[Blog] How to Create Unique Content to Build Your Blog’s Authority
    For example, let’s say you’re running a lifestyle blog and you’ve exhausted all topics about getting inspired, finding a purpose in life, achieving goals, and all other themes that are usual for these types of blogs. Here are few examples: How Blogging Can Help You Plan and Achieve Life Goals. Or, you can relate your niche with the concept of blogging, so you’ll give tips to other bloggers. In this case, the topic could be something like Unusual Methods for Planning Blog Posts. Does that mean you should give up on blogging? Of course not! General
    [Blog] Jokes Aside: The Very Serious Business of Adding Humor to Your Marketing Mix
    With the dizzying array of marketing collateral currently being distributed and managed by marketing departments (e-mail campaigns, direct mail pieces, social media content, blog postings, etc.), the opportunities to employ humor are practically endless. Guest Post by  Scott Kaminski. As a general rule, everyone thinks they have a great sense of humor. And, after carefully reviewing the laws of probability, there’s no way that could even be remotely possible. Does using humor fit with your brand and brand voice? Is your type or brand of humor universal? What about B2B? Again, it depends.
  • FEVER BEE  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 2016
    [Blog] If You Run A Small Business Today, Start A Facebook Group
    Skip Facebook pages, blogs, and every hosted community platform. You can create a blog and share the links in the group. Skip mailing lists and newsgroups too. Create a Facebook group about the topic and invite your customers to join. Or just invite your clients. Or maybe even just your work colleagues. For all but the very largest organisations, groups are a better choice than a fan page today. You get more reach and greater depth. You can send a message to every member. You benefit from the long-established habit of visiting Facebook. The results are far more impressive too.
    [Blog] 3 Blogger Monetisation Lessons from Facebook’s Branded Content Policy Update
    It’s the golden rule of blog monetisation – diversification of risk. For more articles and ProBlogger advice see: How I Lost 80% of my Blog Traffic Overnight and How You Can Stop It Happening to You. 11 Ways I Diversified Traffic Sources for My Blogs to Become Less Reliant Upon Google [With a Surprising Twist]. There are a number of blog posts flying around the internet that have tried to clarify this in more detail, including relating conversations with Facebook representatives. Blogging for Dollars Social MediaBreaking the rules. Emphasis is mine).
    [Blog] Did You Win the Hug Your Haters Photo Contest?
    We’ll randomly pick 5 reviewers who submit new reviews between May 1 and May 15, and winners will be featured in a blog post (and maybe video) right here at Convince & Convert. . It’s been 8 weeks since the launch of my newest book, Hug Your Haters. (if you haven’t grabbed a copy , I’d love your support). With this book, I’m trying to fundamentally change the way we think about customer service, from “necessary evil” to “the new marketing.” Thank you! My teenage kids picked the winner, and first place is a $250 Amazon gift card.
    [Blog] What Social Media Can Learn From Content Marketing
    It’s what sales is saying on the phone, what you’re saying in a video, what is in the eBook you just published, what is in this blog post, that Facebook post you just shared… everything is content. Strategy + Content = Successful Social. Is content overheated these days? Has it just become a buzz word? Or are we paying too much attention to it and driving it into the ground? How can we balance content with quality and quantity? To them, content is literally everything we do. In This Episode. Why good content doesn’t mean clicks, likes, or views. ” —@cnmoody.
    [Blog] The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools
    ” — Kissmetrics Blog. Showcase reviews: Kissmetrics Blog, StoreYa Blog. 2) Compete.com. Showcase reviews: RazorSocial (Social Media Tools), Kissmetrics Blog, PR Daily, Comms Axis. 3) BuzzSumo. Sample review: “Great content is key to great social media marketing, and Buzzsumo is just the tool for that…Buzzsumo searches through different types of content including infographics, blog articles, and videos, and shows you the popularity of each piece of content in each social media network. Showcase reviews: Kissmetrics Blog, Comms Axis.
    [Blog] Understanding Photography on Instagram
    Like blogging it can create a sense of expertise for inexperienced smartphone heroes. came to photography ten years ago through blogging and social media, the need for original images was critical. United Kingdom-based Digital Photographer Magazine interviewed me for their current edition ( Magazine Issue #173 ) on Instagram best practices for photographers. The article is titled “Market Yourself on Instagram”, but it is gated, unfortunately. However, I did keep a copy of my answers, which you can find below. GL: When it comes to photography, yes, for the most part.
    [Blog] How to Market Yourself as a PPC Expert?
    Start A BlogBlogs have become one of the best ways to generate strong leads in today’s world. Blogs help you connect with potential customers and also educate them on the importance of PPC marketing. The demand for Pay per Click marketers in at an all-time high as small and large businesses alike are spending billions of dollars on this marketing strategy. It is estimated that 87% spend on Search Engine Marketing goes into PPC and mere 11% into SEO with other strategies accounting for the rest. So if you thought SEO was bigger it is time to think again.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Blog] 5 Irrational Fears that Keep Bloggers from Being Successful
    This is a guest contribution from Brian Lang of  Small Business Ideas Blog. According to an article in the NY Times , 95% of blogs get abandoned within four months, and blogging has a higher failure rate than even restaurants. Yet, an estimated 172,000+ blogs are started every day. Succeeding with blogging can allow writers to grow their influence and be able to generate income doing what they love. I’ve found that success in business, blogging and in life comes from having the right mindset. What if we spend a lot of time on our blog, but it fails?
    [Blog] Monday Roundup: Social PR Virtuosos
    Why: “Many high-level executives are focused on what’s going on in their company, so much so that they aren’t reading the relevant publications or influential blogs that they want coverage in,” writes Corina Manea as she introduces us to “questions you should ask your clients and notes that can help everyone get on the same page when it comes to expectations about media targets for their business.”. 4.  4 PR lessons from the world’s top-paid artists . What does it take to be a “Social PR Virtuoso”? Customer Experience Driven By Social Media Intelligence.
  • SOCIALFISH  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Blog] 8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling
    Plus you now have quotes for easy use in social shares, blogs and newsletters. Amy DeLouise is a video director-producer who specializes in telling real people stories that help nonprofits and companies tell their brand story. Her new book is The Producer’s Playbook: Real People on Camera (Focal Press). 1 – Tell a Story. Even if you are telling a nonfiction or “real world” story, you still the essential story arc elements to keep your viewer engagement. Start with a hook that hints at the main climax or challenge, proceed to a brief introduction of the topic and characters.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016
    [Blog] 6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Blog
    It was a little over two years ago when I first went online and bought my blog’s domain name. probably read the entirety of the ProBlogger website in that time, as well as other web development blogs, cramming in as much knowledge as I could. My preparation was successful, launching my blog from the word go with 600 unique visitors per day (and sustaining those numbers). In this article I’m going to look at some of the things that I have learnt since, and tell you how they can help you grow your blog. Use Autoresponders to Continually Drive Traffic to Your Blog  .
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016
    [Blog] Understanding The Blockchain With Alex and Don Tapscott
    blogging. business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Episode #512 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. The technology behind Bitcoin is something called Blockchain. Many think of it as a complex new way that technology works and connects information and value to consumers. Legendary digital thinker, Don Tapscott , believes it's going to change our world - much in the same way that he predicted (back in 1994) that we would have a digital economy. audio.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016
    [Blog] A More Elegant Question About Twitter
    Much easier than blogging and much easier (at the time of their initial growth) than posting a photo (let alone video). blogging. business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. What should Twitter do? Do you have an opinion? Do you know what they have done in the past year? It has been a year of change for the platform that allows people to share 140 characters with one another. Still, after their quarterly earnings call this week , we see a very different Twitter than one we have known to date. Video.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016
    [Blog] 6 Business Books That Are Coming (That You Better Get)
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. There is a whole new batch of business books that are coming out in the next few months. My book reading pace has slowed. Dramatically. Not because of Netflix (but, let's be honest, have you seen the latest seasons of Daredevil and House of Lies ?), but because there really wasn't all that much that was moving me in the non-fiction book space. It has been some time. With that, I often get asked to interview authors for Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast. Right?
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016
    [Blog] Humans First. Technology Second.
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. It seems simple enough. Let's put each other first, before the technology. What is simple is not often what we - as humans - do. Think about it this way: what is the first thing that you touch right after you wake up? What is the last thing that you touch right before bed at night? If you are living with someone, is it your smartphone or your (smart) partner? The data doesn't lie. It's the tech, silly. Call it a sad state of affairs. reality. Kids toys now have iPad holders.
    [Blog] Your Employee is the Voice of your BRAND #Business #Marketing #Branding
    Finally, over at the We First blog, Simon Mainwaring (@ SimonMainwaring ) focuses on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent efforts to make his brand synonymous with environmental responsibility. Our first video in support of our Amazon best-selling book, The Social Employee,  affectionately titled “Think of Your Brand as a Planet,” approaches a key maxim of our book: The social employee is the voice of the brand. Because of this, it is every brand’s responsibility to empower their workforce by establishing a strong internal culture focused on the brand’s mission, vision, and values.
    [Blog] How #Business Leaders Can Avoid Being Uberized #Marketing #IBMAmplify
    Originally posted on IBM Social Business Spotlight Blog  – April 25, 2016 Written by: Cheryl K Burgess. You Have the Tools, But Do You Have the Talent? Thoughts from the @IBM #OutThink Tour 2016. Recently, I was invited to attend the “IBM OutThink Tour 2016 ” event in New York City as an IBM VIP Influencer. Hosted at the New-York Historical Society Museum & Library, this event was focused on the changing role of technology and talent in the modern business. The focus of this presentation was on a recently released IBM report, “ Redefining Talent.” commercials).
    [Blog] Lawyers, Are Your Competitors Spying On You?
    Do you suspect your competitors are following you on social media, or subscribing to your newsletter or blog, or looking at your contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook so that they can watch what you’re doing? We subscribe to their blogs, sometimes even with an anonymous name, sometimes not. As an early and constant adopter of social and digital technology, she also helps firms with blogging, podcasts, video marketing and livestreaming. I was just listening to Pat Flynn record an episode of his podcast, Let’s Ask Pat. First, let’s back up a minute.
    [Blog] Why B2B Marketers Need to Educate Buyers With Content
    There are many factors that make up a marketing qualified lead, both explicit (like company, job title, and the need to solve a problem) and implicit ones (visits to your website, blog, and downloadable content). If you are reading this blog, it is because you understand content marketing is important, and you want to improve your results. These content pieces will not appear on our blog. If it’s Friday, it must be my day to create some content. But to what end? Those big download numbers you’ve been getting don’t count for much. That’s where lead nurturing comes in.
    [Blog] How to Use Data to Tell a Stronger Story
    Yet we’ve all seen infographics, slides, and blog posts so cluttered with a hodgepodge of complex charts and figures, they actually depreciate the effectiveness of the content and the message.  Stats, facts, and figures—we all love data, and it certainly helps make content all the more powerful. Data, when used properly, makes an argument more compelling, underscores a position, and adds relevancy and authenticity to a story. How do you balance data, design, and messaging to tell a stronger story? Think Like a Journalist. Journalists live by the long held “Five Ws and One H” rule.
    [Blog] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    Secrets of Selling to a Small Blog Audience | Be a Better Blogger. think these are pretty solid ideas to help you make the most of what you do have – and I loved her take on small blogs and advertising. How to Make Money When Your Blog is Brand New | Blog Tyrant. Ahhhh a bugbear of mine. I get pitches alllllll the time both here and at my personal blog, and 99% of the time they’re awful. The post Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately? These have been an excellent start! How Facebook Decides Who Sees Your Updates | Edgar.
    [Blog] Four tools to revamp your marketing efficiency on Twitter
    Additionally, you can integrate RSS feeds from your favourite blogs and sites into your DrmUp accounts essentially putting all content valuable to you in one place! It’s fast-paced, lets you connect with more than just your followers and needs no more than 140 well-placed characters to help you make your mark. Twitter is possibly the most powerful marketing platform out there, specifically for brands targeting global audiences. As social media managers, who probably have multiple accounts to handle, the entire cycle of strategy-creation-execution can become tedious. Be useful.
    [Blog] Tips on Building and Maintaining a Great Relationship with Readers
    When it comes to blogging, nothing is more important than your readership – if you’re publishing the best content in the world with no-one to read it, you quickly get into a Zen-style conundrum. Building an honest, beneficial relationship with your readers is therefore one of the most important things you can do as a writer, and something that other blog writers often completely fail to do. What do they want from your blog? Your readers are the whole reason your blog exists, so get to know them! General Miscellaneous Blog TipsWhat do they need? Hours Only.
    [Blog] Lawyers, Can We Please Talk About Auto Direct and Private Messages?
    Let’s Move Forward, Not Backward If you’d like to take this a step further, then I share these steps, which were originally found in this blog post I wrote a few years ago, titled Marketing Revolution or Evolution : It’s time to ramp up our awareness of our clients’ and prospects’ needs when we engage in communication. As an early adopter of digital technology, she also helps firms with blogging, podcasts and video marketing. Keep those hands up if you instantly formed a negative opinion of that person in your mind. Alright, you can put them down now.
    [Blog] Best Responsive Web Design To Boost Your Online Business
    Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 25 Content Marketing Resources. Blogging responsive wordpress themes wordpress responsive themesBest responsive web design (BRWD) involves a collection of sophisticated techniques, which allows your website to adapt to any screen size by rendering the content in an easily readable and navigable form. Today, if your website is not responsive, your SEO efforts are being affected adversely. With Google taking mobile-friendliness to another level, you cannot think of a successful SEO strategy without best responsive web design. Mobile Behavior.
    [Blog] How Influencers and Snapchat Dominated #SMMW16 Discussion
    Before the event even kicked off, Lee Odden ‘s Top Rank Marketing Blog released a list of the Top 50 Social Media Marketing Influencers Speaking at #SMMW16. Therefore, we can suspect that many attendees were using the list to identify people of interest at #SMMW16, causing the original blog post to rapidly spread. As seen below, the emoji was used 109 times over the course of three days: Top Rank Marketing Blog. As illustrated above, the list of top influencers , as well as 7 Tips for Marketers to get Started with Snapchat  both originated on the Top Rank blog.
    [Blog] Blog at the Beach with IceLolly.com
    Last weekend was Blog at the Beach with IceLolly.com which was much fun. haven’t been to a blog conference before, so was looking forward to my first. The post Blog at the Beach with IceLolly.com appeared first on Digital Diva. It was a Mexican themed bash with lots of other Leeds bloggers…and Yorkshire bloggers… and actually travel bloggers from all over the UK. The usual crowd of us from Leeds were there and you’ll get to have a good giggle at us in this short 4min vlog… (inc. Ally // Digital Diva (@AllyDigitalDiva) 24 April 2016.
    [Blog] Case Study: How One Trick Can Help You Gain 200+ Links from Badass Sites
    How can you build more links to it from A-list blogs with fewer efforts? This case study reveals the details of working with such websites and shares the secrets of distributing their content, gaining links from top blogs, such as HuffPost, Inc., So, how it works when you decide to get links from… Websites and blogs. Instead, we tried to intrigue blog hosts with facts and research to make them click the link and take a look at the content: So, if you have strict time frames or just want to shorten your outreach time, try the same technique. Let me explain.
    [Blog] Get with it! 6 Quick Social Media Tips
    Quick Social Media Tips appeared first on Harp Interactive Blog. Tweet this. Like that. Snap what? Eager to tackle the marketing beast we call social media but not quite sure how to hit it? Here are 6 of our best social media tips you can get. The post Get with it! Social Media Marketing social media social media tips
    [Blog] Using Social Listening to Reveal Actionable Insights
    This post originally appeared on the   Crosby Marketing Blog and was written by Social Media and Content Director, Lindsey Goebel. Follow her on Twitter: @LindseyGoebel. News about advances in 3D printing technologies, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s stance on LGBT issues, and contagious cancers are seemingly incompatible stories. But a closer look reveals these issues are in fact related, part of a larger conversation about the topic of organ donation. How social listening connects the hearts of organ donors.
    [Blog] 5 “Research-Backed” Ways to Earn More Social Traction for Your Blog
    Whether you’re a professional blogger or just getting started, gaining social traction for your posts is one of the most crucial tactics for getting your blog noticed and read. We found there are five main components to consider for your blog analysis: Publishers + High-Profile Bloggers. Reach out to publishers or other blogs that earn the most traction for their content. Guest blogging or blogger outreach can increase your blog’s exposure. Do the shares they’ve earned include keywords related to your blog’s vertical? Blog Promotion General
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Blog] 10 Keys to the Kingdom of Content Marketing
    One way you can help yourself is to create content in advance for publishing on your blog or on social media platforms and then stack it up with an automated publishing tool. When you link to other posts on your blog, you look like you have expertise on more than just the topic at hand. Think about starting your blog posts with a story. Read their blogs; access their social media pages and accounts. What questions are their customers asking that you can address in your next blog post? And what will make a visitor decide to take a closer look at your blog post?
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Blog] Can Executive Thought Leadership Be Outsourced?
    Communication Content ghost blogging ghost writer medium outsourced writing pulse SmartBrief speech writers talkwalker alertsExecutive thought leadership is tactic that is bandied about like it's easy to do. When, in fact, it takes a ton of time from the executive to be successful. Here are some ways to get it done with minimal involvement from the busiest professionals. The post Can Executive Thought Leadership Be Outsourced? appeared first on Spin Sucks. Comments Pretty darned surprised to learn you have a ghost writer. What Did the Comedian Say to the Marketer?
    [Blog] What “Industry Presence” is — and Why It Matters to Online Visibility
    Key influencer sites (usually blogs; these are also part of Social Presence). technology partners, service partners, suppliers, channel partners) websites and blogs. This post originally appeared on WPOinc. The web presence optimization (WPO)  framework  includes tracking and measuring online marketing metrics for five key channels or disciplines: Press (PR), Social, Website (SEO), Paid, and Industry. The first four categories are fairly self-explanatory, but what does “Industry Presence” consist of? being active in trade or industry organizations and associations.
    [Blog] Early Bird Tickets for the 2016 ProBlogger Event Available Tomorrow for 11.5 Hours Only
    As a result this year we’ve structured our sessions in 4 ‘tracks’ Fundamentals (for those at the beginning of their blogging journey). Related Stories Having a Personal Blog: Is it Worth It? How to Squeeze the Most out of Your Facebook Posts Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately? Tomorrow tickets go on sale for our 7th annual ProBlogger Training Event on the Gold Coast here in Australia, and if you’re quick you’ll save $200 AUD on the full price with our early bird ticket. Years of ProBlogger Events. Our Biggest Event Yet.
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016
    [Blog] Content Strategy: Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2016
    Awareness Blogging Community content marketing Marketing Podcast Small Business Social Business Social Media Success Trends Content Strategy Mark Schaefer Melonie Dodaro Michael Stelzner Peg Fitzpatrick social media Social Media Marketing World 2016 Stephanie Sammons Viveka von RosenContent Strategy is Episode 70 of  This Old New Business  weekly  business podcast with Jeff Korhan. Frank Kenny has twice been a guest on the show. This week he graciously interviews me to discover and share the top takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2016 hosted in San Diego, CA last week.
    [Blog] Having a Personal Blog: Is it Worth It?
    When people first start blogging, particularly with an eye to monetise, they often focus on a niche or specific topic, and spend their time providing value and being “useful” to their audience. But recently listener Dorothy asked my opinion about personal blogs, and it’s a question I’m frequently asked: “I’d love you to talk about the “usefulness” or “value” of personal blogging. There has been a bit of a discussion about this lately on a few blogs.”. The Benefits of Having a Personal Blog.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2016
    [Blog] The Truth In Digital Advertising
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Don't believe every headline that you read. There has been a long-standing statement that,  "people hate advertising."  For years, I (and many others in this industry) have said that this is not true. In actuality, "people hate bad advertising." Nobody likes to be annoyed and interrupted. Everybody loves to be entertained and informed. There are nuances. When it comes to key topics that advertisers debate, 2016 has been the year of ad blocking. ad blocking. ad format. agency.
    [Blog] How to Squeeze the Most out of Your Facebook Posts
    This is why it could be the most powerful tool on the web for driving traffic to your blog. They are excellent means for directing traffic to a post (blog post, Tweet, Instagram post – you name it), honing in on a very specific audience. On However, following even just a few of them will ensure you are boosting the unprecedented potential that Facebook has as a crucial way to drive traffic to your blog. Related Stories Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately? This is a guest contribution from Nick Stillman. Your content will thank you for it.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2016
    [Blog] The Power Of Dealstorming
    blogging. business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Episode #511 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Tim Sanders spends his career on the cutting edge. He was an early stage member of Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner 's broadcast.com , which had the largest opening day IPO in history. By 2001, he rose to the position of Chief Solutions Officer and later, the company's Leadership Coach. Enjoy the conversation. audio. brand. broadcast. business book. david usher.
    [Blog] TED's Secret To Great Public Speaking
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Give your speech, change the world. That is the name of a great book on how to give presentations that matter by Dr. Nick Morgan (you can hear Nick and I discuss his thinking in an older episode of Six Pixels of Separation right here:  SPOS #292 - Great Presentations With Nick Morgan ). Being able to craft a fascinating story and deliver it is one of the most powerful skills anyone in business can (and should) possess. For many, the lighthouse of great presentations is TED.
    [Blog] The Big Buzz At Social Media Marketing World
    Blogs? blogging. business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. There's only one thing left for those in social media marketing to talk about. It was a busy two days in San Diego, as  Social Media Examiner 's Social Media Marketing World came to a close tonight. Podcasting? Twitter ? YouTube ? Facebook ? Sure, there were lots of sessions talking about and dissecting the platforms and types of content that work in social media these days. That's how it felt. That's how it was presented. Non-stop. and can be.
    [Blog] ByTerry makeover at Space NK in VQ Leeds
    went to a great blogger event at VQ Leeds where we visited Vivienne Westwood (you can read about that and how that brand is changing here) , ate food at brand new Polpo in Harvey Nichols (blog post coming soon)… and the lovely ByTerry expert at Space NK added her magic touch to our faces. I was there with fellow bloggers Remie , Sarah and Nicol. A few weeks ago I had a ByTerry makeover at Space NK in VQ Leeds that changed my life! OK, that sounds quite dramatic, but it did sort out an issue I’d been having with my make-up which made me pretty damn happy. needed to try it.
    [Blog] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    How to Start Creating Facebook Instant Articles For Your Blog: Facebook and WordPress Team Up | Buffer. The post Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately? Related Stories Seven Steps to Combat Blog Content Thieves How to Create a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan for Your WordPress Blog 5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Sucks. General Pro Blogging NewsThis Entrepreneur’s Secrets to Being Productive From Anywhere in the World | Inc. It’s a bigger job than we probably think (I’m guessing a team is pretty useful) but still doable.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2016
    [Blog] A Blog is Exactly What We Wish It to Be
    When I first started blogging “seriously”, it was a continuation of a public relations blog that I had, back in my early solo consultancy days. Looking back, I probably listened to and read too many kumbaya social media blog posts and bought into the mantra. Once that realization kicked in, the tone of my blog changed quite a bit and I was determined to make my little part of the web one that’s always evolving, and letting its vision, voice, whatever you want to call it, be shaped by the readers and commenters as much as it was by me. Blog is Just a Blog.
    [Blog] #measurePR Recap (April 2016): Influencer Marketing
    They included: Gini Dietrich , CEO of Arment Dietrich and queen creator of the popular Spin Sucks blog community; Founder of the influencer marketing platform Traackr (my client), Pierre-Loic Assayag  (my friend!); The April edition of #measurePR brought together a group of pretty heavy-hitting influencers in our space to chat about – what else? – influencer marketing best practices, relationship-building, and measuring your efforts. Jason Falls , SVP of Elasticity, a disruptive integrated marketing agency; and. Here’s some of what we talked about. measurepr. measurepr.
    [Blog] Lawyers & Legal Marketers: Kick It Up A Notch in 2016 – An #LMA16 Infographic
    As an early adopter of digital technology, she also helps firms with blogging, podcasts and video marketing. [Infographic from #LMA16 below] Jonathan Fitzgarrald , Managing Partner of Equinox Strategy Partners, gave a stellar presentation at the recent  Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference   that was full of advice for how to prove your worth where your clients are concerned. He stressed it is a constant job, and it is our responsibility to let our clients, both internal and external, know and understand the value we bring to the relationship. All rights reserved.
    [Blog] 8 Tips for Effectively Outsourcing Your Content
    Your blog posts don’t need to be literary masterpieces—they just need to provide insane amounts of value to your audience (the people who keep your business afloat with their money). You can offer writers $10 to write a blog post, and you’re likely to get many responses, but as the saying goes, “If you pay peanuts, then you get monkeys.” highlight to tweet) It’s far better to have two good blog posts a month than two underwhelming posts per week. 5. One aspect of a business that is particularly well-suited for outsourcing to remote workers is content marketing.
    [Blog] Stop! Check These Seven Things Before Hitting Publish
    have been blogging. by Paula Kiger Related Stories Six Online Tools for Blog Post Inspiration Spin Sucks is Making the Switch to Postmatic A PR Pro’s Guide to Facebook News and New Features. Blog Social Media Andrew Stevens blogging tips cut out excessive sentences EduGeeksClub how to be a successful blogger kissmetrics rework your title Sherice Jacob the importance of the editing process use a call to action use tagsYou wrote an awesome post and you’re about to get it published. Here are seven things you should check before hitting the publish button.
    [Blog] Turning Your Blog into a Lead Magnet – 5 No-Fail Tactics
    Every blog post you write should be adding to your email list. The basic idea is this: Write a great blog, give it a compelling title, but don’t give away “the whole farm.” Neil Patel is a well-known expert on content marketing, and he is pretty famous for his long posts, on his blog QuickSprout – some of them may go on for as much as 4,000 words. Your blog is obviously related to all things of the yard. You're reading Turning Your Blog into a Lead Magnet – 5 No-Fail Tactics , originally posted on Kikolani , authored and copyrighted by John Unger.
    [Blog] Seven Steps to Combat Blog Content Thieves
    It can happen to the best of us, usually a surprise, and often undetected – people online publishing your blog content like it was their own. He asks: “I just discovered another blog is republishing my content in full on their site. If it is another person taking your content and posting without permission, it is a good idea to reach out to them and ask for the content to be credited to you with a link to your blog, or removed completely. include links to other posts in my blog. include a link back to my blog in the footer of my RSS feed.
    [Blog] How to Thrive in the Era of Interactive Content
    SnapApp  on Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , and Content Blog. Transforming the Content Platform. With 15 years of experience technology marketing, Aaron brings a keen eye for how to successfully market to marketers through engaging and interactive content.  He has become a skilled advocate for interactive content and its growing importance in the field, with the goal of getting more people into the funnel through engaging and rich experiences. Many marketers struggle with the definition and application of “interactive content” for their customer base. In This Episode.
    [Blog] How are you sharpening your saw?
    Between all the blogs, free content, online courses, and other sites – you can fall into a rabbit hole that you’d never escape. Are you consciously sharpening your saw every day? Maybe it’s just because I’m living through it, but I truly believe that there’s never been an era that has experienced the rate of change that we’re enjoying/enduring now.  It presents us with some remarkable opportunities to explore new tactics and tools but it also presents us with what sometimes feels like an insurmountable challenge of trying to keep current. Still too daunting? Seek them out.
    [Blog] How to Create a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan for Your WordPress Blog
    backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan lays out your strategy for dealing with any problem that could compromise your blog’s data, security information, and/or uptime. Any WordPress user knows that this site building and blogging platform has a number of quirks. Any good backup software will include audit logs – which you can use to track everything that’s happening in the background of your blog’s operation. Graphics, blog posts, eBooks, and articles are your intellectual property, and they define your brand. This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. General
    [Blog] The 4 Secrets of Influencer Engagement
    This does not mean re-tweeting them once and then emailing them asking for a 1000 word blog post the next day. Pro Tip: Let the influencer know you value their opinions by featuring their insights in a blog post or relaying their feedback back to the product team. 4. Guest Post by  Jordan Feise. [Ed: Jordan works for Traackr, an SBC client; we developed the Academy of Influencer Marketing together. Her Her guest-posting on WUL has no ties to AIM or any form of compensation; I asked her to submit a GP because she’s killer smaht.]. How should you approach the influencer?
    [Blog] Resources for Small Staff Associations
    BLOGS/ARTICLES/PODCASTS/ETC. Socialfish –a great blog about nonprofit social media and digital stuff. This post originally appeared on Mizz Information. ————-. This is a list of free or cheap web, social media, marketing and design resources that I presented in my session, 20 Tools to Help You MacGyver Your Small Association’s Communications, at YourMembership Xperience 2016. Prefer a pdf version you can print? Here it is. WEB/ANALYTICS. Mockingbird : wireframing tool for mocking up webpages or your whole site architecture. Note: doesn’t work in Chrome).
  • FEVER BEE  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 2016
    [Blog] Discussion Topics Should Be Specific
    Consider adding it in your next newsletter or blog post. Take a typical discussion topic in our community. “ How do I get more traffic?”. This is a really broad question. It’s hard to answer questions like these. They’re just too broad. Instead we want to be much more specific in our questions. “ I’ve just launched my community, how do I get my first 100 members?”. What are cost-effective ways to get traffic from Google?”. “My traffic is declining, can someone diagnose why?”. It’s easier to recall examples of each of these. It’s easier to think of people that might know the answer.
    [Blog] Malton: Tasty artisan food and the home of slow travel
    Rather than my usual blog post format, I thought I’d do a vlog for this one. A few Yorkshire bloggers and I visited Malton recently to check out the artisan food producers, the brewery and have a go at cooking some tasty dishes from around Europe…with a Yorkshire twist. Partly to do with me forgetting to put my memory card into my camera…and partly because I’m trying to do more video! It was lots of fun, my partner for the crime was  Dei  and we didn’t burn Malton Cookery School down…so that’s good! Foodie heaven!
    [Blog] 5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Sucks
    Plus, it gets away from the ‘writing for 5 year olds’ professional philosophy marketers are taught to use on most blog posts. Related Stories How to Use Affiliate Programs to Boost Your Income Stream How to Use Your Inner Contrarian to Generate Endless Content Ideas 11 Steps to Growth Hack Your Way to Blogging Success. Blog Promotion GeneralThis is a guest contribution from Andy Nathan. I’m sure you want me to rag on you and tell you exactly what you did wrong, right? After all, you just spent your day working yourself to the bone to get ahead. Too professional. It works!
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 2016
    [Blog] The Ultimate Toolkit for the Professional Content Marketer
    Also, check out the social media pages and accounts of your competitors and access their blogs – see what conversations are going on – use those to come up with topic ideas. So if you are writing a humorous blog post or are posting something inspiring on Facebook, then you will find these types of titles, along with those suitable for a professional audience. This is great when you want to deliver serious content, either on your blog, your website, or LinkedIn. You can add a link to your site or blog. Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 25 Content Marketing Resources.
    [Blog] The Shocking ROI of Influencer Marketing
    The ROI of the blog posts alone (not including social promotion) is 11X the ROI of banner ads , after 12 months. Four trends are converging to make influencer marketing an increasingly important part of any B2C or B2B marketing program: There is a glut of content being created, and breaking through the noise is more difficult than ever. The precipitous decline of organic reach on Facebook (and now Instagram) makes social media promotion of content a trickier proposition. Ad blockers make amplification of content through display ads (even hyper-specific remarketing) less appealing.
    [Blog] Why Content Marketing Can Work for You
    Then they committed to answering every single question in blog format consistently on their website. That single blog post has received well over 2 million views. Guest post by Amanda Subler, Public Relations & Media Manager for Content Marketing Institute (CMI). Last year I traveled the U.S and Europe producing a documentary about content marketing for my company Content Marketing Institute. We visited Moline, Illinois the home of John Deere. We traveled to Washington D.C., to visit Marriott’s Global Headquarters. Ever heard of Will it Blend? How did they do it? Heck yeah.
    [Blog] Coverage From #LMA16, The 2016 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference
    Notes are being reviewed, lessons are being considered, speakers’ words are continuing to inspire, and legal marketers are beginning to discuss implementation, improvement and change within their firms. I am in the midst of writing and collecting blog posts, videos, audio and other content from the conference to make it easier to review in one space. As an early adopter of digital technology, she also helps firms with blogging, podcasts and video marketing. We came. We We learned. We We networked. We We had a huge family reunion. The coverage was swift.
    [Blog] How to Defend Your Name and Protect Your Reputation Online
    You can better build out a positive presence through such behaviors as like making comments on professionally-focused blog posts, writing reviews on books concerning subjects you know and actively participating in professional online forums. Beginning an active blog and posting on it regularly is another powerful tool that you can add to your growing arsenal of reputation defense weapons. Defending and protecting your reputation online is more difficult to achieve than ever before. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Improve Your Presentation.
    [Blog] How to Use Affiliate Programs to Boost Your Income Stream
    have heard to say that your affiliate promotions work best when you email your list but I am wondering if I should email that affiliate link or send them to my own blog where I review the product. “I’d love your guidance – how do you promote an affiliate product?”. Things like linking directly to the sales page of the product you are promoting (rather than a page describing the product), sending the reader to your own blog (win-win there!) One of the things I wanted to talk to you about was how to do affiliate sales right. What Affiliate Links to Use in Your Emails.
    [Blog] Influencer Marketing: The Simple 3 Step Process for Finding the Perfect Influencer
    The following blog will show you how to use social media analytics to quickly find hidden influencers who are ready and waiting to help you drive sales and brand awareness, using Talkwalker’s newly revamped influencer marketing functions. 1. What do you trust more? branded marketing message or a word of mouth recommendation? Most will agree that the latter is more powerful. This in essence is the reason why influencer marketing and finding the right influencer is so important for companies in the age of social media. Relevance – Finding the Most Relevant Influencers. In which region?
    [Blog] Monday Roundup: Building Influencer Relationships
    Why: “Creating content that causes followers to take action or change their minds, requires more than a simple ability to write interesting blog posts and social media updates,” writes Norman Arvidsson as he offers tips “to create online postings that increase the influence you have in your space.” In today’s marketing environment, word of mouth is worth its weight in gold. And building influencer relationships is one of the best ways to spread the word about your business or campaign. Here are some ideas. 1. ” 2.  ” 3.  ” 4. ” 7. 
    [Blog] New Features For Facebook Live
    Blog Featured facebook live innovationThe innovation machine at Facebook barely gets a chance to cool down before the next big thing comes along. Facebook live is still in its infancy but already there are some crazy new features. Check out my Facebook Live stream about the new features on Facebook Live.
    [Blog] A Missed Opportunity to Transcend Hierarchy
    This post  originally appeared on the Higher Logic blog , where I’m posting an  ongoing series  related to Millennials and online community.   And don’t forget that Higher Logic clients can have access to our  Essentials of Online Community Management  program at a special discount. Contact me for details! ———– Every organization has a hierarchy, both on the staff side and on the member/volunteer side. But as the Millennials become a larger and larger segment of our membership, we should prepare ourselves for some shifts in how our hierarchies work.
    [Blog] Ten Years Gone
    Ten years of blogging? This week marks my tenth full year of blogging. In the 2008-9 range, blogging was majestic, an exhilarating experience that brought attention, notoriety and opportunity. Feeding the beast to stay relevant forced me into a daily blogging discipline. stopped giving a damn what other people thought of my blog. The Joy of Blogging Returns. still blogged once a week for a couple of years just to maintain presence, but when this year began I gave myself a gift. So I decided to stop, and let myself off the blogging hook.
    [Blog] How to Use Your Inner Contrarian to Generate Endless Content Ideas
    Whether your blog falls within a niche with apparently endless opportunities or a dreaded “boring” one, the one thing that all bloggers (and writers in general) come up against at some point or another is writer’s block. In general, it’s advisable to steer clear of blogging too frequently on topics that have, you know, caused wars; religion and politics are two topics to avoid. Contrarianism is a primal psychological trait and, if left unchecked, can give your blogging an irrational, ranty style. 4. This is a guest contribution from   Matt Clough. Stop right there. Genera
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 2016
    [Blog] Debating Algorithms, Facebook Live Video, Bots And More
    long-time friend (and one of the main inspirations behind the Six Pixels of Separation blog and podcast), we've decided to hold semi-regular conversations, debates and back-and-forths that will dive a little deeper into the digital marketing and advertising landscape. blogging. business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Episode #510 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. and his latest business venture is, Evol8tion. Enjoy the conversation. audio.
    [Blog] A More Elegant Question About Facebook
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Facebook wants to connect everybody. . That was the plan when Mark Zuckerberg moved the online social network out of his college dorm room, and into a business/something more substantive. Whether he knew what Facebook would become is questionable, at best (who could know that Facebook would have the profound effect that it has had on our society?). At the time, Facebook was not a better mousetrap or something original. History tells the story. Facebook is a dominant force.
    [Blog] Delegation Do’s and Don’ts
    Blog videoThe do’s and don’ts of delegation as well as why you want to delegate some tasks to other people and when not to delegate those tasks as well as how to evaluate whether you should or shouldn’t delegate. The post Delegation Do’s and Don’ts appeared first on Imagine Your Reality : Holistic Business Coaching.
    [Blog] Google Showing Multiple Domains in SERPS for Site: Command
    For example, if one site has a blog post on it and another site uses that blog post on its site and includes the canonical tag back to the original, then it’s possible that Google will show both domain names in the search results for a site: command. In the case of my site, there’s an old blog post here: Why Boosting Audience Retention With Video Will Do Wonders For Your Business. wrote that blog post back in 2013. Let me explain by giving you an example. The screen capture above shows more than one domain for a site:billhartzer.com search. byrAO2qP5o0.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2016
    [Blog] Incompatible Or Original?
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Everyone wants the answer to this one question: why and how do certain individuals come up with great ideas? It's hard not to admit that we're all (still) fascinated with how Steve Jobs accomplished everything that he did. Back in 2010, I published an article titled, Incompatible , that was focused on a Bloomberg TV documentary titled,  Bloomberg Game Changers: Steve Jobs. Incompatible. What a term. Do you have to be that different to get results? . bloomberg. brand. leader.
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2016
    [Blog] Small Business PR: How to Build Relationships with Journalists
    This should ideally include a multimedia content mix that includes a blog, podcast, video channels and republished guest articles that you have authored. This should ideally include a multimedia content mix that includes a blog, podcast, video channels and republished guest articles that you have authored. Blogging Community content marketing How-To Marketing Online Marketing Podcast Search Optimization Small Business Social Media Trends communication community Gini Dietrich Jeff Korhan journalists owned media PR Public Relations relationships SEO Small Business PR
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2016
    [Blog] Working At Mirum In Canada
    business blog. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. Mirum in Canada is hiring. It's been a year, as they say. We've had some major changes within our company over the past short while. Two years ago our agency, Twist Image (which started in 2000), was acquired by WPP (the world's largest marketing and communication holding company). Then, about a year ago, we announced that we would be changing our name to Mirum. We were not the only agency to do this. Over the years, WPP (through the J. Now, we're growing (again). Montreal.
    [Blog] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    Sometimes full time blogging can seem like the ultimate dream – you’re living the laptop lifestyle, writing from anywhere in the world on your own terms. The post Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately? Related Stories Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately? Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately. Blog NewsHello! Welcome to our brand spankin’ new site (how awesome is it!) for your Saturday roundup. hope you love it as much as we do :). “How Much Should That Cost?” ” | Jory MacKay.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2016
    [Blog] A Dying Breed
    How many blogs do you subscribe to? Before blogging existed (I started this one thirteen years ago!), I was a freelance writer (since the late eighties). Blogging really flipped that model upside down. Shortly after that, they removed the delineation between what was an "article" and what was the "blogging section." With that, the blogs that most of us used to follow changed. In short, it's hard to tell where a blog begins and a publication ends. Of course there is a future for content marketing, but is there a future for blogging? blog post.
    [Blog] 7 Pillars of Solid Influencer Marketing Programs
    blog posts, maybe even building to a blog community). ” I saved the email for two reasons: I figured it was great for teaching (like this blog post!); and. As more and more brands jump on the influencer marketing bandwagon, how they structure influencer programs and communications is becoming increasingly important. Here are some guidelines. 1. Make Make your ask as solid as possible before you go out with it. What exactly is it you want influencers to do? Create content? Share it? Show up somewhere? So we suggested things like: short-form content (e.g.
    [Blog] Your Definitive Guide to Social Media Image Sizes
    Pro Tip: Sharing relevant content in Google+ communities is a great way to raise brand awareness, promote your page, connect with people, receive quality post engagement, and potentially get traffic to your blog/website. Tumblr is a blogging and social platform where users share thoughts, quotes, music, articles, GIFs, videos, images—basically anything. Social media platforms are always being updated, which means they’re constantly changing their profile and cover photo dimensions, layouts, and dimensions for uploaded images. It It can be tough to keep track of. Pretty handy, huh? We
    [Blog] 5 Proven Social Media Growth Hacks
    You have the front-page of the website, which acts as the on-boarding process for new clients, and you have the content area, which usually means a blog. Your blog is where you connect with your customers and community, sharing insights, stories, and interesting data that your customers would find useful. If you launched your online business in the last few months, you will have inevitably learned about the different aspects of growing your business online. The term online marketing frequents your radar. Plan for Success. In any business venture you must plan for success.
    [Blog] 7 Content Marketing Secrets to Increase Organic Traffic
    But contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t require a new blog post every other day. As a matter of fact, you can drastically boost your website’s SEO traffic growth with just a single blog post.  When we say quality content, we aren’t talking hastily-written, 100-word blog posts, either. Found the perfect blog? Here’s a question for you: How effective is your content at driving traffic to your website ? If If your answer is “not very,” then this is the post for you. Even if your content is performing well, there’s always room for improvement. But Check!
    [Blog] 7 Tips to Help You on Your Way to Blogging Full Time
    Recently a listener asked me about my journey into full time blogging, and I wanted to expand on my answers in a podcast episode, as it’s a question that gets raised a lot. Charlotte asked: “When did you make the transition from blogging being just a hobby to blogging as a profitable business? Though initially I started blogging as a hobby, I quickly found myself spending more and more time experimenting, creating content, interacting with readers, and learning about this new media. Treating my blog like a business and being proactive about making money.
    [Blog] 7 Steps to Take When Your Audience Stops Growing
    Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 25 Content Marketing Resources. It happens to even the best marketers. No matter how good your content is, how wide your audience has grown, or how many best practices you’ve followed, eventually you’ll get to a point where your audience seems to stop growing. You aren’t getting any more social media followers (at least not quickly), your readership has stagnated, and even your traffic fails to climb higher. You’ve hit a plateau, and even though it’s hard to accept, it’s a situation that happens to everybody. Experiment with new mediums. Business
    [Blog] Roundtable: Man Vs. Machine
    Blog FeaturedJoin David Jaeger, Brad Geddes, and me as we chat on Blab about automation and how it makes things simpler when used the right way. You still need humans to provide the ideas but automation can scale your ideas much bigger than anything you can do on your own.
    [Blog] If You Didn’t Think RSS Was Dead Before, Facebook Just Killed it, Completely
    At Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference this year, with announcements from robots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more I finally feel as though I’m in the future. I’ll try to cover more of my overall thoughts later on the conference, including a review of the Galaxy VR and Samsung Galaxy S6 that they gave out at the conference that I’ll review over on my Social Geek gadgets blog (you can see the unboxing here: https://www.facebook.com/JesseStay/videos/10156815617030113/ ). Users in essence never have to leave Facebook to read your blog.
    [Blog] F8 Recap: 3 Things You Need To Know About Facebook’s Next 10 Years – Guest Blog
    The following is a guest blog by founder and CEO of On Base Marketing Justin Lafferty who attended the Facebook F8 conference on April 12. Justin was formerly Editor of Adweek’s SocialTimes blog.  SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS Facebook guest blog live video Mark Zuckerberg social listening Tech technology VRFollow him on Twitter: @JLafferty21. At F8, Facebook’s global developers’ conference in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t just tell attendees what Facebook is working on now — he laid out a 10 year road plan. — Mashable Tech (@mashabletech) April 12, 2016.
    [Blog] 11 Steps to Growth Hack Your Way to Blogging Success
    So you want to blog. Do you own an ecommerce business and need a site-based blog to bring in more traffic? Do you want to start a standalone blog and make money? Or do you want to freelance blog for other blogs? Whatever your purpose, if you are going to be a success at this blogging business, you will have to follow some key steps – 11 of them in all. 1. Now you just have to work on style, one of the biggest factors in successful blogging. If you are a standalone blog, your niche might be far-reaching. Blog Promotion Build Community
    [Blog] Welcome to the Newly Redesigned ProBlogger Blog
    ProBlogger started as a fairly personal blog about my journey to make a living from blogging back in 2004, and since that time it’s grown far beyond even my wildest expectations. Since 2004 we’ve published almost 8000 blog posts, but have grown ProBlogger to include an annual event, a podcast, a book, a series of eBooks, and a Job Board. There are now portals to help you: Start a Blog. Make Money Blogging. In the coming months more changes will follow this new blog design rollout. Welcome to the newly redesigned ProBlogger! Step 1 of a New ProBlogger.
    [Blog] Thoughts On Self-Driving Cars?
    Automation is great, but would you feel comfortable driving 60mph in a self-driving car? Do you trust computers to do possibly life-threatening things for you? Thoughts on self-driving cars?
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2016
    [Blog] What Did the Comedian Say to the Marketer?
    Related Stories The Alexa Content Calendar Helps You Plan and Create Six Tips for a Blog Redesign Four Content Marketing Lessons from Anthony Bourdain. If professional storytellers, Hollywood screenwriters or stand-up comedians, ran our marketing departments, what would they do differently to produce content that resonates with and enchants people. The post What Did the Comedian Say to the Marketer? appeared first on Spin Sucks.
    [Blog] Clickbait: Information overload! How can brands cut-through all the noise?
    You won’t believe the hidden message in this blog post! Or rather – there isn’t one, I just wanted you to click through and read this. But bear with me – I’m about to suggest something incredibly controversial – a never-heard-before admission by a social agency!*. As much as clickbait is the emotional catnip of our online experience and can drive consistent traffic for publishers like The Daily Mail and Huff Post who churn out multiple stories each day, it’s still hugely annoying to discover you’ve been duped by an over-excited headline promising to give you all the feels.
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2016
    [Blog] 5 Strategies to Capture Readers That You Might Not Have Tried
    Lately, I’ve been experimenting with different methods of attracting more readers to my blog. If you’ve been following Kristi for a while, you probably know the tried-and-true methods already, such as social media, guest blogging, and the like. Here are 5 of my favorite guerilla marketing methods that will help new readers hear about your blog: 1. Here are a few suggestions: Talk about your main blog and interesting updates you have. Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 25 Content Marketing Resources. Something that hasn’t been rehashed over and over again.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2016
    [Blog] Be the First to Create an Industry Disruption
    Communication Trends airbnb coaching program modern blogging masterclass spin sucks pro tesla Uber VistageThe reason Tesla, Uber, and AirBNB exist is because there was an industry disruption to be done. What can you do in your industry that is similar. The post Be the First to Create an Industry Disruption appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Journalism and the Cluster Theory: What it Means for PR Pros Nine PR Gifts for the Communicator in Your Life The Dangers of Virality Above Journalistic Integrity.
    [Blog] Content Marketing Strategy? Think Like A Reporter
    If it’s online and text, will it be on your blog, in an online publication, on another influential industry blog, on a platform like LinkedIn Pulse or Medium, on Facebook, or on some combination of these and other web venues? For video content, will it be on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, your blog, or all of the above? This may include text (blog posts, articles, ebooks, lists, guides, reports, etc.), In content marketing, this structure may apply well to certain types of content such as case studies, press releases, and “news” type blog posts.
    [Blog] How Much It Costs to Publish on Top Media Websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and BuzzFeed.com
    BloggingOne of the more difficult tasks for some SEOs who aren’t great content marketers is to generate great content and actually get that content published on top media websites. We’ve always known that you can, in fact buy your way onto these sites, but what does it cost? Well, I found out what one particular blogger charges to get your content published on top media websites. Website Price. Forbes.com $1,750. Entrepreneur.com $1,250. Buzzfeed.com $1,000. HuffingtonPost.com $800. HuffingtonPost.co.uk $800. DailyKos.com $500. Lifehack.org $650. SocialMediaWeek.org $500.
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