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    [Blog] How I Increased Facebook Reach and Engagement by 200-300% This Week
    I’ve long known that images are GOLD on Facebook and have played around with status updates that are a great image from a blog post and a link in the image description. chose a visually striking image from this blog post and uploaded the photo to Facebook. used a free web based app called Pic Monkey to create these collages which were a collection of images from blog posts. It was a collage of 16 images that came from this blog post from our archives. Isn’t that always the way?! Single Image Updates. Here’s an example of one of these. I Collages.
    [Blog] Breathe new life into old features
    was so glad she asked and I steered her to a blog post I’d written when we started accepting zipped files, back from September of 2007. I’ve been thinking about this for about a month now and just got around to blogging it. Another thing I did recently was remind members that we offer RSS feeds on the blogs. With many of them spending time on other social networks I figured that they may not have known they could feed their GOLO blogs there, and many commented that they did not. Blog at What about the one you launched 18 months ago?
    [Blog] Things to Do While the Boss is On Vacation
    Related Stories The 11 Most Read Blog Posts of 2014 (and a Bonus!) 'By Eleanor Pierce I don’t know if y’all heard, but the boss is on vacation right now. Like, a real-live, bona-fide vacation. The kind where she swears up and down in advance that she won’t be checking email while she’s away. m writing this in advance, so I can’t yet tell you whether Gini Dietrich is being successful in refraining from checking in on us. think she will. And I know she deserves the time off—after all, she puts up with The Petro allllll year long. Oh, did I mention that Laura is also on vacation?
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    [Blog] What is Advocacy?
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER What is Advocacy? blog comments powered by Disqus Connect with me Subscribe to Social Media RSS RSS About Jacob Email Me Jacob Morgan is the Principal of Chess Media Group , a social business consultancy that works with medium and enterprise companies on developing Enterprise 2.0, If you enjoy traveling be sure to check out Jacobs travel blog. View Comments May 31st, 2010 Here is another chess puzzle, white to move and mate in 2! We were to imagine that we worked for Direct T.V.
    [Blog] Android is Finally "Enough", but I Still Miss My iPhone
    I've written a few times on this blog about my trials with Android and dissatisfaction with devices under Google's operating system. The fact is, lack of consistent experience because Google doesn't own the experience, means they will likely never have a leg-up on the experience iOS gives users, considering Apple controls and owns the entire experience in their OS. Google proved me only partly wrong in this though, with their latest release of Jellybean and the Galaxy Nexus, yet I still find myself missing my iPhone. I'll explain. The voice controls are solid. Then there are the apps.
    [Blog] Hindu Story on the Role of Social Media in Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption Campaign
    have earlier written a blog post on why the campaign might not tip into a movement and a column on how cricket wins over ant-corruption campaigns in India. On the other hand, blogs too were abuzz. In fact, progressive blogs even attempted to counter the one-sided commentary provided on traditional visual media. I was quoted recently in a story in The Hindu on social media’s role in Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption campaign. estimate that, between all the Facebook pages, Twitter mentions and missed calls, between 10 to 20 lakh people have supported it.
    [Blog] Announcements & Web Journal August 15th-21st, 2012
    finally got back control of my other blog, , but I’m re-making it from scratch – too difficult to get the old content back, and I’m thinking more along the lines of aggregating much of the raw  information I’m collecting for the Social Media & The Arts course. I’ll be speaking three times in September (that I’m aware of now). September 12th 2012 –   Sign up Here. September 19th, 2012 – Sign up Here. Web Journal. So what’s in my course? First, an image. But  the Analytics is there for those that want it.
    [Blog] Internet Week NYC Recap and other thoughts – Web Journal
    Interesting article in the Google Analytics Blog on the Next Generation of Measurement which includes some interesting findings such as on average, customers interact with a brand 4.3 Internet Week NY. was at Internet Week events at the #IWNY headquarters Wednesday and Thursday ; the yearly event was quite packed and there were several good sessions.  For example, today I listened to a session How to Make Videos that People Will Watch (fully expecting to learn something that I might pass on to Rutgers students next time I teach Social Media and The Arts (this fall).  Montreal. Oh well.
    [Blog] Brandtology Social Media Analytics Academy
    For instance, although Twitter is wildly popular in most countries, it is banned in China, which has its own version called Sina Weibo, while Taiwanese prefer a micro-blog with a timeline by the name of Plurk. Brandtology is starting a new Social Media Analytics Academy – was just notified about it today and wanted to share the news with my readers (press release)- esp those in Asia.  Right now I haven’t seen a course offering – it will be all hands on and in person training, though. Data without analysis is meaningless.
    [Blog] China’s Great Firewall and Limitations to Social Media
    The Chinese are able to chat, find love and blog like the rest of us as long as they don’t write anything that might seem threatening or inappropriate to the Government – but that is a lot! Tweet For the last five months, I have been studying and living in Hong Kong among the tall buildings and the big crowds of people. As amazing as the city was to me, I spent most of my time studying and learning about China, and I also had time to visit the interesting and diverse country. Here, I will explain to you why I think it’s like that. Local sites substitute Facebook, Twitter etc.
    [Blog] Amplify Your Content Strategy with Influencer Marketing
    If you are looking for bloggers specifically, Google Blog Search and Technorati can also be valuable resources. You might start by commenting on one of their blog posts one week, following them on Twitter the next, and retweeting their content for several weeks after that. To read his other articles, check out his content marketing blog or follow him on Twitter @kevinrcain. 'Image via The idea is that if you take the time to identify and build relationships with those influencers, you can leverage them to build your credibility.
    [Blog] 25 Brain Lubricants to Generate Content Ideas
    If you would like a piece of his mind, visit  Feldman Creative  and his blog,  The Point. 'Feeling stuck? The content’s not coming. It happens. m often asked where do you find ideas? m not sure I have the answers, but the question got me thinking. The tin man followed the yellow brick road. No guarantees, but maybe one of the following brain lubricants ease you on down the road to Oz. Get Going. That shiny, white monitor in your sterile, stuffy office often stares you down and acts like brain quicksand. Get out of there. Get Curious. Ditch your tried and true resources. Be a discoverer.
    [Blog] The Agency Of The Future
    Instead of hacking together a quick Blog post to respond/elaborate on Hook's perspective, I took the week to think, take notes and push some of the ideas to an edgier edge. The Marketing Agency world continues to change and evolve. Just the other week, news broke that ZenithOptimedia UK will be going through a restructuring. There are rumors that Starcom MediaVest Group may also look to change things up in the UK. What's it going to take a for an agency to make it? What's it going to take for a brand to find the right agency for the job? It won't be small. It won't be big. Content.
    [Blog] 6 Offline Tactics to Get More Twitter Followers
    The internet is flooded with articles that will tell you how to do increase your Twitter following, but you’ll notice that almost all of these articles focus on online tactics, such as using a Twitter management tool such as Hootsuite, promoting your Twitter profile in your email signature, getting followers from your blog, and so on. 'By now, you probably already realize the vast marketing potential that exists within the Twitter landscape. With 231.7 Of course, the first step to getting your Twitter marketing campaign off the ground is to build an audience of targeted followers.
    [Blog] Twitter Makes Changes To Profiles and User Experience
    Original article about  Twitter updates posted on Wikimotive’s blog under the title Twitter Updates Profiles and User Experience. On the TODAY show earlier this week Twitter SEO, Dick Costolo made a live appearance to announce updates to the Twitter experience. The changes will affect the look and feel of profiles both on and on their mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android. Twitter users will now have the option of a header-photo not unlike what you have on your Facebook profile. Accessing these options online at is pretty much the same process.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2011
    [Blog] Why I Quit the Third Tribe
    How many is unknown but Chris mentioned 2,000 on his blog last fall and the number likely increased since. The site is currently closed to new members (here’s Darren’s blog piece on the subject) as the foursome are apparently brainstorming to launch a second phase. Brian Clark, Sonia Simone, Chris Brogan, and Darren Rowse — four bloggers that command speaking rates of thousands of dollars a day — are the brains behind the Third Tribe Marketing project. Thousands of bloggers and affiliate marketers belong. Thank you for reading! Musings networking
    [Blog] Redfin Highlights Schools Alongside Real Estate Search
    According to Redfin's blog , the service will even soon let you search for homes within a specific district, a big deal for some families. Two months ago, I told you about how my wife and I used Redfin for practically the entire process of searching for and buying a home. If there were properties not listed on the site, we simply didn't see them, as we leveraged the company to track our favorites and discover new options. You can even start with a school's description and find homes for sale in the neighborhood , effectively turning the real estate search process on its head.
    [Blog] Audience Segmentation Lessons from Google Plus
    Or if you have some industry blogs to share with colleagues at work. Guest post by Rebekah Henson , a playwright and SEO writer who blogs about building an online following through email marketing at email service provider AWeber. More of her tips on marketing with email are at the AWeber blog. Let me get this confession out of the way first: I’m kind of a Google fangirl. So I was pretty excited when the search giant announced Google+, their foray into social networking. Inside the Circles of Trust. Your friends go in the “Friends” circle. First Impressions Matter.
    [Blog] Busting Facebook’s Most Widespread Myth
    This famous figure of 16% has been repeated on all social media blogs  so that it is now perceived as an uncontested truth by virtually all Facebook page administrators. The real difference between the reach of fans (below) and organic reach is that the latter include views of people that are not fans of the page but have directly accessed your page or seen its content in a widget (for example, a “like box” on your site or blog). For over a year, rumor has had it on the web that Facebook Page posts reach an average of only 16% of fans. Are you closer to 2% or 47%? Fan Reach.
    [Blog] Why size isn’t everything – at least for communities…
    And yet the highest value interactions I’m having in terms of in-depth knowledge sharing and information which provides direct results for me comes from a couple of small subgroups on each, and a couple of far, far smaller forums, dedicated to relevant topics such as SEO, or Blogging. I made a note to respond to a recent post by David Cushman , in which he talks about the value formula applied to cities by a theoretical physicist, and applies it to social networks and particularly Google +. The money quote is: “…it can be understood by a single magic number: 1.15.
    [Blog] Get More Comments: How Q&A Video Can Help
    Create blog content that is relevant to your subscribers. Inspired by my own experiences and conversations with clients, I published four months’ worth of blog posts and videos addressing issues that I thought my readers would care about. Although I was drawing my post topics from real-life examples that were relevant to the theme of my blog, each week’s post was a total experiment. never directly asked my subscribers what they wanted from the blog. Determined to start 2012 with a video blog that pulled in consistent comments, I ditched the guess-work altogether.
    [Blog] Reverse Mentoring is All About Screwing in the Lightbulb before.
    jillvialet and I have begun working together [link to post] – Posted using Chat Catcher [link] jillvialet (Jill Vialet) Twitter Comment Just had my first reverse mentoring session with @eakimberly Screwing in the Lightbulb before Flipping the Switch [link to post] – Posted using Chat Catcher blog comments powered by Disqus « Previous Entries Next Entries » Popular Comments Featured Tags Identify the Right People to Manage Your Social Media Initiatives The Evolution of the Social Media Evangelist Twenty Theses for Government 2.0, Government 2.0 Turns out, Web 2.0
    [Blog] A look back – bear with me
    Thirty years ago today Patricia Stefanczyk gave birth to a 10 pound bundle of joy that has grown up to give you this blog. [link]. Looking back there were a lot of good times, but a lot more left in the tank. So bear with me as I make this my song of the day.
    [Blog] Top 10 Social Media Tips & Predictions For 2014
    Blogging will become a greater digital monster. From a creative standpoint, blogging is ideal for talking about certain subjects, giving one’s take on the matter in a way that is as level as possible. 'It goes without saying that social media seems to shift at a moment’s notice. This may not mean much for those who utilize Facebook, Twitter and pages of that nature for leisurely purposes but what about those who wish to expand their digital presences? What if they want to help themselves or their brand become noticed? Expect certain networks to gain attention.
    [Blog] 3 Things You Most Likely Do Not Know About Social Media Marketing
    According to Blog For Web , this is one of the most common SMM mistakes that small businesses make. 'Most people think that social media marketing is really easy. They think that they just have to post some messages on Twitter or Facebook and that they will be successful in the future. That is definitely not the case. While social media is quite cheap for marketers, this does not mean that it is free. At the same time, there are many things that are not known by most people out there. Here are 3 that are really important to comprehend. Marketing Gurus Spend A Lot Of Money. Socialnomics
    [Blog] 7 Easy Steps to Increase Website Engagement
    Suppose you visited a website named Girl with a Pearl Earring , thinking it was for the book or movie and found a blog about a girl and her jewelry. Ask users what they want through blog posts or Facebook posts. How long would you stay? Your answer would probably be, “Hmmm, not very long.” And because of this, the site would have a high bounce rate and overall low engagement. Well, let’s assume your website’s name does the content justice and that you’ve already created great content. Generating engagement isn’t always easy. What can you do to make this magical process occur?
    [Blog] Four Ways to Crush Your Email Challenge and Build the List
    You should be collecting emails before you even build the blog or write the book. This is a major problem in the blogging world. Luke Guy blogs at Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Luke Guy. support building your email list more than any other thing. It’s the building block to any platform-building. Wish I did it this way to begin with. Collecting emails has got to be the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to build a community. You can approach someone and more likely get their email than a “like” on Facebook.
    [Blog] This weeks #SocialMedia Tweetchat Topic: Sentiment Analysis-Opinions Matter, If Only You Knew Which Ones
    You quickly determine there is no way to manually search every blog post, tweet or comment on the web so you turn to automation. Listening is the first step in social media (everyone says so). Not only do you have to listen, you have to listen for 6 months or more before you are allowed to do anything. Just ask the experts! Frankly, I think everyone says that just to buy a little time before they have to really figure out what to do with social. At any rate, most of the people who are told to listen have no idea what to listen for or who to listen to. So let’s focus a minute.
    [Blog] Why People Share … and How You Can Get Them to Share Your Work
    Once you understand it, I’ll show you how to take advantage and make people want to share your blog posts material as a way of boasting. Perhaps the biggest blogging mistake I see is people trying to be profound. Unless you’re a leading researcher what you are writing about on your blog is nothing new. Anyone has the time to blog. It’s a nice idea to think that people are going to want to read your blog and interact intelligently. It’s an even nicer idea to think that people will go to your blog to learn. blog post is a tool, not your end game.
    [Blog] Do you want MASSIVE launch success? Don’t forget this (+ lots of gin)
    to-do list: set up Facebook page, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest, Write 5 blog posts before launch day. 'It’s exciting, right? You have a fab new product idea that will take the world by storm. sparkly new website that took months of toil and hair pulling (and loadsa money). You’re about to start up a new business – the day you’ve dreamed of for years is finally here. The book you’ve longed to write forever is finally down on paper and ready for publishing. …and you’re all set to let it loose. You’ve bought more domain names than you can remember. Yippee!!
  • FEVER BEE  |  MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2012
    [Blog] When To Design For Mobile
    On this blog visits from mobile account for 9.73%. Mobile is becoming more important. Yet it's still not even close to the most important thing you should be worrying about right now.    Not unless you're in Nigeria, Somalia, Ghana or another country where mobile makes up a significant chunk of your web traffic (like 40%+)  or you're targeting an audience which primarily access the internet via mobile. There aren't many of these audiences yet. If you excuse the hype, mobile accounts for 8.46% of internet traffic in North America. in the last year. 
    [Blog] Social Media Success Metrics and Premature Calculation | Social.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Are You Suffering From Premature Calculation? However, my preference is for the baby naming approach – selecting key performance indicators (KPI) before a single Tweet is sent, blog post is written, or Linkedin group is christened. Number of blog comments. Penn ).
    [Blog] Friday Fun: Bathroom BlogFest 2011 Climbing Up!
    Where else, but on a series of blog posts, can you combine friendships and creativity to celebrate the Bathroom ? For more fun Bathroom Blogfest drop by  Facebook  and click into a few BB blog posts! Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain-silly. What do you <3 ? most about the blogosphere? For me, friendships that often find their way to digital collaborations are high on the list. When BBF C.B. Congrats! CB on year six of a fun online event.
    [Blog] Friday Fun: Top 13 Reasons to Halloween "Toilet Paper" A Social Media Strategy
    zillion landing page blogs are pretending to be social media. take off the mask and you find a search strategy built on a blog platform 12. Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly. In the spirit of David Letterman's Top Ten. comment that lists a company name instead of a person is likely looking for link treats not a relationship. Nondisclosure of paid posts or reviews of comp'ed products services comes with tricks of its own.
    [Blog] Gin and Topics: Get a Job!
    It’s on Shelly Kramer’s blog and the commentary she puts with it is just as priceless. Mostly because I want you to read it before I blog about it next week. It’s Friday! On Wednesday Bill Prettyman emailed me about something we normally do on Thursdays and, when I told him it was only Wednesday, I think I took a few seconds of his life. It’s Friday now! We’re getting ready to launch beta 1.0 of Project Jack Bauer next week and soon you will know what the heck it is, what name we’ve chosen, and how you can get involved. Why I Sold to Amazon.
    [Blog] Top Five Stories for Week Ending Jan. 14, 2011
    never include a Spin Sucks post in the top five, but the reason I am including this one is because it not only caused huge debate, several other people blogged about it. And Martyn Chamberlin wrote, “ The Worst Blogging Mistake You Can EVER Make.&# Before I bring you the top five stories of the week, I want to wish a happy birthday to the best mom in the entire world…MINE! Happy birthday momma! love you tons! Have you seen/heard it? It kind of disgusts me. Here this guy has an alcohol addiction, which causes him to hit bottom and become homeless. Leave the man alone!
    [Blog] How do you communicate with your team?
    BETTER — Regular messages from leadership: Whether it’s an internal intranet/blog, a monthly video from the CEO, a weekly wrap up e-mail from the team leader — I think in this case, frequency wins. …How’s your employee communication? We’ve talked before about the importance of recognizing your employees as a very important audience for your business. You need them to all be pulling in the same direction. But like any audience — you have to decide what are your key messages to them — and how do you deliver them. Over and over. Ask Them.
    [Blog] Are You World Famous In Poland?
    Post Categories Select Category Blogging for Grasshoppers Business Career Networking Communication Blogging Measurement MeasurePR Public Relations Social Media Twitter Writing Events Guest Posts Amrit Pal Bryce Keane Conway Wigg Erica Holt Herwin Icasiano Howie Goldfarb Mike Doman Narciso Tovar Shanan Sorochynski Steff Metal Interviews Marketing Media Personal Cooking Recipe of the Week Philanthropy PRSA 2009 Resources How To Weekly Roundup Speaking Training Women Grow Business Featured Guest Bloggers Extra, Extra! Oh, one other thing: my blog = my sandbox. Perfect!
    [Blog] FeverBee SPRINT's Reward System - Invite Your Friends, Come To London
      If you invite your friends, colleagues, blog/website readers, mailing list subscribers, customers, clients, and others we're going to reward you with the following:   Get 3 people to attend, and we'll give you: A free conference ticket.   If you have a blog/media site/customer list and want your own tracking code to use, let us know and we’ll set one up just for you.  'Half the people that have signed up for  FeverBee SPRINT  came via your referrals.    We've decided to reward people doing this. 
    [Blog] Twitter Allows "Real" Connections. I Defy You to Disagree.
    Home About Testimonials Events Services Webinars Twitter Getting Started on Twitter Webinar Twitter Webinar: Tools and Tips (Intermediate Level) LinkedIn LinkedIn 1 – Getting Started LinkedIn 2 – Building and Leveraging Your Network Ask Calendar Contact Blogging Branding Business Career Facebook LinkedIn Networking Social Media Tips Twitter Lijit Search Twitter Allows “Real&# Connections. Defy You to Disagree. Read from the bottom up. Mike’s friend, Vinay Venkatesh ( @djgraphite ) died today as a result of a motorcycle accident here in the Bay Area.
    [Blog] Google+ Has Big Bump in Monthly Active Users
    The post Google+ Has Big Bump in Monthly Active Users appeared first on Soshable | Social Media Blog. 'Google has been less forthcoming about their numbers ever since they were scrutinized and ridiculed the last time they made bold statements about users. This time, they are cautiously optimistic. They’re not going to have another “mission accomplished” moment. The numbers, for what they’re worth, are very encouraging. They moved beyond the 300 million monthly active user mark. Read More: USA Today. Google+ News Nugget Social Networks google google plus
    [Blog] You’re Nobody ‘Till Somebody Ranks You
    Original post about SEO basics can be found on Wikimotive’s blog titled, “ You’re nobody (till somebody ranks you) “ by Andrew Martin. Here at Wikimotive, we love Business SEO. We work at it all day, poring over analytics data and tweaking this or that to stay in Google’s good graces. Honestly, it never gets old. Just between you and me, when we lay our heads down at night, we have beautiful dreams of Matt Cutts. Still though, we’re not going to argue that it’s the most exciting subject in the world.
    [Blog] The Assassination of MySpace by the Coward Rupert Murdoch
    Read more about social media on this social media blog or learn more about automotive social media here. MySpace is dead and I blame Rupert Murdock. The article can end right there. The point is made and few will argue. Unfortunately, I can’t stop. After doing some research into the history of MySpace I realized something – it’s totally the fault of News Corp that the once-mighty social networking pioneer is going to be sold for parts in the coming months, maybe even weeks. This was a huge squandering of something powerful and potentially beautiful. Really, News Corp?
    [Blog] Why Videos are Such an Important Way to Reach the Professional Tradesman
    Other than SEO, promote on your blog, website and social platforms, along with the appropriate tagging so folks can find you. 'If you’re not utilizing this tool to reach the contractor and professional tradesman, you’re missing a great opportunity. Some recent studies show that videos are on the rise in the B-to-B world.  B-to-B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budget and Trends North America  found that video had the largest increase of any market content in 2012. He gives great tips on how to develop and execute a video strategy. Define your message.  Keep it short. 
    [Blog] Put That Google+ Page to Work for Your Business
    This can make it easier for visitors to see that you have a blog or a relevant Facebook page, for example. 'Many businesses are already feeling overwhelmed when it comes to keeping up with social media sites. However, Google+ is worth the effort. Small businesses that use Google+ effectively draw large crowds and create a lot of brand buzz. With that in mind, take a look at just some of the positive impacts Google+ can deliver for your business: Improve Search Engine Optimization. Google+ page improves your search engine optimization in Google. Install a Google+ Badge on Your Website.
    [Blog] Quirky Turns Us All Into Sharks And Dragons
    According to The New York Times ' Dealbook blog post, Quirky Gets Backing From Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins , the individual that came up with the Pivot Power's tagline ("Flex Your Power" ) is bound to earn more than $50,000 this year for that one part alone (and yes, royalties are paid in perpetuity). dealbook blog. Have you ever seen the TV show Shark Tank or Dragon's Den ? Being an entrepreneur is hotter than ever. People who have great ideas tend to not have all of the necessary skills to bring that idea to market. until now. Enter Quirky. Money? ideation.
    [Blog] It's the (news) network, stupid
    God help us if the New York Times of the world (and there aren't many left) resemble the average (or even the best) blogs in quality and depth of reporting. Home Work How acidlabs works Meet Workshops Speaking Past speaking For conference and meeting planners Press Clients Tumble Subscribe acidlabs Conversation. Collaboration. Community. It’s the (news) network, stupid January 21, 2010 in posts Stowe Boyd has it pretty much spot-on in his analysis of the New York Times’ announcement that it’s moving to a freemium model in 2011. That’s where the value lies.
  • LOUIS GRAY  |  MONDAY, MAY 9, 2011
    [Blog] Revisiting Android A Year Into My Smartphone OS Migration
    The Evo, despite many things I liked about it, was heavy and a power hog, and I felt odd writing a disclaimer each time I mentioned Android on the blog, so those things, combined with a simple upgrade to the Epic 4G, which gained me a hardware keyboard to boot, got me to switch. Tomorrow's Google IO approximately marks the one year anniversary of a shift in my digital lifestyle, when I began to use Android instead of my trustworthy iPhone , which had been my go-to device for a number of years. code named Eclair - with 2.2 At the time, my iPhone was on version 3.1.3 The iPads reached 4.2
    [Blog] The 5 Reasons Most Companies Aren’t Measuring Social Media
    ————– This is the seventh in a 7-week blog post series covering themes included in The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social - my new book with Amber Naslund , ( available at Amazon now in hard-cover and Kindle ). We hate math. Our abhorrence for calculation enables us to mutually agree on statistically dubious metrics with nary a shrug or arched eyebrow. Nielsen ratings have a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of people in the United States. That’s not math; that’s folly. friends). Probably not. One equals one.
    [Blog] Google Plus Sucks, So We’re Ditching Our Service
    Original article about  Google+ posted on Wikimotive’s blog under the title Our Service Sucks, So We’re Throwing It Out! Recently, I called out a couple of vendors for selling a sub par product. thought about it and decided that if my own services can’t stand up to that level of scrutiny, I have no business telling anyone else what they should do about their service. So over the weekend, I tore apart every thing we do for our clients – Top to bottom; report after report. You know what I found? Something we sell SUCKS and it is completely UNACCEPTABLE. The unbelievable growth.
    [Blog] Don’t limit your view of earned media
    The action can be a like, comment, share, tweet, retweet, comment, review, blog post, video, news story, use of a hashtag or mention to a friend. 'Any action taken by a consumer of your paid media is earned media. That consumer can be a viewer, listener, reader or visitor anywhere on the web. where your paid message is accessible, and from any device that allows them to access that message. It can be a Facebook or LinkedIn status update or an image shared on Instagram. Earned media is getting a lot more attention these days, and rightly so. And that gives it a lot more power.
    [Blog] Search Engine Optimization Firms Like RankPay Still Hurting SEO Industry
    Blog:* I am still amazed that search engine optimization firms like RankPay are still relying on what I would call shady marketing techniques like sending UCE Spam (UCE stands for Unsolicited Commercial Email), trying to get more search engine optimization business. It is the companies like Rankpay (detailed below) that are sending emails like the one below that is truly hurting the search engine optimization industry as a whole. And if you are so inclined, I would even complain to their ISP (Internet Service Provider) for sending out spam. noticed that your. underway?
    [Blog] Christmas Greetings
    Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful year in 2010. Wishing you peace and happiness in this holiday season and looking forward to connecting with you in the new year! Christmas Greetings. ProBlogger Site News
    [Blog] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Your Input Wanted & More
    Blogging. How blog commenting makes a difference. ways to track blog success. Localizing your blog. 18 blog tips to help you succeed in 2010. Why do you subscribe to blog comments ? 10 things you should always do in a blog post. The ultimate checklist for a killer blog post. How Blog Engage can help you as a blogger. 20 amazing inspiring fitness blogs. The honest truth about blogging for money. How to make money product blogging. 17 handy toolbar WordPress plugins for your blog. Reader Poll. Health.
    [Blog] Will I See You at the Gov 2.0 Expo?
    APAN has file sharing applications, wikis, blogs and calendaring tools to coordinate schedules. If you’re interested in learning more about APAN, talk to Walton Smith at the Expo or learn more on Bill Ives’ blog here. Users can connect with other first responders, create and join communities, create, share and edit documents, blogs, and discussions.  Guide Social Media and the Next Generation I Started a Blog But No One Cared The Public Doesnt Need to Know What Gov 2.0 web20 wiki Have This Blog Sent to Your Email! Government 2.0 The U.S. The Whole.
    [Blog] Boosting Content and Fighting Spam Using Google Author Rank
    Thus was born a whole variety of methods to acquire links: link exchanges, link rings, link systems, reciprocal links, paid links, link bait, links in blog comments etc… The problem is that none of those links is naturally occurring. For that reason alone it is worth implementing the rel=author tag on your blogs and websites. Sean blogs, trains and speaks on topics related to SEO, Digital Marketing, Business Development & Management. Google is constantly trying to stay ahead of the spammer curve by making improvements to its search engine system. The Problem with Links.
    [Blog] Gin and Topics: We Await the Spin Sucks Intern
    If you’re participating in the Spin Sucks scavenger hunt, the first two clues are on Corina Manea’s and on Martin’s blogs. 'By Gini Dietrich. Well, birthday week is over for Lindsay Bell , Martin Waxman , and me. We are waiting to hear when the Spin Sucks intern (aka Eleanor Pierce’s baby) makes her first appearance in the world. Hopefully sometime today! We’ve already texted and Facebook messaged her 100 times…and it’s only 6:24 a.m. She’s being super nice and not saying, “YOU GUYS! will let you know!” Harvey and Harmony.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014
    [Blog] Pushing Through Barriers to Strike Gold
    People who, like me, saw the opportunity in blogging to build something significant – but who at the first sign of clay abandoned their blogs. Then there were others who abandoned their work because of the exciting ‘rumors’ from up creek… bloggers who stopped blogging to MySpace… to tweet…  to Tumblr… to Facebook… to G+… The blogosphere is littered with abandoned blogs and I sometimes wonder what might have happened if some of those bloggers had kept digging through the clay. 'Image via Flickr user Tony Oliver.
    [Blog] Security, SEO, and Google
    It isn’t going to be a big change at first, because it will be a light-weight signal affecting maybe 1% of global queries, but according to their blog this will change soon. 'Google has announced that they are interested in making the internet a safer place so they are going to start using HTTPS as a ranking signal. Whenever Google says they will be doing something like this, you know that your SEO will be affected eventually. Having a secure website is actually a very good idea, one that would be wise even if Google wasn’t in the picture at all. People Like Secure Sites.
    [Blog] Insider Local SEO Tips
    'Greg Gifford, a self-described “Local SEO geek”, just put out a timely guide titled Everybody Needs Local SEO on the Moz Blog. He knows what he’s talking about because he does hyper-local SEO and manages social media for car dealerships all over the country. love reading the voice of experience, especially when it is so helpful to the rest of us. Basic Local SEO. It’s also reminiscent of the musclebuilding ads in all those comic books you read in junior high school.) Easy citation workflow — practical suggestions for making it happen right.
    [Blog] Are You Reading This On A Mobile Device?
    'If you are using a smartphone or some other mobile device to read this blog, you are part of the growing trend. According to the recent Moz article  Why Mobile Matters – Now , one-fifth of North American page views are on mobile. Dr. Peter J. Meyer does a nice job of looking at the way Google is changing to adapt to smaller screens and there’s a great discussion in the comments on what that means for internet marketing and SEO. This increased data transmission is how we get those cool videos on our smartphones and surf the web for local attractions, and more. Do you agree?
  • ENGAGE  |  TUESDAY, JULY 2, 2013
    [Blog] Want to Succeed in Social? Forget Followers. You Need Groupies
    Be sure to regularly visit the home pages of your favorite blogs, associations, and news and magazine sites. 'I had a roommate in college who loved the rock band Pearl Jam. Back in the day, a lot of people loved Pearl Jam. But not like this. His was a special kind of love. He had every album. m not talking about studio LPs. That’s the stuff of pretenders—guys like me. m talking about bootlegs and B-sides, grainy live recordings from stadium shows and album release parties. Rare musical finds. He drove for hours, sometimes days, to catch a show. He’s a fanatic. Truly obsessed.
  • DIGIGEN  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2012
    [Blog] New Monthly Theme – Obsession
    Over the next few months you will see the blog evolve into a magazine blog. Digigen & The TinMan is going to take on a new format. Although look and feel won’t change drastically, what I will be doing is focusing on a monthly theme which will help guide content throughout the period. Each monthly theme will be dictated by three things: - Being Topical. It might not be a subject people are talking about, but it may be a trait that has been shown through someone or something. Driving Discussion. Availability of material. hope you like it.
    [Blog] Content Week: Come Join the ProBlogger Twitter Chat
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This week is all about content, and we will be featuring a post a day for six days giving you insight into content-creating from many different angles. We’d love for this to be collaborative, so Darren will be hosting a Twitter chat this Wednesday 5th February from noon – 1pm Melbourne, Australia time (8pm US Eastern). Come armed with questions you’d like answers to, and to have a content conversation with like-minded people. Use the hashtag #PBchat and get involved! Content Week: Come Join the ProBlogger Twitter Chat. General
    [Blog] 5 Things to Think about Before Launching a Website
    Whether you are going to start a blog or a static site, one thing is certain – in order to succeed you have to provide it with first-rate content. 'In e-business, just like in many other spheres, the success of an enterprise is determined at the stage of planning: no matter how hard you work later on, if you’ve made some blunders in the very beginning all your efforts may go down the drain. Here are 5 things you should take into consideration before you launch your website. They don’t guarantee good results, but make them much more likely. 1.      Domain name. 2.      Hosting.
    [Blog] Digital trends round-up August 2014
    To find out more about iBeacons and the use cases for the technology, check out our blog post on the subject. 'Each month we bring you the FreshMinds Digital Business Update – a summary of innovations , new technologies and the latest digital trends to help you navigate todays fast-paced, tech-enabled world. This month we’re looking at the Co-op’s tech-enabled trolleys, Facebook’s ’Buy’ button, easyJet’s iBeacon trial and Westpac’s plans for an augmented reality banking app. easyJet trials iBeacons in the UK and France.
    [Blog] Check Your Google+ Pages for the Custom URL Option
    The post Check Your Google+ Pages for the Custom URL Option appeared first on Soshable | Social Media Blog. 'If you’re like many who use Google+, you may not check your pages very often. With posting and monitoring tools out there, you might not log into your actual account very often. You should. Custom URLs are now available. For individual users, you should be getting an email if you meet the minimum requirements. These “requirements” are very minimal. Have a profile longer than a month, have at least 10 followers, and have a profile picture. Keep checking.
    [Blog] Whale-Sized Shipper’s Social Media Strategy
    Whale-Sized Shipper’s Social Media Strategy originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Whale-Sized Shipper’s Social Media Strategy appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. 'Maersk Line, the largest container shipping company in the world, is using social media for press coverage, employee engagement, and brand awareness. Maersk Line has over 1 million “likes” on their Facebook page, and 8,000 twitter followers.
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 27, 2013
    [Blog] Social Media Listening Tools
    Social Media Listening Tools originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Social Media Listening Tools appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. 'Interesting report from Keyhole: they have found that only 9% of any brand’s audience actually talks about that brand. So if a marketer is listening in on conversations and looking for brand mentions in their social media listening tools, they will be missing over 90% of the conversations that are relevant.
  • JUGNOO  |  THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013
    [Blog] Facebook Analytics – Facebook is Auto-Filling, Not By-Passing PayPal
    Facebook Analytics – Facebook is Auto-Filling, Not By-Passing PayPal originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Facebook Analytics – Facebook is Auto-Filling, Not By-Passing PayPal appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. 'There was a bit of confusion last week when AllthingsD reported that Facebook was creating a payment system that competed with PayPal. The reality is that Facebook is only creating an automatic form-filling function that works with third-party mobile apps.
    [Blog] Rich Pin – Pinterest Feature for Brands
    Rich Pin – Pinterest Feature for Brands originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Rich Pin – Pinterest Feature for Brands appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. 'Pinterest Rich Pins are Pinterest Pins with added functionality: they include information about the pinned image that helps users visit the brand website to make a purchase. There are three types of Rich Pin categories: product, recipe, and movie. We imagine more categories will roll out in the future. Social Media
  • JUGNOO  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 2, 2013
    [Blog] Hublish – Create Brand Webinars
    Hublish – Create Brand Webinars originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Hublish – Create Brand Webinars appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. 'Hublish is a startup cofounded by Ben Borodach, and helps brands and publishers connect with their audience. All content is organized into hubs; each brand has a hub of all its content, and each professional user has all the content that they subscribed or engaged with in their own dashboard. As in Slideshare, you can share your slides.
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2013
    [Blog] Capital One Includes Tumblr in Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Capital One Includes Tumblr in Social Media Marketing Strategy originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Capital One Includes Tumblr in Social Media Marketing Strategy appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. 'The majority of Tumblr posts include photographs: they get the most attention and interaction (including reblogs, which is Tumblr’s version of Retweet). Artists and illustrators take those travel dreams and create luscious imagery, complete with typography and artistic credits.
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, JULY 2, 2013
    [Blog] Here Comes Power Matrix: Social Media Presence in Action
    Here Comes Power Matrix: Social Media Presence in Action originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Here Comes Power Matrix: Social Media Presence in Action appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. 'Siemens has stepped into the ring of social media presence  with their new game called Power Matrix. It’s an online game that teaches people about sustainable energy. The game is oriented towards anyone whom is interested in sustainable resources, not just the experts.
  • JUGNOO  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2013
    [Blog] Enterprise Social Media Collaboration: It Ain’t Facebook
    Enterprise Social Media Collaboration: It Ain’t Facebook originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Enterprise Social Media Collaboration: It Ain’t Facebook appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. 'The popularity of social platforms like Facebook is confusing the enterprise market: you have to have a different set of priorities and ways to measure success when it comes to collaboration and networking in a large organization. See more in the article below. By Toby Wolpe.
  • JUGNOO  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 2013
    [Blog] 26 Takeaways for Social Media Marketing: Calls to Action
    26 Takeaways for Social Media Marketing: Calls to Action originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post 26 Takeaways for Social Media Marketing: Calls to Action appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. 'This article, by Debbie Hemley , features some key takeaways from an international gathering from marketers focussed on social media best practices. It includes: getting more leads with calls to action (CTA), experimenting with different CTA touchpoints, and giving content the priority it deserves.
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013
    [Blog] Social Media Management: Tasks Shows Who’s Talking
    Social Media Management: Tasks Shows Who’s Talking originally appeared on Jugnoo Blog - Social Media is a Business: Social Media Presence Management under a Creative Commons license. The post Social Media Management: Tasks Shows Who’s Talking appeared first on Jugnoo Blog. 'As an agency, or a large organization with layers of administration, it’s important to be able to designate action items for effective social media management. As an example, within the  Jugnoo  platform, these action items are all recorded through tasks. More on  reports  next!
    [Blog] Understanding Facebook’s Master Plan – Part I
    To try to fit this into a single blog post is too aggressive. It is becoming crystal clear to anyone who is watching that Facebook has a goal. It sounds more ominous than it really is as the intentions are really geared around profit and power, but Facebook’s goal is to rule the online (and parts of the offline) world. If you don’t see that, you’re either not paying attention or you’ve been brainwashed by pokes and CityVille. Let’s take a look at all of the circumstantial evidence and see if you draw the same conclusion. Connecting Everything and Everyone.
    [Blog] The Magic Pill for Content Marketing
    'Tweetable Moments A blog is free like a puppy, not free like a beer. equalman Tweet This. The Next Big Thing. Erik Qualman  is a bestselling  author , the founder of the Socialnomics movement , and a professor at Harvard and MIT. He’s been featured on 60 Minutes and in the Wall Street Journal. His 2014 book “What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube” was recently nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and he was voted the second most likable author in the world (second only to Harry Potter creator, J.K. Rowling). ” Everyone wants the magic pill—the greatest solution.
    [Blog] America’s Uncivil Social War
    see it in forums, Chats, Comments on blogs, news articles and YouTube Videos. I am however deeply concerned with the Liberal / Conservative flame wars. Countless Facebook discussions start with a casual reference to one position or the other, then quickly devolve into deeply divisive language. It’s getting worse – people can no longer agree to disagree. do not believe in big government. On the other hand, I do not believe that corporations should be the sole protectors for safeguarding the social charter. Weapon of Mass Reconstruction. Trust me, I’m your friend. Yet people do.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010
    [Blog] Outdoor Exercise: The Rules of the Road | Spin Sucks
    As we continued our ride, I thought about how to educate cyclists, runners, and walkers about the rules of the road and, while this blog isn’t typically about exercise or rules, I figure it’s a good place to begin the conversation. One blog post at a time. Gini Dietrich Reply: July 19th, 2010 at 9:19 am Ben commented on the blog! Gini Dietrich Reply: July 19th, 2010 at 9:20 am Now I wish I’d written BE PREDICTABLE in the blog post! The Ghost Blogging Debate The Age-Old Question: Can I Pick Your Brain? Blog Roll Book Rec. Tsk tsk Gini!
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012
    [Blog] How to Set the Table for Word of Mouth Marketing
    Consumers are more than twice as likely to trust people they know in blogs, on Facebook, and on Twitter than they are to trust brands in the same spaces. I f I play my cards right you’ll tell your friends about this post. Maybe you’ll even share it through Facebook or Twitter. Either way, your comments, recommendations or suggestions can spread like wildfire creating a buzz that is known as word of mouth. In social networking, the content you determine share worthy is given your little seal of approval as you send it off to the masses. So you may be wondering, “What’s the catch?”
    [Blog] How to Improve Your Content Promotion in 10 Words (or Less)
    In order to create a subject line that meets this criterion, you must first get to know your prospective publishers via their recent work, blogs, and social networks. 'Creating great content is indisputably the first and most crucial element of an effective content marketing strategy. But the second, and no less important, step is honing your outreach practices in order to earn placements with the publishers you’re targeting. Here’s why—and how. Editors at some top-tier publications are receiving more than 300 pitches a day. Pitch specifically to a writer’s beat.
    [Blog] Online Community Assets For Businesses
    Mailing lists or blogs to reach employees? Most organizations aren't sure what they need to develop a community. There are some elements that help and others which are essential.    Essential community assets. Staff. How many people do you have to commit to the project? The more you have the more you can develop relationships with top members, create relevant content and do outbound community development work. Time is a powerful asset. The more if it you have the slower you can develop the community and the longer you can spend sewing relationships as you grow. Passion.
    [Blog] Pinterest Promoted Pins Are Now Available to Everyone
    There is one more point that I’d like to highlight, and I’m going to cut and paste it directly from their blog post so you know it’s true: “Brand advertisers achieved about a 30% bump in earned media (free impressions!) The post Pinterest Promoted Pins Are Now Available to Everyone appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'Pinterest Promoted Pins have been around for quite a few months now. first wrote about them back in October. At that time, Pinerest promoted pins were made available to a select group of brands. Gear up, Etsy lovers! from their campaigns. Basketball pin found here.
    [Blog] SoundCloud Ads are Here: Prepare your SoundCloud Account
    As is tradition here on the Devumi blog, every SoundCloud post also features my favourite track on SoundCloud right now at the bottom. The post SoundCloud Ads are Here: Prepare your SoundCloud Account appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'SoundCloud ads were recently introduced by the world’s second most popular music sharing site (behind the all-powerful YouTube) in an effort to grow the amount of money that uploaders can earn. As of now, the revenue sharing is only available to a select few. ll break it all down in the article below! Read all the way through to find it!
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 22, 2014
    [Blog] New Instagram Ad Analytics Tools Introduced: Insta-ads
    If you have understood anything about what I write about here on the Blog, it’s that I believe in the choices presented by inbound marketing as an alternative to the endless beating we consumers take over the head with marketing messages we’re not interested in. The post New Instagram Ad Analytics Tools Introduced: Insta-ads appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'There’s no questioning the fact that Instagram has lots of uses for social media marketers. Or, more likely, the button on the front of your phone! What are the new Instagram ad analytics tools? Ad Insights. reach.
  • DEVUMI  |  THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014
    [Blog] How to Reach 100,000 New Twitter Followers
    While it’s true that you need to send out some tweets more than once, tweets which promote a recent blog post for example, you can’t just say the same things over and over. The post How to Reach 100,000 New Twitter Followers appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'To gain new Twitter followers you must build your reach. This means getting as many relevant and interested followers as possible. Reaching the 100,000 Twitter follower number is a common goal for many online marketers. Read on! How to Reach 100,000 New Twitter Followers. Keep your tweet numbers reasonable. Wrong!
    [Blog] Why Would I Buy 1000 Twitter Followers?
    You can read more about the practice on our FAQ page , or continue reading our blog if you just want some free Twitter marketing advice! appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'Everyone is looking to increase their Twitter following, and there are several ways to do so. We’ve covered a number of them here under our Twitter heading at Devumi. But why would someone buy 1000 Twitter followers, or more, when there are natural ways to go about it? ll give a more in depth look at the practice of buying Twitter followers so that you can understand the thinking behind it. Follow first. link].
  • DEVUMI  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2014
    [Blog] Social Media and In Store Sales: The Value of Social for Brick and Mortar Stores
    'I was recently tasked by another social media blog to look at the Twitter account of Dunkin’ Donuts. The post Social Media and In Store Sales: The Value of Social for Brick and Mortar Stores appeared first on Devumi Blog. worked through it by looking at their Twitter account, checking connections between social and web profiles, reading tweets, and viewing images from them and their fans. Then it hit me: I really wanted a donut from Dunkin. m going to focus on that aspect of social media and in store sales by showing you: Stats on in store purchases resulting from social media.
    [Blog] Announcing the 1st ever State Fair location-based scavenger hunt with QR Codes at the Deep Fried TriangleTweetup
    You can find more information about the event over the next few weeks here on blog and over on the  Deep Fried blog. Last year during the North Carolina State Fair my partners and I joined forces with the State Fair organization team to plan the fair’s first ever tweetup. It was called the Deep Fried TriangleTweetup with the theme “A Whole Lotta Happy&#. We wanted to say it was the first ever tweetup held at any state fair but we were the second state fair to do so but by fare the largest with over 150 attendees last year. and will end at 8:00 P.M.
    [Blog] 2012 Social Media Business Trends
    Social networks and blogs are the top online destinations, accounting for 23% of time Americans spend online. Scott Brinker , President and CTO of Ion – Author of Chief Marketing Technologist blog. resonant piece of content (blog post, video, infographics, etc.) AT&T has sponsored the above blog post. As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to start looking at social media trends for 2012. Businesses should get ready for seismic shifts on the digital landscape. Social Commerce is essentially word-of-mouth applied to e-commerce. for brands? for mobile?
    [Blog] Do Agencies Give Sound Advice?
    adults online publish or own a blog, and 55% have at least one or more social networking profiles, the report said. A new client asked me to attend a meeting with their marketing agency who was advising them on media buys. The client was a medium size business involved in a unique medical practice  and had just opened a new office. They wanted to raise market awareness of their practice and presence as well as “ pull&# prospects to their practice. The agency also suggested full-page ads in local newspapers and magazines as part of the overall budget proposed. My Turn to Respond.
    [Blog] Do Not Add Anything to the Official Page Section on Facebook Pages
    Read more Social Media News on the Soshable Blog. As an owner or an admin to a Facebook page you clearly know that filling out as much as you can helps create the page and provides a way for people to not only find your page but more about your brand. It is still highly recommended that you ensure you fill out all the sections that can help people to understand your brand’s purpose except for one area and this one can hinder you more than help you. They are the number one place for your business to be public on besides your own website. Beneath it is where the trouble can occur.
    [Blog] When Mobile Eats The Internet's Lunch
    Yesterday, MediaPost , ran a Blog post titled, Most Mobile Budgets Coming From Online. As mobile becomes more important to the overall Marketing mix, will it wind up diverting funds away from the Web? Marketing is changing. Faster than most expected and faster than most organizations can keep up. The adoption of mobile devices is not to be taken lightly. For the past few years, I've made the argument for one-line of connectivity (not having separate strategies for mobile, social media and the Internet) - one strategy that deals with the connected consumer. million units worldwide.
    [Blog] Is Youtility the Future of Marketing?
    In a world where every prospective customer is facing an invitation avalanche, where every business is asking people to follow their tweets, read their blog, or watch their videos, you must resist the temptation to communicate solely and endlessly about your company, hoping for a quick sale. I’m not sure if he coined it per se, but Jay Deragon – whose blog is one of the best anywhere – used this YOUtility phrase two and a half years ago.). ” What we’re trying to do with all forms of marketing is tie interests to actions. Top of Mind Awareness.
    [Blog] Twisted Sisters
    Embracing women in all their manifestations defines more powerfully than any blog, website, panel, or conference can, what it means to be a woman, and all the myriad forms womanhood can take. Tagged With: creating change , gender bias , girls in tech , labels , TEDWomen , women in tech [link] Michelle Delebet Tamsen, a passionate blog about a topic that I agree is cycling in many spheres at this moment. The above sentence nails it, but the statement deserves the rest of the blog post in order to make others hear the initial point she’s trying to make. have boobs.
    [Blog] Social Media Programs: The Sweet Spot Between Strategic Planning.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « A Simple Framework to Measure the Effectiveness of Social Media Programs MS&LGroup’s Webster Lewin on Real-Time Engagement and Mobile Marketing » Social Media Programs: The Sweet Spot Between Strategic Planning and Tactical Implementation Welcome to the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists ! What do you think?
    [Blog] Mobile – Social 2011 and Web Journal Late December 2010 – Mid January 2011
    Writing a book, and now getting the completed manuscript to the right size/focus has been taking up a lot of my blogging time, but feel the need to keep the blog up to date, especially the web journal part, and there are a lot of events, meetings and discussions I have not had a chance to post about, but if I had the time and energy, would have. Maybe the only thing I can say about Hockney’s IPAD images (being an artist myself) is they don’t appear to use platform in an innovative way. Since I worked there last year, I feel I should not comment, but I will say this.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2014
    [Blog] 8 Criteria for Determining Your Target Audience
    She does not have a blog herself, but she often comments on influential blogs in the field of marketing and advertising. 'To find success with social, you need to cater your content to a target audience. Finding your target audience on social can sometimes be a challenge. We know whom we are targeting when it comes to selling our product, but what are our goals when it comes to social, and what audience do we need to target in order to achieve those goals? This is where the challenge comes into play. Gender. Education. They are simply interested in different things. Industry.
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