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    [Blog] Customer Stalking – When Is Your Twitter Response Too Fast?
    She blogs at Coherent Social Media. Schaefer that my comment on his blog wasn’t uploading. Guest post by Neicole Crepeau , an Online Strategist at Coherent Interactive. The other week, I was participating in Jay’s chat on social media. (It takes place every Tuesday at noon EST.) The exchange is below: @jaybaer #sm107 BONUS Q4. How important is speed of response on Twitter? And can a company be TOO fast = creepy? neicolec : Q4: If support problem, no reply too fast. If I made a comment, a fast reply creeps me out. sm107. Probably a lot of people do. Creepy.
    [Blog] Mail Today Story on How Social Networking is Changing Relationships
    Only the paparazzi appeared peeved over their failure in missing the scoop, as surfers lapped up the news on blogs, tweets and Facebook. I was recently quoted in a Mail Today story on how social networking is changing relationships. talked about three trends that I see: 1. Our many selves — real/ virtual, online/ offline, personal/ professional — are merging. 2. Our attitudes towards privacy are changing and we are becoming both more open and more accepting of others. 3. Here is the full text of the Mail Today story – WWW SOCIAL WEB WIDENS. Preetha Nair. EXPIRY DATES.
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    [Blog] Where to Begin…
    This thought comes from Scott Gould 's thinking blog for thinking people. Hey guys. I’m sorry for not sooner getting back to writing after our time in Finland with Like Minds Conversation Helsinki. Part of it is that I just don’t know where to begin. So I guess a good place to start is to first thank those who put in much of the hard work, my team: This is Jonny, James, Rachel, Jon, John, Jason and Claudia. The oldest in the photo is me (26), and the youngest is James (15). All of these guys are punching well above their age. felt it everyday that I was there. Yours, Scott.
    [Blog] Hoping You'll Ask Me to Dance | Almost Savvy
    Home About Testimonials Events Services Webinars Twitter Getting Started on Twitter Webinar Twitter Webinar: Tools and Tips (Intermediate Level) LinkedIn LinkedIn 1 – Getting Started LinkedIn 2 – Building and Leveraging Your Network Ask Calendar Contact Blogging Branding Business Career Facebook LinkedIn Networking Social Media Tips Twitter Lijit Search Hoping You’ll Ask Me To Dance Posted by Irene Koehler in Twitter on February 2, 2009 | 23 responses I didn’t go to many high school dances, but from what I remember, they were rather uncomfortable experiences.
    [Blog] Building Community Through Excellent Customer Service
    The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.Feel free to challenge me, disagree with me, or tell me I’m completely nuts in the comments section of each blog entry. StatCounter Blog Stats 66,103 hits Recent Readers View Entire Community Provided by MyBlogLog Pages About Angela Book Reviews Who is @Communitygirl? Blog at It was the best 15 minutes of my morning and I can’t say that I’ve had a better customer service experience. The call was unexpected but completely sincere. He could have easily lied about that, but he didn’t.
    [Blog] Kodak’s Social Media Success—and What Bloggers Can Learn From It
    With an active Facebook page , three corporate blogs , a couple of Twitter accounts, a YouTube channel , a Flickr profile and more, Kodak seems to be smiling pretty much all over the social media arena. Our blog launched in September of 2006 and our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presences followed in early 2008. Here’s what Tom Hoehn has to say about the concept officially called Kodak Convergence Media Ripcurl [PDF]: “You will note the words, Twitter, blog, Facebook, YouTube, etc. How do Kodak’s blogs fit? Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
    [Blog] Only the Passionate Survive
    Seth Godin’s recent blog post talks about passion in the workplace: “I don’t think there’s a relationship between what you do and how important you think the work is. Everything is good in the world of business and I am blessed. Maybe I just need a reboot? Maybe I just need something to push me into the realm of satisfaction? Maybe Maybe the key is… I’ll never be satisfied… and maybe I am okay with the notion of never stopping. Maybe it is just the stress of owning a small business… but maybe I am okay with that as well! Find another way.
    [Blog] Is Social Media Strategy Required or Redundant?
    disclosure: On a couple of occasions, my blog posts have been tweeted from his account) . Social Media Strategy That Actually Has a ROI. I don’t know enough about Guy’s Facebook, blogging, and other social media programs to understand how they fit into the master plan, but I can guess at how the Twitter program supports the business strategy, because it drives direct revenue. I don’t have a problem with  Guy Kawasaki. enjoy his books. His track record in business is substantial. We have friends in common. To which he replied: No. Or a Facebook strategy.
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    [Blog] Can Gamification Make You a Better Person?
    To help you achieve faster results, Payoff offers handpicked tools and blog posts to help you along the way and supplies motivational tools like badges and even cash prizes to keep you on track. No matter who you are, it’s safe to say that there’s something about your life you’d like to improve. Whether it’s learning a new skill, saving more money or improving your health, one thing always rings true…the road that leads to achieving your goal is often a long and boring one. In this article, we take a look at a few companies that are using gamification to help you become a better person.
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    [Blog] A Woman In a Man’s Sand Castle
    She also writes about the challenges of being a new mother abroad on her blog MummyinProvence. Today’s post is written by Ameena Falchetto. My experience as an entrepreneur in Dubai was largely affected by two factors. First, I am half-Egyptian, half-English which means I am often discounted by both cultures. Secondly, the company I built with John Falchetto was one of the most male-dominated businesses out there; we provided safety and rescue training for government and corporations. Hard hats, work boots, and lipstick. They couldn’t fathom that could be me. Where’s the man?
    [Blog] Planning a PESO Strategy with Integrated Teams
    By Laura Petrolino Any regular reader of this blog is no doubt well acquainted with the four media types and the use of the PESO model  to create an integrated communications plan. However, like many things in life, the hard part is translating theory into action. So I thought it might be valuable to walk you through a typical “day in the life scenario” of the Arment Dietrich team as we plan an integrated strategy. That said, the process I take you through below should serve as a template to use for your own team structure, internal communications pipeline, and PESO strategy needs.
    [Blog] How To: Backup Your Tweets and Make Them Searchable with Google.
    Scrape all of your Tweets and post them in a Wordpress blog which makes them both searchable in Wordpress and Googles SERPs. So now I can go back to any date and see what I was up to - music, films, blog posts, places, etc. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 11 Sep 2009 How To: Backup Your Tweets and Make Them Searchable with Google Calendar As I understand it, Twitter doesnt make more than your last 3000 tweets archived or searchable. Heres how you can do the same for yours, at least going forward. First, visit the Twistory site and enter in your Twitter username. Cool!!
    [Blog] 3 Ideas From Oreo to Infuse Creativity & Fun Into Your Social Media Content
    If possible, post the image with supplemental content linking back to your company’s website, blog, or a video on YouTube, Instagram, or Vine. Have the dog days of summer resulted in a creative roadblock when it comes to your social media content? They say good things come in three’s, so who better to seek creative inspiration from than Oreo. Long after generating worldwide kudos for the Daily Twist campaign and famed real-time marketing “dunk in the dark” sensations, this classic cookie continues to offer up engaging moments of wonder. OreoGooglyEyes #Oreo.”. OreoTechSupport.”.
    [Blog] Reading is fundamental
    Over the past two years I participated in a challenge that I heard about on my friend Arik Hanson’s blog to read a set number of books. Freedom is Blogging in Your Underwear. In each of the past two years I met my goal of surpassing 30 books in the calendar year which helped keep my mind’s creative juices flowing. This year, I have decided to take a step back and lower my number to 20 books with the hope to read something  that either brings me into more of an imagination plane of thought or to take me outside of my comfort zone. Home Buying Everything You Must Know. Out of Oz.
    [Blog] 5 Tips to Engage Your Audience With Push Messages
    Launch New Content Keep users in the app by pointing them to cool new content to check out, including audio, video, whitepaper downloads, new sales, blog posts, and more. If you’re doing your job well, you’ve already invested in a number of marketing channels, and you’re paying attention to which ones work. You probably also know that varying levels of consumer readiness and engagement can result in varying returns on investment. The paid search ads which once roped in a prospect have now become “noise” they sift through when searching for your content online. Quick—pull out your phone.
    [Blog] The Most Important Thing You Can Do.
    The other truth that I'm uncovering about reading is that tweets, status updates and Blog posts that tell you how to generate more Blog readers don't count much either. It happened twice yesterday. In the span of fours hours, two people I deeply respect said the exact same thing. Yesterday morning, I went to see Jeffrey Gitomer (best-selling author of The Sales Bible , The Little Red Book of Selling and every other Little Book of. business and management book) speak. Gitomer is pretty clear about what it takes to be successful. Gitomer reads a ton. He loves words. and don't stop.
    [Blog] 9 Persuasive Writing Tips for a Copy that Sells
    The post 9 Persuasive Writing Tips for a Copy that Sells appeared first on Writtent Blog. The most vital characteristic of copy that sells is persuasive writing. Once you have mastered the ability to weave words in a way that will persuade people to buy something, you’ve pretty much got it made as an Internet marketer. Persuasive writing is one of the most valuable skills you’ll ever learn … and, consequently, one of the hardest to grasp. Tell a Story. Image source. Stories are one of the best ways to connect on a personal level with your audience. Personally. Results.
    [Blog] Titles That Work on ProBlogger—And Why
    Many readers were interested to see the kinds of titles that do well here at ProBlogger, so today I thought I’d show you the posts that attracted a lot of traffic on the blog in April. 19 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Blog. Reasons No One Comes Back to Your Blog—And How to Fix It. Systematic Approach to Writing Successful Blog Posts. Natural language speaks volumes: The title 3 Reasons No One Comes Back to Your Blog—And How to Fix It quantifies a benefit, but it also speaks in natural language. wanted to get “blog” into this one.
    [Blog] So What’s The Big Deal About Google + Your World? Will It Kill Facebook And Twitter?
    So when I did a search for “ios 5″ on Google, not only did I see web pages and blog posts, but I also saw Google+ posts and comments on the operating system. Since no one appears to be using Google+, even writing blog posts like this one is essentially a big waste of time. Here we go again…Google treading in areas that it just doesn’t seem to “get” Don’t get me wrong. I am a HUGE Google fan, owning Android phones, using GMail as my email client, and Chrome as my primary browser. And, of course, I use Google as my search engine of choice.
    [Blog] Your Business: Customers of Future Past
    As you produce content for your blog, podcast, or social networks, find ways to say what you once said, but in a new way or under a fresh light of circumstance or story. It never was a good idea to think your customers wouldn’t be using social media or mobile devices. The idea has less accuracy now than ever before. Part of the ever-changing climate of business is that your customers also go through change: Their likes and habits. By attrition, whether physical or transience. Lifestyle desires or demands. In fact, you should. Find ways and opportunities to repurpose your content.
    [Blog] How 4 Social Media Predictions Impact Email Marketers
    Building an audience on more stable granted media like email marketing and hosting long shelf-life content on owned media like your website or blog is wiser at this point. Image via The social and email marketing channels are increasingly intertwined. So when I read this great collection of 30+ Social Media Predictions for 2015 , it immediately had me thinking about how they affect email marketers. Here are four of my favorite social media predictions and how they impact marketers’ use of email: ( Tweet This ). Tweet This ). Siloed messaging is dying. Tweet This ).
    [Blog] Metrics that Matter vs. those which Don’t and Web Journal Mid January – Feb 1, 2011
    Paul Krugman’s blog post on Shiny Lazy People recently).   But the same thing could be said about vs. mPACT for Influencers.    Klout is looking at a more narrow set of data signals coming from twitter making it more “correct&# in how it calculates influence via Twitter/Facebook activity, but less correct than more expansive approach (taken by mPACT ). I read K.D. recent M.I.T. Which reminds me, in little more than 3 weeks I will be speaking at Social PR in London , on February 28th on How to identify influencers & create brand advocates. Related articles.
    [Blog] Icing on the Cake: Merging Social Media and Direct Marketing
    The Customers Love Cheese 13 ½ Business Blogging Tips to Effortlessly Impress Your Readers and Skyrocket Your Sales. Written by Megan Ritter. When I worked for a technical school that was just entering the social media world, I had the pleasure of meeting the first employee hired to work in the new department. Although management was excited to have her on board, most treated her with the respect of high school yearbook reporter. Direct Marketing. Marketing is still the beginning of any campaign, but the paths have become more complex with the introduction of social media.
  • SOSHABLE  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011
    [Blog] Customer Service Complaints: Taking to Twitter
    For the consumer, the age of instant information – Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, et al – is a boon. It used to be, if someone had a complaint about a business, they’d have little recourse. Sure, they could go to the Better Business Bureau and lodge a complaint. Some TV stations and newspapers had consumer advocates who would shame companies into doing the right thing. But unless you were one of the lucky ones whose complaint got some airtime or ink, you would be lucky to be able to spread the word beyond your immediate circle of friends. Fact is, it’s easier.
    [Blog] Finally Unlocked- The Social Media ROI Formula
    Finally Unlocked- The Social Media ROI Formula is a post from Mr Ryan Connors Blog. At last, it’s been done- A simple, proven social media ROI (smROI) calculation for both B2B and B2C marketing efforts. Though this formula has been the bane of marketers for the past decade, we can now begin to quantitatively analyze the variables and bridge the gap of obscurity that has typically marred social media marketing. Liked e=mc², this simplified formula is actually an easy-to-digest abbreviation of a much more complex environment. Social Media Revenue. Million Little Pieces. What’s your smROI?
    [Blog] How to Nurture Your Creativity
    The truth is, if you’re blogging—or even planning a blog—then you’re already much more creative than a lot of folks. Right from the start, you’re also creating: the brand for your blog. your business plan and blogging strategy. And if you’re bootstrapping your blog (almost all of us are, when we start out), you may well be creating: your logo and site header. the look and feel of your blog (the fonts and colors you choose, for instance). Your blog will succeed or fail on the strength of your creativity. ebooks.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2011
    [Blog] Inside View Makes Your New Business Meetings Productive
    have access to their stock information, any tweets, and most recent blogs that mention them. I can get news, SEC filings, and more. The big SOBCon is happening as I type and, while I was unable to attend this year (forthcoming Spin Sucks Pro launch, cough), I did manage to make it over to the opening night party, hosted by Social Media Club , on Thursday night. tell you this because I quite unexpectedly, and very pleasantly, had the opportunity to meet Cindy King from Social Media Examiner. Notwithstanding her brilliant accent, she was a complete delight to meet. Check it out.
    [Blog] Listening Is Key, But Don’t Forget Your Research
    Let’s rethink engagement as a process that begins long before you post a comment to someone’s blog or show your face on Twitter. Which blogs are receiving comments and tweets? As you dig into the content you identify through monitoring, you’ll start to discover the content producers (whether it be through Twitter, a blog, traditional media or another social platform) who are mentioned most frequently, get the most comments and responses, and are producing content that is being shared by others. by Heidi Sullivan. Stage actors have an old, if somewhat crude, joke.
    [Blog] How to choose your hosting company
    If you are about to start your business or professional blog, the first thing you have to consider is your online presence. There are so many hosting services online that it is really difficult to choose the right one, but doing your homework always pays off in the long term. The hosting market keeps expending, various new services are being introduced every day. So how to choose what you need? First of all you have to consider the hosting package. One of the great features they offer is build your own website service which really comes handy for start-ups or professional bloggers.
    [Blog] Social Media Sommeliers – Choosing perfect pairs of social networks
    Here’s what Ric Dragon [link] had to say: “I’m of the mind that the Twitter/G+ combo is killer.  G+ is more open than FB, and it’s easier to share blog-type posts publicly. Twitter, Here’s what they had to say: Mark Schaefer - [link] “The biggest synergy that I see is between Blogging and Twitter. Building a Twitter audience is an effective way to build an audience for your blog. A well maintained social media presence is like a fine wine; it develops more character as it ages. However, just as certain wine characteristics mesh well together, others simply do not.
    [Blog] Tweeterati #11: Does India Have World Class IIT-IIM Faculty, or World-Class Politicians?
    pagalguy) emerged as the voice of reason in a heavily tweeted blog post when he made an. In last week’s Tweeterati column in Mail Today , I looked at the debate on whether IITs and IIMs have world class faculty: I grew up in middle class Patna, studied at IIM Bangalore, and taught at Georgetown University, so I. have seen all the three worlds firsthand. IIM did change my life, did help me escape from the small-town. middle-class dreariness I was born into. But, instead of feeling outraged at Jairam Ramesh’s comments, I. class jailors! Jairam Ramesh.
    [Blog] This Week in Infographics #71: Business, Healthcare and Psychology
    Blog Featured business healthcare internet mobile psychology science TV video This week we start off by taking a look at how internet downtime can affect retailers. Internet outages happen in a variety of ways that you can’t control, and if the internet goes down at your business you could lose a lot of money. This first infographic looks at how internet outages affect businesses and how adding a 3G/4G connection can prevent retailers from losing money during internet downtime. Next up, we look at how TV is changing our world. How crazy is that? Is TV taking over our lives?
    [Blog] This Week in Infographics #50: An Abundance of Awesome Infographics, Duh!
    Blog FeaturedThis week we start off by taking a look at some of America’s most famous leaders and their humble beginnings. For example, did you know that Benjamin Franklin had 16 siblings and was the son of a candlemaker? This first infographic highlights some of our most beloved leaders and their humble backgrounds. Next, we will look at space supply chain management. Supply chain management is used in almost every facet of business. This infographic takes a look at how it’s used in relation to space travel. Then, we take a look at the online revolution.
    [Blog] Can PR prevent white collar crime?
    Ever since I read about the recent Walmart debacle in Gini Dietrich’s Spin Sucks blog , I couldn’t help but think how the role of crisis communications may need to evolve. But I do think its incumbent upon those of us in our profession to at least try.   As a died-in-wool Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fan, PR veteran Elissa Freeman jumped at the chance to guest blog for a guy with the last name ‘ Esposito ’ from Boston.  A 20+ year PR veteran, she was named one of Twitters’ Top 75 Badass Females and Toronto’s Top 150 Social Media Influencers. This is a guest post from Elissa Freeman.
    [Blog] StoryStreamLab: MSLGROUP’s Social Curation Software
    People are creating a constant stream of social media content including updates, location check-ins, blog posts, photos and videos. We invite you to see the conversation taking place across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and blogs in one place, at I am delighted to share that we have launched  MSLGROUP ‘s proprietary social curation software StoryStreamLab at Cannes Lions 2013. StoryStreamLab: Social Curation Software by MSLGROUP from MSLGROUP. StoryStreamLab: Social Curation Software by MSLGROUP infographic.
    [Blog] How People Made 2010 What It Was
    Waxing UnLyrical has started taking on a life of its own, and its blogging team is growing slowly but steadily. 9. Shannon Pauls Very Official Blog Spin Sucks TopRank Online Marketing Blog Writing Boots - David Murray Love WUL? Oh, one other thing: my blog = my sandbox. And you take responsibility for your comments - just as this is my blog, those are your comments, not mine. My, time flies. In a bit of a reminiscing mood, these were the highlights of 2010 for me. 1. turned 40. And I liked it. 2. After nine years, I finally saw my sister again. In person.
  • FEVER BEE  |  MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2012
    [Blog] When To Design For Mobile
    On this blog visits from mobile account for 9.73%. Mobile is becoming more important. Yet it's still not even close to the most important thing you should be worrying about right now.    Not unless you're in Nigeria, Somalia, Ghana or another country where mobile makes up a significant chunk of your web traffic (like 40%+)  or you're targeting an audience which primarily access the internet via mobile. There aren't many of these audiences yet. If you excuse the hype, mobile accounts for 8.46% of internet traffic in North America. Focus on the big things.
    [Blog] Social Media Marketing Plan _1
    From social media networks to blogs, widgets, tweets and hot mobile apps marketers are faced with more choices than we ever could have imagined. A thought inspired by too much Halloween candy.  It seems every day brings a new shiny toy to try. and to confuse. Add a few traditional tactics. PR, email, advertising and search and the job becomes overwhelming. Overlay that with an internal structure  where functions are silo-ed by departments and you have a frightening disjointed marketing program. As we're seeing social media does not live only in PR or Marketing or Customer Service.
    [Blog] Social Media and PR: Are Journalists Quicker to Adapt? | Spin Sucks
    The dramatic evolution that journalism and PR have undergone since I was haring around the UK living on caffeine, adrenaline, and deadlines as an on-screen Sky TV reporter has been reinforced in Jeff Bullas’ brilliant blog on The 10 New Rules of PR. Last night I read a blog post from Roy Wells about how firms who do not consider ALL tools are doing a huge disservice to their clients. Pingback by Give your blogs more wellie with guest posts | Quest PR Blog August 20th, 2010 at 9:57 am [.] The Ghost Blogging Debate The Age-Old Question: Can I Pick Your Brain?
    [Blog] What's Wrong With Community Management?
    We mistake audiences, like those scene on Facebook, Twitter and blogs, for communities. broadly speaking, quite a lot. We spend too much time maintaining communities rather than developing them. The former is to respond to the e-mails and notifications filling up your inbox, the latter is to initiatve things and foster relationships that develop a sense of community. Don't wait for things to happen, make them happen. Audiences are audiences. They interact with you. community interacts with each other. They're two very different skills.  Don't do this. 
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    [Blog] How to Find the Right Color Combinations for Your Magazine or Website
    An added bonus is the COLOURlovers community that you can join to engage in forums, participate in groups and follow the COLOURlovers blog. 2.  “The main function of color should be to serve expression.” Henri Matisse. Color is an important element in design. Everywhere we go, everything we see, everything we touch—we’re surrounded by various colors. It’s easy to fall back on your personal color preferences when creating your design, but the most important thing to remember is that your design needs to speak to your prospective audience. What colors will draw their eye? COLOURlovers.
    [Blog] Aaron Strout's Bio
    In this role, Aaron continues with his speaking, blogging, podcasting and social networking activities with an eye toward creating awareness and lead generation for the company. Blog World Expo: October 16, 2009, Las Vegas, NV The Twitter Game - How to "Play" Social Networking and Why it's a Bad Idea AMA New Jersey - September 17, 2009 Climbing the Social Ladder 140 Character Conference - June 16-17, 2009 Twitter as the GPS for the Greater Social Media Mesh New Marketing Summit, Dallas - May 27-28 2009 I'm Your Customer and I Can't Hear You! Web Guild Web 2.0
    [Blog] An Easy Way To Move From Busy-ness to Business
    Do you know why you are attending events, connecting with people, blogging, tweeting etc? If I could offer you a quick tip that could significantly help your business - would you be interested? If I said this tip costs nothing but delivers everytime you do it - would you want to know more? Well here it is free of charge and with all my love x. Be intentional about your intent! Just think about your day. Think about the way you build relationships, think about the way you market what you do. Do you know why you do what you do? . Do you clearly connect your product/service. call to action?
    [Blog] What is a Google Penalty and How to Avoid It – 10 Things You Should Know
    Google can precisely determine the source of a sentence, so if you are using syndicated content on your website or simply copy pasting from popular blogs, your entire website will surely disappear from Google search. Too Much paid Posts: Google and other search engines do not like paid content so avoid publishing paid or sponsored reviews in your blog. So you have a couple of websites, which have been getting organic traffic from Google for a couple of years. Then one fine morning, you see a huge drop in hits. All your traffic has just vanished in thin air!
    [Blog] Video Presentation Skills - Jeff Korhan
     That's why you need to serve it up, and avoid cute little intros such as welcoming them to "coffee talk" (or whatever your blog theme may be) by making them endure 20 seconds of you sipping coffee.  They aren't subscribing to blogs; they are subscribing to YouTube channels.  That's why you need to serve it up, and avoid cute little intros such as welcoming them to "coffee talk" (or whatever your blog theme may be) by making them endure 20 seconds of you sipping coffee.   Why are these skills essential?  Why?
    [Blog] When the Prince Becomes a Frog: Protect your Social Media Sites
    Maintain in a safe, secure place the current administrator’s login and passwords for each social media outpost and any internal sites (web site, blog sites). The recent passing of two stalwarts in the social media community brought to light the issue of who holds the keys to your social media kingdom. Often your social media manager or “person” is the only one knowing the log-in names and passwords for your various social media sites. What happens when they are gone? Here’s a true story of an association that allowed one person hold all the keys and how it went very bad quickly.
    [Blog] Group Writing Project: Write a ‘Discussion’ Post
    Over the last week here on ProBlogger we’ve been digging deeper into the topic of ‘building community’ on a blog. See the series at: 9 Benefits [and 3 Costs] Of Building Community On Your Blog. The 5 Stages of Building a Culture of Community on a Blog [A Case Study]. Strategies for Growing Community on Your Blog. How to Build Community on a Blog: 24 Must Read Articles. What is a ‘Discussion Post’ This weeks series of posts has been about building community and deepening reader engagement on blogs. start a debate. Prizes.
    [Blog] 5 great articles you may have missed (March 4-10, 2013)
    Here is my list for March 4-10, 2013: Macro trends don’t matter so much by Seth Godin (Seth’s Blog) Mastering the Social Web by Starting Small by Meghan Dougherty (Firepole Marketing) 8 Reasons Listly Lists Are SEO Machines by Nick [.]. Every week, I share my favorite social media articles from around the blogosphere on Creative Ramblings. Great Resources Social Media best articles of the week
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    [Blog] The Truth About Branding (And Nothing But The Truth)
    Are they commenting on blogs, are they signing up for newsletters, are they coming to events that I throw, are they talking to me more? A MC’s hit television drama Mad Men is famous for its depiction of the hard-drinking, hard-working Madison Avenue ad man—the Don Drapers and Roger Sterlings of the world who churned out corporate slogans over pre-noon cocktails and pulls on their Lucky Strikes. With her firm preparing to celebrate its 19 th year, Fisher Roffer talked with me about the power of branding and the role of custom media in reaching your target audience. But how do we know?
    [Blog] Don't Forget To Be Human
    For my money, there's no better resume than a Blog, a Twitter feed or a Facebook page. Technology makes it easy to. Say "no." " Ignore somebody. Speak your mind without looking someone in the eyes. Be "off the cuff." " Quit. Be greedy. Spam people. Be rude. Blow someone off. Close yourself off from the opinions of others. Don't let technology makes us less human. We've had a tough week. From countries falling and people starving to weather warnings to seeing people we admire call it a day. All of us are in this together. What does this mean? That's me.
    [Blog] New gTLD Domain Name Forum Launched
    As you may know by now if you haven’t been following my blog, I’m a big fan of the new gTLD domain names, and especially the keyword-rich opportunities they provide. A New gTLD Domain Name forum has recently launched. The site, called gTLD.Link , is your everything link to the gTLDs. I’ve recently joined the forum, and so far have made several helpful connections through the site. Right now, there are domain name forums out there and they have areas to discuss the new gTLD domain names. Here’s a breakdown of the topics being discussed: Newly Acquired gTLDs.
    [Blog] Robert Scoble on Data, Algorithms and the Future of Marketing
    This interview originally ran on the Vocus blog. Robert Scoble on Data, Algorithms and the Future of Marketing. Robert Scoble and Shel Israel have written a defining book for the big data marketing automation era, the Age of Context ( read my review ). The two teamed on similar book in the early social media days called Naked Conversations that accurately predicted the forthcoming impact on business. Given their many successes over the years and the powerful ideas in Age of Context , we decided to interview successful blogger Robert Scoble. GL: What prompted you to write the book? agree.
    [Blog] Foursquare and The New York Times Archive Would Be a Great Match
    Shining a Spotlight on Video News Webmaster Tools: Updates to Search queries, Parameter handling and Messages Twitter data lets NPR glimpse a future of app-loving news junkies Shared Items Disclaimer The opinions expressed on this blog are Adam Sherks own and do not necessarily reflect the views of his company or its clients. The recent partnership between Foursquare and Canada’s Metro is a good early example of the potential that exists. Metro will provide Foursquare with location-specific editorial content such as reviews, tips and articles on points of interest. That’s just one idea.
    [Blog] Social Media Lawsuits Protect Yourself From Them | Guest Posts.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Protecting Yourself From Social Media Lawsuits July 21st, 2010 |Written By: Indra Gardiner | View Comments Tweet Guest post by Indra Gardiner , founding partner and COO at BG Creative. In other words put a copyright, all rights reserved on your content or the bottom of your blog.
    [Blog] Posturing Wastes Corporate Content
    Transitioning style — blogs, videos, social networks updates, etc. Blogging and creating content for popularity can make you “influential&# by certain algorithms. Image by lululemon athletica. Sometimes moving to a conversational medium can be hard. — to serve stakeholder groups can be extremely challenging. This is a legitimate challenge of moving from traditional to conversational marketing. But some marketers ignore the relational value of social content, and abuse these media to posture, positioning for influence and popularity rather than serving. Cooper
    [Blog] 5 Ways to Fan the Viral Flame
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Social Search Statistics from SES Chicago | Main | Firebellys Top 9 Blog Posts of 2009 » December 17, 2009 5 Ways to Fan the Viral Flame In the Igniting Viral Campaigns session at SES Chicago last week, Tessa Wegert, Interactive Media Strategist at Enlighten; Greg Finn, Director of Internet Marketing at 10e20; Denise Chudy, Display and YouTube Sales Leader at Google; and Jennifer Evans Laycock, Editor-in-Chief at Search Engine Guide shared techniques and technologies that enable companies to stand out and be talked about online.
    [Blog] Week in Review July 20 – 26, 2014: Posts and Podcasts
    One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on SlideShare. ConverStations blog posts you may have missed this week: Save Your Research Work on the Cloud – With TabCloud. Week in Review July 20 - 26: Posts and Podcasts from ConverStations and SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts. The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach. Pictures and Images and Words: A Thoughtography Assignment. Your Face is a Conversation Station. The Customers Love Cheese. Small Busines
    [Blog] Happy Social Media Day
    To all of you who have commented on this blog, subscribed, followed me on Twitter, met me at an event, attended Blogger Social or been an author in one or more of our Age of Conversation books — thank you. Today (June 30th) is Social Media Day — started by Mashable to celebrate “the one thing that unites us and keeps us in constant contact: social media. Whether Whether you’re an obsessed Instagram photographer, an endless Pinterest pinner or a ten-times-an-hour tweeter, Social Media Day is a time to recognize the digital revolution that has changed how we live.”
    [Blog] The Nominees for Bees Awards 2011
    Best Use of a Micro-Blogging Platform. Best Relationship With Blogs. In the category of Best Innovation, we find the campaign of Corona Light called “Most Liked” , which we wrote about on our blog. At Mindjumpers, we will be following the competition and keep you updated on our blog. Tweet Yet again, it’s time for the Bees Awards – The International Social Media Award Show – to start. And yesterday, the nominees were announced. The Bees Awards will be held in San Francisco the 3 rd of May. Best Use of a Social Media Platform. Best Use of Mobile.
    [Blog] Bitcoin Use-cases: Turning Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and the Blockchain into a Fully Functional Peer-to-Peer Internet
    Businesses will need to start preparing for this in order to adapt to this new model - I''m actually seeing some of the smart ones do this now, which I''ll talk about later on this blog. A lot of non-Bitcoin investors and people with little knowledge of Bitcoin are freaking out right now about the fall of Bitcoin''s value in the last 24 hours due to China forbidding deposits into their main Bitcoin exchange. I''m actually kind of excited about it, because I think of Bitcoin as more a protocol than I do a currency. This means it has long-term sustainability. Let me explain.
    [Blog] Join Diana Kander for a Special Author Q&A Today
    December Fun December wrapped up our year of themed monthly content on the blog, and we decided to have some fun. By Lindsay Bell Ok. Blah blah blah holidays. Yadda yadda yadda shopping. Yakety yakety yak Christmas! Are you all fed up to the teeth of hearing about it yet? ME NEITHER! I’ve have been seriously in the Christmas spirit this year. even shared a little window into the Bell-Wheeler family’s Christmas traditions , and some olden-days Christmas memories with you all last week! Call me crazy, but I think I looked pretty darn cute in that set of footy-pyjamas.
    [Blog] 5 Simple Ways To Get More Creative, Inspired And Smarter Every Day
    The amazing thing about Altucher is that his email offers up much more content than he publishes on his blog, and every one is worth the read for a myriad of reasons. Godin blogs daily, and having his posts pop up in my inbox every morning, provides a quick jolt of business, leadership, marketing and human motivation. You could spend hours scouring blogs, Twitter and Facebook for amazing links about media, technology and pop culture only to discover that Hirschhorn has already done all of the heavy lifting (and more) for you. Stop complaining about email. He''s honest.
    [Blog] Radian6 improvements – Here’s What we waited for – Finally Here!
    Keyword Proximity Capability : Instead of getting results for keywords that may be widely separated in a post and thus unrelated, you can configure your Topic Profile to determine how close to each other the words must be in order to qualify as relevant search results. With the proximity search feature, you can go into the Topic Profile Manager, open the Keyword Query Builder, and adjust the proximity slider to refine the search. This is a feature that has been asked for quite a lot and I asked for it over 2 years ago ( Marcel LeBrun’s comment is at the bottom of my post ).   ECommerce.
    [Blog] 4 Ways to Become a YouTube Expert
    Ileane and follow her on her blog, “ Basic Blog Tips.” She is highly regarded by Jon Morrow and his guest blogging course , where he includes here in his “little black book.”. I have had the opportunity to become an expert in YouTube SEO. It was almost accidental. In fact, I was shy about admitting it. There is a snippet of my story in the Resource #2 section below. It was after I had obtained success on behalf of well-known clients (who need to remain anonymous), that I decided to “own it.” In that way, you, too, can become YouTube SEO Experts like me. Resource 3: Udemy.
    [Blog] Fired Up Friday – 138 Days
    You already have a successful blog. You have 138 days left to make things happen this year. Look at your business goals. How are you doing? Are you going to finish the year with solid progress, wins, and valuable lessons learned? or… Will you coast into 2015 no better than you were on January 1st, 2014? The good news is that it is all up to you. You have time to fix the problems and get your business moving in the right direction. If your momentum has stalled: Get A Coach. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Pivot. Nokia was a paper mill. Try this. You win either way.
    [Blog] A Refreshing Checklist for Your Content and Social Media Marketing Strategy!
    Grab some ideas to upgrade your social media and content strategy, learn more about videos from experts, and learn how powerful guest blogging is. You shouldn’t hesitate to start guest blogging as well – it’s the most powerful drive for your authority. Hope you all had a great marketing week, and weekend is time for helpful reading. Stay tuned! Simple Story About the Power of Publishing Content on the Open Web. This personal content creation story stresses out that every simple person can grow into an online authority through writing.
    [Blog] I’m joining Tech Media as Director of Digital and what it means for TriOut
    Sutton is an active content creator and his blog has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Social Media and Technology blogs of 2010 and ranks among the AdAge Power 150.Sutton has been active in the Triangle, NC community as an event organizer of Ignite Raleigh, Triangle Startup Weekend, Triangle Tweetup, the Social Media Business Forum and the past Triangle Social Media club chapter president. Staying current with the ever changing trends in the technology community, Wayne loves blogging, educating and inspiring others. as their new Director of Digital.
    [Blog] Crisis Management Series Reveals Planning Key to Damage Control
    A few weeks ago, I finished a series on crisis and issue management on My Creative Team’s blog. Key to managing issues is to be plugged into media and the environment in which your company does business. Be aware of what regulators such as government officials are doing, and understand that even though you may manage issues well, a crisis will happen. Here’s the six in a series on crisis and issue management: How To Plan For Issue Management And Successfully Engage The Marketplace. What’s The Difference Between An Issue, A Crisis And An Emergency. What To Expect in A Crisis.
    [Blog] Newsjacking in a social media world
    He blogs at and the Wildfire Blog. Tweet. The PR industry is used to the term of newsjacking – the idea of taking something that is on the national news agenda (e.g. the budget, new legislation or even a event like the World Cup) and using it to get coverage or mentions for a brand. It’s a tried and tested tactic and can get good, short-term, results. Newsjacking is equally effective in a social media world however and with the luxury of not being dependent on third parties (e.g. The strategy is the same. Tweet.
  • ENGAGE  |  TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2014
    [Blog] What’s The Deal With Pain Points?
    Many marketing blogs suggest starting out by asking an open-ended question— much like a certain fastidious standup. For example, if you’re writing a blog for a health insurance company, and you know that a pain point for customers is that they’re confused about what medications are covered, a blog post about how to find out whether a medication is covered under their insurance addresses that pain point and recognizes those customers, without ever stating the goal outright. That’s not too far from what marketers do when they identify a pain point. Image: Flickr
    [Blog] Would you give up your passwords for a job?
    Maybe it’s a mention of a great weekend away on a blog, photos on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, a video on youtube of you being silly. A recent AP Newswire story tells the tale of one Justin Bassett who was asked by a hiring manager for his user name on Facebook. When she opened the site and saw that his profile was private, she asked him for his password. Bassett refused and withdrew his application, stating that he didn’t want to work for a company that would ask for such personal information. Apparently this is all too common. Some companies are a bit sneakier than others.
    [Blog] 6 SEO Hurdles for Retailers and How to Beat Them
    Other ConverStations Posts by Larry Alton: Shocking: Most Small Businesses Don’t Have Websites Dealing With Isolation as a Small Business Owner 5 Ways to Make Your Startup Attractive With Social Media Engagement Best Practices for Your Online Business and E-commerce Brand Identity: What It Is and How to Maintain It Blogging (Effectively) During the Holiday Season Note:  Occasionally, this site will publish a post by a guest author if the content, links, and purpose is to assist small businesses in building a better presence online or offline. Follow him on  Twitter  and  LinkedIn.
    [Blog] Social Media ROI Examples & Video
    Lee Oden, “Book Review: Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk,&# Online Marketing Blog. 3.  Rosen, “Be It Twittering or Blogging, It’s All About Marketing,” New York Times , 3/11/2009. by Erik Qualman. A big question out there these days is: What is the ROI of Social Media? Or the ever popular how do I measure the ROI of social media?  Then there are the naysayers that adamantly proclaim, “We aren’t doing social media because there isn’t any ROI.&#. Drafting off the success of the Socialnomics: Social Media Revolution Video – over 1.2 20-23.  25-28.  Jan M.
    [Blog] Illuminate the Unknown with Social Media
    Until tomorrow, Jeff Photo Credit - Photo Gallery   Tweet Subscribe in a reader See how were connected Start Blogging Today! Recent Comments Seo Services on Typepad vs Wordpress Series - Own Your Blog Jeff Korhan on Authenticity Guidelines Supra Skytop II on A Social Networking Theory Walter Adamson on 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding Walter Adamson on Authenticity Guidelines Jeff Korhan on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You? Freshman Student on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You?
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 27, 2010
    [Blog] Social Engagement Works - Jeff Korhan
      Tweet Subscribe in a reader See how were connected Start Blogging Today! Recent Comments Seo Services on Typepad vs Wordpress Series - Own Your Blog Jeff Korhan on Authenticity Guidelines Supra Skytop II on A Social Networking Theory Walter Adamson on 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding Walter Adamson on Authenticity Guidelines Jeff Korhan on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You? Freshman Student on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You?   Now consider translating that to your work off of the social networks.
    [Blog] Merging Your Social Media Communities - Jeff Korhan
    Until tomorrow,  Jeff Photo Credit: niallkennedy Tweet Subscribe in a reader See how were connected Start Blogging Today! Recent Comments Seo Services on Typepad vs Wordpress Series - Own Your Blog Jeff Korhan on Authenticity Guidelines Supra Skytop II on A Social Networking Theory Walter Adamson on 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding Walter Adamson on Authenticity Guidelines Jeff Korhan on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You? Freshman Student on What Does Your Blog Writing Style Say About You? Are You Inclusive or Exclusive?
    [Blog] Vox Media to acquire technology news site Re/code
    Re/code founders Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg announced the news in an official blog post on their news site, which they launched in January 2014 after splitting from the  Wall Street Journal  at a time when many star journalists struck out to create their own start-up media sites. Vox Media itself launched a blogging news site called with online commentator Ezra Klein, who founded Wonkblog at the  Washington Post. Vox, which is led by former AOL executive Jim Bankoff, has been raising venture capital recently to fund an aggressive acquisition spree. Acquisitions
    [Blog] Frustrated? Here’s 3 Steps to Understanding Your Customer
    Why do you think blog posts often start with Frustrated… or Simple…or Improve…or Maximise. What if someone asked you “ What do you want? ” You can have anything that you want? Would you specifically know? When the question is asked a popular answer is often loads of money…and when people say that to me I ask “Why? To buy what?” ” They don’t need money, they need money for something else… So why is this question so relevant to businesses…… Do you know what your customer specifically wants? Not what you offer.
  • SOSHABLE  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2009
    [Blog] 46% of the Digg Front Page is Controlled by 50 Websites
    He operates this Social Media Blog and is on Digg and Twitter , Reddit , and StumbleUpon. Blast. Recent changes and restrictions made by to encourage diversity in the range of users whose submissions reach the front page have had 2 profound results. Newer and less active users have seen their stories reach the front page, but the sources that are able to hit the front page have tightened. Despite tens of thousands of submissions every week, the last seven days have shown that 46.6% of the Digg front page comes from 50 websites, according to data accumulated on
    [Blog] The best tips for online writing with reference to famous celebrities (Article for training purposes)
    But you can learn how to nail your blog posts, get ranked first on Google and become a social networking expert by learning from generic celebrity X. You can also gain inbound links by posting comments on relevant blogs in the same subject area as your article, as long as you leave genuine and interesting comments and your article is relevant. Writing online, optimising for search engines and marketing your digital content via social media isn’t rocket science. And don’t forget to put your keyword first in your short and relevant headline.
    [Blog] How Top Brands Are Using Cinemagraphs for Unexpected Social Content
    Originally posted on Coca-Cola’s Tumblr , it’s been re-blogged over 80,000 times. While cinemagraphs aren’t exactly new, more companies are embracing the power of these mesmerizing GIF/video hybrids to generate engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Partly due to their creative nature, but also in response to Facebook’s autoplay video and Instagram’s ability to play videos on a loop, the end result offers a powerful incentive to test this medium in your visual content mix. Image via Ann Street Studio. When done well, cinemagraphs are elegant and eye-catching. Take a look. Chanel. Honda.
    [Blog] Resilient and Engaged, DHS Charts a Path Forward | Social Media.
    link] – Posted using Chat Catcher [link] tjohns06 (Tracy Johnson) Twitter Comment @briangryth @nahumg @qhsrdialogue @govloop @kasey428 @opengovnews @gquaggiotto thanks for the RTs of the DHS blog post. link] blog comments powered by Disqus « Previous Entries Next Entries » Popular Comments Featured Tags Identify the Right People to Manage Your Social Media Initiatives The Evolution of the Social Media Evangelist Twenty Theses for Government 2.0, web20 wiki Have This Blog Sent to Your Email! Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Government 2.0
    [Blog] Gin and Topics: TV for Dogs and Creepy Marketing
    received this video after I wrote Gin and Topics, but it’s so good, I had to revise the blog post. It seems we have a trend in Chicago. Every time it has snowed this winter (this is only the fourth time), it’s on Friday. wonder why that is? Mother Nature must be feeling generous to not make us trudge through snow all week long. Because, by Monday, it’s been gone. So here I sit, watching it snow, and hoping we get a little bit more so I can get the skis out this weekend! There are some interesting things for this week’s Gin and Topics. What a moron. 4.
    [Blog] A hand-lettered list of advice on breaking through your creative.
    A hand-lettered list of advice on breaking through your creative block from artist and writer Debbie Millman  (via  explore-blog ). creative block Debbie Millman
    [Blog] Receiving is the theme for March
    talk about relationship building on this blog a lot and cultivating trust. Last month’s theme was giving. I was asked by one person why I chose to focus on giving in particular. Wasn’t I already giving and if so why should anyone focus on it more? I do a lot of giving actually, but I think you can always learn something about something you do and choosing to focus on giving as a theme gave me a chance to examine my own approach to giving. Thus focusing on giving helped me focus on how I could give to my networking group and also be more giving in general. What about you?
    [Blog] How to Make Social Media Infographics That Get Noticed
    We’ll link to some of it here in the blog post that we write around the video. When I started blogging I was writing for about six months, so I started the blog I guess about three and a half years ago. This idea that they’re going to actually read your long blog post is mostly a fallacy, which breaks my heart because I typically write longer posts. If we’re subscribing to hundreds of blogs, it’s physically impossible to read all that stuff. Just like you would do a series of blog posts. Fast, inexpensive, great service. those.”
    [Blog] 31 Clever Ideas From 9 Communities
      There aren't many new books, blogs, podcasts, or twitter accounts on the topic.  Syndicate the Twitter/blog feeds from your members into a single place within your community. Mumsnet has 5k parents blogging for them through this.  From the outside, you might think the community space is short of ideas.    We know this isn't true. There are lots of great new ideas. Most come from communities too busy doing the work to talk about it. Here  Here are 31 clever ideas from 9 of my favourite communities. 
    [Blog] How to Price Your Services and Earn What You’re Worth
    If you choose not to pay but love the book, consider sharing it with other freelancers, consultants, and people who struggle with pricing in their business by writing a review on your blog or sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review for a book that I really enjoyed reading and got some great ideas from. I’m publishing this review because I know you will get value from it as well! One of the things many freelancers and small businesses struggle with, myself included, is pricing. How do you determine how much to charge for your services? Business
    [Blog] What ARE Influencers Good For?
    The post-influence bubble decrease in traffic occurred because many found Quora’s product to be less interesting than advertised (and somewhat misrepresented as a blogging service ). There exists a hype bubble about the role of “influencers&# in an online marketing program. Influencer attention can’t sustain a community over the long term, and using them often fails to produce strength of online community and actual business measurements. It’s important to understand what influencers achieve in the larger social context. Far from it. The ship labors off the coast.
    [Blog] The Biggest, Yet Never Mentioned, Benefit of Content Marketing
    If you would like a piece of his mind, visit  Feldman Creative  and his blog,  The Point. We can pretend we’ve all accepted the commonly understood benefits of content marketing. But we’d be pretenders. Let’s deal with the digits.  Content marketing can help you make money. Planned and executed by marketing professionals, your content marketing efforts will  drive traffic to your site and increase leads.  It’s capable of playing a role in helping you better qualify leads, too. But rather than talking about making money, I want to focus today on making  more  money.
  • SOSHABLE  |  SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2011
    [Blog] Tumblr Frustrations: Please Get It Together
    Dear Tumblr: I know you’re growing faster than any blogging platform ever. Mark this down in the “ranting because something just pissed me off&# category. There’s not a whole lot to say and this post will be short. know that you’re working out the problems and that the tremendous service load put onto your free service is on par with the largest sites in the world. know that you handle most situations with class and are apologetic when things go wrong. At some point soon, the patience will run out. When does this end? WordPress doesn’t have these problems.
    [Blog] The harsh reality for black entrepreneurs in the web/tech space. Your chances of raising startup capital are slim to none. Someone prove me wrong please!
    Launch a hip hop or Urban platform or urban blog/website or urban video site. Flickr photo by By rickz. Let’s start with some facts: African Americans make up 1% of Internet company founders nationally. source ). Whites make up 87% startup founders, with Asians make up 12% ( source ). Minority angel investors account for 2% of the angel population. source ). Minority-owned firms represented 6% of the entrepreneurs that presented their business concept to angel investors. source ). 92% of venture backed startups are male ( source ). Black unemployment: Highest in 27 years ( source ).
    [Blog] How I’m Building My Press Distribution List
    Her background is in marketing and creative writing, and she riffs about writing right at her blog,  Write Right  (so write right, don’t make her use her red pen). I don’t have a background in public relations, but my current position as the marketing communications manager at TouchSystems requires some PR skills. One of the primary aims of my position is to increase the company’s brand recognition and presence. One of the ways I’m doing that is through press releases about new products, changes to existing products, or developments at the company itself. Is my method the best one?
    [Blog] ViperChill Monthly Report 8
    However, June is a new month and I’m ready to get back into work-mode and see where I can take this blogging case study. The top 10, were: ViperChill: 924 Viral marketing: 584 viper chill: 288 wordpress seo: 258 cloud living: 215 guest blogging: 126 glen allsopp: 122 outsource: 97 hqhow: 75 social media strategy: 60 While search engine traffic is still a tiny portion of the traffic that arrives at ViperChill, it is growing steadily month on month with the number of referring keywords increasing by another 25%. Cant wait to see what you do with this blog.
    [Blog] 4 Social Media Quotes and Responses to Them
    Every article, page, blog or video offers something we have not seen before. (Or, in some cases, something we have seen many, many times before and just need to see again.). Below are some popular social media quotes and my reactions and responses to them. Like any popular social phenomenon, social media has spawned a number of great minds to share their words of wisdom with tweet-appropriate brevity. Below are four social media quotes from industry leaders and observers and my reactions, interpretations or responses to them. ” -Kellie Elmore. Vanity has long been in existence.
  • FEVER BEE  |  MONDAY, JULY 22, 2013
    [Blog] Almost Every Branded Community Fails – Some Case Studies
      EasyJet launched a community which was actually a blog. I recently searched for “online community” on a marketing site. It gave me a long list of organizations which have launched a community over the last five years.   Here is a quick summary of the first 12. The link no longer works. Arsenal FC launched a community with 10Duke to 'add value' to existing memberships. The link no longer works. BBC created a community called Soup for aspiring comedians. The website is still there, but the site has been closed to new contributors. The link no longer works.
    [Blog] The Albert Einstein Guide to Social Media | Brass Tack Thinking
    We all wish that you could just throw up a blog and instantly see a lift in your sales numbers, but it doesn’t work that way. That’s where you find good case studies.-= Joe Boughner´s last blog. That’s where you find good case studies.-= Joe Boughner´s last blog. Tabitha Dunn´s last blog. Tabitha Dunn´s last blog. Jack Hadley´s last blog. Jack Hadley´s last blog. Thank you! -= Melissa´s last blog. Thank you! -= Melissa´s last blog. David Wiggs´s last blog. Trust.
    [Blog] 5 Things You Should Know About Headlines
    Whether you’re talking about blog posts, static web pages, social media content, or something else, your headline has the potential to attract loads of traffic or to send it away to another corner of the Web. Headlines and title tags are important web page elements. You hope you’ll attract the traffic, but to do that you need to understand some basic things about writing headlines. Here are 5 things you should know about headlines before you start writing them. The headline’s job is to entice the reader to read your content. Don’t mince words.
    [Blog] Checking Authorship Stats In Google Webmaster Tools
    That’s one more reason to be guest blogging. Webmaster Tools is a lot more useful now since Google quit providing keyword data in Google Analytics. What can you do in Webmaster Tools? One thing you can do is check your authorship status. If you aren’t familiar with Google Authorship, get your primer here. Authorship is important for a number of reasons, but in case you didn’t know, you can follow your Authorship stats in Webmaster Tools. This is important because the fact that you can do so legitimizes Google Authorship beyond anything else. That’s the overview.
    [Blog] Using Twitter As A Research Tool
    You can use it to find information to write about on your blog or to find new markets for your business niche. Did you know you can use Twitter for research? It’s not just a marketing tool. You can use it for keyword research, market research, competitive research, or any kind of research where you need actionable data and information. Here are a few ways to use Twitter for conducting research: Twitter Search - Twitter has a search feature. You can search for any kind of information. Hashtags – Search for your favorite hashtags. You can tailor them by changing your settings.
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