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Blogger Outreach: Three Steps to a Successful Program

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Going through the list of questions, there were a lot around finding the right bloggers to pitch for your product or service. Finding the Right Bloggers. There are multiple tools you can use to find the right bloggers to pitch: Vocus (paid). Technorati (free). They are the first step in developing your list of bloggers to reach. Blogger Outreach. It is.

5 Strategies to Build a Network of Bloggers and Journalists

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Creating a network of bloggers and journalists is a great way to provide mutual support in the world of online media. For Look for online communities of bloggers and contribute to their conversations to begin building contacts in your focus area. Find directories ( , technorati ). How do you connect with other bloggers and gatekeepers? Utilize Social Media.

Eight Tools for Social Media Listening

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some bloggers have immense influence and you cannot afford to ignore them. Learn which bloggers care about you, your products or services, and your customers.Use tools such as  Technorati or  Google Blog Search to determine which bloggers already are aware of you and develop a plan to target them. They are listen, assess, engage, measure, and refine/improve.

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Does your brand take bloggers seriously?

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Brands are flocking to Facebook but are overlooking the significant opportunities and value that bloggers bring to digital marketing initiatives, according to the T echnorati 2013 Digital Influence Report. Technorati is not the voice of blogging authority that it once was, but each year the advertising network publishes a report that is required reading for internet marketers. Formerly known as The State of the Blogosphere the report has been renamed the 2013 Digital Influence Report because it takes a look at the broader social Internet as well as blogs and bloggers.

3 Ways to Identify Influencers for Your Blogger Outreach Campaign


So, you’re about to kick off a Blogger Outreach campaign. If you have a blog and you haven’t planned to do blogger outreach – you need to start planning. The point of this post isn’t to sell you on the idea of blogger outreach. This resource can be a one-off piece of content like some sort of authoritative ‘Best bloggers in X industry’ type of starting point.

Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be

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You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be Written by Glen, this post has 63 Comments When I analysed the most tweeted blog posts ever, I found that Twitter users like posts that are around 1,100 words long. Bloggers: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be [.] Period.

How PR and Social Media Can Work Together

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The social media release is used for blogger outreach. bloggers are overwhelmed with pitches and unlikely to write about the company’s press release, the company uses the press release as a hook and offers to write a (informational, non-promotional) guest post on the topic. These links send more traffic to the blog (which the blogger likes) and spread the company’s fame.

The 5 Must-read Books for Bloggers in 2011


Within two weeks of its launch, Social Media Examiner joined the ranks of Technorati’s Top 100 Small Business Blogs and remains in the  Top 10. This book will resonate with bloggers who are struggling to launch products from their blogs, or who are shying away from aggressive launch tactics. Many bloggers are embracing the concept of the human curator. promise! Launch.

How to Reach Out to Bloggers

Home About Speaking Newsletters Contact Best Of Work With Me How to Reach Out to Bloggers January 7, 2010 View Comments New here? Are you hoping to connect with bloggers and get the word out about your product or service? Do Your Homework All bloggers aren’t the same. Bloggers can be fickle and often work to the beat of their own drum. I get dozens of pitches a day.

The Slippery Slope of Association Blogger Outreach

skip to main | skip to sidebar mizz information Tuesday, October 5, 2010 The Slippery Slope of Association Blogger Outreach Its not often that two of my favorite things to blog about happen to intersect but today youre in luck. Mom blogger drama has made its way to the association world. Can you really expect uncompensated bloggers to take heat and defend your industry? Score.

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Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far)

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And as any blogger can tell you, PR pros understand this, as witnessed by the incredible increase in blogger outreach “pitches&# from corporate PR departments and firms over the past two years. Of course, there’s more to (successful) blogger outreach than just pitching, and there’s more to the new practice of social PR than just blogger outreach. How to Reach Out to Bloggers by Chris Brogan. Share this on Technorati. Social media has fundamentally altered the practice of public relations. Like what? How Is PR Changing? Digg this!

Seven Steps to Better Media Relations

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It takes a lot of hours and research, using tools such as Technorati , Google blogs , and simple Google searches. Each recipient deserves their own note, addressed to them personally, not “Dear Blogger.” Blogger Relations Communication Media Relations lisa gerber media relations pitchingToday’s guest post is written by Lisa Gerber. Yes, media relations. Media relations.

How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10

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You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10 How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10 Written by Glen, this post has 62 Comments It’s no secret that one-man blogs can make a lot of money. They are simply the top 10 blogs in the world…according to the Technorati engine criteria.

Link-building Tips and Tools for Bloggers in a Post-Panda and Penguin World


So you might be asking what more can be written about link building for bloggers? Bloggers have an advantage that static and retail websites don’t. Link-building strategies for bloggers. Then you will want to at least submit to quality ones like Alltop (free), Best of the Web Blogs (fee required), and Technorati (free). 2. Guest blogging is really the best way bloggers can build links to their website that will not only count for search rankings (99% of the time) but will also lead to increased traffic generation. The answer is, a lot. link]

Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010

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Effectively connect with bloggers and other key online influencers in your industry? Social Media Press Releases and Blogger Outreach. The 5 Cs of Blogger Relations by prTini. ** 5 Stars. Noting (very accurately I might add) that “The top bloggers receive hundreds of pitches a day. Even bloggers with less traffic to their site are still being pitched on a regular basis. Share this on Technorati. How can you amplify and extend new releases through social media? Optimize company news for SEO benefit? Which online tools are most helpful for PR pros?

Social Media Presence of the Technorati Top 20

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Everything you need to know about becoming a successful blogger is available already if you know where to look; the next step is taking action on what you learn. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" Hey, Im Glen. help people build remarkable websites that gain traffic through viral marketing. In this study which both shocked and surprised me, I reveal this anomaly and many more.

100+ Blog Directories and RSS Sites for Promoting Your Blog

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social networking profiles, social bookmarking sites, other bloggers). Technorati. Share this on Technorati. Tags: Business Blogging Social Media Marketing 9rules blog directories blog SEO Blog-directory Blogarama Bloggapedia Icerocket link building RSS syndication sites Scribnia Technorati TruthLaidBear Urlfan Weblogalot Zimbio Over time, the top source of traffic for most blogs is search. The two keys to search success are great content and links. Assuming you’ve already got great content, there are many places to get links (e.g. Blog URL (e.g.,

Vote for for Best Marketing Blog at Blogger’s Choice Awards


The Blogger’s Choice Awards is now accepting nominations for the 2010 competition. Share this on Technorati. Tags: Blog marketing Blogger's Choice Awards blogger's choice awards has entered the race for Best Marketing Blog. Sign up and give your vote to in the Best Marketing Blog category. link]. Email this to a friend? Tweet This!

Analysis of Five Top Blogs and What You Can Learn from Them

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There is a trend among many new (and even old) bloggers. Yet many bloggers who have not even spent up to a year on their blogs keep complaining about not achieving any results. Further, if we also take a close look at some of the domains, you will notice they try to establish a type of authority for the blogger. Blogger is not reliable. MY TIP : Examine your blog now.

Rate and review blogs / bloggers with Scribnia

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It’s an interesting service that, per it’s about page, “is the source for people’s opinions about bloggers, columnists, reporters, and other writers whose work is available online&#. The sign up was quick and if you’re a blogger I would highly recommend you do it. like the ability to rate the blogger and not just the blog. Tweet This Post.

Rate and review blogs / bloggers with Scribnia

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It’s an interesting service that, per it’s about page, “is the source for people’s opinions about bloggers, columnists, reporters, and other writers whose work is available online&#. The sign up was quick and if you’re a blogger I would highly recommend you do it. like the ability to rate the blogger and not just the blog. Tweet This Post.

Twittorati Features Tweets Everyone Already Knows About


Technorati ’s new Twittorati (launched July 7, and not last week as some sites are reporting ) will feature tweets from what Technorati thinks are the top 100 bloggers. This gives Technorati its coveted “business model&# (everyone wants to be the Digg of Twitter), but it has numerous shortcomings in terms of presenting users with useful and interesting content.

The Blogger and Marketer's Cheat Sheet to Getting High Profile.

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blogger might say that he wants to write for a specific publication, sending emails and instant messages asking, “Hey, I really like that you write for this publication. Instead of emailing a blogger to include your company’s service in a specific blog post that has already been in the public arena for three years, comment on the post. The same with bloggers.

A Comprehensive List of Social Media Tips, Guides, Plugins.

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Blog Publishing Guide [link] 10 Things to Do Before Launching Your Blog [link] Writing for Bloggers – A Quick Guide on Style, Substance and Strategy [link] Creating a web presence – why bother? link] Search engine optimization – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [link] SEOmoz | 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic [link] How to optimize website images from a SEO perspective [link] The Blogger?s Tips & Guides Mashable – Twitter Lists, Resources & How-Tos [link] How To Blog: A Beginner?s Buzz Index – Today?s link] Hootsuite [link] Twitterfall – a way of viewing the latest ?tweets?

Top 10 Tips on Planning a Blogger Event


Working in both PR and digital comms I have been involved with a number of blogger relations campaigns throughout the years. Put on an experience – bloggers are always looking for fresh, interesting (but relevant!) If in doubt, sense check – there is absolutely no harm in sense checking logistics with a couple of target bloggers if you want to double check on timings and/or location.

Analysis of The Top 10 Twitter Users and What We Can Learn From Them

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Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Social Media > Analysis of The Top 10 Twitter Users and What We Can Learn From Them Analysis of The Top 10 Twitter Users and What We Can Learn From Them by Tamar Weinberg on September 8, 2010 Share The following is a guest post from one of my favorite young bloggers Onibalusi Bamidele (he’s 16!)

The New Dilemma: Social Media Exposes Us to Too Much, Too Often

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Popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr have make it possible for anyone to publish content on the Internet in a matter of minutes. Services like Twitter and Technorati have made it easier than ever to discover the personalities, influencers and top content sources in any niche. This is a guest post by Jason Butlion. Follow Justin on Twitter at @justin_butlion.

Fashion and P.R. Social Media blogger events

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PR people need to be careful how they frame an invite to a blogger press event. This social media invite sent to Fashionista highlights some of the issues of running blogger only events. I was recently told by a P.R. person that I “had&# to come to a Blogger Preview because it was the first one in Australia. Not all bloggers are created equal. No Journalists.

TV Show about Bloggers – Project Alpha, Malaysia

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Anyway here’s Malaysia’s attempt at moving more mainstream with merging blogs with traditional media: Project Alpha is Malaysia’s first online TV Show about bloggers. It is a fast paced, fast cut, lifestyle-driven show tailor made for the online market which provides increased recognition of the expanding role and influence of bloggers across the nation. Looks interesting.

PR Pros: Stop Treating Bloggers Like Second-Class Media

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The first few questions I received were along the lines of, “As bloggers, how do we pitch PR firms so they pay attention to us?&#. Then, on the heels of that question came, “While I’m not an A-list blogger, I have an engaged audience that fits really well for some companies. This includes bloggers. Most bloggers have an audience. COME AGAIN?! EXCUSE ME?

BrainDump: 101+ Things You MUST Know About Social Media For Business

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Don’t mess around with blogger or If your blog gets big, you’ll want to monetize it (even if it’s just to support the costs/time) and you’ll have a harder time with that on Blogger and 44) Blogging takes time and commitment. 48) Build relationships with other bloggers. So, here they are. learn from your experience too.

The Blogosphere in 2010

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It's chock full of lots of data about blogs and the bloggers who blog them, taken from the BlogPulse survey that includes over 150,000,000 blogs. Revenue earned by bloggers Geographic distribution of blogs within the U.S. Typically, this is a function that was handled by Technorati. But it leads to the question: whatever happened to the prominence of Technorati?

Successful Blogging for Small and Medium Businesses

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Its so easy to think that because their are millions of blogs (and if you check out Technorati you’ll see that I am write right.) While we’re on the topic of Technorati, before you start following any of my 5 handy suggestions, you should check out Technorati and see what others are writing on the topics you plan to cover. This is the blogger as task-master part.

How to Get Started with Social Media Advertising


What’s a entrepreneur, blogger, or content developer to do? Share this on Technorati. So many social media options, so little time.  The rapid rise of social media has allowed skillful individuals to reach thousands of others at little or no cost other than manpower and wit. The answer lies within a smart investment in social media advertising.  Facebook Ads. LinkedIn Ads.

A Nation of Bloggers: Good or Bad?

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Steve Jobs says he doesn’t want a “nation of bloggers&# rather something with “editorial oversight&#. suspect that Koehler might also prefer editorial oversight – given that he just quit because bloggers picked up on a story that mainstream media missed. Is it the savior that some are touting it as? “I don’t want us to see us descend into a nation of bloggers,” says Jobs. “I think we need editorial oversight now more than ever. “I didn’t topple Horst Koehler … And nor was it all the bloggers in Germany. full story on Yahoo ).

How to Easily Remove Any Facebook Application


Aimee is an Autralia-based blogger, social media entrepreneur and frugal mom. Share this on Technorati. Facebook, center of the online universe. As the single most popular social networking website ever created, it has become a major hub for communication between friends, family, colleagues and even strangers from across the world. You can easily remove it, and get rid of all updates.

Millions Of Blogs On Pause Due To Back-End Outage

Idaconcpts has told informed several bloggers around the world that they are experiencing an internal, programmatic error. Share this on Technorati. The error seems to be affecting the entire site network, so it’s millions of sites and people’s personal blogs. According to the official Twitter account, this problem is not caused by a DDoS or other attack. Stay tuned.

The State of the Blogosphere 2010

The State of the Blogosphere 2010 Since 2004, Technorati has published its annual State of the Blogosphere report. As it indexes over 1 million blogs, Technorati is the authority. This year, the team dove deeper into the blogs with a focus on female bloggers and mobile blogging. To begin, let’s take a look at the residence of bloggers worldwide. startups.

49% of the world’s top 100 blogs are using WordPress

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An interesting study released yesterday by Pingdom reveals that 49% of the top 100 blogs as ranked by Technorati are using WordPress as their CMS platform. It also gets increasingly easy to use – in addition to usability improvements to the core product, all the big third party theme providers and frameworks have made big steps in making everything quicker and easier to setup. Buffer.

Seven Ways to Use Social Media for Business

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Social media provides a more direct path to identifying and building relationships with a variety of voices in your market: analysts, journalists, customers, bloggers and other key influencers. Share this on Technorati. Though business use of social media is rapidly increasing, many executives remain skeptical of its value. Share content (your own and others’). Digg this!