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    [Blog] Podcast: What the Plumbing Industry is Doing about Water Conservation
    Leave a Reply Cancel reply John Sonnhalter Welcome to my blog, Tradesmen Insights. Blog at to the professional tradesman in the Construction, Industrial and MRO markets Home About Me Contact Market Overviews Newsletter Podcasts Services Podcast: What the Plumbing Industry is Doing about Water Conservation I caught up with Bob Mader, editor-in-chief of Contractor, Radiant Living and Green Mechanical Contracting magazines. You can hear the interview here. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 take my survey [link].
    [Blog] Contributing to Search Engine Watch and CMSWire!
    Both sites are quite different from one another which is a good thing because it’s going to force me to write from more of an analyst perspective while still being able to explore the creative freedoms that I enjoy so much on my own personal blog. I have some exciting news. I’m now an official contributor to both  CMSWire and Search Engine Watch! I’ve been writing for both of these sites for a few weeks now but I’m finally ready to officially announce it. Search Engine Watch used to be all about Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. CMSWire.
    [Blog] White paper on Social CRM for associations
    Communications coordinates with government relations, publications, and other departments to coordinate participation in public conversations on blogs and Twitter. Who owns Social CRM? Making member management social takes teamwork. We’ve just published our latest white paper,  Social CRM for Associations: What association executives should know about applying social media to membership management. Social CRM refers to both a business strategy for managing customer relationships in the age of social media and also the evolving technology that helps organizations do this.
    [Blog] Volunteer ennui – leave comments for ASAE volunteer leaders
    I just LOVE the  Truths about volunteering posts that Peggy Hoffman has been blogging for nearly two years. “I’m just happy to be asked to do whatever not-so-fulfilling task that you’ve dumped on me with no direction and very little chance of changing the inertia of the project or the association.&#. Have you ever told this lie? Omitting the truthiness of it, of course.) I have, and it’s really frustrating. As a volunteer, I don’t have the patience for it. I’m programmed for rapid change, thanks to the Interwebs. If the org gets stuck, it dies.
    [Blog] Show 502 -Recognising and Handling Stress in Business
    Remember for your chance to win the goodie bag – just share this blog post on your social networking site or leave an iTunes review – the goodie bag may well be coming to you next week! 'Suzanne Levy joins me to talk about how best to handle stress in business. Wellness is so often neglected and Suzanne, a certified Wellness coach at Evergreen Life and Wellness talks about how to improve your mindset. Why wellness is so important to a successful career. Why wellness is important in both parts of our lives – career and family. What is a healthy mind? Pod Casts
    [Blog] YouTube Killed the TV Star: Why Online Video Marketing is Essential for Marketers in 2012
    Comment on this blog, on Twitter at hashtag #AwarenessSMM, on Facebook at Social Media Marketing Best Practices, or LinkedIn at the Social Media Marketing Mavens Group. No other tool in your marketing toolbox delivers the bang-for-your-buck like video content. From our ebook Biggest Social Marketing and New Media Predictions for 2012 , Jay Baer , social media strategist, coach, speaker and all-around good guy, shared that 2012 will be “the explosion in short-form multimedia, as companies start to truly embrace video and mobile photography.” We think yes, and here’s four reasons why: 1.
    [Blog] Forget “Content Production”, Think “Idea Exploration”
    Since I wrote about creativity , I’ve been considering the issue of getting inspiration for blog posts. You probably started your blog because you have an interest in your blog’s topic. Your blog is the ideal place to explore those ideas that are rattling around your mind. Rather than “producing posts&# , you might find it helpful to think of your blogging as an opportunity to: formulate disparate thoughts into coherent concepts. Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips. But others revealed that they really struggle with getting inspiration.
    [Blog] 5 Social Media Distractions
    Ironic, given that most of these conversations seek to reduce the barriers between the top and middle tiers of blogging voices. When there are more choices and conversations to spend time on, one can easily become distracted. Social media as an industry has created many distractions — some of which are enjoyable, some not — that can easily cause one to lose focus. This makes time prioritization and good decision making a critical skill set. Here are five social media items that in hindsight have been personal distractions: 1) The A-List. 2) Mistaking Attention for Respect.
    [Blog] Add Your Pages to Stumbleupon
    Instead, add an interesting blog post (you blog, right? You should add tags the same way you would when you post a blog or add metadata. Stumbleupon is one of the most interesting social media sites around, and by interesting, I mean it is a complete and total time-sink. Essentially, it’s a toolbar that has a “Stumble” button you can press that will bring you to a random page on the web based on your interests. You can also upvote and downvote pages, which is how Stumbleupon gets better at finding stuff that you’ll like. know, I know. right ?)
    [Blog] B2B Marketing: 9 Ideas for Solving Your Biggest Content Challenges
    Check out 5 Great Starting Points for a Content Recycling Program and 23 Ways to Leverage a Blog Post for Content Marketing Success to get more specific ideas on how to reimagine your content across a variety of formats. CMI’s entire mission is to provide training and education (through our blog posts , magazine , webinars , and more), so if you have a question about content marketing, I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see what I can do to help and/or we’ll cover it in a future blog post. You can read the original post here. Engagement.
    [Blog] A Picture is not Worth a Thousand Tweets: The Instagram – Twitter War
    Mashable reported in a blog post that, Several months after Facebook acquired Instagram, the latter company disabled its integration with Twitter cards. In reported social media news, the battlefront looks grim for Twitter users who relied on the savvy photogenic talents of the Instagram app. Pulling Instagram is no doubt, a move by Facebook to integrate users onto their platform. With the rising numbers of Facebook users, is this move a little skeezy? The whole point of social media is to be social, right? To be social is to move from platform to platform. Create their own photo app.
    [Blog] How can Social Media be the Backbone of a Company?
    Read more about social media for business on this social media blog. Blast. There are three camps into which every company in the world falls: Those who don’t know or don’t care about social media. Those who care about social media and think it can be useful. Those who think social media can be the backbone of the company. If you were to break it down by percentages, the “Social Media is the Backbone&# camp would most likely be the smallest. They are prudent, thoughtful, and wise. Then again, many of them (depending on the type of company) would be incorrect. Examples.
    [Blog] Real-Time News Curation - Process, Key Tasks, Workflow
    These may include specific news sites, blogs, RSS feeds, open persistent searches, Twitter channels, Facebook pages and more. Syndicate Distribute and syndicate your curated news channel (what I call a " newsradar ") on relevant online channels, including social networks, aggregated news channels, your blog / newsletter / site and other content distribution channels avialble. Print this article Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 4: Process, Key Tasks, Workflow What are the tasks involved in the real-time news curation process? What does exactly a news curator do?
    [Blog] Speaker Shout Out: Coca-Cola, UN Foundation, and charity: water at the 2013 We First Seminar
    His team won two consecutive honors by PRNews as “Public Affairs Team of the Year” in 2012 and 2013, and he blogs at  about fatherhood, public relations and social media. 'Early-bird registration for the 2013 We First Social Branding Seminar ends today and we promise that our second annual Seminar will be unlike any other conference you’ve attended. The 2013 Seminar is designed to help business leaders tell the story of the good work they’re doing in ways that build their company’s reputation, bottom line, and social impact. We’re
    [Blog] Exclusive: Domainer Returns Domain Name to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos
    But you’re one of those people in our community that’s always willing to ‘lend a hand’, and after the 3rd or 4th request from you to blog about this I thought – why not? Domainers, those who buy and sell domain names for a living, are not all evil. There are plenty of domainers that are smart business people, and then there are those who have a heart–like Bob Olea, who recently bought the domain name at an aftermarket domain auction and returned it to its rightful owner: Jeff Bezos of “Absolutely! Or something like that.
    [Blog] 3 Leadership Qualities of the Social Business Age
    'Often I talk on this blog about the need for moving from a hierachy based upon command and control to a hierarchy of networks. . To do this we need to develop leadership skills in relation to communication, to linking people to a goal and as we said in this week''s Engaging Brand podcast to helping people achieve their own individual personal transformation. One way to simply look at this is this. This means ensuring that the team leader level understand what the business is wanting to do at a macro level and are passionate about developing followers themselves.
    [Blog] How to Use Social Media for Business Ideas
    Social media throws at us an array of business opinions, of marketing strategies - it is so easy to read the blog post yet not see the business trend. 'Milton Glaser is my favourite designer, I love the way his design ideas are conveyed with such simplicity. was struck by a story about when Milton Glaser was sixteen and him he deciding to draw a portrait of his mother. I was just sitting in front of her one night and I thought it would be fun to sketch her face,” he says. So I got out a piece of paper and a charcoal pencil. And you know what I realized?
  • JOSH S PETERS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010
    [Blog] Engagement is Mantra of Social Media, Why Not Mantra of Schools, too?
    In the beginning of this year, I have done an “investigation” via poll on my blog, when I have asked following question: Have you ever cheated on exams in school? She is “shipping” blogs and vlogs for Inspiring Ship ments blog. She facilitate s inspiring community around her blog, which is known as SCG – Super Cool Gang. Home About eBooks Social Media and Internet Marketing Speaking Twitter Says You Are Here: Home » Social Media » Engagement is Mantra of Social Media, Why Not Mantra of Schools, too? I do totally agree with Tyler. in to schools 2.0 ?
    [Blog] Facebook Adds Where You Live To Profiles
    Read More Social Media News on the Soshable Blog. Facebook profiles has always had in the “About” section the ability to add your hometown. Many add this to show their pride in where they grew up and since it wasn’t specific as to their location, many have felt comfortable with adding this information. But would you add the exact city and province/state of your location on Facebook? We have definitely evolved to feeling more secure when using the Internet, providing more personal data now more than ever before. We are more like an open book, especially on Facebook.
    [Blog] Grading Social Media
    If you’ve kept up with this blog , you know that I’m really interested in the intersection of social media and education, and my old Public Relations 101 professor now teaches in the USI communications department, so I’m particularly excited for this opportunity. tend to subscribe to the theory that social media should be: Weaved into how the students work – More and more professors are starting blogs, using YouTube in the classroom, and even tweeting.  web20 wiki Have This Blog Sent to Your Email! Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0
    [Blog] TwiTip Call For More Content!
    Or you can write it in your own blog editor, and copy the HTML version and paste that in there. Twitip Getting more out of twitter Follow 102,289 followers Subscribe 20,083 subscribers starters guide getting followers tools tips business people news add a tip Lara Kulpa @larakulpa TwiTip Call For More Content! Okay, so hopefully everyone’s gotten used to the new design and layout around here by now! Honestly, we’re really loving it. We did “tone down&# the graph paper background a bit, after some feedback from readers that said it was a bit too dizzying. Happy new year!
    [Blog] The Phases of Enterprise Social Business Adoption
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER The Phases of Enterprise Social Business Adoption View Comments November 30th, 2009 Companies that are looking to get involved in social business don’t just jump right in with both feet.  blog comments powered by Disqus Connect with me Subscribe to Social Media RSS RSS About Jacob Email Me Jacob Morgan is the Principal of Chess Media Group , a social business consultancy that works with medium and enterprise companies on developing Enterprise 2.0, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    [Blog] Perspectives from 2013 International PRSA Conference
    'Today we have a guest blog post from Rosemarie Ascherl, PR Foreman at Sonnhalter, who recently attended the International PRSA Conference in Philadelphia to learn the latest trends in public relations. . With traditional media on the decline, we have to find other ways to get our information to our audiences and consider alternate uses for the press release—such as social media, websites and blogs. Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend a motivational week of education and networking at the 2013 PRSA International Conference. We are in an era of change.
    [Blog] Using Stock Images?
    To sum it up: You’re going to have to use stock images a lot of the time, especially if you are blogging daily and using the photos that go along with the story, it’s just reality. Original post can be found on Wikimotive’s blog. 'Do you currently use any stock photos or imagery on any of your sites? For most companies, it’s a hard thing to avoid. The reality is that you’re going to need images, and you’re not always going to have the time or the money to hire a professional photographer or designer to create them for you. Featured
  • BILL HARTZER  |  MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2014
    [Blog] How to Post Articles on LinkedIn
    'Since there has been a lot of talk and controversy in the SEO community about guest blogging , and how guest blogging is either dead or not dead , a lot of people have been looking for other platforms where they can post their articles. If you’ve published an article on a news site or other authoritative site then that would be a lot better than just giving them a blog post that you’ve written. I’ll keep you posted and once it’s available, I’ll post here on the blog about it. link building Search Engine Optimization Social Media
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2011
    [Blog] The Psychology of the Celebrity
    Russell Roering is a social media marketing consultant in the Chicago northern suburbs and blogs about social media, marketing, and business best practices on Russell Roering is a social media marketing consultant in the Chicago northern suburbs and blogs about social media, marketing, and business best practices on Public relations professionals are celebrity-makers. Whether we’re promoting a brand or a person; the business of PR is about packaging a celebrity for public consumption and selling it to the world. What do you think?
    [Blog] Link Love Monthly: Best of January 2011
    Twitter for Mac – Twitter blog. If you didn’t blog it, it didn’t happen – Anil Dash. All A-Twitter – A-learning Blog. Why a Blog Disclaimer Is Just as Important as a Disclosure Message – Danny Brown. Here’s a monthly selection of links to some of the most interesting posts that we’ve read and shared over the last 30 days. These kinds of posts are what inform our own writing here at SocialFishing; hope you’ll dip in and out at your leisure! Toolbox. Stages of Quora adoption for Professionals – Mario Sundar.
    [Blog] Twitter for Business
    From the Twitter blog : Today we’re launching a revamped version of – a site that provides the basics on how businesses can use Twitter effectively. Twitter has revamped their resources for business, specifically their Twitter for Business website. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the creative ways businesses and organizations are leveraging Twitter, and we want to make sure you have access to their great ideas. We’ll continue to update the site with fresh use cases, tips, tools, and resources. Bookmark
    [Blog] Eight Steps for Getting Buy-In and Managing Change
    Now, sometimes my team hates it when I blog about them. It’s an interesting time at Arment Dietrich right now. We have the AD team and we have the Project Jack Bauer team and some of us are straddling both. To say I’m doing a great job at leading both teams is being overly nice. And because I’m not doing a great job, it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about and talking about with individuals on both teams. There are plenty of books and articles written about how to present your idea to either your boss or the executive team to get buy-in.
    [Blog] Social Media From Across the Pond
    He hangs out on twitter and on his social media blog Guest post by Justin Parks – He’s Northern Irish and a big time advocate of social media stuff and making sure its done right.  Loves a pint of the black stuff from time to time and tends to swear a lot.  You have been warned! There is no question that social media is hitting the mainstream. Thing is, people aren’t doing the Mexican wave the world over…yet.  Welcome to Europe. note – cultural point one.). Brian kindly pointed this out this idiomatic difference. Go figure. Ireland. France.
    [Blog] What Social Media Can and Cannot do in Case of a Revolution
    At a local gathering, a group of people was asked if they blogged, they shook their heads in disagreement. Not many of them knew that using social media – albeit for status updates, moderate sharing of website links and videos – is micro-blogging, which makes them all bloggers. Setting up of websites, e-petitions, blog posts, podcasts, Facebook pages and live coverage of events on Twitter etc often works. They were then asked if they changed their Facebook statuses or shared videos, articles etc on social media; to this, they enthusiastically agreed in unison. What works?
    [Blog] How to Write Posts People Will Remember
    I am fortunate enough to meet quite a few of my blog’s readers face-to-face at conferences. What people don’t remember about your blog. What people do remember about your blog. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. It’s always a surreal and enlightening experience. One of the most interesting parts of the experience is having readers share with you the posts that you’ve written that they remember most. On some occasions they remember things you’ve written years in the past! loved it!” ” Or. What a great post!”
    [Blog] New Platforms and Some Thoughts about NetBase – Web Journal, July 8th-15th, 2012
    And, between focusing on the course and personal issues, I found my plate full, and all the energy I wanted to put into my blog, here, went to those things. As I’m working on the Social Media & The Arts material for Fall 2012 Semester at Rutgers I  tried using some of the platforms I have at my disposal in new ways, lately, with Netbase Composer. Since Netbase is also being used by the University of California Irvine Extension students (they get it free for the 6 weeks of the course) I found myself looking at the platform in a different way, than, say, Radian6 or Sysomos.
    [Blog] Google’s Panda Update—the Lessons I Learned
    Things were going well over at my fitness blog. Regardless, it seems this was enough to have my blog slapped with the “content farm” label. Lesson #2: Blog as if no one is reading. Blog as if everyone is reading. enjoy blogging about it, regardless of how many (or few) read my posts. These blogs have been especially valuable in learning what adjustments I need to make to my site, and why. But this tip is not limited to search engine algorithms—you can apply it to almost any issue you have in blogging. Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips.
    [Blog] 11 Shocking New Social Media Statistics in America
    11 Shocking New Social Media Statistics in America is a post from: Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. You think social media is reaching maturity, and the whipsaw behavioral shifts that change like a Dwight Howard trade request are things of the past? Uhhh, no. Released yesterday at Blogworld New York , findings from social media behavioral researcher  Tom Webster and the team at Edison Research show some shocking changes in how Americans use and consume social media. Two quick notes: This is not data dredging. Sign up now for a sneak peek.
    [Blog] Using Adwords Performance Grader for an Instant Paid Search Peformance Report
    Here are some screenshots from DazzlingDonna Blog:  I will say that I think a 5 or 10 minute video produced by WordStream would help here – I searched for one and did not find anything.  I got an nice introduction to WordStream Adwords Performance Grader yesterday which really looks great!  Larry Kim, the CTO/Founder of WordStream took me through a tour of his new platform.  Being that I’m a technologist, but not so much a paid search specialist, I focused on what challenges and problems Adwords Performance Grader solves. Development Time =   about 3 months.
    [Blog] The Long Tail of Media Grows
    Top 100 blogs – Huffington Post, Techcrunch, Treehugger, etc. Generally speaking, blog content can vary from print to video. Leading vertical blogs : And the winner here, no question. From the newer social media world, you can list: Social network profiles, secondary blogs, videos, photos, maps, and mobile updates & check ins. Blogs [can be] a more effective way of reaching and inspiring traditional media to react than most PR professionals and wire services combined. Head of the Tail. Further, this assumes PR owns social media within a company.
    [Blog] BuzzSumo, Quartz Briefs and a Love of Cauliflower – Friday Flutterings
    Great for fiction or non-fiction, long-form or blogging. 'BuzzSumo has become a great research tool for content, influencers, and where things are getting shared. Screen shots hint at the potential for a Search Once and Subscribe practice coming soon. … One of the quickest news blitz reads is the Quartz Daily Briefs  - know a little about a lot and be able to always have talking points for your day. … Whatever happened to Dakota Moon ? Good sound. can listen to them a lot, but only two albums? I’ve got both of them. Here’s one of my favorite singles ( My Song ).
    [Blog] 5 Ways to Humanize Your Brand on Twitter
    Ways to Humanize Your Brand on Twitter is a post from: Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. Injecting a real face and personality into your personal Twitter account is intrinsic, and most people don’t give it a second thought. We We share what’s happening in our lives, photos from great vacations, things that annoy us, and other content that compels us. But when it comes to imbuing corporate Twitter accounts with a similar measure of personality and humanity, we often fall down on the job. True, This can chip away at brand trust and brand value.
  • FEVER BEE  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 2013
    [Blog] 50 Community Building Tips
      10)  Remove the areas of the site that don’t get used much (blogs, multimedia areas, groups). 'If you're looking or a few immediately useful actions, here are 50 that might help.      1)   Create an area that caters to newcomers to the topic. Put the beginner guides here and link these to relevant forum discussions.      2)   Identify a common problem and launch an eBook where members can share their best advice. Publish it next month. Ask them about both their experience and opinions on topical issues. 
    [Blog] Is Your App Necessary?
    The majority of these apps had icons along the bottom for the following streams: their blog, Twitter feed, YouTube videos and  slideshow presentations. Most tech-savvy individuals use an RSS reader such as Google Reader to read all their blogs in one place instead of opening up individual apps for each blog. These days there’s an app for just about everything. But if you take a closer look, you’ll find that many of them serve little purpose.As an iPhone user, I have roughly 60 apps, some paid, some free. But of those 60, only 5-10 get used on an regular basis.
    [Blog] Small rivers of content for a new discovery system
    TheWayoftheWeb The digital convergence of media, entertainment, marketing and PR front page archives about RSS Click below for the WayoftheWeb bookstore The Blogroll A Shel of Myself Chris Brogan Currybetdotnet Eaon Pritchard Faster Future Gaping Void Howard Owens Jaffe Juice Jonathan MacDonald KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog Michael Leis – Digital Strategy Nick Burcher Occam’s Razor Web Analytics blog Only Dead Fish Seth Godin Simon Collister – Networked Society Teaching Online Journalism The Herd The Obvious?
    [Blog] The best tips for online writing with reference to famous celebrities (Article for training purposes)
    But you can learn how to nail your blog posts, get ranked first on Google and become a social networking expert by learning from generic celebrity X. You can also gain inbound links by posting comments on relevant blogs in the same subject area as your article, as long as you leave genuine and interesting comments and your article is relevant. Writing online, optimising for search engines and marketing your digital content via social media isn’t rocket science. And don’t forget to put your keyword first in your short and relevant headline.
    [Blog] The Twitter Test
    It's not hard to mold and craft a LinkedIn profile, Blog or even your Facebook profile to look pristine at all times. I've been thinking a lot about Twitter lately. It's success and how much attention it receives in the public domain. Beyond Twitter's dramatic growth and the buzz that still surrounds it, it's becoming an increasingly important place to be because as people used to " Google " one another to find out what they're about, you may note that a Twitter profile ranks fairly close to the top of the organic search results. What does this mean? The Twitter Test. content.
    [Blog] How to Connect Effectively on Social Media – 5 Working Tips
    Most people just use one email address when communicating with clients, readers, and even when commenting on blog posts. 'One of the best ways of connecting with people and building a brand is via social media. The reason that many people do not effectively connect is because they cannot be easily found or recognized on social media. The following tips will help you become more accessible on social media: 1. Prominent Display of your main social Profile Links on your site. This may seem obvious, but a number of people do not have their social media links on their sites. Name branding.
    [Blog] The Path to Posting the Perfect Pic (and possibly going viral)
    It’s decent for blogging, good for microblogging, and great for sharing image and videos. If you aren’t already on Tumblr, you can skip this step if you don’t want to invest the time into personalizing your blog with a theme, URL, etc. For most people and most pictures, sharing it on Facebook or Twitter is enough. It may be a quick snapshot of you and your friends out on the town or a cool sunset from a mountaintop and sharing it with our friends and family is enough. With those, we want to go viral. You’ll need accounts here: Chime. Pinterest. Tumblr.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011
    [Blog] How To Be A Social Media Jerk
    Seth Godin often says, "your mileage may vary," while Chris Brogan is always smart with his, " you're doing it wrong ," Blog posts. You'll read a whole bunch of different perspectives online about what you should and should not be doing when it comes to Social Media. I'm a big believer in doing what works best for you and ignoring what most of the Digerati think. It's a bit of a trick. but it works. The easiest way to improve the on-ramp success of your Social Media efforts is to always imagine that the person you're connecting with is standing right in front of you.
    [Blog] The Teen Exodus from Facebook is NOT a Permanent Departure
    As Zach Billings mentioned in a blog post the other day, “If your target audience is an older crowd, then Facebook is still the social network of choice.” The post The Teen Exodus from Facebook is NOT a Permanent Departure appeared first on Soshable | Social Media Blog. 'There’s a real beauty to Facebook for adults. It allows us to keep track of things that are happening in the lives of those important to us such as friends, coworkers, family, and those who are distant from us. Here’s the thing. Facebook isn’t cool. It’s pretty natural.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013
    [Blog] Get My Next Book CTRL ALT Delete Now
    Warning: the following blog post will be self-promotional. If you have been following this blog, listening to my podcast, seen me speak live or engaged with me on many of the various social media platforms, I'm hopeful that you will keep on reading. If you're not interested in it, please feel free to ignore it. My second business book, CTRL ALT Delete , comes out on May 21st, 2013, but you can get a pre-release copy today. There will be many interesting and fun marketing initiatives leading up to the launch of CTRL ALT Delete on May 21st. Galleys are not finalized books. dan pink.
    [Blog] Narcissus at work
    And as important as the above blog is to understanding the BASE motives of people, I think it more important to understand self interest so that we, as marketers, as influencers, as the avant garde of social media leaders, to use our intelligence and understanding of the new modes of communication to help people learn how to see beyond simple self interest. blog comments powered by Disqus Search Brass Tacks About the Authors Amber Naslund Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra on Twitter) is a communications and business strategist and the Director of Community for Radian6. So am I. Always.
    [Blog] How to Write Successful Emails (and Improve Open Rates)
    Like a binder to a book, so is the email list to blog/website. m willing to be spammed, get boring emails, and go through tons of junk just to get that one email from a friend or blog that will connect and enhance me with information that I need. Stay updated with the favorite blog. You’re not about connecting when you do this and I believe these addresses shouldn’t exist for any blog unless it’s a notifier of some sort. Look at it here: Subject: How to Write Blog Posts That Generate Leads. How to Write Blog Posts That Generate Leads. Think about it.
    [Blog] How to Create Massive Value Content & Blow Your Readers’ Minds
    The moment they land on your blog, they look for “what’s in it for me?”. At the time of writing this, there are 152,000,000 blogs on the Net. That means every half a second, a new blog is created somewhere in the world. If you’re passionate about your topic, perhaps you won’t mind blogging without traffic. The Reason Blogging is Dead & What to Do Instead. Your blog gets back-linked, a lot. The Ultimate Cheatsheet to Create Massive Value Content on Your Blog. Here’s an example of a calendar for your blog: DATE. Let’s face it. STEP 1.
  • FEVER BEE  |  MONDAY, JULY 22, 2013
    [Blog] Almost Every Branded Community Fails – Some Case Studies
      EasyJet launched a community which was actually a blog. 'I recently searched for “online community” on a marketing site. It gave me a long list of organizations which have launched a community over the last five years.   Here is a quick summary of the first 12. The link no longer works. Arsenal FC launched a community with 10Duke to 'add value' to existing memberships. The link no longer works. BBC created a community called Soup for aspiring comedians. The website is still there, but the site has been closed to new contributors. The link no longer works.
    [Blog] How to Create Time for Writing Great Content
    We all know about the many amazing benefits of blogging , writing, self-publishing, and other forms of content marketing. 'Image via But one of the hardest parts is actually finding the time to sit down, write, and create content! ve heard from so many people who want to write more or create more content for their businesses but just have so much trouble finding the time and making it a habit. Below are seven tips for finding time in your busy schedule to get your butt in your writing seat and create awesome content. Do other work between writing sessions. Say “no”.
    [Blog] Most Popular Posts on ProBlogger 2014: Social Media
    Ways to Promote Your Blog Without Relying on Google Traffic. What’s the point of promoting our blogs on social media if nobody is reading it? Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'Social media and how to navigate it was, again, a big issue in 2014. Which platform is best? How do we use it effectively? Are we still using Google Plus? Where did everyone on Twitter go? These are the answers we found… 1. As Darren has said before, putting all your eggs in the Google basket can be risky (and devastating – he almost lost his business ). On what platform?
  • JACOB MORGAN  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 2010
    [Blog] The Disconnect Between How Vendors and Strategists Approach Social CRM
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER The Disconnect Between How Vendors and Strategists Approach Social CRM View Comments June 18th, 2010 After spending a lot of time speaking and interacting with vendors and strategists in the Social CRM space it became very clear to me that vendors and strategists (or consultants or analysts or whatever else you want to call them) are on a very different page when it comes to understanding and explaining what Social CRM is and/or does.  I think what we are seeing now (also in the E2.0
    [Blog] Social Media is Driven by the Person, Not the Position
    Panel Panelists included: Chris Dorobek , Federal News Radio co-anchor, The Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris ( [link] ) Mark Drapeau , Associate Research Fellow, National Defense University and Mashable Blogger Steve Field , Media Relations Manager, Ground Systems at BAE Systems and author of the D-Ring Blog As I began the discussion, focusing first on the definition of Government 2.0, For a little more on that concept, see our outgoing Deputy Administrator’s blog post: [link] [link] Jeffrey Levy Darn tootin’! link] ProjectVRM Blog » Loose Links [.]
  • KIKOLANI  |  MONDAY, JULY 30, 2012
    [Blog] The Importance of Social Media in a Successful Marketing Campaign
    Many social sites allow the poster to use these words on blogs and have these tags link directly back to your website. This is a guest post by Tim at HostPapa. One would have to be blind not to see that social media networks have been some of the most successful performers on the Internet in the last few years. Say the word “Facebook” in nearly any part of the world and it will be recognized. In the past, the most commonly known words were Coca-Cola and “OK.” This is changing. Better Marketing Communications. Why is this so important? Higher Customer Satisfaction. Take an active role!
    [Blog] The Power Sharing Problem
    Will you give members weekly columns/featured blogs (and by doing so gain more prestige for members, but more contributions for you?). The more power you share with the community, the most active members will be. Yes, you have less control. But you trade control for participation. The mentality changes. You're not building a community for members. You're building a community with members. It's hard to do that when you're exercising rigid top-down control. Worse yet, you prevent volunteers from helping you. You can't scale a community without passionate volunteers. Admin power.
    [Blog] SEO on the Go
    Track Multiple Blogs Using mAnalytics. This is a guest post by Christy Wilson. No longer tied to a desk to create and manage our websites, an explosion of apps enters the scene, freeing us to track SEO strategies almost anywhere. While the well-designed and properly executed apps give us all the information we need quickly and are sized properly for smartphone screens, the poorly designed apps are nothing but a headache. There are some big name apps you won’t find on this list, simply because users and reviewers ranked them poorly and they don’t belong on a “best apps” list. Rated 4.6
    [Blog] How to Master Your Online Persona and Fan Base via Social Media
    messaged them back telling them they inspired my next post and then did my research on the topic and shared it in a post publicly on my blog for my other readers to enjoy. Inbox Creating your online persona to promote yourself, or your business, is essential because it gives you full control of how your online audience perceives you. The beauty of having this control is that you can entice an audience to see you in the best light to promote yourself from whichever angle you choose. YOU make people SEE the side of you that YOU WANT. Always respond to fan mail personally. may not be ‘Miss.
    [Blog] What location-based services, brands and marketers need to know from 11 tweets of #GEOChat one
    You can read a full archive of #GEOChat via the TriOut blog here: #GEOChat one Archive. Original graphic by Jess3 ! Yesterday kicked off the first #GEOChat about all things location on Twitter. It started at 2:00 P.M. EST and lasted to 3:00 P.M. During #GEOChat I asked four different questions and received a lot of great feedback from location-based fanboys/ladies and a few from existing location platforms such as Pegshot and TriOut. Below are the four questions I asked during #GEOChat: 1. Who’s using Facebook Places as their primary location-based service?
    [Blog] Charlene Li on Social technology and Open Leadership: Part 2
    You can follow Charlene on twitter  here , subscribe to here blog  here , and order Open Leadership  here. Building on Part 1 of my interview with Charlene Li (author of Groundswel l and Open Leadership ), here is Part Two in which we discuss the persistent issue of how you convince CEOs to use social media and what they can expect from doing it. SM: How do you answer people that just want to see the profits that social media will bring? CL:  I can show you how these things can deepen the relationship and improve satisfaction. It’s the same thing here. Those companies saw value. 
    [Blog] Day 8: People of color impacting the social web – Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D. – #29DaysofDiversity
    Website/Blog: published academic author, popular blogger, playwright and issues and electoral campaign winner, Dr. Goddess has become a staple at such conferences as Netroots Nation, Blogging While Brown, Blogalicious, Black Thought 2.0 Blogging While Brown 2011. As we all know, February is Black History Month. For the past two years for Black History Month, I started an online series called 28 Days Diversity where I would feature someone new everyday during the month of February for just being awesome in their own right. Ellis, Ph.D. Twitter: @drgoddess.
    [Blog] Kodak’s Social Media Success—and What Bloggers Can Learn From It
    With an active Facebook page , three corporate blogs , a couple of Twitter accounts, a YouTube channel , a Flickr profile and more, Kodak seems to be smiling pretty much all over the social media arena. Our blog launched in September of 2006 and our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presences followed in early 2008. Here’s what Tom Hoehn has to say about the concept officially called Kodak Convergence Media Ripcurl [PDF]: “You will note the words, Twitter, blog, Facebook, YouTube, etc. How do Kodak’s blogs fit? Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
    [Blog] Gin and Topics: TV for Dogs and Creepy Marketing
    received this video after I wrote Gin and Topics, but it’s so good, I had to revise the blog post. It seems we have a trend in Chicago. Every time it has snowed this winter (this is only the fourth time), it’s on Friday. wonder why that is? Mother Nature must be feeling generous to not make us trudge through snow all week long. Because, by Monday, it’s been gone. So here I sit, watching it snow, and hoping we get a little bit more so I can get the skis out this weekend! There are some interesting things for this week’s Gin and Topics. Porsche Stuck In Wet Cement.
    [Blog] Having Children Means You Can’t Run a Start-Up
    P.S. Laura also wrote a great blog post today on this topic and combined thoughts from many women entrepreneurs. This past Sunday, I received a nice note from my hilarious friend, Laura Petrolino , asking me to comment on Saturday’s TechCrunch story, “Women don’t want to run start-ups because they’d rather have children.&#. If you’ve not yet had a chance to read the story, you can find it here.  First, congratulations to Penelope Trunk , the founder of Brazen Careerist. The article was well-written and she makes a very honest, introspective, and great point.
    [Blog] Examples of online communities in the not-for-profit sector
    blog). Subscribe to updates from the FreshNetworks Blog. Tags: social media Virtual community marketing AARP Online Community Examples freshminds FreshNetworks Blog web2.0 A busy week at FreshNetworks has meant that we’re a little later than expected  bringing you the third in our series of Online Community Examples. After looking at examples in the retail and automotive industries, this week we are looking at examples from the not-for-profit sector. Online communities in the not-for-profit sector. The US Navy’s Navy For Moms. UK Fundraising’s Forums.
    [Blog] 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
    It means that you don’t just wait for people to come to you; you need to go out and engage with customers , comment on blogs, respond to tweets and more depending on the channels you have chosen. 'Social media can be an excellent opportunity for small businesses because of its high return on investment. The ten tips below can help your small business succeed on social media and help you identify a wide range of resources available. Set goals. Goals will help you to understand where you need to direct your efforts and how you hope to measure your success. ” 2. Be personal.
    [Blog] An Easy Way To Move From Busy-ness to Business
    Do you know why you are attending events, connecting with people, blogging, tweeting etc? 'If I could offer you a quick tip that could significantly help your business - would you be interested? If I said this tip costs nothing but delivers everytime you do it - would you want to know more? Well here it is free of charge and with all my love x. Be intentional about your intent! Just think about your day. Think about the way you build relationships, think about the way you market what you do. Do you know why you do what you do? . Do you clearly connect your product/service. It won''t.
  • SOSHABLE  |  SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2011
    [Blog] What Google+ Says About the Future of Mobile Apps
    Read More Social Media Articles on the  Soshable Blog. I was listening to my rock radio station of choice the other day, and when the commercial for a big bank mobile app aired, some thoughts I’d been having about social media and apps started to really make sense. The spokesperson, in jocular, soothing tones, told me how even if I forgot to deposit my checks before I went to the ballgame, it didn’t matter, because I could do so with the app while the pitchers warm up. All you have to do is take a picture of both sides of the check and boom it’s depositied,” he said.
    [Blog] Personal Or Business Social Media Accounts: Which Is Best for You?
    Your final decision will depend on the answers you give to the following questions: Do you blog for fun or profit? Is your blog a hobby or a business? built my reputation on my personal account and created a new account for my blog once I had an audience that warranted the separation. Clare Lancaster offers blog reviews to help improve the business performance of your blog. Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips. This post is by Clare Lancaster, of Are you building a personal brand or a business brand? What should you do?
    [Blog] Ford Sets Record for Biggest Tweetup Ever
    link] ComMetrics weekly review: HotWired to Ford via ROI – blog benchmark, KPI, ROI, KISS, SMART metrics, social media monitoring, best metrics, best practice, benchmark software, cost-benefit analysis, social media – ComMetrics: Developing strategic KPIs, best [.] Ford organizes the biggest tweetup ever => blog post by @PamDyer BUT WHY would any smart consumer fall for this – except to party [.] Is it ok if I link back to this blog from my site? Is it ok if I link back to this blog from my site? So far, Fiesta agents have traveled more than 1.4
    [Blog] Week 3 NFL Picks from Social Media
    If you are new to the blog or seeing how I am picking the winners for the first time, be sure to check out my NFL picks formula. Entering the third week of the NFL season, my experiment in using social media to select the winners of each game has been interesting. In the opening week, the results were pretty spot on, while week two was split down the middle. If you think you can pick the games better, you still have time to get into the ESPN Pool where the winner gets a $25 Amazon gift card. So here are this week’s picks: New England 6, Buffalo 10. Jacksonville 6,  Carolina 10.
    [Blog] Google Introduces Auto Insurance Shopping Site
    'Google announced on their blog today that they are launching Google Compare. Google Compare acts as a search engine for auto insurance quotes. The site will be starting in California and later expanding to more states. Conor Dougherty from  The New York Times said, “Customers enter information like their name and driver’s license number, and the site provides quotes in a few minutes. If and when a customer buys, Google will collect a referral fee from insurers.” ” Check out the site here. Image from Thumbnail from
    [Blog] #xPotomac14 to Feature Robert Scoble, Shel Israel & Others
    Cox Digital Media Director of Social Media Integration and blogging pioneer Toby Bloomberg will join us from Atlanta. 'xPotomac is coming back this February 28, 2014! Our opening keynotes this year are Robert Scoble and Shel Israel , who will discuss The Age of Context, and how the world of media is being dramatically impacted by social media, data, mobile and sensors (see Geoff Livingston’s interview with Robert for an in-depth look at this issue ). Tickets are on sale now. If you register by December 31, receive an rely bird 30% discount using this code, EARLYBIRD. New Media Jim.
    [Blog] Online Communities - Best Practices Newsletter
      It's not a blog. Wouldn't it be terrific if there was a simple newsletter filled with proven best practices for building communities that you could share with colleagues?    Now there is! We recently published our first best practices newsletter.    This is a simple, monthly, pdf document that will share best practices for building successful communities.  It doesn't share thoughts and opinions. It containts only clear, simple, proven methods for building online communities. No fluff.   Branded Online Communities
  • FEVER BEE  |  SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2012
    [Blog] Access Levels And New Features
    For most communities, I'd remove document creation, blog posts, polls, events, ideas, videos, and anything else that distracts from creating discussions. Take a look at this image below: That's a LOT of things a member can do.    Needless to say, most communities don't need any of these. It's only once the discussions are going that you might want to consider adding new features. For now, it's a distraction.    Even better, why not gradually let members have access to more features the more they have participated?
    [Blog] Resources for Creating Buyer Personas Using the Right Content
    She also offers workshops and coaching for in-depth and hands-on training, as well as a blog, templates, and other free resources. Storytelling, Positioning, and Personas for More Effective B2B Marketing from TopRank Blog. This blog post from the inbound marketing experts lists a mix of businesses that get it right – and reap the benefits. There’s a lot that goes into effective content marketing. So how do you do all that effectively? By creating buyer personas. Once you fully understand what makes your customers tick, you can become the solution they’ve been looking for.
    [Blog] Three Easy Video Formats for First-time Vloggers
    YouTube is the next big thing for blogging. Check out the traffic just one of my blogs receives per week from YouTube: Most bloggers get stuck when it comes to video content, because they’re unsure of what to make. If you title your video “How To _”, get some views on your blog, pick a good how-to topic, and do a great job presenting it, you are guaranteed to have made a video that will give back for years to come in terms of views and traffic. You know if you read my blog that I’m a huge fan of interviews to bring in traffic. Over to you.
    [Blog] Storify filters online content into easy-to-read stories
    Other curation startups of note are: Keepstream - [link] - [link] Bag the Web - [link] Check out Scoble's article noting all these companies at [link] / blog comments powered by Disqus VB Writers Matt Marshall Editor-in-Chief Owen Thomas Executive Editor Dean Takahashi Lead Writer, GamesBeat Anthony Ha Assistant Editor, VentureBeat Devindra Hardawar Writer, VentureBeat Iris Kuo Writer, GreenBeat Matthaus Krzykowski Mobile Consultant & Coordinator Get more VentureBeat! Users simply type in a headline and drag content into the thread. The San Francisco, Calif.-based
    [Blog] Help Me Help You | Almost Savvy
    If you are reading this on my blog, just click the button (top, right – under my picture) and you’re in! The primary networking platforms which many of us use – Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn – have all undergone huge changes, seemingly at a breakneck pace. Some have been well communicated in advance, many weren’t. Some have been well-received, many have led to frustration. few have worked well immediately upon launch, most seem full of bugs and perform inconsistently. It’s no wonder that so many of you are frustrated and confused. Not doubt about it.
  • SOSHABLE  |  THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012
    [Blog] How Facebook Timeline Can Help You Tell a Better Brand Story
    By including important tabs below the header, users can head on over to view events, blog, and also share their story with the rest of the community. For an e-commerce website, these tabs could include a link to the e-store, customer recommendations or reviews, the company blog, or even sale events. In late April 2012, brand pages on Facebook were migrated to the new Timeline layout, making most social media plans for the year redundant. Authority social media websites like Mashable, Read Write Web, and many others ran a series of posts on making the best of the Timeline layout.
    [Blog] Are you missing this important part of the marketing puzzle? (+ script to steal!)
    Hear me out… If you have a website, use social media and write a blog, but NOT building a list of subscribers, you’re missing a MASSIVE part of your sales and prospecting puzzle that makes growing your business a whole lot easier. 'Email marketing. Newsletters. Email opt ins. List building. Do those words make you shudder and wail in desperation: “I’M NOT ADDING ANOTHER THING TO MY TASK LIST!!” ” Hold on a sec. Breathe. These are ALL important pieces for building your reputation and attracting clients. built my first profitable business that way.
    [Blog] Your Content Strategy Sucks. Here’s How to Fix It.
    To be clear, I don’t want you to stuff your blog posts with a bunch of keywords to the point that no human will be able to read them. For Writtent , this may include the following categories: -       blogging. -       copywriting. -       content marketing. -       inbound marketing. -       freelance writers. Here is a Trends graph I was able to create in just minutes around several of the keywords I’m currently targeting: -       copywriting. -       inbound marketing. -       content marketing. -       freelance writing. -       blog writing. Let’s get started here.
    [Blog] Case Study: Implementing Enterprise Collaboration at TELUS
    Implementing collaboration tools within TELUS has been a four year journey for the organization and includes multiple technologies such as Cisco Telepresence, micro-blogging, and virtual worlds. Dan Ponteract , the Senior Director / Head of Learning & Collaboration at TELUS, recently gave Chess Media Group an inside look into their journey of implementing Enterprise 2.0 tools within their organization. at TELUS. Below is a short overview of the study, you can check out our collaboration resources to download the free full case study along with other content. The move to Enterprise 2.0
    [Blog] Community Manager: To Be Or Not To Be!
    Another way of keeping your community interested is to identify your most engaged community members and top influencers and leverage their voice by offering them guest blog spots, curating their own content in a news round-up or re-sharing it in some other capacity. Tweet Community Managers are the voice of the brand, but their role varies across companies. There are no set list of rules or guidelines which can a make a successful community, but all successful communities have a common ingredient – a good Community Manager. Therefore, a lot of people aspire towards this role.
    [Blog] Danish Startup ‘Podio’ Keeps Store in San Francisco [interview]
    Jonas will make an interview with Kasper about how the tour has been so far – and we will bring this interview here on our blog in June. Tweet The Danish startup Podio – often referred to as ‘Facebook for the workplace’ – has crossed the borders of Denmark. The official launch of Podio happened a bit differently by the company setting up a Podio store in San Francisco. From this store Podio would make people aware of their existence by targeting them on the street, hosting workshops and conferences in the store and letting people network etc. Podio World Tour.
    [Blog] Why Content Marketers Need to Quit Reinventing the Wheel
    They’re trying to move a mountain every time they make a new eBook or something, and instead that eBook should also be 10 blog posts and should be 14 videos and 18 Instagram posts and 14 YouTube videos. 'This is the sixth in a series of videos culled from an interview about content marketing I did with Terry Foster of Cision Canada. Cision (the USA version) is also a sponsor of Convince & Convert and our Social Pros podcast. here’s a post I wrote about their nifty content amplification tool ). For more of this series (and others)  please subscribe to my YouTube channel.
    [Blog] On the First Page of Google? Now What?
    He also co-manages an up and coming travel nurse blog with his wife Melissa. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. This guest post is by Keith Bishop of Online Digital Junkie. If your goal is to publish a lot of meaningless content that doesn’t get read, then you’re in the wrong place. On the other hand, if you desire your pages to engage and help the reader take some type of action based upon what they were searching for when they found your site, read on. All you have to do is consider the impact of your keywords before you use them. Proper meta data. Meta title. Awesome!
    [Blog] Billions of Awesome Pieces of Content Served Daily?
    You can check in, or tweet in, or upload your photos, or have your blog posted there, and yes, still add status updates, comments, likes and so on. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, and Barack Obama, USA's interim CEO, dueled for attention this morning in what turned out to be an intriguing one-two punch on the state of social globally and then then the state of the nation broadly. Zuckerberg promised us something "Awesome", while Obama dueled with opposing party leaders claiming he didn't keep his own promises. Not bad considering both were completed before noon Pacific. billion. Per day.
  • ABSOLUTE PA  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014
    [Blog] The Beginners Guide To Market on Social Media In A Genuine Way
    That can be a link to your website, blog, sales page, newsletter sign up or product page. 20% informing people about products, services and blog posts. As well as being insanely useful, this is the stuff that requires real action from your followers and leads to a conversion: visiting your website, signing up to your e-book, buying your products or services, and reading your blog. Editor’s Note: A version of this post originally appeared on Buffer blog. 'You’ve probably heard that it’s not very effective to hard sell on social media. Constantly Stumped. link]”.
    [Blog] 7 Skill Sets for Nurturing Open Community
    Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2: Open Community Means Developing into a Social Organization: We talk a lot about the idea of the social organization on our SocialFishing blog ; whether you are for-profit or nonprofit, an association, company, B2B, B2C, or small business, it pays to think strategically about the skills you might want to develop in your staff in order to be the kind of business that can nurture its Open Community online. Blogs are a great way to play with multimedia by mixing up different kinds of posts with photos, videos, audio clips. It’s what we do. online.
    [Blog] Stories From Smaller Nonprofits: Wello WaterWheel
    The social media plan for 2011 includes streamlining social media to produce more consistent content through blogs, video networks and encourage conversations on Facebook and Twitter. The As 2010, wraps up, so does Diva Marketing's Stories From Smaller Nonprofit Series. This was the second year we had the privilege of providing opportunities for lesser known not for profits to tell their stories. in their own way. popular line from   The Rime of the Ancient Mariner sets the stage for our last story.  Water water everywhere nor any drop to drink. Powerful. . Photo of Cynthia Koenig).
    [Blog] Customer Stalking – When Is Your Twitter Response Too Fast?
    She blogs at Coherent Social Media. Schaefer that my comment on his blog wasn’t uploading. Guest post by Neicole Crepeau , an Online Strategist at Coherent Interactive. The other week, I was participating in Jay’s chat on social media. It takes place every Tuesday at noon EST.) The exchange is below: @jaybaer #sm107 BONUS Q4. How important is speed of response on Twitter? And can a company be TOO fast = creepy? neicolec : Q4: If support problem, no reply too fast. If I made a comment, a fast reply creeps me out. sm107. It’s true. Probably a lot of people do.
    [Blog] 5 Ways Accountants Can Get Started by Using Social Media
    The use of online forums has only become more crucial in recent years, with social media and blog sites now one of the most powerful platforms available to young professionals. Creating a blog using simple platforms like WordPress or Tumblr allows users to create unique personal and professional pages, and unlike LinkedIn or Facebook, the user has almost total control over the visual and contextual environment. Internal audits and accurate accounting are now prime vehicles for companies to showcase their fiscal integrity. This is supported by the U.S. Get Your Profile Out There!
    [Blog] Why timelines restrict our social media thinking
    For instance pamphlets just like blogs made us communicate feverishly.then we can do that.well we move on.maybe to TV or You Tube.maybe to meetings or social networking. What that means is that just creating a blog won't change the world anymore.learn from history, learn from how socialising Being at #digcult12 has made me think about how we tend to make time a constraint.not in terms of time management per se, but how it makes us think in a linear fashion. The problem is this. and yet to think in a human way remains relatively stable and actually more circular!!
    [Blog] Social Media has a Friend in Fitness: Greatist
    quick look at their Facebook page reveals two things: they stay active and they’re not just your standard blog RSS-fed page. The page is geared around a movement more than just a blog. As social media continues to expand and enter more areas of our lives, the health and fitness segment has been dominated by a handful of major companies and publications. Nike was a trendsetter. Men’s Health made a splash early on. They have real engagement and ask real questions of their followers, offering advice at times while staying fresh and fun at others.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2011
    [Blog] QR Codes And The Great Lunchbag Letdown
    blog note: just saw this article on a flight: MobileInsider - How Not to Dig a QR Rabbit Hole. Mobile Marketing professionals are very excited about QR codes and their marketing prowess. I'm a little less excited. In theory, QR Codes sound awesome. Your consumer sees an advertisement that engages them, they whip out their mobile device, snap a picture of the QR code that sits on the advertisement and they're suddenly catapulted into an immersive brand experience that can live beyond the physical limitations of a print ad. On top of that, mobile technology is solid. You have me. qr code.
  • MINDJUMPERS  |  MONDAY, MAY 30, 2011
    [Blog] How Ecycler Used Social Media to Enhance Its Business
    Today the company has 8,200 followers, 9,568 Facebook: fans, 73 YouTube videos and a blog. Tweet is an internet age version of cash for cans concept. Through this website, people who wanted to discard their belongings could do so by posting it to the website. Collectors’ would then arrange to pick it up or get the discarded belongings shipped. Basically the soul of the business here was communication between collectors and discarders. The challenge for the company was to proactively create awareness and start a conversation between collectors and discarders.
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