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    [Blog] Changing the Way Blogging Works (for Me, at Least)
    This is where all of the blogging and consulting began. Charlie Gilkey has some thoughts on blogging, where we have been and how Social Media has changed things. Blog Conversation, Fear, and Going Back to Where We Started. Are conversations across blogs dead or is there a chance they can be revived? I’ve been thinking about some version of that question for the last two years. While I’m not one of the true blog elders, I’ve been around long enough to experience what blogging was like before the rise of social media. In many ways, I liked it a lot more.
    [Blog] Woah!! futurescope: Google self-driving cars pass 300,000 mile.
    Posted on Google’s Official Blog: They’ve covered a wide range of traffic conditions, and there hasn’t been a single accident under computer control. Woah!! futurescope : Google self-driving cars pass 300,000 mile mark. via dvice : Google’s self-driving cars are on the up and up. Google revealed today that its dozen of self-driving cars have collectively driven over 300,000 miles without any accidents, paving the way the towards a safer future on the road. We’re encouraged by this progress, but there’s still a long road ahead. read more ] [ googleblog
    [Blog] I Have Been Invited to Contribute
    My friend and colleague Brad Shorr has invited me to share some writing duties over at B2B Insights, a new blog focused on provided Business-to-Business marketing and operational advice. Take a look at the kind of material you can expect from contributors like Brad: How to Make Content Marketing Pay Off in B2B | B2B Insights Blog. Business Development B2B blogging Brad Shorr Content MarketingAll of Joe’s insights are tremendous, but I’d like to elaborate just a bit on three points that B2Bs should pay particular attention to. 1. Less Content Is More.
    [Blog] When You Want to Be Your Own Boss
    Continuing to his blog post, Todd wrote about his company, Shift Communications, leaving corporate ownership for employee ownership. When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. by mjoy710 Related Stories Why B2B and B2C Connections Are Meaningless Reviewing 10 Restaurants on Facebook 6 Guest Blogging Emails That Suck. August 6, 2012 marks the date when Peter Kim and Todd Defren announced their freedom. Peter went first. I’m a free agent fb/17Xh6. — Peter Kim (@peterkim) August 6, 2012. Todd went next. NeOqtS.
  • DIGITAL DIVA  |  MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012
    [Blog] From work to personal
    In my last post I talked about moving my digital marketing blog over to Wordpress. But the important thing for this blog… is that I’ve decided finally on a use for it. This has been going really well and I’m very happy with it. . You can check it out at - I’m basically posting lots of digital marketing stats, research and insight up there. It’s going to be a bit more personal (hey, not THAT personal!). And we’ll begin
    [Blog] Why B2B and B2C Connections Are Meaningless
    When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. Comments Comments Related Stories Reviewing 10 Restaurants on Facebook 6 Guest Blogging Emails That Suck. Mark Schaefer writes about his love-and-hate relationship with Home Depot. He explains how he bought plants with a 1-year guarantee. The plants died within the year. He returned to the store with a picture to ask for a refund and was informed that picture could have been from anyone and he would need to dig up the dead plants. Mark felt betrayed by his friend. It’s somebody I thought I could trust.
    [Blog] Experience Teaches The Teachable
    “I am NOT sharing what I think on a blog. Smart stuff from one of my Google Plussers, Todd Schnick: Experience Teaches The Teachable (aka Sellable). Why would they ever hire me? On why they can’t share their knowledge with content marketing… “Free samples? Are you nuts?” ” On demonstrating product… “Be careful to whom you give those brochures out to. Those things were expensive.” ” On collateral, catalogs, brochures… “If all you are going to do with my business card is scan it, can I have it back?
    [Blog] Social Media from Maui to Mars at MWEPsm
    We’ll get your Twitter, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram accounts all sorted out and polished up! We started here on Maui, and I gave a beyond the 30,000’ view – we got far out and a little wacky to create a social media experience – not just talk about it without interaction! And yes, Mars did come up. Like most successful social media events, it took a village! Mahalo to these folks in particular who came early and stayed late to help produce this event: Jill Carl, Outgoing President of MWEP. Billy Armour, Soundwave Maui for the audio tech. likes · 0.
    [Blog] Parsing Social Media Networks in Two Dimensions
    The In Context Blog. The Premium Content [link] for 7 August is all about how I have been using various Social Networks & how you can analyze your own use. Changes are  coming. I am going to do an experiment with editing my audiences in Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, the point being that not all content is appropriate for each of those audiences. If we become disconnected here it is likely that we remain connected on a different platform. encourage you to take a look at what is on each “channel” and decide for yourself what is going to be most appropriate. link].
    [Blog] Introducing: The SCG Summer Interns
    This year, we've decided to turn over the keys to the blog castle for the rest of the summer to the team and let them tell you not only what life is like here at SCG, but let them deliver the social news that's important to them. We've got a whole new crop of interns here at SCG this summer. You may still hear from the regular voices, but don't be fooled - this is all about them
    [Blog] Pins to Purchases: Using Pinterest for Your Business
    Add links—make sure to link to your website or blog. Over the past several months you have undoubtedly heard the hype of Pinterest, America’s newest hot social network. Pinterest allows its users to share and discover their interests via highly visual content by pinning items to a virtual corkboard. As simple as it sounds, it is an extremely powerful tool to brand your business, large or small, and even drive sales. Many people didn’t think that Pinterest could drive web traffic, let alone sales, but it has done both to such precision it’s leaving other networks in the dust. Big mistake!
  • THE BLAKERY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012
    [Blog] Breaking Bread With Your Anxiety
    share these incredibly honest thoughts with you because–while this blog might seem unnecessary or inane to some–if I can inspire one woman out there to take better care of herself, I’ll know I did my job. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve changed the way I “keep the patient comfortable” [as Geenen Roth calls spiritual self-care]. wish I could tell you that I don’t have moments of panic, anger, sadness or insecurity, but I do. have moments where I feel panicked. Name It. What does the anxiety or fear look like? Is the anxiety in your throat?
    [Blog] Social Media Gets the Gold for the 2012 London Olympics
    According to Twitter’s UK Blog , there were more mentions (tweets) on the day of the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics than there were during the entire 2008 Beijing Olympics. The numbers are captivating, but how else have the Internet and social media affected the Olympic games? If you’re worried about missing coverage of your favorite Olympic event, think mobile! The delay of the event coverage on TV can be irritating for some, but this is the first time that all of the Olympics are being streamed live online.
    [Blog] #MySMCStory: Social Media Club and Me
    Eight years after building my first website, I began blogging 2004 on a now-deleted LiveJournal community. facebooking since 2005, and tweeting since 2008, and, partially because people kept coming up to me and telling me they followed my blog or enjoyed my tweets, I knew I was respected as a thought leader. When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. The year was 2009 when I started walking down the road toward self-employment as a digital media auditor, marketer, and trainer. Fred Wilson. link]. May 2009: MSNBC resume: [link]. grew too.
    Anyone reading this blog know this. Tweet It’s not news that people are using social technology. It is changing how we live and communicate, giving voice to the voiceless. But what a new McKinsey Report report reveals is what business are discovering about knowledge workers using social technology. It’s making them more productive by streamlining communication and collaboration, lowering silo walls and redrawing enterprise boundaries. Here are a few other statistics from the report: Estimates suggest there are more than 1.5 billion social network users worldwide. Opinion
    [Blog] Social Media for Small Businesses That Don’t Have Time for Social Media
    would estimate that I spend about 30 hours a week on theBizEngine blog, Twitter feed, Facebookand various other platforms in order to promote our content and have conversations around small business. Even if you have a handful of employees you need them to be working in and on your business, not trying to figure out a Facebook strategy or writing blog posts. I found this little gem on Twitter the other day: Your Small Business Should Hire A Dedicated Social Media Expert. Instead, look for a deep understanding. They also need to have one heck of a work ethic. We can help!
    [Blog] This Week In Infographics: Partying Like A Rock Star and Going Green
    Blog Featured Apps Bono Elton John gambling gaming Green Mariah Carey mobile money Paul McCartney reduce resue recycle rock star wild westPlenty of infographics this week. To start us off, we have one that explores the world of rock super stardom. What makes a rock star? Who are the wealthiest of them all? This infographic delves into the lifestyles of the rich and famous and what made them so. Next up, the ever growing market of mobile gaming app development rears its head. We follow the success story of Hothead Games and their pivotal rise to the top. Read on to find out more.
    [Blog] Blogging Tips from @jennimacdonald – One Year Later!
    This is a blog post by one of our favorite people in the world, Jennifer MacDonald aka @jennimacdonald. Jennifer did a vlog post (video blog post) for us exactly one year ago today about blogging tips. How To @jennimacdonald Blogging Jennifer MacDonald tipsBecause she’s super organized, … Continued.
    [Blog] Low Level Tactics for Increasing Your Presence
    Seth’s Blog: Feet on the street. Write a blog every day, not to sell, but to teach. The complement to the brilliant strategy is the thankless work of lower-leverage detail. An organization with feet on the street and alert and regular attention to detail can build more trust and develop better relationships than one than hits and runs. Contact every user who stops using your service and find out why. Create a newsletter for every journalist who covers your space, and deliver it every three weeks, even when you’re not asking for anything. Just to keep them in the loop.
    [Blog] How to disrupt your saboteurs
    behavior Blog business business development meditation positive intelligence pq techniques Taylor EllwoodI like to think of myself as a fairly positive guy, but I can also be my own worst enemy. I was reading Positive Intelligence last week and the author describes the saboteurs…there’s ten of them and we have them all to one degree or another. At the top there’s the judge…he/she/it judges everything, and then the rest are basically accomplices. And restless. Let me tell you I’ve been a restless person for a long time. And controller speaks for itself.
    [Blog] Why Blogging And Social Media Go Together
    Blogging has often been called the bridge between social media and search engine optimization. With blogging you are feeding the search engines every time you create a new blog post. If you blog once a day, that’s a new web page on your website. The blog pings a list of services that help the post get crawled and within hours your blog post is indexed and searchable in the search engines. But a blog also has other characteristics that static web pages don’t have. It seems that blogging and social media were made for each other.
  • JUGNOO  |  SATURDAY, JULY 28, 2012
    [Blog] TGIF Fun Fridays: Social Mix Hangover Edition
    Ladies and gentlemen, you rocked our collective socks so hard on Thursday that we can barely summon the energy to do this epic event true justice in a wrap-up blog post (for now, at least). TGIF Fun Fridays: Social Mix Hangover Edition originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social through crm under a Creative Commons license. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts – if it was up to us, you’d all get a thousand ‘likes’. But, before we go, we want to set the record straight, it wasn’t us who broke Twitter. We swear.
    [Blog] How And Why Great Content Works
    In other words, if you write a blog post and find out three days later that it has attracted thousands of unsolicited links, there’s your great content. Great content is everyone’s goal. That is, everyone who attempts to market their business, product, or service online. But why is great content so important? Can’t you do the same thing with mediocre content? That seems like a silly question, but there is a lot of mediocre content on the Internet. And a lot of bad content. After all, not all content can be great. It’s content that gets attention without effort.
    [Blog] This Week in Infographics: Show Me The Money
    Blog FeaturedThis week our theme is money, but not necessarily about having money, more about losing it. First we will take a look at a side by side comparison of the Great Depression and the Great Recession. It has been said that the two are very similar, but I’ll let the statistics speak for themselves. Next we’ll look at if college is still worth it. This seems to be a question that many young adults have been asking lately. With the job market still suffering from the recession, many people are foregoing a college degree. Source: Best Public Health Schools.
    [Blog] Meet Our Team: Taylor Hinkle
    Read some of Tayor’s recent blog posts: How to figure out which social networks are right for your business. Tweet Once again, we’re proud to feature one of the minds behind the great braintrust that is One Social Media. In order for you to get a better idea of who we are as a company, we are continuing to highlight the great members of our team!  Last Last time, we featured Mike. Today, I want to give a shout out to our great project manager Taylor. The YouTube feature that might just ruin your life. Clean up your f Facebook profile. How to use visuals in social media.
    [Blog] Why You Should Link To Social Media
    There are two primary reasons you should link from your website or blog to social media websites : It builds your social authority. This includes your website and blog, but it also includes social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Are you linking to your social media profiles? If you’re like most small business owners, then the answer is no. In fact, fewer than 20% of SMBs link to social media profiles, and they’re making a big mistake. It’s good SEO. Your Social Authority. In that social graph are all the places you hang out online.
  • SMTHREE  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2012
    [Blog] Social Media is a team sport
    Yes, we know that “content is king” and that every single stinkin’ day someone writes a blog about the need for “engaging” content that gets your followers to participate and share. I have been fortunate to work with a variety of companies/non-profits at the beginning of their Social Media journey. They have recognized the importance of Social Media in their overall marketing strategy while realizing that it is only a part of the plan. Too many companies (and gurus, mavens, ninjas, etc) see Social Media as the lead dog on the marketing sled. It is not.
    [Blog] Know Before You Go: How Keeping Tabs on the Ticker Can Help Sidestep Social Media Shame
    Brands should have an editorial calendar that details what will be posted on the blog, Facebook and Twitter over the coming weeks. Smart, savvy social media marketers know brands need to plan ahead. It takes planning and time to craft the perfect content to share with the community. But smart community managers also know that there are times all this has to be thrown out the window
  • ARI HERZOG  |  MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012
    [Blog] Why Livefyre is Here Again
    I installed Livefyre on my blog in July 2011. My blog metrics indicate that you are very likely to visit this blog after clicking a link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social platforms. When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. Comments Comments Related Stories …and Blog Comment Spam Continues Guest Bloggers Wanted Councilor Ari Herzog is on Facebook. Blog News commentsThe comment system remained for three months. Today I bring it back. How to comment with Livefyre. 1. Post your comment. Need help?
    [Blog] SEO: The Same Today And Always
    Others are people who giving advice based on blogs they’ve read and outdated information. Search engine optimization has a bad reputation. Many people don’t trust it and it’s largely due to bad advice that SEOs often give. Some of those SEOs are shady characters who just don’t have any ethics. Others are just people with their hearts in the right place but not experienced enough to give solid advice. One piece of advice that is often passed around and shouldn’t be is to change your SEO tactics based on major Google updates like Panda and Penguin.
  • JUGNOO  |  FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2012
    [Blog] TGIF at @JugnooMe – Fun Friday Green-Eyed Monster Edition
    Needless to say, all of us here at Jugnoo are big fans – and based on the response to her guest blog last week, it looks like you are, too! Normally, I’d suggest that you follow them on Twitter, or stop by their blogs and give them a digital pat on the back… but wouldn’t that surge in popularity be a little antithetical? TGIF at @JugnooMe – Fun Friday Green-Eyed Monster Edition originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social through crm under a Creative Commons license. You are lucky to suffer from jet lag!
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2012
    [Blog] Social Tracking Made (Almost) Simple With Google Analytics
    Stay informed about the relationship between your content and the social web by subscribing to the Engage blog and following TMG on Twitter. There are many ways to track your social media efforts — Hootsuite,, Facebook Insights, SEOmoz, Klout and the list goes on and on. But since you are already using Google Analytics to measure the success of your website, why not take advantage of their new social tracking? Important note: You will need play with some code to implement this. If you don’t know what you’re doing, find someone who does. Here are Google’s instructions.
    [Blog] How to Boost Your Marketing Plan for Spectacular PPC Results
    When he isn’t reading or writing blogs, he enjoys sampling good music and good food. Pay per click (PPC) advertising should be an important part of any marketing campaign. A lot of people are scared of it, though, and rightly so. Failure to properly prepare for a PPC campaign can mean you’ll shoot a lot of money down the drain in record time. How do you keep this from happening? You can avoid disaster and court success by asking yourself the following three questions. How Does Your Audience Talk? If so, try testing PPC ads that use those phrases. What is Your Competition Doing?
    [Blog] Mobile App Developers: Know Your Boomers
    She is the author of the BoomerTech blog and of a weekly blog for AARP called App of the Week.  Why are so many mobile developers so blind to the Boomer opportunity? Is it because they believe that Boomers — people born from 1946-1964 — are so far behind the times that they cannot possibly appreciate ‘shiny shiny’ apps let alone invest in the smartphones to deliver the experience? Suzie Mitchell ‘knows’ Boomers and shows why mobile developers need to rethink their attitudes (and marketing) to reach this huge, untapped and affluent market. Wrong!
    [Blog] The Bathroom Key [comic]
    Blog bathroom key rage comicWe work in an office building and are lucky enough to have a bathroom actually in our office. There is also one down the hallway from our door, though, for visitors. This bathroom requires a key. And we just so happen to have a key to that bathroom. It’s a rare occasion  that someone from our office will take that key, but when that does happen, we all know what’s up.
    [Blog] Newsjacking: What Is It and Why Should I Care
    ”  Ideally newsjacking means that you create an article, YouTube video or blog post that steals the spotlight from a breaking news story to redirects web traffic to whatever your company has to say about it. When newsjacking is done well, it could increase your website or blog traffic. One of the websites he follows  sent out a newsletter that included their most recent blog post. Newsjacking has been a hot topic of conversation in the office recently – We’ve seen a few good examples of it, as well as a couple bad ones.
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012
    [Blog] Looking After Business and the Real Profit Makers
    Looking After Business and the Real Profit Makers originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social through crm under a Creative Commons license. If I asked you the most important part of your business, what would you say? Marketing? Perhaps advertising or sales? Now what if I said they’re all irrelevant? What if I said you don’t need sales to be successful? You’d probably say (fairly sarcastically),  “Why not just hand my business over to my competitors while I’m at it?”. And you’d be right – if I were serious. And again, you’d be right.
  • SOCIALFISH  |  MONDAY, JULY 16, 2012
    [Blog] How to Boost Your Marketing Plan for Spectacular PPC Results
    When he isn’t reading or writing blogs, he enjoys sampling good music and good food. Courtesy of Pay per click (PPC) advertising should be an important part of any marketing campaign. A lot of people are scared of it, though, and rightly so. Failure to properly prepare for a PPC campaign can mean you’ll shoot a lot of money down the drain in record time. How do you keep this from happening? You can avoid disaster and court success by asking yourself the following three questions. How Does Your Audience Talk? If so, try testing PPC ads that use those phrases.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  MONDAY, JULY 16, 2012
    [Blog] What I Submitted to BlogWorld
    Marsha Collier tweeted a link about the NMX call for speakers and I promptly submitted the following which I hope is accepted: Title: How a Local Government Blog Can Be More Engaging. The past three years have witnessed unprecedented internet actions such as the White House blog. Many states subsequently created and grew their own blogging communities. When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. But local governments are noticeably absent. Please continue reading What I Submitted to BlogWorld and leave a comment if inspired.
    [Blog] Make Your Business Into A Book
    Put a blog on your website and write to it daily. Market that e-course through your blog and newsletter. Business Writing blogging business e-mail newsletter online marketingNo matter what kind of business you are in, you can develop a process or methodology of accomplishing your important tasks and then teach that to others. That is really the essence of running your business like it’s a book. And if you think about it, a book is nothing more than a teaching tool. At least, that’s how John Jantsch thinks about it. It’s also how I think about it.
    [Blog] launches new visual dashboard
    launches new visual dashboard was written by Cendrine Marrouat and originally published on her social media blog, Creative Ramblings. Content curation platform introduced introduced the updated version of its dashboard on Saturday. Now more visually focused, the dashboard is centered on a user’s personalized Interest Graph. The home page gives curators instant access to the most recent posts on the topics they follow. The content is displayed in a magazine-like format for easy discovery, sharing and interaction with other curators. Read more at
    [Blog] ICMM Podcast featuring Chuck Frey
    Chuck has not only written this book, he publishes an excellent blog at The Mind-Mapping Software Blog. On today’s show I have a fantastic discussion with Chuck Frey about some of the topics covered in his book, Up Your Impact. My Lovely Bride and I got to meet Chuck in person in Chicago in May 02012, we had pizza at Due with mutual friends Jesse Petersen and Phil Gerbyshak. Chuck, Phil and the Lovely Bride. You can listen to the interview on the Audio Channel – Podcast with Chuck Frey. ICMM Podcast featuring Chuck Frey is a post from: In Context MultiMedia.
    [Blog] Why Facebook Will Be Right Back
    When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. Fresh on the news that Facebook may create a jobs board , I was curious what opportunities were available at the social network. scrolled to the bottom of the homepage, clicked the drop-down arrow, and selected ‘Careers’ from the pop-up window. Please continue reading Why Facebook Will Be Right Back and leave a comment if inspired. Got a question? Need help? Contact Ari today! Media Facebook
    [Blog] Why Not Blog Marketing?
    It seems that neither marketers no ad agencies have increased their value on blog content since 2009. think blogging can be more effective than online advertising at a much less expensive cost, but that’s just me. The big question is, Why is it that after 3 years there was a 1% drop in interest among both marketers and ad agencies in blog content production? Here’s a marketing tactic that provides real SEO benefits with every blog post, not to mention the value in branding and reputation management that you get with a blog.
    [Blog] What’s the Price of Five Dollars?
    And of course, when I tweet or blog about my frustration I potentially influence how others perceive the brand as well. This post by Andy Sernovitz got me thinking about how many companies are penny wise but pound foolish — and why, more often than not, that mindset is bad for business over the long haul. That, in turn, brought to mind a post I wrote a couple of years ago when a company I’ve had a reasonably long-term relationship with and how their penny wise thinking caused me to question my loyalty. So what’s the price of five dollars? Here’s the scoop.
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012
    [Blog] OmmWriter for Writing Productivity
    I’m writing this using my favorite blogging tool, which is OmmWriter. When writing, and especially blogging, it’s easy to succumb to over-editing, doing impromptu research in the middle of your writing, searching for cool photos, formatting them, and plugging in links. Awareness Blogging content marketing Small Business Success Technology Trends blog blogging engage focus iPad Jeff Korhan Mac mantra Ommwriter productivity write writingLess Distractions is More Writing. When you clear away distractions you achieve clarity of focus – almost.
    [Blog] Hello world!
    Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Share and Enjoy. • Facebook • Twitter • Delicious • LinkedIn • StumbleUpon • Add to favorites • Email • RSS
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2012
    [Blog] How to Use Social Media For Your HR Needs
    Website/Blog. Add an HR blog and have your employees tell their stories. Again, these are just some of the ways your site (or blog) can be adapted to be more beneficial to potential employees. How to Use Social Media For Your HR Needs originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social under a Creative Commons license. ? According to the LinkedIn press centre, 1-in-20 of all LinkedIn profiles are held by recruiters. But what about the other main networks and platforms? Twitter. You make phone calls. You place job ads.
    [Blog] Mobile is the New Digital Native – Are You Ready?
    originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social under a Creative Commons license. ? Smart businesses know that understanding your audience is key to your overall success. It doesn’t matter if you’re business-to-consumer or business-to-business focused – your audience, and their interaction with you, is what defines how well you meet your goals. Which is why this report from Exact Target is key reading for any business, small or large. Mobile Excess Needs Mobile Access. Are You Thinking Smart? If not, now’s the time to find out.
    [Blog] Your Target Audience Is Not Generic
    Specifically, they need to be on Facebook; or Twitter; or LinkedIn; or have a blog; or look ahead to business options on Google Plus. You get the usual soundbites, like Facebook is the equivalent of the third biggest country in the world; or Google Plus has the fastest adoption rate of new users across all social networks; or if you’re not blogging, you’re not reaching your audience. If you’re a brick and mortar store, and you attract a very niche audience based on location and age, do you think having a generic blog is going to attract new customers? But so what? Research.
  • JUGNOO  |  SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 2012
    [Blog] The Merging of Pure Play Media and Social Media
    In recent instances I have come into contact with social networks that have tried to sell me media across blog networks, consideration into networks with strong exposure to the long-tail audience. The Merging of Pure Play Media and Social Media originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social under a Creative Commons license. ? Why social rocks? My first foray into social media some years back, I was confronted with a channel that seemed so vastly different than what I’ve come to know in my years as a digital marketer. Tweet Buffer.
  • JUGNOO  |  SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 2012
    [Blog] Social Media: Who Owns it?
    originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social under a Creative Commons license. ? Last summer I moderated a session at the CMA’s The Science and Art of Social Business called, “Who owns social media?” ” Here was the approach: The advent of social media has sparked a new and ever evolving medium that does NOT carry with it the type of norms advertisers have been used to. It’s evolution has brought about a medium that creates a level playing field among consumers and corporations. Social is not a new concept.
  • JUGNOO  |  SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 2012
    [Blog] The Segregated Internet: The Walled Garden that lives among an Open Source Internet Society
    The Segregated Internet: The Walled Garden that lives among an Open Source Internet Society originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social under a Creative Commons license. ? Sometime back a few friends of mine Steve Taylor @stevenltaylor and Martin Byrne @mbyrne2323 had a philosophical and yet cynical discussion about this growing notion of the “Splinternet” which was initally coined by Doc Searles and Rich Tehrani. Thanks to Josh Bernoff of Forrester for bringing this back to light. Facebook bends the rules for current advertisers.
  • JUGNOO  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 2012
    [Blog] JugnooMe has arrived
    JugnooMe has arrived originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social under a Creative Commons license. ?. It’s an exciting time for us here at Jugnoo. With the launch of our social marketing and engagement platform, JugnooMe, we’ve completed the first part of our journey toward making the social web accessible for everyone. We’re here because we believe that visibility on the web should be simple, accessible, and monetizable for all. What does this mean? In a nutshell, we want to help change the way you use social. How do we do it?
    [Blog] Interview with Valentine Belonwu, founder of JustRetweet
    JustRetweet is a credit-based Twitter sharing and Twitter following service that allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to get more exposure on the micro-blogging and social networking site. Meet Valentine Belonwu, the founder of the site, in this exclusive interview. Cendrine Marrouat: Hello Valentine, thank you for answering my questions. As a starter, tell us a little [.]. Interviews JustRetweet Valentine Belonwu
    [Blog] 5 Reasons To Use Twitter For Marketing
    If you’re looking for topics to blog about, the autocomplete feature can save you a lot of money. Write a blog post and post it on Twitter. Post links to your blog posts on Twitter with a teaser headline. Hashtags can be used to promote your posts on a particular topic or to find posts on a particular topic that you can use in the course of your blogging. Don’t sweat it if you have been marketing yourself online and not been using Twitter. There are good solid reasons to use Twitter for marketing and it’s never too late to get started. Hashtags.
    [Blog] Sum-up on Facebook’s Recently Launched Features
    In a previous post on our blog , we have listed some of the important guidelines for brands to follow in this regard. Tweet In the beginning of February, Facebook Timeline was rolled out to all users. Obviously, this also brought along changes for brand pages, such as having to adjust to the new Timeline design by creating new profile pictures, cover photos, tab images etc. Restrictions related to these changes were made clear by Facebook, e.g. no price or offer information in the cover photo, no company information, no calls to action etc. Read more about it here.
    [Blog] Meet Our Team: Mike Bal
    Take some time to get to know Mike better today: Read a few of Mike’s most recent blog posts: Expertise Is Overrated. Learn from Mike by watching a few videos he’s worked on: VIDEO: How To Add Variety To Your Blog. Tweet Meet the people behind the brand! At One Social Media, we recognize the importance of brand storytelling. In order for you to get a better idea of who we are as a company, we want to highlight the great members of our team! You’re So Vain, I Bet You Think This Post Is About You…. What The Ninja Turtles Taught Me About Social Media.
    [Blog] There Can Be Only One [comic]
    Blog battle cars parking parking lot rage comic spotsIn the wise words of Pat Benatar, love is a battlefield. But, so is the parking lot. At our office building parking lot, it’s every man for himself. Spots are scarce, even early in the morning, and you are often put face to face with the same foe on multiple occasions. There is no, “Do me a solid bro; let me take this spot,” there is no polite banter that we walk away laughing from. It is war, and there can only be but one victor.
    [Blog] The 5 Dimensions Of Blogging
    Blogging, more than any other kind of marketing, is multi-dimensional. In fact, I’ve identified 5 key dimensions of your blog and they have all equal value. When you blog you should keep each of these 5 dimensions in mind. Here they are, the 5 dimensions of blogging: Search engine optimization – Every blog post is a separate web page. Since search engines rank web pages , if you blog every day for a year and each blog post is optimized for 3 key phrases, then you’ll have 1,095 potential No. rankings for your blog alone.
    [Blog] How Hard Can It Be
    have hundreds of friends on Facebook, thousands of subscribers to this blog, thousands of followers on Twitter. certainly will never find out, because only one of the 1,000 plus subscribers to this blog ever bothers to comment or reply to my questions. Business Development Productivity blogging Chase Christopher Penn contests Danielle LaPorte email Facebook Living Social marketing Seth Godin Tribes…to get 250 votes? spotted this contest as an ad on Facebook in June and decided to go ahead and go for it. Someone has to win $250k, right? Vote, then guilt. Dammit. Maybe.
    [Blog] Earned Media Tip #7: Use Offline Events for Content
    You can find links to all the posts in the series in the right-hand column of the blog. All of this live interaction will find its way into blog posts and videos that I post online. There is no gatekeeper on reporting anymore.  If you have a Twitter account, a blog, or a corporate online newsroom , you can publish content. This post is part of the series of 10 tips to increase earned media. At the core of earned media is great content.  Media is all about attracting more people to their content. Instead of just being a passive attendee, become an event reporter. Facebook.
    [Blog] Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Professional Tradesmen
    For those of us who write blogs, we do it with the sole purpose of sharing insights and tips that hopefully make your job easier. recently read a post by Heidi Cohen , 11 Tactics to Optimize Your Blog that I found very interesting and wanted to share some of the points she makes: Focus on just a few keyword phrases – prioritize them by the words you want to cover. Marketing Tips Social Marketing Traditional Marketing blogs for professional tradesmen heide cohen optimizing your blog professional tradesmenIt also helps search engines. Those are some thoughts.
  • FEVER BEE  |  SUNDAY, JULY 1, 2012
    [Blog] Total Feasible Audience Size (and why it matters!)
    If you know that 1m people in the UK go fishing (a good study can reveal these figures/trends), you can then check how many people talk about fishing online (FB, Twitter, Forums, Blogs etc…) and get a reasonable %. What is the total feasible audience size (TFAS) of your community? That’s an important question to answer. If your TFAS is 10,000 and you have 9,000 members in your community, your entire strategy would be different. You can skip promotion and conversion tactics. You would focus solely upon activity and sense of community. This shrinks the total audience.
    [Blog] 6 Reasons Why E-books Strengthen Your Brand
    Over on the Book Baby blog , the author write offers us six reason why you should write an e-book to grow your business. To tap resources, to engage in one project or another, is your decision. From this, a basic question arises: Should you, as professional services provider, write and publish an e-book? To decide such a course, you will surly draw together information that would make an e-book timely to your readers. And there is a time commitment to super-glue your butt to a chair and begin typing. What about the benefits of writing an e-book, you might ask. And the data proves it.
    [Blog] The Importance of Twitter as a Marketing Tool – My interview on Pluggio
    Here is an extract from an interview I recently did for the Pluggio Blog. Welcome to the Pluggio Blog!  In a nutshell, how do you describe your business? is a free Twitter and Facebook Manager. Hello Cendrine! To me, social media is about the human journey. If you want to be successful online, you [.]. Interviews Twitter cendrine marrouat marketing tips
    [Blog] Infographic Overload [comic]
    Recently we have taken on way more infographic projects than usual and we are so ready for that challenge. The fact that so much research, design and, promotion is going is amping all of us up. Like they say, busy people get things done and boy are we getting things done. The collective force that is Nowsourcing is so totally psyched for these new infographics that we made a picture. It is our new mantra, a battle call if you will, that drives will drive us to victory in the coming weeks.
    [Blog] 22 Simple Tips to Build Your Email List Organically
    This blog is all about how to do this. Read my blog post on this. Write Articles: This is a great way to expose your business and your services across the web – in other blogs and websites – and get links back to your website. Comment on Blogs: Write insightful valuable comments on other people’s blogs. Leave your blog name and give your landing page URL. While social media marketing like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn are getting tons of interest, email is still KING. How much more? Email? love them. Yasmin.
    [Blog] Micro-Content for BizDev in 15 Minutes a Day
    Mark Schaefer has six tips on the concept of Micro-Content: Six ways to create great content in just 15 minutes a day …creating small bits of marketing content when you don’t have time to blog, create videos or spend all … Continue reading → Micro-Content for BizDev in 15 Minutes a Day is a post from: In Context MultiMedia. Business Development Content Productivity blog tactics blogging Mark Schaefer micro-content
    [Blog] The Ugly Side of AC [comic]
    Blog air conditioning comic freezing office rage summer sweaterWorking in an office building has its ups (a “friendly” receptionist affectionately called, Mildred) and its downs (bland, unchangeable, corporate decor). But, all office buildings have their quirks; some are green, some have historical significance, some are haunted, some are full of doctor’s offices, and some are always freezing. For For this week’s comic, you’re going to want to bring a sweater. By lunch time, the office feels so cold that our fingers are stiff and our lips have turned blue.
    [Blog] End-of-the-Week Productivity Tip
    Liz Strauss has a helpful post for how to wrap up your week: Productivity – The Best Way to End a Friday Checklist | Liz Strauss at Successful Blog Set a plan that will end your Friday neatly, get your … Continue reading → End-of-the-Week Productivity Tip is a post from: In Context MultiMedia. Productivity GTD Liz Strauss Office
    [Blog] Share of Search – How much interest are you capturing?
    Did you publish strong new content such as blog posts or educational articles? Web metrics are in a constant state of evolution. As we gain access to more and more raw data and behavioural reports through tools like Google Analytics, the necessity of using more effective metrics rises to put all that data in to some kind of useful context so that we can truly understand what the information is really telling us about our business and markets. In simplest terms, ‘Share of Search’ can be defined as the portion of overall online interest in a particular keyword that you are capturing.
    [Blog] Content Curation is More Than Just Sharing
    Next week’s Premium Letter will be based on Eric Wittlake’s blog post on Content Curation: Three Reasons Content Curation is Overrated in B2B Marketing — B2B Digital Marketing When you just curate other people’s content, your audience doesn’t learn anything … Continue reading → Content Curation is More Than Just Sharing is a post from: In Context MultiMedia. Business Development content curation Eric Wittlake Robert Scoble video
    [Blog] Blog Archive (2006 – 2011)
    But that raised one important issue: what to do about the 5+ years’ worth of content still housed on my old blog. could migrate it all to this one, but that could be time-consuming and the end result would probably be less-than-ideal (my old blog is on Typepad, the column widths and default image sizes are different, etc.) I could simply blow it up (does anyone really care what I thought about YouTube, Second Life and MySpace back in 2006?) but then I’d lose years of work and content. And you can always find this post within its very own Topic: Archive (2006-2011).
    [Blog] Five For Friday: June 1, 2012
    Forbes has found success by opening up their base of contributors to greatly increase the number and diversity of voices on their site, blog-style. This week’s Five for Friday has a loose thread running throughout all the pieces: taking account of what’s worth saving, using it correctly, and getting rid of what’s ineffective. Spring Cleaning for marketers? Looks like it. Here are the top reads for the week ending on June 1st, 2012: The Great Banner Ad Debate. collective discussion on whether banner ads are seeing their final days, or if there’s some salvaging to be done.
    [Blog] Poke the Box – Book Review
    As an avid reader of Seth’s, both his books and his blog, I was excited to read it. As someone who consumes a lot of information and is consistently juggling multiple projects that demand my time, unfortunately even when I have the best intentions, I don’t ever get back to the book I highlighted, the magazine article I ripped out or the blog post that I starred in Google Reader. and began writing a couple blog posts. Seth Godin recently released his new book, Poke the Box (Amazon affiliate link), as part of the Domino Project. Photo Credit: Jeff Hester.
  • JUSTIN LEVY  |  MONDAY, MAY 30, 2011
    [Blog] The 9 Deadly Sins of Facebook Pages and Their Administrators
    You won’t be one of their “must check” Pages just like if you’re not active on your blog or other platforms, they will quickly move on there, as well. When I speak to groups or am interviewed about Facebook, I am often asked to provide examples of companies that are “doing it right.” ” With well north of 500 million users who spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook, companies are increasingly interested in how Facebook can be leveraged as part of their marketing campaigns. It’s only natural. There is no strategy. No goals.
  • JUSTIN LEVY  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2011
    [Blog] It’s Not About the Platform
    One area that has never ceased to die down and has continued to be hotly debated is blogging platforms. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t read a conversation online debating WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous. Other blogging platforms such as SquareSpace, TypePad and MovableType enter the discussion too but the main focus has been between the big 3. have public and private blogs on all three platforms and manage blogs that are based on other platforms as well. There is plenty of fantastic blogs that run on each platform. Blog Social Media Platforms
    [Blog] Developing Routines and Finding Time
    When I look at my blogs and see that I haven’t written in several months I let out a deep sigh. For example, I’m going to focus on writing for 15-30 minutes a few times per week.  I’m not making a lofty goal of writing a new post every day for multiple blogs. Making anything a routine is hard. This becomes harder as the demands on our time increase. And with increased demands on our time come increased stress to accomplish it all and it becomes easy for things to fall off of our plates, even when we have the best intentions. When possible, make small changes.
    [Blog] Weekly Letter Excerpt 12 June 02012
    A How-To Lesson for Business Blogging Business blogging isn’t so hard. Business Development Productivity Weekly Letter blogging business lessonsYou simply need to approach it in a methodical manner. Here’s how to start: Choose a topic that is important to your industry or customers Let your employees know … Continue reading → Weekly Letter Excerpt 12 June 02012 is a post from: In Context MultiMedia.
    [Blog] Five For Friday: June 1, 2012
    Forbes has found success by opening up their base of contributors to greatly increase the number and diversity of voices on their site, blog-style. This week’s Five for Friday has a loose thread running throughout all the pieces: taking account of what’s worth saving, using it correctly, and getting rid of what’s ineffective. Spring Cleaning for marketers? Looks like it. Here are the top reads for the week ending on June 1st, 2012: The Great Banner Ad Debate A collective discussion on whether banner ads are seeing their final days, or if there’s some salvaging to be done.
  • STEPHEN P SMITH  |  FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2012
    [Blog] Rushkoff on Jobs and the Future of Work
    Douglas Rushkoff – Blog – Are … Continue reading → Business Development Productivity Douglas Rushkoff future of workThe future of the economy, where people exchange their time and effort and skills for money in order to buy stuff, is a topic that has fascinated and frustrated me for years now.
    [Blog] Why your customer needs to come first
    Blog business business development customer service proactive customer service Taylor EllwoodOne of the areas a business can always improve on is customer service. tend to favor an approach that involves proactive customer service. Proactive customer service involves anticipating problems before they occur, as well as providing excellent service just because you want to put your customer first. Recently I took my car to Bernard’s Garage. They performed proactive customer service. they examined the breaks free of charge and gave me a discount on the service they charged me for.
    [Blog] Best & Brightest: Carnival of the Mobilists #267
    The Carnival of the Mobilists (COM), the weekly roundup of the Web’s best blogging on mobile and wireless, is now live at WIP (Wireless Industry Partnership) — the connector in the mobile industry, supporting the overall ecosystem by encouraging discussions, co-creation and exchange. Some of the posts that made the COM this week include: Looking for a mobile app developer? James Coops over at mobyaffiliates launches a new resource to help us find the right partner. If you’re not on the list, then you had better contact James to make your case. Read on and find out! THANK YOU.
    [Blog] Infographic: Pinterest Best Practices
    This is an excellent supplement to an earlier post on our blog, Pinterest: Early Best Practices From Firebelly. Edelman , a global PR firm, recently released an infographic highlighting the best practices of social media marketing on Pinterest. Are there any additional best practices that you would include?
    [Blog] Good Client Bad Client
    Blog Featured advertising bad clients good ideas rage traffic workWe take our good clients for granted. The ones who give us total creative freedom, an outlet for genius ideas, and room for humor. These clients are god sent, but there is a darker side to clientele. The ones who have everything all figured out. In fact, they have it all figured out to the point where they could just do your job for you. So, they bombard you with “ideas”,  ”directions” and the like that aren’t necessarily Internet material.
    [Blog] Rule: Spend 70% of Time on Unassigned Tasks
    Related posts: Recommended Books to Read Build a Blog in 1 Day (or Less) - Step-by-Step Guide Being Busy is Not Being Productive. Leaders (and our definition of a Puzzle Marketer) have the ability and the marketing know-how to put all of the pieces together and solve any objective. You have many choices of how you can spend your time during the day. You can keep yourself busy with email, you can jump into new projects, you can finish the existing ones, or you can actively pursue the infinite other activities until the day is over. ” “What is the real reason we are doing this?”
    [Blog] Good Campaigns Can Evolve into Great With Optimization
    Related posts: Being Busy is Not Being Productive Can You Solve this Digital Marketing Puzzle? - #1950 6 Insightful Blog Quotes for Puzzle Marketers. At any given time, you can choose from an infinite amount of ways to spend your time and marketing dollars. Marketers, and people in general, get caught up in always trying to accomplish more and more. What they end up doing in most cases is spreading themselves too thin. Multitasking isn’t productive when you split your focus between goals or objectives. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but take the time to optimize.
  • MINDJUMPERS  |  FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012
    [Blog] Today Is Facebook IPO Day – Does The Company Have The X-Factor?
    Popular Blog Posts From 2011 – and Welcome 2012! Tweet It’s probably the most anticipated and discussed IPO in the past decade. The small social network has in just 5 years grown to become a 900 million user site and is today expected to set the record for an IPO. The IPO will start at 11am EST.  In Europe it is going to be around 8pm this Friday night, taking the traditional Friday night slot from TV entertainment shows like the talent show X-Factor or America’s Got Talent. This could put the valuation (e.g. $54) on $135.7 billion. The X-Factor.
    [Blog] Weekly Meme: Socially Awkward Popcorn
    This situation deserved to be our Monday’s Meme: Blog awkward meme popcorn socially awkward penguin weeklyI fail at making microwave popcorn, and fail even more at eating it. More often than not I end up burning it, resulting in stinking up the whole office. mess ensues every time I open the bag because of the delicious, drippy butter that is so enticing. No work gets done because, frankly, popcorn stops everything. So lately I’ve been opting to only popping it after everyone has already left. After several weeks of this practice, I have come to realize just how weird it is.
    [Blog] Roxanne Darling, Quantum Coach
    You can learn more at her quantum coaching blog, Divine Openings with Rox. Roxanne is a lifelong learner and her favorite topic is consciousness. For all, all roads lead to the big C! Being conscious means having less stress, being a more artful and compassionate communicator, heading off problems before they fester, and finding the humanity in each person regardless of their quirks, their shortcomings, and even their demands. In 2009, Roxanne was initiated as a facilitator of enlightenment via a week long process. This is what physicists refer to as the quantum field of intelligence.
    [Blog] Can Mass Media Moguls Become Micromavens?
    If he can envision a half-dozen new models in the span of a blog post, surely a seasoned media pro can envision dozens from in the trenches. recent Nieman Journalism Lab post by industry analyst and Newsonomics author Ken Doctor inspired GigaOM contributor Matthew Ingram to posit that the future of mass media depends on the ability of traditional media companies to embrace the power of "small things." Actually, it's Doctor that makes that assertion, with Ingr. am expanding on Doctor's news-centric take to include all types of print publishers. pact than ever before. The solution? It is.
    [Blog] Are You an Accessibility Whore?
    They just wanted to know if you liked the comment they left on your blog. Accessibility is an odd concept. Take a moment and think about it. We all want to give the impression that we’re 100% accessible. Take a look at my signature line for example. Right now it includes the following ways to get in touch with little ol’ me: Office phone number. Email address. Twitter address. Facebook address. Company Twitter account. Company Facebook address. Google Chat. LinkedIn address. Skype address. mean really? Am I that important? In fact, I think they are used to it. Me on the other hand?
    [Blog] How To Give Credit to Post Authors via Twitter
    But, what do you do when you have multiple authors posting content on your site (like this blog you’re reading right now!) Almost all of the sharing plugins available for WordPress offer the same scenario: when a visitor clicks “Tweet” the Post title and URL are shared along with the companies’ twitter handle. Pretty simple right? and you want to give them credit via Twitter by sharing their Twitter handle as well? Rest easy, it’s a lot easier than you think. You will then see all the various fields for that user. See:  [link] ). Have any questions?
    [Blog] Weekly Rage: The Kentucky Derpy
    Blog hats horses Kentucky Derby mint julep raceThe Kentucky Derby: the most exciting three minutes in sports and the most famous horse race in America. Every year thousands of people flock to Kentucky to experience all the Derby has to offer. It starts out promising enough, with all the traditions, gimmicks and food. But the build up may seem a little much for the short race, so we’ve created a Rage Comic to illustrate this very concept.
    [Blog] Ivy League Facebook Face-off
    Blog Duncan Alney FacebookEver wondered how America’s top colleges stack up when you compare their Facebook presence? Compiled By:
    [Blog] The most influential digital and marketing blogs in the UK | The.
    The most influential digital and marketing blogs in the UK | The Wall Blog. digital blogs marketing blogs
    [Blog] George Zimmerman’s Defense Team Turns to Social Media
    Reports indicate that the Orlando-based Mark O’Mara Law Group recently came up with Twitter and Facebook pages, along with a blog to defend Zimmerman in the social networking world. Meantime, a blog post from O’Mara’s Law Group notes “We feel it would be irresponsible to ignore the robust online conversation, and we feel equally as strong about establishing a professional, responsible, and ethical approach to new media.”. Zimmerman, while currently out on bail, is facing second-degree murder charges. Mara has been practicing criminal and family law for nearly 30 years.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2012
    [Blog] 6 Guest Blogging Emails That Suck
    The top navigational bar of this blog makes it very clear that guest blog posts are accepted. But reviewing the email submissions from wannabe writers, it is pathetic how frequently people think I will publish anything and it is disappointing they view my blog as a trophy to place on their article marketing case. Here are 6 real examples of emails that suck: The 6th reason your email sucks: You never researched nor read my blog. The 5th reason your email sucks: You confuse guest blogging with article marketing. want you to write for me. What has a cost here?
    [Blog] …and Blog Comment Spam Continues
    Please continue reading …and Blog Comment Spam Continues and leave a comment if inspired. Related articles you may enjoy: How to Identify Spam in Blog Comments. Reintroducing Blog Comment Moderation. 97 Percent of Blog Comments are Mollom Spam. Blog News commentsWith names such as SEO Forum, SEO Outsourcing, and Herbalife, it is pathetic that despite clear instructions that real names are required when adding comments, people continue to leave comments with their company names or other search engine optimized keywords. Do this, do that. Any questions?
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