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    [Blog] Here we go…opening the Social Branding Blueprint for the first time together.
    This program incorporates all my experience from consulting on brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Motorola, Toyota and the X Prize Foundation, to the insights from my New York Times bestseller We First , to the blogging I do for Forbes , Mashable and Fast Company , all structured in a simple, 8-step training program to transform your business into a powerful social brand. This is such an exciting week as We First launches for the first time ever it’s Social Branding Blueprint that. This is simply the reality of doing business and reaching customers today.
  • SOSHABLE  |  MONDAY, JUNE 2, 2014
    [Blog] Social Media Success? It’s More Than Just ‘Likes’
    This will include buying Facebook ads or advertising on key blogs. 'If you judge your business’ social media (SM) success solely on how many likes you can drum up, you’re only looking at a tiny piece of the puzzle. There’s a big disparity when it comes to optimizing your ROI with SM, with a number of marketers jumping full force onto the social media bandwagon, but falling short where it matters most: Actually looking at the data to seeing how successful they are. However, Adobe says that just 12 percent or marketers say they feel “capable” when it comes to measuring SM ROI.
    [Blog] My Thoughts on the Social CRM Summit in Georgia
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER My Thoughts on the Social CRM Summit in Georgia View Comments May 27th, 2010 me on the left, Paul Greenberg in the middle, and Lauren from Ngenera on the right This past week I had the privilege of attending Paul Greenberg’s and BPT Partner’s Social CRM Summit in Atlanta.  If you enjoy traveling be sure to check out Jacobs travel blog. I’ve never been to Atlanta before or anywhere near that portion of the U.S.  You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site.
    [Blog] The two digital publishing models of the near future
    TheWayoftheWeb The digital convergence of media, entertainment, marketing and PR front page archives about RSS Click below for the WayoftheWeb bookstore The Blogroll A Shel of Myself Chris Brogan Currybetdotnet Eaon Pritchard Faster Future Gaping Void Howard Owens Jaffe Juice Jonathan MacDonald KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog Michael Leis – Digital Strategy Nick Burcher Occam’s Razor Web Analytics blog Only Dead Fish Seth Godin Simon Collister – Networked Society Teaching Online Journalism The Herd The Obvious? Stocktwits gets funding, Yahoo).
    [Blog] How Much Content Do You Need? Here’s a Formula
    It’s not always sufficient just to create a detailed blog and be done with it. 'Image from was in St. Louis the other day, talking Youtility at an event put together by my friends at Standing Partnership, a killer reputation management firm. It was on the official book launch day , so that was a milestone to remember. Also memorable was a great question from the audience. One of the three ways to create Youtility – marketing so useful, people would pay for it – is to answer every customer question. The Formula For Content Marketing Success.
    [Blog] Insights on How Manufacturing Can Have a Competitive Edge
    Eric Willis follows my blog and is a manufacturer of fasteners in the UK. Eric works If you’re in manufacturing, I don’t have to tell you the kinds of pressure you feel on a daily basis. Eric works as a distribution manager at EJOT UK providing high tension custom fasteners to the aerospace and defense market. EJOT’s global distribution network makes it one of the largest fastener suppliers based in Europe. He’d like to share his insights on how to stay ahead of the game. How to Stay Ahead of the Game in the Fastener World. So what do you do?
    [Blog] Tweeterati #11: Does India Have World Class IIT-IIM Faculty, or World-Class Politicians?
    pagalguy) emerged as the voice of reason in a heavily tweeted blog post when he made an. In last week’s Tweeterati column in Mail Today , I looked at the debate on whether IITs and IIMs have world class faculty: I grew up in middle class Patna, studied at IIM Bangalore, and taught at Georgetown University, so I. have seen all the three worlds firsthand. IIM did change my life, did help me escape from the small-town. middle-class dreariness I was born into. But, instead of feeling outraged at Jairam Ramesh’s comments, I. class jailors! Jairam Ramesh.
    [Blog] The Complicated World Of Anchor Texts
    Other times we might just paste the URL in its full glory (I would argue this is the most authentic way that most people link to content in their blogs and in forums – due to laziness if nothing else. Some would be good quality and use relevant anchor text, but others would be on low PR forums and blogs and use anchors like ‘Click’ or full URLs. 'SEO used to be relatively straightforward. By Vadim Kirichenko. However things have changed since then and these days there are many more considerations if you want to be successful. achor text is very important for SEO!
    [Blog] Campus Cyberbullying: A Tragic but Preventable Crime
    member of the University faculty or staff uses his or her blog or social media account to berate or otherwise discuss engagement with or judgment of a student’s work or other information considered confidential or proprietary by FERPA or HIPPA. 'A currently trending news report alleges that Twitter messages posted by singer & platinum recording artist Rihanna set off the cyber bullying of a fan  for wearing an outfit to her prom mimicking an earlier outfit worn by the popular singer.  Naturally, my thoughts about cyber bullying on college campuses led me to remember Tyler Clementi.
    [Blog] Business Relationships Yield Value
    The other day, I went from being so frustrated with Disqus (the blog commenting system I use on [] ), to being very much happy that I’d built a relationship with the company, and with one of their main voices, @Giannii. was receiving several hundred spam comments on my blog. had a problem. It wasn’t some kind of software glitch. I’m just lucky and lots and lots of people were directing their spam to my comments section. was beside myself, being that I’d had to go back and manually delete over a thousand comments. But I’m not that way.
    [Blog] Kindle didn't start the fire…
    Best of luck in 2010 – loving the new look for the acidlabs blog! Home Work How acidlabs works Meet Workshops Speaking Past speaking For conference and meeting planners Press Clients Tumble Subscribe acidlabs Conversation. Collaboration. Community. Kindle didn’t start the fire… January 25, 2010 in posts Apologies to readers for misquoting a Billy Joel song title. And the terrible pun. As a Kindle owner of just a month, I consider the device transformative in its market segment. But it’s the first to make a difference in the public mind. Look at those prices now.
    [Blog] Creative ways to drive website traffic
    Blog comments. The easiest way to do this is comment on blogs they create. Blog commenting when done right improves the ability of other people to make site visits. More so, blog commenting in a niche or target market also gives you access to other users who may be interested in what you have to offer and hence visit your website. Sharing ideas, new perspectives and ways to do things with your blog will help you get the right attention and should be top on your list as far as generating relevant traffic to your website is concerned. Reward the visitors.
    [Blog] [VIDEO] Ride the Möbius Strip to #SocialBusiness Success @SocialEmployee #SocBiz #SocialSelling
    Solis’s observations come during a blog post and video interview with Porter Gale, former VP of marketing at Virgin America (@ VirginAmerica ). 'A few days ago, we unveiled our most recent video in support of our Amazon best-selling book, The Social Employee. As our roster of video content continues to expand, we find ourselves circling back on our earlier videos as a way of revisiting the concepts presented in them and exploring some real-world examples. Today, we look at our video, “ What is a Möbius Strip ?” How does this work? Watch the video to find out. Community Comes First.
    [Blog] Ready For Your Facebook Timeline?
    Why not the head to your blog or website? According to John Jantsch , Facebook’s new Timeline will be rolled out to everyone on October 14 (but you can get yours early, he says). haven’t seen anything yet that says the official date is October 14, but I’ll take his word for it. The question I have for small business owners is, Are you ready? This could be the most important change to Facebook for small business owners since Fan Pages. In fact, you’ll have the option to exchange your fan page for a subscriber base. But should you do that?
    [Blog] Strategy Lessons: The Water Book
    This blog series looks at each of the Five Rings (chapters), and discusses how some of the phrases apply to the modern communications market. From its very visible Facebook, Twitter and blog efforts to its grassroots fundraising platform, email efforts, and experimental marketing via platforms like Gowalla, LIVESTRONG consistently directly engages its community with great successes. Consider how Apple successfully uses blogs to leak information, media to report on blogs and vice versa. 1) Read the Tea Leaves. Image by Steve Depolo. Musashi. Image by Stewart Dawson.
    [Blog] Stuff
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. 'You laugh but do you change your life? Because if you don’t change, if you keep buying and buying and buying more stuff and never get rid of the old stuff, it’s no wonder you move into bigger houses and are never satisfied with your life. Me, I buy little and I purge lots. have so much stuff that the more I recycle, reduce, or remove, I am continually surprised by how much more stuff I own. This depresses me. For instance, I received my diploma from graduate school in 2007 — and I still keep notebooks. The list goes on.
    [Blog] Are The Yellow Pages Outdated?
    About Us What’s a Maverick? Is AOL Moving Forward, Or Back? » Are The Yellow Pages Outdated? The Yellow Pages now have an opt-out website. Really. And that’s a good thing, right? Not if you listen to Frank Reed. guess there’s good reason to be skeptical, but I have a different take on the subject than Frank does. agree with his five talking points, of course, but I’m not so sure about his cynical conclusion. when they know full well that most people won’t even know the option exists. Welcome to online America, home of the shallow. Then what? Do you? Period. Really.
    [Blog] How To Increase Your Twitter Followers | Small Business Mavericks
    About Us What’s a Maverick? » How To Increase Your Twitter Followers So you’ve set yourself up a Twitter account and you’re raring to go. Good for you! But how do you increase your followers? First, keep in mind that you are not a celebrity. If Ashton Kutcher or Oprah Winfrey is your name, then you might need 1 million followers to keep the world notified of your whereabouts and goings on. The object of Twitter is to help you connect with people you’d like to do business with so, with that in mind, let’s talk about how to grow your Twitter followers.
    [Blog] The 10 Biggest Entrepreneurs of 2011 – infographic
    million blogs for iPad. From: Matt Mickiewicz, 99designs Co-Founder—27 Years Old. Mickiewicz’s business partner, Mark Harbottle, is 37. Founded 2007. Located in San Francisco and Melbourne. 27 employees, with plans to double that number over the next year. No official revenue released—“eight figures”. 99designs is a hub for businesses to find graphic designers without having to do all the searching themselves. Recent acquisition of Series A funding from venture capitalists Accel Partners—$35 million. 99designs lists 100,000+ graphic designers. Founded 2007. 50 employees.
  • SOCIAL WAYNE  |  TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011
    [Blog] How to manage social media success like American Idol 2011 contestant Scotty McCreery
    Every now and then you need to just say thanks to your blog readers, Facebook fans/likes, twitter followers and/or friends who share your content. I’m not a huge American Idol viewer as a matter of fact I don’t watch a lot of TV outside of V (now canceled), Smallville (series just ended), sports and news. But when a North Carolina native makes it on the big screen especially in a reality contest I try to tune in and support. This year for American Idol, Scotty McCreery from Garner, NC is one of the top three finalist. yall come out tmrrw for all the fun! IM COMING HOME!
  • ALEX BLOM  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 2010
    [Blog] Cell-less
    blog comments powered by Disqus GET UPDATES Did you know? How to Build & Sell Through a Community Part 2: Why? Pivoting (for those who don’t know what/why) It’s all in the build-up A quick and dirty study on Social Media Alex Blom Digital & Social Media Marketing, Toronto Home About Consulting Contact Me Cell-less by Alexander Blom on June 25, 2010 in Thoughts, tips & advice Spread it! Or as it would be called back home in Australia, mobile-less. Yesterday I broke my smartphone and a replacement is a few days away (thanks Google for the free repair).
    [Blog] Hiring an Agency for Your Business
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Hiring an Agency for Your Business August 11, 2010 6 voices share yours! How to choose your next agency | The Online Blog says: August 29, 2010 at 11:27 am [.] subscribe to danny subscribe by rss or network search this blog Lijit Search This Blog is Powered By Reader favourites Audi and the Super Bowl Social Media Shit Storm An Invite to Pimp Your Blog Are You Abusing Your Social Media Voice? Anything you’d add?
    [Blog] China Social Media: 6 Critical Sites
    China blocked Twitter and other micro-blog technology ( in 2009 when riots started in the Western region of Xinjiang. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google and others are blocked in China. Roughly 30% of China (1.3 billion) is online vs. roughly 75% in the U.S. This equals 390 million Chinese online, more than the entire U.S. population (310 million). Important Chinese Sites: Weibo: The Twitter of China. Weibo remains and is growing.  Interestingly enough, 140 characters maximum isn’t as limiting in Chinese as it is in English. Youku and Tudou: Think YouTube/Hulu marriage.
    [Blog] How NOT to Network on Twitter: 5 Common Pitfalls and how to Avoid Them
    We’re exaggerating a little bit here, but twitter, much like blogging, can be a trap for some where they get really excited at first and tweet like crazy and then the excitement wears off and their tweets dwindle to once every couple of days, maybe once a week, and sometimes…months go by with no tweeting at all. There are countless articles circulating the Web about how to network on Twitter, how to get more Twitter followers, how to tweet, when to tweet, what to tweet, who to follow, what URL shorteners to use, Twitter SEO, and so on. Overzealous following. Tweeting TMI.
    [Blog] Want Social Media Evangelizers? Be Social
    Comment as Show More Post Categories Select Category Blogging for Grasshoppers Business Career Networking Communication Blogging Measurement MeasurePR Public Relations Social Media Twitter Writing Events Guest Posts Amrit Pal Bryce Keane Conway Wigg Erica Holt Herwin Icasiano Howie Goldfarb Mike Doman Narciso Tovar Shanan Sorochynski Steff Metal Interviews Marketing Media Personal Cooking Recipe of the Week Philanthropy PRSA 2009 Resources How To Weekly Roundup Speaking Training Women Grow Business Featured Guest Bloggers Extra, Extra! Oh, one other thing: my blog = my sandbox.
    [Blog] So Much To Do
    Post Categories Select Category Blogging for Grasshoppers Business Career Networking Communication Blogging Measurement MeasurePR Public Relations Social Media Twitter Writing Events Guest Posts Amrit Pal Bryce Keane Conway Wigg Erica Holt Herwin Icasiano Howie Goldfarb Mike Doman Narciso Tovar Shanan Sorochynski Steff Metal Interviews Marketing Media Personal Cooking Recipe of the Week Philanthropy PRSA 2009 Resources How To Weekly Roundup Speaking Training Women Grow Business Featured Guest Bloggers Extra, Extra! Oh, one other thing: my blog = my sandbox. pts Settings.
    [Blog] Simply The Best
    Post Categories Select Category Blogging for Grasshoppers Business Career Networking Communication Blogging Measurement MeasurePR Public Relations Social Media Twitter Writing Events Guest Posts Amrit Pal Bryce Keane Conway Wigg Erica Holt Herwin Icasiano Howie Goldfarb Mike Doman Narciso Tovar Shanan Sorochynski Steff Metal Interviews Marketing Media Personal Cooking Recipe of the Week Philanthropy PRSA 2009 Resources How To Weekly Roundup Speaking Training Women Grow Business Featured Guest Bloggers Extra, Extra! Oh, one other thing: my blog = my sandbox. Anywhere.
    [Blog] B2B Marketing: 9 Ideas for Solving Your Biggest Content Challenges
    Check out 5 Great Starting Points for a Content Recycling Program and 23 Ways to Leverage a Blog Post for Content Marketing Success to get more specific ideas on how to reimagine your content across a variety of formats. CMI’s entire mission is to provide training and education (through our blog posts , magazine , webinars , and more), so if you have a question about content marketing, I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see what I can do to help and/or we’ll cover it in a future blog post. You can read the original post here. Engagement.
    [Blog] Google Give PR Pros a Holiday Gift
    ” The official Google search blog. According to SearchMetrics, the winners in this new search landscape will be news sites or blogs, broadcast sites, and video portals. Are you using your blog to best effect? In the summer of 2010 Google completed the Caffeine update, which allowed them to rapidly index fresh content across the web. This week Google announced that they had done another major update based on freshness of content to cope with the burgeoning amount of social content available online. Why is this such a gift to PR? Trending hot topics.
    [Blog] SMS Marketing in Business Statistics
    Digital marketing has grown from blogging to social networking to many more social media marketing tools and of course with the rise of the tablet or smartphone, mobile marketing is becoming another area to consider. 'Marketing in business has grown in complexity - not in terms of the aim but in the array of choices of how we reach the customer. have been researching mobile for business over the last few years and wanted to share with you this infographic from Slicktext which looks at specifically SMS marketing.
  • JEFF ESPOSITO  |  FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013
    [Blog] Fear, Loathing and Shady Infographics
    Shady infographic practices: bloggers, protect yourselves – if you blog and get pitched infographics, you might want to read this post from Lani Rosales. 'Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. Hope your week was a short as mine… This weekend I’ve got a bunch of running around from test driving a car or two to BBQs and bottling some beer for a competition… It will also be interesting to see 100 beers bottled on my counter. am also pretty sure I have a chest cold settling in after sitting at humid and damp Fenway Park last night… at least the seats ruled.
    [Blog] Getting S.M.A.R.T on Social Media Data
    Blogs are hubs of social media marketing activities. One for Twitter, one for blog mentions, another one to track competition, one to complete existing customer data, you name it. Do you care about what your prospects, customers and competitors say about your business, your industry and your products? Are you where your customers are? Do you know how effective word of mouth is? Do you use social media and the proper tools to measure, engage and act? People use social media. And so do your customers and many other people you want to reach. You also need to be able to act upon them.
    [Blog] The ChromeOS CR-48 Experience: Fast, Promising, Early
    must have groused about it enough that my wife finally took to her blog to lodge complaint with Google (somewhat tongue in cheek). While the tech elite gained notifications early in the month that their Google ChromeOS-powered CR-48 notebooks were on their way, and thousands of others flocked to submit their names to become one of the lucky chosen 60,000 few to get access to what could be the first version of the next big operating system, my e-mail box remained empty. The major hypothesis of the ChromeOS plan is that the future is the Web. Web sites, Web services and Web applications.
    [Blog] How To Become An Authoritative Figure Within Your Niche
    Twitter is key here, real time updates help to provide concise and informative information, complimented by a clear profile with backlinks to a well informed blog or website. When people are coming to you when they are looking for the latest news for their particular interest, it is more than likely that they will want to read more than just 140 characters, having a informative blog to back up your tweets will convert one time viewers into regular readers. 'When trying to become an authoritative figure within your niche, people will turn to you for information and advice.
    [Blog] At the Gov 2.0 Expo – Who's Making You Successful?
    I’m writing blogs – they’re trying to explain Twitter to a three-star general.  Photo courtesy of James Duncan bah , blog , booz allen , boozallen , DC , Expo , g2e , g2s , gov20 , govloop , OReilly , Prof. New blog post up now ([link to post]) #gov20 #g2e – Posted using Chat Catcher [link] Du4 (Du4) Twitter Comment RT @sradick: Who’s Making You Successful? New blog post up now ([link to post]) #gov20 #g2e – Posted using Chat Catcher [link] sradick (Steve Radick) Twitter Comment Who’s Making You Successful? Government 2.0
    [Blog] How @RonRicciCisco is Championing the @SocialEmployee Revolution at #Cisco – And Why He Thinks It’s Inevitable #SocBiz
    Ricci recently posted an article to Cisco’s blog titled “ Why the Social Employee is Inevitable.” 'During our initial research for The Social Employee , we knew that one of the companies we wanted to focus on was the tech giant Cisco (@ Cisco ). We had learned that the business had recently undergone a dramatic internal transformation in both organizational structure and its decision-making process, but details on what exactly that looked like remained scarce. Naturally, we were dying to find out more. The details they shared regarding Cisco’s transformation were really quite incredible.
    [Blog] 37 Speakers To See at State of Search 2014
    Now, 10 years later, I’m writing a post on my blog about the State of Search, an awesome conference where DFWSEM is pulling in nationally-known speakers for a two day conference about search. 'After all these years, I still cannot believe that it’s come this far. Back in 2004, I hand-picked about 16 of the best Search Marketers in Dallas to join me at a hotel conference room to talk about search. It cost me $87 to rent that conference room for a few hours that evening, and DFWSEM was born. Awesomesauce. Be sure to see my session if you have anything to do with organic search.
    [Blog] 5 Staggeringly Simple Ways to Create Custom Facebook Landing Tabs
    Tabsite allows you to create and manage the content on your custom tab as if it was a Web page or blog post, including adding multi-media. Tweet Unless you can get people to click your “like” button , your Facebook strategy will be as limp and lifeless as Matt LeBlanc’s post-Friends career. That’s because the vast majority of consumer interactions with your brand on Facebook do not occur on your fan page, but rather on the Walls of your fans. This means that almost nobody is coming back to your fan page after they visit it the first time. Think about your own behavior on Facebook.
    [Blog] 12 Google+ Headers (Thanks a Million Part II)
    During this time I shifted content production from multiple blog posts a week to produce photos via my 365 Full Frame project, and that has been the primary driver of this grown. 'I recently passed one million views on Google+ , a number that doubled in the past year. This is the second time I have passed a million views on a social network this year, the other being Flickr. To thank folks for continuing to like and support my photography interests, please find below 12 free Google+ header images. These pictures are my most popular 365 Full Frame photos so far, as rated by 500 Pixels.
    [Blog] Does networking happen on Linkedin?
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Does networking happen on Linkedin? Posted September 14th, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , social media behavior Tags: Linkedin , networking , social media behavior , social networking , Taylor Ellwood View Comments On Linkedin, I’ve been running a little experiment. Each day I write a note to a few different contacts asking to learn more about them and what their business needs are. Anonymous I see how it can work that way. find that useful.
    [Blog] Ever wondered about….SXSW?
    If you’re using Twitter, reading blogs and generally have any interest in tech (and what marketer doesn’t?) Leave a Reply Cancel reply Blog at Wisdom London Creative Communications is our world… « Ever wondered about…Social Commerce? Ever Wondered About…Net Neutrality? » Ever wondered about… SXSW? What is it? SXWS (South by South West) annually marks two weeks in March when Austin, Texas is officially the coolest place in the universe to be.  It’s been a springboard for Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla and Bump in previous years. 
    [Blog] The Influence Project, I Spoke Too Soon…
    Home It’s Josip Archives Let’s Talk The Word on the Web The Influence Project, I Spoke Too Soon… Written on July 8, 2010 by Josip Petrusa 1 Comment Tweet Share Save Hi everyone. As many of you have seen or heard somewhere between the beginning of the week to about now, Fast Company is running something called the Influence Project. Something I wrote about yesterday. And though I do stand by what I wrote, there is one part I would like to change and that’s my ending from the previous article. wrote, There could be a backlash. But I highly doubt any of that. blogger.
    [Blog] The Influence Project, I Spoke Too Soon…
    Home It’s Josip Archives Let’s Talk The Word on the Web The Influence Project, I Spoke Too Soon… Written on July 8, 2010 by Josip Petrusa 1 Comment Tweet Share Save Hi everyone. As many of you have seen or heard somewhere between the beginning of the week to about now, Fast Company is running something called the Influence Project. Something I wrote about yesterday. And though I do stand by what I wrote, there is one part I would like to change and that’s my ending from the previous article. wrote, There could be a backlash. But I highly doubt any of that. blogger.
    [Blog] 3 Key Roles to Make Your Social Team Scalable
    ————– This is the third in a 7-week blog post series covering themes included in The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social - my new book with Amber Naslund , debuting February 1 ( pre-orders and first chapter for free available now ). Steps To Finding Your Niche On Social Media Sites (The Arkayne Blog). Tweet One of the continuous discussions and questions surfacing in the social media chatterbox is that of “ who owns social media? Is it marketing? Public relations (PR)? Customer service? The answer is.
    [Blog] 5 Keys to Managing Your Business Online Reputation
    This can include a regular blog, posting press releases with newsworthy events mentioned, uploading video of your services and products in action, writing and publishing articles about your expertise or participating in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. We used to say that one happy customer will tell 10 of their friends; one unhappy customer will tell 100.  This concept is magnified in the age of social media, where anyone can post anything, any time, anywhere.   Are online reviews a bad thing? Provide outstanding customer service.
    [Blog] 9 Glorious Truths About Creating Great Content
    this Blog post was inspired by the movie, Bad Writing ). Marketers don't like to make mistakes. People don't like to make mistakes. Content has become a core ingredient in the Marketer's recipe for success. The challenge is that creating great content is like creating art: it's not a perfect science and it requires both time and commitment before you start getting good at it (and great results). Like art, some people never get good at it. There are some core lessons that can be learnt from brands who create great content (and some of them ain't pretty). Therefore, you will make mistakes.
    [Blog] Power To The (e) Patient!
    Blogs, social networks, Twitter, along with gated communities like Sermo -an only for docs world- are finding their way into the process of daily communication.   Healthcare in social media has certainly come a long way (with miles to go) since I facilitating sessions at the Healthcare Blogging and Social Media Summits 2006-7. The post about a conversation I had with a doc I met on a flight about blogs seems almost surreal. If I were you I'd keep on eye on blogs." Hundreds of thousands of digital voices are taking medicine to the virtual streets. Simply put.
    [Blog] Social Media Is A Path To Achieving Brand Objectives
    Many a times we may wonder where is Social Media taking us. Is it really going to benefit the brand that we are looking at? What are the tactical tools to be employed? What could be the objectives to be achieved? Most of us have heard that we need to have Facebook and Twitter for business. Well by setting up your profile page does not get us any business. We need to look at this as a very long term community event. At the start we are to have a plan of action. Social Media is like an investment. Ofcourse if you do not use it wisely then you could suffer as well. It is similar to Page Rank.
    [Blog] George Zimmerman’s Defense Team Turns to Social Media
    Reports indicate that the Orlando-based Mark O’Mara Law Group recently came up with Twitter and Facebook pages, along with a blog to defend Zimmerman in the social networking world. Meantime, a blog post from O’Mara’s Law Group notes “We feel it would be irresponsible to ignore the robust online conversation, and we feel equally as strong about establishing a professional, responsible, and ethical approach to new media.”. Zimmerman, while currently out on bail, is facing second-degree murder charges. Mara has been practicing criminal and family law for nearly 30 years.
    [Blog] How You Can Make Your Writing Twice as Fast by Making It 3x More Time-Consuming; Wait, What?!
    Imagine yourself in the following scenario… It’s a normal Tuesday and you decide to write a blog post. Yep, crafting a quality blog post is†a three-part process. Karol K. ( @carlosinho ) is a freelance writer, published author, founder of and a blogger at ( delivering some cool freelance blogging and writing tools, advice and resources just like what you’re reading now). Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Karol K. But almost immediately there’s a problem. 2) Edit later.
    [Blog] How to Identify Potential Brand Ambassadors
    There’s nothing I can say on this social media blog to help you there – run a good business and make people more than satisfied with the results you deliver. Have a meeting and even have everyone read this blog post first. Let’s assume, for a moment, that you have step one on the path to building your Brand Ambassador Factory covered. For those who don’t know, step one would be to make sure that your business is operating in a way that creates extremely happy customers and clients. If you aren’t doing that, social media can’t fix it. This is it.
    [Blog] SEO is Dead. Content Marketing = Guaranteed SEO
    To learn more about Google Hummingbird, check out our recent blog on the topic! In fact, you might be better off doing nothing to optimize your website than relying on poorly-repurposed content you scraped off your competitors blog. Blog Often and Well. Marketing research has found that the more you blog, the better your SEO rankings and chances of acquiring customers through content. Content Marketing = Guaranteed SEO appeared first on Internet Marketing Blog. 'SEO as we know it is actually gone forever. image credit: Search Engine Watch.
    [Blog] SxSW Interactive 2012 Memories
    A photo blog post. My full SxSW set is here… Long Lines Were Experienced Throughout the Over-Crowded SxSW And Everyone Had Their Heads in Their Phones… But It Was Still About the People… Points of Light Foundation’s Jessica Kirkwood at Allhat NY Times Bestseller Charles Duhigg Interviews at TechCocktail Rachel Seda, Nancy Cawley Jean and [.].
    [Blog] How to Leverage the Power of Content to Scale up your Business
    Publishing content regularly ensure that people keep coming back to the blogs and websites of the brand and this also encourages them to share your content thereby increasing brand visibility. 'How to Leverage the Power of Content to Scale up your Business. Content marketing is one of the most effective forms of  marketing. Moreover, content marketing is subtle and this ensures that customers respond more favourably to content marketing as compared to other forms of traditional and digital marketing. Add to this the fact that content marketing is extremely cost-effective. Be consistent.
    [Blog] How much to launch a new media brand or project?
    TheWayoftheWeb The digital convergence of media, entertainment, marketing and PR front page archives about RSS Click below for the WayoftheWeb bookstore The Blogroll A Shel of Myself Chris Brogan Currybetdotnet Eaon Pritchard Faster Future Gaping Void Howard Owens Jaffe Juice Jonathan MacDonald KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog Michael Leis – Digital Strategy Nick Burcher Occam’s Razor Web Analytics blog Only Dead Fish Seth Godin Simon Collister – Networked Society Teaching Online Journalism The Herd The Obvious? For a total cost of $9.67
    [Blog] Social Media Kindness: The New "Little Black Dress"
    Experiences I would never had if it were not for Diva Marketing, blogging and of course social media. This week I had the amazing opportunities to particiapte in two "taking online offline" experiences. Friendships I would not have made if I had not take a risk. I  joined BBF  Lynn Epstein as part of  Everywhere's , a social media marketing firm, ongoing Wise Women series where women share their stories with the Everywhere staff. The other was at digital agency  Engauge  where I was part of a blogger influencer discussion with about 10 other women.  . Skip over and take a look. be kind.
    [Blog] Are You World Famous In Poland?
    Post Categories Select Category Blogging for Grasshoppers Business Career Networking Communication Blogging Measurement MeasurePR Public Relations Social Media Twitter Writing Events Guest Posts Amrit Pal Bryce Keane Conway Wigg Erica Holt Herwin Icasiano Howie Goldfarb Mike Doman Narciso Tovar Shanan Sorochynski Steff Metal Interviews Marketing Media Personal Cooking Recipe of the Week Philanthropy PRSA 2009 Resources How To Weekly Roundup Speaking Training Women Grow Business Featured Guest Bloggers Extra, Extra! Oh, one other thing: my blog = my sandbox. Perfect!
    [Blog] Google Living Stories – Just Snazzy Topic Pages or is Google on to.
    Shining a Spotlight on Video News Webmaster Tools: Updates to Search queries, Parameter handling and Messages Twitter data lets NPR glimpse a future of app-loving news junkies Shared Items Disclaimer The opinions expressed on this blog are Adam Sherks own and do not necessarily reflect the views of his company or its clients. Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Google Living Stories – Just Snazzy Topic Pages or is Google onto Something? Living Story takes it one level deeper by applying the concept to a specific story about that topic.
    [Blog] The No Fly Zone (Except Exodus)
    During this time, I will blog on a reduced schedule. 'We are in the midst of that rare holiday season when Christmas and New Years both land on a Wednesday. People are enjoying vacations throughout the two weeks, forcing many non-retail businesses into a no fly zone. Little can be done until the new year begins and folks return to work. Like most entrepreneurs, my business will be coasting through these weeks with one exception. I’ll be giving Exodus away for free on the Kindle from December 24 through the 28th. Last year I gave away Twitter header images as a holiday giveaway.
    [Blog] Social Media Moves Full Speed Ahead With Employee Auto Insurance
    Read Blogs. Many small business blogs can provide a wealth of information about insurance options. Also, check out blog posts from various insurance companies. 'Insuring company drivers can be a pricey business expense. Finding the best insurance at the best rates can seem like a daunting task for any businesses owner. However, many small businesses are turning to social media to help them locate the best insurance to cover their company drivers. Insurance Considerations. Insurance rates vary greatly depending on how your company operates. Connect on LinkedIn.
    [Blog] Subscribe to This Facebook List of Enterprise Collaboration Vendors For News and Insights
    Robert stopped blogging a few months ago and even though his blog always did well, he shifted his attention over to Facebook which has inspired me to do the same. This blog is great for longer articles but for my points of view on various things happening in the industry, insights, news, and other more digestible pieces of content, I’m going to be focusing on Facebook. A few weeks ago I spoke at a conference in Arizona with Robert Scoble. I also spent some time with Robert over the course of the few days we were there together.
    [Blog] No Thanks, @BostonGlobe
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. 'I want to read your online stories because I choose what to read and don’t care to subscribe to your ginormous printed version. But because I’m selective in what I read, your payment system is silly to me. Here’s a popup I just received when trying to read an article: But it’s not going to cost me 99 cents. Reviewing your pricing policy , you want me to pay 99 cents for four weeks — but then the trial ends and I’d have to pay $3.99 a week. Give me a micro-payment button and I’m all yours. Media
    [Blog] Ferguson
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. '#Ferguson is America's selfie. — Chris Williams (@iamchriswms) August 20, 2014 I saw this tweet last night as the world reacted to the events in Ferguson. saw this tweet reflected in today’s newspaper front pages. From the Boston Herald to the New York Post to the Calgary Sun and every other U.S. and Canadian paper in between, let alone a few foreign papers who are located west of Missouri — we are seeing our reflection. Do you remember the days and weeks after 9/11 when people bought flags and patriotism ran amok?
    [Blog] Why Facebook and I Broke Up
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. 'I don’t blame Facebook. It’s not her fault for providing an outlet for people to share baby photos, cat photos, religious and political links, and updates about everything under the sun. But because all that stuff is being shared in a 24/7 news cycle that never sleeps, and further because I have no rules to accept someone’s friendship, it became too much. told Facebook to stop coddling me last weekend when I posted a picture from the folks at Facebook Sabbatical that I was taking a few days off. Thanks for reading.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2014
    [Blog] It Is Hard Saying No
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. 'Yes, I want to do this. Yes, I want to do that too. Yes, I will volunteer for you. Yes, I have space and will take that off your hands. Yes, I will take that too. Yes, I will read that. Yes, I will watch that. Yes, I will yes I will yes I will yes I will. am tired of saying yes. am wearing too many hats. have too many roles, most of which I chose to do. own too much stuff. have too much in my head. this, I that. It is a burden. It is hard to say no. am relearning the word. am letting go of possessions, habits, even people. Productivity
    [Blog] Amplify Your Content Strategy with Influencer Marketing
    If you are looking for bloggers specifically, Google Blog Search and Technorati can also be valuable resources. You might start by commenting on one of their blog posts one week, following them on Twitter the next, and retweeting their content for several weeks after that. To read his other articles, check out his content marketing blog or follow him on Twitter @kevinrcain. 'Image via The idea is that if you take the time to identify and build relationships with those influencers, you can leverage them to build your credibility.
    [Blog] How To Market Successfully On Social Media Platforms For Absolutely Free
    Creating ‘word of mouth’ promotion through your content is a well and truly priceless marketing attribute, yet it can be exceptionally prosperous for any brand, business or blog. By Andy Havard. Andy Havard is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based Internet video production company. Marketers, bloggers, brands and businesses worldwide are always looking for engaging new ways to connect with their audiences, and social media platforms seem to be the latest way of doing so. Facebook. Facebook is certainly becoming the talk of the town of late. LinkedIn. Twitter. Google+.
    [Blog] Oh Boy! Our October Series is Here!
    Leave a Reply Cancel reply Blog at Wisdom London Creative Communications is our world… « Growing The Social Mindset: Social Evangelism At Work Brand series: What is a brand? » Oh Boy! Our October Series is Here! Oh boy, are we bursting at the seams with excitement! It’s October and what a glorious month it’s going to be! You may have heard the rumours. We’ve got a very special series for you this month! And we’ve brought in legends – practically demi-gods – in their field to help us out. What makes a mega-brand?
    [Blog] How Google Brought SEO Back to the United States
    Before the Google Penguin algorithm existed, and before article writing & guest blog posting was penalized, many website owners outsourced their SEO. But when Google Penguin came along, penalizing low quality links from directories and article sites (just to name a few), and now when recently Google has penalized guest blog posts, the cheap outsourced SEO that you did is now something that got your site penalized. 'During my participation at the Pubcon SFIMA Conference in Fort Lauderdale last week, William Leake mentioned something that I have not realized before. What?!?
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011
    [Blog] The Real-Time Web Welcomes Real-Time Advertising
    Just last week, The Wall Street Journal 's All Things Digital Blog had a news item titled, Twitter Ads Move Forward by Carving Up The Globe (March 24th, 2011). "If this strikes you as a common-sense must-have feature for any Web ad business-let alone one with Google-sized ambitions-you're right," stated the All Things Digital Blog post. It's too bad that Facebook and Twitter haven't quite figured out their unique advertising models yet. Also, it's important to note that most innovations only appear simple in hindsight. until now. Think about it this way. What is obvious?
    [Blog] 10,000 Hours And 20% Of Your Work Time
    Be it deadlines, product launches, responding to emails, starting a meeting on time, getting home on time, finding the time to blog or whatever. Last week, he revisited his 10,000 hour theory in The New Yorker blog post titled, Complexity And The Ten-Thousand-Hour Rule : "No one succeeds at a high level without innate talent, I wrote: ''achievement is talent plus preparation.'' 'How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chunk would? Time is always the number one concern in our lives, isn''t it? Feel free to blame consciousness. The clock is always ticking.
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, MAY 7, 2012
    [Blog] How Social Media Favors the Underdog
    It started with Wendy’s Sunday blog post, after the discovery of Topshop’s eerily similar rings. Not You’ve seen this before: a prominent clothing store knocks off an independent designer’s creation, and the community around that designer cries foul. That’s precisely what happened with jewelry designer Wendy Brandes, who found her popular “Swear Rings” the target of a cheap knock-off. This one hit a little closer to home since I’ve become acquainted with the designer; so it was really quite an experience to see the power of social media take control of the situation. Or compensate you.
    [Blog] Audience Segmentation Lessons from Google Plus
    Or if you have some industry blogs to share with colleagues at work. Guest post by Rebekah Henson , a playwright and SEO writer who blogs about building an online following through email marketing at email service provider AWeber. More of her tips on marketing with email are at the AWeber blog. Let me get this confession out of the way first: I’m kind of a Google fangirl. So I was pretty excited when the search giant announced Google+, their foray into social networking. Inside the Circles of Trust. Your friends go in the “Friends” circle. First Impressions Matter.
    [Blog] Antisemitism in the United States
    There’s so much to say about this tangent, this post could go on forever, which would not be fair to you, my fair blog reader. 'Last week I received two off-color remarks about Jews. It didn’t surprise me, I’ve experienced periodic antisemitism throughout my life in the United States. Perhaps last week’s remarks were spawned by my beard, a salty rabbinical looking thing that I usually shave. Maybe they had nothing to do with me at all. It really doesn’t matter what spawned them, they revealed an ignorance that’s existed through millenia.
    [Blog] The Social Media Spellbook: Become A Social Media Marketing Wizard
    Are you falling flat on Facebook, tanking on Twitter, and blogging for an audience of one? From blog posts to infographics, we give you step-by-step instructions on how to create content that will get you the social media following you need to be successful. Are you interested in revving up your social media presence ? Check out the new comprehensive guide to becoming the king of your social media kingdom. With Wikimotive Social Media Spellbook For Marketing Wizards, you’ll be making the magic happen in no time. In this section we cover how to analyze the competition.
    [Blog] Write for Soshable (because it’s about the people)
    We’ll still be hounding social media freshness like no other, but we want this blog to focus particularly on the people of social media. We will still be posting tips, analysis, infographics, and commentary, but there are plenty of blogs out there who hang on every move that Facebook or Twitter make. Things are changing at Soshable. For nearly 4 years, we’ve tried to bring the latest news, deep analysis, tips, and features about what’s happening in the world of social media. Today, we’re heading in a different direction. We’re talking about you.
    [Blog] Are You Getting Bad Real Estate SEO Advice?
    I’d rather see you start a blog or list your website in local directories. like what Matt McGee had to say about NARs blog comment advice: Commenting on blogs can help with exposure, but it’s not a “campaign” and isn’t likely to make a search engine think your site is trustworthy, either. lot of real estate agents dropping links on each other’s blogs only adds to the perception that the entire industry is one big spam-fest. If they’re not local blogs, those blog comments are real low value for you. About Us What’s a Maverick? Not great.
    [Blog] This weeks #SocialMedia Tweetchat Topic: Sentiment Analysis-Opinions Matter, If Only You Knew Which Ones
    You quickly determine there is no way to manually search every blog post, tweet or comment on the web so you turn to automation. Listening is the first step in social media (everyone says so). Not only do you have to listen, you have to listen for 6 months or more before you are allowed to do anything. Just ask the experts! Frankly, I think everyone says that just to buy a little time before they have to really figure out what to do with social. At any rate, most of the people who are told to listen have no idea what to listen for or who to listen to. So let’s focus a minute.
    [Blog] 25 Brain Lubricants to Generate Content Ideas
    If you would like a piece of his mind, visit  Feldman Creative  and his blog,  The Point. 'Feeling stuck? The content’s not coming. It happens. m often asked where do you find ideas? m not sure I have the answers, but the question got me thinking. The tin man followed the yellow brick road. No guarantees, but maybe one of the following brain lubricants ease you on down the road to Oz. Get Going. That shiny, white monitor in your sterile, stuffy office often stares you down and acts like brain quicksand. Get out of there. Get Curious. Ditch your tried and true resources. Be a discoverer.
    [Blog] Rolling Thunder …. Welcome to Blue Focus Marketing
    Inaugural Blog. Some of our initial blogs will include a series of cutting-edge articles on the topic of creativity.  To support our robust business development offerings, our blog will provide deeper vision into the distinguishing elements of creativity in agencies.  Blog contributor Brian Slattery ( @BrianSlatts ) will delve into an ongoing study of inspiration, habits and commentary from some of the industry’s most influential creative forces. After several months of preparation, I am proud to announce Blue Focus Marketing.  SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!
    [Blog] Social Media Success Metrics and Premature Calculation | Social.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Are You Suffering From Premature Calculation? However, my preference is for the baby naming approach – selecting key performance indicators (KPI) before a single Tweet is sent, blog post is written, or Linkedin group is christened. Number of blog comments. Penn ).
    [Blog] Updates and Thoughts – March 1st – 4th, 2012 – Web Journal
    won’t be formally speaking at STRUCTURE : DATA, but I will be informally speaking to a lot of people – and of course, covering it for this blog and Started reading Machine Learning for Hackers and quite enjoying it – have to decide how much time to put into recreating the examples in the code, but it’s likely I’ll give this book a pretty good review one I’m done. In the next book (thinking about it right now) it will be important to have in depth conversations with those who deal with Data. Cheers!
    [Blog] Web Journal July 14th – 18th, 2011
    And Hubspot released findings that said the more you blog, the more traffic there will be (but I’m not sure that’s what we really want, is it?). Someone wrote a post on the correct grammar for Social Media , such as when or if to use “ReTweet&# or “retweet&#. See some stats from Hubspot below: Key takeaway : While it may not be realistic for your business to post high-quality content on a daily basis, post as frequently as feasible. You’ll outpace the competition and see improved results. According to Gizmodo. web journal
    [Blog] Google Analytics Hacks – Web Analytics Rock Stars Post
    The complete instructions are at Google Analytics: script to track outbound links and downloads on  Stephane Hamel’s blog in a post titled: Google Analytics: script to track outbound links and downloads::immeria::web analytics blog::Stephane Hamel. have several goals set up on my blog and one of my favorite reports is Reverse Goal Path – one of my goals is on based on those who read my ebooks and another on those who view my CV. Hack 1: – Install Google Analytics Tracking Script. Hack 2: Build Advanced Segments so you can use them across site profiles.
    [Blog] 3 Ways to Use Twitter Favorites
    This guest post is by Ryan Barton of The Smart Marketing Blog. In his case, it was watching reading his blog. But I’ve also had followers favorite some marketing advice they thought was valuable, or a link to one of my latest blog posts they wanted to reread at a later time. Ryan Barton is the author of the “Smart Marketing” eBook and he writes at The Smart Marketing Blog for Small Business Success ; you can follow him on Twitter , where he shares entirely too much information. Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips. Others favorite a tweet they find funny.
  • ENGAGE  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 2012
    [Blog] Google Wants to Know Who Wrote Your Post: Here’s Why (and How) You Should Tell Them
    It encourages guest blog posts since an author can gain credibility no matter where they write and good websites can build authority from the ground up and by seeking out credible content creators. “T here are three difficulties in authorship: to write anything worth publishing — to find honest men to publish it — and to get sensible men to read it.” ” – Charles Caleb Cotton A little old school, I know, but you get the idea. If you write content on the web , you want to make sure it gets found. Next came the launch of their own social network, Google+.
    [Blog] Serving Up Social Media (When You’ve Already Got a Full Plate)
    Not-So-Tasty Tweets I wanted to know what the panel does when they have angry customers or diners tweeting at them, or blogging negative reviews. L ucky me! Last week I was invited to host a Social Media Club of D.C. event and let my true nerd flag fly. My task? Moderate a panel discussion that combined two of my favorite things: food and social media. In the hot seats were three very tech-savvy people from D.C.’s We were there to chat about social media in the dining biz. Or rather, how the heck do you cook and tweet at the same time!? His response is simple: What have you done today?
    [Blog] Should I Have Crowdsourced This Post Instead?
    image: proteinbiochemist ] If you liked this, try: Give Me One Reason to Share It and I’ll Spread Your Post Around How to Avoid Trolls, Landmines, and Time-Sucks in Social Media Why It’s OK For You to Hate This Blog Post. A few months ago an interesting article made its way across the web. The story was a remarkable crowdsourcing success story involving a team of international gamers and their ability to solve a molecular structure that had baffled industry experts for years. team of 15, called the “Contenders” solved the riddle in 10 days. Impressive, right?
    [Blog] The Media Simulates A “Not Enough” Experience For Women
    As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog we simulate our reality here on earth, but who is directing this simulation? Our experience here on planet earth is simulated by the environment in which we live. We experience that environment as a set of cultural norms–slowly conditioning us to live in civil society throughout our childhood and into adulthood. few months ago I listened to an NPR story on Fresh Air about an Afghanistan vet named Sam Brown who returned from war severe burns all over his body. It was a virtual world called “SnowWorld.” It’s profitable.
    [Blog] Setting the Hook: Fishing for New Readers with Social Media Lures
    Bear with me as I show you part of why I like the idea of blogging as being similar to fishing. Digg: 4 Ways I Compose Posts to Drive Millions of Pageviews to Blogs Through Digg. LinkedIn: Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using LinkedIn. Twitter: Top Ten Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Blog Using Twitter. For bloggers, the hub of our content tends to be our blogs and websites. Darren illustrates this well in his post Home Bases and Outposts – How I use Social Media in My Blogging. Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips.
    [Blog] Blowing Bottles With Viral Potential
    Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Meet The Founder of The Bees Awards Version 2 of Viral Success » Blowing Bottles With Viral Potential Posted by Sebastian Overgaard Jul 7th, 2010 Tweet Today I heard some strange sounds. And this is actually the reason for this impulsive blog post. They came from the shopping street in front of Mindjumpers office. When looking out of the window I instantly fell in love and jumped down the stairs with my camera. couldn’t help smiling. These guys were great. promise you that the ideas are there.
    [Blog] 5 Crucial Link Building Strategies After Google Panda 4.1
    ve always been a strong believer that the success of your website and/or blog has to do with providing “high” quality resources to your readers and using authentic link building techniques. From my experience, there have been five crucial link building techniques that have stood the test of time and continue to provide high quality traffic to my blog WITHOUT being penalized by Google algorithm updates. Guest posting opportunities is a great way to get your experienced noticed and you’re rewarded with a link back to your personal blog. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
    [Blog] Things Bloggers Should Know Before Using Google Adwords
    Many popular blogs are already using Google Adwords to popularize and monetize the sites. Google Adwords allows bloggers to create ads and generate paid traffic for blog, but with some underlying constraints. As said earlier, Google Adwords presents a great platform for blog promotion but also integrates several important restrictive policies. Among the most important Adwords policies, Arbitrage doesn’t allow promotion of blogs that have specifically been designed for the showcasing advertisements. Adwords doesn’t support websites/blogs with Bridge Pages.
    [Blog] TRENDRR.TV Initial Review and Thoughts
    Take the case study of the Weather Channel – while it’s not particularly detailed (giving you just the main points) there is more wealth of information if you use triangulation and read the TRENDRR blog, here. from the blog post: The Classifier. In this stormy weekend, as Hurricane Irene heads up the eastern seaboard, I’m sitting in an internet cafe, at 100% humidity , with TRENDRR.TV before me.  So, it might be correct to say that I have been present at most of the transformations of TRENDRR, since it’s beginnings, in one form or another. TRENDRR.TV
    [Blog] How to Change your Thinking About Life
    So grab a pen, write a blog post, get on social media.whichever way works best for you transform your thinking from what you expect from life, to what life - and all those people around you - can expect from you. 'Life has a way of overtaking you and often weekends can be a great time to take stock of your personal brand - both inside and outside of work. Bab''s Booster this week is a little reminder that personal growth is a choice, your success is not about what you can expect to be given.but a result of what you give to life.
    [Blog] Pinterest Better than Google+?
    Original post about Pinterest can be found on Wikimotive’s blog titled, “ Pinterest New Social Leader? Everyone acknowledges that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites, but just how relevant it is still seems to be up in the air. According to recent studies, Pinterest was behind Marketing with Twitter and Facebook  as well as Google+, but a new survey is offering a different opinion on the matter. The Survey in question is the “Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project Post Election Survey.” ” by Zach Billings.
    [Blog] Busting Facebook’s Most Widespread Myth
    This famous figure of 16% has been repeated on all social media blogs  so that it is now perceived as an uncontested truth by virtually all Facebook page administrators. The real difference between the reach of fans (below) and organic reach is that the latter include views of people that are not fans of the page but have directly accessed your page or seen its content in a widget (for example, a “like box” on your site or blog). For over a year, rumor has had it on the web that Facebook Page posts reach an average of only 16% of fans. Are you closer to 2% or 47%? Fan Reach.
    [Blog] 50% Discount Ends in 36 Hours on the Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing Kit
    A few weeks ago here on ProBlogger we launched a product I’m really proud of—the Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing Kit written by the Web Marketing Ninja (the guy who has helped me shape my own blogging business model over the last few years). library of 21 templates, documents and examples to help you develop your own blogging business model. The kit is really about helping bloggers who want to get serious about turning their blog into a business to do just that. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. to $49.99). ProBlogger Site News
  • JACOB MORGAN  |  FRIDAY, MAY 21, 2010
    [Blog] My Thoughts on the Social CRM (SCRM) Panel at Social Media Club
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER My Thoughts on the Social CRM (SCRM) Panel at Social Media Club View Comments May 21st, 2010 I recently had the pleasure of attending the Social Media Club (San Francisco and Silicon Valley chapter) panel session around Social CRM which was moderated by Jeremiah Owyang and included Salesforce, Get Satisfaction, Mint, and Lithium Technologies.  If you enjoy traveling be sure to check out Jacobs travel blog. It became very clear to me that the Social CRM space is still ripe with confusion. 
  • ARI HERZOG  |  THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2014
    [Blog] Adding Facebook Pages to Lists is Harder
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. 'Facebook recently announced a new layout for Facebook pages. Of the many changes is a feature I desperately miss: the ability to add a page to an interest list. Look at the following screenshots from old and new layouts. In the first example, you can mouse over the cog wheel and add the page you’re looking at to an interest list. You can mark a list to be private for your eyes only; or you can mark it public for anyone to subscribe. For instance, here’s one of my followed interest lists about media brands. Do you use lists, too?
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