[Comments] Hospitals Operating with a More Social Approach
    It’s a way to reach a large numbers of people, have a forum for questions and comments, and provide information. 'When many of us think of social media, we think of teenagers sending pictures and snarky remarks, or middle-aged women planning high school reunions and sharing their kids’ latest achievements. However, there is much more to it. Most businesses these days would be at a loss without social media; it’s a huge marketing facet and one that opens a great informative forum. Even hospitals are deep into social media and seeing important benefits from its use.
    [Comments] Make The Connections That Change Your Business
    After that, the discussion starts in the comments and other readers share their insights. 'Are you involved with your local community? For some, involvement means your kids go to the local school and you eat at the neighborhood pizza joint occasionally. But for a business, local events can create a lot of benefits. Casey Meraz has a really interesting hobby: he hosts and runs local events. He shares his enthusiasm on Moz with a great article called  Local Event Marketing: Earn Links, Build Citations, Get Reviews, Increase Foot Traffic, and Win at Local SEO. I’m impressed.
    [Comments] Voice of Customer (VoC) Metrics for Small Business
    Please share in comments below. Consider leaving a comment! 'Guest Post by Trevor Grey. One thing that I found common with all of my clients was that although their prerequisites were different, they were all looking to launch a VoC program but felt uncertain about the key metrics they should be using. Before they shared their goals with me, I had one piece of advice for all of them, which was not to feel tempted to mimic another company’s Voice of Customer program or metrics. VoC metrics vary from one niche and between the size and type of business. But what metrics to use?
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    [Comments] Enough From the Naysayers: Sponsored Content Is Just Scratching the Surface
    Tell us about it in the Comments 'A recent Contently study has some unkind results for digital content marketers. But is it time to sound the alarm, send out an SOS and abandon ship? Not so fast. The study, Sponsored Content Has a Trust Problem , reveals what its authors claim is a deep-seeded skepticism among readers in the recent wave of native ad content populating the pages of your favorite blogs and websites. Marketers and journalists are no strangers to public skepticism — and it’s easy to see why some readers would take any “branded” content with a grain of salt. Oh boy.
    [Comments] Social Media Can Boost Your Subscription Business: Here’s How
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Guest Post from  SocialMonsters. Businesses that sell a service via recurring or subscription billing have an ongoing operations and revenue stream to promote and maintain. solid social media marketing plan can position a subscription business like this to grow exponentially and extend promotional reach with online engagement and community building. What Type of Businesses Sell Subscriptions? It’s not difficult to set up a monthly subscription billing model for products and services. Step Up Subscription Business with Social Media. What to Watch Out For.
    [Comments] Return Hither
    Consider leaving a comment! 'So many thoughts. Along with so much to do. It’s not so much a time of short-attention span thinking. In our own defense, with the amount of messages that tug at our senses, living with quick-attention is our protective filter in the war of signal vs. noise. So many thoughts. Where do your thoughts live? Perhaps… a To-Do List. Journal. Index Cards. Post-its. Whiteboard. voice recorder. Yesterday. Tomorrow. wondering what others think. back to the to-do list. shopping. calendar. Return hither. To this point, this place, this time. Count to ten.
    [Comments] A Twitch In Time
    In the past half-decade, massive online communities have been created for people who like to sit back and simply watch others play and comment on their games. 'Admit it, you had no idea what Twitch was until Amazon bought it for one billion dollars, right? And suddenly, I''m watching two guys do something in Minecraft , and I have no idea what they''re doing because they''re speaking Norwegian (and, I wouldn''t have even known what language they were speaking, if it weren''t for Google Translate ). People are into it. That''s it, I am officially out of loop. It is my being. advertising.
    [Comments] Lawyers: One Of The Most Important Questions You Can Ask Your Clients
    If you can think of additional ways to ask that same question, please share them in the comments below, or let me know at nancy@myrlandmarketing.com. 'I was just reading an email from WordPress expert Chris Lema about his recent search for a new job. He was discussing what made him choose one employer over another. Something he said stuck with me because it could help you as you begin working with your clients, and as you continue working with current clients. Chris shared: “Karim’s [Chris''s new employer] focus, however, wasn’t on title or salary. It’s easy. Be patient.
    [Comments] How Do Optimists Stay Inspired?
    People on the Internet are so cynical; just read the comments on any article. 'It’s not always easy to be an optimist. speak from experience: we’ve recently moved to a new office and been trying to expand into new markets which can be a stressful situation. That said, many of you know of me as a pretty big optimist and often try to cheer on people around the Internet. Think of it as the Chicken Soup for the Marketer’s Soul. You might think it’s exhausting to keep up such a pace – guess what? It is! So, how does the person giving inspiration get inspired?
    [Comments] Is it worth investing in social media?
    IG accepts no responsibility for any use that may be made of these comments and for any consequences that result. 'As key American indices were hitting new record highs last month, Janet Yellen issued a statement – alongside a Federal Reserve report – warning about the stretched nature of social media stocks. For the chair of the Federal Reserve to issue such a direct warning to the markets was highly unusual, and a telling reflection of the huge enthusiasm that traders seem to be feeling about social media. And Ms. Around the time of Ms. Spread bets and CFDs are leveraged products.
    [Comments] Finding Focus Begets Finer Flow
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Creating and finding a flow is important for many business owners. But But is it really flow they seek? Finding flow as a business owner can be difficult. Phone calls, employee situations, scheduling changes, delivery delays … the tyranny of the urgent seems to beset many owners in their search for “flow” Stop searching for flow – you already have it. It might not be the flow you desire, but if you’re breathing, you’re flowing. In order to find flow, one must first find focus. Multitasking is a Myth. Poor flow? Click Here!
    [Comments] Building a 7-Figure a Year SEO Company…by Marketing to the Medical Field
    Totally agree with you on the London Hotel comment regarding SEO; every time we open our doors we have to turn people away because they want to rank for a term we’re working on for another client. In fact I think a lot of people reading this are going to read your comments, which you coupled with some great marketing ideas, and think “I can do that” and I hope it inspires them to take action. As always, comments are always appreciate so we both welcome any feedback. Today I would like to introduce one of those people, Matt Prados, to the world. Investing.
    [Comments] Association Social Media: National Business Officers Association (NBOA)
    Contact Melissa  @mzindaa or Melissa.zinder@nboa.org , or post a comment here. 'In this series of interviews of Association Social Media Managers, you’ll be able to compare notes on what all of these fab organizations are doing with their social media management – from how they organize the roles and responsibilities, to how they manage content flow through the organization and out to social, to what campaigns they tried, to how they see the future of association social media.  . 1)     First things first – in what department in your organization does your role sit? Got questions?
    [Comments] 5 Writing Tips to Drive Your Readers to Action
    Let us know in the comments! 'Image source. Think about this for a moment: what, exactly, is the purpose of a blog post? If you’re thinking increased traffic, audience exposure, and authority & brand building, you’re wrong. Those are just side benefits a blog post brings and channels through which the real purpose is achieved: more sales. Growing a business’s bottom line is the essential goal of practically every marketing strategy you employ. But driving your readers to action isn’t as easy as it looks. Link to the Conversion Page. Image source. Image source.
    [Comments] Get Better at Getting Better
    Consider leaving a comment! 'If you believe that, even as experienced business owners, we should still Always Be Learning , then you probably also are wise to opportunities to get better at getting better. In a similar vein to the practice of Go Get One More , getting better at getting better isn’t as much a practice of perfectionism , as it is a steady stream of improvement, measuring yourself today against yourself prior to today. Being your best is not necessarily a destination, but a continual journey. It takes concentration, clarity, and discipline. Brain Stew
    [Comments] How to Create Massive Value Content & Blow Your Readers’ Minds
    They relate with your post, thank you and leave tons of comments. And you wait for the comments to pour in. Do you see how it’s got 171 comments? 'This is a guest contribution from Pooja Lohana. Let’s face it. Your readers are selfish. The moment they land on your blog, they look for “what’s in it for me?”. And that’s not such a bad thing after all. Knowledge is power. Once you know what they are looking for, you can serve it to them. At the time of writing this, there are 152,000,000 blogs on the Net. But eventually, you will end it all in frustration. Get the gist? TITLE.
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    [Comments] 6 Steps to Get More YouTube Views Easily
    Not only will you need to get involved in the community of YouTubers that are broadcasting video,s but responding to your viewer comments will also help. Check out how PewDiePie (Pew – Dee – Pie) gives a shoutout to his fans every Friday, and isn’t afraid to tackle negative comments. 'We all want to get more YouTube views, an active audience that watches your videos is the whole point of the platform. How do you get more YouTube views as everyone else is trying to do exactly the same thing you are? Steps to get more YouTube views! Optimize your YouTube video titles.
    [Comments] 3 Types of Editorial Calendar to Manage Your Business Blog
    Editorial Comments – Threaded commenting in the admin for private discussion between writers and editors. 'This is a guest post by Sarah Arrow, and is part of her 30 Day Blogging Challenge. If you’re going to grow your blog, and publish content that your audience will love on a regular basis then you’ll need an editorial calendar. In this post I’m going to share with your three types of editorial calendars, and how to populate them so that they free up your time and work for you. What sources are trusted and what sources are considered unreliable?
    [Comments] An Elegant Way To Keep Track of Your Blog Ideas
    Of course, feel free to leave your comments about the Go Blogging in the comments below or  Google+. 'Tell me something…. Do you struggle with publishing a weekly blog post? How about recording new blog post ideas that pop into your mind throughout the day? Yes on both counts for me. know that I must write a post but my weekly blog post often slips to the bottom of my To Do list. Since my To Do list is tucked away on Evernote and Trello, its easy to forget that I need to write a post. Basically, out of sight out of mind is my achilles heel. Here’s what we created. Thank you.
    [Comments] Is Brand Advocacy Part of Your Marketing Strategy to Reach Tradesman?
    Some brand advocates will surface on their own by commenting on your blog or website several times or talking you up on an online forum.  Others might offer positive comments on a survey or warranty card. 'Let’s face it, in an ideal world we’d all want our customers to love us! We all know that’s not going to happen, but I’ll bet you might have more advocates for your brand than you think. Why are brand advocates important? Studies show that people rely on peer recommendations and reviews before purchasing goods. They are your ambassadors in the trades.
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    [Comments] Forget the Ice Water; Conquer Your Real Fears Instead
    Check out the Fearless Challenge below—and let us know your fears in the Comments—or better, post them to the website in support of cancer research!  . 'While the #icebucketchallenge continues to dominate your Facebook newsfeed, there’s another challenge that could be trending soon. The Canadian Cancer Society has launched the Fearless Challenge, its effort to “reframe some of the conversation around cancer, and also raise a load of money in the process.”. Created by Lowe Roche, the effort challenges everyday people to post their deepest fears on the society’s website. Image: Flickr
    [Comments] Showing Off the Benefits of Your Work
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Many small business owners, especially those in small towns, don’t like to show off. When I say things like, Show Off Your Backstory or Show Off Your Customer Testimonials , the hesitation is recognizable. sensible amount of modesty and humility is admirable. However, in business, putting your best under a spotlight is part of the process of doing business. Your front window displays your best merchandise. Your display case spotlights the best you offer, whether it’s baked goods or jewelry. Organizing paperwork in a simple manner. Small Business
    [Comments] How can Business Owners Enhance Their Success on Social Media?
    This can make your customers feel like they are lost in a huge crowd and no one pays attention to their comments or posts. It doesn’t matter how important or informative the status is; many comments will be focused on the errors you made. 'It doesn’t matter whether you own a small business or you have already established a successful brand; the charms of social media can enhance everyone’s success! If you stick to the right strategy, it won’t be difficult to reach a greater audience and start turning your base of followers into profit. The following tips will help you do that!
    [Comments] Always Going Back to School
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Many parents are experiencing (rejoicing?) the special time of year called “Back to School.” ” For students, teachers, and parents this time of year can be special memory makers. For business owners, going “Back to School” should be an ongoing event for themselves and their team. Barbara Sher said, “You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.” Distance Learning (often self-paced). Research.
    [Comments] The 5 Step Formula for a Perfect Blog Post
    Let me know in the comments. . 'Breaking Down a Perfect Blog Post. When your blog just isn’t taking off or seeing the readership you hoped for, It can be easy to blame low numbers on outside factors when the actual problem might be your blog writing methods. An effective blog contains the fresh and useful content that audiences want to devour and delivers it in a way that appeals to both readers and search engines. The topic is useful and new, or a fresh take on an old subject. Content is broken up with subheaders. Powerful action words are interspersed with facts and stats.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 24, 2014
    [Comments] The Three Ts of ContenTTT Creation – Type. Tone. Timing.
    Tell us about it in the comments below or on Twitter ! 'When it comes to content creation, there are a few very important criteria to consider. Your content creation process should not be a fly-by-night approach in the hopes that it resonates with your target audience. Effective content creation and promotion builds off of a carefully laid out content strategy. In order to begin developing and optimizing that strategy, there are several considerations that need to be taken under advisement. Among those, one of the most important is going to be the Three Ts – Type, Tone, Timing.
    [Comments] Week in Review August 17 – August 23, 2014: Posts and Podcasts
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Week in Review August 17 – August 23: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations  and  SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts. The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach. One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on SlideShare. SmallBiz Tracks Week in Review: August 23, 2014 from Mike Sansone. You can catch a complete review, in addition to top links to give your small business a L.I.F.T by subscribing to  Whistle Stops Weekly  email newsletter.
    [Comments] How to Optimize Your Content for Authorship Success
    Engage with the people you follow by commenting and retweeting, in addition to posting relevant, new information. 'This is a guest contribution from Jaclyn Freeman. Who are you? Don’t fret – this isn’t philosophy class and no, we’re not trying to steal your identity. One of the most important things you can do in 2014 as a content creator, is identify who you are as a personal brand by monitoring how you come across online. As a writer, it is essential that you are taking advantage of every opportunity you have to turn yourself into a developed brand. . But how, you ask? General
    [Comments] Turn Obstacles into Opportunities (Thoughtography)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Change is often an obstacle for business owners. As new tools, new rules, or new behaviors presents itself on the road to success, many owners fall prey to the test. History shows us that the greater the test, the greater the testimony. I’ve just begun reading  The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. Its beginnings are fast-paced, truth-telling, actionable steps to flip the tables on your trials and turn obstacles into opportunities. Photo on Pixabay by Hans. Turn Obstacles into Opportunities (Thoughtography) is a post from: ConverStations.
    [Comments] Slide Decks that LIFT
    Consider leaving a comment! 'As we approach our customers and the content we publish, we always look for ways to give our people a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here are a few decks on SlideShare that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. Learn: Why Mobile First? Why Mobile First? 2014 Trends, Statistics and 10 Benefits of a Responsive Website from Brickfish. Improve: How to Make a Point When You Pitch. How To Make A Point from Slides That Rock. Find Flow: Planning, Designing, and Optimizing a Website. Think: Welcome to the Subscription Economy.
    [Comments] Handling Free Advice, Headshots, Complaints, Failure (LIFT Clips)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'As we approach our customers and the content we publish, we always look for ways to give our people a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. Learn: Headshot Critique by Mike Sansone (not me, the  Headshot Photographer ). Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Improve: How to Handle Customer Complaints (and Improve Your Business, Too). Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Click Here! Click Here! Subscribe today.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #218
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "I''ve never been an architecture buff, but from the moment I saw Fallingwater , I knew it was something special. It''s an incredible example of tying structure into surroundings, functionality into creativity. And now, you can go visit it online, and understand how it was put together from the ground up." " (Alistair for Hugh). bitcurrent.
    [Comments] Managing Feedback
    If that means talking about last weekend’s sports game to get someone commenting on your page then let them know your office is full of fans. 'Community feedback–that is, when a customer actually uses your product and provides real feedback to improve it–is the dream that everyone’s chasing. You’d be hard pressed to find even small brands in your home town that don’t tuck Facebook or Twitter logos beside their company names. That dream is largely a fantasy when it comes down to the nuts and bolts. So the solution is to take more control over your brand. Owning Search.
    [Comments] 7 Inventive Ways to Create Shareable Content for Your Industry
    Scan the Comments. If your social media page or blog is pretty active and you typically get several comments on your posts, check there for new topics. Commenters can often bring up very relevant points that you may have skipped. Maybe a tangent conversation will spawn in the comments section and you can use this as seed for new content. Even if your blog or social networks aren’t filled with comments, you can use the same technique on blogs or social networking sites in your industry. Sometimes content isn’t right under your nose. Develop Your Punch Line.
    [Comments] Agile service development in action: Uber’s on-demand delivery service
    Please share your ideas with us in the comments. . 'This week Uber, the rideshare and taxi app worth a whopping $18.2 billion, announced the launch of Corner Store , a new on-demand delivery service being trailed with a select group of users in Washington DC. Corner Store will enable customers to order a limited range of emergency supplies (from toiletries to medicine) straight to their door by using the Uber app. Taking advantage of the service is easy. Being able to order emergency supplies straight to your door is an interesting development in itself.
    [Comments] 5 Tips For Landing Pages That Convert
    Leave a comment and start a discussion on this important topic. '“If you are sending website visitors directly to your homepage, you are throwing away the money and effort you spend driving traffic.” ” – Lara Stewart. Sometimes we need to be reminded about the basics again. This observation about landing pages is the opening sentence of a post on OroCRM titled, “ 5 Rules for High-Conversion Landing Pages ” and these practical observations should have you looking at your website with the idea of putting them into practice.
    [Comments] ICYMI – Pinterest and men, Twitter newsfeed changes, Instagram analytics
    There are some really interesting comments in here from brands on how they are adapting to paid social. 'Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Pinterest is set to ramp up male-friendly content on the site to boost male users. Twitter rolled out what seems to be a limited test including users’ favourites in the newsfeed. …and also made changes to allow tweets from users you don’t follow to appear in your newsfeed.
    [Comments] #IceBucketChallenge: Yea or Nay?
    Please share in the comments below. 'I know it’s not Monday, but everyone’s just going to have to live with a bonus roundup this week! So: are you in the +1 or -1 camp regarding the #icebucketchallenge? Either way, you’re talking about it… right? It’s been pretty remarkable to watch. So we thought we’d end the week with some of the most interesting posts we’ve seen on the phenomenon. Image:  slgckgc via Flickr, CC 2.0. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Who really benefits? Mark Schaefer offers his video response. Are Memes Really Just Slacktivism?
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    [Comments] For the NFL, a Good Problem to Have (Part 2)
    At the dawn of the NFL, the most influential American social commentator was H.L. It will be American historians, journalists, filmmakers, and social commentators, all with full, unfettered access to NFL content, just as NFL Films was granted five decades ago. 'When we left our hero —National Football League CMO Mark Waller—he sounded like a man drowning in a sea of content. . We have a responsibility and desire to tell the story of the past,” Waller told The New York Times. What we have to do is a better job of integrating all these stories.”. Ed Neal broke my nose seven times.
    [Comments] Top Collaboration Tools for Better Employee Communication
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Guest Post from  SocialMonsters. If you manage a sales team that’s frequently on the road, you know how difficult it can be to stay in touch. Regular meetings can be a challenge, particularly if you have team members overseas where time zone differences may be too difficult to overcome. You need more than the hurried email tapped out in an airport or late at night to stay on top of what different team members are up to. But salespeople are notorious for hoarding business intelligence. Implement a Sales Tool That Works for All Team Members.
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    [Comments] New Instagram Ad Analytics Tools Introduced: Insta-ads
    like comments. 'There’s no questioning the fact that Instagram has lots of uses for social media marketers. It’s easy to share interesting photos with Instagram users and create a community of brand loyalists simply from pushing the button on the top of your camera. Or, more likely, the button on the front of your phone! The new Instagram ad analytics tools being introduced recently are a way to offer those with money a chance to skip past building a social media following and reach more users. What are the new Instagram ad analytics tools? The tools are known as: Account Insights.
    [Comments] Our Pleasanton Young Professionals Presentation: A Wrap Up & Reference
    If you have any other questions about what we covered, or how we can help with your SEO & SEM, you’re always welcome to leave us a comment or  contact us directly. 'Thanks to everyone who joined us at today’s Pleasanton Young Professionals presentation, where we covered the basics of SEO and social media marketing. You can use the following guide to reference what we covered and access a few of the tools that we mentioned in the presentation. What is SEO? SEO is just one component of Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. The Elements of SEO. Search Industry Stats. Yelp).
    [Comments] Competition Watching? Who Cares!?
    Answer comments and questions. 'During a MarketingProfs PRO webinar with Mack Collier just now, an attendee expressed concern in the chat room about not blogging because it will show competition what she is up to. She asked: “What about any concerns about blogging about topics/issues that may give competitors info about your services that you may not want them to know? They can’t do WHAT you do HOW you do it, so you just have to put your head down and do it. The downside to staying under the radar is too great to let it hold you back.” Get out there. Talk to them.
    [Comments] Show Off Your Customers and Customer Testimonials
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Your customers and customer testimonials are one of the best and most valuable ways to build your presence online and in your community. Putting a spotlight on their faces and voices is a great way to give a sense of ownership and build relationships with them. Readers and customers enjoy seeing their face and accolades celebrated. It’s been this way for a long time. Think about the small town newspaper or business journal. When a local spotlight is placed on a person, company, or event there is a boost in readership and relationship.
    [Comments] 9 WOW Stats to Frame The Recent Explosion in Hashtag Activism
    Over 28 million people  have joined the conversation about the ice bucket challenge including posting, commenting or liking a challenge post. -  Facebook News Room. 'Hashtag activism is the act of fighting for or supporting a cause that people are advocating through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other networking websites. This is the kind of activism that does not require any action from the person other than sharing or “liking” a post or “retweeting” tweets on Twitter. ” – Medium.com. The #IceBucketChallenge has raised over $31.5
    [Comments] Association Social Media: American Land Title Association
    then usually turn to LinkedIn where we have our largest audience and read through all of the latest posts, moderate any comments, post information for the association and give permissions to all the new group members. We moderate their posts and comments to ensure a productive and helpful environment for our members. ——————— Let’s welcome Wayne Stanley, Manager of Public Affairs, American Land Title Association (ALTA) to the SociaFish stage! 1)    First things first – in what department in your organization does your role sit?
    [Comments] The Science Behind a Compelling Social Media Campaign
    When it comes to social media-based campaigns, it involves a lot more than just posting content and waiting for the likes and comments to rack up. This frees up some time that you can use to find new content, respond to other people’s comments and keep the conversation going. '“Setting up a social media campaign is a piece of cake,” said no marketing professional ever. It involves meticulous planning, endless analysis, and a true understanding of what makes your audience tick. Did I miss a huge opportunity to connect with more people and spread the campaign further?
    [Comments] How to Use Content Themes to Make Blogging a Snap
    Share it with us in the comments below! 'This is a guest contribution from Sonja Jobson. This might sound familiar: you’re staring at a blank screen, panic slowly rising, headache setting in, mind blank. You’re due to publish a blog post but you have absolutely no idea what to write about. Again. The “writers block” cycle can put a serious cramp in your blogging style, but contrary to popular opinion, it’s not a mysterious ailment with no known cure. In most cases, writers block is a direct result of poor planning. First Things First: Your Editorial Calendar. What are Content Themes?
    [Comments] Loyalty Is Not a Given – Like Trust, It Needs to be Earned
    Related Stories The B t Excuses for Attitudes Towards Women Needs to Stop Blog Comments, Digital Universes, and the Future of Social Conversations How to Build the Commodities of Identity and Trust in Social Media. 'Back in July 2012, I spoke at an event in Toronto. During my talk, I made a quip about whether or not anyone still used Canadian smartphone giant BlackBerry (previously known as RIM). While it was a throwaway joke that most people laughed at, it attracted its share of criticism too. For that answer, I was called unpatriotic, and not loyal to seeing Canadian companies succeed.
    [Comments] Show Off Your Team On and Off the Job
    Consider leaving a comment! 'In a recent post, I share some thoughts on how to Show Off Your Back Room and Backstory on your company’s site, blog, or social network pages. Along the same line, you can also use the space to Show Off Your Team – On and Off the Job. Small bios of your team or staff can build both customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. When an employee gets celebrated (with their knowledge and consent), there is a bit of an ego massage that goes with the spotlight. The greetings from customers are a bit more jovial and the smiles last longer during the day.
    [Comments] Introduction to App Store SEO
    Share your experiences in the comments below! 'Apps are one of the best ways to increase conversion rates, interact and engage your audience and above all, get great consumer feedback. More and more businesses are using apps as a major component in their marketing and social campaigns. There are several components to inbound marketing for apps, and they are different from web inbound marketing. One of the biggest differences is just how much each app store search works, depending upon which platform you choose. Is your app showing up in the right App Store queries? ASO vs. SEO. Title.
    [Comments] Find Your Audience: How to Grow Sales with Digital Media
    This is one reason why Ryan made the comment that we get along so well because “we came out of the same soup of doing this in the real world.” This is one reason why Ryan made the comment that we get along so well because "we came out of the same soup of doing this in the real world." 'Listen to the Episode Below (00:37:39). Download Audio. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Discover What is New for Business. This is Episode 05 of  This Old New Business  weekly  business podcast with Jeff Korhan. ” It’s true. You do. But guess what?
    [Comments] 27+ Resources to Learn SEO Copywriting
    Let me know in the comments. 'Image source. Copywriting is how companies sell things online. And offline. Smart businesses know this and are investing in learning how to use the written word to their full advantage. However, don’t expect to reach scores of buying masses until you master SEO copywriting and leverage search traffic. Quality content is great. It’s necessary. But for marketing campaigns to be maximally effective, a copywriter must be able to produce copy that is persuasive and optimized. That is, the type of content that moves people AND attracts search engines.
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    [Comments] In a Data-Driven World, What Is Highly Effective in Social Media?
    When we pit that style of posts against a one sentence post with a great big image, we see more likes and comments, but less transactional sales. 'Tons of articles offer advice on what exactly is a highly effective post on Facebook, what’s the optimal tweet length, and what images create the highest number of likes or shares. And every day, we marketers ask ourselves: What can I do to garner the most ROI for my client every day? Facebook says to use engaging images with less than 20 percent copy on them. For Twitter, some say use 100 characters of the 140 limit. Eastern time.
    [Comments] Why You Have a Better Chance of Landing a Guest Post Than You Think (and How to Do It)
    If you get stuck or have a question, just pop a comment below. 'Image via Flickr user Freddie Peña. This is a guest contribution from writer Ali Luke. Do you ever think about guest posting but worry you’re not ready? You probably already know that guest posting is one of the most effective ways to build relationships in the blogging world, get writing credits, and grow your audience … . … yet you might worry that no-one will take your posts, because you’re too new to blogging, your own audience is too small, or you’re not (yet) a great writer. am [name removed]. Good luck!
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2014
    [Comments] Finding the Human Element
    Pick someone who can devote time every day to posting information, responding to comments, liking and sharing other people’s posts, etc. 'Jugnoo Blog: Where social listening meets social engagement - trends that matter in social media marketing management. People like to do business with other people. This is a basic truth, and something that companies both large and small have struggled with through the years. The advent of social media, however, gives companies a great way to bridge that gap. Conversation is exactly the point. Set Yourself Apart. Choose the right person for the job.
    [Comments] Viral Content: The Secrets and the Science
    Simply disagreeing with an established opinion, particularly a popular one, can drive many users to express their rage through comments and links via their own publications. 'Viral content is extraordinarily powerful in the social media world. Often, an article or image that cost virtually nothing to make can gain the attention of millions of people, simply by being shared by them, but what makes content, “go viral”? From unpopular teens, to the most powerful marketing firms in the world, almost everyone wants to know how to get more attention. The Science of Viral Content.
    [Comments] Writing tricks for content marketers
    Studies show that longer articles tend to achieve more retweets and shares in social media and attract more comments. 'Time was you only had to worry about writing for the human eye and sometimes for the ear. Now when it comes to content marketing , writers need to know about search engines and how digital formats are impacting reader habits and preferences. Good headline writing has long been an art form. It takes a skilled and experienced editor to sum up a whole story in a five or six word phrase that will attract readers’ attention and draw them in. Should writers keep copy short?
    [Comments] Show Off Your Back Room and Backstory
    Consider leaving a comment! 'As part of the 64 Different Kinds of Blog Posts  I share with business owners, one that seems to kickoff a flurry of creative stories and writing is sharing your company’s back room and backstory. The backstory of your business should talk about the history of the idea behind the company, as well as the actions and applications to get where the business is at today. Reach is another great part of your business backstory. Where were your first customers coming from, did you start with a neighborhood reach and grow – and how so?
    [Comments] How to Make Friends and Influence People at the ProBlogger Event
    If they’ve given a presentation you could add, “That was an awesome presentation you gave and I really related to X or Y comment you made.”. Just as you might comment on other people’s blogs in the online world, you need to carve out a ‘belonging’ in the real life world too. In group situations keep your ears open and listen to what other people are talking about, then respond with a positive comment that shows you’ve been listening. Note: “Negative comments are conversation stoppers,” says Don Gabor. But first. Crikey! Be Prepared. Relax. Have you?”
    [Comments] If You Don’t Have Thick Skin, Get Off the Internet.
    Read the comment by your dissenter again. Is he saying you’re an idiot, or is he saying your comments are uninformed? That is extremely different from the interpretations people have made of civil comments made by well-intentioned debaters. Chances are, those comments, however rigid they sound, are not out to get you. 'Within the last 6 weeks, I’ve begun to understand why Facebook is such a narcissistic medium. If you’re sad, no one wants to deal with you. If you’re controversial, someone else will have another opinion and unfriend you.
    [Comments] Association Social Media: National Society of Accountants
    It is really exciting to see folks who had seen and commented on an ad or sponsored story become regularly engaged users of our Facebook page. 'In this series of interviews of Association Social Media Managers, you’ll be able to compare notes on what all of these fab organizations are doing with their social media management – from how they organize the roles and responsibilities, to how they manage content flow through the organization and out to social, to what campaigns they tried, to how they see the future of association social media.  . Who do you report to? . LinkedIn: [link].
    [Comments] Monday Roundup: Attitude
    Please share in the comments below. 'Attitudes make up the fabric of business interactions. Often the deciding factor between success or failure is simply one’s mindset. Attitude can affect business relationships, strategy, and security. This week’s roundup features seven posts from around the web that focus on attitude. Image: aussiegall via Flickr, CC 2.0. The Collaborative Economy is for Business to Business. Why: Once perceived as a peer-to peer movement, attitudes towards the “collaborative economy” are quickly evolving in the corporate world. can help.
    [Comments] 7 Lies About Freelance Writers You Believe
    Please let me know in the comments! 'Image source. Have you considered hiring a freelance writer but have a few preconceived notions that are holding you back? You’re not alone. Before I became a full-time freelance writer, I fell prey to many of the same myths that I now work actively to dispel. Here are seven of the top lies about freelance writers that you might believe and the truth behind them. 1 – Freelance writers must have deep tech/industry experience. You are a pro in your field and that involves many layers of expertise. Sometimes that package includes a degree. We wish. 
    [Comments] Single Serve Content for Mobile Consumers
    m planning a similar one myself, so if you have a question, leave a comment or send a private message and I’ll add it to the list. 'We have previously discussed the importance of planning both the construction and deconstruction of your content. The idea is that creating great content takes time, so while you are doing that put in a little extra effort to also plan which pieces of it will be shared on, let’s say, Instagram. The good news is that if your business is not yet creating much content, you may find these newer methods easier to sustain than traditional ones. Me neither.
    [Comments] How to Build a Blog Worth Monetizing
    We covered heaps of ground but I thought I’d pull out some of my most RT’d and commented upon tweets from the hour here as a blog post. 'Earlier in the week I co-hosted the popular #BlogChat Twitter chat. The topic was ‘How to Build a Blog Worth Monetizing’ – a massive topic. The hour-long Twitter chat was one of the fastest moving Twitter chats I’ve been involved in (and the biggest BlogChat ever according to it’s founder Mack Collier ). hope you find these helpful! Foundational Advice. Darren Rowse (@problogger) August 11, 2014. BlogChat.
    [Comments] It’s How You Play Your Cards (Thoughtography)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Success isn’t about constraints, but about how you work within and around those constraints. It’s the cards you’re dealt, but how you play your hand. It’s How You Play Your Cards (Thoughtography) is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading It''s How You Play Your Cards (Thoughtography) ! Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Related Stories Go Get One More Chew Smaller (Thoughtography) In Order to Find Flow, One Must First Find Focus Deliberate Practice (Thoughtography). Thoughtography
    [Comments] How to: Approach Reddit for your Brand
    When it comes to comments on posts, anyone can do so. These comments can be important as they can and usually add more color to the content posted,  and/or potentially some entertainment and humor. Monitor and respond to questions and comments daily. Entice the community to be active and engage with the content through the comments. 'Reddit, an open-source community (which has been around since 2005), is not new in today’s social world. However, it is unique and quite powerful when it comes to content and the community that powers it. Active users: 3M+.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #217
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "I loved the movie Hanna. But when the action moved to a weird, overgrown theme park, I decided it couldn''t be a set; it had to be a location scout''s wildest dream. Well, here''s the backstory. The stuff that nightmares are made of." " (Alistair for Hugh). Introducing EFF''s Stupid Patent of the Month - Electronic Frontier Foundation.
    [Comments] Voice, Video, Value, Volume (LIFT clips)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'As we approach our customers and the content we publish, we always look for ways to give our people a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. Voice – Clint Smith: The Danger of Silence. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Video – Great Video Gear for iPhone and iPad. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Value – Value Proposition Canvas Explained. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email?
    [Comments] 4 Simple Steps to Help You Improve Your Marketing Strategy
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Written by Leah Rutherford. If you’ve had the same marketing strategy for awhile, you may have noticed one of two things. Either it’s not working for your business, or it did at first… but things have gotten slow. It’s perfectly normal. If there was a perfectly static marketing strategy that could be uniformly applied and was 100 percent successful, change would be non-existent. As this does not exist, a willingness to adjust and update your marketing strategy is a must. Are you ready to make a change? Embrace the Inevitable Change in Trends.
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 2014
    [Comments] 4 Killer Mobile Apps That I Wish Existed
    Feel free to take these ideas and run with them—or comment below with details if they already exist! 'We live in a digital world full of life-changing shortcuts, timesaving easy-buttons and eye-opening apps. Yet the mobile phone gets a bad rap. Its critics (who probably post their rants via iPhone) complain about the lack of true human interface and users who spend more time looking at their glowing screens than their family members’ faces. Isn’t the culprit here bad manners rather than smart technology? Seriously, people—put your phone away at the dinner table! PunchCard. SaleRack.
    [Comments] Achievement Unlocked: Throwing Out 1st Pitch at an A's Game
    Over the speakers, Callahan commented, "Nice pitch." 'Over the last 25 years, I''ve attended hundreds of +Oakland Athletics games. From 2005 to 2008, +Kristine Gray and I had season tickets that saw us attending as many as 40 games a season. We''ve seen dramatic home runs , 20-2 blowouts and plenty of controversial calls and tough losses. But before this month, there''s one thing I''d never done - stepped onto the field and thrown out the ceremonial first pitch to get the game started. Some of you may have seen my Google+ post on how I got this " Bucket List " opportunity. Simple enough.
  • ENGAGE  |  THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 2014
    [Comments] Email Isn’t Dead and We’ve Got the Stats to Prove It
    Tell us in the Comments 'What’s the first thing you did after you woke up this morning? According to this report from IDC Research , you likely reached for your phone (as did 80 percent of all smartphone owners). If you’re anything like me, the first app you tried to touch (but missed because your contacts weren’t in yet) was the email icon. Email is important to consumers and brands. For consumers, it’s a way to connect with friends and family and stay up to date on topics of interest, or, if you’re lucky, get some good deals on products. My answer: They’re wrong. Email is…. Measurable.
    [Comments] 5 Tips From a Bestselling Author (and Former Luddite) on Overcoming Blog Phobia
    From the comments I’ve gotten on my blog confidentials, it would seem viewers respond to candor, even when it portrays you in a less than flattering light or reveals a skeleton in the closet. Why I Left My Mighty Agency and New York Publishers (for now),” not only sparked my interest, it generated over a hundred comments and a gazillion retweets as well as posts on Google Plus and Facebook. . Comment on other blogs and offer to do guest blog posts. make a habit of always commenting on the blogs I follow. 'This is a guest contribution from author  Eileen Goudge.
    [Comments] Best Practices and Elements of Successful Landing Pages
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Landing pages with the proper design, purpose, and optimization are an essential part of building your online business presence. Here are eight standout guides and checklists to make sure you have successful landing pages. 10 Essential Elements of a Landing Page from WebDesignLedger – Learning how to design a killer landing page will add value to your design offerings. Here are some of the basics, including color and copy. It’s what this guide is all about. Here are eight of them. Photo on Pixabay by kenalston. Small Business
    [Comments] Association Social Media: NASTAD
    Yes in the sense that we monitor comments on Facebook, Twitter, and the blog and respond accordingly. Sometimes this means working with particular a program team to strategize the best way to respond to a comment. ——————— Please welcome Meico Whitlock, Senior Manager, Communications, at NASTAD , the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors. 1) First things first –  in what department in your organization does your role sit? Who do you report to? Meico:  We don’t have a formal department for the work I do.
    [Comments] Robin Williams
    Rethinking Blog Comments Again. 'Popeye, Moscow on the Hudson, Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, The Fisher King, Toys, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, The Birdcage, Good Will Hunting, Fathers Day, Patch Adams, Insomnia, One Hour Photo, Night at the Museum, the list goes on of the excellent films with Robin Williams. One of my favorite scenes is from 1991′s Hook. It invokes our inner child and helps us remember where we came from before growing up got in the way. Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. Musings culture
    [Comments] How to Use Your Blog to Leverage Social Proof and Increase Your Authority
    Another option would be to display the logos of blogs you have written for or been featured on like Marya Jan does on WritingHappiness.com : #4 – Highlight how many people comment on your posts – engagement matters. Blog comments are a great way of determining how engaged a blogs audience is. If you get a lot of comments on your blog, its well worth drawing as much attention to that number as possible. Start engaging with them via blog comments and social networks. d love to hear more in the comments below. You’re not alone. But HOW? It’s a win win.
    [Comments] Best Practices of Email Marketing
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Here are some of the best guides, tactics, and practices of email marketing that can help you build a better business presence by and because of your email practice: Email Marketing Checklist from Smart Passive Income -A checklist of 10 things you should be doing with your email marketing, with great tips and screenshots. If you’re missing a few, here’s where to assess and apply. 10 Ways to Build Your Email List – the Right Way from Duct Tape Marketing – One of the reasons we have email lists is to generate qualified leads.
    [Comments] Go Get One More
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Sometimes, one or two is a good day. Whether it’s sales, appointments, blog posts, or likes and retweets. The best ballplayers are never satisfied. One or two hits is a good day. Three is a great day. If you get three, go for four. It’s not about getting the four, it’s about getting one more. Go get one more. Photo: “ Marcus Thames Tigers 2007 ” by Philpottm – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. Go Get One More is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Go Get One More !
    [Comments] The B t Excuses for Attitudes Towards Women Needs to Stop
    Related Stories Blog Comments, Digital Universes, and the Future of Social Conversations How to Build the Commodities of Identity and Trust in Social Media Are We In Danger of Losing the Right to an Opinion? 'Warning: This post contains profanity and disturbing imagery. If this offends you, you may want to skip today’s post and I’ll see you next time around. couple of nights ago, I shared a link over on Facebook to an article over at RYOT. Image copyright: Emelio Morenatti. So, when she was just five years old her father burned her as she slept. This post contains a video.
    [Comments] Follow Me, Friend Me, Do Me Wherever
    To some, social media replaces blog commenting. If you have an account on a social account somewhere, why would you take time to write a comment here when you can click a button and share this blog post with your network? will keep blog comments open for the foreseeable future. But some posts, like this one, will be closed for comments; because I also know my reader and posts like this would rather be shared than commented. This ultimately failed as people never tweet about one topic all the time. follow less than half of one percent of those who follow me.
  • FEVER BEE  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 2014
    [Comments] When To Welcome Newcomers
    Drop them a note and make a comment about the impact of their first post. 'It's not when they join. At least not in most communities. Many of those that register don't have the intention of ever participating. You're wasting a lot of your time for minimal results. Far better to welcome someone shortly after they've made their first contribution.    These people are on the edge between being a regular participant or lurking. Suggest another discussion you might like their opinion on. It's a small, direct, tweak that has a big impact. Try it. link].
    [Comments] Tweeting Their Way Off The Team: Social Media and College Recruits
    As college programs increasingly use Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts to evaluate a player’s character, one wrong comment can cost a scholarship offer. 'As Erik Qualman wrote in his latest book, What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube , privacy is dead. We’ve seen this new reality impact every industry, and most notably in sports. This story is just one more example of how college athletes need to learn how to protect and produce a strong digital reputation. The following post was first published on FOX Sports: [link].. At St. Cruel, maybe, but fair.
    [Comments] Driving Car Comfy
    Consider leaving a comment! 'The past few summers have seen our family put many miles on our car. We prefer driving. It seems flying has lost the alluring romance it once had. And driving allows us to visit family and friends along the highways and hedges. This summer has been busier than most, crossing state lines often, sometimes in criticalsituations. I’m thankful for our mechanics at Brezina Autocare. They make our travel safe and peaceful because of their car of our cars. Because of the team at Brezina, we can be car comfy while they are car savvy.. We are Car Comfy.
    [Comments] The 6-Step Guide for Crafting an Effective Content Marketing Channel Plan
    People who have posted their comments and are waiting foragesto get their questions answered will get annoyed. 'This is a guest contribution from freelance writer Kanika. With businesses employing multiple channels for marketing, it can quickly get overwhelming. To stay across everything without losing your head, you really need to have a plan of attack for each channel. Only then will your business be able to get the best results from its marketing projects, campaigns undertaken across various channels, and comprehensively achieve its marketing objectives. General
    [Comments] Association Social Media: American Anthropological Association
    gentle reminder or a comment to steer the conversation back on track usually does the trick. 'In this seriesof interviews of Association Social Media Managers, youll be able to compare notes on what all of these fab organizations are doing with their social media management  from how they organize the roles and responsibilities, to how they manage content flow through the organization and out to social, to what campaigns they tried, to how they see the future of association social media. . . Whodo you report to?. Are they interlinked in specific ways?
    [Comments] Monday Roundup: Secrets
    Please share in the comments below and don’t worry; it’ll be our little secret! 'Secrets everyone has them. Some secrets are good, some bad, and some hold the key to business success. This week’s roundup features seven posts from around the web that either focus on, or reveal hidden gems via, secrets. Image: Steven Depolo via Flickr, CC 2.0. You Are Being Tracked Online By A Sneaky New Technology – Here’s What You Need To Know. Why: Online privacy is a valid concern in today’s connected world (yes, even for me). 4 Reasons Your PR Program Will Fail.
    [Comments] 9 Data-Driven Copywriting Tips
    Take a stand, and watch your blog comment count soar! 'Image source. Copywriting is creative work. But today’s content marketers have an immense amount of information at their fingertips. If you’re not data-driven, you’re probably missing out on a wealth of information. Today, you’re in luck. We’ve scoured some of the most fascinating large-scale research projects, case studies, and other forms of intelligence.. The result is a totally-actionable list of copywriting tips that can make a real difference in how well your work performs. Check it out: 1.
    [Comments] Dangers of Algorithmic Sourcing
    Yet, scores are determined by the amount of likes, favs and comments you get over a short period of time. 'The increasing pervasiveness of algorithms in everyday life disturbs me. At the behest of many friends, I finally joined the 500 Pixels community and have begun uploading some of my better photos there for licensing. It’s an awesome place filled with pro photographers competing for the highest scores on their photos. What gets top ranked ? If you want a top rank of 99 on 500 Pixels, bring epic photoshopped scenes and beautiful scantily clad women. just won’t do it.
    [Comments] How to Load Disqus Comments on Click with jQuery
    'How to load Disqus comment on click and on demand using jQuery? You might want to increasepage speed or hide comments to save space to display other interactive elements to. Read more Read full original article at How to Load Disqus Comments on Click with jQuery ©2014 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved. Blogging Tutorials WordPress
  • SOSHABLE  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 10, 2014
    [Comments] The Two Categories of Social Media Marketing Strategies
    It’s even worse when people are going to these profiles to converse with you or to leave a comment (such as a review) and it goes unnoticed. 'When it comes to marketing (and just about everything else), there are right-brained thinkers and left-brained thinkers. The right-brain thinkers are more subjective and often more creative and would not like the concept of social media having two options. It makes it too black and white. Left-brain thinkers are guided by logic and wouldn’t necessarily believe that there are only two categories in social media marketing. They are wrong.
    [Comments] Chew Smaller (Thoughtography)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'When we were kids, the phrase “Don’t bit off more than you can chew,” was a phrase often heard from the mouths of our parents and grandparents. They weren’t telling us not to eat. They were simply telling us to use smaller bites to complete the meal. Chew smaller. If your project seems to big, don’t bite off more than you can chew. I’m not saying you shouldn’t start the project, just start in smaller and more digestible pieces. Chew smaller. Photo on morgeuFile by Dzz. Thoughtography
    [Comments] Pictures, Propositions, Process, and Purpose (LIFT Clips)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'As we approach our customers and the content we publish, we always look for ways to give our people a boost using the LIFT acronym. Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. Learn How to Take Great Pictures with Your Phone. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Improve and Clarify Your Value Proposition. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Find a Flow With Your Email Process. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Video
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #216
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "A couple of years ago, my friends and I started something we call International New Year''s: for 24 hours, we eat one food and drink one tipple from around the world. It''s a tiring journey, with only a few up to the whole trek (which begins with a bottle of Fiji Water at 6 AM and ends somewhere near Guam). And nothing says colonialism like Gin.
  • JUGNOO  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 2014
    [Comments] Social Listening Leads to Best-In-Class Social Media Campaigns
    Passive actions, like relying on garbled automatic postings from WordPress or Blogger and calendar updates, along with ignoring any incoming comments from users, do not make for a strong or effective social media campaign. 'Jugnoo Blog: Where social listening meets social engagement - trends that matter in social media marketing management. Many companies continue to conduct ineffective social media campaigns. For some, they may hand social media duties to an intern, or any employee with available bandwidth, regardless of if that person has any marketing skill.
    [Comments] 5 Freemium Tools Perfect for New Businesses
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Written by Joe Pawlikowski. Everyone loves a good portmanteau, right? note: ConverStations = Conversation Stations). All right, you got me. Most portmanteaus overextend themselves. For every “craptacular” there’s a “edutainment” (who farted, right?). You’ve probably already heard this portmanteau already, and will hear it many more times in the coming years. Freemium. It’s software that has a free tier, but for which you have to pay a premium for the good stuff. Freemium software works perfectly for small businesses.
    [Comments] The ONE thing You Need To Do To Get Noticed Online
    Reading this right now, leaving comments, sending your emails of gratitude, recommending me to your business friends, sharing my stuff on social media, linking to my blogs, opening my weekly emails and taking action on the advice I share with you. Please share your experience in the comments below so that we can all learn from each other. 'This week I learnt that (once again) my blog has been listed as an influential resource – named as a Top 10 UK Marketing Blog by Search Engine Journal. Naturally, Im thrilled. Plus, I didnt have to do any additional work. BONUS!
    [Comments] Herding Comments In The Digital Wind
    Chris Brogan decided to turn off the comments on his blog yesterday. In his blog post, cutely titled: Turning Off Comments and Why We Will All Be Okay , he lists the reasons as: Comments are everywhere. In short, we''re not just adding our opinions in a comment section on a blog, but we''re creating an entirely new piece of content (like this blog post). Blog comment spam is brutal. went through this exact same issue for months on end, and we wound up ditching our original comment system to bring in Disqus. blog comments. commenting.
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