[Blog] 2015 Marketing Predictions Pop Culture Style by @SteveOlenski via @Forbes #SocBiz
    The way you brand yourself is by understanding the tools that enable you to become a thought leader, to write a blog and have your voice out there.” ~ The Economist Interview with Cheryl Burgess ( @ckburgess ). 'Written by Steve Olenski via Forbes. Power to the People. In 1970, John Lennon lit-up the world with Power to the People. In 2015, we will give rise to the power of employees’ voices. Enter a new marketing channel we call ‘branding from the inside out.’. Fueled by Millennials, the social employee revolution is the first generation of digital natives to walk the planet.
    [Blog] Marketing Doubleshot Podcast - Ep. 2 - Creating Smarter Content & The New Approach to Blogging
    'In this episode, Josh Muirhead and Jonathan Barrick look back at 2014 and talk about what digitally savvy brands in 2015 will need to do in their content marketing strategies to truly achieve success, as well as how the world of blogging has evolved to a rich-media platform. gShift’s blog post series on Creating Smarter Content - www.gshiftlabs.com/create-smarter-…-conversations/. marketing strategy digital marketing content marketing blogging social media marketing marketing doubleshot PT7hAh5hxkk. Kevin Spacey at CMWorld on Storytelling -  www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJnP2wsgnoA.
    [Blog] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #235
    I like to tell people that I''ve known  Mathew Ingram  for so long, that we used to argue the merits of blogging, back when he was a journalist at a '' espected'' publication and he was on the fence about its viability. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we''re recommending to one another: The Google misery index: The times of year we''re most depressed, anxious and stressed- Washington Post. It''s time to spend days half-drunk with your family in enclosed spaces. chin up!"
    [Blog] Best Buy Mistakenly Exposes Their Exclusive Blogger List
    The list contains the email addresses of hundreds of bloggers who Best Buy pays to blog about products sold in Best Buy stores. As a valued member of the Best Buy Blogging Network. More Visibility for Your Blog with an Accurate Ping List As you may or may not know, I’ve been “bloggingBlogging 'Best Buy , in a recent internal communication to their Wolf Bloggers exclusive blogger list, sent out an email to their list of bloggers about an agreement with another affiliate organization. In the email, they BCC’d everyone. To: WOLFBloggers.
    [Blog] Gin and Topics: It’s the End of the Year and We Loved it
    And that leaves us with the last Gin and Topics of the year (we won’t run blog posts on December 26 or January 2). 'By Gini Dietrich. Well, here we are. The end of 2014. have to admit, this year was not all that spectacular. I’m very happy to be almost looking at it in my rearview mirror. We did a lot of work this year to make sure our goals are aligned with our culture is aligned with our core values are aligned with who is on our team. Now we can hit the ground running come January 5! The videos are courtesy of Gary Fly , Mr. D. my momma , Deb Dobson , and yours truly.
    [Blog] Which Comes First, The Audience Or The Product?
    lot of time, effort, and a huge budget goes into blogs, ads, infographics, commercials, and the rest of it, with the hope that an audience for that content will develop as people learn about the product and decide they want to buy it. 'Joe Pulizzi has a lot to say about content marketing. His recent post on Copyblogger is what he calls a “how-to-think” post, and he proposes a different approach to the subject. Steps to Revising Your Content Marketing Strategy to Attract and Retain Future Customers  reverses the traditional timeline for most businesses. Different Strategy.
    [Blog] Social Sharing: What Makes It Tick?
    asked him if I could share my answer, as I thought it would make for a good blog post and, true to his word, he consented. Now, for most of us who call social media “home,” often working in  and on the business mean the same thing: spending more time online, tweeting more, blogging more, Facebooking more, etc. I’ve read his blog for so long now, yet I’m regularly amazed at the smart content he publishes – not just from himself, but from other bloggers. The psychology of social sharing. Why me? It grew quite a bit, which was great!
    [Blog] Bolongaro Trevor Dress
    I’m wearing some fab chunky  gold earrings from Debenhams (featured in this blog post ) with the dress… …and wearing heels from & Other Stories. 'I’ve finally gotten around to showing you all the Bolongaro Trevor dress that I wore for hairdresser extraordinaire Anthony Fellows ‘ wedding. I’m with Anthony and his fab team tomorrow at his hair salon in Mirfield , which reminded me to post some pics of the dress. so it did look a bit crazy in these pics (well, to me anyway). They sold All Saints in 2005 and launched Bolongaro Trevor in 2006.
    [Blog] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: March through December
    August 8: Mack Collier , a blogging rockstar. 'By Gini Dietrich. It’s the last Friday work day of the year and, if you’re like me, you’re running around finishing work projects  and trying to get some last minute shopping done. Because of that, we didn’t think it’d be fair to introduce you to someone completely new in the Spin Sucks Inquisition, for fear they might not get as much attention as they would on a normal Friday. The Spin Sucks Inquisition 2014 List. Here are the 36 Inquisitees of 2014. August 22: Danny Brown , my friend and a fierce competitor.
    [Blog] Content Marketing: How Anyone Can Build an Audience
    This may be a blog, newsletter, or podcast. This may be a blog, newsletter, or podcast. Key Take-Aways To get the most out of Joe''s new book is published, Awareness Blogging Community content marketing How-To Marketing Online Marketing Podcast Search Optimization Small Business Social Media Trends business story Content Inc Content Marketing World customers entrepreneurs Jeff Korhan Joe Pulizzi SEO social media 'Listen to the Episode Below (0:46:38). Download. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Discover What is New for Business. Audience First.
    [Blog] The 10 most-read FreshMinds blog posts in 2014
    This week we’re rounding up the 10 most-read posts from the FreshMinds blog in 2014 including our social media listening report, innovation in the food and drink industry and applications of iBeacons. In this blog post, we picked 5 large food and drink companies doing just that – from Cadbury which is using 3D printers in its product development process to AB InBev whose Open Innovation Portal has fostered an innovative, weather-dependent marketing campaign. The post The 10 most-read FreshMinds blog posts in 2014 appeared first on FreshMinds. Are you Listening?
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2014
    [Blog] The Best Brands on Instagram 2014
    The post The Best Brands on Instagram 2014 appeared first on Devumi Blog. '2014 may go down as the Year of Instagram as the photo sharing app surpassed the 300 million user mark. This number surpasses even the mighty Twitter. Brands in 2014 have finally gotten on board with Instagram, and some exciting content has been produced over the year. Here are five of the best brands on Instagram according to which are my favorites. If you’re short on ideas about what you can do, visit one of them and see what they’re up to lately so you know how it’s done. GoPro – GoPro Cameras.
    [Blog] 5 Practical Writing Techniques to Double Your Productivity
    This  Writtent blog post talks more about outlines and productivity. Example:  While writing this blog post, I first wrote a short paragraph or two under each heading. The post 5 Practical Writing Techniques to Double Your Productivity appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'Tired of sitting at your laptop for hours with only a few paragraphs to show for it? Missing deadlines because you can’t seem to keep up? Frustrated because you know you could be more productive, if only…? Join the club. We’ve all been there. Sometimes a few times a day. hope they help you, too. Check. Check.
    [Blog] Use Whatever Friggin Words You Want!
    'I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about this infuriating article from Mashable a few months ago basically condemning the use of certain “buzz words” The article is chock full of “experts” I’m sure Mashable selected from a survey about what words they felt were overused. It’s practically impossible to read through the list of comments without hearing them in your head as a pompous “I’m better than you” tone. Here’s the thing…who friggin cares? You want to use the word visionary or innovate? Then use it. Please.
    [Blog] Taking the 100k Steps Fitbit Challenge and Raising Money for Charity
    Stephen, who I profiled on the blog more than five years ago , has been among my most consistent Fitbit competitors for the last two years, and has yet to see a fun contest that he''ll turn down - especially if it can keep you in good shape. 'On Monday, I have a crazy plan to set a new personal record for Fitbit steps. The goal? Ever since getting my Fitbit and being hooked on challenging myself to walk further and compete with friends, I''ve seen the allure of reaching new marks. If one averages 100 steps a minute at a good walking pace, it''s fairly easy to hit 6,000 steps in an hour.
    [Blog] Plan to Action Starts on January 21st
    Blog business classes 'From Plan to Action is a 12 week class that teaches you how to write and implement a business plan for your business. If you are feeling stuck in your business or want to make 2015 your best year yet, this class can help you get the necessary clarity and direction needed to move your business into the right direction. Here’s what a couple of people who’ve taken this class previously have to say about it: Taylor’s class has totally changed my life.  I have doubled my income and have learned how to communicate in an effective and honest way. 
    [Blog] Balancing Your Autobiography
    Whether it’s on Twitter, via our blog, on Facebook or otherwise, what we do and say defines us. Related Stories Speed of Resolution Over Speed of Response is Key to Social Media Success What Happens When You Change Your Blog Subscribers Over to a Newsletter Format? 'In everything we do, and with everyone we know, we’re always battling some kind of balancing act, in life and in business. Finances versus wants/needs , further education versus joining the workforce, overtime at work versus time with our families. Sometimes we make the right decisions, sometimes we don’t.
    [Blog] Most Popular Posts on ProBlogger 2014: General Tips
    Spend 10 Minutes Doing This Every Day and You Could Transform Your Blogging. Publish Your Blog Post Without SEO and Thousands of Visits will be Forever Lost. know I’ve made this mistake in 2014 with my own blog. Have you figured out a way to serve your readers by meeting their needs with your blog? Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This week we’ve covered the five most popular posts in the areas of monetization , content , social media , and writing tips. Today we bring you the top 5 general tips that readers found most useful. Image by zev.
    [Blog] Can Nick Saban Teach You How to Create and Promote Stellar Content?
    Every blog post, podcast, social media update, social media ad, and influencer outreach effort is handled as one event that requires flawless execution. You should see each blog post, podcast, infographic, or social update as the only thing you have to get right. Blog Strategy content marketing Social Media 'Get new articles sent to you. Get New Articles. In a few weeks, my Ohio State Buckeyes will face Alabama in the inaugural college playoff games. I genuinely respect Alabama. In fact, I’ve adapted many of the coaching techniques used by Nick Saban for Pushing Social.
    [Blog] Ten Communicators to Follow
    'On the 10th day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… 10 communicators to follow, nine PR blogs to read , eight PR up-and-comers , seven must-listen podcasts , six  communicator gifts , five  communications trends , four  free webinars , three strategy games , two  Crazies secrets , and the  PR win of 2014. Though, with the PR blogs to read and the up-and-comers we’ve already covered, you really have a good list of about 30 people who will keep you abreast of industry trends in 2015. His blog focuses a lot on how to be a better speaker and communicator. Abbie Fink.
    [Blog] NEW: The LIFT Weekly Podcast for Small Business Owners
    SBTD will be a coaching companion to the blog posts, expanding on the ideas. Additionally, 'Sometimes you hit on something in the course of work and it resonates. You build upon it and the more you work with it, the more you realize it’s a winner. The LIFT  model has become an such a piece in working with small business owners and operators. In 2014, the LIFT model became a big part of our weekend content , our Whistle Stops weekly newsletter , and the coaching calls we do with SubCLUBs members. The LIFT Acronym: Learn, Improve, Find Flow, and Think. Create better habits.
    [Blog] Firebelly begins work with Team USA
    Blog Social Media Marketing 'We’re excited to announce that we have recently started working with Team USA—specifically U.S. Synchronized Swimming. Synchronized Swimming, also known as USA Synchro, was established as a nonprofit organization in 1979 and is the United States national governing body for the sport. It is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic.
    [Blog] Social Media Monitoring: Know Your Customers AND Competitors
    just wrote a killer blog article about how to score a hole-in. 'We all know how influential social media marketing can be. But to truly be successful, you must add some sleuthing to your campaign. Social media monitoring is one of the most often overlooked opportunities. Take the time to get to know your current customers, your prospective customers and your competitors. Doing it DIY Style. ve been reading tons of articles lately that feature cool apps, tools and programs that can make your spying easier and more efficient. Sure, those tools are great—but they aren’t free. Watch out.
    [Blog] The S in Sales is for Strategy
    Blog Sales 'Effective sales people know that having a strategy is essential for success. Despite the idea that the person buying is doing so on impulse, the truth is that your average person is doing a lot of research before deciding to buy. The question is whether the sales person is doing as much research as the buyer. Successful sales people do the research and if anything do more of it because they know they need to develop a strategy that works and fits the needs of the people they are selling to. Several of the clients I work with use me as a sounding board for their sales process.
    [Blog] How to Improve Your Content Promotion in 10 Words (or Less)
    In order to create a subject line that meets this criterion, you must first get to know your prospective publishers via their recent work, blogs, and social networks. 'Creating great content is indisputably the first and most crucial element of an effective content marketing strategy. But the second, and no less important, step is honing your outreach practices in order to earn placements with the publishers you’re targeting. Here’s why—and how. Editors at some top-tier publications are receiving more than 300 pitches a day. Pitch specifically to a writer’s beat.
    [Blog] Need Help With The Google Disavow Tool?
    Marie Haynes has given us help with this tricky subject on the Moz Blog. 'Google’s Disavow Tool is like a sharp implement — if you don’t use it correctly, it makes you bleed. There are definitely times when that sharp tool is what needs to be used, however. Small Business Mavericks looked at the disavow link tool when it came out a couple of years ago. Guide To Using Google’s Disavow Tool. Your Start-To-Finish Guide To Using Google’s Disavow Tool walks us through the whole process in reasonable, logical steps. Why Use A Sharp Tool That Can Cause Damage?
    [Blog] Most Popular Posts on ProBlogger 2014: Writing Tips
    Lessons in Writing Irresistibly Magnetic Blog Post Headlines. Crucial Tips for Self-Editing Your Blog Posts (That Everybody Can Use). In a Blog Slump? Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'So useful content is king , and we need to provide it consistently. But how? And what if writing isn’t our strong suit? always find that writing tips, guides, and productivity hacks score high in the interest scale of ProBlogger readers. These were the five most-read posts this year. This post has six ways to nail it, every time. Image via Flickr user Dan Patterson.
    [Blog] 10 Things Epic Copywriters Do
    That’s why the leading copywriters take their research beyond the usual sources, like top industry blogs and websites. The post 10 Things Epic Copywriters Do appeared first on Writtent Blog. Blogging Content Creation Content Strategy Copywriting 'Image source. The world’s greatest copywriters aren’t just writers. They’ve also mastered the art of sales, psychology, creative branding, marketing, and so much more. If you’re in the market to hire a staff copywriter or  exceptional freelance writers , use this list as a guide for skills to look for.
    [Blog] Get Content First Format Content Later
    But what often happens is marketers say, “Hey we’ve got a blog and we need you to write a blog post, and we need you to work on this white paper. Click image to visit my B2B Predictions for 2015 Backbone Media has a program going on right now to harvest B2B Content Marketing Predictions for 2015 , recognizing that it might be hard for people like me to write a whole guest blog post for them. Then they took those telephone interviews, turned them into written blog posts (with a transcript) and then stitched them into a video. don’t do that.
    [Blog] Join Diana Kander for a Special Author Q&A Today
    December Fun December wrapped up our year of themed monthly content on the blog, and we decided to have some fun. 'By Lindsay Bell Ok. Blah blah blah holidays. Yadda yadda yadda shopping. Yakety yakety yak Christmas! Are you all fed up to the teeth of hearing about it yet? ME NEITHER! I’ve have been seriously in the Christmas spirit this year. even shared a little window into the Bell-Wheeler family’s Christmas traditions , and some olden-days Christmas memories with you all last week! Call me crazy, but I think I looked pretty darn cute in that set of footy-pyjamas.
    [Blog] Guest Post Guidelines (Updated for 2015)
    It is  a requirement to have a bio to plug in at the bottom  that includes your active social profile  on at least one of the following (best case: two or three links) – Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or your blog. Blog Coach Small Business 'The practice of publishing guest posts in 2014 on ConverStations had an interesting run. Solid relationships were built and several outstanding articles were published. Unfortunately, there were many guest post queries that either didn’t read the guidelines from last year or didn’t believe them. With Eye Rests!
    [Blog] 4 Essential Viral Video Marketing Tips: Be Seen!
    appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'CEO: “Okay, here’s our viral video marketing plan: We start out with a spinning close-up on the logo, cut to a shot of me talking about the virtues of Product X, show an image of it being used, then finish with the logo again. We’ll put a light piano music background in, and it’ll be a viral video hit!”. That right there would be a CEO who really needs some viral video marketing tips! Creating a viral video may be one of the hardest things to do online. If it was easy, I’d be sitting here doing nothing but watch them all day! And no, ‘I want to buy that!’
    [Blog] Example Of A Successful Brand-Created Community (that's not a customer service site)
      4) Build a community around the blog. The community began as a blog and only once it has built up a significant following were community features added. 'Jim send through BeThePro , a great example of a branded (or unbranded) community from Bosch.    A few things to note here: 1) It's unbranded. This means the community can attract both their customers and others. If you make the community about your brand, you immediately reduce the size of the possible audience.    2) It uses a simple platform.   3) Content from members.
    [Blog] Social Media Marketing Pain Points for Small Businesses and How to Deal with Them
    You can learn to set up an account, post images, links and blog posts. These tools can look for engaging articles, videos, blog posts, and news stories that are relevant to your business and can automatically post them to your social media accounts killing two birds with one stone. 'Small businesses are often apprehensive about social media and if it can really help in business growth. This anxiety usually comes from not knowing the ropes or being unaware of how social media can be used to an advantage. Here are a few of those pain points: Lack of knowledge about social media.
    [Blog] You Only Have a Nanosecond to Get Their Attention. How to Use it Wisely.
    'Categories: Blog , Content Creation , Content Marketing , Social Media Marketing , Tools and Resources , Visual Marketing Tags: content marketing , social media marketing with images , visual marketing , visual marketing apps , visual marketing stats Think about how quickly you scroll through your news feeds looking for an interesting post. Blog Content Creation Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Tools and Resources Visual Marketing content marketing social media marketing with images visual marketing visual marketing apps visual marketing stats
    [Blog] What Sucks About Being a Communications Professional
    'We spend a lot of time talking about why spin sucks on this blog. Related Stories Nine PR Blogs to Read Seven Podcasts to Add to Your iTunes Feed Fight or Flight: Responding to a PR Crisis. We ask people every week in the Spin Sucks Inquisition , and we get really great answers. We have that down. But we don’t always just get to complain about the jobs we actually do day in and day out. Because, spoiler alert, we’re not spin doctors. What sucks about being a communications professional? Here are a few items from my list. Social Media Addiction. But you and me? Bonus! Come on.
    [Blog] Speed of Resolution Over Speed of Response is Key to Social Media Success
    Related Stories What Happens When You Change Your Blog Subscribers Over to a Newsletter Format? 'For a lot of consumers, companies that can respond within minutes on the social sphere send out a far more positive message than those that dilly-dally. But does this type of instant response really benefit us, both as customers and brands? While this speed might be something that would always exist in an ideal world, unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world. If we have a problem with a product, it’ll be resolved immediately. And it should be. Everything. Not necessarily.
    [Blog] A Better Guide to Promoting Your Content with Social Media
    'What happens once your blog post goes live? In fact, there were 730 million blog posts published in 2014 alone ! This is a simple schedule that will work as a guide or a template that you can use each time you publish new content on your blog. On publish – Social messages publish when your blog posts go live. Most of the automated solutions simply tweet the headline and link of a blog post over and over again. Many blog posts actually end with a question as a way to stir up comments. million shares? zillion click-throughs? bit less than that?
    [Blog] There is Nothing About Negative SEO in Google Webmaster Guidelines
    They start adding all sorts of spam content on the site, then a blog, all sorts of blog comments and blog comment links to Company One’s website, and then builds all sorts of low quality spam link to that microsite. 'There is nothing about Negative SEO in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Are you surprised? Well, I am, and I am not. After a review of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, from what I can tell, there are no actual references to the practice of Negative SEO. So, technically speaking, is Negative SEO okay? It isn’t mentioned there, anywhere.
    [Blog] Most Popular Posts on ProBlogger 2014: Social Media
    Ways to Promote Your Blog Without Relying on Google Traffic. What’s the point of promoting our blogs on social media if nobody is reading it? Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'Social media and how to navigate it was, again, a big issue in 2014. Which platform is best? How do we use it effectively? Are we still using Google Plus? Where did everyone on Twitter go? These are the answers we found… 1. As Darren has said before, putting all your eggs in the Google basket can be risky (and devastating – he almost lost his business ). On what platform?
    [Blog] Socializing the Need for Affordable Health Insurance
    As the following article shows, if you type in something like 5 places to find cheap health insurance , you will probably come across some social media sites – whether a blog, a Facebook post or other forms of social media. 'Over the past years, the evolution of social media has been astounding. We’ve witnessed its stages, and now see it everywhere. business practically isn’t a business without a social media presence, and there are very few of us left with no links to any social media. Healthy Social Media. Do a search. Easy contact with companies.
    [Blog] Missing the Target: When Your Audience Is Elsewhere
    Otherwise this network can be useful if your business website has a personal blog (or if your business is connected with producing all kinds of news). 'So, you decide it’s high time to run a social media marketing campaign and promote your business to a target audience, which doesn’t know about your existence, but desperately requires your services. What is the problem? Most likely, you made a mistake in your estimations a picked the wrong social network for your campaign. Let’s sort everything out. Twitter. Facebook. Google +. It doesn’t even matter whom you are going to try to sell it.
    [Blog] 23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides
    10 Reasons Why Small Business Can’t Ignore Social Media by Marketing Technology Blog. Scientific Guide to Posting Tweets, Facebook Posts, Emails, and Blog Posts at the Best Time by Buffer Social. Frequest best-of honoree Belle Beth Cooper reports on research showing the best times of the day and week to post updates on Facebook and Twitter; to send marketing emails; and to publish blog posts. Key Secret to Jazzing UpYour B2B Content’s Visual Appeal by B2B PR Sense Blog. by bowden2bowden blog. How are social media marketing best practices evolving?
    [Blog] Nine PR Blogs to Read
    'By Gini Dietrich On the ninth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… nine PR blogs to read, eight PR up-and-comers , seven must-listen podcasts , six  communicator gifts , five  communications trends , four free webinars , three strategy games , two  Crazies secrets , and the  PR win of 2014. So, while there are only nine PR blogs mentioned here, the list is actually much larger. That said, if you have a PR blog you’d like to recommend, please do so (and don’t be afraid to self-nominate)! Bad Pitch Blog. AirPR. Deirdre Breakenridge. PR Daily. Right?
    [Blog] How This Fashion Brand Found the Sweet Spot in Blogger Relations
    Sam Zivot is the brain behind all of Lorna Jane’s digital marketing, including blogs, social, email and search strategies. When Sam worked with a blogger network to promote a major fitness blogging event, he was able to activate 150 bloggers during a four-week social media challenge. 'Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Usually, I see brands sit on one of two sides of the fence. Either they work only with blogger networks or agencies, or they own their blogger relationships in-house. In fact, Lorna Jane is bigger than Lululemon in Australia and rapidly gaining popularity in the US.
    [Blog] nRelate ‘Related Posts’ Closing, Recommended: Zemanta Plugin
    Note : This plugin only indexes your blog posts, not pages. Using Images and Photos You Find Blog Posting Mantra No. 4 – At Least One Link Out Cool Tools to Manage Your Small Business Finances Zemanta is Your Blogging Assistant All Write Already Zemanta nRelate ‘Related Posts’ Closing, Recommended: Zemanta Plugin is a post from: ConverStations. Blog Coach Cool Tools 'As you may have heard, the nRelate ‘Related Plugins’ for WordPress is closing up shop. I’m suggesting Zemanta as a replacement and adding Zemanta before subtracting nRelate.
    [Blog] How LinkedIn Supported my Transformation of Self
    Blog Life at LinkedIn content marketing LinkedIn Social Marketing social selling 'When I was young I wanted to be an archeologist, or a scientist. studied ancient Egypt and used to dig huge holes on my grandfathers farm looking for old stuff. My first science kit was an accident factory as I mixed compounds together and either watched them react to each other (sometimes violently) or look at the results under a microscope. In the end I became none of these things. It wasn’t until I was 23 that I knew I wanted to be in tech. didn’t know what I wanted to DO but I knew I wanted IN.
    [Blog] Social Media Driving Off with Better Auto Needs
    Most businesses, large or small, these days have some sort of social media, from blogs to Facebook to Instagram. 'Social media is good for more than keeping  up with your high school buddies or tennis friends. You can use it to your benefit to save money in a variety of ways. From saving money on purchases for the home to medical care to auto loans, following companies and their social networking activities can end up saving you funds over the long haul. Social media is important to both the consumer and the auto financing industry. This is huge for the auto industry and loan businesses.
    [Blog] Specialists and Generalists
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. 'According to Harvard Business Review author Vikram Mansharamani, the need for specialization is waning and generalist skills are in demand. He explains the difference with bark. There are many who have deeply studied its nooks, grooves, coloration, and texture. Few have developed the understanding that the bark is merely the outermost layer of a tree. Fewer still understand the tree is embedded in a forest. And yet, both specialists and generalists are each needed. But I don’t want to study the air, grass, or water either. Job Searc
    [Blog] Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’s SEO-Friendly ‘Bluebird’ and the Betterment of a Google Ranking
    Though popular quick fixes like Twitter competitions and mass follow and unfollow sessions might prove beneficial as a temporary remedy, Twitter as an SEO tool becomes helpful when worthwhile blog posts, widgets, discount vouchers and articles are being shared on a larger scale. 'As you all know — I love all things Disney, so how could I pass on a guest post that used a Disney classic to talk about SEO! Enjoy this post from Lucas Miller. Enter Twitter, stage left. One of the most basic rules of the SEO industry is that quality content will, in time, lead to conversation flow.
    [Blog] Most Popular Posts on ProBlogger 2014: Creating Content
    Write great, useful content and promote it well – it’s the baseline for a successful blog. How to Consistently Come up with Great Post Ideas for Your Blog. How to Promote Your Blog with Content that Will Grow Your Traffic, Links, and Shares. Three Ways to Define What Your Blog is About. Carly has barely missed a day blogging in six years. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'Content is King, as they say (or  is it ?!) so it’s no wonder that this topic was one of the most popular this year. Tips on how to get your content to shine.
    [Blog] Add Wayback Machine Archive Links to 404 Error Pages
    Blogging SEO WordPress 'Would it not be nice if you could have links on 404 Error pages pointing to Wayback machine Archive.org links on how the pages looked like in the past. Read more Read full original article at Add Wayback Machine Archive Links to 404 Error Pages ©2014 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved.
    [Blog] 25 Questions I Ask About B2B Content Marketing
    I’ll work on a full tools blog post for early next year. Do you use software to help select optimal topics for your blog? 'At Convince & Convert we’ve been doing a lot of content marketing strategy work for B2B companies lately, and while every client circumstance is different (which is what makes consulting an interesting endeavor), I’ve definitely found some common themes and typical areas for improvement. Here are 25 of the questions I’ve been asking to B2B companies about content marketing. views. items. Listly by Jay Baer. Follow List. Embed List.
    [Blog] Small Business Owners: Writing Articles and Guest Posts
    Learn : How to Get Your Guest Post Published Improve : 3 Ways Guest Posting Can Grow Your Audience Find Flow : The Anatomy of a Great Guest Post Think : 12 Essential Elements of Guest Post Blogging Proposals that Get Accepted (Almost) Daily Podcast Photo on Pixabay by annazuc , overlay on  Share as Image , compressed on  Compressor.io 'Would you like to extend the reach of your business, creating a touch point to new customers? Consider submitting an article or guest post to other sites. There is one for your business and marketplace. Find it and submit an article or guest post. And you?
    [Blog] 55 Fresh Ideas for Your Christmas Newsletter
    The post 55 Fresh Ideas for Your Christmas Newsletter appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'Image source. The winter holiday season means really, really big business. December consumer shopping will exceed  $469 billion dollars this year. In In fact, the average American  spends nearly $800 just on gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. It’s safe to say that positioning your brand to capture some of this holiday spend is definitely wise. And one of the very best ways to accomplish that is through an amazing Christmas newsletter. Gift Guides. Templates or Tools. Customer Loyalty.
    [Blog] Join Europe's Top Community Professionals In London (Speaker list)
    Richard’s blog, hosted on FeverBee.com, is read by 10,000 community professionals every day, and is widely cited for establishing best practice in this field. 'If you weren't sure about attending SPRINT Europe on Feb 24 - 25 , we hope this will persuade you. Please  Please send it to your boss, colleagues, and anyone else you believe should attend.    If you want to buy tickets,  click here.  In the past 14 years, Justine has grown the community to 46m page impressions from 14 million visits per month.  We have 16 of these remaining.
    [Blog] How to Use Twitter Cards in Social Media Marketing
    They add a few lines of HTML metadata to blog posts and other thought leadership content that enable brands to stand out from the pack in Twitter feeds that are full of text. Choose a card type Summary card Includes title, description, thumbnail, Twitter account attribution, and a direct link to your content Best for blog posts or sites with pages that contain a lot of information Thanks to all of those who participated in our #islands2014 photo call! How to Use Twitter Cards in Social Media Marketing is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog.
    [Blog] FTC Social Disclosure Rules
    You have to be conscious of the location of disclosure – it has to be on the exact post, not in another place on your blog or website.  'Last week’s FTC / Deutsch LA settlement sent shivers p many a PR spine. Although most of the complaint was about false or misleading claims in advertizements, there were also implications for disclosure on social media channels. Referring to the Deutch LA email to employees asking them to tweet about the new PS Vita with the hashtag #gamechanger. PS Vita [ruling] the world. Learn about it! us.playstation.com/psvita/ #GAMECHANGER.
    [Blog] Your 12 Point Content Marketing Strategy (Part 1 of 4)
    How do you get people to notice your content when 2 million new blog posts will be published today. Sign-up for blog updates at the top of this article. . I didn’t curate and read blog posts on selecting minivans. Later that evening, a few notes are made on the printed out blog posts for follow-up the next morning at the office. Canva: This is the graphic design secret weapon behind many of the cool blog post images you see. Question to answer: How are you staying top-of-mind with prospects when they are not reading your blog? Get New Articles. Read it.
    [Blog] Win More Pitches
    blogging. marketing blog. advertisingpodcast audio blog blogging brand businessbook businesspodcast davidusher digitalmarketing facebook google itunes marketingblog marketingpodcast peterlevitan thelevitanpitch twitter 'Episode #440 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. If you''re in the agency business, you know the new business development and pitching grind like no other. As we all know, pitching for new business is the lifeblood of any marketing agency. Winning the pitches. and can be. audio. brand.
    [Blog] Christmas Parties Galore!
    She is one of those bloggers that I look at and think “oh wow…you’re pretty much perfect”…she’s very well ‘put together’ and has a great blog. 'This week I’ve been having lots of fun with Christmas get-togethers and parties. We (well, my husband) cooked for friends… @jamesdowsingreynolds making Crepe Suzette. video posted by Ally Dowsing-Reynolds (@digital__diva) on Dec 12, 2014 at 3:45pm PST. Our friend Liz threw a fab Christmas party called Sing For Your Supper. Well, not just done… semi-permanently done! Life Christma
    [Blog] Most Popular Posts on ProBlogger 2014: Monetization
    Making the Impossible Possible: How I Created a Full-Time Blogging Income with No Qualifications. And who can blame it – the majority of readers here want to make some kind of income from their blogs, and full-time seems like the jackpot. This is a post I wrote after seeing tremendous growth on my personal blog in 2012. Partnering with Brands Theme Week: Ways to Collaborate and Earn an Income on Your Blog. Aussie super-blogger Nikki Parkinson of Styling You gives the lowdown on how to make a brand-blog collaboration really shine. Which ones did you miss?
    [Blog] Did Your Site Pass the Google Mobile-Friendly Test?
    Blogging Google 'Have you checked your site on the official Google Mobile-Friendly Test to see how your site appears on mobile devices and meets mobile design standards. There is no doubt that. Read more Read full original article at Did Your Site Pass the Google Mobile-Friendly Test? ©2014 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved.
    [Blog] The Way Television Should Be
    Many years back, I was blogging about the future of education. blogging. ageofbrandefficiency ageofefficiency bingeviewing blog blogging broadcasting businessbook content cordcutting ctrlaltdelete education harvarduniversity itunes landline mediapost mobile netflix ondemand searchengineoptimization seo sixpixelsofseparation specialtytelevision stanforduniversity technology television thegreatuntethering tv videocontent 'What if television looked and acted like Netflix ? If I could find the specific link to the post, I would have dropped it in here. you get the drill.
    [Blog] How to Create a WordPress Blog in 1 Hour [Infographic]
    'Do you have a life-long dream of starting your own blog but don’t know how or where to even begin? Luckily, the folks at StudyWeb put together this easy step-by-step guide on how to create a WordPress blog in just one hour. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This guide walks you through the entire setup process and will make the process a breeze. Courtesy of: StudyWeb.com. How To Infographic
    [Blog] Web CEO SEO Software Platform Review
    Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of my free 8,000+ word guide to guest blogging and become a fan on Facebook. 'You want to know the secret to a comprehensive SEO strategy? You and all SEO enthusiasts. But it’s not a secret. Any successful SEO strategy requires a good deal of time on-page optimization, keyword research and other similar endeavors. And this is impossible to do on your own manually without SEO software… unless you have too much time on your hands. Web CEO is a search engine optimization software that has a lot of great features. Adding Your Website(s). Analytics.
    [Blog] New Facebook Changes: Target your Audience Effectively
    Facebook has introduced very selective targeting options for you to really drill down and capture the right readership for your blog (or even specific posts or pages on your blog) every time you post. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'If you are one of the many people confused by Facebook and its ever-changing algorithms, you’ll be pleased to know they’ve recently made some favourable changes to their operating system. see it everywhere – bloggers desperately trying to reach their Facebook audience, and being thwarted at every turn. New Facebook Tools Changes.
    [Blog] Wanderlust Tag: My Life’s Travels…so far
    hadn’t heard of the travel blog World of Wanderlust before reading Makeup Savvy’s blog post…I’m already in love with it. 'I haven’t done any blogger tags before, have always meant to but never got around to it. spotted this the wanderlust tag on Makeup Savvy and it hit me just at the right time (I’m currently trying to book our Jan holiday, its taking ages to sort and I just want to go already!!). So in the meantime… Where was your first plane to? think it will have been to the South of France when I was around 4 years old. Norcia, Italy.
    [Blog] 5 Things You Need to Know About Copywriting 
    For more information about copywriting, check out this Writtent blog post on finding epic copywriters, and this post on the essential elements of copy that converts. The post 5 Things You Need to Know About Copywriting  appeared first on Writtent Blog. Blogging Content Strategy Copywriting 'Image source. Trying to understand copywriting? Looking for that missing element that will make your copy sparkle, shine and convert? Copywriting isn’t something you can just do at the drop of a hat, but there are tricks you can learn to do it well. Ready? It’s all about the audience.
    [Blog] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Carrie Morgan
    You can find her on Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Google+ , Pinterest , on #PRProChat , and on  her blog.  'By Gini Dietrich Hey, Carrie Morgan ! How did we meet? can’t remember! Hang on. did a #FollowFriday on her exactly one year ago (how weird is that coincidence?). Let’s see if it says how we met. Totally doesn’t say. We’re both communicators so it has to be that she stumbled on Spin Sucks or I stumbled on Rock The Status Quo and the rest, as they say, is history. mean, I make my team call me that, but I sign their paychecks. Why Does Spin Suck?
    [Blog] 5 Tactics You Will Need to Use in 2015 to Market Your Small Business
    In others, it’s standalone and serves as much of a purpose as a lengthy blog post or featured article. Author:  James White is a writer for  SEO Company Go  and blogs in his free time at  InfoBros. 'Written by  James White. It’s almost the end of the year, and that means it’s time to amend your marketing strategies to meet all the coming changes. Sure, the world of business is always evolving, and has continued to even over the last year. That said, as we blow through the last few days of 2014, things are most rapidly changing behind the scenes. Marketing
    [Blog] How to Use Tumblr and Automated Tweets to Drive Awareness
    Jake Sorofman shares some highlights from the Gartner 2015 Marketing Spending Survey on the Gartner blog. 'Tweetable Moments It’s all about keeping it relevant and providing content that is really useful and helpful to people. barimogil Tweet This. Much More Than Sales. Bari Mogil is half of the digital team at the headquarters of Corcoran Group , a high-end real estate company with over 2,200 agents. Providing helpful information that will be valuable to their audience is key to Corcoran’s strategy. The use of IFTTT (If this, then that) is just one incredible example. of revenue.
    [Blog] Shine Your Own Bat Signal
    blogging 'It’s our job to be storytellers of what we do for the world, and who we seek, and how we’ll help them. If you’re not taking your opportunity to help, to connect, to build the storyline that will guide people to understand what you have that can help them, you’re missing your chance. Shine Your Own Bat Signal. Think of the immense opportunity. We used to have to beg or buy our way into the newspaper. Can you imagine doing that these days? Continue Reading The post Shine Your Own Bat Signal appeared first on chrisbrogan.com.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2014
    [Blog] SoundCloud Mobile App Adds iPhone Playlists Feature
    For today’s SoundCloud track we’re going to Def Jam’s page and a familiar guest appearance: The post SoundCloud Mobile App Adds iPhone Playlists Feature appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'The SoundCloud mobile app is a key part of the SoundCloud experience. The SoundCloud mobile app team is always working hard to create a better experience for users. Their current move is to entice users to use their service rather than having stacks of music downloaded onto their phone with a feature that allows you to create playlists right on your iPhone. How the new SoundCloud mobile app feature works.
    [Blog] Are You These 5 Things? Then You’re Hired.
    Whether it’s well crafted emails, blog posts, or any sort of copy, talented writers are always in high demand. 'Over the past 10 years or so, my career has shifted to focus more on managing teams and operations, and a good chunk of my time has been spent on interviewing and hiring. I’ve probably interviewed thousands of people in that time, and I definitely have a good feel for folks fairly quickly in the process. You can work with anybody. learned this the hard way at my time at Microsoft. I’ll write down all their names, and a few notes about each person on the fly.
    [Blog] From MAGNET: How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Innovative Company
    'Each month we be feature a blog post from our friends at MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network). MAGNET’s mission is to support, educate and champion manufacturing in Ohio with the goal of transforming the region’s economy into a powerful, global player. You can visit MAGNET online at manufacturingsuccess.org. How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Innovative Company. If you haven’t adopted LinkedIn as a means for promoting your company, now is definitely the time to do it. On these pages, you can share content just as you would with company page status updates.
    [Blog] 7 Insights to Consider When Redesigning Your Blog
    Even though I have developed hundreds of blogs and websites, I still struggle with redesigning my own site. Here they are: 1) “Blogging” Can Undermine Your Authority. Although us social media types love blogging, blog posts aren’t considered a valuable source of authoritative information by C-Level leaders. That’s why we decided to remove the label “blog” where it makes sense. I love blogging but I’m not a blogger. For example we offer a vlogging checklist with our post on how to start using video as a blogging platform. Get New Articles.
    [Blog] The Seed of Money is Service
    Attitude Blog business 'I’m reading the Magic of Thinking Big and one of the statements the author makes is: “The Seed of Money is Service.” ” It’s a profound statement worth reflecting on carefully and applying to your business practices. What the author is really talking about is that if you want to make money, you need to be willing to put the effort to justify the money you get. And whether you own a business or work at a job, service is how you demonstrate the performance that brings in more money. So what is service? Service is the seed of money.
    [Blog] Man Behind The Curtain by Michael O’Hare
    Instead of me going through each dish in this blog post, I actually don’t think I’d do it justice. 'We actually went to Man Behind The Curtain in Leeds earlier this year but the photos got lost in the dearth of my memory cards. still wanted to show you what we had though because if you haven’t been already, you really need to go. Man Behind The Curtain is the new (ish-now) restaurant by chef Michael O’Hare. He used to run the celebrated Blind Swine in York where he quickly got a reputation for producing experimental and pretty damn amazing food.
    [Blog] Why Last Week’s FTC Twitter Violation is a Total #GameChanger
    The FTC’s disclosure requirements were created to give consumers transparency when an individual receives something of value for endorsing a brand, product or service on their blog or personal social networking profile. Unfortunately, you’re not going to get everyone to read this blog post. 'Image via Shutterstock. If you haven’t been including a disclosure when you tweet about your employer or clients, now would be the time to start. Because government regulators fired the first shot across the bow last week, impacting everyone who uses Twitter for business. This one is big.
    [Blog] What Happens When You Change Your Blog Subscribers Over to a Newsletter Format?
    'About three months ago, I made the decision to change up the way my blog posts were delivered to email subscribers. The Benefits of Switching to a Newsletter Format Changing the delivery format of the blog was weird, at first. Initially, I thought this might have an impact on traffic to the blog, comments, shares, etc. I’m a fan of blog posts that invoke conversations (no matter where that may be – blog, Google+, Facebook, etc.). Comments can take place anywhere – my blog, on G+, etc. This played into reason three. have increased.
    [Blog] What are Twitter Offers & How Can a Brand use Them?
    appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'Twitter recently announced the launch of a new type of Twitter card. It is exclusive to the U.S. market right now, but plans are underway to expand it. The basic idea behind Twitter Offers is that it will allow advertisers a better way to track their ROI from Twitter. This is due to the nature of Twitter Offers being right in Twitter’s system. The system isn’t perfect, but you can use Twitter Offers for your brand to drive sales campaigns, and measure your ROI. What are Twitter Offers. When she gets to the store, she pays full price for the item.
    [Blog] Get Social Media Right: Five Things you Just Can’t Miss
    Kevan Lee of Buffer Blog wrote the ultimate guide on social metrics and gets right to the point with an emphasis on leads. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Pratik Dholakiya. There’s no doubt social media is important for businesses to engage with potential and existing customers. It’s marketing 101. Since it’s the de facto “I’ll let the world know what I think about this product or brand” medium, it’s also a unique channel where companies and businesses now face intense scrutiny. Social media is best used for engagement. hours.
    [Blog] Data for customer closeness: Is in-store finally catching up with online?
    'It seems strange to begin a retail blog post by talking about a lack of consumer data. Much of what’s currently written relates to how leading retail brands are getting closer to their customers by analysing data. But there is one area in which even the most advanced retailers know comparatively little about their customers and have very little usable data  – namely their in-store behaviour. Very few companies have even attempted to collect meaningful behavioural data in-store. None have cracked it. The benefits to retailers of data exhaust left behind by customers are clear.
    [Blog] Association Social Media: The CFA Institute
    Additionally, I oversee our member magazine and continue to help look after our organizational blogging strategy, two key editorial platforms that we hope to bring much closer together. On Twitter, our policy and advocacy messages and our blog content tend to resonate strongly. Our staff participate in live tweeting and write in-depth coverage for our blogs, which we then amplify through our various social media platforms and support with a modest investment in paid media. 1) First things first –  in what department in your organization does your role sit?  link].
    [Blog] 3 Conversion Psychology Principles to Use in Sales Copy
    For more insights on how to increase your conversion rate, check out our blog  7 Steps to Writing Copy that Sells ! The post 3 Conversion Psychology Principles to Use in Sales Copy appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'Image source. Sales people are in the business of convincing others. It may surprise you, but marketers are as well.  HubSpot’s Ginny Soskey writes that it’s crucial to understand why “other people think and act the way you do.” ” In order to convert new leads, a marketer needs deep understanding of their company’s customers.
    [Blog] How to Drill Down to Your True Target Audience
    Start by soliciting input and questions on your blog. 'Image via BigStockPhoto.com. If I could give every marketer a pop quiz, it’d only have one question: What’s the most important element in a campaign – cleverness, appearance, or relevance? Please tell me you got the right answer. It’s relevance, of course. Every marketer worth their salt has learned that message by now; all the pretty and witty creative in the world isn’t going to hook your audience unless the message actually matters to them. Yet somehow, teams keep making that classic mistake. Try becoming a buyer detective.
    [Blog] How to Create Your Cinderella Moment in 2015
    We will turn over a new leaf and put into practice all those ideas we have read in books, on blog posts and be the person who we were truly meant to be… Now just think about that… think about the pressure we are putting on ourselves…think about the effort we will have to put in to transform at midnight on New Years Eve??? 'The end of the year is looming and that makes me smile. Because we start to reflect and look forward to what we WILL achieve next year. As if one date in the whole of the 365 dates in a year is more important than anything else! Careers
    [Blog] Stand out from the Crowd: Simplicity Tips from Amy Lynn Andrews
    'If you’ve been blogging for long, you’ve no doubt heard of Amy Lynn Andrews. Plain-language blogging tips, tricks, and tutorials are Amy’s game. Amy covers everything from How to Start a Blog to How to Make Money Blogging , and sends out arguably the most useful newsletter on the planet every Sunday morning. wanted to know how the simple life made a difference to her blogging experience – if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with all we’re supposed to do and use and read and be as bloggers, I hope this is useful to you.
    [Blog] How to Use Reddit to Boost Your Marketing through the Roof
    By posting your most interesting blog articles and pieces of memorabilia to subreddits like /r/music , /r/vinyl and /r/musiccollecting , you can reach the section of Reddit that is already interested in your content and products. 'Guest post by Scott Masson. Reddit is the 30 th busiest website in the world, attracting  a whopping 56 billion pageviews and helping to popularise millions of pieces of content each year. What is Reddit and How Does it Work? Reddit is a content curation and sharing site. Reaching Your Potential Customers. Honest Marketing. Timing is Everything. East Coast.
    [Blog] The Five Communications Trends for 2015
    Given my expertise and the fact that this is a PR blog, I give you the five communications trends for 2015. This may be in the form of paid amplification (think Outbrain or Sprinklr ), sponsored content, native advertising , or sponsorships of influential blogs. We’ve stopped doing things such as deskside briefings, large events, direct mail, commenting on blogs, engaging on the social networks, and surprise packages via overnight delivery. How clever are we to get the stuffy old, SEO-laden communications trends aka predictions in here in a fun way? mean, right now.
    [Blog] A New Look at the Marketing Mix: Paid, Owned, Granted, Leased, Earned
    Owned media activities include store signage, product packaging, website and blog content, and press releases. More substantial content is better hosted on your owned media website or blog, and integrated into an email marketing program, making use of the unparalleled reach and stability of this granted media activity. 'Image via CreativeMarket.com. The paid-owned-earned (POE) media model hasn’t kept up with the times. We need new language and a new framework to describe marketers’ various channel activities to bring greater clarity to the marketing mix. Who controls the platform.
    [Blog] The One Secret You Need to Read to Increase Conversion Rates
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. Blogging for Dollars 'This is a guest contribution from Richard Akhmerov of  Devore Agency. Image via Flickr user Jerry Nihen. Have you ever thought to yourself: “ Why are some internet marketers so successful, while most are just average? ” Now, we can come up with a variety of excuses as to why they are more successful: a bigger list, better networking, more time invested… But at the end of the day, those ARE just excuses. What I’m talking about is split testing. Let’s say you did, but where did you draw the line?
    [Blog] Greek Life Goes Social: Fraternity and Sorority Digital Identity
    is a GLO-focused event planning company that offers a thoughtful  Social Media Do’s and Don’ts  blog post for leaders of campus GLOs. ” On my campus, we launched a new Greek Life Blog this semester.  Through the blog, our Fraternities and Sororities tell their stories of brother and sisterhood, organization history, campus engagement and community service.  This blog content will be helpful for recruitment and sharing some of the positive stories about Greek Life at Indiana University Southeast. The Greek Link App can be downloaded in the Apple Store. T.E.A.M.
    [Blog] Five Best Practices for Start-Up Content Marketing
    great example of this is on the Shopify “University of Ecommerce” blog. When a theme has been addressed in the past, instead of creating a new note, article or news section, go back and update the original blog post. Every Friday, they share a video on their blog, instead of an article, explaining some new theme of interest that came up during the week. 'By Cristian Rennella It’s been nearly eight years since elMejorTrato  launched, and from the first moment we focused on content marketing as a main strategy for our growth. This has two advantages.
    [Blog] Simple and Affordable Resources for Creating a Website
    Pimwi offers one design that is customizable using cards – blog postcards, contact cards, gallery image cards, Google Maps cards, menu cards, and more, including product cards for ecommerce. Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of my free 8,000+ word guide to guest blogging and become a fan on Facebook. 'There are a lot of myths that hold people back from creating their own website. You have to sign up for a ton of services. You have to learn how to design and code, or hire high-end consultants to design and code. You have to spend hundreds a month. Hosting. Website Design.
    [Blog] Monday Roundup: Storytelling
    In this still-relevant guest post for Mark Schaefer ‘s Business Grow blog, Michael Brito opines on the effect content length has on your business. 'As the holidays approach, we’re reminded daily of the importance of storytelling. From dancing snowmen, to journeys of wise men, to tiny reindeer, the spirit of the season is enriched by stories. Just like Christmas, though, the spirit of storytelling is important for business all year round. This week’s roundup features seven posts from around the web that focus on storytelling. Image: Scottish Libraries via Flickr, CC 2.0.
    [Blog] Facebook Just Told Us How to Do Facebook Marketing
    Unlike Reachpocalypse, where Facebook didn’t really say anything on the record about it until 9 months after the evidence appeared , with Promocalypse they fired  a warning shot 60+ days in advance via a post on the Facebook for Business blog (a resource I recommend you read with regularity). In that blog post (which spawned hundreds of reaction posts), Facebook called out three types of posts that would receive the Kim Jong-Un treatment: Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app. What Facebook Says You Shouldn’t Do in Your Facebook Marketing.
    [Blog] 8 Successful Content Marketing Strategies
    Make LinkedIn a core component of your content marketing strategy; for posting original content, links to your blog, and participating in groups. Planning your content marketing strategy around a once-weekly blog and monthly eBook could cause your organization to fall behind your peers. Check out our blog,  9 Pillars for a Killer Content Marketing Strategy for a comprehensive overview. The post 8 Successful Content Marketing Strategies appeared first on Writtent Blog. Blogging Content Marketing Content Strategy 'Image source. Well, you’re in luck.
    [Blog] Agile Innovation Update – December 2014
    recent FreshMinds blog post, looks at three examples of retailers excelling in this space. For more thoughts on Snapcash, check out out our blog post on its implications for retail banks. . 'Each month we bring you the  FreshMinds  Agile Innovation Update. This month we’re looking at predictions of consumer spending this Christmas, Snapchat’s peer-to-peer payments function, consumers’ attitudes to beacon triggered offers and funding in the collaborative economy. Consumers set to spend big this Christmas as digital drives purchase.
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