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    [Blog] White paper on Social CRM for associations
    Communications coordinates with government relations, publications, and other departments to coordinate participation in public conversations on blogs and Twitter. Who owns Social CRM? Making member management social takes teamwork. We’ve just published our latest white paper,  Social CRM for Associations: What association executives should know about applying social media to membership management. Social CRM refers to both a business strategy for managing customer relationships in the age of social media and also the evolving technology that helps organizations do this.
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    [Blog] How To Build An Online Community - The Ultimate List of Resources (Updated)
    Blogs. Let me know and I’ll be sure to blog about it shortly. This is a collection of my favourite and most popular posts from the last three years. It should give you a great overview about both the strategy any the process of creating an online community from scratch. The Online Community Basics. Primer About Successful Online Communities. The 11 Fundamental Laws of Online Communities. Building An Online Community: How You Start With 0 Members. How Do You Build An Online Community? Contrary Truths About Online Communities. Don’t Start A Community For Any Of These Reasons.
    [Blog] The 5 Top Google Analytics Reports for Social Media Marketers
    The 5 Top Google Analytics Reports for Social Media Marketers is a post from: Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. Ever feel the pressure to prove social media’s value beyond subscriptions counts (Likes and Followers)? Is so, you have probably relied on Google Analytics. Recent updates to the platform have made life a little easier on social media marketers. Here’s a rundown of classic and new tasks you can perform in Google Analytics to demonstrate social media’s impact. What You Could Do Before (and still can). and how much?
    [Blog] Most Popular Posts on ProBlogger 2014: Social Media
    Ways to Promote Your Blog Without Relying on Google Traffic. What’s the point of promoting our blogs on social media if nobody is reading it? Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. Social media and how to navigate it was, again, a big issue in 2014. Which platform is best? How do we use it effectively? Are we still using Google Plus? Where did everyone on Twitter go? These are the answers we found… 1. As Darren has said before, putting all your eggs in the Google basket can be risky (and devastating – he almost lost his business ). On what platform?
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    [Blog] Chevy Goes Heavy at #SXSW with #ChevySXSW
    Live-blogging is not my strong point. If you had to pick one brand that was really killing it at SXSW 2013, it would be Chevrolet. That’s right, the automaker from the industry known for clinging to traditional advertising techniques continues to have a handful of brands – Chevy and Ford in particular – that are finding success in progressive digital techniques. I’ll go into much more detail about what Chevy is doing here, but if first impressions are anything, Chevy is making a splash in my book. Chevy has been able to blow it out of the water. Related articles.
    [Blog] Reinventing your brand to meet a changing marketplace
    It also offers resources including websites, blogs and books from some well-known top business and career experts. Not since the digital revolution in the early 90's has technology placed such a comprehensive burden on business, employees and individuals to reinvent their business plans, services and products, and themselves to keep pace with the changing marketplace. The way customers relate to brands and how profit is generated has changed so dramtically almost every professional is being challenged to reconsider what they do in order to stay relevant. Books Future Purpose
    [Blog] How to Win Customers’ Hearts with The Art of Storytelling
    Consider your favorite blogs and the most memorable commercials. Stories are generally easier to use in long-form content–think videos, blog posts, ebooks, case studies, white papers, or brochures – but tight, concise stories can be effective in short formats, too. Blogs. Of all these options, blogs are perhaps the most naturally suited to storytelling. People have been telling stories since we could draw on cave walls. Stories are how smart marketers win their customers’ hearts. Image credit: Ediciona. First, you have to know what makes a good story.
    [Blog] Marketing is not dead…it’s just restin’
    While that will undercut their credibility because they are now working for you – it will ensure that they actually post, blog and tweet about how great you are. I’m a week late on this so my condolences to the Marketing family. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review – traditional marketing is dead. Apparently, you are no longer influenced by what you see on the television, hear on the radio or read in the papers. Now, ALL of your buying decisions are influenced by what your friends tell you and what you find on-line. Except that this is total b t.
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    [Blog] Simple News Aggregation with Guzzle - Danny Brown
    Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Simple News Aggregation with Guzzle May 18, 2010 8 voices share yours! For instance, being the egomaniac I am, I typed in both “danny brown&# and “danny brown blog&#. Michelle Mangen´s most recent blog post.Hiring a Virtual Assistant =-. link] Robyn Hawk´s most recent blog post.Andesine - The Final Chapter =-. Then there are the free platforms, like Surchur , SocialMention and Trackur. And it’s pretty damn cool.
    [Blog] Boners BBQ: A Study In How To Hate Your Customer
    He also  blogs. This isn’t going to be another deconstruction of the awful PR and social media job done by Boners BBQ in Atlanta recently. There are hundreds of those out there ( though Unmarketing’s take is among the best ). This is going to be a “How to ensure your business never gets off the ground” kind of post. The first step? Have a terrible looking website that advertises a secondary slogan so juvenile and childish that it is difficult to find it offensive. There are plenty of examples of entities with edgier themes out there. Sex sells in our culture.
    [Blog] Respond like the whole world is watching
    didn’t bash the woman but I did indicate in my reply that I was going to remove the blog from the homepage immediately, investigate further and remove her from the community completely if she was running a scam. Well, the member who emailed me posted my entire response in a blog warning the community to be leery about the woman in question. In the world of social communications, some things just never change. Below is a post from March 2009, and I am sharing it verbatim because it still rings true today. Do I want the whole world to see this? How you might ask? news and updates
    [Blog] Election by Design: 6 Examples of Print Coverage
    One minute you’re brainstorming art for a long-form science feature, and the next you’re creating a blog post about the top 10 diet tips of 2012. The content business can be pretty scattershot. . Sometimes, though, an event is big enough that it keeps coming up. It unites your work even as it divides hardcore political creatures and Twitter pundits. I am speaking, of course, of the 2012 election. When you’re covering an election for different organizations, your approach is likely to be as different as those organizations— and their editorial goals. Art director: Kevin Hambel).
    [Blog] People Don’t Care
    Yet, self-centered drivel fills most corporate and nonprofit emails, blogs, social updates, etc. There’s one assumption that I start every marketing campaign with: People don’t care. Every communication must assume that customers, prospects, and other stakeholders — e.g. people — don’t care , and aren’t looking for a brand to communicate with them. Even with permission, most folks aren’t eagerly awaiting our next outreach. As communicators, it is our job to give them a reason to care. Companies can’t help themselves. Where is the utility ?
    [Blog] 10 Quick Tips for Going Viral
    If you’re on the web, your site and blog are likely unique – but one thing all blogs have in common is the drive for new subscribers and increased traffic. For starters, make sure that you blog loads fast enough – slow loads lose visitors. Study your competitors – Spy on their blogs, follow their hashtags and see what events or online hangouts they are attending. You can  get more of his blogging tips here. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. This is a guest post from Jerry Low. Tip 1 – Getting the basics done right. Nuff said.
    [Blog] Why I got rid of my e-newsletter
    Imagine Your Reality Business and Social Media Coach Blog Home About Taylor Ellwood Services Social Media and Business Classes Why I got rid of my e-newsletter Posted September 16th, 2010 by admin and filed in Social Media , business Tags: E-newsletters , emarketing , marketing , Social Media , Taylor Ellwood View Comments I recently got rid of my e-newsletter, as a result of deciding that continuing to use it seemed to be more about ritual and less about actually doing something productive for my business. Share [link] Andrea Waltz Great comments, I tend to agree with you!!
    [Blog] Building A Community Around A Content Site
     HuffingtonPost, The Guardian, many blogs, and even radio shows have a intelligent (and less intelligent) debates. An audience responds and interacts with you - not  each other. community builds relationships around a strong common interest.    Most media platforms have an audience, not a community.    There are some great exceptions. HuffingtonPost, Classic magazines like Amiga Power spent as much time writing about games as they did about self-indulgent community material - but it worked. My former employers, PCGamer, did the same.  
    [Blog] Creating categories and definitions by doing, not debating
    Or I do: Writing, Journalism, Blogging, Natural SEO, Paid SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Training, Tutoring, Affiliate Management, Community Management, Analytics, Either way, it means I should need the world’s biggest business cards. I don’t. I just read a post by Peep Laja which talked about the old advice of inventing a new category to be able to charge more for your products than just slotting into a predefined definition, followed by a post by Neville Hobson on an attempt to redefine what PR means. write for other people’s projects. Buffer.
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    [Blog] 65 Tweets to Engerize Your Marketing Strategy from #WhatsNextDC Day One
    73% of people who read blogs, are in fact, people. whatsnextdc @ timwasher : Your video doesn’t have to be complex, it just needs to drive people back to your blog. I recently had the privilege of attending the What’s Next DC Marketing and Communications Conference at The Hamilton Live. This was my first ever industry event or business conference, so I had no idea what to expect. just knew I was excited and prepared to be educated on some new strategies and to make some connections. ” #whatsnextdc. Frank Gullo (@frankgullo) May 6, 2013. Smackdown on malaria.
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    [Blog] 6 Ways to Benefit from Gatorade’s Social Media Mission Control
    Research what consumers are saying, tweeting, blogging, trending all in regards to your industry. 5. What do the following 6 things have in common? 1.Track Media Performance. 2.Monitor Sports Landscape. 3.Tracks Sports Trends and Buzz. 4.Track Brand Attributes. 5.Monitor Online Discussion. 6.Proactive Social Media Outreach. This is  Gatorade’s Mission Control. Why should you care? Well, this is the future. Everyday companies are spending more energy and time on creating social data. They are also mastering the art of tracking, monitoring and creating all things brand related.
    [Blog] Give up a Gift for Africa
    If you would like to support Give up a Gift for Africa on your blog please email This is a guest post from Shelley Lawrence. lived in Africa for three years, as a child, and I know from direct experience that we often forget the abundance we have here in the US. Just like in Shelley’s story, I try and instill in my kids the importance of giving back – if not all year round, then especially around the holidays. hope you’ll join me in supporting this cause. —————————-. link].
    [Blog] SunButter Succeeds in Social Media Step-by-Step
    Comments on blog posts or Likes on Facebook updates count in this category. The blog on is our home base , where we’d ideally like to interact with all fans. Blog posts range from recipes, to guest posts from our favorite peanut allergy bloggers, to ideas for “royal snacks” for the royal wedding. Besides answering questions, Elizabeth is quick to comment on blog posts that mention SunButter. She befriends many of these bloggers, and several write guest posts for the SunButter blog. It’s also delicious, as fans on the Internet will attest.
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    [Blog] Ads That Smell: Dunkin Donuts New Marketing Innovation
    Original blog about  innovation in marketing posted on Wikimotive’s blog titled Don’t Just Produce, Innovate! As marketers, we?re always looking for the hottest new thing to get our brand in front of people. For ages, we had signage and print ads, then we progressed into the auditory realm with the radio, then it was video ads on TV, and finally, the ultimate advertisers playground: the internet. Online marketing is the fastest growing advertising area, and the most versatile. We shouldn?t Dunkin Donuts is the trendsetter in question. For those of you who aren?t Featured
    [Blog] Social CMO – Will CMO’s miss this opportunity?
    So over the last few blog posts we have looked. CMO’s have one of the most unique opportunities in front of them that they have ever had and I wonder if they will be able to capitalize on it. Naturally some will and some won’t but those that do have a shot a re-writing the charter for ALL CMO’s going forward. Let me explain …. 2009 was the year Social hit its tipping point and from here on out we will never be able to go backward. For Example …. Product companies will have a strong social approach to product development using Social Media. IT was already on the scene with Web 2.0
    [Blog] Social Media will Disrupt every Function in your Company
    You can’t attend a conference or read a blog post without hearing about the latest in this field. We are at an interesting inflection point with Social Media today. One that threatens to disrupt and reinvent every function in your company over the next few years. Social Media already has changed Marketing forever. Marketing is still playing catch up and will be for a while since we are still at the very early stages of the Social Media game. What makes this different from the adoption of the Web or CRM is that Social Media is changing so much more than those technologies ever did.
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    [Blog] Gov 2.0 culture needs nurture (and a catalyst) – and we're not.
    Reply Stephen Collins July 30, 2010 at 4:39 pm At the moment, something, anything a little adventurous would be great. A few comments by public servants on non-APS blogs, some minor participation beyond the wall. Home Work How acidlabs works Meet Workshops Speaking Past speaking For conference and meeting planners Press Clients Tumble Subscribe acidlabs Conversation. Collaboration. Community. Gov 2.0 culture needs nurture (and a catalyst) – and we’re not there yet July 30, 2010 in posts Earlier this week, I attended the FutureGov Forum Australia. Pleeeesse?&# Now, or sooner.
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    [Blog] Google’s Mobilegeddon: The Best Excuse to Repurpose Old Content
    Simply providing new insights on original posts can allow you to reuse blog content and articles. Reposting an entire blog to a social media site like LinkedIn and/or a social journalism site like Medium can actually earn you a duplication penalty from Google, which will kill your traffic. Create one ore more eBooks out of a series of blog posts. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. This is a guest contribution from Mike Canarelli. Let’s face it: not only is high quality content time-consuming and costly to produce, none of it remains relevant forever. Repost.
    [Blog] Facebook Contests: Seven Tips for Flawless Execution
    Write one blog post of all rules, guidelines, and dates to launch the contest…and link back to it from your fan page daily. We just finished hosting our Facebook photo contest , where John Heaney was the winner for “Legally Gini.&#. It was great fun because, well, it made fun of me (though a friend called and said, “Is someone going to get fired over this?&# ). Look, I have four brothers. learned A LONG time ago to laugh at myself or I’d have been miserable with their constant teasing (my sister isn’t that mean). The wheels began to fall off. Well, no.
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    [Blog] Mobile App Store Data is Required in 2015 Marketing Plans
    Videos, blog posts, articles, pictures, and music are all being consumed via mobile. All Marketing is Mobile Marketing Prospective clients are reading your blog posts, researching your products and services, viewing your ads, and even finding your competitors via their mobile devices.  By Dave Bell Stop me if you’ve heard this:  Mobile surpassed fixed Internet in 2014. Sixty-eight percent of digital media consumed globally is via a mobile device. More users access Google Search via Mobile than by desktop. Ninety percent if time in mobile device is in mobile apps.
    [Blog] The “Cardboard arcade kid”, vs “Push button to add drama” – value in viral video?
    Two weeks ago I posted a quick blog post about a video featuring 9-year-old Caine Monroy , who built a cardboard arcade over a summer vacation, and waited for his first customer to turn up. Well, after two weeks, the result of his first customer happening to make a video about him, and then organising a flashmob via Reddit and Facebook is in. million views on Vimeo , with 10,400 likes. million views on Youtube with 31,000 likes. 105,000 Facebook Likes. 6,400 Followers on Twitter. Over $186,000 raised for Caine’s Arcade Scolarship Fund. So basically: Interesting. Inspiring. Shared.
    [Blog] Wax On, Wax Off: Headfake Marketing, Without Marketing
    This thought comes from Scott Gould 's thinking blog for thinking people. Jim offers a great idea. He knows it’s good, but unfortunately a lot of people just don’t quite get it and therefore aren’t buying it. Jim is frustrated day after day when he sees how his ideas could be used by people in his community, but because he can’t communicate it, and because the community aren’t sure of him, his idea isn’t selling. One day, Jim decides to stop trying to market his idea, and instead decides to show his idea in action. Ok, so Jim is Me. Tell stories.
    [Blog] Do you have a crisis communications plan?
    Be prepared: In today’s 24/7 world with continuous news channels, blogs, Twitter and other on demand media sources – you can’t afford not to be ready long before disaster strikes. …You need a crisis communications plan. If you own your business, you probably have all kinds of insurance. You’ve protected your building, your equipment and depending on your field, you might have errors and omissions, liability or other insurances as well. But 95% of you are missing one of the most vital insurances of all. This safety net could literally prevent the ruin of your organization.
    [Blog] Financial Chronicle Story on the Rising Role of Social Networks.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « The End of the Monomyth: We Need New Myths in the 21st Century afaqs! Story on What the Sunsilk Gang of Girls Redesign Means for Branded Social Networks » Financial Chronicle Story on the Rising Role of Social Networks Like Facebook and LinkedIn in Recruiting Welcome to the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists ! Lets talk.
    [Blog] Jobs for Bloggers - ProBlogger Job Board - Travel & Expat Blogging
    [Blog] Jobs for Bloggers - ProBlogger Job Board - Blog & Offsite Article.
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    [Blog] User Count Spikes Beyond Host Montenegro
    came from the far-flung URLs many of us are using to define ourselves, be it our blogs, our Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles, LinkedIn resumes, and more. Montenegro , a small country tucked into Southeast Europe, bordered by Bosnia and Hezergovina, Serbia, Croatia and Abania, has just over 600,000 residents. Among its most valuable exports of late has been its was initially referred to as "Pumpkinhead" , but was never intended to go by that name even from the service's inception. Conrad said the plan all along was to acquire the Tony Conrad's
    [Blog] Danger! Distraction ahead!
    But today, you can track tweets, Facebook page updates, their Pinterest boards, blog comments and a whole host of other streams of information. There’s a lot of discussion around the notion that our attention spans are shortening. Forbes recently blamed it on social media and the nonstop 24/7 media barrage. While I think our uber plugged in lives certainly contributes, there’s more to the story. Yes, we are being bombarded with more information than ever before but we also distract ourselves when we don’t keep things in perspective. Should we keep an eye on them? Distraction ahead!
    [Blog] I Am Your Web site's One True Fan (And I Can Prove It)
    acquired MyBlogLog , the company behind the once-popular visitor tracker for blogs and Web sites, on the Web, it's practically an eternity. But the desire to bring visitors and blogs together never left the mind of Eric Marcoullier , who learned from the MyBlogLog flameout, and today, unveiled a new visitor tracking service - with some fun gaming elements, called OneTrueFan. Although it's only been a little more than three years since Yahoo! proving myself to be the One True Fan of a Web site (or at least the one who has clicked through more pages than anybody else).
    [Blog] Twitter officially drops 140-character limit… for direct messages
    “You can now chat on (and on) in a single direct message, and likely still have some characters left over,” the company wrote in a  blog post  published Wednesday. Mashable -  Twitter  users can officially send one another direct messages topping 140 characters starting Wednesday. Twitter is phasing in the change across Android, iOS and web-based platforms on Wednesday, lasting over the next few weeks. Instead of 140 characters, the social network previously said in June the new character maximum would be  10,000. Article by JP Mangalindan for Mashable .
    [Blog] How to…speculatively build B2B relationships « Wisdom London
    Comment on their blog, ask questions Blog about them – use them as an example to illustrate a point, or even as an open letter If you do that, make them aware of it through other channels too Connect via Twitter / FB – follow, comment, direct relevant information to them Strike up a debate, ascertain commonalities (or otherwise) in your viewpoints Bring them good ideas, suggestions, information that may interest them… in other words, value Most of all, be brave. Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Blog at Approach it as an exciting adventure.
    [Blog] Listen to the Fifth Estate for Free
    In addition to making the book available for free, the next few weeks include three live virtual appearances: Danny Brown’s blog this Thursday at 12 EST for a live chat. The first two promise to be wonky and fun ( see video on Danny’s blog ), and the latter webinar should help folks get down to brass tacks. In the past three days, Chapters 6 and 7 of Welcome to the Fifth Estate have been podcasted , completing the reading of the book. Welcome to the Fifth Estate is now available for listeners in its entirety for free. Below please find a list of podcast episodes.
    [Blog] Getting started with QR Codes Pro Tip #1. Remember the K.I.S.S. rule!
    If you have been reading my blog lately to say I’m excited about QR Codes is an understatement. I’ve blogged about QR Code iPhone App Readers , QR Code videos and QR Code generators that provide analytics. Over the weekend I read an awesome QR rant post from Nick Ford about how HBO’s New Series “Boardwalk Empire&# are using a QR code in GQ Magazine. His rant starts off about the design of the code and then goes into how important the content of the QR Code is after you scan it is. Here’s an excerpt. For example look at the green QR Code above.
    [Blog] Living with the Pregnant Widow
    Um…thanks, that’s kind of you, but no, I don’t need another book, article, blog post, case study or tweet to help me understand that marketing, advertising, PR, and everything else associated with it has been revolutionized by social media in recent years. I get it. Les McKeown is president and CEO of Predictable Success and occasional champion when playing Gini Dietrich in Words with Friends. Hello, I’m your client. Nice to meet you. Despite the unflattering little stories I see you tell each other about us clients, I’m not a complete doofus. Gimme. Got it.
    [Blog] Top 50 Companies That Make the Best Use of Facebook
    blog comments powered by Disqus Previous post: Surprise! pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Top 50 Companies That Make the Best Use of Facebook by Pam Dyer on December 2, 2009 Share The drumbeat by marketing and public relations experts about the importance of building a social media strategy is growing louder, and with good reason. The benefits to companies large and small in this new medium are legion, and more and more businesses are taking the plunge. link] Twitted by de_la_Fuente [.] This post was Twitted by de_la_Fuente [.]
    [Blog] Using the Power of Video
    Question of the week: Invite your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, blog readers, or customers to submit questions; then answer one every week via video. You can embed the video in a blog like we’ve done on Spin Sucks in the sidebar over there. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…video is your best entrée to the online world. In a world where things fly by us at increasingly fast speeds, it’s important to put a face and voice with your e-mail address, Facebook page, Twitter account, and even company URL. Trust me when I say, at one time I didn’t see the need for video.
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    [Blog] A Bone to Pick with Jawbone UP
    You see, just as Ellie Pierce mentioned in her blog post yesterday , it’s a bit easier when you work in an office: You commute (if you’re in a big city, you may even walk to the train), you walk to and from people’s offices, you leave for lunch, you schedule time for the gym, you walk to meetings. By Gini Dietrich. Alright. This is not communications- nor entrepreneur-related, but I have a bone to pick. bone to pick with Jawbone UP. You see, a couple of years ago, I read a study that shows sitting all day for work is worse for you than smoking a pack of cigarettes.
    [Blog] Book Review: Stand Out Social Marketing
    blog post written by Brian Quinton for describes a bit about the company and their approach to social media: Foiled fills about 1,000 dozen orders a month at an average cost of $38 each. This is a guest post from Mike Lewis, VP of Marketing for Awareness and author of  Stand Out Social Marketing: How to Rise Above the Noise, Differentiate Your Brand, and Build an Outstanding Online Presence. Maddie’s Take: “Standing out” is more important than ever, as every company and organization on the planet starts adding to the social media noise. photo credit ).
    [Blog] Why the Kindle Fire is Not For Me
    Visit the blog archive to read more articles on new and emerging media. I did not want a Kindle to replace the experience of reading tactile books when I wrote about it in February 2009. The majority of your comments agreed with me. Fast forward nearly three years and I still don’t want the thing. The Kindle Fire is not for me. Not yet. Engadget reviews the Kindle Fire with a concise conclusion: The Kindle Fire is quite an achievement at $200. It’s a perfectly usable tablet that feels good in the hand and has a respectably good looking display up front. That the Fire has.
    [Blog] Myrland Marketing Motivation
    As an early adopter of digital technology, she also helps firms with blogging, podcasts and video marketing. {Myrland Marketing Motivation, A Little Virtual Encouragement To Start Your Week} Where Are You Right Now? Good or bad, that’s okay. Decide that this moment isn’t right or wrong. It It just is. This is where you start again. Right here. Right now. What is it you need to do? Where do you need to go? What do you need to accomplish? Now let’s just go from here okay? She is a frequent LinkedIn and Twitter trainer, as well as a content marketing specialist.
    [Blog] The Tricky Parts of Balancing Work Travel and Life
    hope that when my daughter is my age, doing whatever the heck it is she dreams up, that she’ll point and laugh at this blog post and wonder what the hell we were thinking. I live in the Chicago suburbs. But many people would guess I’m from Boston, or New York, or some other city that I frequent when I’m actually seen in public. You see, I travel quite a bit as part of my career. speak professionally a couple of times per month, and I have clients and customers and meetings. The beauty of building a business in the internet age is that geography isn’t a limitation.
    [Blog] Motivational Speaker: Social Media Keynote Oslo
    If you want your followers to come to you and stay, start to run your videos the New Jersey wine-blog way! Erik recently gave the keynote speech at they digital event of the year in Norway; Web Forum 2011. The comedian MC, Åsleik Engmark , wrote this little poem which is quite humorous moments after Erik delivered his keynote. If you pay close attention you can see shout outs to James Taylor, Gary Vaynerchuk, United Breaks Guitars and the Old Spice Guy. Erik Qualman a world web sailor, selling social ideas to Mr. James Taylor. Equalman!!
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    [Blog] Join Jim Mitchem for a Special Author Q&A Today
    First, a reader of his blog, Obsessed with Conformity , I started to stalk him online. By Gini Dietrich I have been a big fan of Jim Mitchem for a long time. We eventually became Facebook friends and the rest, as they say, is history. His writing is raw, authentic, and sometimes very painful, which is extremely difficult to do and keep readers engaged. But he does it better than anyone else I know. Minor King So, when I learned he’d finally published the fiction he’s talked about writing for years, I couldn’t want to get my hands on it. He has two daughters. Who’s Next?
    [Blog] Why I'm Tired of #Fail
    think it’s part of our societal penchant for the negative, woe-is-me stuff (I’m so blogging about this), and I think our fishbowl does it both in appeal to our complaint-oriented side and to make a show of how important it is for companies to be here answering the demands of their customers. When it’s used on the FAIL-blogs, etc., Anonymous Good topic. I had a point of view on this and had blogged about this earlier in a post titled, ‘Whine Flu’ Let us look at how this behavior – whining/ complaining on twitter – really sounds in real life.
    [Blog] Which Social Media Tool is Best for My Small Business?
    Google+ offers one huge benefit: your Google+ profile can be linked to your website, blog, and so on to give Google’s search engine a better grasp of your online output. Social media marketing is a vast landscape. When you decide it’s time you started making better use of social media to promote your small business, it’s easy to get distracted for hours looking at all the different social networks and wondering: ‘ Which of these should I be using? ’. Let’s break this down and look at the big networks one at a time. Do I Need to Be on Twitter? Do I Need to Be on Facebook? In a word, no.
    [Blog] Social Media Training: 3 Day Intensive Advanced Class
    Computer Based Session: Build a social media press room with socmed press releases, blog and social objects. . If you are a company, government department or organisation interested in social media training for your staff, this three day class held privately at your premises (or we can organise premises for you) suits those looking for a more indepth course. The courses are a mix of lecture, group challenges and computer based exercises (if you have laptops/computer ). Prerequisites: While the first part of each session is for beginners, this workshop is aimed at advanced users. DAY ONE.
    [Blog] Bubbalon: Fun Ratings, Reviews and Sentiment Sharing
    Rating McDonald's On Bubbalon Unlike some niche sites that focus on a specific topic, Bubbalon's treasure trove of objects is open-ended, from big brands like McDonald's and Samsung Electronics , to products like the iPhone 4 and Samsung Epic 4G , people, like Glenn Beck , or even blogs. On the Internet, it seems there's little more we enjoy doing than telling people what we like and what we don't. Facebook's Like button is becoming ubiquitous, and there are many sites that let you review movies you've seen, give star ratings to products you've purchased and restaurants you've visited.
    [Blog] Turn Those “Likes” Into Cash, How To Use Social Media To Make Money
    You want to establish a brand using Facebook fan pages, and connect with your audience with a funny but also insightful blog, while also being available on linked in with all your professional qualifications, and reaching out to people on twitter and on and on and on. There are sites out there like Survey Monkey that allow you to get pretty in depth with your surveying of your followers, but simply asking what they want to read about next on your blog or what they would like your next product to be can provide invaluable information going forward.
    [Blog] SMS Marketing in Business Statistics
    Digital marketing has grown from blogging to social networking to many more social media marketing tools and of course with the rise of the tablet or smartphone, mobile marketing is becoming another area to consider. Marketing in business has grown in complexity - not in terms of the aim but in the array of choices of how we reach the customer. have been researching mobile for business over the last few years and wanted to share with you this infographic from Slicktext which looks at specifically SMS marketing.
    [Blog] Do Social Media ‘Conversations’ Sell Anything?
    Guest post by Mark Schaefer , author of {grow}. I was reading a blog post the other day and this comment captured my attention: “Content is NOT king. blog comment is not a conversation. Mark Schaefer is a consultant, author, and college educator who blogs at {grow}. It is the conversation around that content that is king.&#. recently wrote about how many of these conversations we THINK are occurring on the social web that are not occurring at all. tweet or a status update is not a conversation. Pushing a “like&# button is not a conversation. Yes, I said sales.
    [Blog] Earned Media Tip #7: Use Offline Events for Content
    You can find links to all the posts in the series in the right-hand column of the blog. All of this live interaction will find its way into blog posts and videos that I post online. There is no gatekeeper on reporting anymore.  If you have a Twitter account, a blog, or a corporate online newsroom , you can publish content. This post is part of the series of 10 tips to increase earned media. At the core of earned media is great content.  Media is all about attracting more people to their content. Instead of just being a passive attendee, become an event reporter. Facebook.
    [Blog] Myth: Content must be visual in 2015
    No need to flip a page, or scroll through a blog post when all you have to do is change the volume to level you prefer. As digital marketers, many of us realize the need for visual content. There are more visually appealing social channels then we can count – but of course you have the usual suspects such as Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest and more. Should you have visual content? Should it be your only content? Not necessarily. An old medium, but great engaging content. The key was the story. The story was engaging, suspenseful, and it got people talking.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2013
    [Blog] Free Summer School For Marketers
    Long before I was a contributor here, I was simply a fan of the marketing blog posts that you can find here. LinkedIn Today is full of fascinating articles and blog posts that can also be organized by what is news, what influencers are posting or even by specific industry/channel. With a focus on Business-To-Business and a slant towards content marketing and social media, MarketingProfs is filled with fascinating articles, blog posts and interviews. There are thousands of marketing blogs on the Internet. marketing blog. It''s true. and cheaper. Almost Timely.
    [Blog] Microworkers Paid Less Than a Penny for Writing
    Amazon MT is a service that allows businesses to contract with Amazon to have people perform very brief, discreet operations like manually forwarding an e-mail based on subject matter or moderating blog comments. In addition to facilitating this process, ShortTask often has questionable tasks like paying for positive product reviews and blog comments, Diggs, Twitter followers , etc. Technology has made many things possible, and is enabling unethical people to pay as little as one quarter cent per word for their writing. The Internet is the great democratizer. Illiteracy.
    [Blog] Is Your Website Mobile Ready for the Professional Tradesmen?
    You’ll want prospects to have an easy experience learning about your agency or accessing your agency’s blog content via their mobile device. Manufacturers are trying different ways to get and stay in front of the professional tradesman, and your website is probably one of the first places they will look for info. Is it mobile friendly? recently read a post by one of my mentors, Michael Gass, on ways to test your site that I thought I’d share with you. Good info. In preparation for new business opportunities, it is important that your company’s website be mobile ready.
    [Blog] Find Your Next Big Idea
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. What's your big idea? Struggling with finding one? What's Next? Too much has been written on creativity, big ideas and where they come from. For some, it's a pragmatic approach. Author Steven Pressfield once said, that writers have to "put their ass where their heart is." Others believe that no matter how hard you may be working, something magical is what makes creativity happen. Some have it, while others don't. Famed author, Elizabeth Gilbert  ( Eat Pray Love , etc.) brand.
    [Blog] The Evolution of our Social Media Team
    Since those first meetings in 2009-10, the University now has an official blog , Facebook page , Twitter profile ,  YouTube channel and dozens of sites created by individual departments, faculties and student societies. Shanan Sorochynski manages the University of Regina’s first official blog:  YOURblog. The use of social media at our university is evolving. The number of passive observers is dropping and the number of engaged content creators is on the rise. They were always there. Image: MorBCN via Flickr, CC 2.0???. But most of the people who attended were new to social media.
    [Blog] Inc. 500 Companies Seeing Positive Results From SM Use
    Interesting to note that Facebook success rates have gone up from 54% to 85% while services like twitter and blogging have gone down. 500 Companies using Social Media and ACTUALLY seeing positive results is on the rise.  More small businesses need to view the importance of Social Media the same as their larger counterparts. Overall the importance  of Social Media in a Inc. 500 companies business strategy has gone up 16% year over year. These companies will continue to use these conduits for client acquisition and retention as 2011 unfolds. -. Article from eMarketer [link]. 500 companie
    [Blog] Day 11: People of color impacting the social web – Mike Street #28DaysofDiversity
    For day 11 , I would like to introduce to some and present to others: Mike Street Twitter: @streetforce1 Website/Blog: Bio Mike Street is the Senior Digital Strategist for Syndicate Media Group. As we all know, February is Black History Month. It’s a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human. How can we use technology to close the digital divide?
    [Blog] Online PR and reputation management
    Brands also get coverage from the user-generated content that exists on blogs, forums, online communities and using the other social media tools at their disposal. In today’s world, online PR isn’t just about coverage from professional magazines and media sources. This increase in online content can help with search engine rankings, website traffic and the spread of word-of-mouth. It can also help businesses get a better understanding about what their customers are saying, be it positive or negative. And how do you use the social web to increase your visibility and coverage?
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  MONDAY, JULY 5, 2010
    [Blog] Kids Want Social Content Too
    Blogs are clearly the primary source of content in the business world.    That sharing typically starts with other communities like YouTube and Flickr before it gets pushed to Facebook or your blog. Blogs are clearly the primary source of content in the business world.    That sharing typically starts with other communities like YouTube and Flickr before it gets pushed to Facebook or your blog.    Jeff Photo Credit: jonsson Tweet Subscribe in a reader See how were connected Start Blogging Today!   Hmm.   Why?
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010
    [Blog] Watch Your Social Media Language - Jeff Korhan
      Given that, you have wonder why it is used so abundantly on blogs. I can only reason that the use of the word folks is intended to be a way of showing your easy going style.    And we should choose our words wisely - with full awareness that there is a jargon that accompanies much of the written Web content, especially blogs.   Given that, you have wonder why it is used so abundantly on blogs. I can only reason that the use of the word folks is intended to be a way of showing your easy going style.    Fortunately, it didn't last. 
    [Blog] Why You Should Love Facebook Like - Jeff Korhan
     It stands to reason then that ever click of that button on your blog is gold! This indeed explains why the Facebook Like button on this blog has increased my click-throughs by approximately 100%.  It stands to reason then that ever click of that button on your blog is gold! This indeed explains why the Facebook Like button on this blog has increased my click-throughs by approximately 100%. Until tomorrow, Jeff  Tweet Subscribe in a reader See how were connected Start Blogging Today! The Value of Friendships And so do you.  Why?
    [Blog] Interview With Author Sybil F. Stershic -- Share of Mind, Share of Heart
    nonprofit can also write blog posts and share links to content that educates people about its mission and programs. Quality Services Marketing - website and blog | Share of Mind Share of Heart | Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most: A Guide to Emplpyee Customer Care | Twitter @SybilqsmIt is with great pleasure that I have the honor of introducing our Diva Marketing community to a dear friend, Sybil Stershic. Sybil's second book,  Share of Mind, Share of Heart , e xplores the world of nonprofit marketing. Sybil Stershic: It can be a challenge, Toby. My pleasure Sybil.
    [Blog] How Bloggers and Brands Create Successful Partnerships (New Research)
    This tells us that bloggers are being vetted and worked with across all of their social channels in influencer marketing, not just their blog. Image via At GroupHigh, we are on the forefront of blogger outreach and have worked with hundreds of brands and agencies on influencer marketing. Naturally, Naturally, we have seen some exemplary marketing partnerships with bloggers. We have also seen a lot of disconnects in the way marketers approach bloggers. Download the survey now. Key Takeaways from Surveying 4,000 Bloggers on Marketing. highlight to tweet).
    [Blog] Experiments in Social Media Number 2, Part 1: Conversations with Power
    Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Blog at Wisdom London Creative Communications is our world… « Building A Rock-Solid Community Offline Influential Potential » Experiments in Social Media Number 2, Part 1: Conversations with Power You know what I love about Twitter? Before Twitter, the world was different. Before Twitter, it was difficult to interact with people interested in the same things as you without leaving the comfort of your desk. Especially if they lived on the other side of the world from you. How far, really, is my personal reach?
    [Blog] 5 Tips to Stay on Top of LinkedIn
    Have any other things changed like you started a Twitter account, a blog or new website? If you’re not on LinkedIn you should be, and if you are, when was the last time you updated your page? Did you set goals when you first went on, but as time has passed you kind of let it slip a little? You and 131 million of your possible friends are on this site. How many are you connected with? Let’s review some basics and make sure we’re all on track. Profile page - Great place to make a good impression. Have you updated your photo or are you using one from 10 years ago? Be sure to include links.
    [Blog] Is it Time to Burn Feedburner? There are Alternatives
    To build up a readership it’s crucial to offer your visitors to subscribe to your blog, so they get updated every time you publish a new post. The – by far – most popular choice in the blogging community is (still) Feedburner. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. This is a guest contribution from Steve Williams of The two most important channels are email and RSS. Social media, despite the hype, is only second priority in terms of effectiveness. Feedburner: The top dog in decline. And the best of it: it’s 100% free. General
    [Blog] Basic Social Media Optimization Tips That Can Make A World Of Difference
    You can then create up to five custom links including your website blog as well as your other social channels. Social media is one amazing media to communicate with the masses in real time. It can single handily turn your brand from a “nobody” into an “everybody.” While content plays an important role in your strategy, so does your appearance. Remember, first impressions are everything. Here are some general, easy optimization tips to set your social media marketing into complete success. Instagram: Instagram doesn’t allow for clickable URLs in your photo and video descriptions.
    [Blog] Peddling Social Influence
    Whether it be placing ad’s on their blogs, writing a story on behalf of the brand or providing pictures or video’s in return for money —influence trading is now the norm among the social media aristocrats. It is becoming apparent that the “popular&# social profiles are gathering followers and using their popularity to peddle influence. Influence peddling is the practice of using one’s influence  or connections with persons in authority to obtain favors or preferential treatment for another, usually in return for payment. The Influence of Money.
    [Blog] The Next Great Leap for Social Capitalism
    Millions of blogs, Twitter, and a generation of search engines reassemble all these parts in ways that create social value.  The Knowledge inventory will become the most important element of Social Capitalism. Today, knowledge is largely sequestered behind the walls of corporation in the form of titles, skill codes, resumes, job descriptions, certifications, and college degrees.  In order to predict the future, we point to the things that we have done in the past. 2nd Place is 1st Loser. 10% of the country is unemployed and less than 10% are fully actualized in their profession. 
  • ENGAGE  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2011
    [Blog] Battle of the Brands: How Nothing Sells Itself
    Read the blogs they are reading. F rom the CEO running a global corporation to the preteen hustling for loose change with a lemonade stand, anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes in the business world knows one thing for sure:  nothing sells itself. It takes hustle. It takes guts. And it takes  persistence. But as competition for shelf space in the minds of the consumer intensifies, the line between a “winner” and “loser” brand becomes clearer. And it’s drawn with the blood, sweat, and tears the winning brands are willing to sacrifice in order to get there. But the rules have changed.
    [Blog] Four Ways to Tweet Like a Hollywood Screenwriter
    You have one more week to sign up for Blog Style Guidelines: Mastering the Lists. Today’s guest post is written by John Fitzgerald. Like most young wannabe filmmakers, I learned the basics of screenwriting by hanging out on film sets and reading books. Books such as  Syd Field ‘s 1979 treatise on the three-act dramatic structure, simply titled  Screenplay. Fields contends that writers must follow a rigid three-act structure in order to free themselves to develop their characters. Twitter’s 140-character limit is not unlike the three-act structure in screenwriting.
  • KIKOLANI  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2012
    [Blog] How to Use AIDA, ROI and KISS to Boost Your Sales
    560 Resources for Blogging, Online Marketing, and Starting a Business. This is a guest post by Jani Seneviratne. Are you tired of your copy being ignored by prospects? Are you searching for a proven way to create copy that is well optimized for sales? AIDA, ROI and KISS were first coined by advertisers and an engineer but have since been applied to the online marketing industry. Some copywriters have adapted the formulas to suit their own personal tastes whilst some argue that these formulas are outdated and have disregarded them all together. Attention. Interest. Desire. Action. Impact.
    [Blog] Great journalism – impartial but not neutral?
    But all three articles, and hopefully my own, do provide impartiality – Christian is not writing his posts for a news organisation, but for his personal blog, and doesn’t have the editorial restrictions he might have done for a media organisation, but as an experienced and talented media creator, he’s done a great job of sharing his reaction, the background of the people involved, and also leaves us feeling sad about the loss of the two men involved, but inspired by what they had achieved. Journalism: Impartial not Neutral.
    [Blog] Is Your Facebook Page in Danger of Deletion? Save Your Fans in 6 Steps
    This guest post is by James Dunworth of the Ashtray Blog. When Ken Envoy of SiteSell lost his Facebook page and its 16,000 members, he immediately published a blog post titled, Urgent: We Need Your Help. We blogged about our story , and it went viral! We were astonished to get over 2000 shares of our first blog post about our Facebook page loss. It doesn’t make up for the loss of our page, but we received a lot of heart-warming support, and got some good links from other blogs out of the loss. 5. blog links. blog commenting. Buy Now”). Appeal.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 26, 2013
    [Blog] Important Social Media Analytics [INFOGRAPHIC]
    You have undoubtedly seen them: articles and blog posts talking about the ‘end of Facebook’ or the ‘death of social media’ and frankly, they simply do not match the numbers. Based on some of these social media analytics, there is no denying that social marketing is continuing to grow. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, there are still naysayers out there who suggest that there is no significant value when it comes to social media. When you look through some of the social media analytics in the infographic below, it is very hard to agree with that viewpoint.
  • SOSHABLE  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012
    [Blog] Pinterest and Its Copyright Issues
    Imagine an artist who uploads artwork to his or her blog – a Pinterest user could potentially save that image on his or her computer, upload it onto Pinterest as his or her own, and use Printerest to make money off of the work. Pinterest has been notoriously slow to address copyright issues. Because the “Pin It” button works on any website that has not opted out of Pinterest, users can grab images from almost anywhere on the internet, regardless of copyright issues. This affects artists the most because the photos are not always credited properly by the original user who pinned it.
    [Blog] Actors and Directors
    Personally, I enjoy the fact that this blog is still ad free, independent, and not necessarily tied to anything other than my personal business. If you listen to conversations about online power — at least those supported by bloggers — strength centers on the individual voice. Yet, now that big money has arrived online, the solitary influential voice represents a role player in the interwebs ecosystem. Let’s use a metaphor to illustrate this point: Hollywood and its power structure of actors, directors and producers. Individual voices represent actors. We know this.
    [Blog] Google Penalizes Copyright Infringers: Are You At Risk?
    Recently Google announced on its official blog that it will start penalizing sites that are accused of copyright infringement. published an article titled Top 10 deadliest air crashes in the last 10 years on my own blog. It was republished in an article gallery where users are paid for the content! I’ve found the same article reproduced without my permission on other blogs as well. Most bloggers and webmasters use Flickr to find images for their own blogs. However, a copyright notice can be useful if you need to defend your rights to your blog in court.
    [Blog] Are You a Social Executive? via #Pivotcon (@SocialEmployee – McGraw-Hill) #SocBiz
    This article was originally posted on Pivot Conference’s blog.  Sometimes it feels like the business world has been in one long, seemingly unending state of self-reflection over the last few years. During this prolonged period of organizational rumination, members of the C-Suite have been far more likely to ask questions like “Is my company prepared to meet the social business revolution head on?” or “Are we prepared to build the kinds of thriving, engaged social employee cultures necessary to ensure the adoption of new technology and processes?”. Well, are you?
    [Blog] The Quality Boom
    While most folks are nice to me and compliment my photography, I need the basic fundamentals to transcend from the periodic brilliant shot to consistantly decent photography. I can use these photos in my own work (as I frequently do with blog posts). Strong professional writers, photographers and videographers should be thrilled. Content and social network noise increasingly impact online success, making quality an increasingly necessary component to succeed. That means experienced professional producers will be in demand. Consider the rise of new markets for quality stories.
    [Blog] Addicted to Social Media | Spin Sucks
    There, I feel much better opening up to you in a blog. He blogs at , can be found on Twitter @martinwaxman , teaches social media and co-hosts the Inside PR podcast. « August 2nd, 2010 at 1:06 pm [.] so, please check out the guest post I did on the Spin Sucks blog. 17, 2010 #FollowFriday: The Bike Whisperer A Rose By Any Other Name…Might Not Be As Marketable Blog: Share Your Link Love Spinonomics Attire Not Appropriate for Public Speaking Arment Dietrich Is No Longer a PR Firm? Blog Roll Book Rec. My name is Martin W., Never, ever.
    [Blog] 5 Tactics You Will Need to Use in 2015 to Market Your Small Business
    In others, it’s standalone and serves as much of a purpose as a lengthy blog post or featured article. Author:  James White is a writer for  SEO Company Go  and blogs in his free time at  InfoBros. Written by  James White. It’s almost the end of the year, and that means it’s time to amend your marketing strategies to meet all the coming changes. Sure, the world of business is always evolving, and has continued to even over the last year. That said, as we blow through the last few days of 2014, things are most rapidly changing behind the scenes. Marketing
    [Blog] ‘Geilivable’ brands: engaging Chinese audiences online
    Create a brand persona to engage on Chinese forums and blogs. Image courtesy of wangruwei. Social media competition in China is beginning to heat up. Facebook and Groupon are looking at engaging the Chinese market as soon as possible and it looks like 2011 will be the pivotal year for Chinese social media. As Chinese networks emerge and develop, it’s crucial to protect your brand and develop your presence among Chinese ‘netizens’*: 1. Develop your brand strategy. Think about how you want your brand to be perceived online in China. Start monitoring Chinese Internet trends. Net People’).
    [Blog] Google Me – quick thoughts for and against…
    TheWayoftheWeb The digital convergence of media, entertainment, marketing and PR front page archives about RSS Click below for the WayoftheWeb bookstore The Blogroll A Shel of Myself Chris Brogan Currybetdotnet Eaon Pritchard Faster Future Gaping Void Howard Owens Jaffe Juice Jonathan MacDonald KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog Michael Leis – Digital Strategy Nick Burcher Occam’s Razor Web Analytics blog Only Dead Fish Seth Godin Simon Collister – Networked Society Teaching Online Journalism The Herd The Obvious? Data knowledge. Does it have to beat Facebook?
    [Blog] Nathan Gilliatt on the Latest in Social Media Analytics
    Add in Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, forums, and niche communities, and you end up with a lot of data on your hands. For more insights on social media analytics from Nathan, check him out on Twitter , SlideShare and sign up for his blog. Did you know that on Facebook over 1 million links are shared, 2 million friend requests are accepted and almost 3 million messages are sent every 20 minutes? That is over 20 million actions and pieces of content posted on the social platform every hour. Where do you start? How do you know if you are on the right path with content?
    [Blog] Everything You Need to Know About Nurturing Influencer Relations
    Yes, to me they are ALL influencers.) To emphasize the value in personal communication with people your brand works with, I talked to Tiffany Merritt author of blog Stuff Parents Need. Image via Yesterday, I posted on a stellar event that Unclaimed Baggage put together to appeal to local bloggers and earn some authentic coverage for their brand. If you missed it, check it out here and then come back to this post and join me discuss the value in nurturing the relationships with all of the people in your brand’s network. Cheers to mutually beneficial relationships!
    [Blog] Actions that Engage - Jeff Korhan
      Until tomorrow, Jeff Jeff Korhan on October 20, 2010 in Awareness , Blogging , Community , Social Media , Social Media Marketing , Success | Permalink Reblog (0) | | Digg This | Save to | | TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Actions that Engage : Comments Actions that Engage The reason for taking an action is to achieve a desired result.   Until tomorrow, Jeff Tweet Subscribe in a reader See how were connected Start Blogging Today!  Actions don't necessarily have to be favorable.
    [Blog] Social Media Gets the Gold for the 2012 London Olympics
    According to Twitter’s UK Blog , there were more mentions (tweets) on the day of the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics than there were during the entire 2008 Beijing Olympics. The numbers are captivating, but how else have the Internet and social media affected the Olympic games? If you’re worried about missing coverage of your favorite Olympic event, think mobile! The delay of the event coverage on TV can be irritating for some, but this is the first time that all of the Olympics are being streamed live online.
    [Blog] The Value Of Brands In Social Media
    In January 2010, I published a blog post titled, The Moment Of Truth. That blog post looked at how The New York Times was about to launch a paywall. What if we started with business. how would we do? How badly do people want to be connected with brands? I've been thinking a lot about the pervasiveness of brands in the social media channels. From a business perspective, it could not make me happier. Watching brands do everything they can do to better connect with their consumers and create a powerful and direct relationship will be critical for their future success and loyalty.
    [Blog] Why Content Marketers Need to Quit Reinventing the Wheel
    They’re trying to move a mountain every time they make a new eBook or something, and instead that eBook should also be 10 blog posts and should be 14 videos and 18 Instagram posts and 14 YouTube videos. This is the sixth in a series of videos culled from an interview about content marketing I did with Terry Foster of Cision Canada. Cision (the USA version) is also a sponsor of Convince & Convert and our Social Pros podcast. here’s a post I wrote about their nifty content amplification tool ). For more of this series (and others)  please subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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