[Comments] Taste How Successful Social Media Can Be
    Whether it’s a Pinterest board or a Facebook group, you can invite your family and friends to add, request and comment on beloved recipes. It keeps all the recipes in one place, and though it may not be a traditional cookbook, it will be fun to have comments from all the family and your friends along with their personal input. You love to cook. Your mind constantly goes to new recipes, and you get excited by fresh blueberries and apple season. You dream in flavors of balsamic vinegar and roasted chicken. Have you thought about designing your own cookbook? Blogs.
    [Comments] Fast And Easy Way To Print Or Save A Skype Conversation
    Know of a better way? I’m always open to hearing new suggestions, so add it to the comments section. I find Skype to be one of the most useful tools out there when it comes to connecting with people around the globe. Whether it’s video chat with family or using it to instant message with my development team in India, it has become a staple tool for communicating. One limitation I have found, however, is that Skype doesn’t allow you to easily output, save, or print the communication stream. Until then, happy Skyping! –Sean.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #284
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . The Four Horsemen of Gentrification - Timothy McSweeney's. Read this one while you're sipping single-tree coffee in your uncomfortable corduroys. So tight, it pinches a bit. maybe that's just my snark talking." Alistair for Hugh). Who Knows What About Me? Tinfoil hat time. Worry Dream.
    [Comments] The free tech tool I use to stay in control & organised
    Within each card we can comment on progress (or use a checklist) so that we know what we are all doing without the need for constant updating. It’s no secret that I like to keep things super organised! Knowing that things are all planned out and assigned to whoever needs to do them means I can relax and let go. Leaving my mind clear for the good stuff like my clients! But to get things out of my head they have to go somewhere. And as you know over at Orre HQ we’re always happy to share what we use to keep on top of our stuff and the work flowing. Let’s get sharing.
    [Comments] Make Your Digital Marketing Matter
    It has to be about the people sharing, commenting and caring. Did You Know: 4.6 billion pieces of content are produced daily. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads. 72% of marketers think that branded content is more effective than magazine advertisements. customer will visit at least 10 digital places to learn about a product or a service. In two years, online video will make up 69% of consumer Internet traffic. Social media is the number 1 activity on the web. This calls for every single piece of content to be great.
    [Comments] 5 Top Methods of Link Building in 2015/2016
    Keep on guest blogging, posting on Twitter and Facebook – do your best to win users’ trust as your personal brand is very similar to an average company brand: a name that works for you. 5)      Commenting on Blogs. Here’s one rule you should follow: commenting just for getting links makes no sense as your posts risk to get right to a SPAM folder, cause in most cases they are nothing but keyword rich texts. While posting a comment you should act absolutely naturally. Remember, healthy commenting and spamming don’t go together! Why is that? Good luck!
    [Comments] Seven Marketing Mistakes That Are Waaaaaay Too Common
    Speak up in the comments! By Karol Krol. When it comes to starting your own thing online, building a niche site is one of those go-to beginner-level ideas that everyone can grasp, and everyone can do with relatively low cost. In reality, though, this doesn’t always play out that well at the end of the day … or at the end of the month, rather. And don’t get me wrong; niche sites are great for what they are. really mean it! After all, if you go to Flippa , you’ll see tens, if not hundreds, of different profitable (cash positive) niche sites on sale. The Solution.
    [Comments] The One Simple Reason Against Switching Off Blog Comments
    One trend that stood out, though, was Arik’s belief that blog comments were “officially dead” Based on the examples of Copyblogger and others, Arik feels that we’ll see even more content creators and blogs switch off comments in the months ahead. All of that comes from comments. If the content on display doesn’t quite satiate the reader’s appetite, the comments after the post can. Switching off blog comments doesn't enhance a reader's experience - it hinders it. This blogging trends post was no different. blank stare.
    [Comments] 8 Tools to Curate Content for Social Media
    You can also enhance your story by adding posts, photos, or comments from you site. Content curation describes the act of searching the web for awesome topics, blogs, quotes, news articles, videos, images, or other forms of content to share with your audience. Of course, in this case, we’re not talking about curating content to use on personal profile pages—we’re talking about content curation for the purpose of marketing on social media. The “art” of content curation, as I like to call it, is a lot more challenging than it may seem. Check ‘em out! The trap.it
    [Comments] The 2015 Grateful Challenge
    For those of you who leave comments here almost daily. If you publish your list, post the link in the comments here so I can share all of the grateful posts for the next week or so. Comments Immediate reactions to things we have in common: TULIPS (yes!), by biggreenpen Related Stories The #pitchPRomise: Evolve Your Media Relations Efforts The Future of Media in a Digital World The PR Model is Broken and it’s Up to Us to Fix it. By Gini Dietrich. have just now decided that we will not run blog posts tomorrow. The Grateful Challenge. So here goes! Kelly Dietrich. Alexa.
    [Comments] How to Use #PRStack to Create a Community of Action
    It gravitated around blog posts spilling out into the comment section, and onto Twitter, a Facebook group, Google+, and a dalliance as a LinkedIn group. It took on energy when readers of the post shared, commented on, and began to populate a Google sheet. By Scott Guthrie. PRStack began life as a blog post railing against the t he lack of mature workflow for public relations. The post, written by Stephen Waddington , partner and global engagement officer at Ketchum, chimed with fellow PR practitioners. Define Your Community. So, you’re thinking about forming a community.
    [Comments] How to Optimize Your Digital Marketing
    Retweet, share and respond to comments, both positive and negative. Optimizing Your Digital Presence. We are now in the digital era. Meaning, print ads and newspaper articles will not get the job done when it comes to raising revenue and awareness of your business. And no, digital is not just social media. Optimizing your digital presence goes beyond social media posts and Facebook ads. Here are five tips to fully expand your digital presence. 1. Attractive Website – The first thing someone who is interested in your company (or just browsing the web) will do is look at your website.
    [Comments] Monday Roundup: Thankful Thoughts
    Please share in the comments below. . With Thanksgiving almost upon us, I wanted to do something different for this week’s roundup. So I decided to ask my Social PR Posse to weigh in with resources, blog posts, and more that have them saying “thanks” this year. 1. Laura Kaslow. “I’m thankful for our venture into using Sprout  as our social media content manager. like it because it’s allowing us to easily collaborate with our agency, it’s easy to navigate and allows us to keep track of where things are at easily. Elaine Armstrong. ” 4. 
    [Comments] Why the Changes to LinkedIn Groups are Better for Your Users – and You
    Do group members comment on promotional posts? The social media apocalypse is not upon us. LinkedIn groups, I assure you, are not on the brink of going up in flames and burning group owners to the ground in their wake. While we’re at it, Facebook isn’t on its death bed, either. And Twitter’s not going to crumble away like a withering leaf over a backlash against its rules and terms of service. The Changes to LinkedIn Groups Streamline its Top Functions. Instead, the changes phase out features that detract from groups’ most-used functionality: creating and participating in discussions.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #283
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . The Real "No-Go Zone" of France: A Forbidden No Man's Land Poisoned by War - Messyness Chic. "A couple of links for the most recent Memorial day. First up: Not all of France is pastoral beauty. The Great War left its mark, with a series of abandoned villages and toxic ravines. It's deep.
    [Comments] The skinny on the Small World Labs – Personify merger
    Ben at Online Community Results  (our partner in crime for awesome community strategy projects) expressed what many of you may have been thinking, having seen the carnage (imho) that was the Avectra/Memberfuse acquisition a few years ago.  We believe this partnership will be different, and I wanted to share SWL CEO Michael Wilson’s lengthy comment to Ben’s post, to make sure everyone has seen it. You will have heard about the Small World Labs/Personify merger  that was announced two weeks ago. From Michael Wilson: Hey Ben, thanks for covering the news. You are the best.
    [Comments] What Do You Want Your Content To Do?
    Likes, followers, shares, people who leave comments, and building a real community. What do you want your content to do? Have you asked this question? Do you ask it before you begin creating it? Do you even know how important it is to be asking this question? don't charge anybody for this content. don't charge anybody to listen to my weekly podcast. don't charge anybody for all of the links, thoughts and ramblings that pass through my earholes in places like Facebook and Twitter. If you want me to speak at your event, I will charge you. Content isn't one thing. Content is many things.
    [Comments] Why I’m Loving the Pure Blogging Project
    It’s the direction my own blog had been moving in for a while (from its initial premise of marketing and social media topics), and – going by the comments after each of the two posts linked above – many others wanted to see a return to the “pure blogging” approach. If shares, comment counts and page views are the goals by which you set your content strategy, then Pure Blogging is probably not for you. Earlier this year, as summer started to get into full swing, I published a couple of posts that talked about getting back to pure blogging.
    [Comments] Unpacking the Perfect Business Social Media Page Design
    For example when users scroll over the name of your business in a comment or on a post you make, they are also going to see your Facebook banner (see the screenshot below):  . Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. By now everyone knows that to have a successful online marketing strategy you need social media pages dedicated to your business or brand. However, not all pages are created equal. Before You Get Started. Before we dive in to the critical features of your social page design, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. The Banner Photo.
    [Comments] Why Twitter Killed the Twitter Share Button
    The outward absurdity of this move has been commented upon my many in the social media sphere, perhaps best epitomized by my friend and collaborator Mark Schaefer , who groused incredulously (on Facebook, perhaps ironically): “This is a really dumb decision on their part because sometimes a business decision cannot be made because of ROI. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Where’d the numbers go? Legions of bloggers and website publishers will log on November 21 and discover that the familiar digits displaying the number of  Twitter shares on their content have disappeared. Kinda.
    [Comments] #measurePR Recap (November 2015): Measuring Multimedia
    So did Kelly Byrd : A3: Multimedia = views, reach, (impressions if you MUST), engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.), CTR, CPA. The November #measurePR chat took place on November 3rd. Keeping with the theme of the month, we decided to tackle multimedia from measurement to best practices with special guest Martin Waxman  of Martin Waxman Communications. Here’s some of what we talked about: On PR measurement in 2016 and beyond: A2. Hopefully 2016 will be the year AVEs become extinct #measurepr. measurepr. measurepr. Alexander Wilson also added: A4. Create, measure, evaluate etc.
    [Comments] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Jennifer MacDonald
    Gini, no comment!). By Gini Dietrich. When I began my speaking career in 2008, we were still doing a lot of franchise PR. I had a monthly column in Franchise Times and in  Hotel Executive and people really looked to us as the experts. This was before the economy tanked and all of that business dried up.). Through that work, I met a woman who worked at WIN Home Inspection. She was putting together their annual sales conference and she invited me to speak. That is when I met Jennifer MacDonald. It was super exciting! Oh yes. Skirt and high heels and all. Editor’s Note: What? Anyone?
    [Comments] Employee tracking at work. Is it really needed?
    Feelings of hostility could be manifested by passing sarcastic oral comments, leg pulling on social media forums or sending offensive emails and intimidating texts. According to a survey conducted by ComStore Networks in 2002, about 60% of the online sales took place between 10 am and noon, which is normally the time when many people are at work. It is quite apparent that employees use the web-access provided by their employers for non-work related activities. The practice of employee monitoring is in practice by large and small businesses throughout the world.
    [Comments] More profits and fun, less yucky marketing? Here’s how!
    Let me know in the comments below! Do you know who your competitors are? What makes you different from them? Do you understand why someone is more likely to buy from you or spend their money elsewhere? I’ll tell you what it’s NOT; price, qualifications or years in business. It’s how much they like, know and trust you. More than ever, it’s crucial to show your personality in business. Tweet that! Being YOU is the best thing you can do. strongly believe that the more you-ness you can show, the more easily you can stand out from the crowd, and help people to choose to do business with you.
    [Comments] Go Social and Learn From Those Who Have Made Successful Careers
    She reposts and retweets her fans social media, comments on the Instagram posts of her followers and even chooses random fans to send Christmas gifts to. If they comment, respond. The public looks to celebrities for many things -fashion trends, hair styles, what books to read or shows to watch, but what about entrepreneurial advice? Small business owners and those wanting to be entrepreneurs can take a look at the social media sites of celebrities to learn what it takes to be successful. If one celebrity stands out in the world of successful social media, it might be Taylor Swift.
    [Comments] 3 Tips for Getting Your Online Video Act Together for 2016
    Tell me all about your video marketing adventures in the comments below! Online video marketing stats abound! Time and again, we see and hear countless online video marketing statistics like these: Consumers spend 5.5 hours watching videos every day on average ( eMarketer ). Video is the most popular content marketing format for 2015, ahead of case studies, blogs and infographics ( 2015 State of Digital Marketing , a report featuring insights from over 600 marketers from Web Marketing 123). To autoplay or NOT to autoplay. Native video to keep rising (and rising).
    [Comments] Is Your Franchise Getting Its Social Message Out?
    If you have a negative comment, respond. For many people, owning a franchise is a viable career move. It provides leadership opportunities, a chance to be the boss while having support from the main company, working with an established brand, and being part of something that you feel strongly about. The key, though, is to help the franchise maintain a formidable presence and maintain success. One way many franchise owners are working on this success is through social media. Just like with any other business, social media has become a key component in the marketing of social media.
    [Comments] Turning You Social Media Profiles into Sales Machines
    Whether it’s a click to comment, to share, to take a quiz or survey, or to link back to a blog post or landing page, your social media content has to compel readers to do it. Conversations, comments, likes and shares have exploded as have their profits! One of the best ways to develop and maintain relationships is to check for any comments or feedback that occurs on any of your platforms every day. This is how your brand is spread by likes, comments and shares. Respond to all questions or comments on your posts. Nothing happens until someone clicks something.
    [Comments] 10 Unconventional Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile & Boost Business
    Blogging on LinkedIn gets your content out to the full LinkedIn community via LinkedIn “Pulse” and provides a way for you to easily monitor engagement via comments, likes and shares. For professionals and businesses alike, LinkedIn is no longer optional. These days, everything from sales and business development to content marketing and online learning is done through LinkedIn. When it comes to your boosting your business, here are 10 tips for getting LinkedIn on your side. Humanize Your Brand. In the current culture, brand voice is everything. Connect Strategically. Publish Content.
    [Comments] Using Google Analytics to Unlock the Secrets of your Blog’s Audience
    We’re going to focus on the core concepts and how to begin interpreting what you find in your reports. I’m happy to get technical in the comments, so head to the comments and say hello! If you’ve got a question or need any of this clarified let me know in the comments!). For example, if you were using goals to measure email signups and people commenting, then you might assign $5 to email signups and $2 to people commenting. People commenting. This is a guest contribution from Benjamin Mangold of Loves Data. Do you ever get stuck on where to start?
    [Comments] Top Online Marketing Ideas for Auto Broker Business
    You should respond to all customer comments or queries in a polite, friendly and professional manner. Car broker business has become more competitive than ever and in order for one to flourish at it there is need to leverage the use of modern online marketing technologies. Online marketing forms an integral part in car broker business in an effort to make car sales. However, the online market world is always on a constant change and one must be on their toes always to use it effectively. Below are some useful online marketing ideas that could help you out. Offering Special Promotions.
    [Comments] How social media and DBA experts will help your business grow
    You post something about your business right now, you will have people giving comments about how good it is, what needs to be changed and much more. 4. The world of social media has totally revolutionized how people communicate. Do you want to talk to your friend who is on the other side of the planet? There are all sorts of social media platforms for that. Who sends postcards in this day and era while they can just post something on Instagram or Facebook? Whilst vacationing in the Maldives, you can let the whole world know what you are experiencing and feeling. Instant feedback.
    [Comments] How to Use Location Data to Decode Customer Conversations
    Social media is a popular channel for consumers to post those reviews, comments, or complaints. Marketers are constantly trying to figure out how to reach their target audiences. They are faced with challenging questions. What is the right strategy? What is the right message? What is the right communication channel? There are many different theories out there, and every campaign is unique, but one thing is certain: Social media must be a part of your marketing strategy. The amount of people using social media has grown tremendously, and it is now one of the best ways to reach consumers.
    [Comments] Successful Team Involvement in Content Creation
    You attempt to engage others from your organization in content creation only to get blank stares and snarky comments that “content belongs to marketing,” or that they “have more important things to focus on.”. By Laura Petrolino. If you are in charge of content marketing for your organization, continued quality content creation can often seem like a daunting task. You might face a few scenarios: You solely are responsible for content creation—whether that be blog content, longer form content, promotional content, gated content, newsletter content….the Domain Authority. Messaging. Layout.
    [Comments] The Cat’s Pyjamas Indian in Headingley
    Last weekend we visited The Cat’s Pyjamas, Headingley’s new Indian restaurant…or should I say ‘street food’ eaterie… I’d heard and read really good comments about The Cat’s Pyjamas from people like Harry from Borderline Badass and couldn’t wait to try it! So we popped down last Sunday evening before going to the Cottage Road Cinema to see Spectre. Everyman was full, so thought we’d try Cottage Road for the first time…bad move trying an old cinema with not so great seats for a 2hr+ film! That girl is on fire! Paneer Tacos.
    [Comments] 7 Popular Blogging Tips That Don’t Always Apply
    The theory is that this one-sidedness will fire up both sides of the debate, and your post will become a central feature in a bustling comment thread and a flurry of backlinks. Comment on other blogs. Blog comments do serve several functional purposes. The unfortunate thing is, most blog comments are ignored these days, and link building isn’t as simple as it used to be. Comments can help you, but only if applied to the right posts with the right community and with the right intentions. This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. Write a new post every day.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #282
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . Unbundling Reality - Beau Cronin - Medium. I've known Beau Cronin for a while, and he's a crazy-smart machine learning/VR guy. In this post, he makes a really good point: Unless you're part of the 1%, a virtual world will be way, way better than the real one. Alistair for Hugh). Depression?
    [Comments] The Real ROI of Social Media is Revenue
    Social signals, likes, shares, comments should be measured. ROI or Return on Investment is the calculation of time, money and resources against what you gain in return. In many cases this is boiled down to how much was spent and what did you make in the end? This is fairly cut and dry in business. In marketing we want to see 4X to 5X ROI on a campaign, if we could hit 10X then it was a home run. But in this new era of social media , somewhere, someone or group of someone’s took us off track and sold us a new idea of ROI that felt good but feeling good doesn’t pay the bills.
    [Comments] Revolución de Cuba Rum Bar & Cantina – Leeds
    Pretty much the comments across the board from the other bloggers were that the food was very good. Revolución de Cuba, Leeds’ newest Rum Bar and Cantina, opened the other week and a few of us Leeds bloggers popped down to check it out. Did you ever go to Baracoa, the previous incarnation? Revolución de Revolución de Cuba have done a LOT to change how the place looks. It’s now very spacious, bright and airy. Downstairs is the main restaurant, we were led upstairs for some food, rum tasting and mojito making. The food at Revolución de Cuba. Mojito making.
    [Comments] 6 Brilliant Online Marketing and Advertising Methods for Internet Businesses
    User engagement: In order to catch the attention of your users, you should ask them questions, respond to their comments, request their feedback and engage them in conversations pertaining to any hot topic and not just your business. Whether you are just beginning your e-commerce adventure or you already have an online store, you cannot succeed if you cannot lure in customers to your business. This seems easier said than done because it can be immensely time-consuming and difficult for any business to acquire customers. and you should opt for those that can work well for your business.
    [Comments] Kick SPAD to the Curb with The Social PR Launchpad
    and Lola have provided comments. After years of trying to help countless students, clients, and fellow PR pros do away with ineffectual, boring, and simply awful Social PR efforts I had a decision to make: Either get more exhausted and frustrated than a Salvation Army bellringer on Veterans Day by continuing to try to solve the Social PR world’s woes one frantic tweet at a time… or find a way to help as many as possible at one go. Superheros need super-sidekicks. Shonali really knows her stuff,” said Suzy Q, the cancer-fighting Corgi mix that you all know and love.
    [Comments] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Laura Petrolino
    Hmmm…what else. I’m sure many of you know random facts about me, please feel free to share in the comments below. Danny Brown had a fantastic post the other day on this (to which I wrote a small novel in the comments in response). Comments chelpixie LOL! By Gini Dietrich. Though Laura Petrolino needs no introduction, I asked her to sit on the Spin Sucks Inquisition hot seat today because, well, she hasn’t had a turn yet. Nope, I’m wrong. She HAS had a turn. Oh well. Here she is AGAIN.). This is what it is like to work with her, day in and day out!
    [Comments] How to Build A Culture of Community on Your Blog
    You can find the show notes of episode 61 here , and as always, I welcome your feedback on the podcast in the comment section. The ProBlogger Podcast How-To: Leave Comments on Blogs. Ways to Ramp Up Comments on Your Blog. You can find the show notes of episode 61 here, and as always, I welcome your feedback on the podcast in the comment section. also promised a follow-up podcast on how to do just that! There are 7 ways I think are useful in creating a culture of community to help your blog come alive. also promised a follow-up podcast on how to do just that!
    [Comments] 4 Ways to Improve Your Visual Content For Social Media Right Away
    One particular image, of Felix right after landing, generated around 21,000 comments, 49,000 shares, and 482,000 likes alone. Let us know in the comments below! In 1983, Steve Jobs famously lured Pepsi’s youngest CEO, John Sculley, over to the then-nascent Apple with a single question : “Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?”. There’s no doubt that Apple has changed the world today, but sugared water hasn’t done too badly either. How far in? Astronomical, indeed. But don’t just stop at one. https://t.co/d7Z04cRWOG
    [Comments] The 22 Greatest Villains in Literature
    If you don’t see your villain listed here, tell us in the comments who it is and why. By Gini Dietrich. Today we are going to talk about the greatest villains in literature. It has been said that Randall Flagg (originally from Stephen King’s The Stand and then appearing in eight more of his books) is the greatest villain of all time. He certainly is one of the most scary. read The Stand for the first time while Mr. D and I were traveling in Paris for our 10-year-anniversary. Let’s just say, Flagg combined with jet lag made for many sleepless nights. – Jono Smith.
    [Comments] What To Say When You Used All Your Mobile Data Watching Netflix…
    Snapchat declined to comment on the matter. What To Say When You Used All Your Mobile Data Watching Netflix…. Maybe I should switch to T-Mobile. If you are a Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or any other video streaming service junkie, you know the struggle of using all you mobile data while binge watching. You could just watch your favorite shows when you have Wi-Fi or you could switch cell phone providers. Mobile announced yesterday that these video streams will no longer charge users for the data they use on video streaming services. But how? Source Wall Street Journal ). Source Google ).
    [Comments] How A Simple Blog Led To Writing For Forbes, Mashable, and TechCrunch (and 7 Tips to Help You Do it Too!)
    Most of my writing didn’t attract any comments. Tom found my comments, and told me since I was too busy we might as well part ways. wrote an article about a tech company, submitted it, and it was rejected without comment. This is a guest contribution from Josh Steimle. I’ve had the privilege of my writing being published on Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, Time, Fast Company, VentureBeat, Entrepreneur, and several other publications, and if you aspire to see your writing in mainstream publications like these, perhaps there is something in my story that will help you get there.
    [Comments] You Will Never Be This Honest In Your Marketing
    If you’ve got some great examples, leave them in the comments below and I’ll write a follow-up post. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Trust is the foundation upon which ALL business success is built. Without trust, nothing else matters. Price doesn’t matter. Customer service doesn’t matter. Marketing sure as hell doesn’t matter.  Trying to succeed in business without trust is like trying to drink coffee without a cup. One of the very best ways to gain and keep trust is to be disproportionately open and honest. Yet, it’s still a rarity in business.
    [Comments] Why You Should Make Building Community a Priority in Your Blogging
    When you write a blog post, you hope that your readers will interact, leave a comment, acknowledge that you’ve even written something, and today I’m going to talk about how to do just that – deepen that reader engagement, and some reasons why I think this is so important (particularly for those just starting out). Do you ever feel as a blogger like you’re talking to an empty room? know I have definitely felt that way! Particularly when I first started Digital Photography School. But if you feel that way too, I want you to know: you’re not alone.
    [Comments] A Holiday Guide for the Content Marketer
    Many use the tool by posting helpful, relevant links from their site in forum comments. Let me know in the comments below…. By Cosette Jarrett. As a content marketer on top of your game, you’ve probably already come up with a killer strategy full of interesting seasonal content for the holidays. However as this talented marketer, you also know, in order to really do a great job in your content marketing this season, you’ll need to produce timely content along with this traditional holiday content. Holiday Guide for the Content Marketer. Quora. Two great content ideas there.
    [Comments] 9 Hidden Social Media Features to Help Your Business Succeed
    Let us know your story and your thoughts in the comment section below. As the manager of social media accounts, you are surely a whiz at all things Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even the newest flavor of the week. Unless you dig really deep, however, you may be missing out on some key features that can make life easier for you and for the success of your business as a whole. There are many hidden features out there on all of the different social networks that are not advertised or have not been popularized. Facebook’s ‘Other’ Inbox. Facebook’s ‘View Page as a Visitor’. Likely not.
    [Comments] Monday Roundup: PRSA 2015 International Conference
    Please share in the comments below… and come say “hi” if you’re here! Good morning from Atlanta! I’m here for the 2015 PRSA International Conference where there’s absolutely no shortage of awesome speakers this year. Get to know some of them a little better in this week’s roundup. And why not get to know me a little better this weekend during my first ever free online mini-training,  The Social PR Launchpad: Unleash Your Inner Social PR Superhero ? ” 1. How to Prevent a Social Media Crisis. ” 2.  ” 3.  ” 7. 
    [Comments] A 3-Step Blueprint for Smart Affiliate Marketing
    And how do you actually create informative content that your readers would love to comment on and share with their friends? Please share your thoughts in the comments. This is a guest contribution from Anil Agarwal. Building a blog that gets huge traffic isn’t necessarily hard, but converting that traffic into sales can be. Most people think they can make a living online by increasing their website traffic. In reality, though, it’s not about any old traffic- it has to be targeted. You have to bring laser-focused audience to your sites to grow your sales and overall monthly income.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #281
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . NPR Voice' Has Taken Over the Airwaves - The New York Times. "I blame Serial. And Radiolab. The New York Times calls it ' NPR voice' -- and it's showing up everywhere, with pauses and carefully rehearsed casualness. Alistair for Hugh). Alistair for Mitch). Well, okay. Hugh for Mitch).
    [Comments] LinkedIn Groups Have Changed. Do They Still Make Sense for your Org?
    Group owners, managers, and moderators can still remove off-topic conversations and place members in moderation, and other group members can also flag inappropriate comments and conversations after they’ve been posted. Comment by sharing this post. A few weeks ago, LinkedIn announced that they were going to be rolling out some pretty big changes to their Groups feature. When a member requests to join a Standard Group, their connections in the group can approve the request. Group owners and managers can also approve any request to join. Better Content Filtering. Content Moderation.
    [Comments] Content Marketing: Use the Five Principles of C.H.A.O.S.
    Ask your customers to provide feedback through polls, comments, and questionnaires. Share and comment on other people’s content to encourage reciprocation. Encourage commenting and sharing and respond to the comments that you do receive. By Andy Preisler. C.H.A.O.S is a strategy you can use to overcome almost any business problem. No, not the messy kind. The acronym kind. What does C.H.A.O.S. stand for, you ask? It is: C ommunicate. H elp. ttract. bserve/Outfox. Communicate. This is easy to do. Talk to your sales and customer service staff and your sales team.
    [Comments] The Complete Bloggers’ Guide to Web Hosting
    Those in the middle, who likely can easily see both the pros and cons, may not comment at all. Big companies – with tens of thousands of customers – are bound to have negative comments. What’s important is to see how these hosting companies handle critiques and negative comments. This is a guest contribution from Jerry Low. Blog hosting can be a confusing thing to navigate , particularly if you’re new to the blogging game or just striking out with your own domain. For example, DreamHost is a bit pricey for someone looking for an option that fits into a tight budget.
    [Comments] 5 Ways to Ramp Up Comments on Your Blog
    Comments feed the writers soul with proof of work well done. It’s easy to think that not everyone likes comments, but the truth is that comments are what makes us believe in our content and its usefulness. The feeling you get from not receiving any comments on the content you write can be pretty devastating. Comments are the blogger’s currency, and how long can you keep going on for when you’re broke? If 1% of 1000 readers leaves a comment, that makes for 10 comments — a much more realistic number. Comment to get comments.
    [Comments] What’s On the New Multimedia Cart?
    Please share in the comments below. I know I’m dating myself, but whenever someone says multimedia, I think of those nondescript A/V carts of my high school and university days. You know, grey rolling metal devices with messy open shelves that held a 16MM film projector, slide projector and a bunch of cords. And while I liked the idea of multimedia, I never imagined myself as the person behind the cart. Of course, the audio-visual landscape has changed dramatically since then. PR school taught people why great writing is an essential part of the profession. And in many ways it still is.
    [Comments] Where’d you post your spring break pics?
    People are a bit upset since the FICO assessment  includes comments, meaning when your friends mention you turning up that can affect your credit score. Where’d you post your spring break pics? FICO is one of the nation’s largest credit rating companies and they’re searching social media to analyze consumer’s creditworthiness. FICO is using new assessment tests to search for negative keywords like, wasted, trashed, & hammered. Online privacy is like the  ghost of Christmas past. Source: Chicago Tribune). Want to protect your privacy? workout?” Good luck! Source MSN).
    [Comments] Realignment #5: From Products to Solutions
    What’s more, it is interactive and you have a chance to comment. Based on the new book:  The Demand Perspective: Leading From the Outside In. ———– A Quantum Leap for Increasing Competitiveness The New Engagement – from Participation to Connection. My small community bank added a new feature which is immensely convenient to me: the ability to transfer funds to and from other banks! I am sure that the bank would prefer that I keep all my accounts with them, yet they make it easier for me to keep and manage accounts at different banks. It paid off. photo credit ).
    [Comments] 5 Easy Tools for Social Selling Success
    You were constantly switching between tabs, hoping that you weren’t missing a valuable comment or brand mention, and every day was broken into hour-long pieces, each of which was punctuated by sitting down and writing a post. Guest post by Austin Duck. Social selling is an awesome way to get things done. But, like the early days of anything on social, it’s difficult, messy, and imprecise. A big reason for this is a lack of organizational tools. Remember trying to manage your brand’s presence on social media pre Hootsuite? It was the stuff of nightmares. Now go sell something!
    [Comments] Rent Social Media for the Best Properties
    Questions and Comments. If you’re in the market for a rental property, then let social media help you find your home sweet home. More and more rental agencies are promoting their properties on sites like Facebook and Instagram, which makes social media a great resource for finding the perfect rental. Here are just a few ways you can use social media to find your next rental: Local Listings. There’s a good chance that if you’re looking for a rental property, you’re probably looking within your area. Viewing Property Photos and Videos. Rental Deals for Followers.
    [Comments] The Secret Weapon That Levels the Playing Field for Every Blogger
    Blogging from Paradise readers often comment that they love when I share my personal travel stories. This is a guest contribution from Ryan Biddulph. years ago I was a broke, depressed, recently-laid-off security guard. My life had no direction. I had no purpose. My self esteem was in the toilet. I was lost, swaying to and fro on a sea of circumstance. Today, I am a pro-blogging island-hopper. My wife Kelli and I blog from paradise. This secret weapon helped me to gain recognition in a crowded, star-studded blogging field. Yes… even you! The Secret Weapon? My story. Your story.
    [Comments] Monday Roundup: Multimedia in PR
    Please share in the comments below. In today’s digital business landscape, just telling your story with plain old text is no longer enough. Multimedia can help give your brand the edge that it needs over the competition. So if you’re ready to inject some extra pizzazz into your efforts, check out this week’s roundup. And if you really want a reason to show the world your jazz hands, sign up for my mini-training coming up next weekend, “ The Social PR Launchpad: Unleash Your Inner Social PR Superhero.” ” You can thank me later. 1. ” 3.  ” 5. 
    [Comments] Three Components of Employee Satisfaction
    Comments I love this Laura (and happy anniversary by the way!). By Laura Petrolino. This last week I’ve spent some time thinking about the components of employee satisfaction. This is a really timely topic for me for a few reasons. First, on the 28th I celebrated my two year anniversary at Arment Dietrich. Two years!?! Can you believe it? I’m not sure how Gini Dietrich has put up with me for two years straight, but hey….I’m I’m not going to question it.). And most importantly, our team is growing (and an awesome team it is). Growth Opportunities are Key To Employee Satisfaction. think.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #280
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . New font lets anyone learn Japanese - DramaFever. Cool design idea: Japanese characters that include their Western pronunciation, making it easy for anyone to find the Western phonetics behind Japanese words. What's happened to typography online is pretty fantastic." Alistair for Hugh).
    [Comments] Social Media Has Made Us Soft (Or Why We Need to Grow Some Balls)
    Comments rain in – “Great post!”, “So true and only you could say that!” Now, I’m the first to really praise a blog and share it on my networks when there’s great content, as well as comment and show my appreciation. Yet more and more I’m feeling less inclined to comment, because I land on a post with the same safe viewpoint, or a circle of self-adoring comments. And this is a shame, because blogs ( and their community of commenters ) can really offer fresh takes on tired subjects. and so on. Grow Balls – Grow You. We’re all individuals.
    [Comments] How to Use Twitter Removal DM Restrictions in Your Marketing Strategy
    Think about your Facebook posts that get lots of response and comment. Send a regular Tweet first that announces a forthcoming DM and it subject matter, encourage them to read it and respond with any comments or questions. In July, Twitter announced that it was removing the 140-character restriction on DM’s and allowing, instead a 10,000 character chat message. At first, marketers responded with a “Ho-Hum” attitude. After all, they already had live chat on their sites, conversations on Facebook, and the ability to connect personally with readers and customers on their blogs.
    [Comments] How to Build Great Relationships in Business and in Life
    Read and comment on their blog posts. By Norma Maxwell. Gini Dietrich stole my post idea when she wrote Ten Ways to Treat Media Relations Like Dating. Okay, not really, but you might notice a couple of parallels. Because relationships are the thing  in business and in life. Fifteen years ago, I switched my major from history to computer science because I wanted to design online education applications.   My advisor told me I was crazy because the Internet was only a fad… She was mistaken. The way we do business and relate to one another is worlds apart from back then. Fantastic!
    [Comments] 6 Resources That Will Make You a Better Storyteller
    Please share in the comments below. Guest Post by Kristin Piombino. Storytelling is a hot topic in the communications industry these days. Stories Stories connect people to each other and to their organizations. They humanize giant corporations and make brands relatable to customers. But while stories can work magic for corporate communicators, writing a good story isn’t easy. If If you’ve ever stared helplessly at a blank Word document, you know what I’m talking about. It’s frustrating when you know what you want to say, but you can’t seem to conjure the right words. Give them a try. 1.
    [Comments] Five Ways to Build a Better Media List
    It won’t hurt to engage a little on social media and comment on their posts. By Aly Saxe. In the PR business, it’s all about whom you know. Like most PR pros, you probably have a modern day Rolodex (media list spreadsheet) of your strongest contacts—the media and influencers you’ve been working with for years. Layered on top of that is a list of folks you’ve probably pitched many times, maybe interacted with a little, but they aren’t the ones who will pick up the phone when you call. Thank goodness for interns, right? Get real. No, you can’t leave this job to the intern. Negative.
    [Comments] Weird Inspiration: A Look Inside NowSourcing
    Then something as simple as a comment during a meeting can lead you to see things with new eyes, inspiring you to see things a a new and weird light. We have a very creative office here at NowSourcing, but sometimes when you’re used to seeing something every day it loses its luster. Below are some images of strange things around our office dressed up for the macabre. Try doing this in a cubicle farm. Enjoy! Jack In The Ceiling. We have a height chart full of notable celebrities on a column in our common room. Zombie Under The Coffee Maker. Vampire Behind The Door. Fallout Shelter.
    [Comments] Is Blab the Savior of Podcasting and Online Radio
    Blab is so easy to use, both for show hosts and for guest/commenters/watchers, that hundreds of podcasts have already either moved to the platform, or been started from scratch on Blab. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Podcasting is on fire , with listenership soaring, and the number of podcasts multiplying like Tribbles, including our own podcast proliferation here at Convince & Convert Media. But even with all that growth, podcasting is still a niche media type seemingly destined to be a tertiary way to get entertained or informed. But maybe, just maybe, Blab will change that?
  • FEVER BEE  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2015
    [Comments] Do Expensive Running Shoes Create Great Runners?
    It hasn’t stopped dozens of news sites shutting down their comment sections. If every marathon runner wears expensive shoes, would you believe expensive shoes create marathon runners? Probably not. But if you get everything else (training, nutrition, dedication) right they might help. This is what happens when we fill a petri dish with success stories and look at it through a microscope. We draw the wrong conclusions. Likewise, if we look solely at organizations who have built successful communities, we might conclude communities are the future of business. We know that’s not true.
    [Comments] Why LinkedIn Is Now Such a Powerful Content Marketing Tool
    experienced this firsthand when an article I wrote about how to craft an engaging narrative with data was chosen by a LinkedIn editor to appear in the Big Data channel; the piece ended up generating over 180 likes, 20 comments, and nearly a thousand views. In September, Andreessen Horowitz partner Benedict Evans published a Google Analytics chart of his blog traffic spanning back to 2010 when he launched it. These days, the blog attracts monthly audiences in the hundreds of thousands, but for the first few years the traffic was miniscule, barely producing a blip in the chart.
    [Comments] Social Media Won’t Kill Blog Comments – Bloggers Will
    After all, if there’s no in-depth wisdom on display, why should anyone comment? 58 comments and counting later, I guess that train of thought has been blown out of the water. And these comments aren’t just “great post”, or “well, because a blog’s a blog and not a book” No, these are some of the most thoughtful and insightful comments I’ve seen about this topic – all despite a post of only 60 words starting the discussion, all within the context of “blog comments are dead” from a very vocal majority online.
    [Comments] Monday Roundup: Best of SBC + #socialPR Launchpad
    Please share in the comments below – really, please do, because it will help me a TON as I put it together. Warning: a bit of SSP ahead. If you’re down with that, read on. If you’re not, move along, nothing to see here, folks, go back to your homes. So: over the years, I feel like I’ve shared a million dollars (or more) worth of great info on the blawg, but a million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? billion dollars. And that’s exactly what you’ll feel like you’re getting when you join my three-day free (yup. What’s it all about?
    [Comments] Living through the Lens Challenge
    Also please comment and favorite the photos you see from your peers. Two and a half weeks ago I launched the Living through the Lens weekly challenge on Flickr. The Challenge was in response to Jeff Cutler ‘s request, a weekly effort that lets people participate in whatever I may be photographing during the week. reposted Jeff’s idea on Facebook, and many people liked the idea and wanted to participate, too. So here we are. have been super impressed with the incredible quality of photos that people have submitted. The first challenge was “foliage.”
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #279
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another:  . This American Life - Cars.  "A bunch of people I know told me this is the best episode of the iconic  This American Life. Sell 129 cars? Bonus. Sell 128? Catastrophe. Dealerships are facing back-pressure from direct-sales models, too. What a nice friend." Alistair for Mitch). Our mortality?
    [Comments] Women Can Benefit Health-wise From Being More Social
    Not only can the blog itself offer great advice on staying healthy, but you can also learn about from the comment feed. Maybe looking on the Internet and social media for every symptom, ailment and health question you have isn’t the best idea – it can be terrifying. But using it to answer some general health questions about when to make certain lifestyle changes for your health isn’t such a bad idea. The Internet and social media can offer smart, current information about many health-related topics. You just have to be careful where to look. Growing Old Gracefully.
    [Comments] Haters Gonna Hate? Try Being Equal to Dog Crap
    Or, if that person’s a blogger, their adoring fans respond to your comment with a “Haters gonna hate” reply. Opinions are great. They allow people to share their thoughts on something, and contribute to a conversation that otherwise may have passed them by. Opposing opinions are even better, as they stop us from becoming too ego-centric and full of our own bunkum. Opposing opinions can make us re-evaluate our viewpoints with fact and make us better people for learning new ideas. So they get snarky. Seriously, what the f*ck does that have to do with anything? Get real. You want hate?
    [Comments] My speed dating method for obliterating your to-do list
    love hearing from you so that we can all learn together – let me know in the comments below your favourite methods for beating the overwhelm gremlins. You know that feeling when you start your day, and you’re looking ahead to everything you need to get done? There’s so much going on in your head that you don’t actually know where to begin or which to-do to start first. You wonder, “How the H am I going to do it all? There are so many things – a s**t load of stuff and no time. It’s impossible!”. The feeling of panic and overwhelm rising. STOP RIGHT THERE. My method. Ok, ready?
    [Comments] Why My Blog is a Hog and Tips for YOU
    hope that sharing frustrations, tips, and tools that are part of the hog that is my blog will help you, too.  So let me know by commenting, please. Bloggity, blog, blog. Sloggity, slog, slog. What I’ve learned. Is a blog is a hog! It hogs my time. It hogs my thoughts. But I also think. like it a lot. I’m here to tell you some of what I’ve learned. And what I’m still learning, as I develop my freelance writer’s website and business. And the first lesson is a blog is a must. Especially if you are looking for work as a writer. And some of what they can expect. Great!
    [Comments] Applied Analytics with Andy Crestodina
    Comments biggreenpen Woo hoo! By Gini Dietrich. It’s that time of the month! Free webinar time. This month, we asked Andy Crestodina to join us again because he has a new presentation on Applied Analytics …and every communicator must understand this. promise it’s not math. It’s not even science. It’s learning how to read the reports Google Analytics gives you. It’s applied analytics to make decisions, not to report metrics. You will like this one, you will learn something, and you will conquer your fear of not wanting to do it because it’s math.
    [Comments] Social Media Statistics That Will Be Important In 2016
    Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Social media in 2015 was all about small-scale solutions getting more popular and more involved with advertising – everything from Snapchat to Whatsapp became fair game for capturing audiences. As the third quarter ends, though, it’s time to look ahead and start keeping in mind what will be important to watch in 2016. Lots of trends and strategies will stay the same for businesses, but there are several statistics that help give us a clue into what may change. Social Media Statistics Give Us a Look Into Strategies for 2016.
    [Comments] Eight Social Media Tactics Designed for Big Return
    His title is “ More Blog Subscribers and Comments? Like and Comment On Updates. This one created some really good conversation yesterday because some people in the room are very savvy with social media, but feel odd liking and commenting on the company updates. But I also think it’s only weird if you are the admin for the company page and you like the update; i.e. Arment Dietrich shouldn’t like the update, but I can like it and comment on it. Heck, my last name is the same as the company name and I try to comment on nearly everything. Add it!
    [Comments] If We Lose the Right to Opinion, We Lose More Than Just Page Views
    If we lose the right to opinion, we lose more than page views and comments. If we lose the right to opine based on fact and experience, and instead are forced to remain silent or face the consequences, we lose more than just a few page views and comments – we lose the very fabric of what makes the web what it is today. Back in 2009, I published a post about online watch sales company Melrose Jeweler’s. Ridiculous, right? Note: Rolex was never affiliated with Melrose, as has since been publicized by a subsequent lawsuit and the closure of Melrose. ). Or worse. Source.
    [Comments] Take a Cut Out of Social Media
    Respond to Comments. As your social presence grows, there’s a good chance you’ll begin receiving comments through your social posts and blogs. To keep your social audiences coming back for more, it’s important to respond to each and every comment you receive. Whether it’s a question about your hairstyling tutorial or a general comment on one of your hair care advice posts, responding to comments will show your followers that you’re available, involved, and care about what they think. Share Hair Care Tips.
    [Comments] Amazon Sues For Fake Product Reviews
    You might want to check the reviews on your next Amazon purchase and run far away if you see a comment from John Doe. What to Say When You Pretend to Like the Gift Your Weird Aunt Gave You…. “It’s the best product ever!!” Well it looks like a lot of people are faking it on Amazon Reviews. The e-commerce giant is suing 1,000 “John Doe’s” who are giving fake product reviews. Source: The Guardian ). Yes, We’ll Take One Pop Culture Website. Publishing giant, Time Inc. added another player to their list of over 90 publications. Time Inc. Time Inc. The more celebrity gossip the better, right?!
    [Comments] Monday Roundup: Compelling Storytelling
    Their perception of you will determine whether they’ll read your content, comment on your blog posts, refer others to your blog, hire you, or buy from you,” says Neil Patel as he explains how to make your content stand out. Please share in the comments below. When it comes to storytelling, quality over quantity is a pretty standard rule of thumb. Compelling storytelling can expand your audience and strengthen the bond you have with your customer base. If you hear crickets when you tell your brand’s story, don’t give up just yet. ” 2. 
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #278
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another: Holloways: Roads Tunnelled Into The Earth By Time - Atlas Obscura. There's something haunting about these almost-circular trenches, dug by feet and carts over centuries. Imogen Heap Performance with Musical Gloves Demo: Full Wired Talk 2012 - Wired. Hugh for Mitch). Mitch for Alistair). mirum.
    [Comments] How to find (and keep) your dream clients online
    Was it how you expected or did you find them in an unusual way? I’d love to know – hit me up in the comments below and share your love stories, I’m a sucker for them! So you’ve got your dream biz idea, you’re sure that your service or product is going to make life easier / better / prettier for your clients. Then the million dollar question is: How are you going to find them? This is one of the most asked questions EVER – of course it is. Without clients you’ve got no income – and without that you have no business. But it’s not just finding them. At home.
    [Comments] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Suzy Chisholm
    Many of you leave comments here, others message me on Twitter or Facebook, others call me (even though I never answer the phone), and others email me. You can also leave her a comment here and make me happy, too! By Gini Dietrich. One of the many things I love about the Spin Sucks Crazies is I get to talk with you—and build relationships—in several different arenas. Suzy Chisholm is of the latter group…and every time I receive an email from her, I know it’s going to make my day. mean, she’s a communicator, she’s whip smart, and she lives in Zurich.
    [Comments] How to Use Traditional Advertising to Expand Your Social Media Following
    Answer people’s questions and comments and add posts which will encourage your followers to share the item. If this proves too big a time commitment then use a scheduling tool to retain a steady flow of posts and then check in live at least once or twice a week to answer comments. Most consumers now connect with companies through the screen of their mobile phone. Therefore, if you want to grow your business, it’s vital to build a large social media following via a range of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Why Use Social Media? Building Your Following.
    [Comments] What to say when your friend’s TV is bigger than yours…
    Google has not yet commented, but we can only imagine what their plans entail. What to say when your friend’s TV is bigger than yours… “Facebook.” Facebook is taking a strong initiative to conquer YouTube… well sort of. The social media giant plans to overthrow the video giant by incorporating a more robust video watching platform on their mobile app and website. Remember that Facebook already accounts for 20% of the time people spend online, and now they want more. Why so much video? Because ⅔  of all content we will view on our phones in 2017 will be video. Source MSN).
    [Comments] 3 Brands That Know the Importance of Social Media
    Taco Bell’s team has adopted an irreverent, playful tone in its responses to comments, and fans love it. While calculating social ROI isn’t always easy because likes and shares don’t translate directly into sales, there’s still no excuse for letting social marketing lag by the wayside. The most recognizable big brands are the ones killing it on social because they know it ultimately pays off in brand awareness, customer loyalty, leads or all three. The actual product. What else won’t you see? Sales pitches. Think again.
    [Comments] More Blog Subscribers and Comments? Better Use Postmatic!
    Ask any blogger what their two main wishes are for their blogs, and eight times out of ten* you’ll probably get “more comments” and “more subscribers” as the answer. Especially for bloggers who thrive on engagement, more comments means more goals met. More comments also have a way of increasing subscribers, because if a reader leaves a comment, it means they’ve enjoyed the piece. So, yeah… comments and subscribers. While many other plugins offer a “unique” spin on how they approach blog comments, Postmatic actually delivers on that promise. So…. .
    [Comments] Tips for Using Keywords When Writing Blog Post
    The comments! The more comments you get, the more authoritative your blog post is. Of course, you also need keywords in those comments – that strategy will inevitably result with a higher ranking on search engine. You can’t ask your readers to use keywords in the comments, but you can infuse some words and phrases into the responses you write. You need to be really careful with this; each and every comment must be natural! Search engine optimization is easy. Wait; it’s not that easy! Each and every keyword you position in the text should be well-planned.
    [Comments] Why Customer Experience is the Ultimate Marketing Tool
    If you have noticed unresolved questions, comments, and tweets on your social channels, or if your CRM is not syncing and recording these highly valuable customer engagements on social, it’s time to invest in a real solution. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. According to Gartner , customer experience is the practice of designing for and reacting to customer interactions to meet and exceed customer expectations to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. As technology evolves, it is rapidly pushing the bar higher for more intuitive user interactions and transcendent usability.
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