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    [Blog] Essential Tactics for Effective Inbound Marketing
    SEO means writing your website content, blog content, and other branded content in such a way that it stands a better chance at obtaining high search engine rankings. The key to effective inbound marketing is to drive traffic back to your website where you can close the sale. No matter what kind of business you run, your best clients are going to be those that come to you through your inbound marketing channels. So what are those channels? Inbound marketing can comprise many channels. At the most basic level, we’re talking about. Search engines. Social media. Online advertising.
    [Blog] How to Develop Multi-Channel Content
    People started blogging. In the early days of Internet marketing, there weren’t that many channels for a small business to use for getting the word out about their business. Most businesses had a website. There were directories where those websites could be listed. There were a few primitive forms of search engines. And their were places where business owners could go to publish their articles. They were often called article directories. Then there were web rings and a few ways of advertising your website in hopes of driving traffic to it. Then forums morphed into social media.
    [Blog] 6 Underused Internet Marketing Tools
    More tools have been developed to help Internet marketers implement and measure successful marketing campaigns, and when we think about online marketing tools and tactics we often think about search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, blogging, and social media. Internet marketing has come a long way since the first days of the Web. But is this all there is? There are plenty more online marketing tools. We just have to think critically about them, and, in particular, about their value to us as marketers. You’re the expert, so why not use it? Why not take advantage of it?
    [Blog] Over 100 Great Photos on Flickr
    Funny Obama Pictures’s last blog post. in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 3237 Blog Book Reviews Entrepreneur Featured Geek Break Headline Lead Story Letters from Iraq Military Social Media Technology Notice : get_links is deprecated since version 2.1! Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Over 100 Great Photos on Flickr I use Flickr as my online photo bucket. I was using ImageShack or something before but when I found Flickr, I was amazed. like it so much I actually pay for a Pro account. Leave a comment!
    [Blog] Koka Sexton dot Com
    Funny Obama Pictures’s last blog post. in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 3237 Blog Book Reviews Entrepreneur Featured Geek Break Headline Lead Story Letters from Iraq Military Social Media Technology Notice : get_links is deprecated since version 2.1! Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Over 100 Great Photos on Flickr I use Flickr as my online photo bucket. I was using ImageShack or something before but when I found Flickr, I was amazed. like it so much I actually pay for a Pro account. Leave a comment!
    [Blog] Let Me Google That For You!
    You could use it to create buzz around an event or as an online calling card by sharing the link through your social networking profiles, email signatures, blogs and websites. Following on from my post on the social media marketing tool Google Search Stories – a really simple online video creator, I’ve found another fun tool, thanks to @UKSalesMentor, Steve Clarke. Let Me Google That For You is not an official Google application, but an idea dreamed up by a bunch of coders one day over lunch. The link provides a nifty video clip demonstrating the search and results.
    [Blog] Small Staff Organizations and Open Community
    Memberclicks’ blog, which provides resources and information specifically for small staff associations. I’m reprinting this here in case you didn’t see it, but also specifically because I’m keen to hear if you agree or disagree with my assertions about how small staff organizations have an advantage over larger ones when it comes to the social web. This is a repost of an Open Community Virtual Book Tour post I recently wrote for Splash! What do you think? *. online, is happening all around you whether you are present in it or not. Hooray for the little guy!&#.
    [Blog] Top Five Stories for Week Ending Oct. 29, 2010
    Even though this blog post by Peter Shankman talks about free WiFi networks, it’s really only accessible to the free networks that aren’t secured (so if you’re on the free WiFi at Starbucks, you need not worry). Read the blog post and be aware that, if you log onto a free and unsecured WiFi network, someone sitting next to you could have Firesheep installed and see ALL of your passwords and login information. How can you not click on a blog post with that title?! Have you ever fit two weeks into one? 29, 2010. 5. Destroying the Myths of B2B Social Media.
    [Blog] Four Professional Editing Techniques that Boost Post Value
    If the post’s title is “Five Tips for Blog Productivity&# , I’ll want the sub-headings to be numbered one through five. Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips. Putting aside grammar, spell-checking, and similar post QA techniques, editors commonly rely on a suite of tactics to help boost the communications value of content. They’re easy to apply, and don’t take a whole lot of expertise or time. Perhaps you can (or do?) use them to hone your posts. Moving the key point to the opening. My dictionary. Making the content answer the title. Writing Content
    [Blog] BUILDUP Radio Episode 2 – Semil Shah on How Can Underrepresented Minorities In Tech (URM) Can Build Bridges With Investors
    Semil wrote about “minorities in tech, startups, and investing via his blog and since then curated a URM Twitter list and continues to share suggested solutions via his blog As the conversation about Underrepresented Minorities In Tech (URM) continues to evolve from meritocracy, to work force numbers, to can you name more than five African-American tech founders in Silicon Valley/ San Francisco Bay Area some investors acknowledge they haven’t been pitched from a “URM” and some wonder what can they do to about it. Take a listen below.
    [Blog] Follow Friday: The Location Edition. 15 twitter users to follow who’s all about location.
    But this week due to all of the location conversations between #GEOChat and # LBSChat I decided to post a Follow Friday location edition blog post. Hat-tip to Chris Brogan for the blog idea. It’s Friday and you know what that means! Follow Friday on Twitter. Millions are tweeting with the hashtag #FF or #followfriday. There are so many people to suggest to follow on Twitter I usually avoid it. Follow Friday the Location Edition: @incslinger. maxgladwell. EricLeist. mrahmey. ShannonRenee. rojoroach. HarrisonPainter. GreggVM. LawPower. aaronstrout. bryanperson. schneidermike.
    [Blog] Content Curation: a Required Skill for Digital Era Communicators
    § About Youve found the blog of Shel Holtz, ABC, principal of Holtz Communication + Technology. Home Blog Consulting Speaking Books About Contact Calendar Content curation: A required skill for digital-era communicators Over the years, I have chatted with people who work for museums. It’s not uncommon to see these now at the end of a blog post, preceded by the subhead, “You might also like…&# These items link to earlier blog posts on similar topics. These interactions have given me some introductory insight into the job of a curator.
    [Blog] Nine Excellent Reasons for Technology in Education > July 1, 2007
    Using modern technology, they can: make a PowerPoint presentation, record/edit spoken word, do digital photography, make a video, run a class newspaper, run a web based school radio or TV station, do claymation, compose digital music on a synthesizer, make a website, and/or create a blog. SchoolCIO | K-12 Blueprint | 21st Century Connections | Model Intelligent Classroom | Digital Learning Environments. Search TechLearning with. Databases -->. Articles. Grants. Reviews. Web Picks. Requires Flash Player 9 Version Test Download Flash. Technology & Learning. Educators eZine. School CIO.
    [Blog] Agencies have nowhere to hide in social media land
    Infighting looks set to break out again amongst PR agencies. A  blog post late last week from  Wolfstar PR’s Jed Hallam cast a (perhaps envious and rather harsh) stone at Paratus Communications – the PR agency that has (to the industry’s surprise) recently acquired the full Vodafone UK PR brief. Tweet. This is a post that I wrote earlier this week and that was originally published on Reputation Online. Now, we’re a pretty online social bunch, as you’d expect from a public relations consultancy that’s got a reputation for doing online PR. Now, I’m not going to cast further accusations.
  • STEVE RUBEL  |  TUESDAY, JULY 20, 2010
    [Blog] Tip: Tweetify the Lead of Your Emails - The Steve Rubel Stream
    Together with a partner of mine we tested multiple subject lines as tweets to a blog article and then launched an email campaign with the tweet that got the most clicks as the subject line. This approach should apply to Tweets and blog titles too. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 20 Jul 2010 Tip: Tweetify the Lead of Your Emails In this age of information abundance, we all get a little too much email. This means that the first few characters of your note are essential. Heres why.
    [Blog] Information Literacy in the Workplace - Special Libraries Association
    Blogs. IT Blogging Section SLA2008 in a cloud. SLA Blogs. Advanced Search Options. UserID Password. Not a member? Join SLA | Forgot Your Password? Remember. QuickLinks. Inside SLA. Membership. Events & Conferences. SLA Community. Professional Development. Resources. Careers. Publications. Home > Publications & Products. > Information Outlook Online. > Information Outlook Online. > 2001. > June 2001. > Information Literacy in the Workplace. Information Literacy in the Workplace. Information Literacy in the Workplace. by Julie N. Information overload.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2010
    [Blog] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Official Eclipse Trailer
    Blogging / Writing. The five hour blog post. Tips for guest posting and protecting your content and reputation when guest blogging. Iron Maiden guide to rockstar blogging. tips for creating more small business blogging ideas. WordPress SEO – how to optimize your blog. Look What You’ve Missed: The Fetching Friday archives – tons of useful resources on blogging, social networking, and more. The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbledupon this week. additional ways to recycle your content. Social Media.
    [Blog] 5 Silly Twitter Trends You Should Refuse To Tweet About
    usually don’t participate in #followfriday but for the past few weeks I’ve been writing a #followfriday blog post. Today there’s no #followfriday blog post but more of a rant of five twitter trends I’ve seen on Twitter this week. Regardless it seems to go to Twitter, to blogs, back to twitter and a big waste of time. Heck I’m even waisting time writing this blog post about the trends. There may or may not be a lot more to it but until I read about fist flying or official lawsuits, just sit back and read the blog post. Really?
    [Blog] What Will Top Kill?
    It’s been disappointing to have to go to CNN instead of my favorite green blogs for news and opinions. Geoff Livingston is a regular contributor to the Live Earth blog. Thirty six days after the original Deep Horizon explosion and the beginning of the United States’ worst eco-crisis ever, BP will seek to end this oil spill nightmare with its two-day Top Kill procedure. The cement mud mix would effectively plug the well, the latest in many failed attempts to end the oil spill. What BP Wants Us to Believe. etc., on and on. What We Really Believe.
    [Blog] Cranberry Launches Search Engine Optimization for People Service
    Search Engine Optimization: Why a Blog is Important When talking to business owners about marketing their businesses on. Cranberry , a company led by led by Internet visionary David McInnis (formerly of PRWeb ), has launched PeoplePond , an Internet service that provides search engine optimized (SEO) profiles and online identity verification services for individuals. It was officially launched to the general public during the annual South by Southwest conference and festival in Austin, Texas. PeoplePond claims that this will thwart attempts to hijack your online identity. Peter Joles.
    [Blog] Getting Social in Making the Right Nanny Call
    With social media, you can gain a lot of information, not just on the nanny, but on the agency, including: • Look for a vibe from the agency’s website and blog. Finding a nanny for your precious children can be a tough task. Where do you look, how deep do you delve and how much do you trust once you find the right one? How much of a part should social media play in the search and even in the day to day goings-on of childcare? Here are a few tips in searching out the perfect nanny and what to do once you find her…. Finding the right nanny. Are they relevant to you?
    [Blog] Get More Social in Your Hosting Options
    If however, you want to sell products online or you want to include a blog, you’ll need to look for a web hosting company that can meet your needs. A quick search for “web hosting” yields about 4.5 million results in Google. This can cause many business owners to feel overwhelmed in their search for a web hosting service. One of the best ways to help narrow down your options is by using social media. Social media provides a lot of useful information that can help you find the best web hosting service for your business. Consider Your Needs. Reach Out on Twitter.
  • KOKA SEXTON  |  TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2007
    [Blog] How to Tell an Employee He Smells - Koka Sexton dot Com
    Rich Bordner’s last blog post. Keno Site’s last blog post. in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 3237 Blog Book Reviews Entrepreneur Featured Geek Break Headline Lead Story Letters from Iraq Military Social Media Technology Notice : get_links is deprecated since version 2.1! Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS How to Tell an Employee He Smells As a business owner, you’re going to have to deliver bad news every once in a while. What’s so great about good news? David G.
    [Blog] Storify An Attempt to Curate
    Subscribe Blog Podcast Video iTunes Zune Twitter Special Event Feed The Morning Tech Show Play Latest Podcast Streaming Video Live and Pre-Recorded Video Streaming Audio Archives October 2010 September 2010 August 2010 Browse Archives Important Links Advertising Information Special Offers Be a GNC Insider GoDaddy Promo Codes Free Tech Magazines Contact Email 1-619-342-7365 GNC Hotline 1-347-901-4335 (Cell) Member of Corporate Network Tech Podcast Network Tech Podcast TV Blubrry Podcast Community Podcast Awards Podcast Connect Inc. Geek News Central is the technical site for Geeks.
    [Blog] Unskewing the Web: Curators as filters
    However, very few of us are keen enough to write elaborated blog posts or to create neat websites about fringe subject matters. Image by prettyflower via Flickr. by Aaron Kim. This is my final post on the skewed Web. In the early days of Web 2.0 awareness, much was said about the new —now old—Web being all about participation: in the age of User-Generated Content , everybody and their mother became a publisher, leveling the playing field. An online world dominated by page rank and skewed crowdsourcing had the potential to dethrone TV as the ultimate idiot box.
    [Blog] Is curated content a viable publishing model?
    back to blog home categories advertising (18) b2b (61) business strategy (52) commerce (4) consumer (89) content (73) events (13) implementation (19) marketing (53) news (20) opinions (10) people and culture (9) SME digital marketing (15) get the latest ideas & tips first with our newsletter about us contact us FAQ privacy policy site map built by and powered by © Penmaen Media Limited Reg No. « How to find new readers through specialist retailers Is curated content a viable publishing model? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.
    [Blog] Photo: You Know You Have a Problem When. - The Steve Rubel Stream
    steve - a blog post would be nice explaining how u use and manage to use these and how 65K is just to many and may effect innovation and crowding out :) nice job here :) Aug 06, 2009 Peter Berg said. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 5 Aug 2009 Photo: You Know You Have a Problem When. The short answer is far too many. I got a fever. And the only thing that's going to fix it is more cowbell! Oh yeah, and there's an app for that too. Youre not alone. Kinda dumb. Steve! wholy crapp.
    [Blog] Final thoughts on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    TheWayoftheWeb The digital convergence of media, entertainment, marketing and PR front page archives about RSS Click below for the WayoftheWeb bookstore The Blogroll A Shel of Myself Chris Brogan Currybetdotnet Eaon Pritchard Faster Future Gaping Void Howard Owens Jaffe Juice Jonathan MacDonald KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog Michael Leis – Digital Strategy Nick Burcher Occam’s Razor Web Analytics blog Only Dead Fish Seth Godin Simon Collister – Networked Society Teaching Online Journalism The Herd The Obvious? blog comments powered by Disqus Blog Partners
    [Blog] Social Media Research: Interview with Joel Rubinson of ARF - Part I
    Joel's Blog CRO-ing About Research @joelrubinson on Twitter. Toby/Diva Marketing : What do you say to people who question the credibility and the statistical reliability of the “sample/people” who produce content and comment on social media platforms such as blogs, social networks, Twitter, review sites, etc.? With the rapid increase of digital conversations the importance of not only listening to consumer generated content (CGC) but the analysis of this new data set is finally taking its place at the marketing research table. Toby/Diva Marketing : Let’s take it from the top.
    [Blog] Announcing the Newest Social Media Prince
    look forward to reading his blog. youtube Portfolio Lateral Action Lifehacker Macgasm Mashable Pistachio: Touchbase Blog Ramblings of a Sysadmin Real Simple Schwag Addict Search Engine Roundtable Professional Bio Spammr from Tumblr Home About Consulting Contact Sitemap Policy Site design by The Other Ben Rudnick. This blog is written and maintained by Tamar Weinberg. But in even bigger news, two weeks ago today, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Announcing… David Jacob Weinberg! Thanks Sam — and thanks to those who have contributed! Very happy for you, T.
    [Blog] 7 Location Based Apps for Finding Local Businesses – Guest Post by James Adams
    Guest Post from August 16th by: James Adams is a tech analyst who works at an ink supplies store based in England where he covers the latest news in tech, writes reviews of items such as the Epson T0715 and, when he finds the time, posts about design and the media on their blog. James Adams is a tech analyst who works at an ink supplies store based in England where he covers the latest news in tech, writes reviews of items such as the Epson T0715 and, when he finds the time, posts about design and the media on their blog. Foursquare [iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm.
    [Blog] The Facebook Effect
    Trying to blog or hold a normal conversation in the midst of the first few hours of any Facebook announcement is like paddling upstream in the face of Class 4 rapids. Image by Aaron Brazell. Whenever there’s a big or small Facebook announcement, it essentially derails the entire communications social web conversation for hours or even days. An ensuing rant/rave conversation occurs about the deep meaning of Zuckerberg and crew’s latest wrinkle. This disruptive force should be dubbed the Facebook Effect. the entire space just seems to get derailed.
    [Blog] Tuesday Tune-Up: Interesting Reads
    Zoetica CEO Beth Kanter takes a look at the new service today on her blog. Some interesting reads this morning around the social web, which you may enjoy: The New America Foundation breaks down three types of collaborative design for community technology, human centered, appropriate and participatory. Designing a product or service for communities requires thought towards outcomes, approach and research, amongst many other things. When people follow information blindly on the web, they fall down rabbit holes. This article shows digital hucksterism at its best. Engineering, right?
    [Blog] Kill Flash Now: Worst websites and Australian Agencies
    Whybin TBW Blog not Flash. 2  Grey Group , Flash. 3  BMF Australia , Flash. 4  Droga5 ,   Flash. 4  Saatchi Australia , Flash. 6  Clemenger BBDO , Flash. 6  Jay Grey , Flash. 6 Leo Burnett (under construction). 9  Colman Rasic , Flash. 9  JWT Australia, Flash. 9  Marketforce Perth ,   Flash. 9 US Agency (part of Razor ) Flash. Interestingly, number one on the list, Whybin/TBW , is the only one that don’t have a flash site – it’s a blog. Flash sites cannot be read on the iPhone or iPad as Flash is blocked by Apple. hate flash. Blech. ). Amazing site.
    [Blog] Experiential Economy: Social Media Business Podcast
    As we document human thought with cloud based video and blogs, old presentations mask the fact that time-contextually, they were very forward thinking. The show is called Social Media Business and is available as both audio to listen here on the blog. Episode 1 of Social Media Business: What is “the experience economy&# – is it the next step on from agrarian, commodity, service…? How does value – and therefore money, currency – shift when people are more willing to pay for intangible experiences than physical goods? The Experiential Economy.
    [Blog] CoTweetup Boston – Social Media Panel
    You can also subscribe to the blog to ensure you receive the latest posts. blog comments powered by Disqus Stay connected Recent Posts Can influence be bought? Home About Archives Press Clips Spark Advisors Suggested Reading CoTweetup Boston – Social Media Panel Written on August 24, 2010 by Espo in social media On Thursday, August 19, 2010, CoTweet hosted the #CoTweetup in Boston. The panel discussed trends in social media. Panelists included Jeff Rohrs , Scotty Henderson , Jesse Engle , Laura Fitton and me. This video is of the 15 minute or so panel discussion.
  • THE WAY OF THE WEB  |  TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2011
    [Blog] Thoughts from a disconnected weekend…
    I got back from a weekend away with my family yesterday, having spent 3 days on the east coast of England with no laptop, no wifi, and limited mobile reception. I’m not going to suggest that everyone should give up technology to go and live in a mud hut by the beach, but I will say that I was really glad of a break from the constant rollercoaster ride of working, blogging, meeting, working, reading,working etc to spend some time concentrating on the two most important people in my life. Sharing my thoughts on Facebook and Twitter and any conversation that occurred.
    [Blog] Content marketing, user data and the dangers of free WordPress themes
    So rather than adding to the list that I intend to blog about someday, here’s some important things to consider: Arm yourself with content, for Goliath is coming : Interesting post which reiterates a lot of the things I’ve been saying about content and marketing over the last 6 months – now is the time to start doing it. Myspace on the auction blog. Bit of a link post from me today as I’ve been working on a number of things for clients, and also updating some other projects. What happens to user data?
    [Blog] Search, Web Analytics & Social Monitoring
    Thinking about a few things today including my recent meetings with Brandtology, Roger Smith Hotel, PeekYou, Engage121 and a few others. Also thinking of the visit to Edelman PR for an Art Technology meetup earlier this week and seeing a 3D printer that sells for $995.00 (but, you have to assemble the printer yourself, still, you can’t beat the price when the nearest competitor/commercial printer costs ~25K – the 995.00 3D printer is all open sourced – see picture below). Look for official word of the Webinar and co-branded white paper in a few weeks.
    [Blog] Google Places is Local Search plus Web Journal July 11th-12th 2010
    However it was Mike Blumenthal at Understanding Google Maps and Local Search blog that first notice the change earlier today and posted about it in  Google SERPS Now Showing New OneBox. Working with one of my clients that cares a lot about local search (I’ll leave out names today – but you can guess) it’s a wonder why every business isn’t all over Google Places given that Google Now Highlights Local Businesses in Top Search Results according to a recent post in Read Write Web.   Hand Book Artist Journals.
    [Blog] This Week in Location: 30 must read location-based articles from the past 7 days
    Blog Post. Local Social Media Marketing: How Your Peers Use Twitter, Facebook, And Blogs. Videos. schneidermike and @EricLeist check out SCVNGR rewards. Social Media Tulsa What is Whrrl. The real Facebook burglaries story. Pros And Cons Of Mobile Marketing. How Local Businesses can use Facebook Places. Plan and share your trips with Tripline. The U.S. is Catching Up to The World in the SMS Marketing Race. Nick’s Crispy Tacos offers free taco via mobile challenge. SCVNGR Debuts Web-Based, Self-Serve LBS Rewards Platform For Businesses. Today in Location Based Services and Apps.
    [Blog] Australia Sharepoint Conference June 16/17 2010
    SharePoint can be used to host web sites that access shared workspaces , information stores and documents, as well as host-defined applications such as wikis and blogs. Interesting. mentioned on Twitter that I would like to go to Australia Sharepoint Conference but can’t justify the price of the ticket (not core business for me). So Kerriann contacted me on LinkedIn (not Twitter) and offered me a ticket. Cool. I’m going and so is my mate Jodie Miners aka JodieM. You can follow Sharepoint Conference on @AUSharepoint. What is Sharepoint and why do I want to go? How do I book?
    [Blog] Australia: Industry Head, Social Media
    Social Media: Facebook blogs marketing course (2). Marketing Magazine name Industry Head of Social Media for Australia. What is an Industry? What is an Influencer? What commodity does social media create, to make an industry? Kate Kendall ( @KateKendall ) from Marketing Magazine approached me a little while ago to write a piece on the “state of the social media industry&#. hunkered down and tried to figure out what I’ve seen change since returning to Australia in 2005 and it’s now been published in the 2010 Media Survival Guide. click for full size. Vampires. Entourage.
    [Blog] Questions & Answers on Cause Marketing via Social Media
    The types of promotion – blogging, social network participation, crowdsourcing – really are a means to the end. Allyson Kapin , editor of Care2’s Frogloop blog , suggests that the three most important elements of a holiday fundraising (or any) social media effort are 1) Building an effective email list, 2) building an effective landing page, and 3) storytelling, the heart of compelling people to participate online. Two weeks ago Network for Good ‘s Kate Olsen and I hosted a U-Stream chat to field questions and answer on our eGuide about Cause Marketing via Social Media.
    [Blog] Who killed my SEO Internet Experiece and Web Journal July 15th-18th, 2010
    visit a blog for the first time. My browser knows what sort of stories I am interested in and shows me highlights of the new blog based on that history. “… SEO has left me in such as state that I can no longer look at a website like a normal person. I see flaws in websites everywhere I look. Here’s just a taste of what my warped little mind sees as I browse the web.&#. Reminds me that when someone takes up a discipline they tend to see the world in terms of it – can probably think of all kinds of examples.  great application with great opportunity. So Do I.
    [Blog] ASIA: Malaysia MOL buys Friendster
    Hardly any surprises here – I’ve covered the popularity of Friendster in Asia in my Social Media podcasts , and the sophistication of the Malaysian social network industry in blog posts: Friendster, the social network which set things off more than half a decade ago has finally been sold after several attempts in the past years. As expected , the social network was snatched up by an Asian company, MOL Global, a Malaysian e-commerce and payments company for an unreported sum which some put at about $100 million. From softpedia. Related posts.
  • ABSOLUTE PA  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015
    [Blog] How YOU are you being in your business?
    The more you can get that across in your marketing – whether it’s through your website, blog posts, printed materials, consultations, even your business cards – the more people will get a sense of who you are. Let’s talk about being you, f-bombs and the like. Sticking your neck out and being you in business takes balls. You gotta own it, and be ok with the outcome. Sometimes, you have to be prepared to be judged by others, deal with criticism on a massive scale and yet not take it personally. Controversial. Just look at Russell Brand. Everyone has an opinion on him. Nu-uh.
    [Blog] Book Review: Twitter Your Business, Mark Shaw
    Having given it a thorough read, I wanted to review it here on my blog. Twitter Your Business, Mark Shaw. If you’re a regular here you will know I’m a big fan of Twitter as a marketing tool, and when I heard that UK Twitter expert, Mark Shaw, was writing a book on the subject I was immediately interested. It was in the very early stages of the book’s inception that he got in touch and asked if I would be a case study. didn’t hesitate – it was an honour to be asked and a great opportunity to tell my story about my Twitter successes! Review. 10/10. My story.
    [Blog] Retweet this post: Why The New Retweet Function Is An Improvement
    Add a comment Related posts: How to Get More Retweet Action on Twitter Can the retweet button help you write a better blog? Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Jade Craven @jadecraven Retweet this post: Why The New Retweet Function Is An Improvement 10 Recently I got into an interesting discussion with @nhangen and @rockyourday about the new retweet function. While I’d experimented with it, I wanted to see how I could make it work for me. Do you agree?
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2015
    [Blog] Facebook Quietly Launches Ads API for ALL Developers
    According to Facebook they released them recently but there is no blog post or official announcement about the release. Some amazing things have been announced at Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, going on yesterday and today in San Francisco. From new apps for Facebook Messenger, to a platform for Internet of Things, to one of the most amazing explanations of the value of virtual reality I’ve ever seen, Facebook has by far made up for last year’s F8, which I suggested was a bit uninteresting.
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2015
    [Blog] Facebook Quietly Launches Ads API for ALL Developers
    According to Facebook they released them recently but there is no blog post or official announcement about the release. Some amazing things have been announced at Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, going on yesterday and today in San Francisco. From new apps for Facebook Messenger, to a platform for Internet of Things, to one of the most amazing explanations of the value of virtual reality I’ve ever seen, Facebook has by far made up for last year’s F8, which I suggested was a bit uninteresting.
    [Blog] Are You Inspiring Others This Holiday Season?
    P.S. – if you really want more inspiring articles like this I highly recommend you check out Brett Nordquist’s blog – his is chock full of these! When I was about 16 or 17 years old I liked to sing in the car. A lot. One time I was driving somewhere with my parents and they had a song, of which one I can’t really remember, but I started to sing along with it.  It was probably one of many times I would sing along in the car with my parents, but this time my parents complimented me. They said, “Jesse you’ve really got a nice voice.
    [Blog] Free Tickets to Come See the Will it Blend Guy (oh, and me)
    In addition, some of my favorite other Utahns, Jeremy Hanks of Doba , Kelly Anderson of Startup Princess , Jyl Pattee of Mom it Forward (she started the #gno movement that happens every Tuesday on Twitter), Brandt Page of Launch Sales & Marketing , along with Jordan Guernsey and Brock Blake of Funding Universe , as well as myself will all be speaking.  It’s a great group of speakers and should be well worth your money – which, if you’re one of the first 20 from this blog, is, well, free! Need I say more? So why aren’t you coming? Click here to register!
    [Blog] Want to Come to Hawaii? I’ve Got a Great Excuse for You
    Anyway, I don’t mean to be pitchy on this blog – I don’t get paid for this, other than my travel being covered (and a great getaway with my wife).  I just thought Andy Beal made a great point – this is an opportunity many of you shouldn’t pass! I hear there’s no better time to visit Hawaii than October.  It’s just when things are starting to get cold in many states in the U.S., and I hear the weather is great there. Well, 2 great reasons: $97 and Double Bonus Miles on Delta. Expo at the end of this month in New York is $4-5,000 full price.
    [Blog] The Next “Facebook Platform” for the Modern Web, and Why Twitter’s Running the Wrong Way
    Blogger obviously survived and is now one of the largest blogging platforms on the planet. I’ve talked previously about “the web with no login button&# , a vision of the Building Block Web that follows the user where they go, knowing who they are and adapting as they move. With the advent of mobile, entire operating systems running on the browser, cloud-based personal information stores and APIs such as Kynetx to manage both user and application data for the user, we are so close to being where we want to be! However I think it’s much bigger than that.
    [Blog] PR’s Problem Is A Familiar One
    Jon Buscall has recently blogged, twice, about how web designers are a problem. Neicole blogs at  Coherent Social Media. Neicole Crepeau is a partner in  Coherent Interactive , which specializes in web, mobile, and social media design and implementation for small and midsized businesses. I’m not a PR person. That’s not my background or my training. I don’t have to be a PR person to know that the debate over PR and its definition is the same debate that other disciplines have had, with much the same resolution. PR Is More Than A Title. Take a title from my industry: “Web Designer.”
    [Blog] Underwear Models, Law Library, Twitter Bring Buzz to Diesel
    He maintains a blog that serves as a vehicle for his commentary on transitioning into professional life. Guest post by Jon Ivanco , a lawyer in training and entrepreneur. On Thursday, Above the Law broke the story of the Diesel underwear ads that came out showcasing the lovely Brooklyn Law School library. This story is continuing to pop up all over my Twitter feed that is cued to search “law school.” The reality of the situation is wherever there is a scandal, social media is there, front and center and ready to help spread it. The library could be any library. Sex sells. Should we?
    [Blog] Social Media: Plan Smart. Implement Smarter.
    You can connect with her on her blog. Guest post by Heather Whaling , co-moderater of #pr20chat. “If you build it, they will come” may have worked for Kevin Costner in “Field of Dreams,” but it’s not a wise approach to social media (or any communication for that matter). Yet, we’ve all heard stories about companies that simply created a Twitter account or Facebook page without a plan – only to be disappointed in the outcomes. It’s now the fourth quarter of 2010, which means it’s time to begin planning for 2011. But, a solid social media plan isn’t enough. Plan Smart.
    [Blog] Miracle On The Social Media Street
    imagine a time when there was no Internet or Twitter or blogs or Facebook or even email. Before you go off the grid for the holidays. or perhaps when you come back on after toasting in 2010. It is Christmas 1947 and the CEO of a major retail organization briefs the company's ad department. "No high pressuring and forcing the customer to take something he doesn't want. We'll be known as the helpful store. The friendly store. The store with a heart. The store that places public service ahead of profit. No, it's not a new Twitter customer care strategy. it was a Miracle On 34th Street.
    [Blog] Holiday Social Media Lessons From The Silver Screen
    think of a gentler time before the Internet, before Twitter, before blogs or Facebook or even before email. Social media teaches us lots of lessons. The big one for marketers is it is not all about the brand. it is all about the customer. As with so many lessons, we seem to keep relearning this one. Before you go off the grid. or perhaps when you come back on. It is Christmas 1947 and the CEO of a major retail organization briefs the company's ad department. "No high pressuring and forcing the customer to take something he doesn't want. We'll be known as the helpful store. Sorry. Sorry.)
    [Blog] Notes From AMA Mplanet 2009 - Mary Dillon, Global CMO McDonald's
    Social initiatives include  corporate responsibility blog, Values in Practice , launched in 2006, a new Happy Meal game (see below) which includes an online community and closed employees online communities. Last week I joined 800 marketers at the 2nd AMA Mplanet conference in Orlando. When friends asked if I enjoyed the weather in sunny FL after spending the previous weekend in single digit temps in NYC, I realized I had spent a total of 30-minutes out doors. Which must mean that it was a pretty good event! have so many notes so consider this the first post of an Mplanet mini series.
    [Blog] Fifteen Years of Online Social Interactions
    Blogs are the new medium for a person to talk about areas in which the individual has exhibited some level of expertise or even to articulate thoughts on subject matters that interest nobody but a small group of people. The cost: over $4k for a 386SX/25mhz with 170MB of hard drive space, 2MB RAM, a 2400 baud modem, and a 13″ monitor. I’m typing this blog post on a $750 Dell Inspiron 700m laptop (which I purchased nearly 3 years ago) which is lighter than the keyboard I used in 1993 and sports a high resolution despite its 12″ screen size. Thanx! That was in 1992.
    [Blog] 3 Vital Communication Questions Your Company Must Answer – Now!
    On my own blog at I shared a story of a brilliant CEO who changed the entire culture of his company and tripled shareholder value by involving every single employee in his 1000-employee organization in the development of a Values Statement and then by serving as the head Steward of the organization’s values.  The importance to Starbucks of playing a role in the larger world community is communicated by their commitment to their Coffeehouse community, complete with music blogs, connecting for causes and idea sharing. “Everything Communicates&#. Chicago.
  • C4LPT.CO.UK  |  MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2008
    [Blog] Social Media & Learning: Pt 1 Social bookmarking, networking and file sharing
    of ways, e.g. downloaded or embedded into web, blog, wiki pages or. in a web or blog page, slideshow or newsletter, you can search for. YouTube videos can usually be embedded into blog or. or blog page. share files, blog and discuss online. micro-blogging services , and in the. Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. Knowledge, Skills and Tools for the Learning 2.0 C4LPT Jane Hart keeps track of tools and technologies for. learning and performance support. JANE HART. WRITING & SPEAKING. CONSULTANCY. CONTACT INFO. GUEST MAP. ADVERTISE.
    [Blog] Digital PR Weekly Round Up
    From the Snapchat blog: Snapchat Stories add Snaps together to create a narrative. Each week I publish interesting items I found during the week. Tagging Facebook Brand Pages. This week Facebook announced a change that allows one brand page to tag another in a post, just as you tag your friends in a post. It’s a way to extend your audience with a tagged ‘shout out’ to another brand. When you do this your post will be seen by the fans of the page you have tagged as well as your fans. But it is certainly worth a shot. Why better?
    [Blog] My PR Thanksgiving List
    Bloggers have become an accepted part of the media landscape and blogs are now the number one source of trusted information and advice for women in the US. Every year at this time we gather with friends and family and take a look at what we’re thankful for in our lives.  It can apply just as much to our careers and work environment. Social Media:  We can connect with journalists, bloggers and the public in a way we’ve never been able to do before. We’ve got Twitter, LinkedIn and sites like MuckRack to help us with media relations. Happy Thanksgiving.
    [Blog] Sports Organizations Slow to Trust Bloggers
    Bloggers affiliated with established media outlets, such as the LA Times Sport blog and, earned less trust than traditional media outlets, but significantly more trust than independent bloggers, who were at the bottom of that scale. It seems that Baseball did not get the memo about the power of online influencers: A recent study of 127 Baseball teams found that although many independent bloggers, such as and Yahoo! There is a perception that independent bloggers are mere fans who don’t need a press pass to do their job. Image Credit: Emples Flickr.
    [Blog] Brands Find Twitter Effective
    and they’ve got a blog going and feeds and widgets up the wazoo and then it’s like, “Okay, now I ‘m all confused and I don’t know what to do.”. 300 people gathered in Los Angeles to find out more about using Twitter for business, entertainment, comedy and music, The panel on how brands can effectively use Twitter featured Starbucks, Kogi BBQ and E Online. It was moderated by Guy Kawasaki who quizzed the speakers about their business strategies, how tweets for the brand, how to gather and interact with followers and some of their favorite tools. That’s the biggest challenge.
    [Blog] The New Media Journalists
    Follow up with an immediate blog post that includes live video or audio. They are looking at news feeds, tweets, blog posts and comments to spot trends and find news ideas. A thoughtful post from Gina Chen , a 20 year veteran journalist, lays out clearly how mainstream media newsrooms should use social media today. Here are her six points: News must be immediate. Break the news on Twitter as it happens. Publish on multiple platforms.  See Jackie Hai’s list of what student journalists need to know. Be connected.  Be a curator of the news. Use crowdsourcing.
    [Blog] Job Boards Becoming More Social
    Utilize sharing features – On social media, you can easily share an article with friends, ‘like’ someone’s post, retweet a blog post, ‘favorite’ an Instagram image and so on and so forth. If you need a job, you most likely will turn to a job board such as, or Job boards allow you to search by job title, keyword, company name, location, whether you want full-time or part-time and more. The search can be as specific or as general as you like. Social media, though, is the new up-and-coming way to find a job.
    [Blog] Blogosphere Trends + Digging Deeper
    This column is written by Kimberly Turner from Regator (a great tool that gathers and organizes the world’s best blog posts). Each week, we look at the ten most blogged-about stories of the last seven days, as provided by Regator (which is turning two years old on Saturday!). Today, we’ll see how several great blog posts looked beyond the basics of these popular stories to give their readers more value and provide unique content. Post from: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. Tags: Pro Blogging News Darren. Let’s see some examples: Proposition / Prop 8. Chelsea Clinton.
  • SOCIALFISH  |  MONDAY, JULY 16, 2012
    [Blog] How to Boost Your Marketing Plan for Spectacular PPC Results
    When he isn’t reading or writing blogs, he enjoys sampling good music and good food. Courtesy of Pay per click (PPC) advertising should be an important part of any marketing campaign. A lot of people are scared of it, though, and rightly so. Failure to properly prepare for a PPC campaign can mean you’ll shoot a lot of money down the drain in record time. How do you keep this from happening? You can avoid disaster and court success by asking yourself the following three questions. How Does Your Audience Talk? If so, try testing PPC ads that use those phrases.
    [Blog] Content aggregation drives viewers, but can it drive profits?
    eMedia Vitals eMedia Jobs Blog Mobile advertising: What works? Blog Paywalls: a salespersons FAQ Article In frenzy over mobile apps, dont forget the mobile web Blog Reducing the fear factor in behavioral targeting eMedia Vitals Life Beyond Print.™ Article Apps versus mobile Web: Who will win? Reactions: 1 Comments 1 Advertisement The news last week that the Huffington Post surpassed the Washington Post and LA Times in online visitors affirmed what many media professionals already knew: There’s real business in aggregation. We don’t go after every headline.
    [Blog] Curation: The end of content aggregation as we know it
    eMedia Vitals eMedia Jobs Blog Mobile advertising: What works? Blog Paywalls: a salespersons FAQ Article In frenzy over mobile apps, dont forget the mobile web Blog Reducing the fear factor in behavioral targeting eMedia Vitals Life Beyond Print.™ Article Apps versus mobile Web: Who will win? However, there is a growing movement asserting that journalists and museum curators have more in common than meets the eye. After all, museum curators, like journalists, are often tasked with condensing complicated subjects into easily digestible and enjoyable exhibits.
    [Blog] Is Flipboard the First Social Aggregation Product?
    Tweets that mention Virve Digital » Blog Archive » Target Consumer Behaviour Online -- on Target Consumer Behaviour Online Tweets that mention Virve Digital » Blog Archive » Location based marketing on the web – Too early? -- on Location based marketing on the web – Too early? Sites I Like BookMyShift Google Seths Blog Twitter World Population Project Posts you missed Select Month August 2010 (3) July 2010 (7) June 2010 (6) Related Posts (YARPP) No related posts. The old saying that you are defined by the friends you keep? Ashton’s 5.3
    [Blog] Facebook's Zuckerberg: Privacy No Longer a “Social Norm”
    Claiming that online users have adapted to sharing information online via blogs and other social media, Zuckerberg said that “if he had created Facebook today, as opposed to several years ago, he would have made user information public, not private, by default as it was for years until the company changed dramatically in December,&# ReadWriteWeb reports. ’ “And then in the last 5 or 6 years, blogging has taken off in a huge way and all these different services that have people sharing all this information. Why would I want to have a website?’ Really?!…
    [Blog] Inspiration vs. Obligation: the Great Creativity Debate
    Should you force yourself at your blogging, even when you don’t feel the inspiration, or wait patiently for the muse to visit, hopefully before you lose your readers through neglect? I’m curious to hear how you approach this question. After all, blogging is about content, right? As you’re beginning, and getting a feel for either blogging itself, or your topic in particular, you might do well to try to write multiple posts at those times when inspiration strikes. This approach really comes into its own as your blog becomes a longer term project.
    [Blog] Facebook Goes Light, Seesmic Goes Dark - The Steve Rubel Stream
    even blogged about it here. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 10 Sep 2009 Facebook Goes Light, Seesmic Goes Dark Two sites. One, Facebook, goes light (in the US and India only for now). The other, Seesmic Web , goes dark. Which one do you like better? It seems like theres a splintering approach to web UIs lately, one light one dark. One simple, another more complex. just want to skin the web. design Facebook Seesmic social networking Twitter UI Permalink Tweet Comments 11 Comments Sep 10, 2009 Kosso said. Sep 10, 2009 Steve Rubel said. Kosso lately I want to skin the whole web!
    [Blog] Open chance to talk at TED
    There’s more details on the TED blog , but basically you upload a one minute video to Youtube or Vimeo, and then enter via an online form. This is rather cool. If you’ve never sampled the TED talks, I’d recommend having a look, as they definitely live up to the motto of ‘Ideas worth sharing’ on a huge range of topics, including creativity and marketing. And now there’s the chance for anyone to audition their own idea for a TED talk by April 25th. Crowdsourcing audition open ted talks vimeo youtube
    [Blog] Facebook, Play the Higher Ground
    On Twitter , Buzz , and on Scoble’s blog I was insisting there was a way to retrieve Email addresses via Facebook ‘s API. That’s because I truly thought there was.  In fact, I had this scathing blog post ready criticizing Google on playing games with Facebook (which I think is wrong and evil, too) when all Google had to do is embrace Facebook’s API, something Gmail has been reluctant to do for some reason. I was wrong. part of the problem is many users won’t even understand this, for which I sympathize with Facebook). Just do it.
    [Blog] Wired Campus: Computer Literacy Doesn't Mean Information Literacy, Report Says -
    Blog Offers Guide to Online Lecture Recordings From Great Universities. Search The Site. More options |. Back issues. Subscribe Day pass. Todays news. Current issue. Salary surveys. The Faculty. Research & Books. Government & Politics. Money & Management. Information Technology. Students. Athletics. International. Community Colleges. Special issues & data. The Almanac of Higher Education. Academic Life. Admissions & Student Aid. Campus Architecture. Community Colleges. Diversity in Academe. Executive Compensation. Information Technology. Short Subjects. Gazette.
    [Blog] Are You In This 90%?
    We’ve talked about various security issues on this blog because it is essential to online marketing. Sometimes it’s a good thing to be in the majority. But the 90% that was mentioned at the RSA Conference 2015 is not a good thing to be a part of. SC Magazine’s Adam Greenberg reported on the problem in his article, “ RSA 2015: Point-of-sale system security is lacking.” ” Default Passwords Should Be Changed. That 90% was the number of POS terminals still using one vendor’s default password. This particular password has been the default since 1990.
    [Blog] Ecommerce 101: A Review
    Ostapenko wrote “ Ecommerce 101: What you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask ” on his LinkedIn blog. Recently, Sergei V. It isn’t a big article, but it is a  helpful look at some of the stuff that can be helpful to a business trying to figure out selling online. think the more you read different expert opinions on things, the bigger your perspective is on approaching solutions for your own application. There’s always something new to learn, and that sure holds true with marketing and technology. The Basics. So what are we measuring and examining?
    [Blog] 3 Metrics More Important Than Keyword Rankings
    Late last year, Dr. Pete posted a blog post highlighting the 25 standalone features of search engine ranking pages. If you are still tracking keyword rankings, you may be in the minority, or at least in a dying majority. Now, you won’t see all of these features on a single SERP, but you will see them all on some type of SERP. He categorizes these SERP features into 5 major categories: Local SERP features. Advertising and paid results. Knowledge graph features. Vertical search results features. Miscellaneous features. think these are categorized this way for a reason.
    [Blog] How to mass delete Twitter direct messages. A premium Twitter feature in the future?
    This had me thinking, as earlier today Twitter CEO was blogged about saying “ Twitter lacks ‘clear long term vision &# about the idea of Twitter launching premium features for brands, businesses and media outlets. Today, @pipercarter sent a tweet saying “ Twitter needs to come up with a way to mass delete all of these fake DM’s. “ Ironically I sent her a DM saying there is a way to mass delete twitter direct messages using a site called [link] but it is not a feature from Twitter but a third party web tool.
    [Blog] One Social Thing Wrapup – Week of August 13th
    One Social Thing Wrapup – Week of August 13th is a post from: Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. Here’s what we included in this week’s One Social Thing daily email. Scroll to see the social media and content marketing articles you need to know. To get One Social Thing delivered to your email each day, please subscribe below. If you find a social media or content marketing story you think is a must-read, tweet it out with the #OneSocialThing hash tag. Thanks! – Jay. What was the big issue of the week for you?
    [Blog] Seven Keys to Creativity
    For further details on Tim and his work, visit his website, , as well as his agency’s website, or the agency’s blog, Lasting Creative Impressions. Tim Leake Interview – Part 3 of 3. New York City – Soho. Parts 1 and 2 of our conversation with Tim Leake have taken us through the creative process itself, the role teaching can play in understanding it, and even tips the Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Director himself uses to maintain inspiration on a daily basis. Dessert dishes lay nearly bare on our table at Bar Pitti.
    [Blog] Roll Call: 6 Most Influential Tech Company CEOs of 2013
    Since her appointment, Mayer has overseen 17 major acquisitions – including the popular micro-blogging site Tumblr. Year after year it seems like the headlines always read the same: huge growth in the tech industry. Well, 2013 was no exception. However, though prodigies Mark Zuckerberg get a lot of press, other tech CEOs are doing things that are just as amazing and noteworthy. These creative and driven men and women don’t always get the recognition they deserve, so let’s take a moment for a quick roll call. Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO. Neither do I. Larry Page, Google CEO.
    [Blog] Email Marketing: Are You Sure You’re Not Spam?
    Oh, and if you enjoyed this post why not sign up to my monthly newsletter in the big yellow box to the right of this blog! I spent most of this morning unsubscribing to unwanted auto-generated emails and e-newsletters. Some of them I have subscribed to in the past but no longer read or find relevant, and others I have never even heard of! UK Data Protection guidelines advise against sending unsolicited email broadcasts (called spam), and it was made illegal in the USA with the CAN-SPAM Act 2003. However, many businesses aren’t aware of this. So how do you prevent this?
    [Blog] Social Pros 22 – Evan Hamilton, UserVoice
    And the work I do, you know, writing our blog and I host events like Customer Service Breakfast , Community Manager Breakfast , here in the Bay Area, and some other events that we’ll be throwing soon. You know, I just published a blog post called “Say No To Your Customers” and the gist was really companies have this weird idea that they can not respond to customer feedback. And the things I write on the blog are really trying to answer questions or challenges people are facing. This episode features Evan Hamilton of UserVoice. Listen Now. Jim : Right.
    [Blog] Christmas Greetings
    Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful year in 2010. Wishing you peace and happiness in this holiday season and looking forward to connecting with you in the new year! Christmas Greetings. ProBlogger Site News
    [Blog] Apple iPad deliveries in Australia TNT
    If you see any “haul&# videos or photos or blog posts please let me know? Watching the iPad buzz building in Australia where TNT not FedEx are the delivery dudes. Steve Jobs is Father Christmas and TNT deliveries his sleigh.  I wonder if TNT know their staff member is doing an awesome job of building TNT brand love in the geeky and no so geeky communities online? they have been sitting in our depot for the last 2 days all leave has been canceled and we have to start work early on Friday (5am) the bad news is… there is no way we will be able to deliver that many in one day.
    [Blog] Facebook Open Graph: Washington Post and Future of Social News
    The new box highlights the articles, photos, blogs and other content most popular with Facebook users, who click a “Like&# button to indicate their interest. What would happen if you owned a newspaper but you asked your readers to do the distribution for you? The Washington Post has implemented the Social Graph from Facebook: Use your Facebook network on the Post Web site. Note to readers: Today you will find a new home page feature, at the top right, that allows you to create a more personalized, social way to experience the news. We call it Network News. Web 3.0,
    [Blog] Social Media: Will Be Focus of B-to-B Marketers in 2010
    Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply John Sonnhalter Welcome to my blog, Tradesmen Insights. Blog at to the professional tradesman in the Construction, Industrial and MRO markets Home About Me Contact Market Overviews Newsletter Podcasts Services Social Media: Will Be Focus of B-to-B Marketers in 2010 According to a recent study completed by Alterian in their 2009 annual survey ( get the full report here ), social media will become the focus of marketers in 2010. The survey covered 1068 marketing professionals. take my survey [link].
    [Blog] Stories From Smaller Nonprofits: Taylor's Tale
    Coupled with social media tools like blogging and Facebook, we've been able to reach more people than we would have ever imagined. Our blog, for example, garners feedback from people scattered across the globe. Write The Happy Ending (blog). The Back-story - Last week I met an amazing women, Laura King Edwards, who told me the story of the nonprofit she launched to support her little sister Taylor. Taylor has Batten disease, a rare neurodegenerative disease, with no known cure.  Because as Laura says, "Nothing should stand in the way of a dream." in St.
    [Blog] What IFTTT Teaches Us About Automation
    blogged last year about making a conscious choice to abandon Facebook as a marketing outpost in favor of Twitter, Triberr, LinkedIn and Google+. My motive was in the spirit of focusing on where I thought this blog really needed to be marketed. I like IFTTT ; the lesson (and value) clearly offered by the site is the need to simplify our online lives. The continuing fracture of social networks creates the need for bandaid solutions like IFTTT. Perhaps automated dashboards like Hootsuite, Radian6 and others offer the right solution. The point is make smart choices. Geekery
    [Blog] 3 Steps To Khoas Social Media
    Determine viral impact e.g., retweets, blog links, forum discussions, etc. d.  When I heard a colleague call social media a "consequence free environment" one word came to mind: Chaos. defines choas as: a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order. In the business world, where order and analysis are the basis of strategy, it's a small wonder why many marketers think of social media as their worst nightmare!    However, as is often the case of a Google search I saw something else.   Okay.
    [Blog] Age of Conversation 1, 2 And Get Ready For 3!
    This tale begins with two friends from opposite ends of the world who met in the virtual world of blogs. I'd like to tell you a story. Social media is all about the stories. One was from the middle of America and the other from down under in Australia. Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton had a wild idea to crowd source author. book about the new conversations that were changing the fabric of marketing. In 2007, they asked bloggers and people active in the new media space (social networks were on the distant horizon back in 2007!). About 100 people joined Drew and Gavin on their adventure.
    [Blog] Great Social Media Marketing
    When those stories and experiences involve brands, organizations, service then it becomes part of  "social media marketing."   The stories that are tweeted or blogged or put on a Facebook page are exposed to your expanded network. "We are moving from technology-centric applications to people-centric applications that conform to our relationships and identities. The social graph is enabling a new Web experience that will transform the way we work, learn, and interact across every aspect of our lives." let me tell you a story. famished.  not very high. promise you won't be disappointed.
    [Blog] Selling Soft, Willy Loman
    Look at your Twitter stream, how many mentions of a (client), self-Tweeting blog post or folks re-Tweeting of people passing along their blog posts? The same holds true seeing a blog post or client mention. If you produce great content for your blog or land a great hit, share away, just do it in moderation. You can also subscribe to the blog to ensure you receive the latest posts. « Previous Post Next Post » [link] Tweets that mention Selling Soft, Willy Loman | Jeff Esposito’s Blog — [.] Don’t believe me?
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