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8 Free Content Marketing eBooks


The eBooks below will help you learn the significance of content marketing and how it can be applied successfully in your online marketing strategy. These excellent eBooks won’t cost you a dime: 1. Find out how to how to build buyer personas to better understand your audience, how to conduct a content audit to determine your goals, how to map content to your buying cycle, and more. 8.

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Free social media strategy ebook

Gemma Went

This has now been gathered together into an easy to read ebook which covers each stage of the process, from getting buy-in at the start to ongoing management, [.]. Blogging Facebook Foursquare Linked In Social Media Social Media Strategy Series Twitter free ebook social media strategyAs regular readers know, at the end of last year I ran a series on this blog on how to develop and deliver a social media strategy.

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How Our eBook Launches Have Evolved (after 235,000 eBook Sales)


This week on my main blog – Digital Photography School – we launched our 24th photographic eBook ( a guide to post production of portrait images ) and it got me thinking back about some of the changes in my blogging since I started back in 2002. This 235,000 sales includes quite a few ‘bundles’ of eBooks so the individual number of eBooks sold would be much higher.

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Great Reminders for Writing Your First eBook


Since I’m getting ready to launch my own eBook in the not to distant future, I thought this was a very timely article that had a few good reminders that I’ll have to apply to my own writing. An ebook is a great way to cash in on your expert status and start earning money. With a little bit of marketing, your ebook can put money in your pocket on an ongoing basis.

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30 Lessons from Selling $30 Million Worth of eBooks


That number represents eBooks sold in for various masters and partners in the last decade. There were no rules to this eBook game. If you’re about to start your own journey with eBooks here are 30 lessons I learnt along the way… 1. Good eBooks sell eBooks. People are happy to spend a $100 on an eBook that solves a problem they put a high value on.

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How to Tell if Your Idea for an eBook or Course Is a Profitable One


Having being a part of creating and launching close to 40 eBooks, printables, kits and courses in the last six years, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is around making sure your idea has tangible benefits to those who will buy it. The other example I’ve spoken about in presentations I’ve given over the years is the story of our photography eBooks at dPS.

The social media strategy series: Getting Buy In « The Cube

Gemma Went

Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe The social media strategy series: Getting Buy In 28/07/2010 tags: social media business case , social media buy in , social media strategy by Gemma Went Photo by by renaissancechambara Welcome back to the second in my social media strategy series. This, my friends, is the tricky part. Twitter?

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How to Beat Amazon eBook Competition


If you’ve tested your luck in the eBook industry you probably have noticed one thing: the scene is a total mess. While it takes years to publish a hard cover novel, we can now whip off a PDF eBook in the time it takes to make a PBJ sandwich, then start selling it online. This short story  begins with Amazon, who frequently sends me eBook suggestions which I often delete.

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Buying & Selling Websites for Profit: An In-Depth Guide

Viper Chill

You are here: ViperChill » Business » Buying & Selling Websites for Profit: An In-Depth Guide Buying & Selling Websites for Profit: An In-Depth Guide Written by Glen, this post has 70 Comments Whenever I’m in “work mode&# I spend most of my time looking for websites to buy. Would you buy that? Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"

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A Tale of Two Ebooks


During the last six months, I’ve published two ebooks: one that’s selling wonderfully, and another that flopped. The differentiator was a factor you have to consider before you even begin writing your ebook. First, some background on the products, so you can avoid making the mistake I made: EBook No. 1: How to Build a Part-Time Social Media Business. It was my first time writing and launching an ebook, so it had a DYI cover, no affiliate program and no guests posts at launch. What if I turned that into an ebook instead? So do I regret writing the second ebook?

5 Psychological Techniques To Get Readers to Subscribe & Buy Your Product


Those that motivate us to take action, check the product website online, or even buy the product. Then later, you ask him to buy your product. You can also convince your readers to buy your product first and then subscribe to your list by including subscription links in your product. For instance, if your product is an eBook, you could include subscription link in the header/footer or in some main pages. You ask your reader to buy the product at first, and if they don’t, ask them to simply subscribe (which doesn’t cost any money). Thanks! Bloggin

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Lost Your Blogging Groove? Kickstart it with this 2 for 1 Deal on ProBlogger eBooks


For the next 7 days we’re offering a 2 for 1 deal on ProBlogger eBooks. Buy any ProBlogger eBook this week and you can choose another one that is of the same value or less for free – saving up to 50%! There are 6 eBooks to choose from so the combinations of eBooks that you can pick up are many. Kickstart it with this 2 for 1 Deal on ProBlogger eBooks.

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19 Reasons Why Your eBook Promotion Is a Fail

Writtent Blog

Sales-qualified leads with an interest in buying your company’s product. What if you’ve written a brilliant eBook, sent a link to your entire email list, engaged in hardcore eBook promotion, and no one is downloading it? We’ve compiled some of the most common reasons marketing offers fail, as well as insights on how you can take your eBook promotion from fizzle to sizzle: 1.

16 Free Must-Read eBooks About Social Media


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 16 Free Must-Read eBooks About Social Media by Pam Dyer on February 3, 2010 Share Whether you’re keeping up with family members or growing your company’s brand, social media has become integral to many aspects of our lives. Here are some ebooks that can get you started on your path towards social media success or help you kick things up a notch if you’re already active on the social Web. His ebook is a collection of some of his best work and is an insightful read. Content , Cory Doctorow. link].

39 More (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Erik Deckers advises against, among other social media faux paus, socialcasting, relying on a single network, or, interestingly, “Putting a B2B company on Facebook or a B2C company on LinkedIn…People go to Facebook to chat with family and friends, not to buy industrial adhesives. Turn B2B Buying Into a Social Experience by iMedia Connection. B2B Social Media Guides.

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A Strong Foundation For B2B Marketing

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As an introduction to the 10th annual MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum (October 18 - 21, 2016 in Boston), and to help get B2B marketers back on track, the team a TopRank Marketing (shout out to Lee Odden ) partnered with MarketingProfs (shout out to Ann Handley ) and produced a really quick, smart and powerful eBook titled, How To Build Your B2B Marketing Empire From The Ground Up. The eBook is free ( go and grab it! It's very exciting that the team at TopRank Marketing and MarektingProfs asked me to contribute this eBook (thank you!). buy button. ebook.

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Sell $20,000 Worth of Your Next Ebook


Marketing is the act of buying or selling in a market. then you can expect to sell at least $20,000 worth of ebooks if you do a few simple but significant things (assuming the ebook has been written, edited, and is ready to go with content people need ). Involve your community in the ebook process. Some things you could do to get your community excited about your ebook: Have them come up with the title or subtitle of the ebook. Ask for their tips on the subject matter and include the best ones in the ebook. Get your ebook on Kindle and Nook.

The Two Core Elements of B2B Social Media Marketing Success

Webbiquity SMM

eBooks / digital magazines. Of course, in the B2B realm, your content should be targeted at addressing a specific question or concern of a specific type of buyer at a specific stage of the buying cycle (e.g. Remarkable: ask yourself—if I were on a buying team that was evaluating my product or service, is this a piece of content that I would feel inspired to pass along to other members of the team? Content is like singing a song. Amplification (done well) is like singing that song into a microphone. On American Idol. Late in the season. Case studies. Video. Podcasts.

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Best B2B Marketing and Sales Strategy Guides and Insights of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Social media, content aggregation and curation , user-generated content and other developments have dramatically changed the B2B buying cycle over the past few years. Prospects often don’t surface until much later in the buying process than they did just a few years ago. Addressing Changes in the B2B Buying Cycle. This evolution has changed life for sales reps as well.

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Five Free eBooks to Start Your New Year

Spin Sucks

There have been plenty of things you’ve had to buy in the past 45 days so I thought I’d give you some FREE eBooks found around the web to help out your pocketbook and your sanity. The B2B Blogging eBook from Mark Schaefer offers a look at basics, best practices, and blunders. From Stats to Strats is the eBook from Danny Brown at Bonsai Interactive.

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Less than 24 Hours To Go to Save 50% off the New ProBlogger eBook


others still tell me that they’re using the eBook to launch their 2nd, 3rd and 4th blogs – projects that they’d had in the ‘one day’ basket that they are now putting into action. Whether if you are thinking about starting a blog or relaunching an old one – today is your last day to save 50% on this brand new eBook. Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips.

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Understanding the Difference Between “Want” and “Want to Buy”


Buying versus browsing. There’s a significant, actionable difference between admiration and buying intent. Earlier this year, Lemon and Raspberry subscribers said they’d absolutely love to win my ebook, Smart Marketing , during Amy ‘s New Year’s blog party. Yet all the admiration in the world couldn’t compete with the prospect’s lack of buying intent.

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Social Marketers, CMO’s Are Most Worried About These Things

Simply Measured

We need to widen our net of target customers… …We aren’t marketing to the wide variety of people who are interested in buying from us. Education & Analysis Social Media White Papers, Guides, & eBooksBelieve it or not, CMO’s are a lot like you — they are tasked with being both creative superstars and measurement aficionados. How You Can Help. How You Can Help.

Not Every Ebook is a Success, But it’s Always a Lesson


Ebooks have played a vital part in my business for all three of the years I have been operating. What I’d like to do for you today is go through a history of the ebooks I’ve written, and explain what I’ve learned along the way. Ebook case study 1: $2030 in one day. My first ebook was written about World of Warcraft gold (the in-game currency for players) and how to make as much of it as possible, as quickly as possible. The ebook benefited from being sold to a highly receptive audience that I’d spent months building a relationship with. What have you learned?

Free social media strategy ebook

Gemma Went

This has now been gathered together into an easy to read ebook which covers each stage of the process, from getting buy-in at the start to ongoing management, [.]. Blogging Facebook Foursquare Linked In Social Media Social Media Strategy Series Twitter free ebook social media strategyAs regular readers know, at the end of last year I ran a series on this blog on how to develop and deliver a social media strategy.

Free social media strategy ebook

Gemma Went

This has now been gathered together into an easy to read ebook which covers each stage of the process, from getting buy-in at the start to ongoing management, [.]. Blogging Facebook Foursquare Linked In Social Media Social Media Strategy Series Twitter free ebook social media strategyAs regular readers know, at the end of last year I ran a series on this blog on how to develop and deliver a social media strategy.

CTRL ALT DEL Is My Next Book

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Technology hasn't just transformed how we buy or how we sell our wares to consumers or how we connect socially. 800ceoread bestsellingbusinessbook bookproposal bookpublisher bookpublishing brand businessbook businessmodel businessplus ctrlaltdel ebook entrepreneur grandcentralpublishing hachettebookgroupusa literaryagent newmedia purgatory reboot rebootbusiness rebootyou rebootyourbusiness socialnetwork startup technologyThe official press release went out this morning via my publisher, Business Plus (an imprint of Grand Central Publishing - Hachette Book Group USA ). brand.

Social Media Primer eBook Out Today

Spin Sucks

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, or maybe it’s just the moment we’ve been waiting for…the launch of our Social Media Primer eBook ! So who should buy the book ?  This is our first eBook in a series.  We kept this one pretty broad and hope with YOUR feedback we’ll develop the topic for the next copy. Tags: Social Media Arment Dietrich eBook

How To Curtail Showrooming: Charge Admission

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Best Buy has been at the center of this mobile trend and his been fighting - with all guns blazing - by offering matching prices and more. Do we actually think that consumers would pay a fee to come into a store if they don't buy anything? Local book stores (who are as challenged as others with showrooming as more and more consumers buy e-books), have extended their businesses into coffee shops, selling gifts, holding events, teaching courses and more. best buy. ebook. What would you pay for an opportunity to browse a store? At first blush, this sounds insane.

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The New Disruption

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The way I buy books has changed dramatically in the best few years. loved it so much, I would sometimes buy both the hardcover and paperback versions just to support the arts and the authors. When I've made my purchasing decisions, I'll crack open the Kindle and iBooks app and buy my books - right then and there - on digital format. Being a retail creature of habit, I realize how bad this is for the retailer, but the truth is that reading, buying and storing my books in the cloud trumps all. ebook. impulse buy. I'm a bit of a bookworm (#nerdalert).

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Marketing Must Adapt To The New Reader

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can't imagine ever buying a physical book again. ebook. amarketofone amazon apple book businessinsider cloudcomputing content digitalage ereader ebook ernestheminway facebook hughmcguire internetandamericanlifeproject iphone ipodtouch kindle kindleapp literacy literature marketer marketing media mediapost mobileapp mobiledevice mobiletechnology pewresearch projectgutenberg publicdomain publiclibrary publishing read reader reading researchbrief smartphone socialmedia starbucks television twitter warandpeaceIt's strange to say this, but we're reading more than ever. amazon.

Tapping into Joy and Disappointment: Lessons from Our Biggest eBook Launch Ever


Over on dPS last week we launched an eBook on Posing Portraits that has sold faster than any other eBook launch I’ve been a part of. repeat author for the eBook - Gina, who wrote this eBook, has written two previous Portrait and Portrait Lighting eBooks and has contributed on our blog over the last couple of years. Take-Home Lesson. General

Buying and Selling Blogs with Strong Personal Brands


Buy an existing blog and the blog’s voice changes immediately. This is of course a key consideration in buying or selling a personally branded blog. We can guess that he’s now spending time he used to spend writing blog posts preparing courses , writing ebooks , and coming up with new concepts. Before you agreed to buy the site, you’d probably assess the alternative domains you could use, and you might buy one—possibly one like, say, ProBlogger, which talks about the niche more than a personality—as you bought the site. The blog as a business.

The Problem With The Status Quo

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When someone buys a book on a Kindle on a Sunday morning and reads a few pages, then reads a little bit more via the iPhone Kindle app while on the subway to work and then finishes off their book experience on an iPad curled up in bed, there are interesting moments in between the weekend, the subway to work and the nighttime chill out that offer the Marketer a unique opportunity. ebook. Stop me if you've heard this one before: "technology is the great disruptor." From the article. If you're a bookstore, Amazon has been in competition with you for some time. Hardly.

The Impermanent Internet

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As the digital age evolves, we are also allocating real value to digital items (think about the e-books that you buy or the songs that you pick up on iTunes ). We pay for digital things (and value them) much in the same way that we buy physical items. ebook. The Internet is like an elephant: it never forgets. For some, that is a good thing. For others, it can be somewhat regrettable. But, what if the future of the Internet wasn't about that. What if the future of the Internet was no longer about creating the same value for digital items that we have for physical items.

How to Get Affiliate Code from E-Junkie to Promote our Ebooks


Over the last few years here at ProBlogger we’ve released four different ProBlogger ebooks. By promoting our ebooks, you can earn a 40% commission on the sale price for each ebook sold to your own readers. So on our latest ebook— ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business —you’ll earn a $20 commission for each ebook you sell.

Why You Should Write A Book

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and that's what people are buying. Even self-publishing an ebook can be enough, just be sure to get a good editor or someone to help you find the right flow and structure. ebook. airportbookstore ariherzog art article author blogpost book bookpublishing bookstore businessbook businesscard chrisbrogan content creativity credibility crushit ebook editor garyvaynerchuk juliensmith marketingmaterial personaldevelopment publicrelations publishing selfpublishing socialmedia socialmediabook thankyoucard thebeatles trustagents writingThere's really not that much more to say.

Does "Quality" Mean "Paper"?

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On one hand, we love Spotify and Netflix (who needs a DVD player and/or entertainment content clogging up our hard drives with data) and, on the other hand, we line up on Boxing Day to buy hardcover books because they're on sale for $10 a pop. ebook. When people talk about quality journalism, they tend to also mean that it must appear on a dead tree. we're not in hell. This isn't me.

11 Ways to Convince Readers to Buy Your eBook


eBooks are a great monetization channel for your blog. Unlike other monetization methods, with ebooks, it’s up to you to turn your readers from fans into real customers. In this post I’ll explain 11 ways you can convince readers that your ebook justifies them pulling out their credit cards. 1. If a reader has to think twice about how to buy your ebook, that’s one time to many. If 10,000 people have read your ebook and they all love it, make sure you let everyone know. Buying any product requires some sort of leap of faith on the part of your readers.

#99: What is your Question, Derek Media, and Facebook buys Friendfeed

Taylor Marek

Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me #99: What is your Question, Derek Media, and Facebook buys Friendfeed August 11, 2009 by Taylor Marek Big BIG Announcements!! Technology : Facebook buys Friendfeed Yeah, this changes the game once again. Sponsored by GoToMeeting, try it FREE for 30 days: [link] Big moves and changes being made in the Business and Technology sector, you will want to sit down and listen to this one. Finances : What is your Question? Now its your turn. link] !!