[Blog] Art Fair Marketing: A Place for Creative PR [Infographic]
    Have you considered debuting a new product at an art fair? Art fairs, we assume,… Read More.
    [Blog] Creating a Communal Narrative: A Case for Skipping the Press Release
    We leveraged LinkedIn Pulse and several employees’ blogs to create a communal narrative about the funding. It’s pretty standard to have your CEO share funding news via a thought leadership article either on your company’s blog, LinkedIn Pulse, or Medium. But this was the first time we also invited every AirPR employee to write their own LinkedIn Pulse articles and/or blog posts about why they were excited to join our team initially and what the funding news means for them personally. Guest Post by Rebekah Iliff. Bad reason: Because you’ve always done them… So, why stop now?
    [Blog] How to Monetise Your Influence Type: Micro-influencers
    Generally it’s those of us with an online audience of less than 100,000 followers, be that a social or blog following. An excellent example of this is when Lisa Corduff from Small Steps to Whole Foods decided to run a free challenge after having run a small blog and Facebook group for a couple of years. Blogging for DollarsWelcome to the next post in our series on monetising your influence type. Last time we looked at Platform-Specific Superstars – a small percentage of all influencers. This time we’re going to take a look at the other end of the spectrum.
    [Blog] Users Can Finally Touch the Oculus Touch
    The Oculus VR  team said in a blog post : Thanks to Touch’s intuitive and ergonomic design, you forget the controllers and feel like your physical and virtual hands are identical. The long-awaited Oculus Touch  controller was released online  and in stores Tuesday. The virtual reality controller launched with 54 gaming and experience titles , and it can be test-driven at more than 500 retailers in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany and the U.K. Personalization platform Oculus Avatars  also launched Tuesday, and it is supported by several of the Oculus Touch launch titles.
    [Blog] 10 Great Gifts to Inspire Girl Bosses
    Some links are affiliate links for products – the items don’t cost you any more but they do help pay for hosting on my blog. Blog Posts gift guide for girl bosses gifts gifts for entrepreneurs girl boss holiday giftsGirl bosses need a little extra love this holiday or any day! Show your support for your favorite girl boss with a few items from this fun list that bound to add a little spring in her step. Some of these are my current faves and I’m adding some to my Santa wish list too! Or I might just order them.   A girl boss doesn’t need to wait for a gift, right?
    [Blog] Rio 2016 Tops Twitter in 2016
    Chief marketing officer Leslie Berland  delivered the social network’s wrap-up of 2016 in a blog post , saying that the top 10 global trends on Twitter for 2016 were: 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The 2016 Summer Olympic Games  was the most-discussed topic on Twitter during 2016. presidential election. Pokemon Go. Euro 2016. Academy Awards. Brexit. Black Lives Matter. Donald Trump. R.I.P. Game of Thrones. ThisHappened pic.twitter.com/dyBWDvQjtj. — Twitter (@twitter) December 6, 2016. The Top 10 Global Conversations of 2016. Harry Styles (quoting Taylor Swift ). Hillary Clinton.
    [Blog] Retaining Customers in the Age of Dying Brand Loyalty
    You’ve probably heard that it’s cheaper to keep a current customer than to acquire a… Read More.
    [Blog] 10 Posts You Need to Read Before the End of the Year
    also find that I end up doing some kind of blog audit (stay tuned for that one!), growth-hacking strategies for bloggers to quadruple their blog traffic without SEO | ProBlogger. One of my favourite blog posts of all time, this is one you especially need to read if you’re struggling with self-doubt. How to start a blog | ProBlogger. How to publish remarkable content every week even if your time is limited | CoSchedule. I am pretty obsessed with CoSchedule for blogging, both as an editorial calendar and a social auto-scheduling platform. STOP IT! Go on.
    [Blog] It Starts with People: Lessons from Social Media Personalities for Brands
    Get Blogging. Social personalities often use their blogs as the hub for their personal “brands.” What to Do About It:   It’s not enough to start a blog and applaud yourself for receiving a certain number of visitors each week: you need to understand the ROI of those visits. Social attribution can help with that, telling you exactly what each individual piece of blog content is worth and offering previously unknown insights–like how much this blog post or that one is being shared via Dark Social. Twitter users report a 5.2X God bless.
    [Blog] Netflix Lets You Download Movies Now, Facebook Will Have Some Cools Games Soon And More - The Week's CTRL ALT Delete Segment On CHOM 97.7 FM
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It's not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly on iHeart Radio , if you're interested in hearing more of me blathering away. morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel.
    [Blog] No Thanks to Digital Book Reading
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. “I can’t fathom reading a book without tactile sensations of turning pages and smelling paper,” I wrote six years ago  about the newish fad of digital book reading. It’s not a fad anymore — but with 28% of Americans reading digital books this year, it’s still a pastime of the few. Maybe because news reading involves a relatively shorter article and I can skim more easily? I don’t know. Thanks for reading. Musings books
    [Blog] The Social Media Content Management Plan for Success
    There’s more to social media content than sharing links to blog posts and broadcasting messages. Sprout is great for monitoring brand mentions on sites like Twitter, but forums, blog posts and other platforms all have a social component that you should monitor as well. Content is the lifeblood of social media. Unless you’re a famous celebrity with a huge following , you need to share great content to keep people interested. But what does that look like? Having a plan in place will help you stay organized, plan ahead and scale your social media marketing strategy.
    [Blog] The 10 Best Social Media SlideShares of 2016 to Get You Ready for 2017
    My favorite slide: A key takeaway for marketers: If you want to spread an online video — or even a blog post or an idea— write the news headline first. They are not only great for blog posts but also shareable on social media. My favorite slide: A key takeaway for marketers: Creating an infographic is very similar to writing a blog post. One way to look at it is that an infographic is just another method of presenting the information in a blog post. Content ideas you have for blog posts can most likely be used to create infographics, too. Or even faster.
    [Blog] #SocialPR Spotlight: Amanda Roe
    You can learn more about and talk to Amanda via the Biamp Systems blog , Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter and YouTube. I can’t remember exactly how I met Amanda Roe, but I’ll tell you something; once you’ve had a chat with her, you’ll never forget her. She’s not just super-sharp and discerning, she is also extremely generous with her time and insights. Ladies & Gents, I give you the latest entrant into the Social PR Spotlight: Amanda Roe, Global Public Relations and Research Manager for Biamp Systems! Take it away, Amanda. Why do you care about Social PR?
    [Blog] Five Steps to Have Your Your Blog and Business Run Without You Over The Holidays
    It’s also an excellent time to do some serious (but fun) overhauls of your existing blog and business, in time for a fresh start in the New Year. More importantly, it’s the perfect time to ensure that when you go to take your much deserved time off, all that hard work you’ve poured into your blog and online business during the year doesn’t just fall over in a heap. I’m talking sexy systems and smart future planning here. This exercise in itself was a brilliant exercise in seeing all the opportunities I’ve been missing on my blog and in my business. Time for Xmas Trimmings.
    [Blog] PB170: 9 Ways to Stay Inspired and Avoid Bloggers Burn Out
    Most bloggers start out blogging with an incredible burst of passion, excitement and energy with their blogging, but usually at some point within the first year or two, many bloggers come up against their first bout of blogger burnout. So in today’s episode, I want to share 9 strategies for staying fresh and inspired with your blogging so that you can avoid bloggers burn out. So if you’re feeling burnt out at the moment or you want to get ahead of your next blogging slump and develop some strategies for avoiding it altogether – this is for you. love blogging!
    [Blog] 4 Ways your Brand Can Get Festive This Holiday Season
    A more condensed version of this article first appeared on the Constant Contact blog on November, 21st, 2016. Thanksgiving is a distant memory and Christmas is almost here! That is enough reason to start putting up Christmas decorations and start drinking eggnog. Well, it is certainly time for brands to get started on their holiday campaigns. Holiday campaigns are crucial for most brands. The percentage of sales that happen during this season legitimizes considerable ad spend. The flipside is, with the abundance of brand content during this season, standing out gets more difficult.
    [Blog] 6 apps that will make you a better blogger right now
    Social Media Tips and Tricks Social Media Tools bloggingWant to up your game as a blogger? These apps will make that sooo much easier!
    [Blog] B2B Branding: The What, Why, and How
    What is B2B branding? Is it just your logos and graphics? Or is it something… Read More.
    [Blog] Massive Non-Obvious Trends For 2017 With Rohit Bhargava - This Week's Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast
    blogging. business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Episode #543 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. My friend,  Rohit Bhargava is a "non-obvious" trend curator, founder of the Influential Marketing Group , and an expert in helping brands and leaders be more influential. Rohit has advised hundreds of global brands and also teaches marketing at Georgetown University. In a word: awesome. Enjoy the conversation. . advertising podcast. always eat left handed.
    [Blog] #SproutChat Recap: Best Practices for Distributing Content From Brand Advocates
    Definitely use #ABtesting for blog titles! Marketers know that content drives traffic. But figuring out which social channels’ content should be distributed on and how it should be shared can be a challenge. Creating a successful content marketing distribution strategy is essential for success. During this week’s  #SproutChat  we were joined by Arment Dietrich from Spin Sucks and  Sprout All Star  and Chief Content Officer, Erika Heald. Determining what success looks like for your advocacy content distribution plan requires the resources to test and learn. 4lIOgM2usV. —
    [Blog] When a Tree Inspires You
    The tree inspired me to write a blog post. Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. And the boy loved the tree — very much. And the tree was happy. – Shel Silverstein. photographed this tree on December 2, 2016. It’s easy to stare at this tree as it stands less than 200 feet in front of me. It’s easy to ask aloud, “How old are you?” ” and “Do you miss your leaves?” ” and “What’s your favorite memory?” But having stumbled into this reading nook and discovering this majestic tree, I’ll return.
    [Blog] The 15 Best Business Books Of 2016
    Here's a different perspective via compiled blog posts and articles. Look business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. The time has come. What have you been reading? From my side of the bookmark, 2016 saw a slew of new and interesting business books for us to devour. Here are my personal top fifteen business books of 2016. in alphabetical order. The Age of Discovery - Navigating the Risks and Rewards of Our New Renaissance by Ian Golden and Chris Kutarna. Welcome to the second big Renaissance of our existence.
    [Blog] SEO 101: Using Social Networking to Boost Website Traffic
    On its own, writing stellar content for your real estate site isn’t going to make… Read More.
    [Blog] Engage With Your LinkedIn Company Page Network From the Smart Inbox
    Whether you’re showcasing your company’s products or services, announcing an upcoming networking event or sharing your latest blog post, LinkedIn® is an effective channel for communication focused on your broader business. With more than 450 million members , LinkedIn® has swiftly solidified itself as a global community of professionals. Over the years, the network has evolved into a robust publishing platform for businesses to engage and target their content to a more professional audience. Sprout is excited to announce the next step in our LinkedIn® integration. Product Updates
    [Blog] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    Should Your Blog Have a Narrow or Broad Topic? Ahh the old blogging chicken-and-egg question! If you have a good strategy and work hard, it can be super beneficial for your blog traffic. The post Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately? Pro Blogging NewsI’m in full-on productive mode over here, streamlining and organising and powering through work (and housework!) to end the year with a bang. Nothing better! hope these tips help you do just that. How Do You Get More iTunes Reviews? Growing Your Audience #6 | The Podcast Host. This is why.
    [Blog] Beginner’s Guide to Creating Images for Social Media [Infographic]
    This planner has space for ideas, planning, tips and tricks for creating visuals easily and quickly – even if you are not a designer.  It’s the one I use with my team, so Grab it now and refer to it while you read this blog post: FREE PDF Download ”Image Creation Batch Planner“ – Click Here to Download. And if you have a link to a blog post or something you want people to click through on – add it here. As you know from this blog, I always try to share with you the latest tools and tricks for creating images. But where in the heck do you start?
    [Blog] [Webinar Replay] Content for Real Estate: Build Your Brand, Your Audience and Your Business
    How to build a blog that works. Do you have a content strategy in place to move your real estate business forward in 2017? In this special webinar hosted in partnership with Adwerx we covered keys for a successful content strategy for real estate including: Why your real estate business needs a content marketing strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) basics. Best practices for distribution – how to get your content out there! Tools and tips for planning, creating and curating hot content.
    [Blog] Top 5 Webinars of 2016
    This year we had the pleasure of partnering with many amazing companies to host webinars on a variety of topics. We also hosted several KLC webinars on everything from Facebook ads to content strategy. While it’s hard to choose just a few favorites, today I wanted to share five of our top webinars from 2016. GetSocialSmart: Facebook Ads from Katie Lance on Vimeo. In this webinar I shared best practices for honing and creating your Facebook Ad strategy for real estate. This hour-long free course gives you tons of tools and tips to create big results from your Facebook ads and promotions.
    [Blog] Facebook Analytics for Apps Adds Time Zones, Hourly Charts
    Software engineer Tianqi Li introduced the new Analytics for Apps features in a blog post : You can now set a time zone on the settings page of Analytics for Apps. Facebook added two major features to its Analytics for Apps  Thursday: the ability to set time zones and view data by hour of the day. The social network also added an option for “last 24 hours” in Analytics for Apps’ date picker and the ability to break down reports by time interval. You can get to the settings page by clicking the gear icon at the upper-right corner of your screen.
    [Blog] How to Engage Clients in Your B2B Public Relations
    Nothing improves B2B public relations like a happy customer’s voice. Whether it’s a recorded interview… Read More.
    [Blog] The more the messier for search success
    Same with blogging or any other type of creative behavior. Blog content, not ephemeral tweets or facebooks. Y ou need to spend only 20% of the time you do on your content marketing and marketing SEO than you’re doing — at least for now. Be quick, be messy, be pedestrian, maybe even turn off your Grammatik and your Autocorrect. Churn out five-times the amount of content you’ve been writing then hit publish and walk away for a couple days. Then, feel free to get all anal retentive on your content — but only with the stuff you plan to add to your portfolio. Please. And though only.4%
    [Blog] Interactúa con la red de la página de tu empresa en LinkedIn desde la Entrada inteligente
    Ya sea que exhibas los productos o servicios de su empresa, anuncies un próximo evento de networking o compartas la última publicación de tu blog, LinkedIn® es un canal efectivo para las comunicaciones que se centran en un negocio más amplio. Con más de 450 millones de miembros , LinkedIn® se consolidó rápidamente en una comunidad global de profesionales. Con los años, la red ha evolucionado y se ha convertido en una plataforma sólida de publicaciones para empresas que buscan vincular y dirigir su contenido a una audiencia más profesional. Interactúa con líderes de opinión en tu red.
    [Blog] The Life And (Working) Times Of Millennials
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. You can't flick a screen these days without reading something about Millennials and the workplace. As a professional speaker, I get to see the types of topics that corporations are trying to tackle. You would be hard pressed to not see a conference or corporate event without some time allotted to Millennials, and how they're changing the face of work today. Who are they? What do they want? What do they believe in? Are they so different from adults of generations past? mirum.
    [Blog] Sidekick 12.18-12.24: Social Holidays, Themes, and Noteworthy Events
    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, in every single post. This year, Hanukah… Read More.
    [Blog] A Holiday Gift to Spin Sucks Readers: From Us to You
    Communication Tools #ContentChat blog posts content chat gin and topics PR events PR jobs slack slack community Spin Sucks communityIn the Spin Sucks world, December 1 marks the start of the holiday season. This year, we'd like to celebrate by giving our dear readers a gift. Gini Dietrich has more on what it is, how you can claim yours, and what to expect. We hope you join us! The post A Holiday Gift to Spin Sucks Readers: From Us to You appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories The 2016 PR Trends…How Did the PR Industry Do?
    [Blog] Hot Association Jobs – December 1
    You will publish blog posts, monitor blog comments and write blog posts as assigned. Here are some of the most interesting jobs you can find via the  SocialFish job board !  We focus on jobs in  social media ,  marketing ,  communications ,  PR ,  advocacy ,  digital  and  technology. Policy Analyst  – The Fiscal Policy Center at Voices for Illinois Children seeks to hire a Policy Analyst to inform and shape public debates on tax and budget policy in Illinois. large part of this role will be focused on the Association’s membership and event program support. Hurry!
    [Blog] The Mobile Commerce Chicken And Egg Conundrum
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. This was a big week for shopping. Unless you have been living under a rock in North America, we had both Black Friday and Cyber Monday take place this past week. Beyond the riot police and YouTube filming of customer stampedes, fisticuffs and people behaving badly, these two days act as a key indicator as to how the holiday shopping season is going to roll out. Obviously, this is even-more closely monitored, as it also provides a peek into the wealth of nations. Impressive.
    [Blog] The Business Benefits of Not-Com Domain Names
    Your website is the first chance you have to make an impression on your prospective clients or customers. As marketers, a polished and professional website is arguably the single most important promotional tool in your arsenal. Maris Callahan looks at how brands create meaningful and memorable homes on the Internet. The post The Business Benefits of Not-Com Domain Names appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Why You Must Make Agency Specialization a Priority How the Presidential Election Affects Communicators Sexism is Alive and Well at This Year’s PRSA Conference.
    [Blog] Know Your Options as a PR Consultant
    For those choosing to go into PR—and many are, with PR projected to be one… Read More.
    [Blog] Twitter Tips for Your Business to Follow Into 2017
    Much like if you hosted a collaborative event in person, you can promote a chat ahead of time and then reuse the participating tweets for a new blog post. If you have a company blog, go through your posts. When 75.3% of people make a purchasing decision because of what they’ve seen on social media, you need to make sure your Tweets stand out from the crowd. Twitter’s algorithmic timeline favors highly engaged Tweets over new Tweets. Tweets used to last only for a few hours in a user’s timeline. The Twitter tips listed here aren’t meant to be executed all at the same time.
    [Blog] 37 Free Marketing and Social Media Classes to Elevate Your Skills Today
    Content and blogging classes (25-31). Blogging and podcasting. Their free social media class covers the use of email marketing, affiliate marketing, using social media tools such as Twitter , blogging and  podcasting , and how to use Facebook to create a business page and get it noticed by current and potential customers. You’ll learn all about SEO, blogging , landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis and reporting come together to form a modern-day inbound marketing strategy. Let’s dive in! Digital marketing classes (9-17). What Is Social?
    [Blog] How advanced marketing automation tactics can increase sales
    This links to a blog post on your website.  At this stage, they have never heard of you before and it’s their first time visiting your website. They see a link to a blog post and visit your website. When we drive visitors from social media and other sources to our website, they are all at various stages of the buyer journey. Imagine two scenarios: Person A:  They are not following you but they see an update reshared by a fan on Facebook. Person B:  They are loyal followers and may have even bought a product off you before. Analyzing visitors to your website. Using an app (e.g
    [Blog] How to Create Consistently Valuable Content for Your Blog
    When we talk about blogging, we should consider the value of our texts, especially if we write professionally and there are targets to be reached. Even though blogging has been around for quite awhile, the number of people practicing it who can’t distinguish clearly what is the value of the content they create, how to effectively measure it and boost its engagement is concerningly high. The art of blogging. Every professional can tell you that writing is the easy part of blogging. Bringing value to your readers is the only way to make a profession out of blogging.
    [Blog] Quick replies and welcome messages bring personalised communication opportunities for all
    You can read Twitter’s full blog post here. Blog Platform Blog Social Media Strategy Twitter MarketingIt’s commonplace these days for individuals to instigate a conversation with a company viaTwitter. Often, it seems to be a customer service question: an initial, public approach from a customer that usually switches to Direct Message immediately after the ‘one tweet each’: “@company I’ve got a problem with…”, “Sorry to hear that, @customer, will you DM me the details…?”. And, by and large, companies enthusiastically work to resolve issues to the satisfaction of both sides.
    [Blog] Waze Does Display Advertising Right
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. There was a time when I thought all display advertising was "meh." . have reasons (and deep) rationale to think this way. Few were around selling banner ads when they first came out, like I did. I was on the front lines of the dot com boom, bust and echo. I was there when search engine marketing first became a thing. I was there when the IAB came online, and standards became part of the formalization and validation of this advertising channel. Waze is great. Waze is free.
    [Blog] 7 Top Personal Branding Goals To Develop Your Social Brand Strategy
    Long before Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and even blogs, people have been buying from people. You Are the Media: 10 Reasons You Need a Blog (episode 111). Would you like to have customers come to you organically because they know for a fact you can help them achieve their business and/or life goals? It’s a wonderful thing when you don’t have to sell to your customers, instead they contact you and are excited to business with you! They aren’t thinking “should I do business with this person or brand.” If not, you should. Know Your Audience!
    [Blog] Did the Amazon CTO get catfished by John Gabriango? An example of Fake News
    By now you’ve probably heard about John Gabriango, the ill-informed sales professional that sent a (bad) cold email the Amazon CTO Werner Vogels. When I first read the post, I cried a little on the inside. First because I know what it’s like to send cold emails and sometimes they backfire. Proper research and personalization was missed here. Second because it was clear “who” had sent the email. At first I posted it to Facebook and the comments were good and then it was pointed out that there was no Linkedin profile for John Gabriango. Sure enough, no Linkedin profile.
    [Blog] Instant Games: Facebook’s New Cross-Platform Experience for Messenger, News Feed
    Product manager, games Alissa Ju announced in a blog post that users will begin seeing a game controller icon below their status update composers, and a dedicated Instant Games bookmark will also be added. Facebook Tuesday announced the launch of Instant Games , an HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience for Messenger  and News Feed  on both mobile and the web. Tom Dotan of The Information  reported earlier this month that the social network was testing the platform, which would allow Messenger users to play “lightweight” and “asynchronous” games against their friends. Arkanoid , Taito.
    [Blog] November Social Media Recap
    Politics can be kryptonite for public relations, and this month anyone looking for news and… Read More.
    [Blog] 4 things I Learnt as a Blogger Working at an Influencer Marketing Platform
    This is a guest contribution from Sam Wright at techgirlblog.com. . I’d had my technology lifestyle blog for little over a year when I began working with an influencer marketing platform, connecting brands and bloggers on sponsored collaborations. Blogging in my region hadn’t become a true income source yet (that has changed in recent months and I like to think I had something to do with it) and a solid nine-to-fiver seemed the “safe” bet, especially as the platform would let me continue my blog. The business of blogging has two parts: Blogging and Business.
    [Blog] The Ultimate Guide to More Social Media Shares
    The ultimate aim of your WordPress blog should be to engage readers and persuade them to buy your product or service. You need to have your social media “follow” icons static on all pages plus a set of social media sharing icons on each blog post. So why not get a better sense of trending topics so that you can make your blog or Website content relate to one of those themes? This applies to your blog and social media posts. If you want your blog post to be suitable for social media sharing then don’t exceed 116 characters. Gender. Language.
    [Blog] The Positive Effects of Mobile Gaming
    She also blogs at FreshlyTechy.com. The Positive Effects of Mobile Gaming By Jessica Oaks. It’s easy to write off mobile gaming as a waste of time. After all, people do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on their mobile devices these days. And yet, mobile gaming can’t be easily summed up or so quickly rejected out of hand – it is many things to many people. Where one may see nothing but frivolous gameplay, someone else may see an educational resource, healthy living supplement, or physical fitness aid. Believe it or not, the positive effects of mobile gaming are many.
    [Blog] PB169: Single Author Blog to Multi Author Blog – How to Make the Transition
    Transitioning From Single Author Blog to Multi Author Blog. In today’s lesson, I want to talk about hiring writers for your blog. In order to do so, I want to share a case study of how I took my own photography blog from a single author blog, publishing 3 posts a week, to a blog that now has around 50 writers, and I don’t write anything. Most bloggers start out blogging as single author blogs and many remain that way. Even so, I’m regularly asked by bloggers how to add new writers to their blog without putting off their readers.
    [Blog] Facebookers Are 2.5 Times More Likely To Read Fake News Plus More - The Week's CTRL ALT Delete Segment On CHOM 97.7 FM
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It's not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly on iHeart Radio , if you're interested in hearing more of me blathering away. morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel.
    [Blog] Social Media Ecommerce: The Complete Guide to Social Shopping
    This means that your website, blog, product pages, content and advertisements must be optimized for a variety of screen sizes. Social media grew from connecting friends on Facebook to uniting brands and communities across platforms. Over the past decade, social media has become an integral part of people’s lives and, in turn, your marketing strategy. Consumers today are online, they’re mobile and they’re very social. And don’t think brands haven’t noticed the shift. Everything from taking a class to balancing a budget to buying a car can be done online. Demographics.
    [Blog] How To Boost Your Social Media Like a Boss
    Cranking out a bunch of junk isn’t going to help your blog or bring business to your company. Take the time to develop your goals and designing specific pieces of content [blog articles, live videos, produced videos, webinars, etc.] to create winning marketing to help your clients and attract people to your website. By the way, I met Brian on Twitter years ago in a blogging chat. 4. Can you commit to post bi-weekly on your blog and once a week on your YouTube channel? Blog Posts Social Media Visual Marketing boost social media How can I boost my social media?
    [Blog] You Have More Content than You Realize
    Proper utilization of infographics, blog posts, or social media delivers “quick hit” content that increases your reach exponentially. Understanding who, and how, subscribers choose to interact with your content is just as important though.  By knowing who is interacting with your content, and in what manner, you gain valuable knowledge that you wouldn’t normally have.  If someone downloads a specific resource, then also reads a blog about it or interacts with an infographic then they clearly have an interest in this topic.  Look out for the next posts in the series! Probably not. 
    [Blog] Black Friday’s Retail Losers and Winners [Infographic]
    We’re well into the holiday season, and in the States, Black Friday and its accompanying… Read More.
    [Blog] Finding What Fascinates With Julie Klam - This Week's Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast
    blogging. business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Episode #542 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Our team at Mirum has launched a interesting program for InterContinental Hotels & Resorts. It's a series that takes places across multiple InterContinental properties to tell stories that will get consumers excited about what travel brings into their lives (beyond visiting a different city or country). I've been a fan of her work for a long time. Julie
    [Blog] Community Discussion: Guest Post Pitching Strategies
    Things I often see that are a complete turnoff: Pitching to “webmaster” Starting with “I recently stumbled across your blog” – I can’t be sure you’ll write a great post tailored to our audience if you haven’t bothered to read our blog or get familiar with it first. Writing “I really enjoy reading your blog [link] – I know our URL! Here’s How to Find the Best Blogs. As the editor of ProBlogger for the last three years, you can imagine I’ve seen every. pitch. when it comes to guest posting. No thanks!
    [Blog] Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out in 2017
    In a sea of free e-books, infographics and blog posts, how are you keeping your content marketing afloat? There’s a reason so many organizations are turning to content marketing. It’s a new currency that drives brand engagement in a world of empowered consumers. Great content fuels marketer’s efforts to reach and engage customers at every […]. Content Marketing Uncategorized Workshops & Training
    [Blog] 10 Types of Visual Content That Go Viral
    It’s easier than ever to create and share content.In fact, we all create and share… Read More.
    [Blog] The Clever Girl’s Guide to Client Seduction
    Social Media & Online Marketing blogging and content marketing blogging for business business marketing tips small business marketingAs an entrepreneur, customer service is your matcha and mojito. If you don’t seduce and cherish your clients, they won’t be working with you. Not only that, they won’t be recommending you to all their friends either. To create truly memorable, long-lasting client relationships, you need to be clever. You need to do the dance. You need to get them to love you, in a Salvatore brother kind of way. On the prowl. But here’s what you need to know.
    [Blog] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    If you’re moving into selling products and services on your blog, you’re going to want to make sure your funnels are top notch. New Ways to Share in the Moment | Instagram Blog. The powerful seduction of ‘powerless’ | Seth’s Blog. The post Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately? Pro Blogging NewsThe internet never sleeps! Ways to Incorporate Key Stakeholders Into Your Podcasts (and Benefit From It) | Entrepreneur. How to Repurpose Content for Maximum Social Reach | Hootsuite. Do you do  NaNoWrimo ?
    [Blog] Sidekick 12/11-12/17: Social Holidays, Themes, and Noteworthy Events
    We're making a list so you don't have to check it twice. Just like Santa's… Read More.
    [Blog] 10 Ways Small Business Can Use Facebook Live Video Streaming
    ” If you have struggled with coming up with ideas and strategies for how your business can use Facebook live, then you have landed on the right blog post and podcast today. You no longer have to create the “perfect” blog post, podcast, video or image. Blogging for Business: 10 Foundations for Success. Related Stories Instagram Stories vs SnapChat in a Nutshell – What You Need to Know 10 Time Hacks to Design Your Dream Life and Business Time to Rethink Your Blog Strategy? Writing Epic, Incredible Blog Posts. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud.
    [Blog] Creativity Is Alive And Well
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Don't worry, the robots and artificial intelligence-driven creatives will have a hard time doing this. The rock band OK Go make some of the most astonishing and creative music videos. In fact, I'd argue that they are much more than just "music videos," but rather engines that inspire creativity - on many different levels. Many believe that we live in a world, where it is increasingly difficult to do anything that is original. Well, OK Go did it in only 4.2 seconds. sponsored?
    [Blog] What’s Driving Social Conversations This Shopping Season?
    We will be posting updates right here on our Simply Measured Blog. Come this Friday, we officially embark on the shopping frenzy of the year – Black Friday. Black Friday marks the busiest shopping season for most retailers, accounting for as much as 30 percent of their annual sales. Hence, the innumerable deals and offers as retailers compete to capture the maximum share of wallet from the consumers. 2017 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download. As we approach the big shopping event this Friday, let’s take a look at what is being talked about it on social media.
    [Blog] The Thing About Disruption
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. How good is your brand when it comes to disruption? For my money, disruption is the current big bad wolf of business today. It's everywhere. B2B, B2B, small, medium and large enterprises. Everyone is feeling the huffing, puffing and heavy breathing of disruption on their shoulders. often laugh when reading articles in places like Fast Company about these major brands, who insist that they could never be disrupted, because they are too busy, disrupting themselves. Go for it.
    [Blog] We Are Not (That) Social Media
    For over a decade, I have been writing posts, here on this blog (going into my fourteenth year, to be exact). Through that time, the sentiment of all things related to Six Pixels of Separation (the blog, the podcast , writing for other publications , radio appearances , public speaking , business books , etc.) business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Social media was not supposed to act like traditional media. The anchor quote from that book was, "markets are conversations." Let's roll with that.
    [Blog] The PESO Model: Changing the World—One PR Campaign at a Time
    Related Stories Master Modern PR By Integrating the PESO Model The PESO Model, Edward Bernays, and Lucky Strike The 2016 Modern Blogging Masterclass. If you want to be successful in the modern world you have to master modern PR. Katie Harrington shares a case study on how applying the PESO Model to the marketing and PR strategy led to a successful campaign that saved human lives. The post The PESO Model: Changing the World—One PR Campaign at a Time appeared first on Spin Sucks. Communication Planning #MissingType #NationalBloodWeek Allianz BBC Breakfast BBC Radio 1 BBC Radio Five Live.
    [Blog] 6 Creative Social Media Tactics to Produce Better Content
    For example, take one of your evergreen blog posts and pull out a series of Tweets you can schedule from it. If you’re managing several blogs, like at an agency, don’t forget about adding a personal touch. Additionally, if you’re publishing blog snippets across platforms, make sure that your posts are optimized for each platform. Marketers are under a lot of pressure to make sure their campaigns get noticed on social media. With so many businesses active across all social platforms, the content you’re publishing has to be more innovative, creative and engaging than ever.
    [Blog] The Value Of Lists In Your Brand’s PR Strategy
    There are several major lists published each year to highlight the best and most highly… Read More.
    [Blog] How to Grow Fans and Save Your Sanity by Changing the Season
    It’s a subject I talk about in Podcasting all the time, but it works just as well in blogging. Seasons have long been a part of Podcasting, and the concept of a blog series is not new. Perhaps I would write a blog post too, or at least some shownotes. That is possible in a single blog post, sure, but it’s the regular, habit-building effect of learning each week that really levels up the effect. In September, I had one of the best conference experiences of my life.The atmosphere was friendly, supportive, motivated. The talks were top quality, innovative, engaging.
    [Blog] Björk’s PR Secrets and What You Can Learn from Her
    A primary aim of brands is to insert themselves into the lives of consumers, whether… Read More.
    [Blog] Twitter to Developers: Public APIs, Gnip Cannot Be Used for Surveillance
    Vice president of data strategy Chris Moody  issued the reminder in a blog post , writing that while public tweets have successfully been used by first responders in situations such as emergencies and natural disasters: Recent reports about Twitter data being used for surveillance, however, have caused us great concern. Twitter issued a reminder to developers that its public application-programming interfaces and data products are not to be used for surveillance purposes. As a company, our commitment to social justice is core to our mission and well established. Period.
    [Blog] Associations Respond to the 2016 Election Results
    The most accessible location for this to happen is on the American Libraries blog, The Scoop. Associations traditionally send out a bland proforma statement in support of or welcoming the incoming administration after Presidential elections. cough, ASAE, cough ). And of course, it’s important for associations to represent all of their members and also to be able to work effectively with the new administration. But this year, there are obvious concerns that must be addressed. post-election message from AIA’s CEO and 2016 President from AIA Content Team on Vimeo. Read more!! ).
    [Blog] The PESO Model, Edward Bernays, and Lucky Strike
    Related Stories Master Modern PR By Integrating the PESO Model The 2016 Modern Blogging Masterclass How to Master Modern PR: A Three-part Video Series. Yes, the PESO model even works in hindsight. The only difference is that no one put a name to the elements one needs to successfully pull off an integrated public relations campaign. The post The PESO Model, Edward Bernays, and Lucky Strike appeared first on Spin Sucks. Brill shared media The Peso Model Torches of Freedom What is the PESO Model why you should use the PESO model women were prohibited from smoking outside
    [Blog] What Problems Are You Solving?
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Disruption. Automation. Innovation. People are no longer terrified that their jobs are going to be shipped overseas. Oh, don't be fooled. There's still that. Now, technology is also threatening to have our jobs (yes, all of our jobs) become obsolete through automation. There are two divergent trains of thought on the topic of automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. Both point to a very different world than the one we're presently in. algorithm.
    [Blog] True or False? Revisiting Our 2016 Social Media Predictions
    Make sure to check out our blog for our 2017 predictions and see. 2016 proved to be an exciting year in social media. From Snapchat to Facebook Live and everything in-between, social media continues to evolve and adapt to our changing lifestyle. At the end of 2015 , we made a list of predictions that we thought would happen in 2016. Now it’s time to look back at some of those predictions and see if our magic 8 ball was telling the truth or not. Snapchat Will Die a Quick Death. We certainly didn’t. In fact, we had it slated to die in popularity due to an overdose of brands joining.
    [Blog] 3 Simple Tactics for Using Twitter as a Traction Channel
    ” Do I have blog content or something valuable to promote? The second best thing to do is send them to the best, most relevant blog post you’ve ever written in your life. only send this blog post (called “Startup Advice”) to people that have “#Startup” in their bio. Remember when I said I only send my blog post to people with “#Startup” in their bio? This includes adding your past blog posts into their own category—it is, after all, okay to promote your own great content on your own social profile. If no, then create that before beginning. Step 2.
    [Blog] 44% Off the Best Thing We Created in 2016
    Make a list and take the first step that will have the most impact for your blog or business. It has been great to see some of our attendees share their successes with us since the event: We also had some great feedback from our event survey: Great speakers, actionable advice, motivation and inspiration to finally turn my hobby blog into a business and realise that actually, I CAN do it. Loved meeting other people passionate about blogging; but the highlight this year would have to be all the practical tools, tips and strategies I gained. What do you get? Very authentic.
    [Blog] Fake News On Facebook And Happiness Without Social Media - The Week's CTRL ALT Delete Segment On CHOM 97.7 FM
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It's not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly on iHeart Radio , if you're interested in hearing more of me blathering away. morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel.
    [Blog] Should You Move Your Blogging Site To HTTPS?
    You’ve no doubt seen the subject of HTTPS in the media recently – the importance of applying it to your blogging website in order to preserve your Google rankings has been widely reported. For some smaller blog owners it won’t make a lot of difference in the short term, but if you’re involved in eCommerce or the exchange of information , the HTTPS conversation is one you’re very much going to want to be involved in. How Does This Affect Your Blog? What Jim doesn’t know about SEO and blogging isn’t worth knowing. Video. CSS and JS files.
    [Blog] Fifth Harmony Tops Twitter Buzz During 2016 American Music Awards
    Twitter said in a blog post  that the five most-discussed moments during Sunday night’s broadcast were: Fifth Harmony performance. The performance by Fifth Harmony  was the most-discussed moment on Twitter during the 2016 American Music Awards  Sunday night. Twenty One Pilots  performance. Purple Rain by Prince  wins favorite soundtrack. Zayn Malik  wins new artist of the year. Drake  wins favorite rap/hip-hop album. And the five most-tweeted-about artists were: Zayn Malik. Niall Horan. Fifth Harmony. Selena Gomez. Shawn Mendes. We did it guys ! AMAs pic.twitter.com/6kszVmnbZw.
    [Blog] 5 Psychological Tips for Selling on Facebook
    Even if your blog post has one headline, it’s still possible to post the link multiple times with various headline tweaks. We as consumers like to think that we’re above marketing tricks. We’re savvier than when we were shopping 10 years ago. We use tools like price-comparison apps and budget-prompted push notifications to help us shop better. Use consumer psychology to your business’ advantage. This doesn’t mean you use evil tactics to deceive your customers. Consumer psychology is all about knowing your customer’s buying habits. It’s useful for automatic processes (e.g.
    [Blog] Where Social Media Is Headed in 2017: The Biggest Trends to Watch For
    It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds and it definitely feels like a topic we’ll dive into more on the Buffer Social blog over the coming months. What does the future look like for social media? That’s a question we regularly discuss here at Buffer and one we’re not quite sure anyone has a concrete answer to. However, there are some clues out there as to what the future in 2017, and beyond, may look like. As part of our State of Social Media week, it feels like a great time to sit back and reflect on the social media landscape and what may be ahead.
    [Blog] PB168: 7 Steps to Editing Your Blog Posts
    Edit Your Blog Posts With Seven Simple Steps. A lot is taught about the importance of writing great blog posts, but it is in the editing of your writing that your post can really be made to shine. If left unedited, it can create a very different impression that can hurt people’s view of you and your blog. Further Resources on 7 Steps to Editing Your Blog Posts. Crucial Tips for Self-Editing Your Blog Posts (That Every Blogger Can Use). Crafting irresistible blog intros and openings. 10 Points to Pause as you create blog posts. Full Transcript.
    [Blog] PB168: 7 Steps to Editing Your Blog Posts
    Edit Your Blog Posts With Seven Simple Steps. A lot is taught about the importance of writing great blog posts, but it is in the editing of your writing that your post can really be made to shine. If left unedited, it can create a very different impression that can hurt people’s view of you and your blog. Further Resources on 7 Steps to Editing Your Blog Posts. Crucial Tips for Self-Editing Your Blog Posts (That Every Blogger Can Use). Crafting irresistible blog intros and openings. 10 Points to Pause as you create blog posts. Full Transcript.
    [Blog] Social Media ROI: How to Connect Social to Real Business Results – Neil Patel [SSM018]
    “When blogging first started, if you blogged you got good traffic… Now it’s changing to where the websites that have the best content get the best links and they tend to get the most traffic over time.” We’ve found that one of the biggest challenges  for social media marketers today is connecting social media to real business objectives and goals. From brand awareness right on down to customer conversions, social media has the potential to fit into many parts of the marketing and sales funnel. But where does social media fit best ? Google Play.
    [Blog] 7 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Social Media
    Data from Orbit Media says, “Blog posts vary in length from a few short paragraphs (Seth Godin style) to 40,000 words (Neil Patel style). The ideal length for a search optimized blog post is 1,500 words. ”. 4.  Be bold. It’s more important to be consistent and engaging on your social media than it is to spend too much time testing tools unless that’s the focus of your job or blog. Blog Posts Social Media Art of Social Media social media marketing social media tricksEveryone wants a shortcut to social media success but sadly there is no “easy button.”
    [Blog] Confessions Of A Recovering Advertising Professional With Alex Bogusky - This Week's Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast
    blogging. business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Episode #541 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. You can't turn down the chance to have a chat with legendary advertising professional, Alex Bogusky. Yes, he was on the cover of Fast Company magazine. Yes, he's been called the Steve Jobs of advertising. Alex joined famed ad agency, Crispin and Porter, in 1989. Under Alex's leadership, the agency became the most awarded advertising agency in the world.
    [Blog] 5 Mistakes to Avoid in B2B Social Media Marketing
    In many aspects, social media has changed the way we live. We go to a… Read More.
    [Blog] Facebook’s Atlas to Wind Down Ad-Serving Business, Focus on Measurement
    Head of client measurement Erik Johnson  provided more details on the plans for Atlas in a blog post : More than 300 of the world’s top advertisers have run measurement campaigns with Atlas in the past 18 months. Facebook announced Friday that its Atlas  advertising platform will phase out its ad-serving activities to focus on measurement. The social network acquired  the ad-serving business that was then known as Atlas Solutions from Microsoft in February 2013. As we expand our work with clients in measurement, we’ve decided to sharpen our focus with Atlas.
    [Blog] The Evolution of Facebook Remarketing
    Advertisers are able to show ads related to a blog post that was read, product that was viewed, search that was made and a whole lot more. By targeting people who visit specific web pages, you can reach those who read a certain blog post with a related opt-in. focus on all website visitors when promoting a new blog post. I’ll focus even more on the most active visitors when promoting an opt-in. But advertisers with low traffic numbers can instead promote a blog post or opt-in to those who engaged with their Facebook Page. website is still required. Blasphemous.
    [Blog] A Pre-Thanksgiving Gift: the Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course is Open
    Not that long ago, I profiled Dinean as part of the “Social PR Spotlight” series on my blog. Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you’re probably already up to your elbows in stuffing. But how are you preparing for your career past Turkey Day? Do you know where you’re going to be in 3 months? months? years? Now, none of us can know exactly where we’ll be in three months, let alone tomorrow. Because “life” happens. But what we can do is plan for it. Take Dinean Robinson , for example. But she didn’t let that stop her. Sign up here.
    [Blog] 4 Ways to Elevate Your Marketing with Great Content
    As marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to engage our audience. New channels, strategies,… Read More.
    [Blog] What About Bob? (RIP Bob Goyetche)
    The list of attendees is, literally, now a who's who of the biggest names in blogging, social media, podcasting and beyond. blogging. business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Do you like the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast ? If you do, you have to give a little credit for its existence to Bob Goyetche. kind, warm and loving human being, who sadly and suddenly passed away last Friday. . Let's go back in time. September 2006 (over ten years ago). Candidly, I felt like I was falling behind everyone else.
    [Blog] Social Media Content Cheat Sheet
    Here is an example of what I mean: Blog post:   Post Election Digital Skills Shortage. Blog image:  . Every blogger or brand has content that could and should be re-purposed for use on social media. However, this is not a one-size-fits-all activity. Each social platform has its own “language” if you will and you content will get the best results when you  create it in that native language, so that it shines on each platform or network. Here’s a quick Cheat Sheet on what to post and image dimensions. Facebook Post. Twitter. Get the idea? Yes, it is more work.
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