[Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #323
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever - CRISPR - Kurzgesagt - In A Nutshell. The YouTube channel Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell is remarkable. It's Patreon -backed, full of fascinating, articulate videos that explain a concept clearly and succinctly. Alistair for Hugh). Crazy.
    [Comments] #SproutChat Recap: Social Content & Engagement
    Use hashtags, description and engage in your community's comments. A1: Like Facebook, ask for them to like, double tap, share an emoji or comment. They are engaging enough to comment, like, share and spark a conversation. By now you probably already know that measurements such as likes, comments and shares don’t always mean much to senior leadership. Social media managers are often trying to increase social  audience engagement. Testing and measuring content and post types across social networks is the best way to see what resonates with your audience.
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    [Comments] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: The RoundUp, Part Two
    Comments mm/ by JonMikelBailey Related Stories The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Andy Donovan The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Joe Thornley What is Peach and Why Should I Care? It's the second part of the Spin Sucks Inquisition for 2016, which includes the 15 people who have been featured May through August of this year. The post The Spin Sucks Inquisition: The RoundUp, Part Two appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Comments] How the “Shark Tank” of Podcasts is Changing the Start Up Game
    would to hear about it in the comments below! By Kristen Matthews. ———-. So, you’ve finally got it….that that thing that wanna-be entrepreneurs dream about and fight for all their lives…an incredible, original and viable business idea. You’ve done the research, crunched the numbers and wowed your friends with your amazing idea. You’re ready to hit the start-up market, full speed ahead. Only thing you need is…an investor. How do you find someone willing to give you the push you need to get up and running? Take the latest episode , for example. customer of Copia.
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    [Comments] How I’m Promoting My Webinar Series with Facebook Ads
    Let me know in the comments below! In June, I started a free webinar series for beginner , intermediate and advanced advertisers. The goal was to segment these groups so that I could offer each registrant a more relevant product (either my Power Hitters Club for advanced marketers or one of my 4-week training programs for beginners or intermediates). This has been a fun experiment for me, and it’s fallen mostly on the down-low for the first few months. For now, I still don’t even have a public facing landing page for my training programs. have two primary goals with this.
    [Comments] 9 Reasons Why Hilton’s Social Media Strategy Succeeds
    Leave us a comment or let us know on Twitter. A Google search for the word “hotel” turns up 2,990,000,000 results in 0.76 seconds. The top three results in the search page are ads from Hotels.com, Expedia, and Kayak. Nothing stops a user from clicking on one of these links to go on and book any of the hotels that suits them. Unless the user has some loyalty towards your brand — then, he or she goes directly to your website and books a room. So how do you build this loyalty and keep your brand top of mind for customers online? Social media is a good place to start. lunchly_time.
    [Comments] 51 Profitable SEO Niches to Dominate with Low Competition
    If there is a positive response to this kind of post I’ll definitely do more like it in the future, so please do share your feedback in the comments! On some popular videos I found the Youtube comments weren’t just people insulting each other – for once – but people with questions where you can get ideas for building the solution. Here are the comments on one particularly popular video. Just from those two comments alone you can get the idea to: Create a directory of people who build tiny houses and send them leads for a fee. ” Near me.
    [Comments] [Interview] The Story Of The World’s First Global Flight Without Fuel, And How Social Media Helped
    Across all channels we were receiving so many questions, comments, and requests that it would’ve taken 15 community managers to go through them all manually. Please stow all bags beneath your seat and put your drinks tray up. Your exits are here, here, and here, now please fasten your seatbelts as we fly into the social stratosphere with the Solar Impulse team… After over 24,000 miles of flying, on July 26th the Solar Impulse aircraft landed in Abu Dhabi having travelled the whole way around the planet without using any fuel. He had budgeted 2.3 See their convo here: https://t.co/YiA8lJf6hk
    [Comments] [Interview] The Story Of The World’s First Global Flight Without Fuel, And How Social Media Helped
    Across all channels we were receiving so many questions, comments, and requests that it would’ve taken 15 community managers to go through them all manually. Please stow all bags beneath your seat and put your drinks tray up. Your exits are here, here, and here, now please fasten your seatbelts as we fly into the social stratosphere with the Solar Impulse team… After over 24,000 miles of flying, on July 26th the Solar Impulse aircraft landed in Abu Dhabi having travelled the whole way around the planet without using any fuel. He had budgeted 2.3 See their convo here: https://t.co/YiA8lJf6hk
    [Comments] Effective & Motivating Ways To Boost Your Creativity
    Think beyond the traditional uses like sharing content or commenting, to more creative uses like users uploading and generating their own content, wikis and live reactions). It’s difficult to feel inspired by an inbox full of emails and a to-do list that keeps growing. Increasing the psychological distance between you and your tasks may seem counterproductive, but it actually boosts creativity, insight and clarity. Other than distancing, what else can you do? Here are seven awesome strategies to help you access your (trapped) creative genius. How would they solve your creative puzzle?
    [Comments] 10 Tips to Optimize Your Presence on Pinterest
    Not only does this boost your traffic, but it avoids having to spam users by asking for comments on Pinterest. Tell us what you think in the comments below! It’s hard to deny the power of Pinterest. What started as little more than an online scrapbook back in March 2010 has become one of the fastest growing social networks , with 100 million active users losing themselves in this picture-perfect platform on a daily basis. Because it’s about so much more than posting pretty pictures, isn’t it? It’s just common sense, right? Oh, and did we mention? Thanks Pauline. Keep it simple.
    [Comments] 11 Simple Design Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Images
    Got any favorite social media design tips or principles that we’re missing ? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! 1. Please feel free to drop a comment below to keep the conversation going. Humans are, by nature, very visual beings. In the brain itself, there are hundreds of millions of neurons devoted to visual processing, nearly 30 percent of the entire cortex , as compared with 8 percent for touch and just 3 percent for hearing. Let’s dive in! . Social Media Design Tips: 11 Principles & Tactics to Enhance Your Images. Color. Orange = Aggressive.
    [Comments] How to Run Instagram Ad Campaigns with Better Results
    Track Customer Comments. Monitor the comments on your Instagram ads with Agorapulse. And don’t forget to monitor your comments. Let us know in the comments! Are you running Instagram ad campaigns but seek better results? Upgrade your Instagram advertising to generate more brand awareness and boost sales. Here are six tips to create better Instagram ads for your company. 1. Target the Right Audience. Reaching the wrong consumer base isn’t helpful for business. It’s actually a waste of time. So, before digging deep into your budget, figure out your target audience.
    [Comments] How Lazy Content Curation Is Ruining Your Influencer Relationships
    Comments Seriously love this article, Erika! There's a fine line between content curation and plagiarism and content creators are unwittingly sabotaging the influencer relationships they hope to build. Erika Heald shares how not to curate influencer content. The post How Lazy Content Curation Is Ruining Your Influencer Relationships appeared first on Spin Sucks. Creating a properly curated. by Tara Geissinger Related Stories Podcasting: The New Frontier for Women Bloggers The Wheel and Spoke Model of Content Marketing Please Embrace Owned Media and Help Alleviate a Pet Peeve.
    [Comments] Submit, Approve & Reject Messages for Approval in Sprout’s Mobile App
    Sound off in the comments below and, as always, let us know if you have any questions. Sprout’s latest iOS and Android updates bring Sprout’s message approval workflow to users on the go. Message approval enables teams to effectively collaborate on their social publishing strategies and ensures that social posts stay on-brand and compliant with brand practices. Sprout’s user permissions follow the user from the web platform to the app, ensuring a seamless transition when working outside of the office. Submitting Messages for Approval. Approving Messages on the Go. Product Updates
    [Comments] There’s No Perfect Headline: Why We Need to Write Multiple Headlines for Every Article
    What have you found works for each channel? I’d love to continue the conversation in the comments below. Most people don’t read content online. In fact, eight out of ten people will only read the headline. For content writers, that fact is alarming. But it also places extra importance on the headlines we choose for our content, as headlines have the power to influence readers  even if they don’t read any more of the article. I don’t believe the perfect headline exists, though. Not anymore, anyway. Let’s dive in. What makes an irresistible headline.
    [Comments] Dear Business Owner, You’re Doing It Wrong!
    Comments And I had to add! Kara Vanskike shares why every business owner should include a content in the small business marketing plan, even if it means doing it themselves. The post Dear Business Owner, You’re Doing It Wrong! appeared first on Spin Sucks. Totally forgot this! totally forgot! by howie goldfarb I will be your contrarian. Gini loves me for this. Be very. by howie goldfarb Related Stories Leadership Begins with Safe and Honest Conversations Lessons in Business Success from the World of Bodybuilding The Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions of a Virtual Office.
    [Comments] Can Instagram Drive Traffic To Your Website?
    Entrants needed to comment on a book review post to enter. Average number of comments: 4. Average number of comments: 4. Have you found it effective for driving traffic and sales? I’d love to hear your stories so leave me a comment below. Is it possible to direct Instagram traffic to your website? My instinct told me no but I wanted to test that assumption. Background. I’ve been using Instagram personally since the beginning. Drawn in by the cool filters, I soon found it a place to discover great photos and share my own. Get followers. Measure success.
    [Comments] How to Know If Your Brand Should Hop on a New Social Media Trend
    We’d love to hear in the comments! Does everyone on your Twitter timeline seem to be obsessed with a new movie, television show, or mobile app? Are all your Facebook friends talking about the next big sporting event, upcoming holiday, or election? Trends can be found everywhere but social media is the best place to find the freshest and most relevant trends today. Take for example Pokémon Go, #MotivationMonday, the Super Bowl, Stranger Things, and “The Dress”. After all, if everyone seems to be having a conversation about the same topic, shouldn’t their brand be a part of it?
    [Comments] Are the Media Ignoring Your Email Pitches?
    Comments Scrambles to in-box to find the magic subject line Frustrated that media influencers don’t respond to your email pitches? Clueless as to whether they even OPEN them? Michael Smart has a solution for you. The post Are the Media Ignoring Your Email Pitches? appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Comments] An Introduction to Social Media for Business
    If you see someone post something funny on Google+, give it a +1 and comment. Let us know in the comments! Despite the growing popularity, social media for business is still put on the back burner for a lot of organizations. There’s skepticism around its effectiveness for local or small businesses because we see huge brands like Coca-Cola, Nike and Starbucks get all the success. However, social media can benefit businesses of any size. Social Media for Business by the Numbers. Being successful with social media for business comes down to creativity and engagement. The
    [Comments] 5 Easy Steps to Create Your Snapchat Strategy
    Perhaps as a special Q&A activation, open up your chat capabilities and wait for questions and comments to arrive – just don’t be surprised if the occasional unsolicited nude is mixed in. With Snapchat being one of the most recently established social networks in the game, brands are quickly jumping on the bandwagon to create bite-size pieces of content. Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users and around 400 million snaps are sent every single day. So if you’re looking to build a Snapchat strategy, here are 5 steps to get you started. 1.) Give it to them. Perk It Up.
    [Comments] The Five Best Pinterest and Instagram Marketing Tools
    On Instagram, marketers can post high-quality photos along with captions and hashtags, and use Facebook-type features such as tagging people in photos as well as “liking” and commenting on others’ images. Increasing use of mobile devices combined with the popularity of “snackable” information have made visual content an increasingly important component of content marketing. Greater use of visual communication has in turn made Instagram and Pinterest two of the fastest-growing social networks. Google Review Count:  269. ” —  StoreYa Blog. BuzzBlogger.
    [Comments] All in One: Tools and Apps to Be a Blogger who Can Write, Edit, Proofread, and Create Images
    If you’re a proficient blogger, you know that blogging is not just about doing research, collecting data, writing a blog post, and replying to comments. Content is not a king of blogging. You’re a king! While it’s nearly impossible to drive traffic to your blog and keep readers interested in your product without creating an outstanding content, everything depends on you only when it comes to promoting your website. To begin with, let’s dig into online content statistics: 347 new blog posts appear every minute on the web. So, what does it mean? Writing. Evernote.
    [Comments] 4 Creative Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Blog Post Before It Goes Live
    then send a PM to Redditors who commented in the article asking if I have their permission to follow up with them when I release a similar Reddit post. This is a guest contribution from Bill Achola. remember those days when I thought writing a blog post was enough. would invest all my efforts on choosing the right topic , writing a quality blog post, making it smart, funny, and engaging, adding interesting pictures, carefully crafting an eye-catching format, and choosing the right time to post. It didn’t. But how exactly can you do that? Reach Influencers Through Pre-Outreach.
    [Comments] 5 Essential Chrome Extensions for Social Media Management
    Let me know in the comments! There are millions of Chrome extensions for your favorite Internet browser but as a social media manager you need the ones that will help to ease your busy schedule.  In this article, I’m going to tell you my five essential Chrome extensions for social media managers. Once you’re tried them you will never want to live without them! 1. Best For Busy People:   Pocket. Like most social media managers, I’m super busy. I’m constantly stumbling across cool articles online but I don’t have time to read them which is where Pocket comes into play.
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    [Comments] Find out how ANZ is Minting Engagement on Social Media
    ANZ has the lead in Likes, Comments, and Shares and has the most Reach. Take a look at the Likes, Comments, and Shares that each of these brands received per Post. ANZ's engagement as a measure of Likes, Comments, and Shares seems even more impressive when you take into account the fact that they had more Posts than any other bank in this group. This takes into account Likes, Comments, Shares as well as the number of people likely to have seen the Post). But the reason why it ranked so high on Engagement, is because it got a lot of Comments. Takeaways.
    [Comments] How Is Instagram Becoming More Usable for Your Brand and Your Audience?
    Comment Filtering. Sick of weeding through all that junk to get to the actual comments from actual followers who care about your brand, product, and/or content? Instagram is giving its users (and brands) the power to moderate their own comments. Our goal is to make Instagram a friendly, fun and, most importantly, safe place for self expression…We have slowly begun to offer accounts with high volume comment threads the option to moderate their comment experience. As we learn, we look forward to improving the comment experience for our broader community.
    [Comments] How To Ban Trolls And Bots From Your Facebook Page
    Have you had problems with people leaving vulgar comments and images on your Facebook Page? Have you noticed that every time you create a new post to your Facebook Page, it gets immediately bombarded with Likes and inane comments? These were on a quote graphic I posted that simply said, "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude." ~ Zig Ziglar - clearly they had nothing to do with the post, and everything to do with drawing attention to the Facebook Page doing the commenting. There's no menu option to ban someone from their comment. Capiche?
    [Comments] Zika: A Social Media Conversation Timeline
    Common themes are summer prevention and possible vaccine development: Social  comments were driven strongly by Retweets and @Replies from CNN International’s 5.2million+ followers: The first human trial of a Zika vaccine is set to begin in the next few weeks https://t.co/JDNOjE2xLt The Olympics are drawing to a close. Performances and athletic drama may be over, but a concerning public health issue endures: the  Zika Virus  entered mainstream news prior to the Games, and traveled quickly through social media. Brazil is in turmoil. There’s a Zika epidemic. https://t.co/wb4hyupJde
    [Comments] Rio 2016: 1.5 Billion Facebook Interactions; 916 Million on Instagram
    Facebook said in an email to SocialTimes that the five posts that tallied the most likes, comments and shares during Rio 2016 were: Cristiano Ronaldo congratulates Usain Bolt (below). The athletes who received the most mentions, likes and comments within Olympics-related content during the Games were: Phelps. The 2016 Summer Olympic Games  spurred 1.5 billion interactions from 277 million unique users on Facebook and 916 million interactions from 131 million Instagram users from Aug. through 21. Neymar following Brazil’s gold-medal victory in soccer. Sindhu. Mexico. India. Neymar.
    [Comments] How To Prepare for a Social Media Internship
    Take some time and go through your posts, comments, and Likes. The first day of a new internship is like getting ready for the first day of a new year of school: you try on clothes until you find the perfect outfit, you’re excited to meet all your new potential friends, and you just want everything to work out perfectly. It’s exciting, but it is equally nerve-wracking. Social Media Campaign Checklist Download. You can never be too prepared for an internship. It’s important to make a good impression on your first day. Clean Up Your Own Social. Do Your Research.
    [Comments] Master New Skills: Social Media Power Tips to Be More Successful
    Hide comments on Facebook. Guy says, “I don’t care who comments on my posts. When you do so, the commenter and his/her followers can still see it, so they think you haven’t deleted it.” Let’s face it, social media is getting more complicated as time goes on. Instead of being successful with your 2014 social media plan, you need to stay up-to-date. Enter these social media power tips! Guy Kawasaki and I were recently invited to give a presentation at an event for Gone Social in San Francisco. Get your own copy of  The Art of Social Media  here.
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    [Comments] Business Lessons from the Spin Sucks Trenches
    Comments Thanks for starting it off what sound like a great series of. Laura Petrolino discusses a few of the top business lessons she's learned during the last three years at Arment Dietrich/Spin Sucks. The post Business Lessons from the Spin Sucks Trenches appeared first on Spin Sucks. by Amanda Cleary Eastep Related Stories Three Business Lessons from Our Team Lessons in Business Success from the World of Bodybuilding Five Ways to Have Conflict-Ridden Conversations.
    [Comments] PB148: Juggling Family Life and Blogging? Here’s some Tips on Getting the Balance Right
    For many, many years, probably the first eight or so years of my blogging, I tried to do it all which meant I had to be constantly online, I had to be moderating comments around the clock because the spammers were getting in and I had to monitor my tech, whether my servers are up, I was getting alerts during the nights saying my service were down. Finding a Balance Between Family Life and Blogging Life. Today, we are talking about family and blogging. Today, I’m going to talk about how that turned out, and the struggle and tensions that can arise when blogging with family around.
    [Comments] PB148: Family Life Blogging Life Balance – Tips on Getting it Right
    For many, many years, probably the first eight or so years of my blogging, I tried to do it all which meant I had to be constantly online, I had to be moderating comments around the clock because the spammers were getting in and I had to monitor my tech, whether my servers are up, I was getting alerts during the nights saying my service were down. Finding a Balance Between Family Life and Blogging Life. Today, we are talking about family and blogging. Today, I’m going to talk about how that turned out, and the struggle and tensions that can arise when blogging with family around.
    [Comments] The Secret Sauce to Shareable Visual Content Your Audience Will Devour
    Is it to engage (like, comment), share or click through to another site? Leave a comment below! Everyone knows visual content is hot right now – videos, images, live video… it’s everywhere. But what makes Shareable Visual Content? . What types of visual content work best? What should you create? . In this post, I share the Secret Sauce to Visuals that Your Audience will Devour – with 5 Ingredients for creating engaging, shareable visual content. . Secret Sauce by Shutterstock  with  a little extra  ketchup. Original. We love “new” things.
    [Comments] How To Generate Three Times As Many Leads At One Third The Cost
    If you have specific questions, leave a comment! Blogging How To Generate Three Times As Many Leads At One Third The Cost. The Real Power Of Content Marketing. Some people think that Content Marketing is simply having a blog. While a blog is typically an integral component, it's not the end-all be-all of a successful content marketing strategy. Far from it. Content marketing includes a variety of different kinds  of content, as well as multiple delivery mediums like social media, search, or email. Television ads, radio ads, newspaper, billboards, direct mail. Where do you begin?
    [Comments] How to Use Social Media and Analytics for Better Customer Loyalty
    This tactic allows brands to reward customers for the simplest of actions, like a positive comment or great review. Another key metric is customer comments. Do they respond to negative comments on your behalf as advocates? We just wrapped up a webinar with Bitly entitled “How to Use Social & Web Analytics for Customer Loyalty.” ” Blaise Lucey, Senior Content Strategist at Bitly, and our very own Brooke Andersen, Account Manager, talked about: The changing loyalty landscape. Examples of great social loyalty programs. Surprise and Delight FTW.
    [Comments] McDonald’s Is Using These Social Strategies in Olympics 2016 [AND RESULTS]
    Tweet from an influencer, Eden_Eats, was one of the most retweeted comments for the brand: McDonalds sponsoring the Olympics is like Heineken sponsoring my sobriety. McDonald’s is the world’s leading global food retailer, with 36,000 locations worldwide, serving more than 64 million customers in 117 countries each day. The company has been committed to the Olympics since 1968, when the company airlifted hamburgers to U.S. athletes in Grenoble, France. It has been associated with the Games since.  . McDonald’s, however, has been working on a key demographic: kids. Thanks for that.
    [Comments] Computers vs. Humans: Media Buying in the 21st Century
    Comment below! Imagine a world where computers make decisions about where and who to target on traditional and non-traditional media. They handle the entire media-buying process, from building and maintaining relationships with vendors, to setting up insertion orders, to placing and optimizing ad buys. This may seem like something out of an oddly specific sci-fi movie, but it’s a reality for brands buying media in the 21 st century. Programmatic Buying. Programmatic or automated buying involves using software to purchase traditional (TV) and non-traditional media (display and social).
    [Comments] When Is It Time to Hire a Social Media Agency?
    If you respond quickly and demonstrate your concern and care for a positive brand/product experience, it will go a long way; not only with the customer who posted a comment, but to the entire audience that’s watching the exchange unfold before them. There are many comments that come through social media, at all hours of the day, and a social media agency can not only help you monitor those comments and determine the priority of each comment, but they can also help you craft communications that will ensure your customers are being heard and taken care of. “YAS!
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    [Comments] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: The RoundUp, Part One
    Comments Well, he is Jack Bauer. Everyone is either back to school or getting in one last hurrah before school begins so we thought we'd do a two-part roundup of the Spin Sucks Inquisition. The post The Spin Sucks Inquisition: The RoundUp, Part One appeared first on Spin Sucks. But you look like Miss Kentucky so. by Gini Dietrich Why does Jack Bauer look cooler than me in sunglasses? by Whitney Fay Related Stories A Stroll Down Memory Lane for the 10th Birthday of Twitter The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Joe Thornley Gin and Topics: Frolicking, Dancing, and Singing.
    [Comments] How To Make More Money Blogging
    Leave a comment below! Blogging How To Make More Money Blogging. The lack of money is the root of all evil." - Mark Twain. Money. Revenue. Passive Income. That's a very important goal for professional bloggers like you. That's what makes it possible for you to continue blogging and following whatever it is you're passionate about. But as important as money is to continuing blogging, it's also one of the most challenging aspects of serious blogging. How to make money, real money, while publishing content, is one of the preeminent questions of any new blogger. Advertising Too Soon.
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    [Comments] 5 Years of Business Firsts
    Let me know in the comments below! My voice trailed off and my body trembled as I finished the call. It was five years ago today, and I had been laid off. Again. It was the second time in two and a half years. The first time you could call a fluke. Something that could happen to anyone. But a second time? The self doubt creeps in. I can guarantee you that there was no chance in my mind that I would be running my own business five years later. Not a thought that I could pull this off. want you to understand this. doubted myself because I felt everyone else had it figured out. Oh, man.
    [Comments] Happy Belated 9th Birthday to My Blog
    Today, I’d write that much differently with screenshots and an accompanying video. I’ve created a lot of content since 2007 — and people continue to visit, comment, and share. Related Stories Why I Chose SiteGround for Web Hosting Introducing a New Design at AriHerzog.com Hello 2016, Welcome Back Comments. May 2016 marked the ninth birthday of my blog! It’s seen three URLs and numerous designs. You can visit the archive  and read my initial blog posts about apartment life, later posts about digital marketing, and ultimately about minimalism and productivity.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #322
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . Meet The California Couple Who Uses More Water Than Every Home In Los Angeles Combined - Mother Jones.  "I first learned about Lynda Resnick in the documentary, POM Wonderful Presents - The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. Alistair for Hugh). It wasn't a 'Breferendum'. Hugh for Alistair). amazon.
    [Comments] The Data-Backed Guide to Event Marketing on Social Media: How to Get People Talking About Your Event
    Have someone on your team designated to respond to any questions, issues, or comments that people send your way. It’d be great to hear from you in the comments! Taking an event from idea to sell-out is no easy feat. And half the battle of organizing an event is marketing it. When it comes to the marketing channels that drive attendance, hype, and engagement, social media is right near the top. Best Best of all, social media event marketing isn’t as time-consuming as you may think. You can do it! Social media can help get you there. Here’s how. Here’s how.
    [Comments] PB147: Tips, Tools and Techniques for Managing Incoming Email
    Leave us a comment, tell us the tools that you’ve tried that work well for you, tell us the techniques that you use, tell us how you minimize the incoming emails that do come in to you, how you respond to them as efficiently as you can, or tell us whether you are a complete failure at Gmail as well and maybe you want to tell us how many unread emails you have in your inbox, that could be fun too. Tips on How to Manage Incoming Email. Is email sucking away all of your time, and taking away from your blogging? Today’s topic comes from one of our readers. Email is an area I need to work on.
    [Comments] Discover Content Ideas for Indian Holidays and Events
    You can also sort them chronologically or by the amount of likes, comments and shares the Post has received on Facebook. We have exciting news ! Couple of months back, we launched our one-of-a-kind content ideation toolkit, Discover. A lot of content creators from India loved the looks and the feel. They had a major qualm though. The list of upcoming events, or rather content opportunities, focused only on US and global holidays. And we listened. Once you click on the event, you will get a stream of 4 years worth of highly curated brand content around that event. Our 1.3
    [Comments] How to Strategically Enhance Your Facebook Video Marketing
    Let us know in the comments! Did you know 50% of all mobile traffic relates to video content? If you need more evidence the future of content marketing is video , an Invodo study suggests that 74% of all web traffic will be video by 2017.  Facebook video in particular has become increasingly important and it’s imperative to strategize how to best use it for your brand. Facebook Video Choices Are Expanding. There are several facets of Facebook video worthy of exploration. Let’s take a look: Facebook Live Video. Following her lead, they also livestreamed the encounter. 360 Degree Video.
    [Comments] How to Align Social Media and SEO Strategy
    Share your thoughts in the comments below. Are your social media efforts aligned with your SEO strategy? successful social media campaign should have a positive impact on your search ranking, as well. Moz has found that social metrics are among the most important search ranking factors, along with link quality. How to Perform Your Own Social Media Audit Download. But how exactly do you make use of this information? How will you ensure that your social media efforts are boosting your search ranking? Here are some useful SEO strategies you can use in your social media efforts. 1. Download.
    [Comments] Achieve 1,000% more shares on a blog post – Case Study
    Not many shares, no comments (or maybe a spammy one!!). Based on a comment saying that this post should be shared with all school principals around the world, Liz began identifying educationalists on Twitter and included their handles in her tweets, which attracted a lot more shares. You’ve created a blog because everyone says blogging is a great idea but you don’t see the point. You get a little bit of traffic but the blog is a real chore. Imagine if your opinion changed for blogging… Imagine if blogging was a key revenue generator for your business. Digipulse.
    [Comments] 4 Real-Time Monitoring Tools that Save Your Brand Time
    Everything from comments to tweets to direct messages arrive to your inbox in real-time. It offers similar social engagement capabilities in the form of a centralized inbox where all your comments and messages from various social channels arrive. How does one brand monitor and listen to the thousands, if not millions of members in its community? This daunting task seems like a nightmare to any individual managing a social channel for a brand or organization. But don’t worry. The world of technology has come to the rescue. Engagor. Conversocial. Hootsuite. Spredfast.
    [Comments] 114+ Copywriting Formulas to Get Traffic & Leads
    Discussion question: Encourage commenting and start a conversation. He doesn’t encourage commenting, but he still encourages taking a specific action – watching the screencast. If you’re struggling to gain the shares, likes, and comments that you want for your blog posts, products, or services, try using formulas to write your social media posts. We’d love to hear about them in the comments below! Copywriting formulas are an easy and effective way to write great copy without having to start from scratch every time. Check out the guide below! Most Popular. How to _.
    [Comments] Life Lessons from a Forced Vacation
    Comments I missed you guys too. Most people go on a holiday to rest, have fun and disconnect from work. Corina Manea came back from her vacation with a few life lessons. The post Life Lessons from a Forced Vacation appeared first on Spin Sucks. missed our daily laughs and. by Corina Manea Thank you so much, Dawn. It's true, we need to stop and enjoy. by Corina Manea Gorgeous photos! I am glad you were able to slow down and relax. by Dawn Buford Related Stories Build Deep Work Into Your Day, Every Day The Truth Behind Unlimited Vacation Time Policies Create a Sense of Urgency.
    [Comments] How I Grew My Traffic By Almost 50% in Just 30 Days Using Twitter
    Leave a comment and tell me—I’d love to hear from you. One of the great joys of working with my marketing clients has been helping them grow their Twitter followers and implement consistent tweet schedules. Meanwhile,  my own account  has collected dust with a lame, month-old tweet sitting at the top. Until recently. first joined Twitter over seven years ago, back in 2009, and I’ve been grateful to learn so many best practices, strategies, and tactics from the community. The The only problem was I didn’t apply any of this Twitter strategy to my own Twitter activity. link).
    [Comments] Build Deep Work Into Your Day, Every Day
    Comments As someone who's in a managerial role at a Government org with. A new book called Deep Work helps you build time into your day to work on large projects, get through your task list, be more productive, and actually think. The post Build Deep Work Into Your Day, Every Day appeared first on Spin Sucks. by Danny Brown Another book for my reading list. As Danny Brown pointed, it's. by Bill Smith It can be far too easy to let your work life become ruled by. by Erika Heald Turning off email used to be really hard. Everyone used it as. by Kara Vanskike Another book for my reading list.
    [Comments] How to Roll with the Instagram Changes when You Depend on It For Your Small Business
    Occasionally when someone has written a ridiculous comment, I address it and they will apologise or they will understand my point of view more and share theirs too. It’s important that the online world knows that when they make a comment, they are usually making it about an actual human who is reading it. There really isn’t huge amounts of horrid people all the time though, most people are lovely, but if I do cop the brunt of someones douchey comment at me, I wont let it slide, and I will share it with the world. Its crucial. Massive. Most people stick around.
    [Comments] 5 Highly Effective Ways to Increase Social Media Shares
    Engagement like comments and likes are important for gauging interest, but shares drive reach. Engagement is a huge part of social marketing. It’s one of the main metrics marketers turn to when defining the impact and effectiveness of social marketing campaigns. When it comes to measuring engagement , there’s little doubt that social media shares play a critical role. Social signals like Retweets and Facebook shares are key drivers behind popularizing blog content. It also helps to generate things like brand awareness, leads and customer engagement. Optimize for Social Media Shares.
    [Comments] Six Ways to Delegate to Your Team and Give Up Control
    Comments Delegating can be rewarding for both the employee and the. It's so difficult to delegate, particularly for type A personalities who tend to be in leadership positions. But it is critical. Here are six ways to do it. The post Six Ways to Delegate to Your Team and Give Up Control appeared first on Spin Sucks. by Dawn Buford Related Stories Five Ways to Have Conflict-Ridden Conversations The Poor Leadership Habits that Drive Your Team Crazy The Truth Behind Unlimited Vacation Time Policies.
    [Comments] 10 Actionable Video Basics for Social Media Marketing
    Enable Moderated Comments. People want their comments acknowledged! With this in mind, be sure that comments are permitted, but also be sure that you’re moderating these comments, making it a safe environment for customers and prospective customers. Respond promptly to comments that you receive. Doing so will send a message that you care about comments and customers. Video is one of the most effective ways to harness the power of social media. Some recent stats: . 73% of marketers say they will increase their use of video in 2016.
    [Comments] How 1:1 Social Media Engagement Impacts Your Brand
    It’s our belief here at Ignite that every interaction our clients receive on their social channels is worthy of a response (with a few exceptions, like spam or trolls), whether it’s a personalized thank you or simply ‘liking’ a consumer comment. The benefit of responding to comments on a one-to-one level may not be totally obvious or immediate, but it’s an excellent way to build relationships and increase brand loyalty with consumers over time. Many comments brands receive are repetitive and lack substance, like “Cool,” “Looks good,” “Yummy,” or “I like this,” for example.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 2016
    [Comments] You Can Do It! The Secret to Viral Content
    Comments REALLY well done, Andrea! Viral potential isn’t a matter of luck. It’s the result of a highly emotional experience and emotions are what compel people to take action. The feelings people experience after seeing, hearing, or reading something that aligns with one of the three ideal emotional configurations will influence their behavior. Andrea Lehr says there’s a method to the madness, and all it takes is for your content to strike the right emotional chord. She has more. The post You Can Do It! The Secret to Viral Content appeared first on Spin Sucks. love that positivity.
    [Comments] 7 Important Instagram Features Your Brand Should Know
    With third-party social media management tools like Sprout Social , you can monitor hashtags, manage comments and gain powerful insights into Instagram analytics. Here you can manage multiple accounts and all of the comments from one inbox. For some businesses, it’s hard to stay up to date on the latest Instagram features. Social networks are changing all the time. By the time you get comfortable, an update occurs and changes your social media marketing strategy. That’s why we’re here to help you. With so many eyes focused on the visual network, you have to be ready to adapt.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 2016
    [Comments] Challenge Consumer Perspectives with Brand Storytelling
    Comments I'm not sure how it translates into a business use, but it. Does you brand challenge a consumer's perspectives or habits? Laura Petrolino explains how to use brand storytelling to effectively change behavior. The post Challenge Consumer Perspectives with Brand Storytelling appeared first on Spin Sucks. by Paula Kiger Related Stories Which Brand Storytelling Persona are You? Four Elements of Successful Brand Storytelling Four Content Marketing Lessons from Anthony Bourdain.
    [Comments] How to a Create a Smart Facebook Strategy on a Budget
    Also, you need to have a system in place for responding quickly to messages and comments. 3. When you post something on your business page that you think may also appeal to one of your Facebook friends you can click the drop-down arrow on your post and comment as yourself versus your page – then, you can tag any friends who you think may be interested in this post. This will bring them to the post to hopefully like or comment – which will help get your post seen by more people! Leave me a comment below or join in the conversation in our Facebook group.
    [Comments] PB146: How to Write Effective Sales Copy
    actually think what you hear back from your audience in the hours after you launch either in emails that you might get or comments or things that you might hear in social media, the objections that people have, the questions that they ask about your product, they should be changing your sales page. How Being a Good Listener Can Help You Write Effective Sales Copy . Today, I want to talk about writing great sales copy. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever had when it comes to writing sales copy is something that doesn’t really involve writing at all. want to talk about that today.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #321
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . 'We Value Experience': Can a Secret Society Becomes a Business? Longreads. She was so notorious the Waldorf Astoria gave her a free room whenever she wanted.] One of the more remarkable experiments in ARGs was The Jejune Institute , which also became a documentary. Alistair for Hugh).
  • JON LOOMER  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2016
    [Comments] 10 Recent Changes Impacting Facebook Advertisers
    What do you comment on? See at which points there are the most reactions, comments or shares… Or isolate by reaction type… Video Viewing from Shares. Both broadcasters and viewers can temporarily hide reactions and comments to focus only on the video by swiping right. They can bring those reactions and comments back by swiping left. Let me know in the comments below! Facebook has made a flurry of updates during the past month or so. Updates include… Blocking Ad Blockers. Control the Ads You See. News Feed Updates. New Video Metrics. Lemon.
    [Comments] Permanently Set Your Facebook Feed To Show Most Recent Instead Of Top Stories
    If you another way or a better way to make this change permanent, definitely share them in the comments. Sometimes the big social networks roll out features (or forget to roll them out) that work for the majority of the users, but just don’t make sense to some of us. For example, I’m still trying to figure out why Instagram doesn’t have a good way to upload photos from the desktop or why Twitter makes it so hard to switch to desktop view on an iPad or tablet. The good news, is that there is an easy way to adjust Facebook so that it ALWAYS shows you top stories.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2016
    [Comments] Gin and Topics: Content Slow Jam the News
    Comments Yay! On this week's Gin and Topics, we have some local Chicago celebrities who slow jam their content news, some Olympians, a gleeful dog, and more. The post Gin and Topics: Content Slow Jam the News appeared first on Spin Sucks. took a gamble that it would be fun. told the. by Tony Gnau LIterally laughing out loud at slow jam. The best!! by Laura Petrolino Olympic carpool karaoke is EVERYTHING. by Rosemary ONeill AH FUN! Looking forward to watching but gotta wait because it's. Gin and Topics: Cat Watches Pyscho and Freaks Out.
    [Comments] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    As I learned the hard way when I was tagged in the comments on a viral video, but then couldn’t find said video. What a week! There’s still Snapchat v Instagram chat, Facebook adblocking, a nipple on Reddit (that’s a long story) and non-disclosure among some online influencers – everyone had an opinion, it seems! Here’s How to Use Your Daily Habits for Writing Better Content in Less Time | Moz. love this: we all want to write better content, in the shortest amount of time possible, and using what we already have/habits we already have/things we already do.
    [Comments] What Can You Do with the FREE Olympics Dashboard from Simply Measured?
    Results are ranked by interactions (defined as a sum of all Likes, comments, retweets, replies, and other forms of interaction for a given piece of content)! As a social media analyst, one of my biggest challenges is staying on top of trending topics — especially when they are related to events as huge as the Olympics. With so many exciting activities and conversations happening simultaneously, it is easy to get lost. That is why we launched the Simply Measured Olympics dashboard , a resource for quickly getting a high level snapshot of Olympics 2016 buzz. The coolest feature?
    [Comments] Facebook’s Latest News Feed Algorithm Tweak Eyes More ‘Informative’ Stories
    We then combine this signal with how relevant the story might be to you personally–taking into account things like your relationship with the person or publisher that posted, or what you choose to click on, comment on or share–to best predict stories that you might personally find informative. Facebook wants its users to find their News Feeds  to be more informative. The newest tweak to the social network’s News Feed algorithm , announced Thursday, is focused on delivering more stories that users find made them “feel more informed about the world around them.”.
    [Comments] 5 Ways You Can Grow Your Instagram Account Without Ads
    Instead of having hashtags clutter up your posts, you can even enter your hashtags as the first comment after your post. For people to enter the contest, create a requirement for people to follow you, Like a photo, leave a comment, tag a friend, or even share the post on another social network. Do they share, Like, and comment on your posts? Please share in the comments below. Instagram drives massive traffic to brands and online stores alike. With 2016 Instagram Strategy Kit Download. But, where do you start? Reach Out to Existing Platforms. Find Content That Works.
    [Comments] A Modern-Day Marketer’s Guide to Creating Epic Video Marketing Content for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and More
    Take their “Rope Swing Beer Pong” video, for example, which has received more than 98,000 likes, 65,000 comments and 21,000,000 views on Facebook alone. BuzzFeed took to the streets with this epic dance battle on Facebook Live that now has more than 2,500 likes, 15,000 comments, and 213,000 views. Throughout the dance battle BuzzFeed commented on their own post asking the viewers how they thought a certain dancer was doing on a scale of 1-10. Video marketing has taken the social media world by storm. People watch more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook.
    [Comments] How Benelli Races Ahead of the Competition on Social Media
    When you look a little closer, you will notice that Benelli gets more engagement than its competitors who seem to be doing extremely well in terms of Likes, Comments and Shares. The Unmetric Engagement Score is an aggregate of the Likes, Comments and Shares received by Brand Posts that factors in the number of people likely to see it). The above chart shows the Likes, Comments and Shares that each brand gets per Post. That further goes to prove that KTM and Enfield got so much more Likes, Comments and Shares, as compared to Benelli. Why is Benelli so engaging?
    [Comments] PB145: Is Your Obsession With Creating New Content Hurting Your Blog?
    Our authors are then thinking about engaging with readers who come – trying to get good discussions going, watching social comments etc. A lot of effort goes into these things in the lead up to and for the days after a post gets published. Were there any comments in the post that slipped through our moderation (spam, unanswered questions etc)? We try to add questions to our posts to get people leaving a comment, to get discussions going. We want the comments to come in on social media and try to engage with those things. We will do some ongoing challenges.
    [Comments] Blog2Social: Reshare those evergreen posts
    Contact Chris via email , follow him on Twitter and Google Plus or leave a comment below. Target audience: Businesses, brands, digital marketers, advertising agencies, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, educators, journalists, Web publishers. Y ou know all the hell I go through every time I publish a blog post ? The hell I will go through after I hit submit on this post? The process I go into in great depth on  If you post it will they come (to read your blog)? Well, I have it all automated now, at least over on my RNNR.us First impression? Well, the proof is in the pudding. Amazing!
    [Comments] 7 Sneaky Ways to Find Twitter Influencers in Your Field
    Let me know in the comments! According to a recent Twitter blog post , 40% of Twitter users have made a purchase because of a recommendation of an influencer. Considering the fact that there were 313 million Twitter users at last count, we are talking about a lot of people! So while we might understand the  reasons to build relationships with influencers , we often get stuck on how to  find Twitter influencers to build these relationships with. Here are seven clever ways to help with this. 1. Google Search. Start by typing “top [your field] leaders.” Click To Tweet.
    [Comments] Facebook Adds Guide, Heatmap Features for 360 Video; New Video Metrics
    For the first time, publishers will be able to see how aggregate audiences engaged at specific points during a Live broadcast and see when they were moved to react to, comment on or share the video. These new metrics show the volume of Reactions , comments and shares throughout a Live video, helping publishers analyze viewer sentiment and identify the most compelling moments. It’s all video, all the time at Facebook, as the social network Wednesday introduced two tools for publishing 360-degree videos , Guide and Heatmap, along with new video metrics in Page Insights.
    [Comments] How Are Staples, Walmart, and Target Dominating Back to School on Social?
    Apart from promotions and consumer comments, the conversations for Staples were also driven by their Live event at BlogHer in Los Angeles, which helped generate a lot of positivity for the retailer. I am in love with the Bohemian Vibe of these @staples back to school supplies! If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us on Twitter! billion this year. How to Promote and Measure Hashtag Campaigns Download. We are actually already in the Back to School (BTS) season, which kicks off mid-July and goes through mid-September. https://t.co/LokmtrNu6n Love this! So me!
    [Comments] Eight Tips for Successful eCommerce Email Marketing
    Comments Great tips! To capture more customers and increase your sales,you can’t ignore the fact that email marketing will bring more e-commerce to your business. The post Eight Tips for Successful eCommerce Email Marketing appeared first on Spin Sucks. by Paula Kiger Related Stories Angst Ridden Squirrel Dominates Boost Sponsorship Revenue with these Five Strategies How Experiential Marketing Can Take Your Brand to the Next Level.
    [Comments] Inman Connect San Francisco Top Take-Aways #ICSF 2016
    Stacie Wells  | @StacieWells. I’m still stuck on Gary Vee’s “media company” comment and the wheels are turning with how to make that happen! Leave a comment below or join the conversation in our Facebook group. . This past week was an incredible whirl-wind at Inman Connect San Francisco #ICSF. It was a great week to reconnect with old friends, spend time with our clients and build new friendships and connections. But, above all – the best part of Connect is always the friendships and connections that happen over a few days. Jeff Lobb  | @jefflobb. 1. 
    [Comments] How to Get 10x More Traffic Without Spending a Dime on Advertising
    Tell readers exactly what you want them to do with your content (link/comment/share). Instead, it asks readers to “Share on Facebook”: Aplus.com ends its posts by directly asking readers to share the content with their friends: Similarly, Neil Patel ends all his blog posts on Quicksprout by asking his readers to leave comments. This helps Quicksprout get an average of 176 comments per blog post ! On Buffer’s blog, they end each post with a bunch of questions and ask readers to share comments. Let me know in the comments below! Not true. The result?
    [Comments] How to Engage Event Attendees with Pokemon Go
    We’d like to hear about it in the comments. Image Source: PC Mag. About four weeks ago the world was blessed with Pokémon GO, the biggest U.S. Mobile Game Ever according to Survey Monkey. Image Source: Survey Monkey. If you’ve been under a rock or just inside taking a break from the torturous summer heat here’s a brief synopsis: Pokémon GO is a free, location-based, augmented reality game that actually takes place in the real-world, requiring users to explore their surroundings in order to progress in the game. Break Out of the Convention Hall. Invest in Lures. Offer Rewards.
    [Comments] Why You Should Be Investing In Visual Content for Social Channels
    Please share in the comments below. Guest Post by Denise Chan. This past year, we saw Buzzfeed’s exploding watermelon blow up the internet, becoming the largest Facebook Live stream to date, with over 800,000 live viewers. On Cinco de Mayo, Snapchatters hopped on the app to turn their faces into giant tacos using Taco Bell’s taco face Lens, which later became the top campaign in the app’s history with 224 million views. Our brains are wired to find visual content especially compelling. Pictures, videos, and other visual media are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Today’s
    [Comments] Point of View Marketing: How Taking a Stand Wins Raving Fans
    What’s your take on these ads? I’d love to hear all of your thoughts in the comments! It’s hard to believe that this used to be a totally acceptable way to advertise a product in America: Thankfully, our world has taken quite a few steps forward since this ad of the 1950s. . Today, the marketing that wins hearts and minds is likely to look more like this: Even as “masculine” a pursuit as beer-drinking is getting in on the act, with Budweiser going from an ad like this in the 1980s: To this today: Beer ads that support equal pay? This is not something that brands used to do. .
    [Comments] 8 Best Practices for Online Communities
    of content creators and commenters versus readers and lurkers), then the bigger the total number of people, the better chances of seeing a decent amount of activity. When I conduct an online community audit, usually in order to help organizations figure out why their community might not be as active as it could be, I start by explaining my philosophy around online communities. These are simple best practices (even though I hate that term) that provide the context for the recommendations I provide through my audit.  I thought it might be useful to share them here. Is it purchases?
    [Comments] Twitter Expands Access to Moments
    Peña wrote: When things happen in the world, people come to Twitter to see, experience and comment about what’s happening as it unfolds. Twitter is expanding the availability of its Moments  feature to “a broader group of creators … including influencers , partners, brands and, in the coming months, everyone.”. Product manager Gaby Peña announced the expansion of Moments availability in a blog post , providing examples from civil-rights activist DeRay Mckesson , one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter  movement, as well as Allure  and Budweiser. c5cZQTBxG5. https://t.co/g1zEgagtIM.
    [Comments] How I Got a Book Deal Through My Travel Blog
    researched which style of posts received the highest number of comments and social media shares, so that I could replicate this in the future. spent a huge chunk of time writing detailed responses to comments and emails to build a strong relationship with my readers. tracked which type of posts resonated with my followers on each network and made sure to reply to all the comments. When the editors came to my site, they could see that my readers cared about my story through the thousands of supportive comments I’d received. It turned out I was a terrible traveller.
    [Comments] The Complete, Always-Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising
    We’d love your comments! We’d love to hear what’s worked for you, if you’re up for leaving us a comment! 1. It’d be really great to get your thoughts in the comments. Social media has been found to be the most effective digital advertising channel for getting more impressions, clicks, and conversions. Facebook in particular stands out — in some cases, 7x cheaper than the next most affordable social media ads channel (Twitter). You can spend as little as $5 per day on Facebook advertising and see significant results. Sounds great, right!
    [Comments] The Games that Shall Not Be Named
    Comments I remember that! The USOC has made a blanket statement that no business can mention the games (aka Olympics) anywhere online. No RTs, no mentions, nothing. The post The Games that Shall Not Be Named appeared first on Spin Sucks. Most of us have a goal of increasing. by Erika Heald It seems account tweeting at the pope has been shut down by. by Harry Hawk I did a quick search on TESS (Trademark Electronic Search. by Harry Hawk How about Sith lords? by Bill Smith Correction: that was a troll account. When Gini said the. by Kate Nolan Plus 14 more.
    [Comments] How to Keep Clients from Tripping Up at Red Carpet Events
    Comments Great post, Nicole! Red carpet ready means leaving a positive impression while connecting with other influencers, and developing meaningful relationships with the media. Nicole Rodrigues shares some valuable lessons. The post How to Keep Clients from Tripping Up at Red Carpet Events appeared first on Spin Sucks. by Paula Kiger “The event wasn’t even a children’s benefit.” Haha by Laura Petrolino I'll stay with rule #5. Being nice and human, and having common.
    [Comments] Lessons in Business Success from the World of Bodybuilding
    Comments People!! Any athlete will tell you that they learn so many lessons which can apply to business success through participating in their sport of choice. Laura Petrolino discuss a few such lessons she's learned through the sport of bodybuilding. The post Lessons in Business Success from the World of Bodybuilding appeared first on Spin Sucks. STOP ENCOURAGING HER!! by Laura Petrolino It's a great image. by Paula Kiger Excellent #PetroPoints! by Paula Kiger I think there is a fine line between being a high achiever and. by Laura Petrolino Plus 14 more.
    [Comments] How To Increase Your Instagram Curb Appeal To Attract More Followers
    Liking and Commenting. Spend a little time every day liking and commenting on other people's posts. Leave a comment below. Social Media How To Increase Your Instagram Curb Appeal To Attract More Followers. There's been a renewed focus within Instagram to support you and your business with discoverability. Instagram Stories , which appear at the top of your feed, are one way. But there's been a more subtle, yet powerful, technique as well. Whenever someone follows a new Instagram user, they're now presented with far more suggested users than before. Curb Appeal. Username.
    [Comments] PB144: Challenge: Create a Link Post
    You may want to share what they’re doing, you may want to leave a comment, you may want like what they’re doing. Challenge: Create a Link Post. This is 7th and final challenge in ProBlogger’s 7 Days to Getting Your Blogging Groove Back Challenge that we kicked off back in episode 137. You can listen to this podcast in the player above or here on iTunes (please take a moment to give us a rating and review if you could). Before I tell you about today’s challenge…. Today my challenge for you is to create a piece of content that links to someone else’s content. link post. Full Transcript.
    [Comments] Social Media Updates: July
    The second  Facebook algorithm change considers when people Like or comment on a post. With this new update, Facebook is going to begin looking at  when  people are choosing to like, comment and share:  If people are engaging with the post right after it is posted, and not as much a few hours later, this suggests that the post was most interesting at the time it was posted, but potentially less interesting at a later date. If your audience regularly shares your content with their friends – who in turn like and comment on it – you will notice less of an impact.
    [Comments] PB143: Challenge: Create a Discussion Starter
    Answer your own question in comments, specifically ask people to answer (friends, influencers, regular commenters), promote the discussion. Because they’re discussion starters, I would really challenge you to interact with them, to leave comments, to like them, to share them if possible. would send them a personal email saying thanks for the comment, just want to let you know I’ve responded to your comment. would give them the link to the post that they had commented on and invite them to go back and have another look. would be the first commenter.
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