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    [Blog] Day 26: People of color impacting the social web – Pam Perry #28DaysofDiversity
    For day 26 , I would like to introduce to some and present to others: Pam Perry Twitter: @pamperry Website/Blog: Bio Pam Perry is a PR Coach and Social Media Strategist delivering online branding and marketing solutions for best-selling authors, nonprofits and entrepreneurs. Pam Perry is also a local Detroit Emmy-award winning TV producer, a columnist with Gospel Today magazine and blogs for, on banding, marketing and public relations 2.0 As we all know, February is Black History Month. Run, Demond Wilson and Yolanda Adams. tactics.
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012
    [Blog] Looking After Business and the Real Profit Makers
    Looking After Business and the Real Profit Makers originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social through crm under a Creative Commons license. If I asked you the most important part of your business, what would you say? Marketing? Perhaps advertising or sales? Now what if I said they’re all irrelevant? What if I said you don’t need sales to be successful? You’d probably say (fairly sarcastically),  “Why not just hand my business over to my competitors while I’m at it?”. And you’d be right – if I were serious. And again, you’d be right.
  • JUSTIN LEVY  |  MONDAY, MAY 30, 2011
    [Blog] The 9 Deadly Sins of Facebook Pages and Their Administrators
    You won’t be one of their “must check” Pages just like if you’re not active on your blog or other platforms, they will quickly move on there, as well. When I speak to groups or am interviewed about Facebook, I am often asked to provide examples of companies that are “doing it right.” ” With well north of 500 million users who spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook, companies are increasingly interested in how Facebook can be leveraged as part of their marketing campaigns. It’s only natural. There is no strategy. No goals.
    [Blog] Storify filters online content into easy-to-read stories
    Other curation startups of note are: Keepstream - [link] - [link] Bag the Web - [link] Check out Scoble's article noting all these companies at [link] / blog comments powered by Disqus VB Writers Matt Marshall Editor-in-Chief Owen Thomas Executive Editor Dean Takahashi Lead Writer, GamesBeat Anthony Ha Assistant Editor, VentureBeat Devindra Hardawar Writer, VentureBeat Iris Kuo Writer, GreenBeat Matthaus Krzykowski Mobile Consultant & Coordinator Get more VentureBeat! Users simply type in a headline and drag content into the thread. The San Francisco, Calif.-based
    [Blog] Highlights from ProBlogger Event 2012
    started my keynote on Friday by telling the audience about my early experiences as a blogger – including the story of my now defunct printer blog (which I had no passion for… and as a result couldn’t sustain it)! think the attendees appreciated hearing from people at different levels of success in their blog. We also heard from bloggers who had enjoyed a lot of success within 2-3 years of starting their blog. Maybe people tweeted their own suggestions and followed up with blog posts: Bloggie Wednesdays: 50 Things I Learned At the Problogger Event.
    [Blog] How to Outsource Your Way to Better Content
    If you’re on this blog reading this post, that means you are in all likelihood a content creator or marketer, or a social media strategist/director. Determine the outside source that can give you the necessary knowledge to improve your skill set in that particular area—it might be a consultant, a webinar, a book, a series of blog posts, etc. He blogs on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and more at Things were going 24/7 with no sign of slowing down. If it hadn’t been for a friend’s advice, I would have drowned. Does any of this sound familiar? Robert D.
    [Blog] My First Birchbox Beauty Box
    I found out about the Birchbox Beauty Boxes from Really Ree (I love her blogs!) and I thought I’d give them a go. I got my Birchbox Beauty Box today, I’ve been really looking forward to getting it and thought I’d share with you all. What’s in my beauty box: Laura Geller Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner. Molton Brown Valbonne Fragrance. RMK Cleansing Balm. La Sultane De Saba Body Lotion with Argan Oil. Yu-Be Moistursing Skin Cream. Sanctuary 30 Day Thermal Transformation Mask. Lindt Heart Tin with Chocolate Truffles. Looking forward to my next beauty box.
    [Blog] Facebook Places & Web Journal August 15th – 19th, 2010
    Moving on – there’s a new platform for website visualization I’m trying – – just put the javascript code in place – I’ll report on more of what I see – once I can generate a few visualizations of as my visitors interact with my blog. Maybe that’s why FourSquare got more new signups – guessing that is.  Some are wondering if Facebook Places will put FourSquare out of business – i think it’s too early to say  (for all I know, it might actually help them). What you do with them is.&#.
    [Blog] What Your Business Needs to Know About Social Graphs
    This is accomplished through the Facebook API, which is a digital handshake that connects your Facebook identity, connections and content with Facebook pages and outside websites and blogs. Are you familiar with the term  social graph ? Can Can you easily describe what one is, and better yet, why they’re significant to the marketing of your business on the social web? Here's how - from my article that was earlier published at  Social Media Examine r, where I am a frequent guest blogger. This will significantly help you  be fully prepared when new web technologies are launched.
    [Blog] NowStreaming: Rage Comics
    Stay tuned to our blog for more NowStreaming videos on everything from infographics to rage comics. In this video, NowSourcing’s Rose Wallace goes through the ins and outs of Rage Comics. The presentation centers around the spread and usage of Rage Comics, as well as how they can be applied to marketing. Because of their popularity on the online community, Rage Comics are quickly becoming a great way to gain views, subscriptions, and even customers to your site. To view all of our videos, head to the NowSourcing YouTube Channel. Rage Comics.
    [Blog] Should You Stress The Benefit From Participating?
    In his terrific new blog, Jurgen Derlath reports on the work of Kraut et al. concerning the sailence of the benefit (how aware you are of the benefit from participating in the community). If you stress the benefit to the individual, or to the group, from participating in the community, does the level of activity increase? The answer, surprisingly, is no.    In fact, by reminding members of the benefits to themselves or others, the level of activity decreased against the control group.  Once again participants were sent a personalized email. Participants
    [Blog] Podcast 314 - Mitch Joel on Social Business Model
    The Value Of Brands In Social Media | Six Pixels of Separation - Marketing and Communications Blog - By Mitch Joel at Twist Image. Welcome to the latest and free   The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social media , business ideas and brand marketing tips  but before we start. The listener of the week and winning an Engaging Brand goodie bag, is Moksh Juneja from Mumbai. Remember the goodie bad is picked from all the people who share, like, tweet about the Engaging Brand podcast to say a BIG thank you from me! believe social media will morph into a social business
    [Blog] MeatLiquor Leeds: Burgers & Cocktails
    There didn’t seem to be any copies of the actual menu for it’s proper opening…it would be good to see what they will be serving up (*update: I found the menu online ). I’m keen to see what different types of burgers they will be serving, we’re big fans of Byron (also just opened in Leeds… blog post coming soon), so they are going to be hard to beat in my eyes. Fellow bloggers Faith from Music & Eyeliner and Kellie from Big Fashionista were also at the party, you can check out Kellie’s blog post here. MeatLiquor Leeds: The Food.
    [Blog] Facebook, Sharing, Social And Me
    Tweet Written by Tehneyat who currently resides in London, United Kingdom from where she is blogging for Mindjumpers. You can follow Tehneyat on Twitter @tehneyat. Two days ago, Facebook announced how they are going to use Facebook as a platform for communication between users and franchises. Facebook is offering people deals from different places they check into (coffee shops, clothing stores, restaurants etc) by checking into Places on Facebook. This is great advertising for consumer communities on Facebook. Brilliant marketing strategy. Sharing and Location Based Services (LBS).
    [Blog] Make the Most of Your Retweet Buttons
    Shining a Spotlight on Video News Webmaster Tools: Updates to Search queries, Parameter handling and Messages Twitter data lets NPR glimpse a future of app-loving news junkies Shared Items Disclaimer The opinions expressed on this blog are Adam Sherks own and do not necessarily reflect the views of his company or its clients. It looks great when there are a lot of retweets; when there aren’t many it can weaken user perceptions of the content. But regardless of which tool is used, the formatting of the tweet text is something that not every site is making the most of. Thanks for sharing.
    [Blog] The Paradox Of Leadership
    In that last Blog post, Craig Peters ends his thoughts with, "My advice: Calm down. When you're right, you're a hero. When you take a misstep, you're a goat. There's an often discussed paradox of leadership that attempts to quantify which trait is more important for business: being the first or being the best? It's also easy to be an armchair quarterback. Chris Brogan just launched his latest business book, Google+ For Business - How Google's Social Network Changes Everything. Let the slightly significant something be absorbed by both the marketplace and the marketplace of ideas.
    [Blog] Nine years of Twitter
    When I decided to start a PR company on a small island in the Irish Sea, I knew that being in a remote location would make the Internet an essential part of the business. I had already invested a lot of effort into my blog and was building a credible reputation online. I was writing a weekly newspaper tech column, so I was trying out all kinds of apps as they were launched. Twitter has been around now for nine years; during that short time it’s changed both the PR profession and practitioners alike. It’s been a driving force for my business, career and life. really didn’t get it.
    [Blog] How to Identify Social Media Demographics & Target Viewer Interests for Better Social Reach
    Of course, it’s a more professional network, so you might want to steer clear of it if you’re trying to monetize a Paleo blog or other similar pursuit. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. Image via flickr user Jason Howie. This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. There are social media demographics in general, and then there are your social media demographics for your business. You need to know the details of both in order to garner this platform for optimal gain. Start with considering the basic facts about social media in general. Back to basics. Juicy tidbits.
    [Blog] There is Nothing to Read Here
    If you were inspired, please add a comment and sign up to receive blog posts by email. There is nothing to see. There is nothing to discover. There is nothing to become proficient in. There is nothing to be taught. There is nothing to get the hang of. There is nothing to bone up on. There is nothing to memorize. There is nothing to absorb. There is nothing to be informed about. There is nothing to find out. There is nothing to ascertain. There is nothing to understand. There is nothing to get wind of. There is nothing to get wise to. There is nothing to suss out. Thanks for reading.
    [Blog] Introducing Vokle and Seeking Your Participation in a Live Video Event
    Return to this blog post on Friday, November 18, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. Related articles you may enjoy: 16 Video Critiques on Blog Content and Layout. Vokle is a live town hall platform enabling anyone to broadcast video and audio to internet viewers, along with taking real-time video calls and text questions from the audience. Receiving seed funding earlier this year, the application can be embedded anywhere, such as below this paragraph. You won’t be asked to download any software or visit any other websites. Any questions? Thank you for reading! Media video
    [Blog] Is There a Market for Enterprise 2.0?
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Is There a Market for Enterprise 2.0? and Bill Ives has a great in depth case study on his Fast Forward Blog. blog comments powered by Disqus Connect with me Subscribe to Social Media RSS RSS About Jacob Email Me Jacob Morgan is the Principal of Chess Media Group , a social business consultancy that works with medium and enterprise companies on developing Enterprise 2.0, If you enjoy traveling be sure to check out Jacobs travel blog. and the marketplace.  services. 
    [Blog] Exhausted and happy…
    It’s very intensive because they don’t want anyone wasting time or money en route to completing the course, which meant covering online news, blogging, social media, analytics and mobile in two long and productive days, but the talent and enthusiasm of everyone on the course not only impressed and inspired me, but also meant we covered everything to the point that everyone had a solid grounding and framework on which to build in their careers, and which areas they might wish to research further in the future (and where to get that information). Bloody hell.
    [Blog] This Communication Plan Doesn’t Smell Like Christmas Cookies
    Shanan Sorochynski  manages the University of Regina’s first official blog:  YOURblog. Without the input of communicators and marketers  far and wide I fear Christmas may be doomed. Let me explain … The other night in a haze of nog and toddies I noticed that the table next to mine had elves – two of them.  They were intense little creatures that smelt like cinnamon and cloves. watched as they spent the night furrowing their brows at the page on their table.  They drank and wrote and pounded their wee little fists  in frustration. It does. Christmas Communication Plan 2011.
    [Blog] On Moving On
    Fluent in using internet technologies and tools to reach a wide audience, I began blogging in 2004, joined Facebook in 2005 and Twitter in 2008, integrated web marketing into political campaigning in 2009, and continue to learn and experiment with new media channels as they are launched. Among my internet achievements: Managed and moderated online communities on civic sustainability and public diplomacy that resulted in 5,000 people to follow and interact on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Leaves by grafixar. Am I scalable? Is this business model sustainable?
    [Blog] Is Twitter a Waste of Time?
    The Flowtown blog recommends posting tweets every few hours, not every few minutes, and planning promotions a few weeks out with videos and other links. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. This guest post is by Dona Collins of For anyone starting a revolution, or a business, Twitter can be a success. For the rest of the world, it can be a waste of time that doesn’t get the message out to people they want to reach. Indeed, it and other social media platforms (mainly Facebook) have been attributed with helping to keep the revolutions moving. Social Media
    [Blog] 7 Ways to Take the Media World by Storm
    Todd’s goal is to create 20 pieces of content (think  SlideShare  presentations, videos, blog posts, white papers, etc.) Joe: For low-tech businesses, an excel spreadsheet, a content management system like WordPress (for your blog) and a solid email provider is really all you need. Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Joe Pulizzi’s new book Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter and Win More Customers by Marketing Less (McGraw-Hill, 2013). Enjoy! Make Mobile Your Top Channel Strategy. Repurpose All Your Content.
    [Blog] Influenster: Green VoxBox Review
    Twitter is a game changer for new blogs.  By far, it is the easiest and cheapest way to get readers to your blog. Such as: retweeting my own posts, posting my blog links 10-15 times a day, not retweeting other people’s stuff, and other knucklehead moves. But this time I decided to “model success”.  I made a list of 10 top blogs and started following them.  I watched how they used twitter and finally got a clue. Tags: Advanced Blogging Tips Social Media blogging tips get your blog noticed social branding social media strategy Here’s mine.
    [Blog] 3 Videos Inspire You to Do Anything
    If you were inspired, please add a comment and sign up to receive blog posts by email. If you agree that feeling content is more important than consuming content, I encourage you to watch these three videos. Each video is about marketing and imagination. Each requires you to consume what is shown but there is no noise. It’s all signal. You will feel refreshed and inspired to improve yourself. Most of all, you will smile. Guaranteed. Now, take a deep breath and go make the world a better place. Thanks for reading. Productivity video
    [Blog] Why Facebook Will Be Right Back
    When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. Fresh on the news that Facebook may create a jobs board , I was curious what opportunities were available at the social network. scrolled to the bottom of the homepage, clicked the drop-down arrow, and selected ‘Careers’ from the pop-up window. Please continue reading Why Facebook Will Be Right Back and leave a comment if inspired. Got a question? Need help? Contact Ari today! Media Facebook
    [Blog] PR’s Problem Is A Familiar One
    Jon Buscall has recently blogged, twice, about how web designers are a problem. Neicole blogs at  Coherent Social Media. Neicole Crepeau is a partner in  Coherent Interactive , which specializes in web, mobile, and social media design and implementation for small and midsized businesses. I’m not a PR person. That’s not my background or my training. I don’t have to be a PR person to know that the debate over PR and its definition is the same debate that other disciplines have had, with much the same resolution. PR Is More Than A Title. Take a title from my industry: “Web Designer.”
    [Blog] The Converged Media Road to Success
    In a recent Washington Post article, 10 Mistakes Companies Make in Social Media , Debbie Weil said “Organizations and companies using social media should have a hub on their primary Web site where users can find links or feeds to blogs, Flickr photo galleries and other third-party Web sites. work with your SEO colleagues and incorporate the keywords and phrases into all your PR content – news releases, blog posts, tweets. The smart phone is the next content platform.  It’s a powerful touchpoint and a highly personal channel. Have one overall  keyword strategy. 
  • DIGIGEN  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 2010
    [Blog] Top 5 Podcasts – Week Commencing 01/03/10
    It should be as interesting for me to find these as it will be for you to listen. My top 5: 1) Harvard Business Review – Ideascast. Link here to iTunes Podcast. An ideas cast from HBR… great thinking from great people for those who want great minds. 2) TED Talks – Videocast. Link Here to ITunes Podcast. These are a really great series of talks. The latest Daniel Kahneman talk on Experience v Memory is truly superb. Disappointingly Jamie Oliver was on the front of this when I last looked) 3) Monocle – The Monocle Weekly. Link here for iTunes Podcast.
    [Blog] Pivot: A Beautiful Way of Organising a Content Database
    Gary Flake @ TED Posted in cool stuff , Digital Technology | Tagged content , Gary Flake , Microsoft Live Labs , Pivot , TED blog comments powered by Disqus « Cool Stuff: Philips Cinema and Parallel Lines Fashion. For those that don’t know what Pivot is there are a couple of loose definitions. The first from Microsoft found here is that it is a way of categorising, organising and interpreting data on a very visual, large scale. The second, potentially my definition, is that its a cross-breed between a content and personal organiser tool, and the visual, large scale data tool.
    [Blog] Four Simple Thoughts
    If you read the blog, you've seen some of what I've figured out. Since 2006, I've been learning about social media analysis—as a business , a set of technologies , and a set of business practices. Along the way, my professional interest in the information value of social media activity collided with some of my other interests, which has led to a rough draft of a strategy that I'm modestly calling Omniscience. It's too early to publish the whole framework, but I want to share a few foundational thoughts that are shaping the way I look at things. Everything is connected. Right.
    [Blog] Can You Understand Popular Culture, If You Don’t Consume Popular Culture?
    More importantly, ‘Everything Bad is Good For You’ argues that we don’t consume popular culture anymore, we co-create it, by deconstructing plot twists in elaborate blog posts, by contributing to extensive fan wikis that delve into the motivations of each character, by documenting 500 page game walk-throughs, and by creating our own narrative in virtual worlds and alternative reality games built around films and TV shows. The only honest answer is: no, not really. have a particular point of view about the shape of these shifts. Now, the question is: where do I start?
  • ENGAGE  |  THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2014
    [Blog] Wanted: More Journalists for Branded Content
    She has decided to “never again pen a ‘thought leadership’ piece or a corporate blog post. Roaring through the content marketing blogosphere is journalist Amy Westervelt’s public vow to stop writing “content” for companies. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the skinny on Westervelt’s rant—and then, my reaction. refuse to have even one more conversation in which I explain to a publicist or CEO why I will not connect them with editors I know, or why it would be impossible for their ‘contributed content’ to appear in The New Yorker. I can’t take it anymore.”. Well, that would be great.
    [Blog] Web Journal – Late March, 2011
    Michael Hyatt wrote a post I found interesting and comforting about book writing (esp, since I just wrote a book); he also provides guidance in how to write and review a blog post that are very helpful, especially reading the post aloud.  I’m also trying to figure out what to make of Steve Gillmore’s post at AOL TechCrunch about Strangers in Paradise last week – looks like it has to do with how information is now moving back and forth between devices, bits of information, confusing where it all starts. web journal
    [Blog] Effective Online Marketing Requires Time
    Here are a few online marketing activities you should consider as a small business: Part-time blogging (2-3 days per week). Guest blogging. It’s no secret that the smaller your budget the more time you’re going to have to give your online marketing to work. If you can only afford $200/month in developing your online marketing strategy , then you won’t – you can’t – be as effective as the company that can afford $2,000/month. That doesn’t mean you should give up. You have a smaller budget, but that just means you have to get creative.
    [Blog] Which Marketing Channel Is Most Important?
    Your blog. Guest blogging. Online marketing is getting more and more complicated every day. You have more channels for marketing your message, products, and services than you’ve ever had in your life, but which ones are the most important? When it comes to marketing online, here are a few of the channels you have at your disposal right now, today. YouTube. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Google+ (still in beta, by invitation only). The search engines – Bing and Google organic listings. Pay per click ads. Article directories (yes, they still work). Squidoo. Knol pages.
    [Blog] Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Audit Quick Tips
    In this blog post, I’m going to give you several tips that can help you during an SEO Audit. You probably are like me and tend to watch the amount of visitors and web traffic to your website every day. If you have every noticed a sudden loss of website traffic or if the traffic has gone down considerably then it’s time to start thinking about a search engine optimization audit. The first step in your Search Engine Optimization Plan should include an SEO Audit. Here are the top 5 SEO Audit Quick Tips: 1. When Google sees these errors, your website gets penalized. Digg this!
    [Blog] 5 Strong Reasons Why Social Media is the Best Channel for Marketing
    This can be achieved by creating and publishing content on your blog or on a website that is popular in your city or state. Businesses use diverse marketing channels to promote their brand and the products and services they have on offer. With the amount of competition out there, it is of significant importance that businesses find and test new marketing channels to make sure they not only have first mover advantage against the competition in their niche but also concentrate their energies on marketing channels that can deliver solid returns on investment. billion monthly active users.
    [Blog] Research Methods 'Beyond Google' :: Inside Higher Ed :: Higher Education's Source for News, Views and Jobs
    Blogs. Friday. June 27, 2008. Sign up. Views. FOR JOB SEEKERS. POST A JOB. FOR EMPLOYERS. About us. Audioconferences. Contact us. Advertisement. ); Advertisement. ); Print this page. mail this page. News, Views and Careers for All of Higher Education. June 17. Research Methods ‘Beyond Google’ When “Google” has become a synonym for “research,” how should faculty respond? And if the answer doesn’t lie in musty books and stacks of journals, are libraries still part of the answer? Looking for a job? FEATURED EMPLOYERS. Related stories. mail Print.
    [Blog] Starting with a Virtual Assistant
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Starting with a Virtual Assistant View Comments February 1st, 2010 Starting this week I’m going to be experimenting with a virtual assistant to help me and Chess Media Group get tasks done.  blog comments powered by Disqus Connect with me Subscribe to Social Media RSS RSS About Jacob Email Me Jacob Morgan is the Principal of Chess Media Group , a social business consultancy that works with medium and enterprise companies on developing Enterprise 2.0, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012
    [Blog] SEO Your YouTube Videos in 10 Steps
    The rules of copywriting which you apply to blog titles and sales pages also apply to YouTube video titles. This is just like blogging—if a blog is not updated for a long time then it will lose its rankings in Google. Submit your video URL to social bookmarking sites, blog about it, and share it on your Twitter and Facebook profiles. Deepak blogs about video marketing for bloggers at Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. This guest post is by Deepak of Use a suitable video filename. Put your keywords first.
    [Blog] New Blogger? Create a Viral Post in 5 Simple Steps!
    There’s no way a new blogger can write a viral blog post with five simple steps! There isn’t a blogger alive who hasn’t dreamed of writing that perfect blog post that will be read by thousands of people. Raise your hand if you’ve done this and have not created a viral blog post. Below are the steps you can use to create a viral blog post. Step 2: Find four blogs to submit guest posts to. Once you have your topic, find four blogs to submit guest posts to. ProBlogger has a lot of advice on successfully submitting guest posts to popular blogs.
  • FEVER BEE  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012
    [Blog] Designing The Perfect Newcomer To Regular Journey
    Identify people that have taken actions in the past ( such as blogging, tweeting, participating in comments of blogs, linkedin, facebook groups ) that have shown they have an above level of interest in the topic.  Perhaps the biggest benefit of using your own platform is you get to control the journey from newcomer to regular participant. Facebook, Twitter, white-label software, and even many enterprise platforms don't let you do this.    We've covered this before , but let's try to present it as the 'ideal' journey for a newcomer.   --.
    [Blog] A Change In How I Send Out Information
    send out 1-2 blog posts a week (these!), Here’s what I am intending to do for the foreseeable next while: 1 blog post a week (unless I simply must blog again). Getting This Blog In Your Inbox Doesn’t Mean You Get My Newsletter. People will say, “I love that newsletter you wrote about _,” and I’ll think, “well, that was actually on the blog and not the newsletter,” but what I say back in every case is “hey thanks!” THIS IS MY BLOG and not my newsletter. Will that be better? Will that help? Thanks!
    [Blog] Your Socks Should Match Your Trousers
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. It’s apparently a fashion faux pas to match the color of your socks to the color of your shoes. Yet, this is what I’ve been doing for the longest time. It’s only when I recently bought a pair of dress boots and wore them with blue jeans and white socks, sat cross-legged on a Starbucks chair, and looked down at my sock showing itself, that I turned to the internet. GQ, Men’s Fitness, and similar websites told me I was wrong. ” Reviewing my sock bin, I saw lots of blacks and browns. My quest for socks is complete.
    [Blog] On the Podango “End of Service”
    144) The Call To Action/Author Bio Wordpress Plugin For Pro Bloggers (111) America’s Got Talent Tips (110) iNET Web Bashing (100) How I Learned Everything I Needed To Know About Sales From A Vending Machine (76) Blogs I Follow Geek News Central Ken Pierpont 2nd Life Home LLC Renee Marek Jeff Mills Kimberly Marek Sam Salo Comments Spam Blocked 12,597 spam comments blocked by Akismet Copyright © 2006-2010 Taylor Marek · To God Be The Glory · Modified Revolution Theme · Powered by Wordpress ! RSS feeds will need to be redirected by this date as well.
    [Blog] Intel Museum of Me: Brilliant Example of Visual Marketing
    Earlier on our blog, we have written a lot of posts where you can use the Facebook connect function and be a part of the video, namely in relation to Arcade Fire’s Wilderness Downtown , Swedish Tackefilm, and Desperados. Tweet Intel launched a really cool application called ‘Intel Museum of Me’ to promote its 2 nd generation Intel core processors. The app connects to your Facebook profile and captures your information. Not to forget, it is ‘allow’ gated, if you have privacy concerns! Example of user engagement. At Mindjumpers, we all tried it and found it really exciting.
    [Blog] The Social Habit – Is Our Facebook Addiction Ruinous
    You can also go to brand-new The Social Habit website ( [link] ) and provide your email address (no obligation, and of course no spam) and we’ll let you know when the research is available, when we have new blog posts analyzing social behavior, and when we have new, free goodies you can download. The Social Habit – Is Our Facebook Addiction Ruinous is a post from: Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. Read on and you could win a copy of The Social Habit research. The mean number of daily Facebook checks is 4. Not many. Doable.
    [Blog] The best way to find featured apps from iPad commercials
    Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about how to find iPad apps seen in commercials. Since then, I receive tons of Goggle search results from people still trying to find the apps featured in the iPad commercials. The previous post said to look for the the banner ad in iTunes that reads “ Apps from iPad TV Ads &# that links to this iTunes url: [link]. Now it seems as if the Apps from iPad TV Ads section in iTunes have not been updated for a while. Now the best way to find featured apps from iPad commercials is on the iPad. Click on that link and it will take you to the page below.
    [Blog] What if you just talked like a real human being?
      But, I see that they're selling a book by Twitter sensation Tim Siedell (twitter name: BadBanana ) who I knew way before he was twitter funny and he guest blogged here while I vacationed. He blogs too. I began my career as a copywriter and at the core, it's still how I think of myself.  I love creating emotional responses, telling stories and drawing pictures with words.  (This could be due to the fact that I cannot draw them any other way!). But I've always believed that many marketing writers have missed the point. Subject: Happy Bright Friday!
  • SOSHABLE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012
    [Blog] No Posts Now, Plenty Next Week #SXSW
    I wish I could say that I’m as talented as others in the industry who can blog on the fly and get the content from events like SXSW out to the masses quickly, but I’m here to absorb and network as much as to report and I don’t anticipate being able to post anything meaningful until I return later this week. apologize for the lack of fresh content this week but I assure you that next week will be a completely different story. Featured
    [Blog] My Birthday Weekend
    If some of you were wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t blogged for a few weeks, it’s because I’ve been mentally busy. Work has been fairly demanding and my MSc dissertation has been too. I did get chance though to get away for four days to Staffordshire to a log cabin which was lovely and quiet and had a fab hot tub. The special occasion was my 34th birthday. It was great to spend some quality time with my husband, even if he did find it very hard to be away from WiFi and a mobile signal! Can’t wait to use it. ” I hear you ask? What a star.
    [Blog] Group Writing Project: Write a ‘How To…’ Post
    Years ago here on ProBlogger we used to run ‘group writing project’ where I’d nominate a style of posts and then all readers would go away and write a new post in that style to practice their blogging… and then would come back here and leave us a link to the post. bloggers reported seeing more traffic arrive on their blog. Here’s how to participate and put yourself in the running for the prize (please note – one entry per person – not per blog and please only submit NEW posts). 1. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. Prize.
    [Blog] Crazy For Cricket
    And when I’m happy, I work better, which is all the better for my clients… and for you, because then I don’t have to worry about WUL going through death throes by getting into a blogging impasse. Cricket alert! This week, I found out that one of the two semifinal matches of the 2011 Cricket World Cup is taking place this coming Wednesday. It will be between India, my country of origin, and Pakistan… … in India! … and starting at the unearthly (for the U.S.) So naturally, I will be taking the day off, so that I can watch it live on
    [Blog] Top 5 Most Indispensable Twitter Tools for Marketers
    As Twitter continues to matter more and more with every passing day, it’s time to take your micro-blogging marketing campaign seriously. Twitter has a lot of potential and it is working amazingly well for many marketers. However, if you feel you’re still not one of them, it’s time to use specific Twitter tools to take your campaign to the next level. As one looks around, there’s no dearth of Twitter tools. Here are 5 of the most important Twitter tools that you just can’t do without. Ignore them at your own risk. Share this post.
    [Blog] List Management: Tips to Best Manage your Campaigns
    The post List Management: Tips to Best Manage your Campaigns appeared first on PWB Blog. Knowing your customer, especially when sending e-blasts is important to keep your customer from simply clicking “delete” when receiving your message or perhaps opting out altogether. Avoid becoming SPAM at all costs. While many companies do offer the Opt In feature for list management, they don’t always allow users to choose their desired path. The best lists will allow clients to choose what they want to see in messaging. My son has been in Cub Scouts since 2010. ” it raid.
    [Blog] Smart reads that will make you DO
    Note:  If you read their blog Signal vs. Noise -- much of this will sound familiar.  I've read some really fantastic books lately and I want to share three of them with you.    Each one is very different but has one thing in common -- they will make you want to try something new or do something different. That's actually about as high a compliment as I can give a business book.    It inspires me to DO something in a better, smarter, more creative, more profitable, more giving way.    They get us to DO.   Do that well….and
    [Blog] Slogans that Stick: Why “Three. Words. Rule.”
    Read more analysis on this social media blog or learn more about automotive SEO. Comfortable. Jeans. Just do it! I’m lovin’ it. Simplicity has a role in marketing. It’s possibly the most important aspect of any message that a company wants to put out there. Some could make a good argument that being memorable is more important than being simple, but it’s a close call either way. Let’s take a look at why a proper 3-word slogan can say and do more than just about any other type. Frugal Complexity. Their “Real. Comfortable. Jeans.” Buy them. Engage.
    [Blog] 3 Departments to Involve in Your Social Business
    Take a look at this blog post about cell phone carriers to see some great examples of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to social selling. Has your social business involved every department it can? We all know that the marketing department is going to be among the first to adopt new media when it comes to social business, but what other departments can contribute to it? These three departments are generally forgotten when it comes to social business, and it is easy to understand why: a lot of people don’t know how they can be social! Customer Service. Tech/Support. Think about it.
    [Blog] #TBT: Three Can’t-Miss Video Campaigns From Summer 2014
    And, for the Convince & Convert blog, that can only mean one thing – a summer social media #TBT. Although Labor Day is not the official end of summer, it does cause us to reflect on some of the season’s best memories. Inspired by some of the great video campaigns launched this summer, here are three examples to propel your social media efforts well past the warm weather season. Make sure to plug in your headphones or close the office door and turn up the sound to fully experience these.
  • CITIZEN MARKETER 2.1  |  TUESDAY, MAY 25, 2010
    [Blog] Five Thoughts on the Future of Journalism
    Our conversation was sparked by a recent report conducted by the Pew Research Centers Project for Excellence in Journalism (via this blog post ). The report itself is a good one, however, there was one point that stuck in my craw a little bit (and I think Davids as well): While social media players espouse a different agenda than the mainstream media, blogs still heavily rely on the traditional press -- and primarily just a few outlets within that -- for their information. Citizen Marketer 2.1 Oh yeah, Ill also talk about new things Im learning too. Nice post. Those days are over.
    [Blog] Earned Media Tip # 6: Connect with a Like-Minded Community
    Other senior-focused sites and blogs republish AARP content.  It’s a match made in heaven for earned media mentions. This is number 6 in the Earned Media Series. Tapping into a community that supports your activities, aligns with your mission, or uses your product, is an obvious way to increase earned media mentions. Rosetta Stone did it very successfully with AARP.  After doing a social audit Rosetta Stone discovered that people over 50 regard learning a new language as a way to keep mentally alert and fit.   And there is indeed scientific evidence to support this idea.  Facebook.
  • FEVER BEE  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 1, 2012
    [Blog] How To Find Your Community's Founding Members
    Those that comment on relevant blogs and news articles are also a good source of contacts. It helps if you have an existing list of contacts to launch a community. This is how most communities founded by amateurs begin. The founder reaches out to people they've known for years. They know these people are interested in joining a community.    Some organizations confuse a list of contacts with their list of customers. They confuse the people whom know the founder personally and have developed relationships with the founder with those that purchase their products. 
    [Blog] Analyzing Your Competition’s Campaigns To Improve Your Social Media Marketing Plan
    As a simple example, when you run a general blog site like this one , how do you know what to share on social channels in order to get the best engagement? It is really important that we get all the help that we can when we create a social media marketing plan due to the fact that this is much more complicated now as opposed to a few years ago. Out of the various different things that you can do, taking advantage of what the competition already did is something that is highly underrated. You surely heard this many times till now and you have to understand how important it is.
    [Blog] How Self Confidence Helps Small Business Owners
    There are no judgements on this blog. There’s something about Mad Men’s Don Draper—while on the inside he might be an emotionally torn man with a dark past, you never see him sweat. His personal challenges never get in the way of his advertising meetings or a-list affairs. He exudes charm, charisma and competence. His former secretary and now only female copy editor Peggy Olsen said it best: “I want what you have, you seem to have everything.” ” What Don does have is confidence–a lot of it. Here are my ten questions and answers for you.
    [Blog] Manufacturers: Help Your Contractors Have Online Success
    Guest post by Lachezar Stamatov , a regular contributor to the Work N’ Gear blog. Many contractors have trouble navigating the digital scene. Here are some tips that can be forwarded on to them to help them get noticed and sell more of your stuff! Contractor’s Online Success Strategy: Get Listed on These 4 Websites. ToolStop / Flickr / CC BY. For service-providing businesses, like contracting companies, greater online visibility can almost immediately bring more business. People’s primary way of finding somebody to do a job for them is by doing a quick online research. HomeAdvisor.
    [Blog] 4 Simple Things Business Owners Forget When Pitching to Clients
    Do you tweet anything more than your blog posts on Twitter? What’s on your blog and what criteria do you have for publishing on it? The truth is, most companies can’t bring their owners to read their blog, let alone clients. To sell, pitch, market, promote, and basically get the word out on your business is probably one of the most important things a business owner has to get around to do. It’s not as easy as writing it down on your “to do” list though. Surprisingly, even making the sales pitch is an incomplete endeavor without the following simple, but necessary steps.
    [Blog] Making Contact: How You Deliver Your Content Matters
    If you are reading this blog post, you probably already know that content can be a valuable tool for attracting and retaining great customers. To read his other articles, check out his content marketing blog or follow him on Twitter @kevinrcain. In fact, you may already be dedicating the time and resources it takes to create high-impact content that’s not only designed to resonate with your target audience, but that’s also inherently useful. Great, we are all on the same page, right? Not necessarily. Let’s be honest, a few tweets just won’t do. Other Websites You Can Control.
    [Blog] Fables of the Deconstruction
    Image credit: Sobebunny Tagged With: change , change management , Communication , complaining , feedback , listening [link] Georgy Cohen My favorite output from the whole Conan-Leno debacle was Conan’s comment about kindness, which I blogged about — [link] — It really resonated with me, because I think we don’t talk about kindness enough. just wrote on my blog yesterday: “It’s easy to label people as stupid, clueless, lazy, bitchy or a variety of other things that makes them into objects which are easy to dismiss. Here’s mine:) Be useful.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010
    [Blog] 3 Email Marketing Examples Not to Copy
    Dear Ari, We are regular readers of your blog and love your thoughts on marketing and branding. Of course, also feel free to use any part of our report, in case you want to blog about the matter of social currency. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know what I write about. I don’t see that in your email. Markus was quick to reply back: Hi Ari, In fact I am a person and have stumbled over a blog entry of yours regarding the quantification of relationships. If you read my blog, you’d know the content does not relate to cookware and furniture.
    [Blog] Working with Images in WordPress (Video Lessons)
    Another resource is the ConverStations Blog Posting Mantra (2014 update). Many business owners are learning how to compose and publish on their own web site. There are still plenty of small business sites not using images to their fullest advantage – sometimes not at all. If you are using WordPress on your site, here are some simple tutorials on how upload and edit a photo onto your site. In many cases, the tips here are probably similar to the tool you’re using (if not WordPress). Uploading an Image to a Post or Page Video. Editing an Image Video. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Blog] What is Your Favorite “Real-time” Tool?
    Home About Testimonials Events Services Webinars Twitter Getting Started on Twitter Webinar Twitter Webinar: Tools and Tips (Intermediate Level) LinkedIn LinkedIn 1 – Getting Started LinkedIn 2 – Building and Leveraging Your Network Ask Calendar Contact Blogging Branding Business Career Facebook LinkedIn Networking Social Media Tips Twitter Lijit Search What is Your Favorite “Real-time&# Tool? invite you to hear from some of the attendees as they share a few of their favorite tools. Let me know in the comments which tool is your favorite and why you’re a fan.
    [Blog] WebMeUp SEO Dashboard Review
    Keyword Research for Blogging. Benefits of Blogging – Developing SEO & Internet Marketing Skills. WebMeUp is a promising new tool for SEO’s and those who would like to learn more about how their website is doing in search. Although it is in its infancy, it has a lot of great features to choose from and even more coming up. In this post, we’re going to look at how easy it is to set up your websites in the WebMeUp SEO Dashboard and learn about your rankings, backlinks, social mentions, and competitors. Adding Your Websites. That’s it! Overview. Overview.
    [Blog] How to Embrace Collaborative Content
    Jay Baer is the President of Convince & Convert , the digital marketing consulting company (whose blog you’re reading right now!). The Convince & Convert blog was named the #1 content marketing blog in the world by Content Marketing Institute. Tweetable Moments We are surrounded by data like never before, but we are starved for insights. jaybaer Tweet This. Jay is also a keynote speaker and bestselling author. That’s coming true right now. Most of the marketing done now is wholly or partially content marketing, so why have a separate department?
    [Blog] Making Money Online – The NEW Standard
    started a blog and focused on asking the right questions, rather than finding the right answers. At first it was a simple “living better” blog, through which I would provide the little “hacks” here and there that helped me get more done, live better, and generally enjoy life to the extent we should. For me, this blog post is a reflection of my blog’s transition from a moneymaking blog that makes money through helping people to a blog that helps people and generates income on the side. Blogging was used as a means to drive traffic. Facepalm.
    [Blog] 5 Silly Twitter Trends You Should Refuse To Tweet About
    usually don’t participate in #followfriday but for the past few weeks I’ve been writing a #followfriday blog post. Today there’s no #followfriday blog post but more of a rant of five twitter trends I’ve seen on Twitter this week. Regardless it seems to go to Twitter, to blogs, back to twitter and a big waste of time. Heck I’m even waisting time writing this blog post about the trends. There may or may not be a lot more to it but until I read about fist flying or official lawsuits, just sit back and read the blog post. Really?
    [Blog] Onions
    Imagine if I insisted that blogging/writing should be the exact same as it was for me in 2006? Image by DBduo Photography. When you peel an onion, you find a new shiny layer. Then if you gently peel this second onion layer, you find a third one. Each layer yields a new fresh layer, different from its predecessor. The onion represents life, particularly for those who continue to challenge themselves to grow. Difficult situations present opportunities to dig deeper, peel that onion, and perhaps change and evolve to better meet the times. Enough about me, what do you think about me?
    [Blog] Social media news: Twitter launches new profiles, adds post scheduling for everyone
    adds post scheduling for everyone was written by Cendrine Marrouat for her social media blog, Creative Ramblings. If you like this post, you will probably enjoy her latest eBook, The Little Big eBook on Blogging: 40 Traffic Generation Tips , available on Amazon! Twitter unveiled its newly redesigned profiles on Tuesday. Now more visually focused, the profiles feature a large, Facebook-like cover photo (1,252 by 626 pixels) on top, which also contains the users’ bio and picture. Continue reading on Fans of content curation service, and BufferApp may [.]
    [Blog] With all due respect, what are you waiting for?
    Perhaps you aren’t sure if you have the stamina to blog.  Or something might happen in the 4th quarter that would negate the momentum of the initiative (translation = you’re scared). …what are you waiting for? I’m all for having a plan when it comes to marketing.  To just start flailing around is usually a waste of money and opportunity. Maybe you don’t have the perfect name for your newsletter. Just start.   Don’t put it off for another minute. You are letting your head get in the way of your marketing gut. Marketing is an every day thing. Today.
    [Blog] Getting Real with Social Media
    Keller William’s home page is embedded with a YouTube video of seller secrets as well as a widget bar featuring Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Photobucket, Flickr, LinkedIn, Pinterest as well as a blog. Social media isn’t really just for being social anymore. It’s turned into a professional method for reaching more customers and bringing in more clients. You can hardly find a company any longer that at least doesn’t use some form of social media to its advantage. In some fields, this is even more advantageous than others. Buyers and Sellers. So what should realtors do? Make it easy.
    [Blog] It’s More About the Social Than It Is About the Media
    When you consider the amount of time we spend tweeting, updating status, checking in, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, reviewing on Yelp and all the rest, the natural question (and one that will asked by interplanetary visitors, ultimately) becomes “Don’t we have anything better to do?&# And the answer isn’t that we’re so unmotivated and inchoate that we create networks of computer “friends&# because we just can’t muster the effort to do so in three dimensions. But it’s not really about the bits and bytes and data and Dick Costolo, is it?
    [Blog] Buzzing Communities - How To Build Bigger, Better, And More Active Communities
    To put it simply; if you like this blog, you will love the book. The way we approach communities right now is broken. It's largely a collection of intuition, haphazard guesswork, and top-down processes.    As a result, too many communities have failed, more are struggling, and nearly all could be much better. For the past year, I've been working on a book to change this. Today I'm ecstatic (and slightly nervous) to announce that my book, Buzzing Communities, is now available to buy.    We urgently need a new approach to developing communities.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011
    [Blog] How To Be A Social Media Jerk
    Seth Godin often says, "your mileage may vary," while Chris Brogan is always smart with his, " you're doing it wrong ," Blog posts. You'll read a whole bunch of different perspectives online about what you should and should not be doing when it comes to Social Media. I'm a big believer in doing what works best for you and ignoring what most of the Digerati think. It's a bit of a trick. but it works. The easiest way to improve the on-ramp success of your Social Media efforts is to always imagine that the person you're connecting with is standing right in front of you.
    [Blog] Marketers as Movement-Makers
    In fact, we don’t consume popular culture anymore, we co-create it, by deconstructing plot twists in elaborate blog posts, by contributing to extensive fan wikis that delve into the motivations of each character, by documenting 500 page game walk-throughs, and by creating our own parallel narrative in virtual worlds and alternative reality games built around films and TV shows. 2. Here’s a narrative I am trying to develop: 1. From Moments to Movements. No Trust, No Relevance, No Logo. In the last year, I have done 30+ workshops with. Social Messages, Not Social Media.
    [Blog] Quotes n Notes: To be Alive is to be Vulnerable
    In coaching blog writers and public speakers, "love them" is a mantra we incorporate often (it's not about you - it's about them). “When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability. To be alive is to be vulnerable.” – Madeleine L'Engle. One of the words that keep coming up around me these days is "vulnerability."  In conversations, in books or articles, and radio talk shows. Uncanny. believe that the two of the greatest character traits a person could have are love and vulnerability. Be alive.
    [Blog] 24 Hours Left to Win a Trip to The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia #QldBlog
    participate in two blogging workshops with me (with just ten participants, I’ll be able to give your blog some personal attention). This competition isn’t a popularity contest or just for big bloggers, and it isn’t just for travel bloggers—we’re looking for entries from a range of blog niches and from bloggers from around the world. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. Ten days ago I excitedly announced an amazing opportunity for ProBlogger readers to enter a competition to win one of ten trips to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  • FEVER BEE  |  SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2011
    [Blog] Refine -vs- Develop
    Gail makes an  excellent point on UXBooth  (a blog you should be reading). You can spend a lot of time creating new features for your community, or you can refine the features your members use a lot.    Doing the latter will usually have the biggest impact.    This is also true for non-tech elements. You can spend a lot of time creating new types of content, building up new relationships with members or creating new events, or you can spend that time improving the content, relationships and events you do have.  Your time is precious.
    [Blog] The Golden Age of Content Curation • About The Golden Age of Content Curation July 13th, 2010 by Charles Smith This is the first in a series of blog posts that will explain how content curators can use to power and simplify their curation efforts. Our computers, iPads and mobile devices are constantly flooded with a fire hose stream of tweets, status updates, blog posts, videos, photos, music and more. blog | The Golden Age of Content Curation — [.] blog [.] blog | Content Curation Tip: + Google Reader Shared Items [.] link] Tweets that mention
    [Blog] How can Social Media be the Backbone of a Company?
    Read more about social media for business on this social media blog. Blast. There are three camps into which every company in the world falls: Those who don’t know or don’t care about social media. Those who care about social media and think it can be useful. Those who think social media can be the backbone of the company. If you were to break it down by percentages, the “Social Media is the Backbone&# camp would most likely be the smallest. They are prudent, thoughtful, and wise. Then again, many of them (depending on the type of company) would be incorrect. Examples.
    [Blog] Social Media Stats, Courtesy of SearchAndSocial
    Find more social media marketing information on this blog. Blast. Jordan over at Search and Social did a fantastic job in getting this infographic done: * * *. Share it. The world should know: Blast.
    [Blog] 5 Business Tools Leveraging the Power of Social
    Not only can you share presentations through social media platforms, you can also embed them into wikis, websites and blogs for a better user experience. Social business and social media, while two distinct entities and completely non-interchangeable, are similar in that they both aspire to leverage one and the same concept: the power of social engagement and communication. Nowadays, customers demand more open communication and personal relationships with businesses. It’s no wonder that more and more tools are being designed to bring the social aspects of a business to the fore. Asana.
    [Blog] BlogWorld, Here I Come (And I Need Your Help)
    No PowerPoint. I can’t think of anything more boring than a panel discussion with slides, that too, at a blogging conference. 2. I’m really looking forward to next week. know, it’s still seven days away, but the thing is that I will be heading up to New York City after three years (!) to attend my first-ever BlogWorld. First. And I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I’m told it’s huge, so I suspect my head will be spinning after just a few hours of getting there. We chatted last week about how we wanted to approach the panel and we decided: 1.
    [Blog] Finding the Treasure Troves of Content for Facebook (and Google+)
    These are particularly useful when you’re posting content to your website or blog about the local area. Let’s face it. Facebook (and Google+) love pictures. It ranks at the top of the news feed food chain above text posts, videos, and links. It’s the primary reason that many people visit Facebook in the first place. They want to see pictures of little Timmy sliding into third base, the places that their friends and family are visiting, and cats. Don’t forget the cats. It simply doesn’t have to be that way. They may even share it. What do they do? Do it.
    [Blog] Five Lessons Any Blogger Can Learn from Organized Crime
    Well, loads of bad stuff, but also some truly epic lessons in how to create a great blog. 1) Provide Your Tribe with an Identity and a Brand They Can Care About. Author Scott Sigler calls his long-time readers “Junkies” and the Noir Factory, my blog, refers to its subscribers as “Confidential Informants.”. While no one is suggesting that you set prayer cards on fire, and – depending on your blog – it may be very inappropriate to demand blood-letting, you should instill that same kind of identity in your tribe. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
    [Blog] Un-Retired: The Start of Something New
    need to spend more time blogging -- and not just fluff pieces. want to do more of those thought pieces, both here and on my company blog. look forward to your blogged thoughts! Less noise time (altho it can be fun and entertaining) on Twitter, and more "value" time on deep thinking, thoroughly researched blog posts, etc. months ago Blog Archive ► 2010 (54) ► September (3) Looking at the Future: Onstar's Live On Fail or Fab? Citizen Marketer 2.1 Useful information on how to add "social" into your marketing mix with measurable results.
    [Blog] Campus Housing Goes Social: #SoMe Innovation in Residence Life
    Teams are composed of different residential areas; University Housing at the University of Georgia offers multiple social media outlets including the Live It UGA Blog  which gives residents news, updates on programming and residence hall events. Blog posts cover topics such as Sustainability, Move-In, how to get involved, and information about numerous campus housing resources, all written by students and housing staff; and. ”   WSU Housing also hosts an opening weekend Scavenger Hunt  to help new students learn more about the campus. Complete Thumbnail: Shutterstock.
    [Blog] Thoughts from Conversation with Klout CEO Joe Fernandez
    But the commitment to diversify and scale to meet 20 disparate sources of social data (see Read Write Web piece) is more compelling than a simple solution like Twitter Grader or a blog solution like PostRank. Ace Blogger Seth Godin doesn’t participate on Twitter, but has a Klout score of 70 in large part due to retweets and mentions. This phenomena typifies what Klout calls the Warren Buffet problem. Yesterday, Read Write Web published the larger findings from the open interview with Klout CEO Joe Fernandez responding to criticisms published here. That became crystal clear.
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