[Comments] The Big Question: Measure Your 2017 PR Goals
    Comments Thanks for the inclusion and I have no doubt this blog post. On this week's The Big Question, we ask you how you'll measure your 2017 PR goal. Take a look at some of the answers and consider next week's question. The post The Big Question: Measure Your 2017 PR Goals appeared first on Spin Sucks. by Sue Duris. Social Media The Big Question 30-day communications challenge eden spodek hanna knowles master modern PR modern blogging masterclass PESO model slack community standout guest posting sue duris
    [Comments] Facebook Automated Rules: Automate Ad Maintenance
    Let me know in the comments below! During the past year, Facebook released Automated Rules to the ads API, meaning that it was available to those managing their ads with a third party tool. It’s a great feature that has now made it’s way to Ads Manager and Power Editor. Let’s take a closer look… What Are Automated Rules? Managing and monitoring Facebook advertising campaigns is a lot of manual work. Those with more clients, budgets, and campaigns are buried in this manual work. You can’t just start a campaign and let it roll. Some ads will perform poorly.
    [Comments] How to Create an Extraordinary Social Media Strategy for 2017
    Boost brand engagement — Likes, shares, comments per post, mentions, and replies. Build a community around your business — Number of posts, likes, and comments for Facebook groups. How do you ensure your social media efforts benefit the business? I’d love to hear your thoughts and learn more from you in the comments below. Crafting an effective social media strategy to help you achieve your goals can be a real challenge. There are so many goals we could potentially focus on – like brand awareness, engagement, traffic, and signups, to name a few. Not strategy.
    [Comments] How We Set and Measure Ambitious Social Media Goals at Buffer [2017 Version]
    Total Engagement (Likes, comments, shares). For example, in Q1 of 2017, I have set a Total Engagement goal of 1,000,000 interactions with our posts across social (Likes, comments, shares). Enter to win by sharing your favorite emoji party combo in the comments below.  Do you have big goals you’d like to achieve in 2017? We do, too. In In fact, this is our vision for Q1: Establish Buffer as the premier social media tool for businesses and teams via a focus on branding, content, and community. That sounds pretty broad, right? The answer is goal-setting. Videos.
    [Comments] 8 Key Steps for a Successful Instagram Takeover
    From the comments in the post below, you can see that followers of Sweety High are already excited to engage with upcoming takeover guest Lauren Orlando. MUST FOLLOW US AND LEAVE YOUR QUESTION BELOW IN THE COMMENTS TO BE ANSWERED! ⬇. Creating a branded hashtag for you Instagram takeover is important because it will help you: Monitor the campaign and user posts or comments. Agorapulse will pull in comments left on photos , and posts using your hashtag and lets you respond to them right from the web dashboard or mobile app. 8. Launch or promote a product. If so, pass.
    [Comments] Entrepreneurs: Find Your Content Focus
    What attracted the most comments and traffic? [NOTE: This is the third in a series of posts exploring the topic of entrepreneurship. While my focus has and will continue to be on Facebook ads, I have plenty to share about what I’ve learned while building my business.]. Last week, I took you through a 17-question exercise to help you find your entrepreneurial purpose. While it may not have provided a clear vision for your content or product, it helped clarify strengths, weaknesses, what is important to you, what you aren’t willing to do and more. Ready? You must embrace this.
    [Comments] Facebook for Desktop Removes Messages, Adds Messenger Interface?
    Facebook had not yet responded to a request for comment at the time of this post. Facebook appears to have replaced the messaging interface for desktop with its Messenger  interface. The social network rolled out a web version of Messenger  in April 2015, via Messenger.com , saying at the time that it had no plans to remove messaging functions from its website. Its flagship mobile applications were a different story, as reports first surfaced in April 2014  that Facebook would remove messaging capabilities from its iOS and Android apps, forcing users to download Messenger.
    [Comments] 9 Social Media Goals You Can Set for Your Business (and How to Track Them)
    Potential metrics to measure engagement: Likes, shares, and comments per post – “How many people are interacting with your social media posts?”. Here’s a list to get you started: Possible metrics to track community building: For Facebook groups: Number of posts, likes, and comments – “How engaged is your community?”. What new social media goals or use cases do you think will emerge in 2017, and why? I’m excited to continue the conversation with you in the comments section below! The thing we love most at Buffer is to help you succeed at social media.
    [Comments] How to Get Traction with Your New Blog
    Don’t spam, don’t hijack hashtags that aren’t relevant to you, and on Instagram, pop the majority of them in your first comment, especially if you’re looking to use the maximum available to you. Leave thoughtful comments that might spark others’ interests enough that they’ll click over and see what you’re about. Answer your readers’ comments, and don’t be afraid to share other bloggers’ posts in your posts or on your social media. This is it. This is your year, you say. then I’m here to help. Do that.
    [Comments] Taking the Mystery Out of Facebook Global Pages
    To hand this responsibility over to each franchisee would involve a lot of training and also would require someone monitoring closely that pages were being updated, and that comments and messages were being answered in a timely manner. We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below. Here at Agorapulse we’re about to make a big decision about our Facebook pages. Should we switch to a ‘Global page’ or run individual regional pages for individual countries? They expect a more personalized experience online. But we’re seeking alternatives.
    [Comments] What to Expect on Social Media During Super Bowl LI
    Usually this is due to purchasing TV ad space, but social conversation in general spikes on this day thanks to over 60 million participating users contributing around  200 million  posts, comments, likes and tweets. The Super Bowl is … “the Super Bowl” of social media for brands. During the day of the big game, brands receive up to  6x more mentions  on Twitter. How can your brand participate in these social conversations? Based on past Super Bowl social trends, check out these potential opportunities for your brand. 1) Trending Hashtag Overload. Fly #LikeAGirl. Hire us next time?
    [Comments] 4 Tips for Businesses Using Instagram Live Video
    Comment and I’ll show everyone an item with your favorite gem on it.”. Instagram Live video can be really great for engaging people at a level deeper than a static post comment. Comment and tell me what has worked for you. Just last week I walked around Harvard Square (Cambridge, USA) while talking with my Instagram followers on an Instagram Live video. It’s both terrifying and exciting to start a live video—when you go live you can’t edit, modify, cut scenes… it’s just you and your audience together, experiencing the moment. Let me share a few ideas with you. Welcome!
    [Comments] How Social Media Has Evolved Over the Past 12 Years
    The same is true of the comments from the audience themselves. Let us know in the comments! Saying that social media has taken the world by storm is like saying that rain is wet or that fire hurts—it’s a bit of an understatement. We live in a world where Facebook alone has over 1.65 billion active monthly users. It’s a phenomenon that affects both casual users and businesses alike. Today, I’m going to show you how social media has evolved in the small amount of time it’s been around, and how it has taken the world by storm. Why Social Media Is So Essential. They Are Free.
    [Comments] The 11 Top Social Media Management Tools I Can’t Live Without
    Before using Agorapulse I used to miss so many tweets, comments and mentions. Now, I am able to achieve “social inbox zero” regularly and I am much better at engaging.   You can also use Agorapulse to check comments on Facebook and Instagram ads. And besides, if you click to post on the Instagram app, you’re ready and primed to respond to comments – something you would likely miss if it were all automated.  . #6  Tack. The confirmation also appears on the comments of the post in question. Let me know in the comments below. . Damn fussy.
    [Comments] The Complete Guide to Facebook Marketing
    Much like creating your content strategy, how you respond to comments and questions is another vital part of your Facebook marketing. With 1.79 billion monthly active users on Facebook logged in the third quarter of 2016, you may find the network to be a treasure trove of new customers. In this all-encompassing guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of Facebook and brand examples you can be inspired by. Audit your current Facebook Page. Figure out your content strategy. Determine your engagement strategy. Get started on Facebook Advertising. Analyze your digital strategy. Set up Shop.
    [Comments] 12 Most Innovative Ways to Create Content That Gets Shared
    What are your most innovative ways to create content that gets shared? I’d love to hear your top tip in the comments below! Your most important online asset is your content. It attracts clients to you and encourages prospects to take action. However, However, creating compelling content that engages your audience and inspires them to share that content with their community can feel elusive. Excited to share this guest post from Rebekah Radice with you. Rebekah is one of my favorite bloggers in the social media space and her experience with social media is fantastic. Click To Tweet. 4.
    [Comments] How a Solid Social Database Can Help You Close Sales
    Comment on posts and respond to questions in a timely manner. With another year upon us, B2B marketers are still struggling to reach the right buyers. No marketer wants to send 100 leads to her sales team to close a single deal; it would be incredibly more effective to send 10 qualified leads to close the same deal. The problem is, most leads in our marketing databases are cold. The advent of marketing automation systems has helped marketers get ahead of the curve. That’s when marketers and salespeople can really use social media to close sales. Let’s Make a Deal. Mega Success Story.
    [Comments] Your Niche Is A Small Village: Here’s How To Become Well-Known In it by Marketing Yourself
    Take the VideoFruit blog for example; the average post there gets about 25 comments. As of the time of writing this article, here are the latest posts on VideoFruit ( notice the number of comments ): These posts are both stories, and you can see how much they engage readers through the number of comments they generate. For example, in a recent thread on Inbound.org, a commenter says “In my opinion, if you have awesome content, people will actively search for ways in which they can sign up for future content.”. This is a guest contribution from Victor Idjola. first.
    [Comments] Creating Winning Social Media Habits and Goals with an Elite Runner – Tina Muir [SSM024]
    If you have any questions for us, feel free to drop us a line in the comments and we’ll respond right away! Malcolm Gladwell once wrote in his book, Outliers , that the key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill is, to a large extent, practicing the correct way for a total of around 10,000 hours. No matter which way you slice it, that’s a lot of practice. When setting out on the path to becoming a master at anything, big goals and great habits must be formed in order to lay the foundation for long-term success. Somehow, she finds time to manage it all. Google Play.
    [Comments] PB176: Scannable Content: 19 Techniques to Create it
    As a result our posts go unread, get no comments and have little chance of being shared on social media. They get no comments or few comments and they have little chance of being shared because people aren’t actually reading the content, they’re not comprehending it. If your content feels hard to read, if they can’t immediately see some benefits of reading it, then they will click away from your site and not actually read it, and never leave a comment, and never share. Techniques to Create Scannable Content for Your Blog. How to Write Like a Human. Full Transcript.
    [Comments] The #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 003: How to Make the Most Out of Conferences
    Leave me a comment below or in our Social Media Forum Facebook group , let me know if this was helpful for you and if you have other questions about social media, or things you’d like me to cover in this series, we’d love to hear from you. It’s episode three of the #GetSocialSmart show! Today’s episode is all about conferences. Many of you know that I get the chance to speak at conferences all over the country, but I also love attending conferences. This video is all about five quick tips for making the most out of every conference. Don’t overplan.
    [Comments] 7 Popular Goal-Setting Strategies That Will Help You Achieve Great Things on Social Media
    This could possibly then inform our social media strategies about how we approach Facebook growth—reply quickly and happily to Facebook comments, share helpful content, etc.). 6. Which stats do you focus on? I’d love to learn from you in the comments! Setting social media goals is hard. “How cool would it be to drive 300 sign-ups a month from Facebook Ads ?” ” This is how I tend to go about setting social media goals. pull an aspirational number out of the air and go for it. Absolutely! Is this the right way to set goals? – Henry David Thoreau.
    [Comments] How to Use #Hashtags to Improve Your Social Media Marketing
    You can use hashtags on personal and business pages, in groups and even in comment sections. You YouTube:  You can use hashtags in video titles or descriptions to ensure viewers find your video when they search for a specific hashtag.Hashtag use within YouTube is most prevalent in the comments section. Users can leave comments with hashtags, which will then click through to a page with videos that contain that hashtag in their title. So whenever a user adds a hashtag to their post, it is immediately indexed by the social network and searchable by other users. link].
    [Comments] How to Maintain Your Company’s Success
    This means replying to your customers’ emails and social media comments, while answering as many phone calls as possible, and following up on complaints. How to Maintain Your Company’s Success. One of the most rewarding moments in an entrepreneur’s life is watching their business grow successfully. The success can be addictive, because you will want more of it and fast, but only fools rush in. Think carefully about your next move, because one wrong step can make or break your company. Local Support. One of the best ways to grow your business is through local support. Take A Risk.
    [Comments] Edited Facebook Posts No Longer Labeled as Edited?
    Facebook had not yet responded to a request for comment at the time of this post. Facebook appears to have quietly removed the “Edited” label on posts that were edited. The social network began testing the ability for users to edit posts in June 2013 , officially rolling out the feature on Android in October of that year  and iOS the next month. The functionality began rolling out to pages in February 2014. Brett Williams of Mashable  was one of the first to spot that edited posts are no longer labeled as such. Readers: What are your thoughts on this change?
    [Comments] The Weekly Digital Marketing Round-Up
    Users can Like, comment, and share each individual article. The digital marketing world is changing rapidly, even as I write this. Marketers in 2017  must understand the entire ecosystem, not just topics specific to current jobs and responsibilities. But even if you check Twitter every five minutes, live by BuzzSumo, subscribe to The Skimm, and have sophisticated alerts set up, you’re bound to miss something: a social network development, a hot-off-the-presses study, a new ad campaign. That’s where Simply Measured’s weekly Digital Marketing Round-Up comes in. and Airbnb.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #343
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter , Facebook , in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . Dronestagram. "I learned about this social network for drone photos via  The Washington Post. As cheap footage from anywhere becomes ubiquitous, we'll see the world in new ways (and have fewer secrets to hide)." Alistair for Hugh). Talk about a frenetic way to see a city. Hugh, please.
    [Comments] How Brands Can Overcome the Biggest Influencer Marketing Challenges
    Are they getting enough shares, likes, comments, and retweets on their social media posts? American footballer Deandre Hopkins has a following of less than 300,000, but manages to generate thousands of likes, and several hundred comments on his Instagram posts. The following screenshot shows a sponsored post he did for MVMT Watches , which garnered almost 7,000 likes, and over a hundred comments. See the average number of likes, comments, shares, and retweets on their posts. Let me know in the comments below. You’re familiar with influencer marketing. Reach.
    [Comments] Five Brands That Won In Social This Past Holiday Season
    Though likes on their giveaway images didn’t dramatically increase from their previously shared images, it was in their comments where we saw growth of an average of 5-12 comments to 141-233 comments per photo. Some may think the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, while others consider it the most stressful. And the majority of us are with the latter.) But what helps us find relief in our quest for the perfect gift or to discover better travel plans are the holiday campaigns we will observe through brands. Nordstrom Helps Santa Find a Gift for Mrs. Clause.
    [Comments] Facebook Ad Specs and Image Sizes [Fully Updated for 2017]
    If you notice anything that’s out of date, let us know in the comments! It’d be really great to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. Facebook ads can be an incredible way to reach your target audience. . And as we move into 2017, it’s becoming more and more likely that you’ll have to pay to maximize the impact of your content on Facebook. In the past, we’ve talked about how to get up and running with all the different types of Facebook ads and shared the lessons we learned with our own paid Facebook campaigns. One of the biggest factors in a successful ad? Ad Types.
    [Comments] 5 Ways Australian Auto Brands Drive Engagement
    The chart below shows the average number of Likes, Comments and Shares that each of these brands received: You can see that Ford Australia got the most number of Likes, Comments and Shares per Post. They also had the most number of Likes, Comments and Shares. Another popular Post by Ford had the lead in the number of Comments (1,470). While you would think that it is a run-of-the-mill contest, which gives people reason to comment on it, a closer look at the comments would reveal something interesting. I don’t get cars. This makes up 65% of all Posts.
    [Comments] Facebook Journalism Project: A Complete Guide
    Available for both individual live and regular public videos, these metrics will include total minutes viewed, total number of views and total engagement (reactions, comments and shares). We’ve added the option for broadcasters to pin comments to the bottom of a live broadcast. Live videos often get many comments during the broadcast–in fact, we’ve seen that people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos. That’s why today we’re announcing a new program to establish stronger ties between Facebook and the news industry.
    [Comments] The Complete Guide to Social Media for Restaurants & Bars
    When 88% of people are influenced by reviews and online comments, having an intentional digital strategy is important to your restaurant or bar. With more than 200 million posts tagged #food and 23 million with #drinks, food and beverage photos are easily some of the most popular types of content on Instagram. It’s very likely that your customers are posting with or without your interaction. Lunch with @leland11, because @bluestonelanecoffee has a new autumn menu, and it's my fave spot for coffee and lunch.
    [Comments] The #GetSocialSmart Show Episode Two: How to Find Ideas to Post to Social Media
    Leave us a comment below or jump on over to our Social Media Forum Facebook group and join the conversation there! This week’s episode covers how to think of ideas to post to Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, to Snapchat, to Periscope, to Live Video, to all the different places that we could post content to. I’m sharing a couple of my biggest tips (hint, it’s easier than you think!). Here are the two big tips I share in the video: 1. It becomes a source of great content. 2. That’s a huge question. Just click the image above. I’d love to hear from you!
    [Comments] 8 Reasons You’re Losing Money On Your Blog
    You can do this by posting thoughtful comments on their posts, sharing their articles on your social media accounts, referencing their articles in your own posts, etc. This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton.  . You spend hours and hours of time each week on your blog, but at the end of the month, there’s nothing to show for it in your bank account. In fact, after you add up all of the expenses associated with maintaining your blog, you’ve actually lost some money. What’s the problem? Here are some possible culprits and what you can do to overcome them. 1. Share on social media.
    [Comments] The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Manager: How to Create, Manage, Analyze Your Facebook Ads
    Engagement: People Taking Action, Reactions, Comments, Shares, etc. Ninety-one percent of marketers invested in Facebook advertising last year. And it’s easy to understand why when you look at the data: more than  1.18 billion people use Facebook every day, and on average, each person spends more than 50 minutes a day  across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. That’s a lot of attention! And And no matter who your audience is — age, gender, occupation, (almost) anything — you’ll be sure to reach them through Facebook Ads. So the question becomes …. Let’s jump in. Ad ID.
    [Comments] You Should Be Listening to Your Customers Like You Listen to Your Friends
    Take the time to look at the most buzz-generating comments around your brand and/or industry on social at least once a day. Listening to your friends comes naturally. You want to hear what they have to say, and it’s easy: they’re sitting across the table from you at brunch, or you’re texting up a storm, back and forth. Because you are involved in this seamless interchange of information, and listening intently, you know as much about many of your friends as you do about yourself. The same is not true of your relationship with your social audience. Build Your Empathy.
    [Comments] 5 Findings From Wendy’s Epic Week on Twitter
    The Wendy’s voice is a “challenger with charm,” for example, which means that even when we’re shooting back a sassy comment, it’s with a smile and a wink. Last week, my boss sent over this article about Wendy’s Twitter exchange with Thuggy-D and asked me to analyze how has it impacted the brand on that platform. collected the data for the brand’s Twitter handle , and started looking at the tweets that Wendy’s sent out in the last week. chlangie x=9 Y=10. — Wendy's (@Wendys) January 4, 2017. Well, I finally got to looking at the data for Wendy’s during this time period.
    [Comments] NFL Teams on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Weeks 16-18
    The Cowboys drew the most comments on Facebook and Twitter, while the Carolina Panthers  topped Instagram in that category. Facebook Instagram Twitter Carolina Panthers Comments Cross-Channel Reports Dallas Cowboys Engagement football Green Bay Packers Kansas City Chiefs Likes Miami Dolphins National Football League New England Patriots NFL Oakland Raiders Pittsburgh Steelers Sports UnmetricSocial marketing firm Unmetric  analyzed all of the NFL teams on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from Dec. Readers: Is your favorite NFL team still alive in the postseason?
    [Comments] Facebook Dynamic Ads Update: Reach Those Browsing Other Websites
    Let me know in the comments below! [NOTE: Information on this update is only beginning to emerge. will update this post today as I receive additional information.]. Facebook is announcing a big update to dynamic ads today that should be a positive enhancement for smaller e-commerce brands — if not all e-commerce brands. Beginning today, some advertisers will be able to show dynamic ads to users who have browsed multiple websites looking for a similar product. Let’s take a closer look… What Are Dynamic Ads? There are three primary traits of dynamic ads: 1. The Update.
    [Comments] How to Unlock the Key to Instagram Engagement
    Responding to comments on your post is important. Are you also commenting and liking other people’s posts? Keep a solid community in your comments and stay active by doing the following: Delete spammy comments by swiping and remove them. The key to Instagram engagement is TIME. Visual storytelling and conversation starting combined with the right mix of when to post and what to post creates Instagram gold. T – Time. Are you posting at the right time? Are you giving Instagram enough time to make a difference? I – Intent. Click To Tweet. Yes, please!
    [Comments] How to Achieve Grade A Customer Care in 2017
    Read the comment that they initially posted carefully and reference it in your response. If you see very strong positive comments about your brand, reward them. As 2017 is revving up into full gear, you may find yourself looking at your social media channels and asking, “How can I improve the experience my customers have on my channels?” Having A+ customer service on social media is essential for building a strong relationship with customers. That’s why today we’ve got five easy tips you can add to your customer care strategy to help improve your brand’s customer experience. 1.
    [Comments] How to Promote Your YouTube Channel Like a Pro
    Engagement:  YouTube uses engagement (likes, comments, views) to help determine where videos rank in its search results. Whether it’s the comments section of your own videos or others, people are always talking. When someone leaves a genuine comment, take the time to drop a reply to acknowledge them and keep the conversation going. But when you’re just starting out and aren’t receiving hundreds of comments on each video, it’s much easier to handle. 5. Ask viewers to like, share or comment on your videos. Leave a comment below!
    [Comments] How to Find Social Media Influencers with Ease
    Observe who tends to give advice or get the most positive comments. You have probably heard of influencer marketing, and may even know it can be beneficial to your business. There are few things that drive a sale more effectively than a warm word-of-mouth recommendation,” says Misha Talavera. Influencers don’t have to be movie stars with millions of social media followers. An influencer is someone who can get others to take action. As Jay Baer says, “True influence drives action, not just awareness.”. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Facebook Groups. Instead, observe and listen.
    [Comments] How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost? The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Pricing
    Social ROI considers the amount of social engagement (likes, comments, and shares) you get from your Facebook ads relative to your investment. Here’s a simplified way of calculating your social ROI: if you paid $50 to promote your Facebook post and it received 80 likes, 15 comments, and five shares (100 interactions in total), each interaction costs you $0.50. Feel free to share in the comments below, I’d love to join the conversation. We previously shared what $5 per day will buy you on Facebook Ads , but how much does Facebook advertising really cost? Gender.
    [Comments] 6 Creative Ways to Engage Your Audience on Snapchat
    Drop a line in the comments! Snapchat has become one of the most used social media channels, with more than 100 million daily users and 10 billion videos shared per day. One of the key statistics that separates Snapchat from other apps, though, is the number of Millennials and Gen Z users: Approximately 60 percent of Snapchat users are under age 25, and about 26 percent are over age 25. Given the rapidly growing demographics and low cost accessibility to younger audiences that Snapchat provides, brands are joining the Snapchat world to engage with their target audiences. Share that too.
    [Comments] How to Use Facebook Advertising to Grow Your Brand or Business – Mari Smith [SSM023]
    If you have any questions for us, feel free to drop us a line in the comments and we’ll respond right away! Did you know that more than 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook every single month? That’s a lot of content! As marketers and brands, we sure have our work cut out for us in terms of getting our content in front of potential customers. Even the best of the best pages are only organically reaching around  2% – 8%  of their total Page’s audience base! That’s where the power of Facebook Advertising comes into play. Google Play. Stitcher.
    [Comments] Measuring the Best Times to Post on Social Media
    Instead, track your total reach, likes, comments and engagements with Sprout Social’s Facebook management tools. People tend to use their Google Plus accounts for posting comments on YouTube, but there are people who actively use it as a social network. Managing all of your social media networks can be a daunting task. Knowing the best times to post on social media is even more challenging. Just ask any seasoned social media manager how difficult it is to be on top of each network. Managing these communities takes knowledge and a fair share of hunches. Jump to Twitter. to 3 p.m.
    [Comments] The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads
    hope you find to be a useful guide for getting set up with Facebook Ads and I hope our benchmarks also prove to be a handy measuring stick for what can be achieved on a limited budget. I’d love to continue the conversation with you in the comments below. Understanding how to leverage Facebook Ads is becoming a staple part of almost every social media strategy. And if you want to  get your posts seen on Facebook , it’s becoming more and more likely that you’ll have to pay for reach with Facebook Ads. Though it’s not without its questions. How well does it work? Step 2. Step 3.
    [Comments] Facebook Slideshow – Create Quick Videos from Images
    Let me know in the comments below.  . Facebook Slideshow is THE answer if you want to create quick videos from your images – without any fancy tools. . In this post I s hare with you how to use the Facebook Slideshow tool to quickly create a video on Facebook.  . You’ll be wondering why you haven’t used it before!  . Image by Shutterstock. Video is huge , there is no doubt. And Facebook LOVES video. It’s widely accepted that while Facebook is pushing video a lot on their plaform, so you’ll get good reach (and most likely engagement) on video content.
    [Comments] Community Discussion: What are Your Goals for 2017?
    Do please let me know in the comments! Ahhh can you feel that? The lively, motivating surge of new year energy. After my beach holiday over the Christmas break, and a recovery from that holiday since (we all need one, amirite?!), I am so ready to crack open the laptop and kick ass for 2017. Are you?! To that end, I have been ruminating over the things I want to do this year, blog-wise. Experiments to try, older posts to update, slightly-high-but-still-hopefully-realistic social media targets – my list of goals is small, but I’m hoping that means they’ll be achievable.
    [Comments] Start With a Bang – Things You can Do to Set Yourself up For Your Best Year of Blogging Yet!
    Just please – PLEASE don’t do auto DMs on Twitter or bot-like comments on Instagram. There’s nothing like the dawn of a new year to get the adrenaline pumping, the motivation at DEFCON level, and the desire to do everything right like a new year’s resolution on steroids when it comes to our blogs. Maybe this is the year we get our big break if we just work hard enough! like to do somewhat of a spring clean of my blog at the beginning of the year, while I’ve got a bit of time over the holiday break, and also while I’m in the mood. Dream a dream.
    [Comments] Facebook Live: How to Stream a Webinar
    Commenting. I’ve found webinars conducted via Facebook Live to be much more social than the typical webinar. I can answer people verbally who comment. Even better, I can write replies after the webinar is over to add value to the comment thread when users view the replay. 5. The troll comments can be a major disruption. 4. Understand that you won’t see the comments coming in from your slides or Wirecast. open a separate device (phone or iPad) to monitor the Facebook Live video as people are seeing it and commenting. About Webinars. Since 1.8
    [Comments] The #GetSocialSmart Show Episode One: A Special Announcement
    Let us know in the comments below (or jump over to our Social Media Forum Facebook group and comment there) what questions you have about social media. We are so excited because in 2017 we’re going to do something a little bit new. A lot of you know that we have been creating blog content for years, and we will continue to write and create blog content because a lot of you like to read content. Each and every week we’re going to share with you a hot tip, a hack, a trick, some small morsel – I like to call it snackable content. Got that? Tweet that one out.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #342
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . Future List - The Information. Jessica Lessin 's The Information may become the gift I give myself this holiday season. They've worked out the fine balance between private analyst firm and shareable newsletter. Good in part because of its criteria and visualization." Alistair for Hugh).
    [Comments] The Medium Is/Is Not The Message
    Blogs used to be different because they were personalized (like an online journal), on a blog platform, RSS feeds, comments, etc. People often comment that the trouble with newspapers was that they did not digitize fast enough and/or they gave the digital content away for free. Finding the right place to get your content to resonate has never been easier. Still, finding the right place for your content to resonate has never been harder. Let's go back. Let's go way back. This was long before connectivity, as it is today. Just nothing back. That's fine. People care about it. brand.
    [Comments] Vine Out, Vine Camera In Jan. 17
    Downloaded Vines will include captions and totals for likes, comments and revines, but video messages and the comments themselves will not be included. Apps Twitter Captions Comments Email followers GIFs Giphy Jon Russell Likes Revines Techcrunch Video Messages Videos Vine vine cameraTwitter announced in October  that it was scrapping stand-alone video application Vine, and it said last month that it would be replaced by pared-down app Vine Camera. Now we know when. Update – the Vine app will become the Vine Camera on Jan 17. Please download your Vines before then!
    [Comments] Why Was My Facebook Ad Rejected?
    Let us know in the comments! Why was my Facebook Ad rejected seems to be a common question amongst social media marketers. In fact, soon after I posted “ What To Do When Your Facebook Ad Account is Suspended ,” I was asked  “Why Was My Facebook Ad Rejected?” and “Why ” and “Why Was My Ad Account Suspended?” ” All of a sudden I became the advice columnist for people whose Facebook ad had been rejected! The Top 10 Basics Rules of Running a Facebook Ad. Failure to adhere to them will certainly mean a rejected ad… it’s a no brainer.
    [Comments] Fact-Checking and Spinning Trump on Twitter
    Related Stories Delurk and Add a Comment in 2017 7 People, 4 Days, and 57 Emails 7 Days of Presidential Candidate Emails. I recently created a Twitter list all about President-elect Donald Trump. The list comprises three accounts: Trump himself who writes about everything under the sun, The Washington Post fact-checking team that provides true/false accuracy, and an anonymous third-party that provides humorous spin. Very strange! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 4, 2017. There's important context missing. Learn more: https://t.co/F2tW2gFsTS Thanks for reading.
    [Comments] How Often Should I Post to My Facebook Page?
    The tool shows you the number of reactions, comments and shares for each page’s most popular recent post. Let us know in the comments! As social media marketers, we are often asked how often we post to our Facebook pages. My answer to this FAQ is probably different from yours. And how often you post to Facebook is probably different than the last social media manager you spoke with. And all of our answers might be right on the money. How often we post to our Facebook pages shouldn’t be arbitrary, but it shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all rate. Dig into the data.
    [Comments] How to Convert Blog Visitors to Social Media Followers
    Please leave your comments below. Post by Adi Englander. It’s obvious that when you have more social media followers it will automatically result in more blog traffic as more people will reshare your posts and click on the links you share. But Hubspot wanted to confirm this so they conducted a study and found that as sites gain more Twitter followers and Facebook fans, they also gain more traffic as their Alexa Rank goes up. Do you want to drive more blog traffic with social media? Would you like to convert blog visitors to social media followers? Add follow buttons. Adi Englander
    [Comments] Delurk and Add a Comment in 2017
    Beginning in 2009 and several more times over the years, I invited my blog readers to delurk and add a comment. Jeff commented for the first time. If you choose to delurk and add a comment below,  don’t think of it as a favor to me but as a favor to everyone else. See, as much as I enjoy reading a comment, I can assure you many comments are added  as a direct result of  other comments preceding them. Comments I delurked! Liz introduced herself. Warren thanked me for sharing a link. Bill shared a link. Some people asked me questions.
    [Comments] In 2017, Look to the Rainbow
    ” A lot has been said, and written, and commented on, about what a crap year 2016 was, and how relieved people would be to say “buh-bye” to it (including me). “2016, did the door hit you on the way out?” About all that was lost, people who passed away, political events that may or may not have gone in our favor (depending on our point of view)… and so on and so forth. But let’s face it; every year has its share of ups and downs. The one where Cartoon Shonali makes her debut. And folks loved it. An h/t to the past to move into the future.
    [Comments] Why Can’t Social Media Tools Post Directly to Instagram?
    Let us know in the comments! Currently, no third-party tools can automatically post scheduled content to your Instagram profile. Truth is, it’s not the tools’ fault; Instagram doesn’t allow any tool the functionality to post directly to Instagram because of its limited API. What is an API? Social media tools like Agorapulse work because social media platforms (like Instagram) have APIs (application programming interfaces). Instagram’s API receives that request, and delivers to Agorapulse the number of likes you received. Agorapulse’s Reports feature visualizes the answer for you.
    [Comments] How to Use Instagram Stories for Higher Brand Awareness
    Once you’ve recorded content, you can click the paintbrush, text or sticker button to write notes, add comments, stickers and drawing marks. Share your experiences in the comments below! One of the biggest features to hit social media in 2016 was the launch of Instagram Stories. Early reports showed nearly 100 million daily active users engaging with the feature that closely resembles Snapchat’s own stories function. Both work as a 24-hour timeline to post videos and images where users can share with all of their followers. How to Make an Instagram Story. billion in 2016 alone.
    [Comments] New Year Reboot: Make More Time to Write
    Drop a comment below to tell us what you’ll be doing, and when. 2017 is your year! If you’re thinking of starting a blog, levelling up on your blog, or are looking to take your blog in a new direction, we are deep-diving into our content archives this week for the best posts to help you do just that. As bloggers, we know that posts don’t write themselves – not by a long shot. And time doesn’t just fall out of the sky ! We have to make time to create the best content we can on our blogs. Here’s a safe bet: You’re struggling to find enough time to write. Cut out….
    [Comments] PB174: An Alternate New Year’s Resolution That Will Transform Your Blogging for 2017
    There’s nothing wrong with setting goals for more traffic and more income and more comments and engagement with your readers but as I was walking today, it struck me that if we instead flip it around and put the focus on the change that we want to see in our readers in the year ahead, then perhaps some of those things will look after themselves. An Alternate Resolution to Transform Your Blogging in 2017  . In today’s lesson I want to talk about New Year’s Resolutions and Goals and want to suggest setting a goal that I think will help to set your blogging up for a great year of blogging.
    [Comments] PB174: An Alternate New Year’s Resolution That Will Transform Your Blogging for 2017
    There’s nothing wrong with setting goals for more traffic and more income and more comments and engagement with your readers but as I was walking today, it struck me that if we instead flip it around and put the focus on the change that we want to see in our readers in the year ahead, then perhaps some of those things will look after themselves. An Alternate Resolution to Transform Your Blogging in 2017  . In today’s lesson I want to talk about New Year’s Resolutions and Goals and want to suggest setting a goal that I think will help to set your blogging up for a great year of blogging.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #341
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . Coal Is Dying - Coal Country Doesn't Have To: Creating The Post-Coal Economy In Appalachia - Fast Company. "We need more reporting like this. good, long, personal read into the heartbreaking circumstances in the Rural East." Alistair for Hugh). Alistair for Mitch). Hugh for Alistair).
    [Comments] 4 Easy Infographic Template Tools for Stunning Infographics
    Let me know in the comments below.  . Want to use easy Infographic Template Tools to create stunning infographics… but don’t know where to start? . Infographics are a proven way to attract attention and traffic to your website over many years.   . In this post I s hare 4 Infographic Template Tools for creating infographics easily and quickly… even if you are not a designer. . For many years now I have been a big fan of infographics. Since 2012 we have created many infographics for blog posts on my Socially Sorted blog, as well as for guest posts, and for clients. Easel.ly
    [Comments] Your Epic End-of-Year Blog Audit Checklist: Where You’ve Been and Where You’re Headed!
    What posts got the most comments/emails? It’s time. There’s not a single day left of 2016 to blog on! You’ve done all you can, and you should be proud – no step, no matter how small, is too small. Had a gangbusters year? Good on you! Had a small year? I bet you’re further than you used to be! Now that’s progress. The best way to look over all you’ve done and gather your thoughts about where you’d rather be next year is to go through your blog and social media and audit your performance. What went right (and how can you replicate that)?
    [Comments] Jack Dorsey to Users: What Do You Want From Twitter in 2017?
    The ability to edit tweets came up quite frequently in the comments, and at one point, Dorsey hinted that Twitter was considering the addition of this long-sought-after feature: @_AlexLawrence @cloleaf yup me too. Twitter #twitter2017 Airbnb brian chesky Comments edit tweets Hashtags Jack DorseyCo-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey  wants to know what Twitter users would like to see from the social network in 2017. Twitter2017. Following in the footsteps of Brian Chesky: what's the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017? Twitter2017.
    [Comments] Instagram Engagement Rates Will Drop If You Keep Doing This
    This can be done with open ended questions that you can ask your customers to answer in the comments, polls, or have them weigh in on product  choices. Take a look at what posts are getting the most likes and comments. In general you should keep track of followers, likes per photo, number of comments and more with a few tools. Using Auto-Commenters or Follow Bots. Generic auto comments are annoying, and getting followed over and over by the same person is just as irritating. Not Responding to or Interacting with Comments. Posting Inconsistently.
    [Comments] 7 Tips to Rock Your Social Media Strategy in 2017
    Be the person that just posts about your new blog posts or videos – tags 100 people and then never engages with any of them (or worse yet, never takes the time to comment, elevate or engage them on their posts!) No one wants to be this person, right? Here are a few ways I do this (I usually pick a few things off this list to do daily): Snapchat: Listen to 5 Snap stories and be a good finder – look for a reason to engage and comment back on someone’s Snap story. Can you believe that 2017 is right around the corner? Find people engaged with you on the platform?
    [Comments] Instagram Hashtag Mistakes You Want to Avoid
    Leave us a comment and let us know what you think! Hashtags are an essential part of marketing on Instagram, so you want to make sure that this is something you get right. Hashtags must be carefully thought out, well researched, and exceptionally engaging if your followers are going to use them. Unfortunately, most businesses make the same five hashtag mistakes on Instagram. In this post, we’re going to look at each of the common Instagram hashtag mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Ignoring  a Local or Community Hashtag. Forgetting about Good Captions (beyond the hashtag). Fourteen?
    [Comments] 5 Facebook Live Success Stories
    Known as “Dance Craze Battle: Live” they created a stream where the audience could vote on performances and even propose new dance moves in the comments. The suspense builds very well in this video, and he also keeps things moving by engaging people in the comments. Tell us in the comments or on social! Facebook Live has been a huge success thus far, with incredible data coming out of various studies and research into the tool. Turns out, people love live video. With over 1.71 billion monthly users on Facebook, your audience is practically endless. BuzzFeed. Jason Carr.
    [Comments] How to Optimize Your Social Media Workflow
    Setting time aside to write your Tweets, look at your calendar and respond to comments may seem like more time upfront. Manage blog post comments. Managing your social media workflow in the constant chatter of Tweets, Likes and Direct Messages can be tough. social media manager’s work is never done and it seems like a new task gets added to your checklist every week. Whether you manage social media full time or if it’s a small part of your job description, a good workflow will get your productivity flowing at its maximum. Figure out Your Own Productivity Hacks. Daily Checklist.
    [Comments] Making Sure Your New Website Theme is Social-Friendly
    Social-friendly themes are setup to allow for all the latest social features – sharing, follow tools, rich pins, featured images in shared posts, social commenting, etc. Facebook comments on posts. Facebook Blog Comments. Allowing Facebook login for blog comments is optional, but great for viral content. When someone comments on one of your posts from the Facebook comments interface, their friends will get a notification that they commented, bringing in more potential traffic. Tip : Make sure your new theme allows social commenting.
    [Comments] 3 Tips for Using Social Media for B2B Marketing
    Social media is good for far more than just sharing cat videos and witty comments about trendy topics. Guest post by Larry Alton. Social media can be a great business tool to use for marketing, sales, PR, customer service, and HR. However, most of what’s written about social media functionality on a professional level tends to be focused on businesses that work directly with consumers (B2C) rather than B2B enterprises. Image credit: Jason Howle on Flickr. But with the right knowledge and strategy, social media can be an invaluable part of a B2B online marketing plan.
    [Comments] The 10 Best Social Media Roundup Blogs of 2016
    If so, tell us in the comments! How do you choose what social media news you read each day? With a gazillion social media marketing blogs out there, you could easily spend hours a day reading best practices posts — and getting a crazy headache in the process. One One way to easily sift out the noise is by reading weekly and monthly social media roundup posts. In roundup posts,  someone else  goes through the trouble of weeding out the nothing-new posts to serve only the most useful articles on social media and digital marketing. The Best Social Media Roundup Posts of the Year. 1.
    [Comments] How To Curate Content Better In Less Time
    Being a part of the conversation by sharing content with thoughtful comments and questions will help your brand be a sought-after source of knowledge as well. Still, Your content platform’s output of original posts, curated content, graphics, Tweets and comments all flow together into what the public sees and judges you on. Managing the brand online with comments, questions and conversation is what ultimately draws people to your content over and over again. Learning how to curate content is an essential task for social media managers. And time is short! Click To Tweet. 1.
    [Comments] PB173: How to Use Quotes in Your Blog Content Legally and Ethically
    On ProBlogger, we might do a post on using comments to grow your blog’s profile – commenting on other people’s blogs. We might go and search the internet for what other people have said on that particular topic because it’s a very common strategy that people talk about – is how to grow your profile of your blog is to leave comments on other people’s blogs. We might go around and find a variety of comments on that and quotes from articles that people have written. If you wanna share the quote post that you write in the comments there, you’re welcome to do that.
    [Comments] PB173: How to Use Quotes in Your Blog Content Legally and Ethically
    On ProBlogger, we might do a post on using comments to grow your blog’s profile – commenting on other people’s blogs. We might go and search the internet for what other people have said on that particular topic because it’s a very common strategy that people talk about – is how to grow your profile of your blog is to leave comments on other people’s blogs. We might go around and find a variety of comments on that and quotes from articles that people have written. If you wanna share the quote post that you write in the comments there, you’re welcome to do that.
    [Comments] Poor Media Literacy Spawns Fake News Successes
    The human mind is naturally attracted to the sensational, and when they share this “news” they receive endorphin affirmation from likes and comments. Two and half years ago I wrote about failing literacy in America, caused in part by evolving digital media types. The average citizen is losing the ability to understand the written word, and cannot discern quality information online based on text. Never did I imagine that a crisis would come to a fore as quickly as it has with this year’s fake news crisis. As a result, less trust exists for the media. Slanted News.
    [Comments] ProBlogger Most Popular Posts on Content 2016
    How One Blogger More than Doubled Her Comments, Traffic, Shares and Subscribers With a Simple Tweak. It has been a fantastic year at PBHQ this year, and as ever, it’s been a privilege seeing it all from the front-row view of the editor’s seat. Every year when I do these best-of posts, I’m always reminded of the sheer amount of information we’ve shared across the last 12 months, and I’m always excited to see what has been the content that has seen readers return again and again. Steps to Writing Killer Blog Posts That Actually Get Noticed – and Read!
    [Comments] Top 10 Socially Sorted Blog Posts in 2016
    It’s not rocket science, but it’s based loosely on 3 factors: 1  The number of shares. 2  The number of comments. 3  The reaction I got from you, my community, in terms of comments on social media, emails to me about the content and general excitedness. If you are struggling to get Instagram Engagement then this post is for you.  It’s not about just getting eyeballs on your content but actually having people like and comment on your posts! Leave a comment below.  I’d love to know! This year there have been some stand out favourites. . Without.
    [Comments] Facebook Live Updates for Facebook Mentions
    Engineering manager Jesse Chen  and product manager Chris Hatfield detailed the following updates to Facebook Live for Mentions in a Facebook Media blog post : Team prompts, which allows users to create drafts of the descriptions for their Facebook Live posts. A new comment-moderation tool, which enables Mentions users to filter certain words and phrases, preventing them from appearing in comments during their broadcasts. Live video on Facebook is social and interactive–fans can react to broadcasts, comment and ask questions.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #340
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . For The Sake Of The Country, Here Are Some Politically Neutral Meerkat Facts - The New Yorker. "As I write this, the last breath of partisan hope exhales across North America as the electoral college confirms the president-elect. So, I appreciated this nonpartisan news." Alistair for Hugh).
    [Comments] The 12 PR Blogs You Must Subscribe to (and Read) in 2017
    Comments Merry Christmas to you, Laura! On the twelfth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you 12 PR blogs you must subscribe to—and read—in 2017. Gini Dietrich has the recommendations. The post The 12 PR Blogs You Must Subscribe to (and Read) in 2017 appeared first on Spin Sucks. xoxo by Gini Dietrich Yes!! I'm always looking for new blogs to sign up to and if. by Laura M White Related Stories The 11 PR Tools You Absolutely Must Use Ten PR Professionals to Follow Nine Great Business Gifts for the PR Professional. 12 Days of Christmas Communication 6 a.m. chris penn Christopher S.
    [Comments] What to Look for in a Social Media Post Scheduler
    Let me know in the comments! There comes a time for most of us when the social media overload we’ve been dealing with just isn’t sustainable any longer. When that breaking point happens, most of us start looking for solutions to make managing social media easier and quicker. The worst thing one could do to free up time is to just stop posting to social media — an option that some people (unfortunately) think is the only solution. Because there is another option and it is an easy enough fix to free up some valuable time better spent. Is it easy to use? Is it intuitive?
    [Comments] Can your marketing strategy use a little humor?
    You’ve earned it: For bonus points, read through some of the comments to see how viewers perpetuate the game laid out in the […]. Everyone likes a good joke. So why not make it part of your marketing strategy? Need a good laugh? We thought you might. Here, check out pitch-perfect parody of professional thought leaders. Communication Content Marketing Marketing
    [Comments] Google wants a warm meal every day instead of a fancy Christmas dinner but once-a-year
    Contact Chris via email , follow him on Twitter and Google Plus or leave a comment below. W hy do search professionals scatter like roaches when the kitchen light comes on? Why is everyone acting so sneaky all the time? Why do SEO professionals skulk around dark alleyways, offering their search engine services in furtive, hurried whispers? What’s up with that? Don’t we all know that Google Search is a  somniloquist ! Whenever he is able to catch some shut-eye, a nanosecond at a time, he cries out in his slumber, “feed me. feed me Seymour.”. Quality over quantity. You can feed Google.
    [Comments] How to Create Your 2017 Live Video Strategy
    For Facebook Live, consider boosting the recording to receive more comments and reach. Respond to all comments live and within the 24-48 hours after your recording is finished. Leave me a comment below or join our Social Media Forum Facebook Group! . By now, you’ve heard a lot of buzz around live video. Live video has taken the marketing world by storm in the last 12 months. First, there was Periscope, then Facebook Live, now Instagram Live with rumors of Snapchat Live coming next! Why go live? And, how can you integrate your live video into your overall strategy?
    [Comments] NFL Teams on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Weeks 13-15
    The Cowboys tallied the most likes across the three social networks, as well as the most comments on Facebook and Twitter, with the New York Giants  taking the Instagram comments title. Facebook Instagram Twitter Comments Cross-Channel Reports Dallas Cowboys Engagement football Green Bay Packers Likes Miami Dolphins National Football League New England Patriots New York Giants NFL Oakland Raiders Sports UnmetricThe Dallas Cowboys  continued their National Football League  season-long dominance on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 29 through Dec.
    [Comments] 45 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2017
    When you search for a hashtag, the tool will return some general stats of the hashtag such as its reach, interaction in terms of likes and comments, users rankings or the people who shared content (most active, popular), and more. What are the hottest marketing tools you should be using in 2017? As we test out a lot of tools, we are going to share the tools we use on a regular basis. This may not be the definitive list of all the best marketing tools out there, but it is the contents of our well-equipped toolbox, and it’s definitely worth your consideration. Marketing Automation. Zapier.
    [Comments] 3 Reasons Why Huggies Excels on Social Media
    On the whole, these received close to 19,000 Likes, over 2,000 Comments and 5,644 Shares. While this Post had the lead in Shares, the following Post received the most Likes and Comments: As you can see, here too, the brand has replied to every user comment. This is a great motivation for users to comment, thereby driving up engagement. You would think that being an infant care brand on social media is cakewalk. After all, who can resist those adorable baby pictures and videos? Twitter. On Twitter, they had over 82,000 Followers. They had a follower growth of 4.6%.
    [Comments] 5 Super Cool Facebook Messenger for Business Examples
    Let us know in the comments below! Communication is evolving into quick, short interactions. Research uncovered that 63% of consumers say their messaging with companies has increased over the past two years. This trend offers an opportunity to use Facebook Messenger for business. From resolving customer inquiries to facilitating sales transactions, here are five brands unlocking the potential to build consumer connections with messaging. 1. Fandango. In business, some companies live by the old adage: If you build it, they will come. And that’s exactly what Fandango is doing! Spring.
    [Comments] How Can I Get More Instagram Video Views?
    Let us know in the comments below! Most brands have always wanted more views on their Instagram videos, but ever since the number of views are now publicly displayed underneath each video, the pressure is officially on. In the past year, Instagram has skyrocketed in ranks of social media platforms businesses need to be marketing on. The visual-centric platform is known for its high engagement , and social videos are just as important here as they are on other platforms. The challenge brands are now focusing on is how to get more Instagram video views. Choose Relevant Hashtags.
    [Comments] 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Video Influencer Marketing
    Let us know in the comments below. If you’re a marketer or a business owner, you probably already know the importance of using videos to engage your audience. In fact, a survey by Wyzowl found that 88% of businesses consider videos to play an important role in their marketing strategy. 2017 Digital Marketing Predictions From the Experts Download. The survey also found that videos can provide solid ROI by boosting traffic, conversions, and sales. So when you’re launching an influencer marketing campaign, consider including videos for optimal ROI. Tip #1: Focus on Relevance, Not Reach.
    [Comments] 7 Brilliant Sales and Marketing Slack Integrations to Improve Your Efficiency
    Trello cards can carry files, and support comments for communication. Slack has changed the way teams communicate. Managers use it to organize their teams, developers use it collaborate on code and customer support uses it to manage support tickets. The convenience and possible integrations that the messaging app offers users makes it a great tool to work with for streamlining work and making the most of your team’s efforts. 2017 Digital Marketing Predictions From the Experts Download. Marketers and sales personnel can also use slack for multiple purposes. GrowthBot. DrumUp.
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