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    [Blog] Finding the Treasure Troves of Content for Facebook (and Google+)
    These are particularly useful when you’re posting content to your website or blog about the local area. Let’s face it. Facebook (and Google+) love pictures. It ranks at the top of the news feed food chain above text posts, videos, and links. It’s the primary reason that many people visit Facebook in the first place. They want to see pictures of little Timmy sliding into third base, the places that their friends and family are visiting, and cats. Don’t forget the cats. It simply doesn’t have to be that way. They may even share it. What do they do? Do it.
    [Blog] Un-Retired: The Start of Something New
    need to spend more time blogging -- and not just fluff pieces. want to do more of those thought pieces, both here and on my company blog. look forward to your blogged thoughts! Less noise time (altho it can be fun and entertaining) on Twitter, and more "value" time on deep thinking, thoroughly researched blog posts, etc. months ago Blog Archive ► 2010 (54) ► September (3) Looking at the Future: Onstar's Live On Fail or Fab? Citizen Marketer 2.1 Useful information on how to add "social" into your marketing mix with measurable results.
    [Blog] BlogWorld, Here I Come (And I Need Your Help)
    No PowerPoint. I can’t think of anything more boring than a panel discussion with slides, that too, at a blogging conference. 2. I’m really looking forward to next week. know, it’s still seven days away, but the thing is that I will be heading up to New York City after three years (!) to attend my first-ever BlogWorld. First. And I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I’m told it’s huge, so I suspect my head will be spinning after just a few hours of getting there. We chatted last week about how we wanted to approach the panel and we decided: 1.
    [Blog] Thoughts from Conversation with Klout CEO Joe Fernandez
    But the commitment to diversify and scale to meet 20 disparate sources of social data (see Read Write Web piece) is more compelling than a simple solution like Twitter Grader or a blog solution like PostRank. Ace Blogger Seth Godin doesn’t participate on Twitter, but has a Klout score of 70 in large part due to retweets and mentions. This phenomena typifies what Klout calls the Warren Buffet problem. Yesterday, Read Write Web published the larger findings from the open interview with Klout CEO Joe Fernandez responding to criticisms published here. That became crystal clear.
    [Blog] Campus Housing Goes Social: #SoMe Innovation in Residence Life
    Teams are composed of different residential areas; University Housing at the University of Georgia offers multiple social media outlets including the Live It UGA Blog  which gives residents news, updates on programming and residence hall events. Blog posts cover topics such as Sustainability, Move-In, how to get involved, and information about numerous campus housing resources, all written by students and housing staff; and. ”   WSU Housing also hosts an opening weekend Scavenger Hunt  to help new students learn more about the campus. Complete Thumbnail: Shutterstock.
    [Blog] 5 Popular Posts About Social Media
    Here, I will serve you some of the most popular content we have had on Mindjumpers blog. Here are the five most popular blog posts within the last month: Facebook vs. Google [infographic]. Popular Blog Posts About Social Media. Tweet It’s November – and time for a look back again! It seems that what our readers have found most interesting is the posts about campaigns and best practices, as well as the development within platforms and networks. And there is certainly being developed a lot. On , however, Google still ranks as the most visited site. Read Full Post ».
    [Blog] Measuring Engagement
    Install widget (on a blog page, Facebook, etc). Put the widget on their blog or Facebook, etc). Social media sharing / participation (activity on key social media sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, relevant design forums, blogs  etc). If engagement is the holy grail of social media marketing, how do we know if we’ve hit the jackpot? How many of our visitors are fully engaged and how many are walking away? Measurement depends on setting goals, establishing benchmarks and then measuring progress toward the goal.  But is engagement too fuzzy a concept to be able to measure?
    [Blog] Collaboration in the 2.0 Enterprise
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Collaboration in the 2.0 Some things don't need to be split up like micro-blogging, it can be done by thousands of people. jacobmorgan Of course, it is applicable in any industry blog comments powered by Disqus Connect with me Subscribe to Social Media RSS RSS About Jacob Email Me Jacob Morgan is the Principal of Chess Media Group , a social business consultancy that works with medium and enterprise companies on developing Enterprise 2.0, How about 20,000?  industries.
    [Blog] Just Another Frantic Friday, Episode 9
    Might as well continue the trend and burn off a few more minutes perusing the following…all selected with the personal care and attention you would expect from a random blog on the Internet. The year is three-quarters over! Where the heck did 2011 go? would have loved to be in the planning session for this one. How could a group come to a consensus on this…especially for something you put in your mouth. Worst ad campaign ever. There might be a little chicken-and-egg here. Geo-targeting works for people who are looking for it…kinda. We report, you decide. SMThree.
    [Blog] 24 Hours Left to Win a Trip to The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia #QldBlog
    participate in two blogging workshops with me (with just ten participants, I’ll be able to give your blog some personal attention). This competition isn’t a popularity contest or just for big bloggers, and it isn’t just for travel bloggers—we’re looking for entries from a range of blog niches and from bloggers from around the world. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. Ten days ago I excitedly announced an amazing opportunity for ProBlogger readers to enter a competition to win one of ten trips to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
    [Blog] Announcements & Web Journal August 15th-21st, 2012
    finally got back control of my other blog, , but I’m re-making it from scratch – too difficult to get the old content back, and I’m thinking more along the lines of aggregating much of the raw  information I’m collecting for the Social Media & The Arts course. I’ll be speaking three times in September (that I’m aware of now). September 12th 2012 –   Sign up Here. September 19th, 2012 – Sign up Here. Web Journal. First, an image. But  the Analytics is there for those that want it. Rutgers Social Media and The Arts
    [Blog] How Do You Repurpose Your Content?
    That little button that you put on your site or blog makes it so easy for people to share your content with their group of contacts. We all work hard developing content and sometimes forget to spend as much time promoting it. Repackaging and republishing in different ways to drive traffic to your website – these are the driving forces on the internet. Our content is relevant around the world and we need to re-share. I was reminded recently by an article from ASM , The Association of Strategic Marketing, that there are easy ways to share content.
    [Blog] So You Think You Can Be A Marketer
    Last month, I published a blog post titled, What Mad Men Skills Do You Need To Rock Your Marketing? The essential soft skills for marketers (but check out my blog post for more depth on this): Adaptable. What do you think it takes to make it as a marketer? The answer used to be a lot easier. Most people entering into the profession of marketing did so because they weren''t happy somewhere else. They got their law degree, but didn''t want to test for the bar. They got a MBA, but didn''t want to work in middle management for the rest of their lives. There''s more to that equation.
    [Blog] “So What?” is the Big Trend of 2015
    Read all five of Geoff’s 2015 predictions on the Cision blog. It wouldn’t be early January without a few predictions about what the new year will hold for the industry. In fact, I am preparing a presentation on the Near Future of Media for a DC AdClub event at the Newseum this January. And without further ado, let’s get to the big trend for 2015. No matter how often I consider Watches , fancy apps , and the Internet of Things, I find myself meandering back to data and how it is forcing marketers to answer the question, “So what?” Budgets will get cut.
    [Blog] Best things to do in Santorini
    We did find some really lovely restaurants on the island, thanks to some heavy duty Trip Advisor and blog research before-hand. We had a lovely holiday in Santorini a month or so back, so I thought I’d let you know what I think are the best things to do in Santorini… just in case it inspires you to book a holiday there or if you’ve already booked and are researching the best things to do in Santorini. Best things to do in Santorini #1: Eros Wave Bar. Eros Wave Bar is is lovely bar/restaurant with its own little pebble beach. It’s €10 + €20 spend on drinks/food.
    [Blog] Five Lessons Any Blogger Can Learn from Organized Crime
    Well, loads of bad stuff, but also some truly epic lessons in how to create a great blog. 1) Provide Your Tribe with an Identity and a Brand They Can Care About. Author Scott Sigler calls his long-time readers “Junkies” and the Noir Factory, my blog, refers to its subscribers as “Confidential Informants.”. While no one is suggesting that you set prayer cards on fire, and – depending on your blog – it may be very inappropriate to demand blood-letting, you should instill that same kind of identity in your tribe. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
    [Blog] A New Hope and how entertainment has changed…
    Or writing, blogging, or doing other work. I can still remember the first time I ever saw Star Wars Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back. I’d been invited to a school friends birthday party at which they brought out a film projector. Just to further date things, it involved a reel of film rather than HDMI and USB connectors. Today I sat with my son and spent 30 happy minutes watching Star Wars Episode 4 – A New Hope together. For the non-geeks, that’s the original Star Wars with Luke Skywalker escaping a desert with Alec Guinness, and rescuing Leia. Buffer.
    [Blog] Internet 2010: The Trivial Pop Quiz Where Someone Else Did the Work
    There are two things I enjoy most on lazy days when when I’m too far behind for a real blog post but anxious to put something up that’s interesting: Trivia questions. How many blogs are on the Internet? Someone else doing the research. How will you score? How many emails were sent in 2010? 94 Billion. 872 Billion. 73 Trillion. 107 Trillion. How many websites were on the Internet as of December, 2010? 255 Million. 502 Million. Billion. 17 Billion. How many top-level domain names were registered as of October, 2010? 73 Million. 202 Million. 930 Million. 16 Billion.
    [Blog] Social Media Training for February March 2012
    Please forward this (Share on Facebook, Tweet it, email, whatevs ) to anyone you think might be interested?  If you want to do a course with me later on, want early bird pricing, or just general tips on social media, you can also signup for my enewsletter (stuff that doesn’t make it on to the blog). If you are in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane I am teaching some one day hands on courses on social media campaigns, Facebook and Twitter, also 1/2 day courses on LinkedIn or Google Plus. Handson means the practical exercises are computer based (we have a lab). Will let you know.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28, 2013
    [Blog] 4 Tips to Properly Manage a LinkedIn Group
    Building a group as large as these takes quite a bit of work, but the payoff for your brand, blog or website is well worth it. People want to see content going up, and as a group moderator, a big part of your job, particularly at the beginning, is going to be sharing content to your new blog. What is the right way to manage a LinkedIn group? LinkedIn groups are among the most beneficial features of the business network. The added benefit of having and being able to manage a LinkedIn group of your own can be quite impressive. Promote. Share. Engage. Moderate.
    [Blog] iGoogle Finished – what’s your favourite RSS Dashboard social media monitoring?
    I teach classes on social media monitoring – computer classes – and the students set up iGoogle to find and monitor Media, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, images, key influencers, keywords, CEO and brand mentions and so on. Now that iGoogle is retiring , I need another free service to teach social media monitoring – know of one? It can’t be a purely RSS play as we need gadgets/widgets for API only based services. Really grumpy ! iGoogle will be retired in 16 months, on November 1, 2013. The mobile version will be retired on July 31, 2012. Let me know what you think.
    [Blog] Ford & Social Media – a con? Ford Australia and spam
    might start blogging on the train and at the doctors now. It’s a mistake when companies use social media to gain email addresses to do spam email marketing campaigns. No really, it is. Business realities? Don’t kid yourself… A while ago, I joined a Ford Facebook campaign. You entered your name and contact details on Facebook to become a social media reviewer – get the car for the summer, write reviews on it etc. entered the competition, I tweeted about my old Toyota Feroza breaking down (as a “hint hint&# ) and never heard another word back. Pretty neat huh?
    [Blog] The Most Common Types of IT Resistance To Enterprise Collaboration and How to Deal With It
    Furthermore, there are several free and/or low-cost options for collaborating, such as blogs and wikis. Based on a research report Chess Media Group released last year on the  State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration , the most common types of IT resistance to collaboration are: it’s not a priority, there are security issues or threats, no manpower, and no budget. Let’s take a look at each one in more detail and explore how to deal with them when they come up. It’s Not a Priority. As with the manager resistance, fear and lack of education are a factor in why this isn’t a priority.
    [Blog] The Three Stages of the Entrepreneurial Mind
    Well, if you can take a step back and see which stage you are in, you can determine where the responsibility lies and when it’s time to make your move. I’ll give you my example of Arment Dietrich , Spin Sucks , and Spin Sucks Pro : Arment Dietrich was in stage one when we decided we wanted to create a leading PR industry blog.  We started Spin Sucks, learned a lot, and got where we wanted to be. It’s not as National Geographic as I thought it would be. In fact, it’s pretty simple.  Your own CEO is probably at one of these stages now. Stage One: Mountain Top Envy.
    [Blog] Pinterest Marketing Goals: How to Establish and Reach Them!
    appeared first on Devumi Blog. If you just opened your own Pinterest business account and are wondering why no one is giving you repins and follows, you’re likely stumbling blind. You need a good and cohesive plan to get results on Pinterest, and I’ll be talking about how to get from nothing to a finished set of Pinterest marketing goals here in this article.  . Establishing Pinterest marketing goals and reaching them.  . What are your Pinterest marketing goals, anyway? The first step is to make sure you have Pinterest marketing goals  that are worth your time. hiring an artist.
    [Blog] Social Media Newsroom- Intel debuts social news hub
    blogs. Intel debuted their social media newsroom last month after eight months of development. It has all the features one would expect in a social news hub: commenting. rating. discussion areas. special access areas. Web video. Facebook and Twitter plug-ins. SMR (social media releases). SEO friendly attributes. “One of the biggest and most unexpected changes was the one that took place in my own perspective about the purpose of a news website itself,&# says Darling. What does he mean by that? Darling shared these tips in the interview: Experiment. Experiment.
    [Blog] NFL Predictions: Week 9
    This week’s challenger is a special guest who does a lot of the behind the scenes work at this blog: Week 9 NFL Predictions. We’re now past the season’s halfway point. Most fans have an inkling as to whether their team is a pretender or a contender. If social media’s NFL predictions were a team, they’d be on the bubble with a 64-54 mark following a 9-5 showing last weekend. Each week we put these results up against a friend from across the Internets. The top picker will get $100 donated to a charity of their choice. BYE: STL, NE, NYJ, SF.
    [Blog] Open Community Virtual Book Tour = Awesome.
    Here’s the awesomesauce list for LAUNCH WEEK: 11/01/10 –  Acronym | ASAE Blog. 11/01/10 –  Engage365 Blog. 11/01/10 –  Noise to Signal | Social Signal (Blog home of Rob Cottingham, whose cartoons are featured in the book!). 11/01/10 –  YAP Blog. 11/03/10 –  NTEN Connect Blog. As part of our Open Community book launch, we are doing a really exciting VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR. The full schedule is here. 11/03/10 –  Get Me Jamie Notter. 11/03/10 –  Velvet Chainsaw’s Mid-Course Corrections | Jeff Hurt.
    [Blog] How Top Brands Are Using Cinemagraphs for Unexpected Social Content
    Originally posted on Coca-Cola’s Tumblr , it’s been re-blogged over 80,000 times. While cinemagraphs aren’t exactly new, more companies are embracing the power of these mesmerizing GIF/video hybrids to generate engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Partly due to their creative nature, but also in response to Facebook’s autoplay video and Instagram’s ability to play videos on a loop, the end result offers a powerful incentive to test this medium in your visual content mix. Image via Ann Street Studio. When done well, cinemagraphs are elegant and eye-catching. Take a look. Chanel. Honda.
    [Blog] Is Your Twitter Addiction Paying Off
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Is Your Twitter Addiction Paying Off June 17th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet Twitter can suck you in to a vortex of counter-productivity like one bite of that KFC Double Down sandwich. Maybe you found this blog from Twitter? Traffic to my blog. Mack is.60
    [Blog] How BP Swept Dispersants Under the Rug
    Geoff Livingston is a regular contributor to the Live Earth blog. The PR battle continues between Obama and BP ( image by boxhai ). With the climax occurring today between BP top brass and Obama at the White House, another major danger continues to spread in the Gulf, BP’s widespread use of Corexit toxic dispersants. More than 1,000,000 gallons has been deployed by BP in an effort to break up surface and underwater oil. Corexit is deadly. It is toxic and it has even been banned from use in BP’s home country , the United Kingdom. regulators. Details are here.
    [Blog] StudioPress Offer 25% Off Themes – Last Sale Ever
    If you’re looking to start a new blog or redesign a current one you’ll want to check this out. This is a discount that applies to all of their themes and frameworks including: Genesis Framework (the framework behind my ProBlogger and FeelGooder blogs. The best selling Prose theme – which allows you to do a lot of customizations and get your blog looking great. Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips. Tags: Pro Blogging News It’s part of their BlackFriday sale which ends Tuesday. Any of their other 30 themes.
    [Blog] Top 10 Public Relations Blunders of 2011
    Netflix CEO Reed Hastings remained silent for two months, then released a seemingly reluctant blog statement apologizing for the increase… and announcing plans to split off DVD-by-mail operations “in the same breath,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. I always look forward to the end of the year. Not only is it a great time to look back at all of the good things that happened during the past year, but it’s also a great time to look at your mistakes, and the mistakes that other companies in your industry have made: so I don’t make the same mistakes. Cain Undeniably Unprepared.
    [Blog] The Latest News Over At Pinterest – Personalized Pages, New Pin, & More
    Everytime you read a blog post, and you see the standard social media buttons at the end, it is usual now to see the Pin button as well for Pinterest. According to Pinterest’s official blog , when you now mouse over an image on a webpage, you will now see a small “Pin It” button appear in the corner. It’s been a while since we last looked at Pinterest. While Facebook and Twitter are the two social networks to watch and be on, Pinterest has been quietly soldiering away in the background. They have a loyal following and an amazing site. It’s a very stark contrast.
  • SHIFT DIGITAL  |  MONDAY, MAY 21, 2012
    [Blog] 3 Enlightening Twitter Updates
    Well if your name is Samantha Collier, you write a recap blog post of course! There’s a lot of buzz going on the social media sphere this week. Mark Zuckerberg got married , Facebook went public and Twitter rolled out  bunch of updates. What does this all mean to you? Here’s the low down on what’s new with Twitter: New Weekly Email. The folks at Twitter are sending you a weekly email that summarizes the most popular tweets and stories shared by your connections on Twitter. The email is set up similar to the Discover Tab within More Languages.
    [Blog] One Quick Way To Increase Local Traffic
    Brianna Collier has a simple guide to this process on the Showing Suite real estate blog.) A marketing professional recently told me an interesting story — one that I haven’t verified but can easily imagine being true. real estate agent had a slump in business and decided to experiment with IFTTT (IF This Then That), Twitter, and her business page on Foursquare. She set up an automatic tweet when the temperature was 31° in her target location. It said, “too cold to go outside? Here are the most popular things to do inside in our area.” The Advantage of Exposure.
    [Blog] Are You Looking For Ways To Get Local Links?
    Most businesses could do a lot more in creating local links — and Casey Meraz has just given us 11 Ways for Local Businesses to Get Links on the Moz Blog. If you have a business, you probably consider at least part of that business “local” because there is a community that interacts with your business. Even a business that is completely online has a local element because the employees live somewhere, right? Here is his list for links that will drive referral traffic, build brand visibility, and build your reputation: create controversy and get in the news.
    [Blog] Are There 10 Commandments of Internet Marketing?
    Every single thing is something that could be it’s own blog post when you consider it closer. Business2Community is a great site, and Peter Kim’s Ten Commandments of Online Marketing is an excellent list of solid advice. His ten commandments are: have a strategic plan. have a strong adaptable website. have a strong and growing visibility in search. be social. consistently produce original written content. get listed or mentioned on other relevant websites. produce and distribute original photos and videos. advertise intelligently. utilize analytics to track ROI. be adaptable.
    [Blog] How To Develop The Know-Like-Trust Factor Online
    Put faces and a backstory on the people you are writing to for the blog, and advertising to, and posting on whatever social media you go with. For years, the “know-like-trust” factor has been a basic foundation of marketing. If your customer knows you, likes you, and trusts you, then you have good reason to expect them to buy from you. Simple, right? Well, it was easier in the past when your customers were your neighbors and you knew them because you saw them all the time. They liked & trusted you because you demonstrated that you cared enough to get to know them. Income?
  • ENGAGE  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2011
    [Blog] 5 Marketing Clich?s Worth Repeating (One Last Time)
    When you’re at an event, answering the phone on behalf of your organization, leaving a comment on a blog – it’s always an opportunity to showcase what makes you special, i.e. and market. Is That Your Blog Talking to Itself in the Corner? ( 9 ) bodynsoil : When I first started blogging I would just write as if I were talking to whomever. Engage Content marketing resources and insights from content marketing professionals. Home 1. Strategy 2. Creation 3. Management 4. Distribution 5. See what I did there?) But they still have value. Invest in yours. After.
    [Blog] #Webcast for #IBMConnections partners, users & brands w/ @ckburgess @mnburgess @ajay #IBM #socbiz
    Blue Focus Marketing was the Winner of the 2012 MarketingSherpa Reader’s Choice Award for “Best Social Media Marketing” blog. Blue Focus Marketing won the 2012 MarketingSherpa Reader’s Choice Award for Best Social Media Marketing Blog. Grow sales, increase user adoption, and improve engagement with Dynamic Signal’s VoiceStorm for IBM Connections. Date: Jan 21, 2014. Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (Eastern Time). Hosted by: SocialBiz (Wellesley Information Services). Recognize and reward employees for their contributions with gamification and leaderboards. Cheryl, who Huf?ngton
    [Blog] Why Social Media Inactives Have No Impact on Social Business Value
    Look, I’m a BIG fan of ROI (as you can see from this blog). PS: Thanks to Stephan O’Donnell at for the blog post which provided inspiration  for this post. Tweet It’s interesting to me that the last post of this year is a rant. But it is. There has been so much talk about how social networks have user abandoning accounts or creating multiple accounts and only using a few. In short: what’s the business value of social media considering the inactives? To put it politely, you’re asking the wrong question.  . Here’s why. What?! Today?
  • JUGNOO  |  SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 2012
    [Blog] The Segregated Internet: The Walled Garden that lives among an Open Source Internet Society
    The Segregated Internet: The Walled Garden that lives among an Open Source Internet Society originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social under a Creative Commons license. ? Sometime back a few friends of mine Steve Taylor @stevenltaylor and Martin Byrne @mbyrne2323 had a philosophical and yet cynical discussion about this growing notion of the “Splinternet” which was initally coined by Doc Searles and Rich Tehrani. Thanks to Josh Bernoff of Forrester for bringing this back to light. Facebook bends the rules for current advertisers.
    [Blog] 1 Word to Describe 2010 and 2011
    Looking back at social media tips I’ve shared on this blog… I pondered if blogging should be scheduled , I dissected Britney Spears on Twitter , I elaborated why your quest to gain Facebook fans is silly , I decided I would openly network on Facebook , I explained why I left Foursquare , I shared how to reduce your email inbox , and I questioned how to define social media. Through my questions in blog posts and your answers in blog comments, each of us gained insights. Explain why you’re choosing that word. My word for 2010 is discovery.
    [Blog] Twitter: The New Résumé
    Bundy’s micro-blog expertise recently presented the graduate student with new and exciting way to share news. Former Student Government President at the College of Charleston Ross Kressel faced criticism from several blogs and news organizations after his inappropriate tweets surfaced from the account @CofCPolitico. A graduate student at the College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from the University of South Carolina was denied a social media internship with Rawle Murdy, a marketing communications firm in downtown Charleston. You do.”.
    [Blog] Facebook Theme Week: Organic or Paid?
    At a recent team meeting at ProBlogger HQ to plan the theme for our next ‘theme week’ here on the ProBlogger blog I nervously suggested that we should create a week long series of posts on the topic of Facebook. Before we get into some case studies for the rest of the week let me finish with a simple reminder to not put all your eggs in the one basket when it comes with driving traffic to your blog. Facebook could well be an amazing opportunity for your blogging but the opportunity is unlikely to be an indefinite one. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
    [Blog] Branded Content and the Future of Social Media
    Suppose a blogger or video blogger produces content around a remarkable brand or product experience and their blog only reaches ten thousand people.  You could use paid social media and online news services  to deliver it to other people who might be interested, but won’t ever see that particular blog post. Blogs [can be] a more effective way of reaching and inspiring traditional media to react than most PR professionals and wire services combined.   I had the pleasure of chatting with Maggie Fox at the Media Relations Summit in New York City last week. online pr
  • BILL HARTZER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2010
    [Blog] Learn about Local Search and Local Search Engine Marketing in Dallas
    Smith frequent speaks at industry conferences, and blogs at SEM Clubhouse, Natural Search Blog, and Nodal Bits. David writes frequently about Local Search on the Blog, for Search Engine Land, and at his own blog, Mihmorandum. With the ever-expanding adoption of mobile smartphones , coupled with advances in search and maps like Google Maps , Google Local , and Yahoo! Local , making sure that your local business and all of your local business locations are found is becoming more crucial. You can register online at [link]. Brian Combs, Founder and CEO.
    [Blog] Have A Real Conversation
    Home It’s Josip Archives Let’s Talk The Word on the Web Have A “Real&# Conversation Written on April 27, 2010 by Josip Petrusa 0 Comments Tweet Share Save Having a conversation could mean so many different things these days. There are phone, text, email, Facebook, Twitter and in-person conversations, plus many more. With all the different forms of conversing going on, how much of it is actual conversation as opposed to noise. Conversation formalities such as “hi” and “bye” have disappeared. People talking and sharing ideas. Maybe this is an aspect of the system we grew up in.
    [Blog] Search Engine Marketing Tool Review: SEM Rush
    As I continued to scroll down, I found a listing of related keywords, which are perfect for SEO purposes when writing a blog post, an article, or setting up a money site. Many internet marketers are familiar with the SEOQuake plugin for Firefox which helps you find out the demographics of various keywords, and domains. This information is VERY useful if you are working to find websites with high page rank where you can put comments in order to develop strong backlinks for your money sites. The plugin also gives you lots of information regarding the sites of your competition as well.
    [Blog] Learning lessons or lessons learnt?
    BLOGS. GUEST BLOG. This is a bigger subject and I plan a blog on this alone sometime next week when I have reliable internet access. Jon Husband: If I interpret your points correctly, then I think that purpose-focused blogs can be quite useful for each of the four suggested ways forward. liked your post and linked to it from my blog. Match ALL words. Match ANY word. -->. JOIN NEWSLETTER LIST. ABOUT. PRACTITIONERS NETWORK. DIRECTORY OF PRACTITIONERS. ACCREDITATION. PRACTITIONER LOGIN. METHODS. METHODS. RESOURCES. ARTICLES BY DAVE SNOWDEN. ARTICLES BY OTHERS.
    [Blog] Tumblr Can Make Theses Fun
    Harvard College senior Angela Frankel took it upon herself to start a Tumblr blog entitled “LOL My Thesis” last month and she described it as, “…a means of procrastination from my own thesis.” Basically, it’s a blog that calls for people to give one-sentence summaries of their own theses. When you think about school at the end of the semester, what are some of the ideas that come about time and time again? have to believe that “finals” and the sort are the ones which are the most common. However, these summaries ranged from humorous to surprisingly insightful.
    [Blog] Day 20: People of color impacting the social web – The Mamalaw Media Group #28DaysofDiversity
    For day 20 , I would like to introduce to some and present to others: Mamalaw Media Group Twitter: @mamalawgrp Website/Blog: [link] Bio MamaLaw Media Group (MMG) is  the parent company of the  Blogalicious Weekend Conferences ,  The b-Link Marketing Network, My and  Mamalaw , the blog.  MMG’s mission is to raise the profile of women of color online, all while networking, building relationships, and promoting inspiration and success for the multicultural blogging community. As we all know, February is Black History Month.
    [Blog] The 3 Ways to Succeed at Content Marketing When Everybody in the World is Doing Content Marketing
    In a series of posts at his {grow} blog, he theorizes that a reckoning is coming : a point where so much content fills the pipeline that creators cannot break through the wall of noise, making it no longer cost-effective to produce content at all. Image from It’s getting crowded in here. Marketers always kill the golden goose, and content marketing is next on the chopping block. The volume of content being created now is enormous, and we’re nowhere near the apex of the content creation trend. Content marketing works for them, and they know it. agree that change will come.
    [Blog] Have You Set up Timeline on Your Facebook ‘Page’ Yet?
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. In the last day Facebook have rolled out Timeline for Facebook Brand pages. There’s been a lot of talk about whether people like them or not – but the reality is that they are here and in a month they’ll be rolled out on your Brand page whether you like it or not. I’ve just pushed out version 1 of my own ProBlogger Facebook page here (I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it in the coming days but it is live) – but I’d love to see what others are doing? Have you activated Timeline on your Brand Page yet?
    [Blog] Traffic Technique 1: Search Engine Optimization
    If you’re one of the thousands of bloggers out there who’s trying to generate the right kind of blog traffic , you’ve probably felt a bit bewildered at some point. Some days I’ve sat down at my computer and literally haven’t known where to start in building more traffic to my blogs. We get to know the user we’re trying to target through search: by looking at the comments these readers leave on our blog or others, through our analytics, and by using the Google Keyword Tool —among other methods. suggested further reading on the same blog.
    [Blog] Fortune 100 Companies Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon [Infographic]
    Corporate blogging is taking a backseat and the maximum amount of activity is to be noticed on Twitter. As Social Media continues to matter more and more with every passing day, the top names in business are joining the Social Media Bandwagon in greater numbers. However, the participation is not consistent or even. Some Social Media platforms are clearly being preferred more over others. Facebook is at the second place, closely followed by YouTube. Check out this revealing infographic to learn about how Fortune 100 companies are using Social Media. Share this post.
    [Blog] An Update: or Where Have I Been?
    And yes I could’ve written and scheduled blog entries, but I also realized I needed a break from blogging so I could take a holiday and also finalize details on my upcoming book Understanding the Social in Social Media. I haven’t posted in about a week. It’s not my normal routine, but I had the opportunity to get away for a long Birthday weekend and I decided to take it. This book will ideally be coming out in November. My publisher and I are getting the last details finalized, so be on the lookout for that. What do you think?
    [Blog] The Lance Armstrong Effect
    micro blogging. Much has been said about Lance Armstrong lately. Not much has been said by Lance Armstrong, himself. It used to be easy to lay low, even if you were a celebrity. But, in the world of the real-time Web, mobile devices, Twitter , Facebook updates, YouTube videos and the like, what once was a brand's most powerful tool to communicate directly with consumers, suddenly becomes its worst nightmare. Last Friday night, Armstrong took the stage at Livestrong' s 15th anniversary event. " The silence online is deafening. He hasn't sent out a message since October 12th. Be open.
    [Blog] Mr. Transparent
    Anyone that has ever read my blogs knows this about me. In today's Boston Sunday Globe , I was quoted in an article about the impact of social media during recessionary times. In particular, I talked about how important it is for businesses to be "proactively transparent," especially in the event that a reduction in force is required. Unfortunately, the way I was quoted in the article makes it sound like I was calling into question the comittment to transparency and thus, the ethics of a good friend and former employer of mine, Barry Libert. Best, Aaron.
    [Blog] Creative ways to drive website traffic
    Blog comments. The easiest way to do this is comment on blogs they create. Blog commenting when done right improves the ability of other people to make site visits. More so, blog commenting in a niche or target market also gives you access to other users who may be interested in what you have to offer and hence visit your website. Sharing ideas, new perspectives and ways to do things with your blog will help you get the right attention and should be top on your list as far as generating relevant traffic to your website is concerned. Reward the visitors.
    [Blog] Introduce Friends to the New Year With SocialToo
    most our traffic happens on the backend where we process your social stream)  We saw coverage from blogs like Mashable and TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb and even the New York Times , and that coverage continues to share the word of what we offer with more people.  We introduced DM filters and the ability to clean up your stream, making us the first, and one of the only services to make Twitter and the Social Streams you belong to cleaner places. 2009 was a great year for SocialToo ! Traffic peaked at around 150,000 page views and we’re not even a page-view generating site!
    [Blog] I’m Thankful For All Of You!
    Seriously, you all rock for helping to make this such a special blog! didn’t think PR at Sunrise would last more than a week let alone 11 months, but you all are the reason why I try to offer the best information and content possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you. But before you go looking for the Kleenex box, dry your eyes and listen to this great holiday song from Adam Sandler. Happy Thanksgiving! Related Articles. 20 Best and Happy Thanksgiving Quotes ( Thankful Heart ( Random Thoughts Adam Sandler Gratitude Thanksgiving
    [Blog] Thoughts on Simple Living
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. Here are some thoughts on simple living: Buy less and give more. Malcolm Forbes said, “He who dies with the most toys wins,” but he was wrong. Consumption and accumulation create clutter but not happiness. Decide what you don’t use anymore and give it away. That other phrase, “One person’s junk is another’s treasure” is more apropos. frequently give things away via freecycling. Eat healthy. Declutter. Do you know about the reverse hangar test? Or, how about the box test? Read a book while drinking.
    [Blog] Holy Facebook Groups, Batman!
    think the medium is so conversation robust that it will be hard to manipulate brand and sales outcomes beyond the natural earned points achieved through moderation and facilitation, similar to a great blog conversation. Boy, did I get it wrong on Facebook Groups. What I first thought would be a great source of spam has turned into the most addictive form of conversation I have experienced online since Twitter in 2007. combination of Groups have provided thought-provoking dynamic insights and exposure to other thought leaders, locally, nationally and by industry. What a relief!
    [Blog] What ComScore Data Tells Us About Google+
    Per the advisory, published here and on Danny Brown’s blog , businesses should experiment informally. comScore released a report on Friday examining the demographics of the first 20 million people to join Google+. Some of the statistics were not surprising. American users tend to be from technology centric cities, and the overall user base is 2/3 male with a particularly strong age group of 25-34 years old. What was surprising was the international flavor of Google+. Only 5 million of the 20 million are U.S. based. population (more than 150 million). Update on Google+ for Business.
    [Blog] PLE
    As such, they are comprised of two elements - the tools and the conceptual notions that drive how and why we select individual parts.&# (George Siemens, “ PLEs - I Acronym, Therefore I Exist ,&# 15 April 2007 blog entry). “An ecosystem of connected educational resources facilitated by a (large) set of tools and fueled by collaboration opportunities facilitating the consumption of content that enables an increased understanding of specific knowledge domains.&# (Lee Kraus, PLE: not personal and not learning , 14 June 2007 blog entry). blogging (16). About. Stein.
    [Blog] It's Not Marketing
    Scooter re-iterated a key point from my recent Blog post on direct relationships (more on that here: What The Next Five Years Will Be About ): when Justin was turned down by the music industry, it only fueled them more to use Social Media to create that direct and tangible relationship with the fans. Confession time. A few months ago I found myself on a long flight with nothing to watch. I had already seen the many Hollywood blockbusters along with the documentaries and news specials that were being shown on-board. It's not cynicism. Crying. The movie captivated me. true musician. usher.
    [Blog] Invitation Avalanches, Attention Infidelity, and the Science of the Social Break-Up
    On Twitter and Facebook, a 7% conversion rate would be the stuff of legend (unless you’re Bieber or Gaga, in which case you probably don’t read this blog). Is the golden goose poisoned before it’s even an adult? The current relationship between companies and consumers via social media and email is unsustainable. The backlash has begun, and abuse of any one channel has a spillover effect on consumer attitudes toward other channels. 71% of Facebook members have become more selective about “liking&# companies. Not one bit. Beware the Invitation Avalanche.
    [Blog] How to Apply Youtility to Internal Communication
    Leadership Blogs. In my research to write this article, I came across some wonderful blog posts that might further help and inspire you along your internal content marketing journey.  When it comes to creating compelling content, marketing is leading the way for communication functions. Content marketing is realizing that “when you sell a product, you make a customer for a day, but when you help them, you make a customer for life” ( Jay Baer ). Here’s how. Communicating in the Age of Information Overload. Meetings. Newsletters. Town Halls. Voicemails. Podcasts. Intranets. Yammer.
    [Blog] Facebook Places: What are Facebook users saying about Places one week later
    Also here a six must read blog post about Facebook Places. Uploaded with plasq ‘s Skitch ! It has been one week since Mark Zuckerberg along with the Facebook Location team stood on stage, told us scary stories about sharing life experiences around locations and announced Facebook Places. The announcement sent ripples through the location space as Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp and MyTown each had a moment to share how excited they were to see Facebook launch Places and how they we’re early beta testers of the places read/write API. Create a location. 2. Check into a location. 3.
    [Blog] What should you buy from a social media savvy agency?
    Mechanics: You don’t need to know how to code a blog or customize a Facebook fan page to build one into your marketing activities.  …buy the right help from the right agency. Okay…the other day I blew a fuse about social media consultants selling smoke screens and mirrors.  ( read my rant here ). Which of course begs the question — what SHOULD you buy from someone who actually has an expertise in melding social media into the rest of your marketing efforts?  (And yes…at MMG we do all of this but so do many other qualified and competent consultants).
  • VIPER CHILL  |  MONDAY, MAY 3, 2010
    [Blog] ViperChill Monthly Report 7 (Ranking for “Viral Marketing”)
    The articles written in April, were: Reputation Management for Wordpress (Free Plugin) 6 Vital Lessons from a $200/Day Adsense Account Six Figure Writing: My Journey from English Failure to Blogging Success $0-$5,000 Per Month: How to Make Money With Blogs Social Media Supremacy: 10 Experts Reveal Their Strategies Here at ViperChill there are a lot less articles published than most sites, but typically these articles are 2,000-3,000 words and cover topics in massive detail. There are also a lot of people who link to the blog with the anchor text viral marketing which also helps.
    [Blog] How Humanity Drives Customer Experience
    And here’s where the human-side of customer experience gets kicked into high gear, and the Bellhops experience becomes truly remarkable (worthy of remark, as I emphasized in my recent blog post about content marketing killing our language ). According to Nielsen, we trust friends and family members’ recommendations 92% of the time. We trust advertising from companies 47% of the time. We fundamentally trust humans more than companies or institutions (highlight to Tweet). This is why the smartest companies don’t act as such. The entire process was two minutes. Remarkable!
    [Blog] How to get more Sales and Customers with Inbound Marketing
    The most widely used inbound marketing strategies are blogging, creating business leads through social media, Search Engine Optimization and Web marketing. Creating your own Website or blog. Inbound Marketing is the new strategy of marketing through Internet. Inbound marketing gives qualitative leads with using very little resources in terms of money, time, human resources and it is much more easier than outbound marketing which needs more resources and time. Simple tips to increase sales and customers through Inbound marketing. This is one of part of Web marketing.
    [Blog] Content Marketing Ideas
    Spread existing content across different formats ; for example, create an FAQ for quick tips or turn popular blog posts into a podcast, infographic or ebook. 8 Content Marketing Trends for B2B | Social Media Examiner. It is quite conceivable that this challenge will help to create more business and employment opportunities for content developers. In a related conversation, Nate Riggs , director of social business at the Karcher Group , put it this way: “This is great news for displaced journalists and (content) producers looking to reinvent.” This is the program for you!
    [Blog] Ecosystems: Riding on Them, and Creating Them
    As a leading and thinking person, your input here is valued and adds to the discussion and to this blog. Focus in on ecosystems right now, and use these points to help the discussion: On a smaller scale, are blogs working as ecosystems? This thought comes from Scott Gould 's thinking blog for thinking people. My friend Chris Brogan wrote a thinking peice last month on “ Amazon and the Kindle Conspiracy &# that many overlooked but I think warrants a deeper leadership discussion. He talks about how the Kindle also isn’t just a phyiscal device. You get the idea.
    [Blog] The Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
    Similar to business, whether it’s opening a new location or launching an online store, reinvigorating a blog or getting ready for your summer sales, pay attention to the little things. “The little things in baseball, though they may have a small impact on one game, can have a large impact on one season,” Brad Ausmus, Manager, Detroit Tigers. Baseball is made up of many small things and offers fantastic lessons for life and business. A lot of talk around the thinking person’s baseball conversation is about the game-within-the-game. May I say it again?
    [Blog] “Social” Attitudes, Attacks & Popularity
    Whether you blog for personal or business engagements doesn’t matter. Some people have an attitude of self- righteousness and they attack others when their “self- righteousness&# is challenged. You can see the “self-righteous&# aggression throughout social media when  people claim stupid positions then attack  when others disagree with their positions. The term “self-righteous&# implies confident of one’s own righteousness and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others. In other words bigoted. Those who hang together rise and fall together.
    [Blog] How to introduce yourself when making cold calls & emails to build valuable relationships
    In the mix of it all, there’s national media, local media, and niche media such as blog talk radio shows, podcast and more. I’m humbled and grateful to be put in the postion by NewME Accelerator and CNN. When you do send an email, please include the following information: Name: Company/Startup Name: Company/Startup Website: linkedin profile: Twitter: profile: Blog URL: Angel List profile (optional and for investors). flickr photo by By marc falardeau. Sadly, I can’t handel it all alone. My voice message says please send an email and I’m serious. The ask?
    [Blog] Are you making meaningful connections?
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Are you making meaningful connections? Posted June 7th, 2010 by admin and filed in networking Tags: business relationships , making connections , networking , Taylor Ellwood View Comments I’ve been changing my approach to networking quite a bit since late April. One of those changes has involved asking myself who I’m meaningfully connected with. final example: I joined a task for a local school district. What do you think? Imagine Your Reality.
    [Blog] Customer Service is an attitude
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Customer Service is an attitude Posted June 10th, 2010 by admin and filed in Business reputation , customer service Tags: Attitude , Business reputation , customer service , customers , Taylor Ellwood View Comments Yesterday my mom called Avis in a panic. She’s visiting me right now from the East coast, and as such she’s feeling the jet lag. When she called the 1800 number she was greeted by an attitude of rudeness. What do you think?
    [Blog] Reach out to your local community
    What I’ve found is that chambers are an excellent resource for local businesses, both in terms of advocacy for businesses and for the networking opportunities they provide. As you spend more time at chamber events and get more known, you also learn a lot more about your local community and the needs it has. You learn about the school district that’s making more cuts and is trying to figure out how to preserve its programs, employees, etc., and how you can actually help out with that work. For small businesses, the local community is the lifeblood of the businesses. What about you?
    [Blog] Ramp up your internet marketing
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Ramp up your internet marketing Posted June 26th, 2010 by admin and filed in business , networking Tags: affiliate marketing , Chris Brogan , internet marketing , Taylor Ellwood , Third tribe marketing View Comments Occasionally I mention Third Tribe. It costs $97 a month, but the payoff is you get access to a lot of great information about internet marketing that you can apply to your business efforts. Sign up today. Imagine Your Reality. All Rights Reserved.
    [Blog] Social Media for Introverts
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Social Media for Introverts Posted July 4th, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , social media behavior Tags: introversion , Social Media , Taylor Ellwood , virtual communication View Comments I was talking with an acquaintance the other day and she asked my thoughts on social media for introverts. The downside of the move to virtual communication is that there is not always a conscious awareness of how distancing virtual communication can be.
    [Blog] What stops people from getting social media
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes What stops people from getting social media Posted July 13th, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , social media behavior , technology Tags: Social Media , social media behavior , Taylor Ellwood , technology View Comments In a conversation I recently had with another social media manager, one of the discussion points focused around social media and technology, and specifically how many people approach social media as technology first and as a social medium second.
    [Blog] Why social media is a vocation
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Why social media is a vocation Posted July 16th, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , social media behavior , technology Tags: Chris Brogan , Social Media , social media industry , social media profession , Taylor Ellwood View Comments Chris Brogan recently posted an article with the premise that social media isn’t a vocation. It’s a social medium. And social media is also a vocation. What do you think? Is social media a vocation?
    [Blog] Social context is what interests people
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Social context is what interests people Posted July 20th, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , social media behavior Tags: social context , social influence , Social Media , social media behavior , Taylor Ellwood View Comments I’ve been writing a lot about the social aspects of social media and also thinking about what makes social so important and I’ve come to the conclusion its social context that interests people. Imagine Your Reality.
    [Blog] Cleaning Linkedin up from the Twitter spam
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Cleaning Linkedin up from the Twitter spam Posted July 22nd, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , technology Tags: Hide button , Linkedin , status updates , Taylor Ellwood , twitter View Comments When Linkedin set it up that people could connect their Twitter accounts to Linkedin, little did they know they would unleash a wave of spam on Linkedin with the result being a lot of status updates that have little if anything to do with professional or business updates.
    [Blog] What do you do to stand out? pt 2
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes What do you do to stand out? pt 2 Posted July 29th, 2010 by admin and filed in Business reputation , Social Media , social media behavior Tags: social media behavior , stand out , Taylor Ellwood View Comments In my previous post, I talk about what you could do to stand out when going to meetings. But great content alone won’t work unless you’re also consistent in your activity. To stand out in social media also involves personalizing your posting.
    [Blog] Responsibility for your privacy and social media
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Responsibility for your privacy and social media Posted August 4th, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , social media behavior Tags: privacy , Social Media , Taylor Ellwood View Comments I came across another post about Facebook and privacy issues. Someone had apparently taken personal details of 100 million Facebook users and published them on a torrent site that other people could download.  So what can you do? Only you are responsible for it in the end.
    [Blog] Social media is more than technology
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Social media is more than technology Posted August 17th, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , social media behavior , technology Tags: Social Media , social media behavior , technology View Comments Social media is more than technology, but many people get stuck on the technology. She’s not alone, as other people have expressed similar frustration to me before. Social media isn’t just technology. What do you think? Imagine Your Reality.
    [Blog] Ambient relationships and social media
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Ambient relationships and social media Posted August 23rd, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , social influence , social media behavior Tags: ambient relationships , Chris Brogran , Social Media , social media behavior , Taylor Ellwood View Comments The other day Chris Brogan posted about the possibility of a social crash. Chris rightly wonders what will happen to all of our relationships with so much hyper connection. Imagine Your Reality.
    [Blog] Customer service is more than damage control
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Customer service is more than damage control Posted August 24th, 2010 by admin and filed in Business reputation , Social Media , business Tags: customer retention , customer service , damage control , Social Media , Taylor Ellwood View Comments One of the prevailing attitudes about customer service is that its just about damage control: Dealing with customer complaints. It seems to me that one part of customer service that’s ignored is customer retention.
    [Blog] How to make your online network an actual network
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes How to make your online network an actual network Posted September 1st, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , networking , social media behavior Tags: connection , network , Social Media , social media behavior , Taylor Ellwood View Comments I think one of the challenges with social media is learning how to turn your online network into an actual network. So the challenge that arises is how to become more than just an internet connection to someone.
    [Blog] Cleaning out your inbox of spam
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Cleaning out your inbox of spam Posted September 13th, 2010 by admin and filed in business Tags: email , Spam , Taylor Ellwood View Comments I’ve lately been on a cleaning kick with my email inbox. I get a lot of newsletters and other materials that I end up deleting. So I decided I’d clean out my inbox, by unsubscribing myself from the various newsletters. It rarely does, instead leading to irritation at having to deal with one more interruption.
    [Blog] Time and social media for businesses
    This is an understandable objection, especially when you consider the learning curve time associated with the technology of social media. However, I was recently told a story about a winery that told an employee that she needed to spend one hour a morning and one hour an afternoon doing just social media, and that winery ended up getting a lot more business because of the dedicated time put into social media. In other words, instead of devoting an hour a day to their social media marketing, businesses are fitting it in when and where they can sneak a moment of time. Imagine Your Reality.
    [Blog] Social media and geography
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Social media and geography Posted September 28th, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , social media behavior Tags: geolocation , Social Media , social media coach , Taylor Ellwood View Comments The other day, I heard a participant in the New Communicators event state that he hoped that social media would make geography irrelevant. It was a rather idealistic, if unrealistic statement. This isn’t necessarily a bad result either. Imagine Your Reality.
    [Blog] Marketing and social media
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Marketing and social media Posted September 30th, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media Tags: relationship building , social media marketing , Taylor Ellwood View Comments I read an interesting post recently which asked, “ What if there was no marketing? &# In it the author described his own realizations of how many messages he ignores because he thinks it could be marketing and notes how over-saturated we are as a culture by the marketing various people do.
    [Blog] Why I enjoy learning outside my discipline
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Why I enjoy learning outside my discipline Posted October 5th, 2010 by admin and filed in business Tags: business development , home remodeling , Taylor Ellwood View Comments I’m reading a book on home remodeling right now. I’m reading it to review it and to interview the author on my radio show, but I’m also reading it as an opportunity to learn more about something I’ve never done. What has it taught you? Imagine Your Reality.
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