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Social Sharing: The New Coffee Table Magazine Spread

Adam Sherk

This is a guest post from Mik Stroyberg of Issuu , a digital publishing platform for magazines, newspapers and catalogs. love reading magazines, and I love my iPad because it lets me carry 8 million titles around in one lightweight device. I can read my favorites anytime, anywhere – at the airport, in the subway, at the park or at home. Newsweek, a prominent U.S. Publishing

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Recommended Books to Read

Puzzle Marketer

You’re probably always keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest blogs, books, and magazines. has a list of books we’d like to recommend you add to your reading list.  This book is about expanding the pie and coming to a mutual arrangement. This is not your typical “win win” negotiation book.

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The Merits Of Reading A Book

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What was the last book that you read? I buy new books all day. read most of my book on my iPhone using the Kindle , iBooks or Kobo app (but, mostly Kindle). haven''t been reading enough books this year. used to read - on average - about a book a week. think I have only read a handful of books this year. Tweets on Twitter , Facebook status updates, e-newsletters, articles online, blog posts, magazine articles, newspaper articles (remember those) and more. even have physical books lying around my offices, by my bed and even in my knapsack.

How we read online. - By Michael Agger - Slate Magazine

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Book Marriotts breakfast deal now with Visa >>  . Home the browser Campaign 2008 News & Politics Arts & Life Business & Tech Health & Science Style & Shopping Travel & Food Sports Slate on NPR Video PRINT DISCUSS E-MAIL RECOMMEND Facebook MySpace Mixx Digg Reddit Furl Ma.gnolia Sphere StumbleUpon CLOSE NEWSLETTERS PODCASTS RSS More the browser columns Lazy Eyes How we read online. Michael Agger posted June 13, 2008 Laughing Baby vs. the YouTube Commenters A battle of Internet good and Internet evil. Michael Agger posted Jan. Be Prepared.

10 Brand New Books That You Should Read

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It''s like the brains of the world converged, had a meeting and decided to overwhelm us with a mass amount of brand new books to get our brains frothing. This is, without question, a tough time to figure out which brand new business book you should start with. My Kindle runneth over with books that must be consumed, contemplated and implemented. All of these books have either just come out (in the past month, or so) or will be coming out at any moment. The book will be out on October 1st, 2013 and I am enjoying it immensely. This is Todd Henry''s latest book.

Poke the Box – Book Review

Justin Levy

Seth Godin recently released his new book, Poke the Box (Amazon affiliate link), as part of the Domino Project. As an avid reader of Seth’s, both his books and his blog, I was excited to read it. This is never the case with Seth’s books. At 83 pages with a lot of spacing on the pages, the book is a short, quick read. Book Reviews Reviews

The Best Business Books Of 2012

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Read a good business book this year? The Best Business Books of 2102. Reading this book reminds me of the feelings of excitement I used to get when reading newspaper and magazine articles about the Internet in the early nineties. This one of those books that makes you stop, put it down and scream, "this is me! " I wish I had this book in High School. It's a beautiful book about people who like to think, read and yes, be alone. loved this book and re-read it multiple times. This is one magical book. business book.

Book Review: iPhone Millionaire


In this series of posts about social media books, I invite the author to share something about themselves and why they wrote the book, and what in the book might be of particular interest to association or nonprofit audiences.  . So that is why I wrote the book. This is a guest post from  Michael Rosenblum , author of  iPhone Millionaire. So watch this space. 1993-1996).

12 Great Business Books Coming Your Way

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It turns out that there are a slew of new business books heading our way. In scanning through the Amazon Kindle store, I just spent a small fortune ordering some new books from some of my favorite thinkers. The man who brought us the The Black Swan and Fooled By Randomness is back with a book about how some things actually benefit from disorder. Doug is a friend of mine (he's the founder of imc2 - now called MEplusYOU ), and when he told me that he is co-authoring a book with famed ad critic, Bob Garfield, my jaw dropped to the floor. business book. Chapman.

12 Blogging Lessons I Learned From Maxim Magazine


Maxim magazine. With its revealing covers, dependence on taboo topics, and issues jam-packed with girls, booze, and cars, you’d think researching Maxim magazine would lead to a wasteland for any type of valuable lessons. Look, I know you think that a magazine like Maxim has it easy. On the cover and within the magazine. Magazines have known this for a long time and Maxim is no exception. Is this any different than the traditional magazine rack where pictures and headlines scream out for attention? Most magazines includes a reader letters section.

Nine Books to Give as Holiday Gifts

Spin Sucks

So I have prepared a list of books (business and fiction) that you can buy this week and still look like a hero. Buy the actual book here and the eBook here. Buy the actual book here and the eBook here. Buy the actual book here. This book is set during the civil rights movement in Jackson, Miss., Buy the actual book here. You’re welcome. Business.

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Book Review: The B2B Social Media Book

Webbiquity SMM

With The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More , authors Kipp Bodnar of HubSpot and Jeffrey L. Cohen of Salesforce Radian6 have literally written the book on social media best practices for B2B marketers. The book has its minor flaws. Depth of subject matter expertise. Stop now.

The Future Of Books And Publishing

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wish more people would read (more) books. In a world of Blog, Podcasts, Twitter , magazines and more, I still get the most value out of reading and thinking about a good book over anything else. Along with starting one of the most interesting open source projects, LibriVox (for audio books based on books in the public domain), Hugh also works on book and publishing start-ups. Just recently, he launched a new book (which he co-edited with Brian O'Leary ) for O'Reilly called, Book: A Futurist's Manifesto. book a futurists manifesto.

Book Excerpt: The Death of Facebook

Geoff Livingston

One iPad application, Flipboard, allows users to create their own magazines based on preferences and socially recommended content. The following is an excerpt from Welcome to the Fifth Estate , Chapter 7: Sustaining Your Community Over Time. Who in their right mind would predict the death of Facebook, given its ever-increasing dominance? But everyone always asks, “What’s next?”. Ice cream?

What Horrible Things Did Time Magazine Do in 1964?

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk What Horrible Things Did Time Magazine Do in 1964? by Adam Sherk on September 22, 2010 Was Time magazine “scurrilous and utterly shameless in its willingness to distort” in 1964? So what was up with Time magazine in 1964? He put out a magazine called EROS, By todays standards it wasn’t dirty.

Context vs. Content: What Sells Your Book

Debbie Weil

That is key to understanding why context ( who , where , how , what , why ) has as much to do with the success or popularity of a new book as does the actual content of that book. Who recommended the book to you? Where did you hear about the book? Were you reading a print newspaper or an in-flight magazine? How do you prefer to read a book? 16, 2011. price?

Top 15 Rules For Business Writers

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Are there rules for great writing when it comes to business? I am often asked where I find the time to write. I am often asked about why I write and publish so much content. I am often asked where I find the inspiration for the content that I create. I am often asked how I decide which ideas are turned into books or blog posts or articles. have written hundreds (probably thousands) of articles for newspapers and magazines over the years. have written two business book ( Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete ). Read industry related magazines, websites and blogs.

Build your Brand to Write for Magazines


When you write for magazines or newspapers (online or in print), as opposed to blog networks that might pay per view, it’s typically not your responsibility to also build your audience. And check back tomorrow for part 2 in the series, building your brand to get a book deal. which offers online courses in magazine writing. She blogs at and is author of the new book  Power Stories: The 8 Stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business. Build your Brand to Write for Magazines. This guest post is by Valerie Khoo from

The Blog Turns 20 This Year

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You can head over to your local bookstore (if you still have one) and look at the most recent business books being published, and there will - without question - be several titles about how to get started with blogs and how important they can be to a businesses success. In a world where books are moving from bookshelves to iPhones , I still believe in words. books on blogging.

The Fail-Proof System to Score National Magazine Publicity for Your Blog


Promoting “offline” using a major influencer like a national magazine can bring a blizzard of traffic to your blog. Not only is it great for exposure to have your name inked on the glossy pages of a national magazine, it lends the credibility and endorsement of a national magazine claiming you have the best blog on the block. How do national magazines feature blogs?

Start a Magazine that Complements Your Blog … in 5 Steps


That the Internet laid waste to the magazine rack at the airport. You blog, eBay, search for Thai food recommendations and interact online, but you will always read magazines. If you have ever entertained the idea of publishing your own magazine, it is not as difficult as most suggest, and can be done for a small initial investment. Maybe you want to start a magazine that compliments your online business. It is rational to place a value on the increase in credibility your blog will gain from self-publishing your own print magazine. Distribute your magazines.

CTRL ALT Delete Is Now Available In Paperback

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In case you were wondering just how much the world has changed, you should check out this Slideshare deck that I created to get people excited about the content of my second business book, CTRL ALT Delete. Truthfully, after publishing my first book, Six Pixels of Separation (which came out in 2009), I wasn't sure if I wanted to write another business book. best business book.

How She Does it: Blogger Pip Lincolne Talks Finding Time to Write Books


As Darren said a little while ago,  everybody has a book in them, but it’s probably more accurate to say every blogger has at least 10 ideas for eBooks inside them. You might want to write eBooks, print books, memoirs, autobiographies – a thousand ideas, but realistically not a lot of time in your schedule for your one (or many!) How do you know when to say yes to a book?

Newsjacking: David Meerman Scott’s New Book on Real-Time PR Is Released in Real-Time

Debbie Weil

His newest book, Newsjacking , released today, is no exception. it is being released in almost real-time in e-book format only (for Kindle, iPad and soon, Nook and Sony) and 2. read about the book release on his blog. That sounds like a real-time book to me. DW: Does e-book only release mean that you are adopting a Real-Time Book Publishing model?

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Newsjacking: David Meerman Scott’s New Book on Real-Time PR Is Released in Real-Time

Debbie Weil

His newest book, Newsjacking , released today, is no exception. it is being released in almost real-time in e-book format only (for Kindle, iPad and soon, Nook and Sony) and 2. read about the book release on his blog. That sounds like a real-time book to me. DW: Does e-book only release mean that you are adopting a Real-Time Book Publishing model?

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Are Podcasts Worth More Than An MBA?

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dropped out. I was publishing music magazines, and had to make the tough choice of dropping out and moving forward as an entrepreneur. also didn't love to read the books and assignments from teachers in school (this dates back to high school as well). love books. Yes, I am still - primarily - learning the most from non-fiction books and longform content online. Magazine named my podcast, Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast , in an article titled, 19 Podcasts Worth More Than an MBA. business book. inc magazine. magazine. Respect.

Thinking Smarter

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People often laugh when they hear that I am reading all of my books exclusively on my iPhone with the Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks apps. read over thirty books last year, and it would have never happened if I had to carry them all around with me in my backpack. They have everything there - from books, magazines and newspapers to CDs, movies and activities for the kids. Do you know how many books I've looked for to no avail at the library, only to pop open my iPhone and buy it through one of book apps that I use? comic books. magazine.

Sharing, Celebrating And Selling Your Favorite Authors

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There is nothing that inspires me more than a great book. Yes, I love the power of connecting to content on blogs, Facebook , Twitter , magazines ( Fast Company , Wired , etc.), online publications ( Quartz , Lost At E Minor , PSFK , etc.), but if I could only choose one media, it would be books. It''s non-fiction for me. I''m fascinated with the art of writing business books, and what these authors pull together into something substantive that can take months/years to crystallize. business book. magazine. non fiction book. rarely read fiction.

Two Great Questions

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It's also a great questions because it can take you down a fascinating road of discovery that twists with the types of media they prefer to read (magazines, newspapers, books, websites, Blogs) and turns at how they prefer to read (e-reader, smartphones, paper, etc.) magazine. Whether you're about to interview someone for a job or heading out to a networking dinner. Here are two questions about business that will either take someone completely off guard or engage you - head on - in a deep and fascinating conversation. have always struggled with the interview process. author.

Adding Value In Unexpected Places

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call, ask how long it will take and then look to book the first possible appointment in the morning, so that my car is the first one in. No magazine, newspaper, book or even his smartphone to keep him busy, and then he had an idea. magazine. What a nightmare. I had to get my tires changed. Here''s a first world problem for you: I hate sitting around at the car dealership all day waiting for my vehicle. My trick? They said it would take about an hour. The problem was that I had to wait three weeks for the appointment. That day came today. mean, it is May afterall.

The Changing State Of Blogs

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Some of them looked less like personal online journals, and more like quick moving and frequently updated digital versions of magazines and newspapers (think Huffington Post and Mashable ). In fact, in order to grow the Six Pixels of Separation audience, a lot of the strategy has less to do with posting here - as a hub - and much more with turning this place into a receptacle for the myriad of places that content is now distributed through ( radio shows , business books , other digital spaces , magazines, YouTube and beyond). business book. magazine. blogger.

37 of My Favourite Blogs, Books and Products

Viper Chill

However, if I just discover one great book, product, or resource from them, then reading the article is invaluable. Everything here is a genuine recommendation, meaning that I actually read all of the blogs, have read all of the books, and use all of the products. In fact, Jade has just started one of the first ever blogging magazines, with hers focusing on marketing. SEO Book.

CTRL AT DEL - The Business Book

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CTRL ALT DEL is the title of my second business book. Author of the best-selling business book, Six Pixels of Separation , and President of award-winning Digital Marketing agency, Twist Image , signs with Business Plus for the release of his sophomore book. NEW YORK, February 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Business Plus, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing ( Hachette Book Group USA ), has announced it will publish CTRL ALT DEL: Reboot Your Business (and Yourself) in a Connected World by Mitch Joel. About Business Plus - Grand Central Publishing - Hachette Book Group USA.

A Story With No End

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It seems like the latest buzz is all about creating content (books, magazine or newspaper articles) that never end. Well, I shouldn't say "never," but the power of these online publishing tools does create a world where articles, books and whatever can be constantly updated in an iterative fashion. I'm as excited about the new opportunities as the next Twitter junkie, but this idea that books, magazine articles or newspaper stories never end is stressing me out. magazine. It all seems a little overwhelming. Design is the problem. content.

How To Be Inspired At Work

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In that tenure, I''ve had the pleasure of writing two business books ( Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete ). Writing a book can be an amazingly painful process (don''t believe me, check this out: 21 Harsh But Eye-Opening Writing Tips From Great Authors ). have been reflecting a lot on both my twelve years at Twist Image and the process of birthing two books. Ideally, the most inspiring ideas come from books, but I''m not going to push you to do something that you don''t want to do. business book. magazine. It''s easy to read between the lines.

The New Media Diet

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These young people just don't watch TV and then go on to read a magazine, they have multiple media channel inputs all happening at the same time. Yes, they cluttered the experience rather than taking the time to figure out how, exactly, consumers would prefer to connect with marketing messages in a platform that was (clearly) not just a digital version of a magazine or newspaper.

The Story Of Vice And The Future Of Media

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Along with publishing two magazines (and helping to laugh a third), I did a lot of freelance writing. For magazines and newspapers all over the world. In the Montreal scene, a new magazine/indie paper called, Voice of Montreal , hit the streets. They quickly changed the name to Vice and the format to a glossy magazine, but the content maintained its edge. Let's just say that there were many moments - sifting through the magazine - that would make me blush or super uncomfortable. He published his poetry on Rollins' book imprint, 2.13. hour magazine.