to get comments involve making sure your site is linked to your Facebook page and as part of your email signature file, and encouraging the occasional comment by asking the right questions. Questions?
    [Comments] Market view: Twitter approaches one year on the NYSE
    IG accepts no responsibility for any use that may be made of these comments and for any consequences that result. The next two weeks are pretty pivotal for Twitter. It shares its Q3 earnings on October 27, shortly before celebrating one  full year on the stock market on November 7.  Its share price ended day one at $44, giving the company a value of $24.48 billion dollars and raising a healthy $2.09 billion for the company. All in all, it was a solid debut. The estimated launch price for the company was just $11.25 Facebook’s influence. Firstly, it helped its IPO in a few ways.
    [Comments] Powwowing With Pepco on Social Media
    Get Shareaholic test Filed under Public Relations , Social Media | Tags: andre francis , debbi jarvis , pepco , Social Media | Comments (2) Site settings comment help? Get notified of updates in this conversation "> Follow conversation Stop receiving notifications "> Following conversation people listening Followers Livefyre is in Offline Mode - you can still post comments. Sign out Leave your comment here. Comment as pts moderator pepcoandDChater Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New! Completely.
    [Comments] Revisiting the Marketing Mix - A Fun Little Exercise
    Let’s hear about your thoughts on this in the comments below! Ah yes, the Marketing Mix. Those classic “Four P’s” they hammer in to you when you walk in to every Marketing Fundamentals class taught in the world: PRODUCT + PRICE + PROMOTION + PLACE. We all know them, we all love them, but sometimes they slip out of our consciousness from time to time. Even the most seasoned marketing pros have moments where they miss the mark on at least one of them. List the Brand, Product, and Price you paid in the first three boxes. Car, Vacation, TV, computer, etc). Do they? Or a combination of both?
    [Comments] How Size Matters in the Social Media ROI Debate
    That was a comment I added to a great post from Matt Ridings called “ Is Our Addiction to ROI Killing Social Media &# on Convince & Convert. Tweet Guest post by Simon Gornick , a content consultant specializing in short form slogans, and owner of The Tagline Machine. ROI in social media is a luxury. And the only brands that can accept that are likely to be big ones with multi-platform marketing budgets. The larger the brand, the more likely they are to use social media without concerning themselves with its dollar ROI, when goodwill for them, is priceless. You are the CMO.
    [Comments] How Embedded Social News Grew My Content, Traffic, and Engagement, and Saves Me Time [Case Study]
    The platform comes pre-loaded with social tools that let readers post comments on stories, vote the best stories to the top, or submit their own stories they’ve discovered on the Web about the latest musicians or guitar gear. All the interactions between your users and the content that’s shared on your site (votes, shares, comments, etc.) Share your experiences with us in the comments. This guest post is by Brian Lippey of Guitar Shop TV. Every blogger wants to offer the best content to his or her audience. We tweet. We post on Facebook. social news platform.
    [Comments] Digital Networking Turns Pink Slips to Pay Checks
    People appreciate comments on their blogs, profile walls and Twitter @responses that add value. Cultivating relationships has always played a critical role in business success. This post is dedicated to my dear friends and yours and perhaps you. people who have unexpectedly found a pink slip instead of a pay check. The first advice to folks on a job search seems to be to activate or reactive your network. Let's take what we've learned from social media marketing and make it work for a job search. There are two aspects involved in creating a winning support system: 1. Be yourself.
    [Comments] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Social Media Monitoring Tools – How to Pick The Right One July 7th, 2010 |Written By: Katie Van Domelen | View Comments Tweet Guest post by Katie Van Domelen , the social media manager at Off Madison Ave in Tempe, Arizona. Leave your additions, and any questions, in the comments! Thanks!
    [Comments] Don’t Slip Up: 5 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media
    Ignoring Negative Comments. What do you do when a shirt you bought arrives in the wrong size (two times in a row!), you just experienced the worst dining experience of your life, or your cable goes out during Mad Men ’s season premiere? If you’re like many social media users, you run to your favorite online hangout and share your tale of woe. Having worked in social media from its early days, I’ve seen it come a long way. It’s now a 24/7 channel, expectations are high, and many consumers anticipate a response in less than an hour. With expectations so high, this will only annoy fans.
    [Comments] Make My Blog Better
    RT this, pass it around, I’ll post the comment advice and take the emails to heart and see if I can’t make this page better for everyone. Digg Digg My mother used to say, “The best way to get better is simple, just ask someone who’s already better.&#  So, for once in my life I’m going to take my mother’s advice and simply ask people who are better than me for ways to better myself. That’s right, I’m asking for your advice. Make me more productive. Be Gentle (or Not). Which Came First: The Method or the Madness? Thick Skin Thinned.
    [Comments] Nashville BarCamp-A-Go-Go (aka Ol’ BarCamp Eve)
    Also, if there’s any specific questions you’d like me to address in the presentation, leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to get them answered. Digg Digg Well, tomorrow’s the day.  It’s finally here. BarCamp Nashville 2010. If you haven’t already signed up for my panel session, Marketing Douchebags: SEO, Social and Beyond , be sure to do that soon. Apparently there’s only room for 150 attendees and we are getting closer to that number every day.  It’s going to be exciting. Popping My BarCamp Cherry. Marketing Douchebags.
    [Comments] Dropbox’s Collaborative Note-Taking Service, Dropbox Notes, Heads Into Beta Testing
    More recently, a list of keyboard shortcuts published by a Hacker News user on the new beta points to a few other features, largely formatting related, but also including things support for navigating a document using only the keyboard, support for adding comments to a note, and more. Dropbox declined to comment on the launch of the Notes beta. Now Dropbox is rolling out this new service into private beta as “ Dropbox Notes ” and is inviting teams to sign up. Image from TechCrunch. Image from TechCrunch. Article by Sarah Price for TechCrunch  . Thumbnail from Shutterstock.
    [Comments] Does Your Content Neglect the Middle of the Marketing Funnel?
    We’d love to hear from you in the comments. When creating a content strategy, understanding the marketing funnel is your number one priority. If you’re not already familiar with the marketing funnel—also sometimes known as a sales funnel—there’s a good chance you’re losing many of your potential buyers. Before we take a look at where most content marketers lose the bulk of their qualified leads, let’s take a look at the anatomy of a marketing funnel. Anatomy of the Marketing Funnel. photo credit: photopin cc. Top of the Funnel. Where any and all readers are prospects. Probably not.
    [Comments] Why This Blogger Uses Popups
    But most of all, I’m working hard to offer specific information that pertains to the post you’ve read, that way you are not treated like “just another visitor” I’m interested in what you think…talk to me in the comments below. Pop ups and I have had a rocky relationship. I can’t deny their email list building power. Put a pop up on your blog and you’ll boost your sign-ups. Period. Email sign-ups are super important for almost any social media publisher and it hurts to put this tool back in the box. But, I might be falling off the wagon (again).
    [Comments] 7 Old Post Revival Techniques You Won’t Believe You’re Overlooking
    This can be especially effective if there are valuable comments on the old post, and you can pick up on those in the new one. If you have another idea, share it in the comments! This guest post is by Ahmed Safwan of To Start Blogging. Do you have hundreds of posts in your archive? Most of them receiving a big zero in traffic? You aren’t the only one who has this problem. Most of the bloggers, even pro ones, have this problem. That’s why this post was created. Your old posts can generate additional visitors for you. Let’s see how. 1. Create internal links.
    [Comments] 10 Habits of Effective Bloggers
    Sure, you’re busy and you may not always have time to respond to every comment or question immediately, but by making your best effort to respond constructively to as many visitors as possible, you can help keep your site visits high and your word of mouth popularity spreading. 4. This is a guest post by Tom Walker of CreativeCloud , a refreshing blend of printer technology news, guides, and reviews. There are tens of thousands of blogs out there, many of which will never make it past the initial stages of early bloghood. Go in with a Game Plan. Follow the Golden Rule of Blogging.
    [Comments] Best Practices for Designing Effective Landing Pages
    For Comments: Are you currently implementing a landing page strategy? Here is no comments yet by the time your rss reader get this, Do you want to be the first commentor? So you’ve created the perfect email with the perfect offer, and you’ve enticed recipients to answer the call to action by “clicking here.” Now what? According to a 2008 MarketingSherpa report, 44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to the home page, not to a special, trackable landing page [1]. So what is a landing page? Remember the “Curiosity Cascade?” Hurry up.
    [Comments] 2 Amazing Movember Case Studies That Will Make You Grow it Back
    Share them in a comment below. Movember may now be but a fond memory, but Mo’vangelists and content enthusiasts alike have a lot to learn from how the movement was driven online and through social media. According to data from Topsy , there were 1.5 million tweets about Movember, with more than 790,000 of them generated from the United States. For Instagram, data from Sysomos shares 914,000 photos on Instagram used the hashtag #MOvember. So, what was fueling the social conversation? Movember participants! The content on Buzzfeed alone was pretty amazing. Movember Introduces The Moscars.
    [Comments] How Social Media Should Connect Us
    tried to rationalize that unless you commented here, I didn’t know you. I need to confess something. need to get something off my chest. need to tell you why I refused your friend requests over the past two years on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. want to say I am sorry for reading your messages and requests to be my friend, for me to join your networks and for you to join mine. You wanted me to share myself with you on a deeper level outside of this blog and you invited me into your inner sanctum — and I said no. So, I said no. And, I’m sorry.
    [Comments] F**K YOU LG. Why not to (ever) buy LG Products.
    Whilst we do appreciate your comments and the dissatisfaction caused, unfortunately, the warranty on our washing machine expires after 24 months from the date of purchase, we regret to advise that as you appliance is outside of the manufacturer’s warranty we would be unable to assist you with a free of charge repair on your unit. LG, a company whose reputation is built on the vision of “self-expression and a promise of satisfaction to its customers” is perhaps without doubt the biggest lie in the world. To repair this costs more than £200. They refuse to do so.
    [Comments] Haven’t Had Time to Blog
    You could answer in the comments with three things you commit to stopping so that you’d find the time you want. I met with someone yesterday who said to me that he didn’t have any time to blog. Moments later, he told me what was happening on “Ice Loves Coco.” ” Earlier in the day, a woman explained that she didn’t really have the time for another social network, and then she explained how she volunteers for six different organizations in her town for various purposes. We Choose Our Own Adventures. We pick our paths. We decide what we make time to do.
    [Comments] Grading Social Media
    Events Calendar Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email Social Media Strategery Best Of Best Practices Enterprise 2.0 Contact the author [link] koach84 (koach) Twitter Comment Grading Social Media | Social Media Strategery: Later this week, I’m giving the keynote address at the University … [link to post] – Posted using Chat Catcher Tim Dibble It is a sign of our grade/metric centric world that we seek to “grade&# student’s use of social media. web20 wiki Meta Register Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS © 2010 Social Media Strategery.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2012
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #100
    Now it's your turn: in the comment section below pick one thing that you saw this week that inspired you and share it. 93Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "On their 20th anniversary, Wired is spending a bunch of time with people who've shaped the face of technology. In this piece, they look at the seven lenses through which they try to guess the future. They still hold true today, and author Thomas Goetz gives them a great update." " (Alistair for Hugh). "Oh, how times change. don't.
    [Comments] 1 Word to Describe 2010 and 2011
    Through my questions in blog posts and your answers in blog comments, each of us gained insights. December is here and, per my desire to participate in reverberations this month, I’d like to respond to Gwen Bell’s prompt of the day : Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you? My word for 2010 is discovery. But are we better people, smarter people, more enriched people on the web because of those insights? My word for 2011 is endeavor.
    [Comments] Get Social Media Right: Five Things you Just Can’t Miss
    Retweets, shares, likes, comments, and responses per update. This is a guest contribution from Pratik Dholakiya. There’s no doubt social media is important for businesses to engage with potential and existing customers. It’s marketing 101. Since it’s the de facto “I’ll let the world know what I think about this product or brand” medium, it’s also a unique channel where companies and businesses now face intense scrutiny. Social media is best used for engagement. It’s a powerful tool that finally lets companies (of any size) get one-to-many with its customer base. Retention.
    [Comments] How Many Screens Are You On Right Now?
    million tweets about the game and halftime show; Facebook’s data editors claimed 50 million unique people had more than 185 million interactions (posts, comments and likes) relating to the Super Bowl. You can read all the research and stay on top of the all the latest consumer trends but sometimes it doesn’t hit home until you stop and observe your own habits. In fact, Twitter reported  more than 24.9 And this year, both Fox and offered streaming video service of Super Bowl XLVIII on your computer, tablet or phone. Here’s a rundown: 49% of TV viewers are also on their smartphone.
    [Comments] DON'T BE A HIT AND RUN!
    Share this on Facebook Share this on Linkedin Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on Reddit Tagged as: Facebook , Law Firm , Lawyer , Legal , LinkedIn , Marketing , Myrland Marketing Moment , Nancy Myrland , Social Media Consulting , Solo Practice University , Susan Cartier Liebel , Twitter { 1 trackback } Tweets that mention DON’T BE A HIT AND RUN! -- June 17, 2010 at 3:38 pm { 2 comments… read them below or add one } Lori F June 17, 2010 at 3:09 pm Hi Nancy Great post about Social Media. Leave a Comment Previous post: YES, THIS TAKES TIME!
    [Comments] What Kind of Impact Has Social Media Had on Your Organization?
    Events Calendar Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email Social Media Strategery Best Of Best Practices Enterprise 2.0 Contact the author [link] StichtingDEN (DigitaalErfgoedNL) Twitter Comment RT @NLoverheid20: What Kind of Impact Has Social Media Had on Your Organization? Social Media Strategery: [link to post] – Posted using Chat Catcher [link] NLoverheid20 (NL) Twitter Comment What Kind of Impact Has Social Media Had on Your Organization? link] adrielhampton (Adriel Hampton) Twitter Comment RT @sradick What Kind of Impact Has Social Media Had on Your Organization?
    [Comments] Who Do You Trust for Product Reviews?
    Reading all of the pros, cons, and commenter feedback proved that most people see more results over losses using it. In the last few months, I entered into the world of writing product reviews. My first was the Income Blogging Course Review and, most recently, the Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers Review. find that it’s really easy to write them under one condition: that I have used and truly love the product. Trusted Affiliate Marketer is going to be my home for honest, comprehensive product reviews, as well as a focus on affiliate marketing and money saving tips.
    [Comments] Social Letters of Intent
    The social agreement may be in response to an inquiry, a comment on posted content or an intent to investigate or take action from an ad or marketing message.  Every time someone post something online the context of their content reveals an intent. Intentions have become transparent and discernment of intent is becoming the wisdom of crowds. The aggregation of consumer conversations enabled by technology has fueled awareness of market methods and intents. Social technology has created a transparency of intent. Intent is a relational attribute that reveals motive. Conversations matter.
    [Comments] My Leadership Philosophy In A Nutshell
    Do you think today’s marketing leaders have higher expectations, and why? I’d love to hear more from you in the comments. As I’m on the verge of starting a new executive role, leadership has been on my mind a lot. It played heavily into the interview discussions I had, because great leadership is going to be critical in guiding the company’s next phase of growth. So, I thought a lot about my “take” on leadership, which has evolved a great deal over the past ten years or so. Here’s where I’ve ended up. Share the Credit. Harry S.
    [Comments] How Businesses like Sylvan Learning Center and Computer Explorers.
    Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit June 22, 2010 - Posted by akstout18 | Foursquare | computer explorers , foursquare , foursquare badges , foursquare check-in , foursquare incentives , foursquare marketing , foursquare mobile , location based social networks , sylvan learning center One blogger likes this post 3 Comments » [.] Comment by roulet cheat | July 21, 2010 | Reply [.] Pingback by Multiple Paths to Fighting Cancer in Future | | July 28, 2010 | Reply Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply. But, fear not! There is a solution!
    [Comments] No Option Marketing: 7 Mandatory Steps to Push Your Online Store into Profitability
    Customers’ comments, posts, and your responses to every message on social media will determine your social standing. Marketing makes businesses happen. While most entrepreneurs might not really like the thought of persuading complete strangers for a “buy in” – whether it’s ideas, products, or services – it’s mandatory for commerce. Marketing was, is, and will always be the engine of trade. As such, no level or type of entrepreneurship is possible without marketing. It’s important to get this out in the open right away: don’t market your ecommerce store without a personality. The Blog.
    [Comments] 9 Facebook Marketing Tactics that’ll Triple Your Fans
    Meanwhile, the community over at the SmartPak Facebook page is very active, leaving hundreds of comments on the dozens of videos and 1,000 plus photos that SmartPak has posted. This guest post is by Neil Patel of  Quick Sprout. Would you like to double, or  even triple the number of fans you have on your Facebook business page? Are you looking to turn those fans into loyal and active fans? Your Facebook business page can die on the vine without a loyal and active following. But success will never come overnight. Tactic #1: Crank out a lot of content. Tactic #3: Train your staff.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #179
    It''s a smart and credible perspective, still you can feel the politics getting tangled up in the comments (as to be expected)." Now it''s your turn: in the comment section below pick one thing that you saw this week that inspired you and share it. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "Hugh and I have talked about APIs before. Here''s what happens when we hook data up to transportation, and see what happens. Turns out people like to complain about eating food in public." Insane."
    [Comments] Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007 » Techipedia | Tamar.
    This year, I present you my favorite timeless posts of 2007, complete with descriptions about each blog post (which more than quadrupled the workload for me this time around, especially because I tripled the amount of links, but I had fun!) ( Disclaimer : I’m certain that even with this list in excess of 250 links, I forgot a bunch of posts, so if you have any additional recommendations, please feel free to comment and I’ll add them!) By the way, I still haven’t fully embraced video yet , so this will only include written articles. Maybe next year, folks! menu item.
    [Comments] Blog Wise Tip 2: Know Your Motivations
    All the truths that we believe in as a culture and as a society—none of those are necessarily true,” he commented. “So you have to question them and test them. Tell us in the comments. Every blogger has different motivations, but the interviews we completed as we developed Blog Wise showed how important it is to know what your motivations actually are. The bloggers we spoke to listed a range of motivations. The first was community and audience. Darren told us he’s motivated when he sees the community here at ProBlogger getting energy from his ideas.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #170
    Especially great is the exchange between commenter ''shootingfan'' and the author." Now it''s your turn: in the comment section below pick one thing that you saw this week that inspired you and share it. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "''Software can build a visualization of a novel''s style, helping to spot the next bestseller or holiday read.'' Shoot me now." " (Alistair for Hugh). James Burke predicted the future in 1973. Now he does it again - PM. You probably read it.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #45
    Now it's your turn: in the comment section below pick one thing that you saw this week that inspired you and share it. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? " A student in the UK may have beaten Microsoft 's Kinect tracking system. As the videos on this site show, it's amazing what you can do with a webcam these days -- from haptic interfaces to facial recognition. Cheap, ubiquitous tracking can help the disabled, provide better security, and much more." " (Alistair for Hugh). alistair croll.
    [Comments] net magazine 20 best new tools for web design and development of 2012
    It also handles all the touch gestures you might want, tackles animations and provides for sharing and commenting. Bugherd. Price: Free-$99/month for 25 members. Contrary to popular belief, the launch of a new site is not the end of a dev team’s work. If anything it’s the point at which the sweat really starts to build. As clients begin to receive feedback, these garbled and conflicting requests begin to filter back as emails, which then get batted around before finally becoming a bone of contention. simple.js include and visitors to the site get a feedback button. Fontello.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 10, 2012
    [Comments] The Only Blog Post Idea List You’ll Ever Need
    On Facebook, are people leaving comments on your page that you could address in a blog post? We’d love to hear them in the comments! This guest post is by Stephen Pepper of  Youth Workin’ It. There are so many articles out there on how you can come up with new blog post ideas, but do any of the suggestions actually work? We started our youth work blog in September 2011 and have posted six days a week ever since, so we’ve had to come up with over 200 posts related to youth work so far. Needless On National Pirate Day, write your post in Pirate language.
    [Comments] New Bloggers Beware: 3 Traps You Need to Avoid
    Every blog you visit looks good, has lots of posts, has lots of comments and has thousands of RSS subscribers and hundreds of retweets for every post. Write compelling content, have a RSS feed, post often, reply to comments, create backlinks—do all these things, and you will succeed. Tell us about them in the comments and prevent other bloggers from falling into the same trap. This guest post is by Roman of how this website makes money. After more than two years of blogging, I’m happy to be still around. Most new bloggers do not survive longer then six months.
    [Comments] Retirement Planners Know How to Be Social
    From comments on posts to private messages, the older social masses are reaching out to planners and planners are answering right back. More and more soon-to-be retirees are joining social media sites and as a result, retirement planners are taking the social route when it comes to marketing. Whether it’s keeping audiences informed or offering services, social media is the new retirement frontier. Here are just a few ways retirement planners are using social media to successfully market their services: Spreading the Word About Retirement Planning. According to U.S. Social Q and A.
    [Comments] 44 Things Bloggers Should Be Delegating to Virtual Staff to Catapult Their Online Growth
    Comment on the Top 5 posts from your ‘Likewise List’. Social bookmark any content commented on, helping to gain more traffic to the post. know a lot of bloggers haven’t ventured done the outsourcing road yet, so I’m happy to answer as many questions as you can fire at me, in the comment section below and if you’re attending the ProBlogger Event in August, I simply can’t wait to meet you in person – it’s going to be a lot of fun! Chris’ internal team, based in Cebu City. This is a guest post contribution by Chris Ducker. Creation. Publishing. Promotion. Research.
    [Comments] How to Build a Blog Worth Monetizing
    We covered heaps of ground but I thought I’d pull out some of my most RT’d and commented upon tweets from the hour here as a blog post. Earlier in the week I co-hosted the popular #BlogChat Twitter chat. The topic was ‘How to Build a Blog Worth Monetizing’ – a massive topic. The hour-long Twitter chat was one of the fastest moving Twitter chats I’ve been involved in (and the biggest BlogChat ever according to it’s founder Mack Collier ). hope you find these helpful! Darren Rowse (@problogger) August 11, 2014. BlogChat
  • ARI HERZOG  |  THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2011
    [Comments] How Video Can Replace Student Textbooks
    Recent comments Okay, let's agree that “never” is too strong a word. Photo credit: dave. This Feature Friday article is written by Charles Sipe. The recent documentary Waiting for Superman paints a bleak picture of the US education system that is falling behind other developed countries and failing to provide the high skilled workers that are needed to drive innovation and compete with the rest of the world. According to the film, by 2020, 123 million US jobs will be high skill, high pay, but only 50 million Americans will be qualified to fill them. Flip the Status Quo Upside Down.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 2010
    [Comments] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, #FBCLContest Update & Funny Tennis
    How to add comments to a Facebook fan page – including finding your fan page id number. Your support means the world to me – my entry on how to use CommentLuv to promote your articles on networks such as Squidoo, HubPages, Bukisa, EzineArticles, and GoArticles (the article includes specific guides for each network) now has 91 comments and 79 tweets – and still needs more of both! So please stop by and support your favorite articles and bloggers by stopping by, commenting, and retweeting. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing. Facebook. Link Building.
    [Comments] Backstage Pass: How I Do What I Do
    You are here: ViperChill » Business » Backstage Pass: How I Do What I Do Backstage Pass: How I Do What I Do Written by Glen, this post has 57 Comments I’ve never really liked the question “What do you do?&# It’s not the question that’s the problem, it’s just that I have yet to craft a response I’m happy with. cringe at the term “internet marketer&# as a way to define myself, so I’m going to open up the comments to any suggestions you might have for me. Thanks for the comment, Richard! Thanks for the comment, Yavor.
    [Comments] 6 Things “Saved By the Bell” Taught Me About Blogging
    End your posts with a question, encouraging your readers to engage, and please, allow comments. People won’t be able to resist the urge to comment. 6. This guest post is by Chiara Mazzucco of There are hundreds of thousands of articles written on being a successful blogger and driving traffic to your website or blog. You can sit down and read each one, leading you to write your first blog post in about 4 years, or you can pick the gems (on sites like ProBlogger) and choose to drive inspiration from the world around you, instead. Be yourself, loud and proud.
    [Comments] 3 Angles to Create Magnetic Content with the Triangle of Relevance
    Please add them to the comments below. Guest post from  Angie Schottmuller , an interactive Jedi, e-commerce expert, and multi-channel strategist at  Interactive Artisan. What makes online content great? Is there a tangible metric, or is it purely subjective? think it comes down to relevance. The more relevant the content appears, the more magnetic it becomes. Within this relevance I’ve discovered a formula for brands to magnetize content and optimize click-through rates… the Triangle of Relevance. Triangle of Relevance Content Strategy. Business Objective. User Interest.
    [Comments] Turn Twitter Followers into Blog Subscribers in 2 Steps
    And if you have any difficulties, you can always ask in the comments section. Let me know in the comments. This guest post is by Momekh of LifeETC. Too many interesting people out their are not using Twitter effectively. They may be using it to make solid connections, which is great, but they are not using it to directly build their own communities. propose a little experiment. It won’t take much of your time, as you’ll see. The benefits, on the other hand, can be significant. In all probabilities, your Twitter bio includes the web address of your site. Ready? First, a reminder.
    [Comments] Essential SEO Settings for Every New WordPress Blog
    Some of the links that are good to be no-followed are comment links (whatever people commenting on the blog link to). For now, feel free to comment and tell me what your initial SEO settings for your new blog are. I’m curious to know. This guest post is by Karol K of ThemeFuse. Some bloggers, designers, and WordPress developers have a kind of love-hate relationship with SEO. know—some people tend to be overly focused on everything SEO-related, and they just keep blasting us with the next “crucial” SEO advice every day. It’s an easy trap to fall into.
    [Comments] Social Survival for Bloggers: a Peek from the Inside
    The user submits, and he sees his or her submission. S/he comments, and sees the comment. S/he thinks s/he has an active account, and can go on for months thinking s/he does. But nobody else reads that person’s submissions or comments, and his or her up-votes are generally nullified by automated system down-votes. If you’ve had any difficulties sharing your content on any of these—or other—social sites, let us know in the comments. This guest post is by David Leonhardt of Zoomit Canada. No social bookmarking is so cruel as Reddit. It’s in the algorithm.
    [Comments] How I Got 1,000 People to My Blog in its First Ten Days
    commented on other blogs and articles: I found people who were writing about similar subjects and commented with a link back to my blog. But what has been your big reader magnet? I’d be delighted if readers would share their experiences of their most successful blog marketing tools in the comments below. This guest post is by Heather Baker of the B2B PR Blog. When I launched my first blog, the B2B Guide to Social Media , in 2010, my strategy for building its readership relied heavily on blind faith. Here’s how I did it. This alone led to 561 visits in ten days.
    [Comments] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search 7 Surprising Statistics About Twitter in America April 29th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet Ah Twitter, we thought we knew you. As I commented a few days ago, I've noticed that many African-American Twitter users protect their tweets. 19% seek customer support. population).
    [Comments] The Complete Bloggers Guide to Facebook Marketing
    Did you know that two billion posts are Liked and commented on each day and, on average, Facebook users spend over 700 BILLION minutes a month on Facebook? In the left column, right below the number of fans, you’ll see a number that reflects the number of people who are talking about you on Facebook at that moment (sharing your posts, liking your content, commenting on your updates, etc.). This guide to Facebook Marketing is written by guest writer Amy Porterfield. Register to get access to this Webinar here now. One Billion. The powerhouse network continues to climb.
    [Comments] 2014 Reboot: Get Ready for the New Year With a Blog Overhaul
    You press “publish” and bask in retweets, praise, and a flood of comments. Leave a comment below so others might be inspired to do the same. We are mining ProBlogger content this week for super-useful information to kick-start your blogging year with gusto. Today we delve into the world of giving your blog a shake-up for 2014 when you’re a bit weary of the same-old same-old. Ryan Barton,  author of  Smart Marketing , shows us the way. This post “9 Steps To Take When You Loathe Your Own Blog” first appeared in May 2012. Look how professional you are.
    [Comments] 10 Compelling Calls to Action to Brighten Your Blog
    Simply invite your readers to keep the conversation going by leaving a comment, or checking out some of your other content assets. There’s plenty of confusing jargon in the inbound marketing realm – like funnels, the ever-changing lingo of SEO optimization, and agile marketing. That’s one of the reasons we can’t help but love the term “call-to-action,” because it’s quite literal and to-the-point. Call to actions are lines of text, buttons, or images that exist to invite your business blog readers to engage in a certain activity. Simple Text. Sidebar Buttons. Blog Banners. Check.
    [Comments] Business Referral Tracking - Jeff Korhan
    Recent Comments Seo Services on Typepad vs Wordpress Series - Own Your Blog Jeff Korhan on Authenticity Guidelines Supra Skytop II on A Social Networking Theory Walter Adamson on 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding Walter Adamson on Authenticity Guidelines Jeff Korhan on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You?  The primary reason for this stressful response is uncertainty - not knowing if your efforts are producing results. Long before the existence of the social Web, I used a simple system for tracking my sources of revenue. Quantification removes all doubts.
    [Comments] yobongo! Out of private beta, ready for you to chat with people nearby but in selected cities
    If you live in Austin, New York or San Francisco let me know about your yobongo experience in the comments. Today is the day. Yobongo (my baby) is now available on the App Store. Download right now!!! link] Thu Mar 03 17:33:51 via Twitter for Mac Caleb Elston calebelston. That’s right, those of you who have been dying to test Yobongo and/or attending SXSW the wait is over. Yobongo is finally out of private beta and ready for you to chat with people nearby on your iPhone. More from Louis Gray about the Yobongo launch. You can vote to bring it to your city next &#.
    [Comments] Announcing the Newest Social Media Prince
    Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg April 16, 2010 at 1:54 am 6 Things Parenthood Taught Me About Social Media Marketing » Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg June 3, 2010 at 9:17 am Good Customer Service is Good Social Media Marketing » Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg July 1, 2010 at 8:42 am { 39 comments… read them below or add one } Matt McGee June 3, 2009 at 8:02 pm What a marvelous picture! Reply Cancel reply Leave a Comment Be sure to wrap all code in <code></code> tags. But in even bigger news, two weeks ago today, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. And congrats on the book, too.
    [Comments] Do You Know What You Really Want?
    Then, I asked the people who are closest to me — do you think I really want this — and wrote down their comments next to my list. Most of us don’t know what we really want. We might think we do, but we don’t. Not really. The problem is that we can’t get what we want if we don’t know what we want. Speaking for myself, I feel that I can do anything I want, get anything I want, if I know what it is that I want. usually know. But, sometimes, I don’t. That’s why I make lists, like my list of 33 things I want to do before I am 33. What a relief!
    [Comments] Are We Having Fun Yet?
    And I’ve come up with a few items that I know are going to help me. I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts in the comments too, because most of you are far more experienced than I am in struggling with this issue, so I know you’re going to have more ideas to share. lost the conversational aspect of my blog in favor of a series of mini-lectures that (not surprisingly) got little if any comments. This guest post is by Justin P Lambert of Words That Begin With You. Quick question: are you having fun? There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Courtesy. Relax.
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