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How to Promote Blog Posts: 200+ Ideas from Eight Experts

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But creating and maintaining a successful blog takes more than just producing helpful and original content; as social media expert Heidi Cohen recently wrote , “The most epic content will FAIL without content distribution. If no one sees your content, what good is it?” Which content promotion tools are most useful?

7 Insider Tips To Help You Get Noticed On Blog Directories


One way to gain visitors is to get noticed on blog directories. Photography, cooking, gardening, cycling, travelling, meditating and more, there are thousands of directories out there each catering to specific niches and interests. You see, a blog directory listing is not just a blog directory listing and there is more to listing on a blog directory than meets the eye.

Two Tools for Bloggers

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Isn’t it fun being a blogger? Then you can add an Amazon Kindle logo to your blog so your readers know you’re offering them an even easier way to read your content. Go to your admin in WordPress, click on “add new&# in your plugin directory, type in OnSwipe, install it, and activate it. Two Tools for Bloggers originally appeared on Spin Sucks on April 3, 2011.

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5 Strategies to Build a Network of Bloggers and Journalists

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Creating a network of bloggers and journalists is a great way to provide mutual support in the world of online media. For For both public relations and search engine optimization,  publishing content via other people’s sites is a critical part of their everyday duties. Find directories ( , technorati ). How do you connect with other bloggers and gatekeepers?

100+ Blog Directories and RSS Sites for Promoting Your Blog

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The two keys to search success are great content and links. Assuming you’ve already got great content, there are many places to get links (e.g. social networking profiles, social bookmarking sites, other bloggers). But two great sources are blog directories and RSS syndication sites. So, having recently completed a submission campaign for a client, here is an updated list of blog directories and RSS syndication sites that remain active and free. 100+ Blog Directories and RSS Submission Sites. Blog-directory. charging for inclusion). link].

7 SEO Principles Bloggers Must Remember

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Writing solid content is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to marketing a successful blog. It’s important to advantage of search engines by building link equity, flattening your blog, and using other SEO tactics to make sure your content is getting the attention it deserves. Search for “noindex” in the plugin directory. Check it out. 2. Flatten your blog.

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Women in Blogging: 125 Fearless Female Bloggers


took a look at 14 lists that have come out over the last year for the top bloggers, social media marketers, search marketers, and entrepreneurs. This list includes female bloggers that cover a huge variety of topics in the blogosphere. They are not only bloggers, but many are also published authors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, experts in their niche, and overall inspirations. Enjoy!

Connecting Bloggers and Businesses Through Guest Blogging with PostJoint


There are lots of great guest blogging and blogger outreach networks available to bloggers who are looking for fresh content for their sites and businesses who want to connect with bloggers in their industry. Here’s what I found are the main benefits to this network for bloggers and businesses. The Benefits of PostJoint for Bloggers. Try It for Free.

Blog Authorship: Tools to Keep Your Blog Content Safe from Plagiarists and Duplication


If you spend days and nights creating the most outstanding content ever, this post is for you. As a contributing writer, I know all too well how difficult it is to create content that strikes the right chord with editors and readers. Blog Authorship: Keeping Your Blog Content Safe from Plagiarists and Duplication. Plagiarism Detectors Can Find Content Thieves. Bulkping.

Why Bloggers Need to Audit their Links

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Link audits are essential for bloggers who wish to optimize their sites for search engines. They are now just as important as developing the right content and getting people to link to your site. They will be links from link exchanges, article directories, and other link farms, sites unrelated to the theme of your blog, or links in blog comments. Quality Matters. blogging

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How to Get More Blog Traffic – Real World Data

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Every blogger wants more traffic. Three of the top 12 traffic sources for this blog were syndication or content aggregation sites: B2B Marketing Zone , Social Media Informer and Social Media Today. Don’t overlook smaller blog directories and RSS syndication sites that can collectively drive notable traffic (as well as providing valuable links for SEO purposes).

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Top Tips for Creating Quality Evergreen Content


If you’re like most bloggers, you publish a solid combination of evergreen and time-sensitive content. But what does it take to write really compelling evergreen blog content? Evergreen Content: A Definition. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of evergreen content, it’s not hard to grasp. When Older Content Makes Sense. General Writing Content

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SEO and Content Marketing Specialist Job Opening – Dallas Texas Area

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Here at GlobeRunner , we have an immediate need for a Search Engine Optimization / Content Marketing Specialist. If you have some experience with SEO and understand content marketing, or have SEO knowledge and have Public Relations experience, we’d love to talk to you. The position is located in the Lewisville, Texas area (just north of Dallas). Pay is hourly and DOE.

12 (of the) Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Techniques of 2011

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Many “traditional” journalists now write blogs; does that make them bloggers? What are the (current) best practices for pitching bloggers? Blogger Outreach Remains Crucial for PR Pros by SocialTimes. Guest blogger Jon Gelberg contends that “you don’t have to be Apple or Google or Sony to get the attention of the press. Small Business…Big Coverage!

Dear Bloggers, I Apologise. Regards, the SEO Industry


You know the ones—those poorly written and often templated emails asking if you’ll publish their awesome, relevant, and completely unique blog content on your site. After cleaning out your inbox each day with the same rubbish guest post outreach emails, I don’t blame bloggers for not trusting SEO and those who claim to do it. Dear Bloggers, I Apologise. The scammer SEO.

15 Blogger Resources Not Previously Featured on ProBlogger


This is a guest post by the creators of the new site Bloggers’ Domain: 369 (and counting) blog tips, tools and resources. One of the most exciting things about being a blogger is finding new ways to improve your blogging experience. social-media conference directory. And getting to know your readers and fellow bloggers IRL (in real life) is a highly rewarding experience.

Bloggers, Think for Yourselves: Reject the SEO Rumor-Mongers!


In order to appease bloggers, panic-stricken lemmings of the SEO world have recently been purporting the value of “link earning” rather than link building. Fishkin’s main point is that you need to build great content—then, the links will come to you. People try to get links without going to the work of providing quality content. But there’s no exact formula for good content.

The Ultimate Guide to Infographic Marketing

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This couldn’t be more true for infographics, which became a highly popular and effective content marketing tool three or four years ago. While most brands were churning out generic blog content to gain visibility, infographics combined vibrant imagery with succinct text to help educate audiences on a wide variety of topics. Repurpose Old Content. Infographic Directories.

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WordPress Themes 101


Although WordPress began as a tool for bloggers, it has now expanded to include a sophisticated content management system. Backing up will save you costly time and energy rebuilding functionality and content lost in translation. Blog Social Media CNN Odesk Template tools WordPress WordPress Plugin Directory The statistics show it, too.

Maximize Your Online Visibility: The Web Presence Optimization (WPO) Framework

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Of course that means it’s imperative to produce relevant, compelling, optimized content for your company’s website and blog, but online visibility goes beyond that. Optimizing online visibility then requires the coordination of public relations (PR), content development, social networking, SEO, digital advertising and marketing communications efforts. How many conversions?

Link-building Tips and Tools for Bloggers in a Post-Panda and Penguin World


So you might be asking what more can be written about link building for bloggers? Bloggers have an advantage that static and retail websites don’t. In February of 2011, Google released the Panda update that took rankings away from websites with low-quality content and sites with more advertising than content. Penguin, announced in April 2012, decreased search visibility of websites that participated in black-hat SEO, keyword stuffing, cloaking, link schemes , duplicate content, and other activities that violated Google Webmaster Guidelines. link]

Search Traffic Declining? You’re Not Alone (and What to Do About It)

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BuzzFeed mentions changes in behavior, greater use of social networks for content discovery, and a 52% increase in traffic from “‘Dark social,’ that netherland of direct traffic” (i.e., WPO is about creating valuable, highly relevant content and then leveraging across multiple channels. In early 2013, Google devalued general directory links for search rankings.

24 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides, Tips and Tools of 2011

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With Google’s most recent Panda algorithm updates, attributes like content freshness and social signals (strengths of blogs, not corporate websites) will gain increased importance in search ranking. Promote new content most effectively? Optimize blog content for search? Guidance for New Bloggers. 20 Common Mistakes Made By New Bloggers by Ink Rebels.

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30 Awesome Blogging Guides, Tips and Resources

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Particularly with Google’s emphasis in its recent Panda and Penguin algorithm updates on content that is fresh, compelling, unique, social, and naturally linked to, blogs have become even more essential to SEO strategies. Better yet, invite those experts to share their knowledge on your blog as guest bloggers. Content Development and Writing Tips. Why Blog. IT DROPPED!

The Basics of B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

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This may be a problem with measurement, or with setting the wrong objectives for social media marketing (it’s far more effective for customer service and driving traffic to top-of-the-funnel content than to direct purchase, for example). While it’s often fine to share the same content on different networks, how you share the content should be customized for each platform.

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How To Create A Successful Blog For A Business or E-Commerce Website


82% of customers enjoy reading relevant content from brands. You can’t just install WordPress in your /blog directory. While the recipe for a successful blog strategy can be a mix of ingredients, great content is definitely the foundation. You have to be able to write successful blog posts – content that people want to read, share, and link to. It’s not easy. Final Word.

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Offsite Content Marketing

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Content marketing can take place on your website or offsite. But where do you find your offsite content marketing sources? Here are 4 suggestions for offsite content marketing, places where you can publish your content or have others publish content on your behalf. Other blogs – You should write to your own blog as often as possible, but don’t be afraid to be a guest blogger too. You can write guest content for other bloggers within your niche or that serve the same market. That’s a good question. Places like Yahoo!

Online Content Distribution: Guide To The Best Content Syndication Services

Print this article | Read this article in: | IT | PT | ES | Online Content Distribution: Guide To The Best Content Syndication Services Online content distribution services allow you to syndicate your content to other web publishers while improving your prestige, visibility and in some cases, even your end-of-month revenue. Analytics : Content distribution data.

How Google Brought SEO Back to the United States

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You got hundreds or thousands of ‘directory’ links. But when Google Penguin came along, penalizing low quality links from directories and article sites (just to name a few), and now when recently Google has penalized guest blog posts, the cheap outsourced SEO that you did is now something that got your site penalized. What?!? How’s that? Media Outreach.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Based on specific criteria, normally actionable takeaways and evergreen content, I review the content and post it here to share with Techipedia readers and new visitors. The content is typically introductory but occasionally more intermediate/advanced, so there’s a mix that should work for everyone. Content Development/Marketing. Content Development/Marketing.

Do the Math to Calculate the ROI of Business Blogs

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While today’s CMOs face a variety of new challenges, they must encourage their companies to seize the opportunity and create relevant content for their brands.  Marketing your blog is just as important as writing great content.  Unfortunately, many enterprises and small businesses fail to build these communities because they fail to promote their content. Source: HubSpot.

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Google Index: 6 Ways to Get Your New Website Added Fast


If the content is crawl-able. This refers to server response time and whether the content is SEO optimized or not. Search engines use “spiders” to “crawl” the Internet, constantly searching for new and fresh content. Fetch as Google is surprisingly an under-utilized tool by bloggers. If the fetch status is successful, click “submit to index”. #3: Add blog content.

Five Ways to Improve Your Local SEO

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Encourage  reviews and Google+1 votes for your content.  Search engines, when looking for local content, put more weight on sites and content with many reviews, and Google+1 votes. Get directory  and Google + local listings.  The other big local SEO tip is to get links to your content from the various social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Bicycle trails.

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22 Effective SEO Tips to Optimize Your B2B Website

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Google calls their search results “Universal Search” and blends listings from all types of content it gathers from crawling the World Wide Web. Information needs are different for B2B buyers, so the type of content and how it’s optimized will be different for B2B. Optimizing all your online content will bring more visitors to your website and ultimately generate more leads.

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Best Link Building Strategies for Your Blog


The three best links are; Natural –these are links given by other sites that want to link to your content because it is in their industry or niche and provides a value to their readers. These types of links require you to write good content that provides a value and get the word out about it. Create content that provides value, is SEO friendly, and of course not plagiarized.

A Fresh Start


tried many forms of making money online, including advertising on my blog, AdSense sites, affiliate marketing, and maintaining a directory. As for the specifics, here is a sampling of the services I will be offering bloggers and businesses. For Bloggers. If it’s out of my area of expertise, I can also help you develop content ideas and a plan for your content strategy.

SEO Mega-Checklist: 75 steps to increased visibility for your site (infographic)

Semantic markup helps you to tell search engine robots what your content is all about, thereby making it easier for them to index it, which results in improved search engine ranking. Heading Tags or h tags, help search engine robots to establish the relevancy of your content by providing basic description of the content, thereby maximizing your content’s visibility on search engines.

Why Blogs that Allow Guest Posts Will Be Penalized in 2013


Just as low-level article directories (ezinearticles, articlesbase, and others) got hurt by Google’s Panda Update in 2013, I predict that Google will hurt sites abusing guest blogging in 2013. I don’t feel guest blogging is bad, nor that all bloggers who do it will be penalized by Google. You should just not accept guest posts from people who submit content to you that way.

79 Remarkable Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012

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Not only do leads generated through social and content marketing cost half as much as traditional outbound-generated leads (see below), they also close at higher rate (again, see below). Marketers rate social media as the second-most imporant factor (64%) in search, behind only strong content (82%). 40% of Twitter users rarely post anything but primarily consume content there.

How NOT to Build Links to Your Website: Courtesy of American Express

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Through a division called “ American Express Market 3D “, American Express is doing Inbound Link Building, Social Bookmarking, and General Directory Submissions. In it, they explain the inbound link building, social bookmarking, and general directory submissions: – Inbound Link Building: Targeted Blog Post Creation and Distribution (22). Not exactly. 1-877-492-9520.