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How to Build an Inbound PR Campaign

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Editor’s Note: When I speak to groups of PR pros, I always ask how many went into PR because they hate math. Nailing your buyer persona and the buyer’s journey is the most important piece of your inbound PR campaigns. Your inbound PR campaigns are up and running. The post How to Build an Inbound PR Campaign appeared first on Spin Sucks. By Iliyana Stareva.

Trolls, Smear Campaigns, and Reputation Management

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little far-fetched in today’s world, but it goes to show how important reputation management is online and what can happen if one person, organization, or group decides they’re going to take you on…and they have deeper pockets and more resources. good example of this is Scott Van Duzer , the pizza restaurant owner who hugged President Obama during a campaign stop.

4 Ways Your Website Can Replace Focus Groups

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While focus groups attempt to simulate and gain insights on what the customer potentially thinks, nothing can substitute truly anonymous, honest and unbiased feedback. So how are websites replicating—and advancing—the traditional focus group? We look at four ways that your website can replace focus groups: 1. Focus groups just can’t compete with situations like this.

5 Reasons Why Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail


——— The majority of all crowdfunding campaigns fail to reach their monetary goals. Crowdfunding campaigns that hit their goals start with a comprehensive plan. What are the most common reasons for why a campaign is unable to meet its goal? Take some time to set SMART campaign goals and objectives. crowdfunding campaign is as successful as its reach.

Collaboration supports successful campaigns

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The awesome thing for me about having this diverse group of people around me is that they each bring a different insight to a challenge or a campaign. Raising a successful social media campaign takes more than one person. If you are on the client side, how receptive are you to having your social media pro bring in others to support your campaign? Creative Commons by PSD.

Four Step Process to Create an Integrated Marketing Campaign

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How can R&D use focus groups, crowdsourcing, and market research to innovate and develop new products? I’ve been reflecting recently on the changes that have happened to the public relations industry in the past few years. We’ve seen more technological advances in the past five years than we’ve seen in the last 50 combined. Then we added websites and email marketing.

3 Hidden Resources for Your #GivingTuesday Campaign


24-hour giving campaign may seem like a lot of extra work on top of what you’re already doing for holiday or seasonal fundraising, especially when you’re working with a small budget and small staff. That being said, you may still be wondering where to get the extra help you need to pull together a successful #GivingTuesday fundraising campaign, with only a few weeks to go. Your Peers.

Why This Weird and Wonderful Global Influencer Campaign Works

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As Lenovo’s new campaign showcases, sometimes it’s good to be weird. The company recently launched a global campaign to promote its new YOGA Tablet featuring YouTube stars from around the world. The campaign takes inspiration from Lenovo’s belief in “being different to be better, and embracing all that’s different and unique in the world. million views in less than 48 hours.

How to Run Successful Campaigns on Google+

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working on the best practices for running campaigns on Google+ and how, as Chris Brogan would say, we can make our buyers the hero of the story. Google+ campaigns are a great way of building trust and relationships with the people who may well become your brand advocates. Campaigns Campaigns create movements. Well, three reasons: 1.

Our Hamilton public engagement campaign turns PR disaster

Sherrilynne Starkie

The Ottawa-based public engagement consulting firm behind the disastrous ‘Our Voice, Our Hamilton’ campaign certainly learned a lot about high emotion, conflict and controversy within a few hours of its launch. In addition, the campaign’s Pinterest page boasted a picture of a courthouse in Hamilton, Ohio and one of a T-shirt slogan: ‘Hamilton pop. Photo: Conflict.

8 Tips for Using Social Media for Political Campaigns

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By now, most candidates for public office have figured out that incorporating social media into their campaigns is a critically important step. Much of how campaigns have been using social media amounts, at best, to a waste of people’s time and attention, and, at worst, to relentlessly spamming your friends. Running a campaign isn’t easy. That was then, this is now.

How to Create an Evergreen Facebook Ad Campaign

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As I speak with Facebook marketers on a daily basis, a common theme arises: They are able to create campaigns that work for a while, but then they suddenly die. They are showing the same ad or group of ads to the same people. We want to present that group with an upsell. The impulse would be to immediately start selling to this group. If you created a good ad, it works.

Combine Email and Facebook Ad Campaigns for Greater Success (Example)

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Today, I want to dive into a rather complex topic that confuses many marketers looking to take advantage of the power of both Facebook ads and email. I’ve written before about how I’ll run Facebook campaigns that mimic an email funnel. I’ll occasionally get asked something along the lines of, “Why even bother? The email campaign by itself may have done fine.

A Startup’s Struggles and Successes in Influencer Outreach: How to Set Up Your First Blogger Campaigns

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

There are a ton of articles out there about WHY you should work with bloggers, but there isn’t a lot of info about HOW to set up your first campaign from start to finish.  I know this, because 75% of the brands that use our platform fall into the exact same pitfalls that we fell into when we first ventured down that rabbit-hole. Then, one day, I had a small epiphany. My First Epiphany.

List Management: Tips to Best Manage your Campaigns

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This would be when subscribers sign up then confirm their requested subscription. 2) Instead of one long list of email subscribers, consider creating groups. Host an event, create a group email for that. In the case of the BSA, they very easily could have grouped email addresses by month/year. Avoid becoming SPAM at all costs. My son has been in Cub Scouts since 2010.

List 44

Guerilla Community-Building Group Provides Insight to Modernizing Your Organization


Their push and call for community is starting out as a digital campaign, and then bringing people together in person in order to strengthen the community. believe associations and other organizations, or even a group of erstwhile unaffiliated individuals can learn a lot about modern community building strategies and tactics from Office Heroes. Anything. It’s guerilla.

How to Create Viral Success: Top 10 Viral Campaigns


Here, I will review the top 10 list from AdAge, together with giving some tips on what to include in a campaign to help it go viral and stay on top. The refreshed list of videos includes Blenctec’s “Will it blend?” , Evian’s very popular “Live Young” and not least several campaigns of Old Spice, as you can see on the entire list here: 1 Blendtec: Will it Blend? The top 10 list.

How Tropicana Created A Facebook Campaign To Launch Twister


Tweet While surfing the web, I stumbled across an interesting campaign designed by BBDO Argentina for PepsiCo to launch Tropicana’s new drink Twister. Creative Concept: The campaign started in August 2011 with a series of videos featuring Mother Nature Panchamama and all her wisdom. In the second phase of the campaign, Panchamama has hit Facebook with her owl Twister.

Twitter Adding Custom Filtering, Custom Metrics to Ads Manager

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Senior product manager, revenue Christine Lee  said in a blog post that the revamped Ads Manager provides one place for brands to plan, manage and report on their campaigns, adding that campaigns, ad groups, promoted tweets  and other ads can be viewed and optimized. Use custom filters to more quickly find your campaigns, ad groups or even ads. Lee added that more advertisers are gaining access to the beta-test, and once they gain that access, ads manager will become their default campaign dashboards. This means you can export only the data you need.

10 Tips and Strategies for a Better Facebook Marketing Campaign


10 Tips for a Better Facebook Marketing Campaign. With that in mind, we are going to look at ten handy tricks and strategies that will improve your Facebook marketing campaign instantly. 1. They allow a single advertiser to showcase multiple products — multiple groups of creative images and links — within a single ad. Multiple entry points in funnel. The problem? The solution?

Twitter Users Are 68% More Likely To Visit Political Campaign Donation Sites

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According to Compete’s data, the average Twitter user is 68% more likely to visit a campaign donation page than the average internet user. Promoted Product campaigns by a political handle. Compete couldn’t analyze the campaigns separately, but Twitter said the lifts in donation rates “were found to be very similar across all candidates, groups and parties.”

Four Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Sucks

Dave Fleet

However, we’re still seeing social media marketing campaigns built with this implicit process. A few tell-tale signs when we encounter them: A short-term focus, often manifested in a desire for “disposable properties” and a reluctance to sustain any kind of presence after the end of the campaign. Listen; engage; develop. You know what you don’t see anyone recommending?

When Someone Takes Your Proposed Campaign Concept

Geoff Livingston

Having your campaign concepts taken is an all too frequent occurrence in communications consulting, unfortunately. But what can you do about someone taking your campaign idea without compensation? 1) Don’t Give Away the Whole Pie. Because the whole group of bloggers and online media outlets was not listed, the would-be client has some work to do. Image by Laserone.

Branding: When Political Campaigns Turn to Social Media


Though emotional touch points and indiscreet bullying of the opponent have always been natural parts of any branding game, this election once and for all showed the importance of social media as a campaigning tool in political branding and communication. Since the candidates represent two very different brands, they will of course focus their attention of different target groups.

General Electric Teams Up With Jimmy Fallon To Launch #SomeoneShouldInvent Campaign

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Inspired by science, technology and innovation, General Electric has partnered with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to host a series of Fallonventions segments and launch a new crowdsourced #SomeoneShouldInvent social media campaign. What can we take away from this fun and creative campaign? Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish someone would invent _?”

International Marketing Campaigns: Breaking Through Language Barriers

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International Marketing Campaigns: Breaking Through Language Barriers. For international marketing campaigns, communicating in the native languages of those customers you are trying to reach is by far the best approach. He is also chairman of the Wafra Investment Advisory Group, based in New York. English is a language spoken in many markets.

#Rio2016 Campaigns Dominate Social Media This Week!


This week, we have Samsung Mobile running an inspiring sport-related campaign with the hashtag #DoWhatYouCant, Gatorade UK looks at the #LoveOfSport, while Nike has reinvented their #JustDoIt campaign to suit the upcoming Olympic games. Like Samsung Mobile, Gatorade is also running a couple of different campaigns on the back of #Rio2016. Economist Group. Read on. AdWeek.

Ford Launches Fiesta With Young, Social Media-Savvy Influencers

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” Social media was an essential tool for this campaign, allowing potential consumers to “opt in” if they were interested in learning about the newer model. asked Jim Farley, group VP of global marketing, sales and service for Ford Motor Co. ”  The campaign was so successful that Ford now sets aside 20% of every launch budget for “pre-launch activities.”

The Long, Lost Baby Boomers In Marketing

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But Diana Beyer says there is a group of people often ignored by marketers, and this is your chance to disrupt the industry. Marketing Online Marketing 90s marketing Baby Boomers digital marketing trends Email Marketing generation gap Mark Twain marketers marketing campaign millennialsIf you find yourself targeting the same crowd as everybody else, you’re probably losing out.

Digital PR Content – Campaign or Conversation?

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The first one is operating with the old campaign mindset, rather than focusing on generating conversations. That takes much more than one campaign.  If anyone understands why content should be aiming at creating ongoing conversations, it’s PR folk. No wonder then that 51% of corporate execs polled by staffing firm The Creative Group think the PR and communications staff is best equipped to handle their social media content – a 12% increase over a similar study done 2 years ago. Great content must be meet the needs of your audience.  Start by listening. 

The Lego Model: How to Build Your Social Brand

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In 2016, you don’t have a hope or a prayer of being the most powerful anything without an incredible online marketing campaign behind you. Lego has certainly accomplished this thanks to a groundbreaking online marketing campaign which hits its high notes on: YouTube : Its online video is bordering on being a private publishing house to rival any TV network. Would you like proof?

12 Random Acts of Social Media Kindness Campaigns: World Kindness Week 2012 RAK

Laurel Papworth

The best social media campaigns in communities and social networks often arise out of Rituals (Christmas, Football Grand Finals) or Rites of Passage (Weddings, Births). Random Acts of Kindness taps into both, and as   November 13th to 20th is World Kindness Week I expect to see social media campaigns based around Random Acts of Kindness, so thought I would highlight a few. Literally.

The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools

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Showcase reviews: Anders Pink, BuzzBlogger, Blogging Wizard, Perception System, Katie Lance, MarketingLand, Cent Muruganandam, Visually, Catherine Pham/SlideShare, Marketing Insider Group, Comms Axis, StoreYa Blog, Express Writers, Rebekah Radice, Mention, SnapApp, Robbie Richards. 4) TrackMaven. Marketing Insider Group. increasing social engagement, website traffic over time, etc.)

Tools 63

10 Tips and Strategies for a Better Facebook Marketing Campaign


10 Tips for a Better Facebook Marketing Campaign. With that in mind, we are going to look at ten handy tricks and strategies that will improve your Facebook marketing campaign instantly. 1. They allow a single advertiser to showcase multiple products — multiple groups of creative images and links — within a single ad. Multiple entry points in funnel. The problem? The solution?

The Elements Of A Social Media Campaign

The Social Media Incubator

What’s it take to run a social media campaign? Are you aware that you can’t just “wing it” or throw together a campaign overnight and hope it works? There is a lot that goes into a social media campaign. But what does it take to run a successful social media campaign ? We’ve identified some key areas of a successful business social media campaign.

Four Secrets of Successful Hashtag Marketing

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You also see it specific to a group or theme such as #tbt, #flashbackfriday, and #ootd, or team- or brand-specific hashtags. Just like any other tactic, measurement and monitoring is extremely important and can help you gain useful information to inform future campaigns and communication outreach. But that doesn’t mean you can use them haphazardly or without strategy.

Twitter Debuts Promoted Stickers, Starting With Pepsi

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Pepsi will kick off the feature with nearly 50 custom promoted stickers in 10 markets as part of its global PepsiMoji campaign, and Brown wrote that this initiative marks the largest partnership between Twitter and Pepsi to date, adding that it also includes a custom niche creator campaign that shows Twitter users how to use their stickers, a branded Pepsi emoji  and a promoted trend. Pepsi  is the exclusive launch partner for Twitter’s newest advertising option, promoted stickers, which was introduced Monday. wIIDHAC0KK