[Comments] The Best of WordPress in 2014: Hosting, Themes, & Plugins
    4.     Disqus Commenting. To add enhanced commenting features, Disqus is by far the best option. It integrates with the standard comment system on WordPress to make commenting more interactive, allowing for features such as threaded comments and replies, moderator approval and deletion of comments, social sharing, and spam protection. Let us know in the comments below. 'WordPress powers approximately 19% of the web. It’s important for those who run WordPress sites to optimize with better hosting, themes, and plugins. Top 5 Hosting Providers.
    [Comments] Items on Your To Do List? Pick One
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Overwhelm. There are plenty of small business owners and solopreneurs who work in a constant state of overwhelm. The opposite of being overwhelmed is probably not being underwhelmed. And par is not simply  whelmed – in fact, whelm is a synonym of overwhelm. Finding good flow crushes overwhelm. see and hear about a lot of to-do lists. It seems these lists are a barometer of overwhelm. So much to do! My to-do list is never ending. want to make a To- don’t list, and it’s on my list of things to get done. My response is simple: Pick One.
    [Comments] 9 Crucial Tips for Self-Editing Your Blog Posts (That Every Blogger Can Use)
    It could be “click here to buy my ebook” or “tell us what you think in the comments” or “if you enjoyed this post, please share it on Facebook” … or almost anything else. Let us know in the comments… You can find Ali Luke over at Zen Optimise, where she blogs about content marketing, social media, and more. 'This is a guest contribution from Ali Luke of Zen Optimise. Image via Flickr user Dan Patterson. Have you ever glanced at a post the day after publishing it … only to notice a glaring error? In the real world, chances are you’re on your own. Plan before you write.
    [Comments] Six Simple Ways to Measure Owned, Earned and Paid Social Media ROI
    How many comments did these posts receive? How many Plus Ones are your comments and discussions receiving? 'There’s a popular misconception that it’s difficult to use targeted metrics to measure your social media ROI. Not true. Nor is social media only good for measuring an increase in brand awareness, although that’s definitely a measurement gauge. The fact is, social media can offer some of the best metrics for measuring your ROI. Blogger Outreach. Measuring your success isn’t too difficult, either. How many social shares did the post get? Twitter. Facebook.
    [Comments] 8 Tips for Media Interviews
    Some editors will provide you with a chance to review your comments; however, this is merely a courtesy and should not be presumed. 'Today we have a blog post from Rosemarie Ascherl, PR Foreman at Sonnhalter, discussing tips for successful media interviews. Do you ever pick up an industry trade journal and wonder why your company’s perspective hasn’t been included? Editors often rely on “round-up” articles, which entail interviewing several manufacturers’ spokespeople to develop an industry trend story. Once an interview is scheduled, what do you need to do? Be honest.
    [Comments] Never Done
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Continual Improvement Requires Your Continuous Efforts. My grandfather was a carpenter by trade. When he wasn’t working on someone else’s house, he was working on his own. Some projects seemed to take a long time because he would work on the others before his own. Yet he was always making small improvements or finishing tasks of the larger projects. During one of his larger projects, I asked when he was going to be done with the house?  ”Never done,” he said. He explained that this house once saw a family with three young boys.
    [Comments] Shutting Down Blog Comments
    'I think that I provoked the blog comment Gods today. Sorry about this, but the ability to comment on blog posts here at Six Pixels of Separation has been disabled. was recording a podcast today with Gini Dietrich of Spin Sucks (it will be published in the coming weeks) and we were talking about the many bloggers and news sites that have shut down their blog comments ( Copyblogger being the one that has most recently decided to do so: Why We''re Removing Comments on Copyblogger ). Like I said, I think I was tempting the blog comment deities after my chat with Gini.
    [Comments] 5 Ways to Connect with Your Audience Emotionally to Drive More Engagement
    can’t tell you how many times I read comments and the author replies, “Ooo that’s good, I’m going to use that!” Thanks for your comments! 'As a marketing professional in today’s über-competitive online space, you understand the importance and value of engaging your audience. You’re part of the 91% of B2B marketers establishing and building a community using both content and social media marketing. It can be difficult. You’re interacting with your audience constantly: fostering new relationships, nurturing existing ones, and listening/responding to feedback. Social Media Strategy
    [Comments] Completing a Jigsaw Puzzle Like SmallBizTracks
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Completing a jigsaw puzzle can be a huge task. That’s why when someone brings one out on a snow day, they try to recruit others to join in a team effort. We can look at puzzles as a big job (could take days) or divide it up like a SmallBizTracks series of  smaller projects (might take a few hours). Let’s try the latter. SmallBizTracks Way – Completing a Jigsaw Puzzle. Preparation – Find a flat surface and turn all the pieces right side up: Preparation is always an important first step. Photo by  Björn Larsson via Wikimedia w/ cc.
    [Comments] How Often Should You Update Your Blog? A Data-Driven Answer
    Share your thoughts and results in the comments! 'When it comes to blogging, is more always better? Deep down, we all know the general answer to this question. You should blog as much as possible, until your quality starts to slip. The point where your length, depth and originality start to slip is the point where you should scale it back. Some of us are familiar with HubSpot’s state of inbound report , which has consistently found that the more blogs you publish, the more traffic, leads, and sales your business will generate. Image source : Hubspot. But what do the case studies say?
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    [Comments] Turbulent Post Rocks American Airlines Brand
    Using SoMeAnalyzer as your social media platform will support identifying important and critical comments immediately and, after observing the inter-relationships, you will be able to upon them in real time. 'News of a girl who spoofed a terrorist in her tweet directed at American Airlines has probably increased the likelihood that more teens will copy the prank – rattling security forces and causing a major headache for large brands caught in the fray. The social media skies have been anything but friendly for American Airlines Group and its  recent merger partner , US Airways.
    [Comments] Mobile – from Strategy to Implementation
    In the comments area, I’d love to read about other apps you’ve seen (within associations or more broadly) that you think serve as great examples of organizations thinking holistically, leveraging trends, and serving their members at a whole new level.” 'I have been meaning to share this deck from Amy Hissrich, Director, Knowledge Initiatives at ASAE, after she presented this session at an ASAE conference. She kindly agreed to send me some notes to accompany it. Enjoy! Mobile from Strategy to Implementation for the 2013 ASAE Technology Conference (Tech13) from Amy Hissrich.
    [Comments] Learning to Violate Your Templates
    Consider leaving a comment! Keep What Works Are Comments Really Necessary on Your Small Business Blog? 'Every good small business owner has a set of practices or behaviors they rely on while operating their business. These “best practices” serve as a template for employees, customers, and during peak hours or seasons. As business climates, economies, and the marketplace continues to change at an accelerating pace, “ Learning to Violate Your Templates”  can be a profitable exercise. It worked for a while, but what does it mean, really? Test and Measure.
    [Comments] Twitter Changes the Social Data Ecosystem
    I''ve asked Twitter for a comment, but I suspect we just have to wait for the answers. 'Today''s announcement that Twitter is buying Gnip raises big questions about the market for social media data. While it''s too early to know how things will fall out, the deal changes the shape of the playing field for everyone involved—publishers, data resellers, software developers, and corporate customers. Twitter has bought other companies in the social media analysis space— BackType (2011), Bluefin Labs (2013), Trendrr (2013)—but Gnip is a bigger deal.
    [Comments] The Problem With Making Grandiose Statements
    And they may even sound good while creating them, and look great when the positive comments and affirmation starts rolling in. 'There’s a popular method of content creation, centred around making grandiose statements. These statements, and the blog posts around them, can range from the usual war cries of being more human in business, to posts on transparency and authenticity on the web, to how an “industry” – for want of a better term – like social media needs its proponents to apologize for all their wrong-doing. The problem is, many don’t.
    [Comments] LIFT: Learn, Improve, Flow, Think
    Consider leaving a comment! Keep What Works Are Comments Really Necessary on Your Small Business Blog? 'When ConverStations first began in 2006 , the goal was to teach business leaders how to use blogs and podcasts to extend their reach and augment their voice. Quickly, more social media platforms, networks, and tools launched – and continue to do so. Last fall, ConverStations became the voice of   SmallBizTracks. There’s still plenty of blogging and social media, but also other small business development topics and thoughts as well. Improve. Think.
    [Comments] How to Build a Billion Dollar SEO Empire
    have to say that I agree with Barry’s conclusion in his post that I do believe Google would give Retail Me Not a penalty, but then side with his commenters in that it would purely be for public display, and it’s something that would quickly be dealt with and revoked if it were to ever happen. If you did, please do leave a comment (good or bad). have nothing to sell in 99.58% of my blog posts and comments are really what I write for in the first place. Billion dollars. Fiery Start That Pissed of All Their Competitors. version of their website, here. And it was.
    [Comments] What is an API?
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Occasionally, a question comes up about some programming or technology piece. While some questions may seem complicated, I’ve learned that in most cases, a simplified answer – one that makes meaning if possible – is what’s desired. One such question is: What is an API? First – a techy answer : An acronym (Application Programming Interface) representing a computer system or application allowing for requests to be made of it by other programs and allows for data to be exchanged. Think It’s not your garage, or the garage door.
    [Comments] Pop-Up Shop at a Networking Event?
    Consider leaving a comment! Related Stories Keep What Works Capturing and Delivering Ideas on Paper (Saturday Clips) Are Comments Really Necessary on Your Small Business Blog? 'At almost every local networking event or association workshop, there is a vacant table among the vendors and partners. Those vacant tables could be an opportunity. Often, these tables are the result of no-show vendors or slow sales by the host. Empty tables make the vendor area look less valuable. Offering to fill a table provides the host and registrants with a more robust event. Marketing Small Busines
    [Comments] 6 Lessons for Writing Irresistibly Magnetic Blog Post Headlines
    The number-one most shared, read and commented on blog post on SearchDecoder, 10 Unconventional Keyword Research Tools to Include in Your SEO Toolbox , generated over 7K views, nearly 700 social shares and over 30 comments. I’d love to hear  your best-performing blog post headline in the comments section. 'This is a guest contribution from Matthew Capala of SearchDecoder.com. Many newbie (and sometimes even veteran) bloggers erroneously spend 95% of their time creating blog content and only 5% pondering titles. Ask your friends or followers for feedback. He is an Adj.
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    [Comments] How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Email Subscribers
    Friends and customers have commented that it doesn’t do justice to what I do or who I am. 'During my networking at Social Media Marketing World this year I had the opportunity to talk with some of the top experts in the world about Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and more. Given their respective areas of focus, it should not be surprising that they all take a slightly different approach with their social media. This is includes their overall strategy, as well as the channels, tactics, and tools they prefer to use. Email Subscribers are Your Business Lifeline. agree. Photo Credit.
    [Comments] Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Launches New Profile Design and Buys Android App Cover
    Let us know in the comments below. 'Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Twitter and Reddit: Facebook. Facebook tests new privacy tweaks – Facebook is in the process of rolling out “slight tweaks” to its privacy settings, including updates to the drop-down menu that lets users choose who can see each post, and short privacy surveys to learn what features users aren’t comfortable with (re/code). Twitter. Reddit. Any social media updates that we missed?
    [Comments] Keyword Density: When Is It Enough?
    Her Facebook friends commented that the article was poorly written and used the chosen phrase too many times. My comment was that the author was likely trying overly hard to achieve a certain keyword density to vie for the top spot on the SERP. 'Last week I was chatting with a client about their on-page content, specifically they wanted to know “how many times their intended keywords should appear on their web page?” ” I told them what I tell all of my clients, that there is no magic number. Holding that top spot though was not what happened. Know your audience.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014
    [Comments] The Best and Worst Features of Major Social Networks for Brands
    all corporate videos) the less likely people are to watch it, and the more likely they are to make snide comments. Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter ! 'Not every brand is right for the major social networks, and not every one of those networks is right for a specific brand. When a brand gets started with social media marketing, the initial thought process is something along the lines of: “I need to be everywhere, all the time, no matter what.” But to really find success when it comes to social media marketing, you need to understand two things above all else. The
    [Comments] Keep What Works
    Consider leaving a comment! Related Stories Are Comments Really Necessary on Your Small Business Blog? 'The savings in the SmallBizTracks  belief of improvements-by-component workflow is threefold. Time, Savings, Worry. By dividing projects into smaller segments, we can implement faster, measure what’s working, shelf what isn’t working, begin the next project. I’ve seen small businesses agree to big-dollar projects – especially web-based projects. The longer the project takes, they more they worry. If something doesn’t work, more money is needed.
    [Comments] How To Win In Japan With Your Mobile App
    It’s important to acknowledge every communication (comment, email, tweet), and a simple “I’m working on it” is better than not saying anything at all. 'Japanese users aren’t only big on apps; they’re the world’s biggest spenders,  according to app tracker App Annie. Growth in mobile apps spend —­ particularly on games —dramatically outpaces growth in the rest of the world. To help you crack the Japanese market, and succeed, here’s a simple checklist. In view of the overwhelming and positive response, there are now plans for ebook(s), mobile apps, webinars and much more!
    [Comments] BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups
    You can select the “Popular” view that shows discussions that have been liked and/or commented on, or you can choose “Recent” so you see all discussions. Instead, your comments are directly routed to the Product Team. Because they are so busy testing the enhancement they will review your comments but they usually won’t respond to your comments. 'IMPORTANT:  I submitted a ticket to LinkedIn last week, because despite all my best efforts, I was unable to set an organization’s group settings to allow the Jobs tab. Holy crap!!
    [Comments] Look Beyond What You See
    Consider leaving a comment! 'When I ask a business owner a question about the future of their business, as they think, I watch where they look. Often, where their head and eyes travel says a lot. If their head or eyes go downward, there is a sense of confinement, of being stuck. It doesn’t mean it’s a permanent place, but getting out and going forward might prove difficult. If their head and eyes go up, it’s hard to contain my smile (and sometimes I don’t). Those who look up and beyond what’s immediately in front of them, are often already in motion.
    [Comments] 8 Things I’m Trying to Improve with This New Convince and Convert Website
    Note About Blog Comments Speaking of the podcast, our guest a couple weeks ago (one of our best episodes ever, by the way) was Brian Clark from Copyblogger. He explained why they pulled comments off of their blog, and I said on the show that we are considering doing the same thing. Convince and Convert blog comments convince and convert site email marketing press mioduski design podcast Social Pros wordpress 'After a long gestation, I am delighted that we have launched the new ConvinceAndConvert.com site. and we do! This design is great. Very, happy and proud about that.
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #199
    Now it''s your turn: in the comment section below pick one thing that you saw this week that inspired you and share it. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "Normally I''d route musical stuff to Mitch, but Hugh, I think you''ll like the unintended-consequences feel of this. It''s about why Sweden drives modern pop music. Sweden, you say? What Hollywood is to movies and what Silicon Valley is to computing, Stockholm is to the production of pop.'' " (Alistair for Hugh). Our Comrade The Electron.
    [Comments] Capturing and Delivering Ideas on Paper (Saturday Clips)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'I always carry something to draw on, whether it’s a blank piece of paper or an app on my tablet. The more I draw, the more comfortable I get – though I think I peaked around the age of 6 and digressed since then. Maybe you’ve recognized a movement of using simple drawings to present ideas  that without a drawing, might otherwise be complex. Here are three video clips for capturing concepts – each with a book as a possible starting point for you to build your muscles. Meet the Puma with Dan Roam (Book – Show and Tell ).
    [Comments] Lifting and Learning in Friday Flutterings
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Our past doesn’t mean as much to our future as our present does … right now. … If you’re not sure if a site you use was infected by the Heartbleed threat, LastPass has a tool to help find out if a site has vulnerability. Panic isn’t a solution, but be diligent. … In my own use and watching others, people are already getting tired of animated gifs and fast moving images on their screens. While it may be creative, is it causing visitors to scroll past your content? Worse than pop-ups? More to come. Themed Days? Snarky Voices.
    [Comments] Janrain
    'From Janrain , learn how the New Zealand Herald increased visitors, users who comment, social referrals, and website user registrations in this case study. yz (Hidden) Podcast Page Sponsors
    [Comments] The Single Most Effective Change I Made to My Digital Presence
    Let me ask you this: are you creating digital material to get comments? 'People ask me quite often whether the world of social media has changed much. The answer is yes. It’s changed a lot. There are lots of details to think about. I’ll give you those. But I also wanted to share the single most effective change I made to my digital presence. What’s Changed In Social Media. Here’s a quick list: Then: conversational. Now: promotional. Then: thoughtful sharing. Now: shovel it over the wall. Then: “I’m hungry for lots of great information.” Swell!
    [Comments] Are Comments Really Necessary on Your Small Business Blog?
    'There was a time, before the launch of Twitter and open registration of Facebook, where the general feeling among people was that  comments were an important and necessary piece of blogging. Arguments were made how comments, especially for business blogs, allowed better engagement and put a personality behind a static company website. This was before tools and plugins like Disqus , Facebook Comments, and Google+ Comments were available. With so many ways and places to engage and interact, blog comments might not make as much sense as it once did.
    [Comments] What Every Marketing Department Needs to Know About Google+
    Google+ and YouTube Work Hand in Hand The world’s biggest search engine owns the world’s second biggest search engine (YouTube), and YouTube is now integrated with Google+ through the comments system. The default commenting system generates a new blog post on Google+. '“Ghost town.” ” “Waste of time.” ” “It’ll never happen.” These are common sentiments when it comes to Google+, but it really is time to rethink your strategy because  Google+ is not going away. Well, it won’t be. No chance. version of Google. Of course you do! It is that simple.
    [Comments] How to Host Your Domain Name with Bing.com For Free
    I’ve reached out a reps at Microsoft to get an official comment on this, and will update the post once I hear back from them. 'Tired of having to pay for web hosting and don’t want to park your domain name with a domain name parking company ? Well, you can (temporarily) host your domain name with Bing.com for free. Yes, that’s right, all you have to do is set your domain’s name servers to Microsoft’s name servers and your domain name, when typed into a web browser, will automatically redirect to a keyword search at Bing.com. Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.9;
    [Comments] Social Listening: Listening AND Engaging
    Using SoMeAnalyzer as your social media platform will support identifying important and critical comments immediately and, after observing the inter-relationships, you will be able to upon them in real time. 'David Dubois at INSEAD has an interesting take on social listening. Because he spends a lot of time talking to key executives from many different companies, the issue of how to leverage social media is always a popular topic. The competitor level: Listening to conversations about what consumers say about the brand and the competition. Jugnoo’s SoMeAnalyzer. See more at [link].
    [Comments] Russia’s Biggest Social Media Sites Becoming Monopolized?
    In the world of social media, it’s easy to take for granted those inane posts, likes and comments; for some in the world, simply using it can be dangerous. 'Contrary to what many Americans may think, it’s not all about just Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest when it comes to social media (SM) platforms. In other parts of the world, there are some SM sites which top the charts but the majority of Americans have never heard of. In Russia, the go-to SM platform is VKontakte (VK), the biggest platform in the country, and it was just taken over by eccentric billionaire Alisher Usmanov.
    [Comments] Collaboration and the Future of Work: Interview with Jacob Morgan
    Flexible work was a hot topic of conversation at the event and there’s actually a great debate going on in the comments of my Linkedin post in this very topic. 'A few months ago I keynoted The Social Conference where I spoke about building a collaborative organization and what the future of work will look like. After my session I did a short video interview which you can find below. Clearly, I needed a haircut (which I have since gotten) but aside from that, I hope you enjoy! Send to Kindle. Resources Collaboration future of work jacob morgan social conference video interview
    [Comments] Can Social Media Make You Happier?
    It is also now confirmed that getting “likes” and comments causes your body to release dopamine, which is a chemical that makes you feel happy and good. 'Social media has become a daily staple in our lives. We take time out of our day to post pictures and statuses to inform our followers and friends what we are up to. We live through the experiences of what others post, which is typically the most exciting and interesting parts of their lives. This leads us to the question of whether social media makes you happier. The simplest answer may be, “it depends how you use it.”. Do you?”.
    [Comments] Getty Images vs Creative Commons and Privacy: What Bloggers Need to Know
    I’ve read comments on the WordPress announcement that communicated their leave from using the system as soon as ads start appearing. Takeaway I:  Getty is taking the right steps by making their images easy to use for editorial purposes, however there are still a couple of issues concerning their acceptable use policy (alleged first comments surfaced  claiming that Getty Germany  denied a blogger/freelancer the free embedding because of his blog being on the same domain as his freelancer page). 'This is a guest post written by  Simon Schmid  of  iubenda. Wikimedia Commons.
    [Comments] How To Tackle Negative Comments While Managing Community In Social Media
    Well you do not have to be a community member to receive negative feedback / response or a comment. While sometime the comments ''may'' not be ''useful'', other times certain comments are necessary to be heard and addressed to. When the comments are directly towards you at a personal level you may tend to re-act a little more strongly. Before we re-act to negative comments we need to have a basic understanding towards the human mind set. There are a couple of ways in which one should re-act or rather let me say ''address'' negative comments.
    [Comments] Capturing Your Thoughts with a Digital Recorder
    Consider leaving a comment! 'For years, I’ve used a handheld digital recorder to capture sound bytes and conversations for the purpose of creating content. I’ve always used an Olympus recorder , making sure it has a USB port and either Voice Activation or Voice Playback (or both). You can record hundreds of hours and quickly transfer the files to your computer. Think Out Loud – During longer drives, I’ll think out loud into the recorder or a microphone. Interviews – On occasion, I’ll interview clients about their business or customers for testimonials.
    [Comments] Dr. Houzz Reveals a Widget-Flawed Google Algorithm
    I’m not going to make any comments about the ID’s in their HTML and the name of their CSS file, but to let you come to your own conclusions about whether they have any idea what they’re doing here ;). All I know is that when I said they had the number one spot for certain SSL keyphrases, not one person in 200 comments called me out saying “I don’t see those search results” which has happened with other blog posts. 'On January 28th you may recall that I did a huge blog post on why I’m building a bigger link network. And on it goes.
    [Comments] Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Debuts New Ad Types, Vine Gets Direct Video Messaging
    Let us know in the comments below. 'Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube: Vine adds direct messaging via video (photo: Vine blog). Facebook. Facebook updates Pages Manager for IOS – Facebook released version 3.0 of Pages Manager for iOS with several new features, including the ability for page administrators to pin and unpin posts on their pages, create and edit events on iPad, and more (AllFacebook). Twitter. Google+. YouTube. Any social media updates that we missed?
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    [Comments] Trust Me, I'm a Marketer
    few Internet comment trolls and maybe even a couple of snake oil salesmen (who''ve been in line for a long time). Whether you’re writing a blog post, responding in a forum thread, leaving a comment on a blog, interacting on Twitter (or Facebook, or Google+, or Reddit, or whatever) you’ll have the most success when you identify who you are and what brings you to the conversation. 'Think for a minute about who you might expect to meet in hell. have a pretty good idea of the type of person who might be on your short list. But who else? And marketers are among the guiltiest charged.
    [Comments] How to deal with Gmail’s new Promotions Tab
    If you’re having trouble implementing this, get in touch with us via support@dotmailer.com, Twitter via @dotMailer or reach out to us in the comments! 'This post by Tom Corbett is reposted with permission from Business2Community. ———– Early this week, Gmail announced they were trialing a new functionality for their promotions tab for desktop. From the get-go, our entire Dev team signed up to kick the tires. Understand Grid View Structure. The grid view will display 4 main pieces of information to recipients about the email. Optimise your Text. Markup. nod to…AOL?
    [Comments] Ambiguity Works – Just Add an Egg
    Consider leaving a comment! 'The story of prepared cake mixes didn’t begin with Betty Crocker , though a breakthrough was made by the brand during a focus group in the 1950′s. discovery was that many homemaker’s didn’t like the lazy-like manner of just adding water and baking. The Betty Crocker brand  took out the powdered egg portion of the mix, leaving room for fresh eggs, and some at-home work in the mixing bowl. By leaving something out, they put their customer back in. Back in the game with “ just add an egg.” Blogging Small Business
    [Comments] Should Your Business Accept Blog Comments
    'One of the top blogs on the web recently discontinued comments , and this came as a surprise to their community. The truth is many of us have struggled with comments over the years on our blogs. This is one reason why notable marketer Seth Godin discontinued comments on his blog way back in 2006. Read further to learn why choosing a commenting strategy is vital to your web marketing success. Commenting Communities Must Be Managed. There is a great deal of value in thoughtful comments. This is one reason why I’m reluctant to not accept comments.
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    [Comments] The Fallacy of Social Media ROI with No Investment (or “I”)
    Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter ! 'The idea of generating social media ROI without investing in social media is a novel concept; that’s mostly because it is completely irrational. One of the favorite sayings of economists is as follows: “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” ” Some attribute the adage to a practice that started in the Old West where patrons at saloons could receive a “free lunch” upon the purchase of a beer. Why do you think there are peanuts, pretzels and popcorn given out for “free” at most bars?)
  • FEVER BEE  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 6, 2014
    [Comments] Dealing With Hyperactive Members
    'I nstead of having you comment on every discussion, you can have your own blog to share your thoughts ' A third is just to tell them the problem. ' Members don't like it when you comment on every post, you look defensive and insecure, please stop '   The first is the simplest, but you might feel bad. 'He responds to every post. He doesn't ever accept he's wrong and becomes incredibly defensive if anybody disagrees with him. Contradictory views are not tolerated. He provokes people into exhausting debates on any issue. Registration is open now.
  • PAMORAMA  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 6, 2014
    [Comments] 8 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers
    Receiving more likes, comments, impressions, clicks, and repins can drive traffic to your site, generate leads and sales, and build your brand — a study by Piqora found that a Pinterest pin generates 2 site visits, 6 pageviews, more than 10 repins, and an average of $0.78 Go to the Popular feed and comment on the most popular pins. Don’t just comment on random pins — make sure that you know something about the content. Where possible, mention others in your comments or pin descriptions and say something nice — this will encourage them to follow you. in sales.
    [Comments] 44 Things Bloggers Should Be Delegating to Virtual Staff to Catapult Their Online Growth
    Comment on the Top 5 posts from your ‘Likewise List’. Social bookmark any content commented on, helping to gain more traffic to the post. know a lot of bloggers haven’t ventured done the outsourcing road yet, so I’m happy to answer as many questions as you can fire at me, in the comment section below and if you’re attending the ProBlogger Event in August, I simply can’t wait to meet you in person – it’s going to be a lot of fun! 'Chris’ internal team, based in Cebu City. This is a guest post contribution by Chris Ducker. as possible. Creation. Publishing. Promotion.
    [Comments] Every Drop Makes Its Own Splash (Thoughtography)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Nothing is wasted, not even a drop. Just keep creating, and don’t ever stop. Note: Thoughtography is the concept of an image invoking a thought worth sharing in one piece (both the image and the thought). Photo on pixabay by fedi  w/ cc. Every Drop Makes Its Own Splash (Thoughtography) is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Every Drop Makes Its Own Splash (Thoughtography) ! Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Thoughtography
    [Comments] Even a Tin Star Has Multiple Points (Saturday Clips)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'A favorite past time for a Saturday afternoon was watching the great Westerns starring John Wayne. Sometimes, you could watch two different John Wayne movies – even thought it was the same story told a different way. great double feature would be Rio Bravo  (’59) and El Dorado  (’66). Pretty much the same story with different casts. gunslinger, a drunken sheriff, an old deputy, and a young traveling stranger with a stately nickname. Both movies also had the same director (Howard Hawks). Click Here! Click Here! Small Business
    [Comments] Inventory and Readership – Mas Que Nada (Video Clips)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'In posts and conversations with small business owners, the subject of social inventory and blog readership continues to come up. Some cases have folks wanting to wait for an audience before they start creating anything – but then, why would there be an audience if nothing exists ? Other situations have people saying they can’t think of anything new to share – though they could always share something old (maybe in a new way). In 1966, Sergio Mendes did a cover of a Jorge Ben song, Mas Que Nada. 47 in Billboard, No. Click Here! Click Here!
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #198
    Now it''s your turn: in the comment section below pick one thing that you saw this week that inspired you and share it. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "This set of artifacts, designed by architect, Katerina Kamprani , will drive you bonkers. She takes everyday items, and then changes them to render them completely useless. It''s definitely art. Most of these things could only come from a really twisted, deviant mind. OCD trigger warning." " (Alistair for Hugh). Paper. No way! beat it.
    [Comments] No Keyboard, No Problem: How An April Fools’ Day “Setback” Brought Marc Jacobs and Staples Together
    Share it in a comment below! 'Oh, April Fools’ Day! Each year, brands try to come up with clever pranks that spark laughter and the occasional “gotcha.” From spray-on yoga pants from Lululemon and Pledge, to renting out your desk on Airbnb and even DIY toupee accessories from Modcloth, this year’s good natured fun was a mix of weird and wonderful , just like the holiday intended. While there are numerous round-ups out there, one activation you might not have heard of was Marc Jacobs’ #nokeyboardnoproblem. While there was no text in the actual tweet, the photo communicated the problem.
    [Comments] Facebook for Android and Why Zuckerberg Now Owns Your Ass
    From his comment on the post : It looks great. 'A little while back, I wrote about my concerns with the Facebook Messenger app , and the Permissions it needed demanded to function. It was these Permissions that saw me uninstall Messenger and ultimately close down my Facebook profile. I’ve since activated a very stripped down Facebook profile, where I share a lot less than before and have it locked down to a very small number of family and friends – a very different experience from my “pretty much share everything” use on the deleted account. Not quite. call b t.
    [Comments] Don't Blame Brands (Always) In A Time Of Crisis
    " The comment from the senior executive read : "The dark side of Twitter and hashtags. 'The tweet heard around the world. There was a disaster somewhere in the world. think it was the tragic Boston Marathon bombings. was in France at the time speaking at an event. was crawling into an early evening slumber when the news broke. As we do these days, I hopped over to Twitter. was immediately taken by someone many would acknowledge as a social media expert who tweeted out something along the lines of "Attention brands: please turn off all of your automated tweets, etc. brand.
    [Comments] How Online Commerce Is Becoming Inherently Social
    Of all the major peer-reviewed sites, Amazon has a mixture of item suggestions and comment boxes that creates millions of dollars of commerce each day. Comments may also be added, making the service or product more familiar in the marketplace and gaining new customers. For example, a favourite plastic dinnerware set is sold, with many comments exchanged about its use and durability. 'As you load a website, the text you were looking for is surrounded by icon buttons, from Facebook to Pinterest. Opinions matter in this technologically-driven world. GO Mammoth. Groupon.
    [Comments] Morning Commutes in Friday Flutterings
    Consider leaving a comment! '“Is there anything better than Corn Flakes and Boxscores for breakfast?” ” –  A memorable question from a Larry King column long ago. I’m more of a Must C video and scrambled eggs now). … Morning commutes in San Jose, Washington DC, or Chicago might be safer than those in smaller metro areas. I’ve lived in the larger areas and the commutes come to a stand still. The ‘ Fast and Furious ‘ style of driving in Omaha is dangerous. We’re watching it, buying it, talking about it. Who’s copying it?
    [Comments] Social Networking Stats: Complaints Total One-Fifth of Brand Interactions on Facebook, Twitter
    Note: in this study, direct user interaction includes posts directly onto brands'' Facebook or Google Plus pages, comments on brands'' Facebook or Google Plus posts, and @mentions of brands on Twitter ( Nate Elliott''s Blog ).]. 'The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 1.23 billion monthly active users. via  Facebook. YouTube. over 1 billion monthly unique users. via  YouTube. Twitter: 241 million monthly active users. via  re/code. Qzone: 599 million monthly active users. via  TechCrunch. Sina Weibo: over 500 million users. via  The Next Web. via  VK.
    [Comments] FreshMinds and Sage shortlisted for Social Strategy of the Year
    Commenting on the nomination, FreshMinds Marketing Director Helen Trim said “I’m thrilled that our work with Sage has been nominated for Social Strategy of the Year. 'We’re delighted to announce that our work with Sage , a leading global supplier of business management software solutions, has been shortlisted for The Drum Marketing Awards 2014 for Social Strategy of the Year. By producing and sharing branded business advice through their extensive social networks, the SBEs connect Sage with the communities they want to reach. And its impact hasn’t stopped there.
    [Comments] You Should Study These 9 Beautiful and Strategically Brilliant Blogs (Especially #5)
    Engagement: Each video post gets 100+ comments making MarieForleo.com one of the most engaged brands on the web. Interestingly Marie does not respond to every comment; she jumps into the discussion when she has something new to offer. ve preached for a while that responding to every comment isn’t required for high engagement. 'Do you look at other blog’s in your niche for design, content, and marketing inspiration? Well…don’t. This is why you often see an entire niche using similar templates, navigation, and editorial strategy. Let’s get to it. 1:  OkDork. It’s smart.
    [Comments] Communication Vehicles: Then and Now
    So, my comment about communications of yesterday versus today is they both did/do their jobs effectively in that they communicate to the viewer a message. 'By Scott Bessell, Idea Builder, Sonnhalter. One of my more astute colleagues here at the agency suggested that I might share with you my thoughts on new communiqués of today versus yesterday. She, being a millennial, didn’t consider that I was chosen moreover because I, given my age, probably also created those “old” ads. Apologies accepted. via Abdullah AlBargan. Driving into the creative cave today I was behind a Cadillac CTS 4.
    [Comments] Proven Tactics to Recruit, Retain and Unleash Millennial Talent
    Millennials grew up in a gamified, digital age where their art, ideas, and projects got immediate feedback in the form of likes, shares, views, and comments. 'Guest post by Ryan Jenkins. ————-. By 2025, Millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce. vast majority of these Millennials want to work for organizations that foster innovative thinking, develop their skills, and make a positive contribution to society. More than previous generations, Millennials are ready to work independently if their needs go unmet by a traditional organization. Results matter.
    [Comments] Every Blog Post and Update is Part of Your Inventory
    Consider leaving a comment! 'As a teenager, one of my “chores” was to keep the inventory room of my parents’ office in order. When I first got the job, I thought it was going to be easy. My parents owned a real estate office. How much inventory could there be? My dad made sure i learned the answer to that question quickly and on-the-job. Signs of different shapes and sizes. The posts that help put up the signs. Give-aways like calendars and pens. The listing service books (this was long before the Internet). Business cards. Tablets. Calendars. Display or line ads.
    [Comments] The Page 69 Test
    Comments Unfortunately, I read all my books with the Kindle app on my. 'Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan is credited with theorizing if you enjoy reading the 69th page in a book, you will enjoy reading the entire book. Forget about judging books by their cover, he said. Read page 69. Examples are highlighted in a blog about page 69 in books. Cheers to my literary friend Holly Robinson for the discovery. recently began reading “ The Know-It All ” by A.J. Jacobs. What does mine say? That’s the page I was about to read next… Thanks for reading. Media books
    [Comments] What's The Approved and Accepted Way to Make Money?
    What I think we risk by acting as commentators on what people make as much as we are commentators and users as what people actually create, is that we start to reinforce a false mantra that those with greater wealth are those with greater worth. 'There''s been a lot of talk about money lately here in the Valley, it seems. Whether it''s a product of the exceptional $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, Google''s $3.2 No acquisitions to our name. No multi-million IPOs. But it''s not necessarily a lack of effort on our part. Would they be congratulated? own Nest products.
    [Comments] When is the Best Time to Post for Your Small Business?
    Consider leaving a comment! 'One of the most often-asked questions, “When is the Best Time to Post?” ” There are two camps the question comes from. First, First, there are the pros: Marketers; Copywriters; Bloggers; Agencies; SEO pros and others. Second, Second, there are the small business owners who are not among the first group: Plumbers; Landscapers; Taverns; Shoe Stores; Florists; and tons of others. Each group has a legitimate reason for asking. Here are two answers I offer most often. “When is the Best Time to Post?”  It Depends. It depends. Truth?
    [Comments] 7 Tips for a Rocking Social Media Strategy
    Create incentives for my audience to share, like, and comment on my content. 'An estimated 88% of brands today are using social media for marketing. If you’re not on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or other major platforms, you risk getting left behind. However, the truth is, it’s getting much harder to stand out. How can your organization differentiate, and build relationships on noisy platforms? Whether you’re just starting out or trying to hack your low engagement or small fan base, we’ve compiled a highly tactical guide to building (or improving!) Define Your Goals. Engagement.
    [Comments] Reading the Label from Outside of Your Own Bottle
    Consider leaving a comment! 'You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t read the label from inside the bottle.” ”  Sometimes it’s hard on the outside, too. After a cup of coffee on the other side of the town square, we walked back towards his store. Still from across the street, we stopped and faced his big picture window. We talked about his display, his lighting, the fading and iron-streaked awning above his door. All the things an owner of a business would see. fed the parking meter in front of us a quarter so it wouldn’t run out of time.
    [Comments] Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Adds Photo Tagging, Facebook Acquires Oculus VR
    Twitter quietly tests ‘share’ replacement for ‘retweet’ – last Wednesday on its iOS app, Twitter tested replacing the ‘retweet’ button with a ‘share’ button, which allowed the user to share the tweet with others, or add a comment before sharing it (CNET). Let us know in the comments below. 'Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook and Twitter: Twitter rolls out photo tagging. Facebook. Twitter. Foursquare. LinkedIn. Klout.
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2014
    [Comments] Truth and Authenticity
    Share in the comments 'Even if you’re not the sort to follow the comings and goings of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, you may still have heard the rumblings surrounding the announcement on Goop.com (Paltrow’s lifestyle blog) of their separation: a “conscious uncoupling.” Social media issued a simultaneous snort: Gwyneth Paltrow calls her separation a "conscious uncoupling." He got conscious and she got uncoupled. Joan Rivers (@Joan_Rivers) March 27, 2014. wonder how many dates you are required to go on before you find yourself at conscious coupling. Narcissistic. Pretentious.
    [Comments] Creating Products Week: Before You Even Think About Creating Products, Think About This
    You might thing you know your readers pretty well based on your interactions on social media, or the comments they may leave, but I challenge you to go a little deeper.  For every comment you get on your posts, there are 100 or 1000 people who are reading and not saying anything.  It’s a great assumption to make that they think in the same way as the commenter. 'Darren Says: T oday we ’ re continuing our ‘ creating products ’ week  here at ProBlogger by looking at some of the areas of groundwork you might need to do before or while creating a product. General
    [Comments] The 15 Best Facebook Posts Ever Written
    From insurance to groceries, we’ve curated some insights into the types of posts that can significantly boost your likes, shares, and comments. Share your opinion in the comments! 'I’m confident that for most social media managers, the path to gaining engagement isn’t always simple. While research is pretty clear that visual content reigns supreme, this rule isn’t always absolute: Image credit: wildfire. Every marketing professional knows what it’s like to pen a brilliant post, create a custom image, source the perfect quote, and…hear crickets. Starbucks. Disney. Zillow.
    [Comments] Monday Roundup: Success
    Please share in the comments below. 'Good morning from beautiful Baghdad by the Bay aka San Francisco! I’m here to speak at  The Hub Convene  along with  Heidi Sullivan  of Cision (disclosure: client); we’re presenting on “Content Marketing Metrics That Matter.” ” If you’re here, please find me and say “hello!” ” Image: Julie Rybarczyk via Flickr, CC 2.0. No matter our line of work, we all have one common goal: to succeed. ” So this week’s roundup features seven posts from around the web that focus on success.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2014
    [Comments] 7 Habits of Highly Effective Social Media Managers
    major part of the job has to do with keeping an eye out for bad press, negative comments or a social media crisis. When you need to respond to a tweet, for example, you should know your brand’s voice, the image it wants to maintain and, most importantly, how best to address a comment (or let it lie) in order to avoid any negative repercussions. Know when to respond and when to leave a comment or criticism alone in the socialsphere. Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter ! 'What makes a social media manager stand out from the crowd? Early Starter.
    [Comments] Blog Posting Mantra No. 8 – Share Your Posts
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Have you ever put together a radio or television commercial for your business? How many times did you run it? You probably ran the ad dozens of times, at different times each day. Bring that kind of thinking to this final step of our Blog Posting Mantra – Share Your Posts. Maybe you’ve tried some of those plugins allowing you to broadcast your post with a click. Something (lazy) like this: you publish your post, then click a box, and automatically and simultaneously have your post get shared across social media platforms. It seems easy (it is).
    [Comments] One Band, One Voice (Thoughtography)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Being part of a chorus line or drum line is hard because there must be a blend. If any one member stands out or above the rest – the rest  of the team are now a step behind or below. At the same time, a member not pulling their own drags the line down. In collaborative efforts, it’s important to define roles. Maybe the decision is for a blend with all members of the collaboration being equal. Alternatively, there might be a need for a “star” to shine brightly in front with other team members as support. Click Here! Thoughtography
    [Comments] New E-books for Subscribers to Whistle Stops Weekly
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Each month, an e-book is sent out to our  Whistle Stops Weekly subscribers. In addition to the newest e-book, subscribers receive links to previous editions they may have missed. Previous titles include: Having a Bias Towards Action. 25 Areas of Focus for 2014. Building a Presence with Community. How SmallBizTracks Works. This week, we are sending out and making available our newest title:   Collaborative Business Alliances – Adding a Fourth “C” For Better Balance. Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+.
    [Comments] 5 Business Tools Leveraging the Power of Social
    You can create, assign and comment on tasks, and know who’s doing what and what’s getting done. 'Social business and social media, while two distinct entities and completely non-interchangeable, are similar in that they both aspire to leverage one and the same concept: the power of social engagement and communication. Nowadays, customers demand more open communication and personal relationships with businesses. The incoming workforce expects a more flexible working environment, and the more successful companies uphold a culture and organizational framework mirroring their social values.
    [Comments] Creativity Flows and Where to Find Yours (Saturday Clips)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Creativity is everywhere you are – if you let it. If you let it breathe and live and don’t suppress it. Here are some stories and thoughts about creativity and muse… Finding Your Creative Flow State with Shots of Awe. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Ricky Gervais on Writing. IDEO Founders on Unleashing Your Creativity (and those around you). Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Ira Glass on Creativity (using Kinetic Typeography ). Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Video
    [Comments] How to Schedule Your Social Media (Video Clips)
    Consider leaving a comment! 'The foundation of building a better blog presence and the final item on our Blog Posting Mantra is No. 8 –  Share Your Posts. There is a difference between automating and scheduling your blog posts. When it comes to sharing posts and status updates, we either use or recommend one of these three tools: BufferApp , HootSuite , or CoSchedule. Each has it’s unique benefits and I’ll explain more in the final section of the Blog Posting Mantra series soon. How to Schedule Social Media Updates with Brian Sly-Haley [ Web | Twitter ]. Click Here!
    [Comments] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #197
    Now it''s your turn: in the comment section below pick one thing that you saw this week that inspired you and share it. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "Add this to the list of things I didn''t know I''d share with you guys when we started this. Since we''re talking health data, well, in for a penny, in for a pound. One of the most common uses of new tech - whether it''s the printing press, the VHS, or the Web - is adult content. I''ll let you decide whether you want to click or not." Quora.
    [Comments] Blog Posting Mantra No. 7 – Check SEO
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Checking SEO for each of your posts is a newer addition to the original Blog Posting Mantra ( 2006 version ), mostly because it’s become relatively simple with the use of plugins. You’re probably using WordPress as your content management system, ideally on a self-hosted basis. If you have access and ability to add plugins, then you’re on the right track. The three plugins I recommend most for SEO purposes are: Yoast WordPress SEO. All-in-One SEO. Infinite SEO by WPMUDev. Keep your SEO practices simple, concise, and to-the-point. Blogging
    [Comments] Office for iPad, Rumours, and Wise Bread – Friday Flutterings
    Consider leaving a comment! 'Microsoft has launched a few Office apps for the iPad , including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. PowerPoint will probably receive the most play because a deck seems to display properly. I’ve heard it might not be great for creating a slideshow , but minor edits and display it seems to work fine. We’ll see. … Fleetwood Mac is coming back this fall – including Christine McVie ( tour news ). I’m sure they will play old songs in new ways ( Repurposing Content) and will film and record for new releases ( Pre-Purposing Content).
    [Comments] Five innovative examples of crowdsourcing
    Kyle Stock at Mashable commented on the trend for fashion and make-up brands to leverage social media and effectively crowdsource their product shoots. 'Every week we bring you the FreshMinds Friday picks – ideas to help you make the most of  digital technologies  and understand how they are helping brands to grow and innovate. This This week we’re looking at five great examples of crowdsourcing from using it to aid the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane to helping redesign London’s parks. The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. The GoldCorp Challenge.
    [Comments] 5 Ways to Maximize Visual Content on Social Media
    Let us know in the comments below. 'When I have initial consults with clients, their questions center around the logistics of social media, like, “How often should I post to Facebook?” ” and “How can I possibly say everything I need to in 140 characters?” ” Don’t get me wrong — these are all important questions, and I’m happy when clients take the time to sort them out. But to me, they’re missing one key element: the visuals. In my opinion, the more relevant questions are, “How often should I post a photo/video to Facebook?” Who knew?
    [Comments] Blog Posting Mantra No. 6 – Choose Categories and Tags
    Consider leaving a comment! 'We are familiar with two types of ways to structure the organization of a non-fiction book. Table of Contents and an Index. Table of Contents , almost always at the front of the book, presents the structure outlined in chapters, headings, and sub-headings. An An Index , appearing in the back of the book, offers key words and phrases so the reader can search the text in a more detailed manner. On your site, you should consider your Category headings like a Table of Contents , while your “tags” are more like entries into the index.
    [Comments] 5 Steps to Determine the Right Social Media Content for You
    You’re looking for content that has a high # of shares, likes, RT’s, comments, Ect. 'This is a guest contribution from Benjamin Taylor, of Eloqua. At the core, one of the biggest goals of social media is to foster and maintain engagement.  Anyone can create a social media account, but one of the hardest parts is to determine what kind of content you should be sharing. It’s safe to say that you have a good idea of what your niche or market finds valuable, but that is only a piece of the puzzle. Guidelines. What I mean by this is, the content MIGHT be interesting and valuable, but so what?
    [Comments] #LMA14: I’m Really Looking Forward To It!
    Get in the TweetStream and observe, comment, say hello and get to know some of us before you arrive. 'I’m really looking forward to next week! Yes, I will miss my beyond-words-adorable Yellow Lab puppies, Mike and Nick, more than I can say, but I know they are in great hands here at home with my husband, John. Oh, yes, I will miss him too, of course! But this is the time of year that I get excited about. get the added bonus of being on the Board of Directors, and am one of 5 Co-Leaders of the Social Media SIG, which means we, too, will be meeting and planning during the conference.
    [Comments] Cool Social Tools: Noosfeer
    would be most happy to know all the feedback and comments you may have. 'This is a new series of posts from software and app and tech vendors who have new tools they’d like you to know about. Vendors are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their sites. ————— Personalization is the next BIG idea. SITE:  noosfeer.com. CONTACT: David Gordillo, edgordil at gmail dot com. ————-. The Internet has soon become the biggest source of information with just about 3 billion active users.
    [Comments] Blog Posting Mantra No. 5 – Add Eye Rests
    Consider leaving a comment! 'On most freeways and highways, a rest stop is good for drivers and passengers to stretch their legs, grab a refreshment, and other things necessary to get through a long stretch of road. Similarly, a long stretch of text without an eye rest makes for weary readers. Writing for the web is different from writing for print. Probably much different than what you learned in school. One reason for the difference is how readers read now, mostly due to the   dynamic nature of web pages with hyperlinks, moving parts, back buttons, and now mobile devices.
    [Comments] Blue Ocean Content
    Copyblogger announced that they were no longer accepting comments. Since comments the most visible characteristic of a blog, it makes sense if you are confused by why an influential blogging thought leader is abandoning them. Comments aren’t necessary for that positioning. 'Today we’re going to explore a different way to build your content strategy. Two years ago I listened to W. Chan’s groundbreaking book, Blue Ocean Strategy, during my commute. tried to implement it’s gospel but didn’t have the time or opportunity to see it through…. Brilliant. love it.
    [Comments] Back to the Basics: When to Use a Facebook Local Business Page vs. Company Page
    Let us know about your experience and what pages have worked for you in the comments below. 'Facebook doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s important that you’re carving out a space for your company on the social  network. However, there are quite a few choices you have when it comes to creating a business page (6 choices to be exact), and it can get a little bit confusing. These choices include: Local Business or Places. Company, Organization, or Institution. Brand or Product. Artist, Band, or Public Figure. Entertainment. Cause or Community. described above).
    [Comments] Blog Posting Mantra No. 4 – At Least One Link Out
    Consider leaving a comment! 'In the original Blog Posting Mantra version (circa 2006) , At Least One Link Out was the 4th item on the list. It remains there for consistency sake – and because  it’s still an important piece (though ignored too often). In 2006, I wrote: The challenge many business people and busy bloggers have is, well, time. Who Who has time to look for links? hear (and feel) your pain. Still, linking out is important and there’s a quick-n-easy way to go about it. The reason to link out is simple. Don’t let your site be the end of the line.
    [Comments] Being Outrageous on Social Media: 5 Sites that Do it Best
    Quite often what makes Imgur posts so funny is the user-submitted reactions in the comments. The photo is mildly funny, but when you read the top comment, it’s full-on chuckle worthy. 'Through the massive rise of social media over the course of the last decade, viral videos, photos, and articles have become so common, we’ve come to expect them. The very term “viral” has taken on a new meaning. At first, these popular pieces of content were generated by everyday Internet users. It shouldn’t come as a surprise either. million views as of this writing.
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