[Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #253
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another: Getting out of my Skinner Box - LIMN This. "My friend Jim Stogdill writes good screed. Here's his lament about a life lived interrupted, and how he found his way out of it." Alistair for Hugh). The Bot Bubble - New Republic. "I have bot followers. Mouse Utopia Experiment. But, limited space.
    [Comments] 3 Ways Your Small Business Can Use Social Networking Sites to Increase Sales
    Soldsie allows you to turn the comment section on your Facebook or Instagram account into a virtual buy box; while inSelly is tagged as a “Marketplace for Instagram,” and works by aggregating Instagram photos and making them searchable on its third-party platform. Originally designed for the purpose of enhancing personal networking and conversation among peers, social media has evolved into one of the most powerful tools a small business can have at its disposal. Here are three of the best options. 2.  Invest in paid advertisements. You should approach this strategy with caution, though.
    [Comments] Lawyers: Client Names In Pitches…To List or Not To List?
    If you have a question you’d like to be considered for #LetsAskNancy, feel free to leave it in the comments below, on Twitter using the hashtag #LetsAskNancy, or via email … thanks! Let’s Ask Nancy is where I answer questions others have about legal and lawyer marketing and business development, including content, social and digital marketing. . It is a natural tendency to want to show your past work when pitching new clients. As you know, this is dicey in some jurisdictions. Always. We had to politely ask them to remove us from the list…awkward, right? Send Examples.
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    [Comments] Your Streaming Live Brand
    half-jokingly commented on Facebook the other day, that Daredevil is one of the best thirteen hour movies that I have ever watched (this season of Daredevil is thirteen one-hour episodes). All of these comments are cringe-worthy, because it becomes this pointing-of-the-finger strategy, instead of looking within at what the brand may have done wrong. It's a race to see which brands will be first on Periscope (or Meerkat ). This is nothing new. It happens all of the time. The answer is obvious: Yes. Yes, live streaming video will be a sight to behold. So, what is a brand to do?
    [Comments] What the Best Bloggers Do Right
    But have you noticed the number of views, shares, and comments when the post is written by people like Seth Godin? Interact with readers who leave comments, compliments, and criticism. Last time I checked , 3.75 million blog posts were written today. Now how many of those were read today? Your guess is as good as mine. very teeny tiny minority, if you choose to rely on the most basic 80–20 Pareto’s Principle. Or Neil Patel? Or Arianna Huffington? Read on. Being regular and keeping that blog fresh is one thing that nearly every successful blogger did. We’re all ears!
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    [Comments] Who’s calling the shots in your biz?
    In the comment section below, share your answers to these questions: Do you suck at setting boundaries? Did you read my recent blog about being a giver and guaranteeing your clients’ satisfaction ? It’s all about going that little bit further to put a smile on your clients’ faces. But what about you and your satisfaction? We begin our start up businesses with such excitement. We want to please, to succeed and to grasp every possible opportunity that passes with our eager little hands. But eventually we are presented with a choice…. continue stuck on this path serving others at all costs.
    [Comments] Tips on Measuring Community [April #measurePR Recap]
    Rosemary shared Hoop.la’s initial goals: A4: We launched @gethoopla 4 yrs ago, initial goals were to build relationships, do outreach. A lot of commenting, networking. You know how much I love to talk about social PR , right? At the heart of social PR lies community. So that’s what we focused on for the April #measurePR Twitter chat; how to measure community, how to tell when community-building initiatives are working (and when they’re not), and how community-focused metrics might change over time. Experts in measuring community. Also keeps me on my toes daily. Quora!
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    [Comments] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Betsy Decillis
    Comments “You can’t automate making great relationships that will. By Gini Dietrich To know Betsy Decillis is to love her. She recently got married and then became an old lady, investing all of her time (and disposable income) in knitting. Case in point, this was her Facebook status the other night: Last night at knitting group, I was chatting with this 80something minister’s wife, and she mentioned something about Tupelo. replied back that I knew someone that had just visited there and loved Elvis. Uh…OK. think I can manage that. Staying too long. Why Does Spin Suck? NOT ME.”
    [Comments] Goals: As Far As You Can See
    Consider leaving a comment! “Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.” ” – J.P. Morgan. The difference between a goal and a deadline is clear. When you reach a deadline, it’s time to put your pencil down. If you don’t make your deadline - you missed it. When you reach a goal, pick up your pencil and create a new goal. If you don’t reach your goal - you haven’t got there. If a goal seems to big, break it down into smaller parts. It’s like walking along the railroad track.
    [Comments] Dropbox’s Collaborative Note-Taking Service, Dropbox Notes, Heads Into Beta Testing
    More recently, a list of keyboard shortcuts published by a Hacker News user on the new beta points to a few other features, largely formatting related, but also including things support for navigating a document using only the keyboard, support for adding comments to a note, and more. Dropbox declined to comment on the launch of the Notes beta. Now Dropbox is rolling out this new service into private beta as “ Dropbox Notes ” and is inviting teams to sign up. Image from TechCrunch. Image from TechCrunch. Article by Sarah Price for TechCrunch  . Thumbnail from Shutterstock.
    [Comments] Put the groans away, Facebook’s algorithm change is good for you
    The removal of the friends commenting on/liking posts from brands was obtrusive, albeit a great way to poke humor at friends who comment on political/racy content (not that I have done that at all). Every time that Facebook announces a change in their algorithm, like they did earlier this week , you hear a collective groan from the echo-chamber of the talking heads in the social media space. As I have noted a few times on this blog, Facebook has built a perfect fly trap and businesses need to adapt to the ecosystem, much like they do with Google. Think you can do that?
    [Comments] How to Bring Humor to Community Management
    Although a seemingly simple idea, what makes this campaign shine is the clever use of memes and puns both in the Facebook post creative as well as the comments. To drive participation and engagement around the contest, the community management team for Ikea Singapore responded to every comment with a funny meme starring the Shelf Help Guru. Each meme is different, personalized to the question or comment, and includes a link to the relevant Ikea product page. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  Community managers have a challenging job.
    [Comments] Eight of the Worst News Release Mistakes
    Today, however, it’s so easy to send a news release to a group of people and ask for comments. By Gini Dietrich I am often asked if such-and-such is dead: PR, in general, media relations, or search engine optimization, to name a few. The news release always tops the list. As much as I would love for the news release to die, it’s still a very effective tool, when used correctly. As Mickie Kennedy from eReleases wrote earlier this week, Google has saved your news release. Gone are the days of keyword-stuffing to make certain you rank high in search results. Every time.
    [Comments] Shortcuts: Getting Results Without Effort
    Consider leaving a comment! Everyone is looking for shortcuts. Sometimes, to go faster, you must go slow. When I was in 7th grade, we would walk home from school through some forest and hills. One day, a friend suggested a shortcut he knew. We later found out, he didn’t know it at all. He was guessing. Dead end. We ended up at the bottom of a steep incline, muddy sewage water soaking our shoes. The only way out was back up. On that day, I learned the meaning of the adage: Sometimes, the longest way around is the shortest way home. Not a shortcut. You’re out! No GTD. No DIY.
    [Comments] Why social behavior on social media creates opportunities for businesses
    On Facebook, comments are what indicate that you’ve hit social gold. If someone is commenting on something you’ve shared, you want to write back, both to keep the status update on the newsfeed and because a comment is an invitation to actually have a conversation. If you don’t comment back it might be considered rude, because it indicates you don’t want to have a conversation. With that said, sometimes there is nothing to say or you may not want to comment if you feel like the comment is adversarial. marketing Social Media
    [Comments] Are Your Employees Brand Ambassadors? Why Not?
    And the house they left to get into the car they drove to the studio where they made their comments is testament to it. By Chris Ilcin, Account Superintendent at Sonnhalter. Photo Courtesy of Osborn. Do your employees know where your products are used? Do they know the applications the parts they make make possible? Are they aware of the history and critical nature of your company? There are many simple, cost-effective ways to increase productivity and morale by implementing a program that lets them know. So how do you reach them? Giving a tour of your facility? Louis.
    [Comments] Connecting Your Business Blog with Your Readers (How-to)
    No comments. Please share in the comments below. Guest Post by  Dan Stelter. Does your business blog have the livelihood of a funeral? When you look around at your blog and analytics, what do you see? No new traffic. No social media shares. No e-mail subscribers. And no phone calls! You You have absolutely no evidence whatsoever that anyone even cares remotely about your blog. What’s going wrong with your business blog?! You follow all the best practices to perfection, churn out content with SEO keywords, share on social media, rinse and repeat. Sounding like the expert. Wrong.
    [Comments] Association Social Media: Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC)
    Mainly, I try to add content that will spark some discussion, comment on other content, try to keep discussions going, and keep an eye out for anything that would be questionable. 6) Have you done any social media campaigns?  Read lots more of them here. Up on the SocialFish podium this week: Debbie Stadtler, Director of Communications for the Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. Welcome, Debbie! 1) Who do you report to? What department are you in? report to the Vice President of Public Affairs. He heads up the communications department, which is where I am. Do we need new hashtags?
    [Comments] How Do Cooks Overcome Cooking Block?
    Consider leaving a comment! Do cooks get cooking block? cook with a block should use it to chop, Some onions or veggies in a pan to fry. Olive oil on medium high heat; Soon it will be time to eat; All because skills and imagination were given a try. Just start chopping. Dancing block? If a dancer is having a tough time choreagraphing a routine, they overcome it with toes touching the floor. Prayer block? If a prayer warrior stutters at what to bring to God, I’m sure “thank you” is a great starting point. Writer’s block? But you’ll break through the block.
    [Comments] Don’t Forget Socializing Your Marketing Strategy
    By having active social accounts, a Facebook business page, and by responding to social comments and questions, you’re making your brand more legitimate in the eyes of the consumer. All kinds of companies are turning to social media to boost their marketing efforts and for good reason. Socializing your company’s marketing strategy can help take each campaign to new heights. With advertising advice in mind, here are just a few reasons why your company should get social with its marketing: Next Level Brand Awareness. Now that’s brand awareness. Brand Legitimacy.
    [Comments] How to Build a Loyal Blog Community With the Power of Give
    Making sure your blog community knows you appreciate them helps in several ways – there’s two way respect between blogger and reader/subscriber/commenter, as well as opportunities for advocacy and blog growth through referral. Your community nurtures the growth of your blog; it helps share with others; it defends if needed; and it keeps you growing as a blogger by sharing great insights in the comments. By coming to your blog every day and commenting or sharing you, your community is helping you grow awareness of you. Have a comment policy.
    [Comments] Twitter now lets you receive direct messages from any user
    And earlier in April, it officially  revamped  its retweet feature, making it easier for users to plug other people’s tweets and add their own comments. Mashable - Twitter announced on Monday that all users will now have the option to receive direct messages from any other user. The setting was originally introduced in fall 2013 but only rolled out to a small subset of people. This time around, Twitter will make the option available to all of Twitter’s 288 million monthly active users, with the social network rolling it out to people throughout Monday. Users
    [Comments] ProBlogger FAQ: How Often Should I Post?
    Or have you found the perfect posting schedule? I’d love to hear in the comments. Post frequency is a topic that comes up often among bloggers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started or you’ve been posting for years – people change, algorithms change, and even your motivations for blogging change. No-one is immune from wondering if their schedule is working, or if tweaks can be made for more successful audience interaction. As I said in my previous FAQ post on how long posts should be – it depends on several factors. Have you struggled with this?
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    [Comments] Rhinos and Elephants
    You can't stop a hurtful comment between your eyes and your limbic system. The moment you read a comment your emotions kick in. The healthier your self-esteem, the healthier you process the comment. Rhinos and elephants have a thick skin, but it's highly sensitive to insects and sunlight. They feel every insect bite and constantly coat themselves in extra layers of mud for protection. That's physically and mentally exhausting.    Better to the African Spiny Mouse. It has thin skin it can jettison and regenerate when attacked. 
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2015
    [Comments] How to Ignite Your Brand Ambassadors
    Comments Great points, Gini. By Gini Dietrich A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at the Kent State University YouToo Conference. After my presentation on Spin Sucks , several people asked me how to create a brand ambassador program. It seems to be the one thing everyone wants to do, but hardly anyone knows how to build and execute. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have an army of people out there who zealously promote your products and company to anyone who’ll listen? That’s what you’ll get if you set up a brand ambassador program. What are you trying to achieve?
    [Comments] Getting Mobile-Friendly, Quick
    Consider leaving a comment! Google is changing how search results on mobile devices. If your business has any hope of ranking high so potential customers find you on their phones or tablets, you need to make your site mobile friendly. Frankly, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly yet, these changes are a good thing for you. Your web site should be findable and usable on all mobile devices. Having a mobile friendly site will help you build a better business presence – online AND offline. Mobile-friendly includes making sure your site is easy to read on a mobile device.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 2015
    [Comments] 5 of the Best SEO Tools Marketers Should Know About
    Tell us about them in the comments below or on Twitter ! The marketplace for SEO tools is no smaller than any other, and there are plenty of great ones. Just as there has been a proliferation of marketing, social media and management tools, there has been a growth in the number of SEO tools on the market. How to choose? While there are several tools that offer some great features and assistance when it comes to search, these five are among the best SEO tools on the market that every marketer should know about. 1. The only drawback is found when looking into volume. Raven Tools. SEMrush.
    [Comments] Gaucho Sunday Roast in Leeds
    Other general comments about having the Gaucho Sunday Roast were that the service was faultless throughout (it always is if you’re a blogger reviewing, granted…but I did observe the same with other tables). Recently we want to Gaucho for Sunday Roast. It was one of the best Sunday Roast’s I’ve ever had. Seriously! like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur of Sunday Roasts…I worship at the alter of the Yorkshire Pudding and could quite happily eat a Sunday Dinner, well…not just on a Sunday…pretty much every day of the week. Good length?!
    [Comments] Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Apr 12 – 18, 2015
    Consider leaving a comment! Also stay streamed in with the Mike Sansone Social Stream Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Apr 12 – 18, 2015 is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Apr 12 - 18, 2015 ! Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Related Stories Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Apr 5 – 11, 2015 Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Mar 29 – Apr 4, 2015 Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Mar. 22 – 28, 2015 What’s on Your ’15 Minutes’ Short List?
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #252
    Generation X Is Sick of Your B t - Gizmodo. " The best part of this Mat Honan article is the comments. Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we''re recommending to one another: Choose Boring Technology - Dan McKinley. "A great manifesto on why we don''t want to be surprised by the tech we rely on." Alistair for Hugh). And we''re getting smarter. amazon.
    [Comments] Content Creation and Content Sharing – LIFT Infographic
    Consider leaving a comment! We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using the LIFT acronym. Here is an infographic that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. Rebuild Nation created this infographic so you can learn the differences between content creation and content sharing: – As a youth, Saturdays were filled with visual candy of cartoons in the morning and movie matinees in the afternoon. your presence or practice.  Subscribe today. Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. LIFT Clips
    [Comments] Conducting Interviews in LIFT Clips 04/18/15
    Consider leaving a comment! We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – How to Conduct an Interview IMPROVE - Interview Tips for Podcasters FIND FLOW - Larry King Gives Interview Tips THINK - Katie Couric on Conducting Good Interviews – As a youth, Saturdays were filled with visual candy of cartoons in the morning and movie matinees in the afternoon. your presence or practice.  Subscribe today. LIFT Clips
    [Comments] How Mobile Gaming Can Fit Into Your Small Business
    Consider leaving a comment! Written by Jessica Oaks If you own a small business, it may not have occurred to you to explore some of the more atypical marketing channels available to you. After all, as a small business owner, you’re likely preoccupied with running the day-to-day operations. And yet, some of these channels can put your product or service in front of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. Suffice to say, with numbers like that, if you hadn’t considered this before, you probably are now. Why Mobile Games? The benefits are there though.
    [Comments] Content Marketing: Without Community, It’s Only Half the Equation
    In addition, dynamic comment systems like Livefyre (which is what we have here on WUL) can integrate shares/comments from Twitter & Facebook. Every time you reply to a tweet sharing a blog post link, for example, Livefyre counts it as a comment. Commenting on blogs published by the kinds of people you hope will come over and comment on your  blog. If there’s one thing you take away from today’s post on content marketing, please let it be this: just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. Content Marketing: a scenario.
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    [Comments] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Benson Hendrix
    Drop a comment and say hello to our friend, Benson! Comments bensonhendrix biggreenpen This is how silly satirical videos. By Gini Dietrich. I’m fairly certain I’m not allowed to talk about how I met Benson Hendrix (Fight Club), but I will tell you it was in a private Facebook group. just can’t tell you the name (Fight Club) or the reason we were both there (Fight Club). Neither here nor there, upon meeting him and getting to know him, I knew we’d be lifelong friends. Despite the fact that he lives in Albuquerque (oh, who am I kidding? OK, OK. Nevermind…).
    [Comments] The Last Key
    Consider leaving a comment! Locked Door. Bunch of Keys. Which key works? Choose one. If it doesn’t work, choose again. No good? Try another. It’s often the last key that fits. Don’t give up. The Last Key is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading The Last Key ! Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Related Stories Find a Better Distraction Conquer Complacency It Takes ‘Want To’ One Blank Canvas at a Time. Thoughtography
    [Comments] Social Media Managers: How Best to Spend Your Time
    After posting new content, keep an eye on your monitoring tools , and monitor the efficacy of your blog posts, pictures, videos, or comments. When the average person considers social media, they think about funny videos, pictures of friends, and killing time. However, as a social media manager, the thought of Facebook, Twitter, and other large networking sites comes with different connotations. For you, they aren’t just sites where you go to catch up with friends and see what’s happening in the world; these sites are your livelihood. Taking a Page Out of the Project Management Playbook.
    [Comments] Repurpose Content with These Six Tools
    Comments jolynndeal Yes! By Stephanie Vermillion. often wonder if Hermione Granger knew how good she had it. mean, one day she’s dating the top Quidditch player in the world, and the next she has the power to stop time. Now, Quidditch players aren’t really my type (too much injury risk in flying broomsticks), but stopping time to read, write, and learn more? could get used to that. Sadly, that time turner has yet to find its way to me. So, I’ve moved on to one of the most valuable marketing superpowers of all—how to repurpose  content. Repurpose Content: The Content Marketing Superpower.
    [Comments] Is your clients’ satisfaction guaranteed?
    Have a think, do it and then let us know in the comments. When was the last time you were really impressed by a business – big or small – that you bought from? Coming up with a big phat blank? Think on it a little. These days, great customer service is in short supply (which is ACE if you use it as your competitive advantage so keep reading). So now that you’ve found that memorable buying experience, what was it about it that impressed you so much? I bet I can guess… they went that little bit further than you expected or than their peers and competitors did.
    [Comments] 3 Reasons to Stop Relying on How-To Lists for Information (and What to Do Instead)!
    Please comment and list a few thoughts. .  This is a guest contribution from Daryl Rothman. The truth is out there. At least, we hope so. How-to lists are all the rage in the burgeoning blogging world. And many are good, but there is an absolute deluge. The list of lists is growing. Who has it right? How do you choose? What lists you should rely on? Simple. Before you loose the slings and arrows of recrimination upon me, hear me out. didn’t say you shouldn’t read any how-to lists. There are some great ones. Read away! I am saying you need to stop relying upon them. Here’s why. General
    [Comments] 4 Tips for Sharing Videos On Facebook
    To further develop your page, you can also encourage people to like the video, share it, or leave a comment. Facebook video is taking over. Last year, for the first time, it surpassed the number of YouTube videos that were uploaded to pages on the site. According to a SocialBakers study of more than 180,000 Facebook videos on 20,000 pages in December 2014, people posted 20,000 more Facebook videos than YouTube videos  (highlight to tweet). The following are some tips on how to do it so that your campaigns are as effective as possible. Are they tweeting about tattoos?
    [Comments] Media Relations: Increase Your Search Engine Optimization
    Comments ginidietrich you wrote one of your best step by step how tos. By Gini Dietrich. I am back! promised to do a second piece on last week’s webinar, “ How to Use Media Relations to Drive Search Engine Optimization ” and this is it! SEO is the second prong in our media relations approach (the first we covered on Tuesday with brand awareness and the second we’ll cover on June 11 with the lead generation webinar) and it cannot be achieved without the other two prongs. They will help you do the work and create a process for success. So let’s talk SEO.
    [Comments] Five Traits Every New PR Professional Needs
    Comments annelizhannan martinwaxman CCCJenn ginidietrich danielsch. by Corina Manea CCCJenn Thank you for your comment Jenn. By Corina Manea. When you ask people what the top things a PR professional should know or learn are, you hear a variety of answers. Things such as: H e needs to know math, she must be good at technology, he needs to stay on top of the latest trends, she must understand business processes and operations, and so on… So what are the most important traits for a PR professional? Attention to Details. Listen to Understand, Not to Reply. Always Be Curious.
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    [Comments] 7 Cheap Online Guerrilla Marketing Ideas
    Running it through your social media sites can lead to shares and comments. The guerrilla marketing tactics that you come up with should, as the name implies, be simple, cheap, and easy to do with a small budget. These are the slow and steady sneak attacks that guerrilla warfare are known for, and you can get a win against the biggest of enemies if you employ them right in your online marketing tactics. The guerrilla marketing ideas in this article may not be the most complicated, but using them can take your brand to the next level if done at the right times. Notice a pattern?
    [Comments] Three Great Houses of Westeros Show How Social Media Is A Game of Thrones
    Marketing campaigns are going viral within hours, negative comments can spiral out of control and social media campaigns can go terribly wrong. Leave us a comment right below and let us know! This post was originally published on the Twitter Counter blog. The new season of Game of Thrones is here, which means that a new round of political intrigue, plot-twisting deaths and violence has just began for the great houses of Westeros. Each house has its distinct character and culture which definitely reflects on the way they play this game of thrones. House Stark: Winter is Coming.
    [Comments] Building a New Kind of Cruise Community
    Let loose in the comments and thanks for sharing your wisdom! Guest Post by J.D. Lasica. Regular WUL readers know that Shonali (a friend and former colleague at Socialmedia.biz ) showcases guest posts about how to build, engage and sustain an online community, among other things. Lots of case studies and lots of stories of success and failure. Today I’m here not with a success story, but with a quick back story and a set of assumptions. First, the back story. We just launched our travel tech start-up, Cruiseable , three weeks ago after a year of work. Assumption 1: Create content.
    [Comments] Join Ryan Hanley for a Special Author Q&A Today
    Come back here, scroll to the bottom, and write a comment in the form of a question. As soon as you hit “post comment,” Ryan will see it and reply to you. Don’t forget—you have to actually leave a comment, ask a question, or participate in the chat to be entered in the draw. Comments Josh Cary it was really smart. By Laura Petrolino. Content overload, content saturation, content exhaustion…whatever you want to call it, it is no secret that content is everywhere— and a lot of it is bad. Really bad. Thus is the inspiration behind Content Warfare. And don’t fear!
    [Comments] Life Calling: The Art of Work
    Consider leaving a comment! The Art of Work by Jeff Goins is a compelling, page-turning read. An unusual thing to say for a non-fiction book. The first few chapters flew by, pages turning with each compelling story of human resolve, of ordinary folks accomplishing extraordinary things by answering their calling – what they were meant to do with their life. Filled with dozens of stories of people who heard, ignored, overcame, focused, and faithfully took leaps toward their own calling, this book is one you can pick up, start on almost any page and be moved to action. Books
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    [Comments] Reddit Marketing: Six Tips for AMA Success
    If you are the type of brand that prefers to not respond to negative comments or, worse, delete them online, you probably shouldn’t be hosting an AMA. However, if you are a brand that is open and demonstrates a willingness to respond and engage to all comments, an AMA can be a great option to spread brand awareness and potentially win over some of your biggest critics. This is just an example of a fun, personable, and witty comment to a customer’s question. By Jessica Malnik Successful Reddit marketing is a mystery to many communications pros. know, right?
    [Comments] The power of storytelling in market research
    Peer-to-peer interviewing tasks like this can have multiple benefits: reaching a wider audience regarding subjects of particular importance in the community, inspiring a sense of pride in the research participant as they introduce the topic of conversation to their chosen interviewee and giving the participant a chance for reflection as we ask them to comment on their interviewee’s comments. There’s no doubt about the importance of storytelling in market research and we’ve written before about the importance we attach to delivering a clear, concise story to our clients.
    [Comments] Tips for Creating Your First eCourse
    If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments and we’ll try and get an answer for you to start your ecourse journey off on the right foot! There’s a reason you’re seeing an influx of ecourses in the blogosphere of late – it’s a fantastic way to share to a higher (and sometimes more concentrated) degree your talents and knowledge. If you have a niche blog, then there’s a good chance you can come up with an in-depth and useful course that will be helpful for your readers and profitable for you. The Overview. And, who needs sleep anyway?
    [Comments] What do you know about our YouthNation?
    Matt has graciously given me 3 copies of his new book to give away.  To qualify for my randomizer  drawing, just leave a comment below. I just finished a new book, YouthNation: Building Remarkable Brands in a Youth-Driven Culture , ( click to buy on Amazon  – affiliate link) by Matt Britton and found myself nodding, sighing and scribbling notes throughout the read. You know me… I like books that give me tangible actionable insights and this book is packed with them. If you’d like to win a copy — read down to the final paragraph. The book is a great start. Books
    [Comments] How to Hack Your Efficiency with an Agile Blog Planning Process
    Check out your blog post comments. Peter Drucker said, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” ” So I assume you’ve heard from nearly every content marketing blog out there how to do the right things. That’s being effective. For example, here are some things effective blog editors do: You plan awesome content. You use a workflow to manage your team and guest authors. You complement your posts with visuals and free content. You share your content with social media. You review your stats to learn from your content. Right? But
    [Comments] Best Proofreading Tools for Your Social Media Strategy
    Yes, even daily social media updates require proofreading if you don’t want to get comments by grammar nazis who can easily affect your reputation. By Robert Morris. ————– If you want to promote your business, website, or blog effectively, then social media networks are an inevitable part of your marketing strategy. You are certainly aware that most of your potential customers/visitors are part of one social media platform or another. Your goal is to offer content that will attract their interest! Clearly, social media users are intrigued by visual content.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 2015
    [Comments] Media Relations: Track Effectiveness to Prove Investment
    Comments annelizhannan  by ginidietrich ginidietrich The one webinar was fine to see how it all fits. By Gini Dietrich I’ve been thinking a lot about last week’s webinar on how to use media relations to increase your search results. The feedback I’ve received is, “It was awesome, but there was A LOT of information.” ” Or, “I feel like I need a ‘Gini Dietrich Webinar for Dummies’ book before I attend another one.” And, because I recorded it ahead of time, I watched it at the same time you did. Use the Google Keyword Planner. I
    [Comments] Enemies of the LIFT Framework
    Consider leaving a comment! Every hero has its villain. Often times more than one. While the real heroes of this story are the small business owners that receive a boost from the LIFT framework , the LIFT process wages battle against the adversaries and enemies of the small business owners it serves. As I talk with small business owners, there are plenty of hurdles they face on the way to success. Hurdles are part of the race we run as business owners, but they aren’t the terrain or the track. There will be battles. Many of the changes come with new rules, tools, or techniques.
    [Comments] 3 Proven Ways to Use Visuals in Your Social Media Strategy
    Be sure and use it in a blog post so people can comment! Social media posts that include visual elements are inherently more engaging than those that don’t. If you’re looking for ways to drive more customer interaction with your social accounts, we’ve found three ways that you can up your visual game. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be on every network to achieve results. Based on your type of business, decide which channels are right for you and go from there! Infographics and Flow Charts. Online generators like Infogram can help you get started. Images in Posts.
    [Comments] Twitter Allows Retweets with Comments
    It is now easier for users to retweet others and add their comments along with the retweet. Now, after hitting the retweet button, you are prompted to enter in your comments. After entering comments and retweeting, your tweet shows up with the retweeted message in an embedded box below your comment. Apps Mobile Apps Mobile Marketing Public Relations Social Media Social Media Education Social Media for Business Social Media News Twitter retweeting with comments retweets twitter updates Monday, April 6, Twitter revamped its retweet feature. The downside?
    [Comments] Monday Roundup: #NovaCOM15
    Please share in the comments below. This Friday, April 17th, I’m proud to be included in the speaker line up for  #NovaCOM15 presented by Rutgers’ School of Communication and Information (SC&I – I teach there too). So I figured it would be neat to do a roundup of posts that reflect some of the very smart minds that will be presenting at this conference. And And if you’ll be there, please come say “hi!” ” 1.  Individual: starts with I, ends with all. SheSpeaks CEO, Aliza Freud, Talks Influencers With Cynopsis Media. Top Takeaways From NRF.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015
    [Comments] To Hire a PR Firm or Not to Hire a PR Firm
    Comments ginidietrich Todd Lyden Yep, I''ve heard the same story from. By Gini Dietrich Neil Patel, whom I respect a great deal, wrote a blog post in July of last year called, “ Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Marketing Consultant.” ” Because of how much I like him, I decided not to just pass it off as another start-up guy who had a bad experience and now thinks he knows how every consultant or PR firm works (though there are  plenty who give the rest of us a bad name). And here’s what you might not expect: I agree with him. We loved his business. Thank you!
    [Comments] But Change is Coming
    Consider leaving a comment! Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, or possibly because I’m finding better, but I’ve grown very accustomed to and fond of to some routines. But change is coming. In my day-to-day life and in my work habits, around the house and around town – when I’m in sync with these routines, things just seem right. But change is coming. The clients and colleagues at work. The friends and family to gather. The books and music to escape. And easy. But change is coming. And change isn’t a bad thing. Some changes are subtle.
  • SOCMED SEAN  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2015
    [Comments] The Ironic Beauty Of Google Indexing Tweets And Why Content Marketers Should Pay Attention
    Have some other experience with Tweets being indexed? I’d love to hear about them in a comment! Author’s Note: I’ve been noodling on this post for quite a while now. guess I’m just a sucker for technological irony. Before we get started, I’m going to be up-front with the fact that this is a bit of a long post. Hang in there…it’s worth it, and you’ll get a comic strip and some great “tweetables” at the end. Okay, here’s the scoop. Get the scoop and come back. I’ll wait. Let’s walk through a scenario. giant.
    [Comments] The Structure of a Proper Client Proposal That Will Land You a Blogging Gig
    And don’t even get me started on commenting on other blogs and online forums … it’s just noise. This is a guest contribution from Karol K. Struggling to make money blogging, aren’t you? SEO doesn’t seem to work for you. Neither does social media. Maybe you even subconsciously hate people like Darren,  Jon Morrow , or Brian Clark , purely because they’ve succeeded and you haven’t (yet). First of all, it’s okay. Don’t worry, not being satisfied and trying to look for outside reasons to justify our problems is a natural human reflex.
    [Comments] Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Apr 5 – 11, 2015
    Consider leaving a comment! Week in Review  April 5 – 11, 2015: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations , Armchair Articulations , and LIFT resources shared on Twitter ( @mikesansone ): This Week on ConverStations. Merging Professional and Personal. Working From Home? Habits for Success. Why Images Work: 10 Reasons Visuals Make Good Content. Find a Better Distraction (Thoughtography). Unleashing the Power of Agile and Scrum. Seeing, Listening, and Riffing in LIFT Clips 4/11/15. Cry Me a River in LIFT Clips 4/11/15. On TDS Biz: 7 for More Productive and Sustainable Workflow.
    [Comments] How to Get Started with Instagram Marketing
    Engage like crazy Create off-page engagement by liking and commenting on popular photos. mention both the creator and other commenters. Engage people on your page by: Adding questions in your captions that encourage comments Replying to all comments and @mentioning the commenter in your photo Running hashtag campaigns through your followers and featuring them in your photos When to post on Instagram Posts on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday create the most engagement. Instagram is a powerful tool for establishing a visual brand identity.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #251
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we''re recommending to one another: The Definitive Oral History of 1980s Digital Icon Max Headroom - The Verge. When I first stumbled across this show late one night, I was captivated. It was weird, and subversive, and bit all the hands that might feed it. Alistair for Hugh). Robert A. Close to it anyway. Hugh for Alistair).
    [Comments] Cry Me a River in LIFT Clips 04/11/15
    Consider leaving a comment! We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. Cry Me a River. Many times, an owner will hesitate presenting or posting something because someone else has done that already. call that excuse a crutch. Maybe someone did that – but in their own style or voice. Not in yours. Give us your take on the topic. This happens in plenty of places and professions. With Sting - Barbara Streisand. LIFT Clips
    [Comments] Seeing, Listening, and Riffing in LIFT Clips 04/11/15
    Consider leaving a comment! We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – How to Use Periscope IMPROVE – The Most Valuable Skill Nobody Teaches FIND FLOW – Introduction to The Bullet Journal THINK – Mike Rayburn’s “What If” Riff – As a youth, Saturdays were filled with visual candy of cartoons in the morning and movie matinees in the afternoon. your presence or practice. 
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2015
    [Comments] Fetching Friday – 30 Posts on Marketing and Productivity
    If you’ve got a favorite post for the week, please share in the comments! Fetching Friday is back for week fifteen of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing. Ways Content Marketing is Going to Change in 2015 by John Rampton. Social Sharing: How to Get More People to Share Your Content by Michael Stelzner. Off with Your Head Terms: Leveraging Long-Tail Opportunity with Content by Simon Penson. How Often Should Companies Blog? Search Engine Marketing.
    [Comments] Unleashing the Power of Agile and Scrum: Collaboration and Teamwork Tools
    Consider leaving a comment! Agile and scrum are often discussed together, but the distinction between the two is left murky. Part of the problem comes from the fact that the terms are used interchangeably with each other and with other software development terminology. Here is a look at what agile is and how scrum relates to it along with an overview of some of the benefits provided by agile. What Is Agile? Agile is a methodology applied to the process of developing software. In the early days of software development, most projects were managed using the waterfall approach.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2015
    [Comments] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Corina Manea
    You can also find her in the comments here and on the Arment Dietrich Facebook page. Comments Kimberly Crossland Thank you Kimberly! By Gini Dietrich. YAY! I am super excited to share today’s Spin Sucks Inquisitee! Corina Manea is a huge Spin Sucks supporter; she’s was a brand ambassador during the book’s launch and she was one of the featured bloggers during this year’s scavenger hunt. She also is one of the kindest people I know who never sleeps. She lives in Spain and has been known to email me at 9 p.m. And go it alone she has. She is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
    [Comments] ICYMI – Riff, Snapchat, Tinder and Retweets
    Twitter revamps the retweet  with comments. Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Facebook launches Riff. Sprinklr buys Get Satisfaction. Snapchat adds best friend emojis. Tinder runs its first ever advert. Instagram adds new post notifications and editing tools. Facebook launches a standalone messaging app for the web. Twitter tests new search page. Rumours abound of a Twitter takeover and stock rises 4%. Image credit. icymi
    [Comments] Find a Better Distraction
    Consider leaving a comment! Early in Jeff Goins’ book, The Art of Work , he addresses Awareness as a key in finding your calling, “Awareness takes practice.” ” One of the earliest points that strikes me as I read the book is this: Don’t Focus on the Problem. Find a Better Distraction. Rather than drowning your sorrow in a pool called problem, create a new a project or tweak your current one. Embrace the situation and work through it. I’ll be reading through The Art of Work this weekend. Thus far, it’s a captivating read.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2015
    [Comments] Social Media Optimization: 7 Techniques to Use on ANY Site
    You need to comment, like, share, retweet, mention, and regram content besides your own. Call to action like ‘Comment if you agree’ are easy ways to engage with your followers and fans. Watch how he encourages users to comment, and then tells them how he will engage with them at the end of the video. Social media optimization is a concept which looks at taking your best possible presentation in a social media context. I am going to show you these seven concepts in a way that you will be able to apply them to any social media marketing campaign you’re working on. FOXmuE8b7h!
    [Comments] Matt Cutts Comments on My April Fool’s Prank
    show with Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis, Matt Cutts commented my our April Fool’s prank. I’ve edited the video to pull out Matt Cutts’ comments so you don’t to have to listen to the whole entire hour-long show. Here are Matt Cutts’ comments: Leo Laporte : I was really disheartened that a couple of weeks ago that you left Google. The post Matt Cutts Comments on My April Fool’s Prank appeared first on Bill Hartzer. So much so that we had trouble keeping the website up and running that weekend. You are still on hiatus, right?
    [Comments] How the U.S. thinks Russians hacked the White House
    “As has been our position, we are not going to comment on [this] article’s attribution to specific actors.” State Department nor the Russian Embassy immediately responded to a request for comment. Washington (CNN) -  Russian hackers behind the damaging  cyber intrusion of the State Department  in recent months used that perch to penetrate sensitive parts of the White House computer system, according to U.S. officials briefed on the investigation. officials say. The system has been shut down periodically to allow for security upgrades. government systems. ?The
    [Comments] Social Media Contests with Real ROI
    Instead, the brewer posted photo clues to a scavenger hunt and followers needed to decipher the clues, find the answer, and then comment on the appropriate photo with the hashtag #SHHH. Comments I think this is really interesting (and admittedly I come at it. By Sarah Pike. In a world of social media and connecting across cyberspace, social media contests are becoming a popular and effective way for companies to make a tangible connection with their customers. When done well, social media contests can build brand awareness and engage users with your product or company. Jet Blue.
    [Comments] The Structure of a Proper Client Proposal That Will Land You a Blogging Gig
    And don’t even get me started on commenting on other blogs and online forums … it’s just noise. This is a guest contribution from Karol K. Struggling to make money blogging, aren’t you? SEO doesn’t seem to work for you. Neither does social media. Maybe you even subconsciously hate people like Darren,  Jon Morrow , or Brian Clark , purely because they’ve succeeded and you haven’t (yet). First of all, it’s okay. Don’t worry, not being satisfied and trying to look for outside reasons to justify our problems is a natural human reflex.
    [Comments] YouTube Subscriber Strategies for Nonprofits
    If you’re not up for creating a video, the easier route can be responding to comments left below your video. By Matthew Yeoman. ———— It doesn’t matter if you’re a for-profit globe spanning corporation, a humble non-profit, or a geek with a camera who wants to talk tech. All three will succeed or fail at video marketing based on their ability to get YouTube subscribers. Thinking that you can succeed with one great video is false. Subscribers on YouTube are like fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. They’re the sustained audience who follow your story.
    [Comments] Why Images Work: 10 Reasons Visuals Make Good Content
    Consider leaving a comment! “In a race, text just can’t compete with images.” ” ~ Ritu Pant on Business2Community More and more, faster and faster, visual content is becoming important, if not imperative. It’s not because the industry says so with statistics and reports. It’s because consumers are demanding it by the way they consume content. Some small business owners are skeptics. Maybe some of the hesitancy is a lack of understanding or maybe because there is a little bit of extra work involved. Your reader becomes more invested. Seven Habits for Success.
    [Comments] 12 Tips for Effective Tradesman Videos
    Don’t Take Comments Personally – By now you’ve been living with this project for a few months, and feel pretty happy about the end product. So negative comments, which are almost guaranteed in the internet age, are going to feel like a personal attack. By Chris Ilcin, Account Superintendent at Sonnhalter. If you’re like me, you’ll flip the channel when commercials come on. Hopefully, unlike me, you’ll remember what you were watching when the break is over. Well tradesmen are the same way, so don’t expect them to actively seek out a 5-minute commercial on YouTube. Everywhere.
    [Comments] How To Automate Twitter Without Looking Like an Idiot
    What’s the best tool you use to save time managing social media? I’d love to hear your take in the comments! This great post by  Tyler Knudtson  originally appeared here and is reprinted with permission. AUTOMATE IN FAVOR OF ENGAGEMENT – this post will show you how. ————– Confession time. Nearly every thought I have and action I take is the result of a never-ending internal battle between sides of a split personality. Efficiency Tyler vs. Perfectionist Tyler. WASTED. His need to optimize every last detail of tasks and projects is a little intense.
    [Comments] Riff App: Build Community and Have Fun
    How do you like or comment on a video? By Laura Petrolino I’m super excited about the new Riff App ! Now, I don’t often get really excited with new social media innovations. At least, not at first. In fact, my mom will never let me live down the fact she is the one who first told me about Twitter and I brushed her off condescendingly, “Oh silly mother, that’s stupid. No one will use that Twitter thing.” ” Or something to that effect. Thanks Mom! What is Riff App So what is Riff App ? It’s a collaborative video app. Because they are HUGE.
    [Comments] Working from Home? Seven Habits for Success
    Consider leaving a comment! 7 Habits of a Highly Effective and Successful Telecommute Statistics and studies are plentiful when it comes to prognostications of the popularity and purpose of telecommuting. Working from home and other remote locations is becoming more common. Whether telecommuting is the growing work culture of a company or the birth of a new company operating from a home office, focus and diligence are keys to making remote work profitable for you. Here are seven habits of a highly effective and successful telecommute. Better yet, beat the deadlines. Develop good habits.
    [Comments] The Changing Landscape of the Related Posts Functions for WordPress
    Once you have tested out the plugins (or maybe have already found your ideal), feel free to share what has worked for you, in the comments, below. I was living happily ever after, so I thought, with my wonderful nRelate related content plugin for my blog. Then, nRelate retired the plugin! Fortunately, that provided an opportunity to research some of the possibilities that exist for related content display. This article is the culmination of that research. Two Four Things We Look For in the Related Posts Functionality. That also depends on what we are using and how we are using it. YARPP.
    [Comments] 7 Ways To Multiply Your Blog Post Views
    If you are a blogger and have other tips, please comment below to share with others reading this post. Writing, filming or designing good content takes a lot of work, especially if it is done well. If you are going to put the work into creating good content, then you want to make sure it can be viewed by as many people as possible. Here are 7 ways you can hack the algorithms as well as repurpose your content to maximize the potential views. It also has the potential to be picked up by LinkedIn Pulse or one of their “channels” that users subscribe to. Green means go!
    [Comments] ProBlogger FAQ: How Long Should Posts Be?
    If you have any you’d like me to answer, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. Or are you more of a long-form writer? I’d love to hear in the comments. Over the years I’ve been asked many questions about blogging, but I find there are a few that pop up more often than others. While blogging is different for everyone, I have found that the conclusions I’ve arrived at after all this time still hold true. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting my answers to the most frequently asked questions here at ProBlogger. Virality.
    [Comments] A New Way For Digital Marketers to Learn
    Please leave a review on iTunes , or a comment on Facebook. Podcast listening increased 25% last year in the United States, partially due to an increase in usage among businesspeople. Marketers – especially digital marketers like us who have to stay on top an ever-changing tech and trends landscape – love podcasts because they are the most time-efficient education format. You can multi-task when listening to a podcast in a way you simply cannot when reading a blog post. for more, see our infographic: 23 Reasons Why Businesspeople Love Podcasts ). Happy listening!
    [Comments] A Business Pivot: What You Need to Know
    Comments ginidietrich I would have been complimenting more often if I. By Gini Dietrich. The past few years have been rough. In 2008, we started to run out of cash. In 2009, I had to lay off more than half of my team. In 2010, I had to figure out how we were going to survive the Great Recession. In 2011, I had to fight against the debt ceiling because everyone put the brakes on spending, including outstanding invoices. And so on and so on. Though we survived the economy, it hasn’t been easy. On the contrary, it’s been overwhelming and downright depressing. Changing Times.
    [Comments] Monday Roundup: Caring Through Community
    Please share in the comments below. How do we meaningfully build and celebrate communities? An energized community can give your cause (or campaign) just the right amount fuel to make a difference, no matter how large or small it is. It’s not easy, and it takes time… a lot of time. But when done right, community building efforts don’t just pay off for your community, but for your organization as well. So: how can you harness the power of community to do good as well as make good this quarter? Check out these posts for tips, ideas, and inspiration. 1.  ” 4. 
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 6, 2015
    [Comments] The Dark Side of Social Media
    They schedule stuff, have things automated, and may not even check their updates or comments except maybe once a day. Comments ginidietrich Ya have a lot to choose from! By Gini Dietrich. love social media. It has changed the way I do business and I’ve made lifelong friends I never would have even met. It truly has flattened out the world. But it also has a dark side not many expect. Sure, we kind of expect to hear about people being stalked because of social media. Creeeeeeeepy. Or, remember Please Rob Me ? It was a website that added, “I’m not at home. link].
    [Comments] Merging Professional and Personal
    Consider leaving a comment! There are times to focus on work. Times to focus on family. And there are times to merge professional and personal. The question comes up often and more often. “Is there such a thing as work-life balance? If so, how do I achieve it?” ” If you’re asking that question, my reply is usually, “Why do you want work-life balance?” ” or “What does that look like for you?” ” Many folks say they’ve heard about it and it sounds good, but they can’t quite put their finger on what it is. Conversation
    [Comments] Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Mar 29 – Apr 4, 2015
    Consider leaving a comment! Also stay streamed in with the Mike Sansone Social Stream Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Mar 29 – Apr 4, 2015 is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Mar 29 - Apr 4, 2015 ! Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Related Stories Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Mar. 22 – 28, 2015 Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Mar. Brain Stew Whistle Stops
    [Comments] Upselling and Cross Selling – LIFT Infographic 04/04/15
    Consider leaving a comment! We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using the LIFT acronym. Here is an infographic that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. Looking to do more with infographics? Now, we practice sharing Saturday videos from TED, subscriptions from YouTube, LIFT clips, and other videos shared via feeds… and sometimes, an infographic. Note: Every Sunday afternoon, our Whistle Stops Weekly newsletter is sent with at least one resource or link to L.I.F.T. your presence or practice. Subscribe today.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #250
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we''re recommending to one another: Never trust a corporation to do a library''s job - The Message. Andy Baio takes Google to task for having lost its mojo when it comes to organizing the world''s information -- even the information that isn''t lucrative. With a title like that, who needs a description? sarcasm." amazon.
    [Comments] Four Questions (and Answers) in LIFT Clips 04/04/15
    Consider leaving a comment! We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – How To Create YouTube Interactive Cards IMPROVE – The Definition of Hustle FIND FLOW – Why You Should Tell People What You Don’t Do THINK – Will Your Customers Buy What You’re Selling? – As a youth, Saturdays were filled with visual candy of cartoons in the morning and movie matinees in the afternoon.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 2015
    [Comments] Fetching Friday – 23 Posts on Marketing and Productivity
    If you’ve got a favorite post for the week, please share in the comments! Fetching Friday is back for week fourteen of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing. Ways Blogging Changed My Professional Life by Jordan Fried. Simple Formula for Writing Kick-Ass Blog Titles by Corey Eridon. Companies That Are Dominating Content Marketing by John Rampton. Search Engine Marketing. Spam Score: Moz’s New Metric to Measure Penalization Risk by Rand Fishkin.
    [Comments] How to Make Your Business Memorable
    Consider leaving a comment! Written by Kimberly Erskine No matter what type of business you’re operating, its success will likely rely on your ability to attract new customers and maintain the ones that you’ve already acquired. That is the major challenge for a business that wants to thrive, which can be trounced by simply making it memorable.  A memorable business is one that creates positive and noteworthy experiences for consumers, not just initially but throughout the entire customer journey. Want to make your business memorable? Besides, why would you want to? Small Business
    [Comments] Start With a Sentence
    Consider leaving a comment! Start with a sentence. Follow with another sentence. Keep the good ones. Writing, Speaking. Cold-calling. Creating. Start. Note: Thoughtography is the concept of an image invoking a thought worth sharing in one piece (both the image and the thought). Start With a Sentence is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Start With a Sentence ! Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Related Stories Conquer Complacency Truncate Tighter It Takes ‘Want To’ One Blank Canvas at a Time. Thoughtography
    [Comments] A Walk Down Memory Lane: My Third Ever Podcast… with Michael Arrington
    His comment about the podcast when he first posted it on CrunchNotes was pretty funny as well. think what’s even better is if you make sure that whoever’s running that for you internally is also going to your users’ Twitter accounts and reading what they have to say and commenting on it appropriately. Photo courtesy Robert Scoble. One of the lessons I learned early on in life was the power of networking. My first official podcast interview was with Shel Israe l at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco in September of 2007. Next up was (now) good friend, Mukund Mohan. No, no.
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