[Blog] Blogging and Privacy: How to Blog Authentically Without Losing Your Voice
    'Laura Tremaine’s blog is called Hollywood Housewife because she is just that – married to a movie producer and living in LA. She is a gifted writer with an interesting story to tell, and I have no doubt you’ll take away lots to think about if you’ve ever been concerned about laying out your life on the internet in blog form. _. Blog Beginnings. started blogging as a creative outlet for my writing. Blogging was just beginning to get huge, and the instant gratification of publishing on the internet was so alluring. He loves the blog.
    [Blog] 6 Essential Split Tests for WordPress Users with Nelio A/B Testing
    Split Testing Posts – This split test will help you determine if a simple tweak of the layout or content on your best blog posts could make a difference increasing conversions. Be sure to sign up for a free 14-day trial today and start learning about conversion rate optimization for your own blog or business. Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of my free 8,000+ word guide to guest blogging and become a fan on Facebook. 'Have you ever found yourself trying to make a decision about your website’s design or content? Essential Split Tests for WordPress Websites.
    [Blog] Trends for 2015
    'I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen as many “trends” an “predictions” slide decks (or blog posts) this year as in years past. Wonder why. ‘Course I didn’t have the energy to do one, but I have been deep in book writing so I think you can forgive me this time. Anyway here are three I liked. Enjoy. Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Trends to Watch in 2015 from John Haydon. Top 10 Mobile Trends 2015 from Golden Gekko. 25 Disruptive Technology Trends 2015 – 2016 from Brian Solis.
    [Blog] No One Knows Who You Are
    Even if they have heard their names, they don’t care about someone’s big blog or Instagram profile. 'It’s funny how some people feel an online profile is the most important part of their career today. Building a business or a career based on an online reputation instead of an the actual product or service can only lead to difficulties. As shocking as it may to many big online influencers, a lot of people don’t know who they are. don’t care how big you are online — in your community or nationally — you have to assume no one knows who you are.
    [Blog] Don’t Let Your Secret Sauce Kill Your Content Marketing
    Third, there is a common belief within professional services that creating content that talks about the company’s processes and ideas makes it possible for competitors to steal those ideas, and/or for potential clients to no longer need the firm because the ideas were given away on a blog (or video, or webinar, et al). 'My friend Ryan Sauers is publishing a new book called “Would You Buy From You: Your Brand Makes All the Difference.” He asked me what I thought about “secret sauce” and its impact on content marketing. Your Sauce Isn’t Secret. Probably.
    [Blog] Using Twitter for Business – The LIFT Weekly Podcast No. 4
    Related Stories Take Your Foot Off the Gas, Keep Your Hands on the Wheel Advice of Real Experts on Blogging and Social Media Own It or Rent It? 'The LIFT Weekly Podcast for Small Business Owners  Episode No. 4 – Using Twitter for Business. Twitter may seem the easiest of social networks because of its short messages, but it’s also possibly the fastest moving stream of posts (short steps = quick steps). We look at four areas, each from the standpoint of our LIFT framework (Learn, Improve, Find Flow, Think) to help you build a better business presence on Twitter. All Aboard!
    [Blog] Evolution of the Organization Pt. 1
    Part 2 of this image will be released in the next few days and I will explore these topics in more detail here in blogs, videos, and podcasts interviews. 'This concept and visual was taken from my new book, T he Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization. few weeks ago I introduced the concept of  The 14 Principles of the Future Organization  which outlines the crucial characteristics that organizations must have in order to succeed in the new business landscape that we are seeing emerge. This is part 1 of the image: Teams. Workforce.
    [Blog] 7 Myths You Believe About Freelance Copywriters
    The post 7 Myths You Believe About Freelance Copywriters appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'While  92% of marketers believe custom content is “very effective” for their business, only 62% outsource their content creation. What’s with the 30% who like content but don’t use  freelance copywriters ? There’s a good chance they fall into the category of people who believe one or more of the most common myths about freelance copywriters. Individuals who think that copywriters are unprofessional or don’t have the right business background. What can you do?
    [Blog] The Top Startup, Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Articles This Past Week
    buildbox BuildUp articles blog post building news building resources developer resources hacking hacks inspiration News products resources startup Startups tools 'BUILDBox curates the best building resources for technology entrepreneurs, daily. How Many VCs Should You Pitch for Series A£ by @NextViewVC. 12 Small Business Tools for Smooth Sailing in 2015 by Alex Ivanovs. Prioritizing Diversity In 2015 via @TechCrunch by @joelle_emerson. How to Build Online Relationships into Meaningful Networks via @msuster. Why Your Company Needs Marketing Materials via Create Business Growth.
    [Blog] Real Brand Storytelling
    blogging. marketing blog. advertisingpodcast alwaysbetesting audio bazaarvoice blog blogging brand bryaneisenberg businessbook businesspodcast buyerlegends calltoaction davidusher digitalanalyticsassociation digitalmarketing emetrics facebook google idealspot itunes jeffreyeisenberg marketingblog marketingpodcast monetate nomi searchenginestrategies tagman twitter waitingforyourcattobark 'Episode #446 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. have known Bryan Eisenberg forever. and Always Be Testing. audio.
    [Blog] Your Socks Should Match Your Trousers
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. 'It’s apparently a fashion faux pas to match the color of your socks to the color of your shoes. Yet, this is what I’ve been doing for the longest time. It’s only when I recently bought a pair of dress boots and wore them with blue jeans and white socks, sat cross-legged on a Starbucks chair, and looked down at my sock showing itself, that I turned to the internet. GQ, Men’s Fitness, and similar websites told me I was wrong. ” Reviewing my sock bin, I saw lots of blacks and browns. Thanks for reading.
    [Blog] The 6 Step Online Marketing Strategy Every Small Business Should Follow in 2015
    Thousands of new blogs and millions of new blog posts will be created over the next 12 months. This includes creating content for your own blog, guest blogging on other established blogs in your niche or a niche that complements your industry. Target the blogs where you can engage your potential customers. You’ve created a great blog with high-quality content. You have also been featured on high-traffic blogs in your niche. You can start by following their Twitter account and joining their blog’s mailing list. Blog Promotion
    [Blog] Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Jan 18 – 24, 2014
    'Week in Review  January 18 – 24, 2014: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations  and  SmallBiz Tracks (Almost) Daily Podcasts , and LIFT resources shared on Twitter ( @smallbiztracks ) This Week on ConverStations Own It or Rent It? The LIFT Weekly Podcast No. by subscribing to  Whistle Stops Weekly  email newsletter. In 2015, we launched a new podcast:  The L.I.F.T. Weekly Podcast  for Small Business Owners. The  The  SmallBiz Tracks (Almost) Daily Podcast  is now included with select ConverStations posts. Need a LIFT? Consider leaving a comment! Brain Stew Whistle Stops
    [Blog] 6 SEO Hurdles for Retailers and How to Beat Them
    Other ConverStations Posts by Larry Alton: Shocking: Most Small Businesses Don’t Have Websites Dealing With Isolation as a Small Business Owner 5 Ways to Make Your Startup Attractive With Social Media Engagement Best Practices for Your Online Business and E-commerce Brand Identity: What It Is and How to Maintain It Blogging (Effectively) During the Holiday Season Note:  Occasionally, this site will publish a post by a guest author if the content, links, and purpose is to assist small businesses in building a better presence online or offline. Follow him on  Twitter  and  LinkedIn.
    [Blog] Social Networking In Your Face
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. 'Jena Kingsley is the latest in a series of comedians to poke fun at social networking systems by forcefully interacting with people in public places and proving that our online lives are silly when taken literally. Facebook has a little-used function called a poke. Nobody truly knows how to define a poke, some thinking it is sexual and others thinking it is playful fun; but I can press a poke button and you, whether or not we’re friends, will get a notification you were poked. You can then ignore it or poke me back.
    [Blog] Credit Card Companies Know Rewards of Social Media
    Credit card companies can provide information on blogs linked to social media sites. 'Credit card companies are reaching out in all sorts of ways. From print to phone to direct mail and TV, they are covering all of the bases. One marketing platform they don’t want to forget is social media. This is an important tool for marketing that can’t be overlooked. Benefits of Being on Social Media. Smart credit card companies are not only using social media to gain new customers, but also to make their current ones even happier. Celebrity endorsements. Presence is Important.
    [Blog] Fetching Friday – 24 Posts on Marketing and Productivity
    Ways to Recycle Your Blog Posts Into Other Content Formats by Will Blunt. Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of my free 8,000+ word guide to guest blogging and become a fan on Facebook. 'Fetching Friday is back for week four of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing. 50 Amazing Resources That Will Make You a Better Writer by Jeff Haden. Reasons Your Small Business Should Start a Podcast Today by Dan Newman. Search Engine Marketing. Productivity.
    [Blog] Advertising And The Super Bowl
    conversation over at the Marketo blog caught my eye because it was about that very topic. 'How many at last year’s Super Bowl party gave more attention to the ads than to the game? And how many marketers wondered if it was worth the megabucks being charged for a few seconds of glory during the hype surrounding one football game? There is definitely change happening with Super Bowl ads, and the mass-marketing blasts of the past have been joined by digital, targeted outreach that tends to be a good bit easier to track. Who Are You Already Talking To?
    [Blog] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Scott Baradell
    Where You Can Find Scott Baradell Scott is on Twitter , LinkedIn , Google+ , YouTube , Vimeo , Pinterest , Quora , and writing for  Media Orchard  (the Idea Grove blog). 'By Gini Dietrich I first met Scott Baradell in a private Facebook group, of all places. He was hanging out in there with other smarties and I liked his sarcasm and wit, so I figured he’d make a good friend. And I was right! He is the founder of Idea Grove in Dallas and is one of the first PR professionals to use inbound marketing to build his firm. often read her Facebook posts and wonder how the heck she does it!
    [Blog] Mobile Phones: More Than Just That
    'Our conversation went from blogging to social media apps. As a mompreneur , it was important be able to stay connected from anywhere at anytime. asked if I could see her phone. “It’s more than just a phone!” ” She quickly rattled off a dozen things this device is used for, from time management to health management, along with shopping assistant and invoice administration. It’s her camera, transactions register (Square), idea and research manager (Evernote), and whiteboard ( SimpleMind ). Mobile phones? They They are more than just that.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 2015
    [Blog] Where to Find Twitter Trending Topics for your Online Marketing
    But then, one ugly day, The post Where to Find Twitter Trending Topics for your Online Marketing appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'Marketing with Twitter trending topics is a strategy that combines careful planning, even more careful research, and a bit of dumb luck. The first two aspects are what I will be looking at here. The dumb luck isn’t really luck, it’s just your planning and research striking a particular nerve and going viral. m going to show you all of the web resources that are going to help you find Twitter trending topics, and give you examples of what works.
    [Blog] The 11 Key Elements of Amazing Copywriting
    It happens when I read blogs like  this one from Writtent’s very own Karri Stover or from  HubSpot’s Marketing Blog. ” Offer a solution to a problem through great content–how-to blog posts, ebooks, and whitepapers — and your reader will want to be loyal to you. The post The 11 Key Elements of Amazing Copywriting appeared first on Writtent Blog. Blogging Copywriting 'Image source. can always tell when I’m reading amazing copywriting by the drool pooling on my desk. Those guys are just so darn good at what they do. Empathizes.
    [Blog] See What You Missed “While You Were Away” With Twitter iOS App
    'After talk about the newest update to the Twitter iOS app, Paul Rosania announced yesterday on the Twitter blog that the newest feature has launched. “While You Were Away” is a feature on the home timeline which will show users tweets they may have missed in the time they were not using the app. Rosania says, “Our goal is to help you keep up – or catch up – with your world, no matter how much time you spend on Twitter. ”  Having only launched on iOS as of now, the feature will be coming to Android and Twitter.com soon. Image from blog.twitter.com.
    [Blog] Effective Marketing from Bob the House
    He read my latest blog post about the importance of community , and that launched us into a larger conversation. 'By Laura Petrolino I know this house named Bob. That’s right, Bob. My friend. He’s a house. That’s not a metaphor. Bob is an actual house. house for sale in Illinois. According to Bob’s Twitter bio, he’s in a very family-friendly neighborhood. honestly never thought I’d be friends with a house. But I’m certainly glad I became friends with Bob because he is a fantastic case study in effective marketing.  Here are a few snippets from it. 3) Be bold.
    [Blog] The Power of Oblivious
    Related Stories Introducing Hybrid Commenting (Or Why You Need to Keep Experimenting On Your Blog) How We Deal with Disillusionment Defines How We Move Forward The Cautionary Tale of Balderdash and Hogwash. 'Every morning, I jump on the train to commute to work, and this includes using the subway when I hit downtown Toronto. Every morning, without fail, I look around and see faces buried in phones. What the owners of the phones are doing, who knows? It may be important – a sales presentation in need of fine-tuning before a make-or-break meeting. get it. Our lives are super busy.
    [Blog] How To Advertise Your New Business In Blog Posts Without Looking Too Promotional
    Sometimes we just want to advertise our new businesses in blog posts so people can quickly know the new product or service we’re selling. Here’s the truth: Millions of people visit various blogs every day to get tips that would help solve specific problems for them. So you really don’t want to look too promotional in your blog posts. In this post, I’ll be sharing two basic strategies by which you can effectively advertise your new business in blog posts without turning people off. Share your results in blog posts. Then share your results in blog posts.
    [Blog] Influencer Relations: Tips to Extend Your Current Campaigns
    Influencers Who Blog Now I want to follow the same process—using Inkybee —to find the most relevant bloggers for my PR metrics campaign. Then offer to write a guest post for them on the topic (and make sure you link to the blog post you have on your own site and use the words “PR metrics” when you link to it). You can either search for your blog (like I did in the image below) or you can search a particular post. 'By Gini Dietrich Last week we hosted a very successful webinar with Andy Crestodina. First, open Followerwonk. If not, you can sign in with Twitter.
    [Blog] Take Your Foot Off the Gas, Keep Your Hands on the Wheel
    Related Stories Capture Your Day Nobody Ever Won an Election Without Asking For a Vote Advice of Real Experts on Blogging and Social Media Own It or Rent It? 'There is a sigh of relief when I say this to business owners overwhelmed by social media. believe your business should have a presence on every platform or network your potential customers and intended audience are active. Having a presence does not mean become an award-winning, stream-hogging, featured user on these platforms. There was a time that a business would get a listing in each phone book of their service area.
    [Blog] What The Dover Police and Maroon V Can Teach You About Viral Content
    'Have you ever wondered what it would be like to produce blog post or video that went viral? Today, I''m looking at two viral videos that got me thinking about the formula for viral content. We''ll review 4 principles to get us started. content marketing
    [Blog] Do you need a Plan B for your business?
    Blog business 'I’m reading the DNA of the Resilient Organization by Sandra Suran. In it she makes an interesting point about developing a Plan B for your business. She argues that making a plan B for your business becomes a distraction from your original plan and invites negative thinking and pessimism into the equation because you are essentially planning for your failure. It’s an interesting point to make. My own approach to planning for my business or helping someone else plan their business is to focus on creating a plan for a specific span of time.
    [Blog] Make Money on SoundCloud: RouteNote & SoundCloud Merger
    From the official NASA SoundCloud account: The post Make Money on SoundCloud: RouteNote & SoundCloud Merger appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'Everyone seems to want to make money on SoundCloud. Record labels are salivating at the chance to get at more money through online monetization. And, heck, even the artists themselves might get a slice. recent announcement that has been overlooked that will impact how people make money on SoundCloud came from RouteNote last week. If you want to make money on SoundCloud, getting familiar with who they are and what they do is necessary.
    [Blog] Why Every Entrepreneur Must Become a Blogger
    You’ve heard about this blogging stuff. Is blogging really worth it? Knowledge is ever exploding and your competition probably just started their blog yesterday. Do you still need a blog? And you can doing that by starting with a simple blog post. It’s not that blogging is some kind of magic, it’s what it does. So much is happening from your blog article. ve seen many business owners talk about the world and everything in it when blogging. Once you blog and gather traffic, you want to establish that trust even farther and get their email.
    [Blog] 5 SEO Writing Techniques to Consider in 2015
    Creating detailed outlines for your articles, blog posts, and web copy in advance does several things for you. The post 5 SEO Writing Techniques to Consider in 2015 appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'SEO writing techniques? It might be 2015, but content and search engine optimization still go hand in hand. What’s the point of high quality writing that ends up on page 40 of Google’s search results? Nobody will see it. Likewise, if your material isn’t worth reading and does not serve its purpose, your page one rankings aren’t going to do much for you. Use a calendar. Create outlines.
    [Blog] Got goals for content marketing, SEO?
    'Marketing blogging Content Marketing SEO
    [Blog] How to Create Time for Writing Great Content
    We all know about the many amazing benefits of blogging , writing, self-publishing, and other forms of content marketing. 'Image via BigStockPhoto.com. But one of the hardest parts is actually finding the time to sit down, write, and create content! ve heard from so many people who want to write more or create more content for their businesses but just have so much trouble finding the time and making it a habit. Below are seven tips for finding time in your busy schedule to get your butt in your writing seat and create awesome content. Do other work between writing sessions. Say “no”.
    [Blog] 500 Top-Tier Publishers Tell You What They Want from Content Marketers
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Kelsey Libert from  Fra ctl. The good news: Content is here to stay as a digital marketing powerhouse, giving marketers more opportunities than ever to tune their SEO goals for every stage of the buying cycle. The bad news: The boom in content marketing has resulted in a veritable avalanche of email for publishers. In fact, some top-tier publishers receive over 300 pitches a day – more than 3x the email volume of the average worker. What does this mean? Pitch Perfect Subject Lines. Speak to Their Beat.
    [Blog] Use Media Relations to Get on the First Page of Google
    'By Gini Dietrich Last week I wrote a blog post about how to use an editorial calendar to create lots of content ideas from one topic. ” It’s such a good question, it deserves it’s own blog post. When I write a new piece for OPEN or I get columns placed with the three listed above, I link to one of our PR metrics blog posts. also use the term “ PR metrics ” when I link to a Spin Sucks blog post (like I did there). would like to be in the number one spot in search results just from our blog posts. The short answer is no.
    [Blog] How Popularity Ends
    Big and small, company’s are tired of the latest gimmick (You need blogs. 'Popular things can begin to grate on you. Sometimes you wonder when people are going to stop sharing or talking about X item. The good news for the terminally bored is that popularity can and often does end. The bad news is popular brands and personalities may not like that. Of course, something else will become popular and we can all suffer through the trivial presence of and conversation about new popular thing Y. select few popular brands will be smart enough to evolve and maintain their popularity.
    [Blog] 28 (of the) Best LinkedIn Marketing Guides of 2014
    Writing and Sharing on LinkedIn Just Got Easier by LinkedIn Official Blog. Writing that “Whatever your style, your subject, your background, we’ve made it easier than ever to share insights and ideas with the world in a blog post,” Akshay Kothari shares tips for making the most of LinkedIn’s redesigned publishing features, from picking a vibrant visual (adding a “cover photo to make your post stand out”) to concentrating more on the quality of the content than any certain length. Image credit: Cox Business. What type of content works best on LinkedIn?
    [Blog] Advice of Real Experts on Blogging and Social Media
    Advice of Real Experts on Blogging and Social Media is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Advice of Real Experts on Blogging and Social Media ! Blogging Social Media 'Your customers may not be professional bloggers or social media experts, but they may offer you the best advice on what, when, and where to post. Experts might tell you to stop posting quote/photo memes – but your customers might love those pick-me-ups. Experts may urge you to write longer posts – but your customers might not take time to read those novellas.
    [Blog] Remembering Leon Noone
    Every interaction with him, whether it was a comment on a blog post, or a personal email exchange, was guaranteed to leave you smiling. His very first comment on this blog was a great pointer on the always enjoyable interactions that were to follow. “Blogging’s important. 'A lot of people will tell you that the internet isn’t a real place, and you can’t forge friendships and relationships that are purely virtual in nature. Leon Noone made a mockery of that belief. typical Australian bloke, Leon was as blunt as he was funny. Marketing it ain’t.
    [Blog] 3 Decembers of Twitter Data
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. Related Stories Blog Visits Increase Despite No Tweeting No Thanks, @BostonGlobe Stop Shopping. 'I invite you to rewind to December 2012, December 2013, and December 2014 and observe how my tweeting evolved… These tweets are from December 2012. These tweets are from December 2013. These tweets are from December 2014. Of note, the number of replies increased every year — to the extent that last month saw more replies than the other two months combined. It’s a personal preference. Weird. Is that the morning animal?
    [Blog] Modern Media: How to Build Your Business Reputation
    For example, if you do not enjoy blogging it’s not likely you will do it consistently, and that sends alone sends a message. Awareness Blogging Community content marketing How-To Marketing Online Marketing Podcast Small Business Social Business Social Media Trends blogging business reputation communication community customers Gini Dietrich Jeff Korhan media relationships social media Spin Sucks stories Storytelling video 'Listen to the Episode Below. Download. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Discover What is New for Business.
    [Blog] 12 Social Media Tools for Scheduling and Publishing Updates Compared
    Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of my free 8,000+ word guide to guest blogging and become a fan on Facebook. 'In the never ending search for tools to make social media management simpler, I decided to research several tools that help you update multiple social media networks in one place. In this post, I wanted to share my findings for others who are also in the process of choosing a social media publishing tool for their business. Social Media Tools Compared. The following are the social media tools for scheduling and publishing updates that I chose to research. AgoraPulse. Buffer.
    [Blog] How To Sabotage Your Marketing Efforts
    ” These two statements from Seth’s blog highlight the most common way a business will sabotage its marketing efforts: the promise being made in the marketing does not get kept when the customer actually asks for that promise to be fulfilled. . 'You can have amazing SEO strategies, great PPC campaigns, and the kind of content on your site that Google loves and still end up with a big marketing problem if your customer service stinks. You can’t see it but it’s happening, daily.” Marketing Is One Part Of A Non-Divisible Whole.
    [Blog] Stay a Step Ahead on Social Media: Tips from SMX Social in Las Vegas
    You read one of those blog posts that says mid-afternoon is the ideal time to post on Facebook. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Paul Zubrinich of  Little Web Giants. Late last year, I returned from the biggest social media marketing conference in the world, SMX Social in Las Vegas. There were experts from all fields of social media and a wealth of new ideas floating about. Here are some of the takeaways. ROI is more than conversions. Facebook News Feed is like email with a 100% open rate” – Beth Horn, Facebook. Think about this scenario.
    [Blog] Myth: Content must be visual in 2015
    No need to flip a page, or scroll through a blog post when all you have to do is change the volume to level you prefer. 'As digital marketers, many of us realize the need for visual content. There are more visually appealing social channels then we can count – but of course you have the usual suspects such as Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest and more. Should you have visual content? Should it be your only content? Not necessarily. An old medium, but great engaging content. Why did it work? The key was the story. The history and storyline were true.
    [Blog] EGC is the Key Content Marketing Trend
    Typically, we think of content creation from employees as writing; as a blog post, or a white paper, or as an e-book, but sometimes it’s much easier for team members to create content in a different format that’s easier and more comfortable for them. Fast-forward 20 years, and I’m writing this blog post for you. 'EGC is 2015’s most powerful marketing abbreviation. We’ve talked for years about UGC – user generated content – but now we find that perhaps the best source of great content is instead EGC – employee generated content.
    [Blog] Own It or Rent It? – The LIFT Weekly Podcast No. 3
    When it comes to building your online business presence, you have choices of both your owned space (website, blog) and rented space (social networks). You should develop your website and blog on your own domain, while still developing a presence on rented space such as Facebook and Twitter. 'The LIFT Weekly Podcast for Small Business Owners  Episode No. 3 – Your Business Presence: Own It or Rent It? Would you rather own your business space or rent it? Depending on the business, either might make the best sense. It’s rented property. All Aboard! Social Media
    [Blog] How to Load Bootstrap Faster in 5 Easy Steps
    Blogging Tutorials 'How can you make Bootstrap load faster? Thousands of websites use Bootstrap for developing a great mobile first website easily and is an essential web design element. Bootstrap scripts and. more » Read full original article at How to Load Bootstrap Faster in 5 Easy Steps ©2015 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved.
    [Blog] Frock Swap: Saying goodbye to my Joy skirt
    I’ve featured this skirt on the blog before (where it looked almost neon in the pics…but it’s not) and I absolutely love it to bits…until it’s on me. If I’m honest, it’s probably the one personal style post on my blog that I don’t think actually fits with my style. 'As most of you know, I’m doing the 100 day spending ban (clothes, makeup and skincare) with a few other fashion and personal style bloggers and they very kindly invited me to take part in their annual frock swap too, to ease the pain of the spending ban! Gutted.
    [Blog] BUILDBox – The Top Startup, Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Articles This Past Week
    How Blogging Affects Your Bottom Line. Elad Blog: The 3 Types of “Platform” Companies via @eladgil. Entrepreneurship News articles blog post buildbox building news building resources developer resources hacking hacks inspiration products resources startup Startups tools 'BUILDBox curates the best building resources for technology entrepreneurs, daily. BUILDBox. How ‘venture builders’ are changing the startup model via @VentureBeat |. Discuss the Ideal Exit with Investors by @davidcummings on Startups. Always Be Creating by @99U. by @wndxlori.
    [Blog] Man Behind The Curtain & Saying Goodbye to my Hair Extensions
    This weekend has been all about getting ready to go on holiday (including welcoming my mother-in-law who’s house sitting) and catching up on blog posts – check out Architect’s new Blow Dry Bar/Up-do Service in Headingley and drool over to some pics from Zucco in Meanwood. 'Hello hello…happy Sunday everyone. We We went to The Man Behind The Curtain with friends this week for some gastronomic loveliness. Michael, as usual, didn’t disappoint! click that link to see my post with more detail from last time we went). So, I’ll see you in three weeks time!
    [Blog] The Internet Is The Answer
    blogging. marketing blog. advertisingpodcast audio blog blogging brand businessbook businesspodcast davidusher digitalmarketing dontapscott facebook google itunes marketingblog marketingpodcast thedigitaleconomy twitter 'Episode #445 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Don Tapscott could well be an international treasure when it comes to the Internet and the digital economy. He recently published a majorly updated version of his seminal book, The Digital Economy. So much has changed. audio. brand. google.
    [Blog] A Powerful Exercise inside Google Analytics to Set You Up for a Successful Year of Blogging
    Today I wanted to share with you an exercise that I do on my blogs at the end of every year that helps me to grow my blogs in the year that follows. find that it both inspires me to get moving on the new year of blogging but also gives me some starting points for direction for the new year. It all starts for me in Google Analytics (the tool I use to track how my blogs are performing). Note : all the screenshots in this post are stats from my main blog Digital Photography School (dPS). Lets compare the two for my blog. Miscellaneous Blog Tips
    [Blog] Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, Jan 11 – 17, 2014
    'Week in Review  January 11 – 17, 2014: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations  and  SmallBiz Tracks (Almost) Daily Podcasts , and LIFT resources shared on Twitter ( @smallbiztracks ) This Week on ConverStations ConverStations blog posts you may have missed this week: Creating Additional Revenues: The LIFT Weekly Podcast No. by subscribing to  Whistle Stops Weekly  email newsletter. In 2015, we launch a new podcast:  The L.I.F.T. Weekly Podcast  for Small Business Owners. The  The  SmallBiz Tracks (Almost) Daily Podcast  is now included with select ConverStations posts. Need a LIFT?
    [Blog] Zucco: Delicious Italian Food in Meanwood (Leeds)
    I’ll try and help you see the error of your ways with this blog post. I’ve been meaning to blog about Zucco for a while, but as usual life often gets in the way of my blogging schedule. 'If you haven’t already been to Zucco in Meanwood (Leeds) for their Italian food, you need to rectify that. It’s one of my favourite restaurants in Leeds you see at the moment. Zucco specialise in freshly prepared Italian small plates and they do it very well. For starters, the prosecco is £3.15 a glass…whaaaaaaat?! That’s far cheaper than anywhere else.
    [Blog] Content Marketing Food Groups
    You can’t have a content strategy or blog strategy that is solely based around your product features and functionality. 'Marketing professionals wonder what makes for a great mix of content. It will be too boring and the goal is to have people looking forward to the next time you hit the publish button. The team at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has a model they follow that I feel is one of the best I’ve seen when it comes to content marketing best practices. Powered by WP Bannerize. Content Marketing Social Media Tips content marketing infograph
    [Blog] BUILDUP Radio Episode 2 – Semil Shah on How Can Underrepresented Minorities In Tech (URM) Can Build Bridges With Investors
    Semil wrote about “minorities in tech, startups, and investing via his blog and since then curated a URM Twitter list and continues to share suggested solutions via his blog SemilShah.co. 'As the conversation about Underrepresented Minorities In Tech (URM) continues to evolve from meritocracy, to work force numbers, to can you name more than five African-American tech founders in Silicon Valley/ San Francisco Bay Area some investors acknowledge they haven’t been pitched from a “URM” and some wonder what can they do to about it. Take a listen below.
    [Blog] How To Think About Mobile Advertising
    If you''re looking at clickthroughs on mobile ads, just refer yourself back to the top of this blog post. 'Mobile ads are not Internet ads. Mobile ads are not like other ads. Marketers can say whatever they want about advertising. Many brands feel that it is all about the message being consistent across all platforms. Other brands believe that the message should be contextually relevant within the myriad of platforms and channels that their messages now appear. There is a case to be made for both sides. As a consumer, how often have you clicked on a mobile ad. by accident? subtle shift.
    [Blog] Instagram Cleans House and Disgruntles Many Users
    BBC explains that Instgram warned this cleanup would be coming: Instagram had warned its users that the deletion was coming in a blog post earlier this month. 'Recently Instagram decided to do a major cleanup, removing many users that were deemed “inactive” or gained by false means. Just before 2014 closed up, Instagram decided to delete accounts that were considered spammy or inactive. They pulled millions of spam or “bot” accounts from the ranks, causing many users to lose oodles of fans that were following them. Akon was one of the hardest hit, losing 2.5 Justin Bieber also lost 3.5
    [Blog] Fetching Friday – 32 Posts on Online Marketing and Productivity
    Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of my free 8,000+ word guide to guest blogging and become a fan on Facebook. 'Fetching Friday is back for week three of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing. Book Writing Productivity Hacks by Nicholas Carlson. FORCEdraft Doesn’t Let You Quit Writing Until You Hit Your Goal by Tori Reid. 25 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to WordPress by John Rampton. Dead-Simple Ways to Improve Slide Decks by Erica Mcgillivray.
    [Blog] The Call to Action: Still a Key Component of Contemporary Business Ownership
    The first is the use of high quality blog posts, which can be published either on your own website or through on a relevant alternative online resource. 'Even in a perpetually changing business world, there are some elements and key factors that remain constant. These can be found across individual disciplines and business sectors, from sales and manufacturing the marketing techniques used to promote brands. As a result of this, the ‘call-to-action’ remains a crucial marketing technique that can help to drive traffic and sales conversions over time. Acquisitions Tips
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2015
    [Blog] How to Get More Pinterest Followers Fast
    Try it it like this: Follow the Devumi Blog Pinterest board for my posts right in your Pinterest account! The post How to Get More Pinterest Followers Fast appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'If you want to get more Pinterest followers fast on your business account, read on for 8 tips that will see your content getting followers, repins, and likes. The bonus out of all of this will be your website receiving more targeted traffic – and we all want that! How to get more Pinterest followers fast! The most important aspect of Pinterest is content curation. It’s your job to listen!
    [Blog] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Martin Waxman
    Where You Can Find Martin Waxman An early adopter of the social networks, Martin can be found on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn ,  Slideshare , his blog , every week as my co-host on Inside PR , and even writing here on Spin Sucks. 'By Gini Dietrich I am very excited to bring you today’s Spin Sucks Inquisition. Martin Waxman and I have been friends for a very long time. Long before this whole social media thing was a thing. Long before people met online. Long before…never mind, this is making me sound old. What is the Biggest Mistake You’ve Made in Your Career?
    [Blog] Job Boards Becoming More Social
    Utilize sharing features – On social media, you can easily share an article with friends, ‘like’ someone’s post, retweet a blog post, ‘favorite’ an Instagram image and so on and so forth. 'If you need a job, you most likely will turn to a job board such as Careerbuilder.com, Monster.com or Indeed.com. Job boards allow you to search by job title, keyword, company name, location, whether you want full-time or part-time and more. The search can be as specific or as general as you like. Social media, though, is the new up-and-coming way to find a job.
    [Blog] How 4 Social Media Predictions Impact Email Marketers
    Building an audience on more stable granted media like email marketing and hosting long shelf-life content on owned media like your website or blog is wiser at this point. 'Image via BigStockPhoto.com. The social and email marketing channels are increasingly intertwined. So when I read this great collection of 30+ Social Media Predictions for 2015 , it immediately had me thinking about how they affect email marketers. Here are four of my favorite social media predictions and how they impact marketers’ use of email: ( Tweet This ). Tweet This ). Siloed messaging is dying. Tweet This ).
    [Blog] How to Get Better Results From Your Content
    Today, I’ll use our Profitable Content Methodology to dissect what makes a “great blog post.” blog post is built from these parts: Headline. Each of these parts contributes to a high-performing blog post. Next, think through what a great blog post is supposed to do. We believe that a successful blog posts should: 1. Blog Post Sessions (or views): How many people viewed the blog post? We can’t achieve any results if the reader doesn’t feel that the blog post isn’t worth 3-4 minutes of their time. Thankfully this isn’t true.
    [Blog] How to Change WordPress Login Page Logo & Background
    Blogging Tutorials WordPress 'Did you know you change the WordPress login screen logo and background easily. Just as you have a custom WordPress theme and a unique site design, why should you not. more » Read full original article at How to Change WordPress Login Page Logo & Background ©2015 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved.
    [Blog] Filtering Out Google Analytics Junk to Read Your Numbers Better
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. Web developers, content managers, marketing teams, and many other online professionals rely on Google Analytics to understand visitor trends. However, you can run into a significant amount of noise, which can skew your Google Analytics numbers and your subsequent interpretations of this data. Luckily, you can filter out certain types of traffic, so that your numbers don’t get watered down by your own traffic, Web crawlers, or duplicated because of web address letter case discrepancies. General
    [Blog] Why your Lead Referral Group needs a Board of Directors
    Blog networking 'When you join a leads referral group, you probably don’t expect it to be run like a business. After all, you are going to the meeting to network and ideally pass leads, but if you think about it the question you should ask is why isn’t this group run like a business. The majority of people attending such a group either own a business or are in a position of authority. They all know something about running a business and they are all going to the group with the purpose of growing their business. Does your lead referral group have a board of directors?
    [Blog] Understanding the Mechanics of Measurement
    What blog posts are they reading? View comments in your forums or blog (Hint: this is a great place to find future content). As for sharing and engagement, how often are your prospects sharing your blog posts, community content, or other website content? How often are they commenting on your blog posts or in your online community? Keep up with the latest analytics news through Google Analytics blog , KiSSMetrics blog , Avanish Kaushik’s blog , and  the Crazy Egg Blog — to name a few. That means understanding the mechanics of measurement.
    [Blog] Introducing Hybrid Commenting (Or Why You Need to Keep Experimenting On Your Blog)
    slight riff on Canadian media legend Marshall McLuhan’s famous “the media is the message” quote , the conversations around a blog post are no longer the sole domain of the blog post itself. Now, as much as I love comments on a blog post being on the blog so people can see everything in one place, I’m also seeing fascinating discussions around posts on Google+ – moreso than on Livefyre, where many comments would be from long-time community members. Insights blog comments community The Medium Is the Owner of the Message.
    [Blog] 5 Reasons to Use Social Media Even If It’s Not Driving (Free) Traffic
    But should you stop using social media sites because they aren’t driving your websites and blogs enough organic traffic anymore? Copyblogger, for example, creates a discussion on LinkedIn after they’ve published a new post on their blog. This opens up opportune avenues for them to discuss a particular topic on a deeper level, engage with the audience, ask for their feedback, and collect out-of-the-box ideas for future blog posts and content in other formats. Driving traffic to your websites and blogs should be one of the reasons to use social media, but not the only one.
    [Blog] The Best of Association Social Media 2014
    In wrapping up this year, I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our SocialFish contributors in 2014 – your content has been fantastic and I love that this blog is an amalgam of so many voices. In 2015, I’d like the SocialFish blog to be even more about YOU. 'So here we are, in a new year. And what a year 2014 was. Lindy’s happily ensconced at ICF working on some really awesome public health projects. Jamie and I  wrote another book  (out soon! You will hear lots more about it!). can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring! Centscere. Teem’d. PwrdBy.
    [Blog] Reciprocity: Anticipate Rather Than Expect
    If they have a blog, I’ll look that over. 'There is a theory that human nature behaves within a law of reciprocity in a ‘what goes around comes around’ type of flow. If If you buy me a cup of coffee, it’s likely I will do my best to pick up the tab next time or make up for it soon. This was apparent and accepted in the early days of social networking. If you followed someone on Twitter, they were likely to follow you back. If you chose to Like their Facebook page or post, they would find something to Like of yours in return. Should I stop sharing their stuff?
    [Blog] Fastest Way to Take Screenshots with Dropbox
    Blogging Tutorials Dropbox 'What is the fastest way to take screenshots and save to Dropbox storage? Well Well I used to take the long way of press Print Screen key, then paste screenshot into my. Read more Read full original article at Fastest Way to Take Screenshots with Dropbox ©2015 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved.
    [Blog] Filmmakers: 5 Reasons to Choose Vimeo over YouTube!
    appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'For the average person, YouTube will do just fine as a video sharing platform. For serious filmmakers trying to get their films out there, and meet a community of like-minded individuals, there are a number of reason to choose Vimeo instead of YouTube. Here are five reason that will back up that lofty claim, along with plenty of examples to amp up the fun factor! 5 Reasons Vimeo is better than YouTube for filmmakers Youtube is the King of Video Content Volume. There is absolutely no disputing that. That wasn’t a typo: 6,000,000,000 hours. YouTube?
    [Blog] 7 Tips on Finding the Best Freelance Writer for Your Blog
    This can range from an extensive training to basic directions for each blog post, depending on your needs. For more insights and hacks, check out  10 Super Tips for Managing Freelance Writers  on the Writtent blog! The post 7 Tips on Finding the Best Freelance Writer for Your Blog appeared first on Writtent Blog. Blogging Online Marketing 'You’ve decided to make the leap, and use a  freelance writer for your marketing copywriting. Great, everyone’s doing it. But how do you avoid getting burned badly? Evaluate Breadth of Experience. mage source.
    [Blog] 6 Tips for “Civilizing” Your Comments Section
    One of the reasons blogs have become so popular is because of their social nature. The ability for people to leave comments and get replies from the author is precisely why blogs won out over static websites. In the digital age, a well-done blog can be a launching platform for a lucrative career. Implement these 6 tips, and hopefully your blog will remain civil, sane, and scalable to boot! General Web How To Micro Blogging Blogging Comments Section content marketing 'Image courtesy of Shutterstock.com. So, what can we do? 1 ) Write a Comment Policy.
    [Blog] Business Communication: How to Build Relationships with Technology
    He is also a Hall of Fame speaker, former Editor-in-Chief for AT&T’s blog, and former Chief Enterprise Blogger for Skype. Awareness Community content marketing How-To Marketing Podcast Selling Small Business Social Business Social Media Success Technology blogging built-in social business communications Business Marketing communication community eyejot Jeff Korhan klout matters relationships skype social media Terry Brock 'Listen to the Episode Below. Download. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Discover What is New for Business. Key Take-Aways.
    [Blog] Why Visuals are Running Our Daily Lives
    Blog Featured 'It’s been estimated that over 60% of the population are visual learners and rely heavily on data representations in order to retain information. Though the human experience is a cumulative of all five of our senses giving us an accurate account of the world around us, we rely most heavily on our vision. The brain processes images as a whole, taking in massive amounts of real life “snapshots” all at once to paint a picture of what we see. Reading, on the other hand, works as a linear process going one word at a time. An infographic we see every day.
    [Blog] Beyond SEO: The Power of Brand Building
    As you develop a blog content editorial calendar, always start with your core services. With web copy and your blog, write for brand first and, if done right, the keywords you want to rank for will naturally come out. Identify the two to three services your firm excels at and focus on generating website and blog content for those. have read your blog for years and it has a stellar reputation in the industry.” 'By Jeremy Durant With content creation there is an obsession with SEO—and rightfully so. You do. When telling your story, the ultimate goal is brand building.
    [Blog] Infographic: 11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs
    Blogging is without a doubt integral to online content marketing techniques and strategies for a myriad of reasons. In detail, here are the four major accounts why online marketers need to blog as far as promoting a business is concern: 1. blog provides online marketers the opportunity to create relevant content for the consumers. In saying this, it is important for online marketers to turn the blog into a foundation for all the company’s social media platforms. Blogs increase the website’s SEO. There are two important parts of a blog that must be ironed out.
    [Blog] How To Multiply Content and SEO From One Event
    These pages of information are also excellent starting points for blog posts and articles in the future. 'There is a good way to take an event your business hosts, like a workshop or seminar, and turn it into a lot of opportunities for SEO. Think of it as a big box of stuff you can unpack, label, and put where it can be used. Unpack The Content From The Event. There has been a lot of information generated for your event, right? How would someone looking for information ask about it? Prioritize the topics people have clicked on and see what happens. Label Each Page Correctly For SEO.
    [Blog] How to Generate the First Customers for our New Online Startup?
    ” I recommend following him on his blog, which is priceless: PaulGraham.com. 'At the time of starting –as also happened to us—, most of the founders of an Internet startup focus primarily on the server’s technology, database and graphic interface. We really believe that, as our work is going to be brilliant, users will love to come by themselves. Unfortunately this statement is far from reality; the discipline for thinking of a strategy in order to generate new customers is just as important to succeeding like any other aspect of business. It is physical work. Use personal media.
    [Blog] Dazzle & Connect With Your Audience with these 7 Storytelling Strategies
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'Image via Flickr user Digital Paradox. This is a guest contribution from writer Thai Nguyen. After finally asking the young lady for a date, the nervous young man asked his father how to avoid moments of awkward silence. His father quickly responded, “Son, when it comes to conversation, all you have to remember are three things: food, family, and philosophy, and you’ll have plenty to talk about”. The night of the date came, and so did the awkward silence. Recalling his father’s advice, he quickly asked about food: “Mary, do you like asparagus?”.
    [Blog] An Editorial Calendar Equals Lots of Content from One Idea
    ” In some cases, I have blog posts percolating in my head for several days, as I research and learn more. But, there is a better way to plan your content, which is actually what I do at least once a month to give blog posts lots of legs. I created a content map using a blog post I wrote on how to produce content that gets read and shared. “Writing blog posts,” then, becomes the main topic. The sub-theme is more refined, such as “tricks to writing popular blog posts” and “ generate blog post ideas.” 'By Gini Dietrich.
    [Blog] Essential Nonprofit Software of 2014
    They also share nonprofit fundraising best practices on their blog and offer custom pricing tailored to the specific software features your organization needs. 'As we watch some of our wildest sci-fi fantasies become reality , the potential of technology seems limitless. From fax machines, to email, to smartwatches, technology has transformed the way the world does business. But with the wealth of business tools and technology available, creating a consideration set for your business can seem like a monumental project. percent. Grant Management Software. After their recent version 4.0
    [Blog] 19 More Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides
    Noting that “Each social media operates a bit differently, and each brand’s followers have their own preferences and moods…(so) there is no One-Size-Fits-All trick or strategy” for “perfect” social media posts, Irfan Ahmad shares the essential elements of a highly shareable blog post along with an infographic showing best practices for promoting content on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+. Social Media 101: Branding for the PR-impaired marketer by MarketingSherpa Blog. Image credit: KISSmetrics.
    [Blog] How To Get Your Team To Create More Consistent Content
    Blog ideas go in, but sometimes content never comes out. “By re-examining our workflow, we were able to send 75% fewer emails than before about upcoming blog posts.” ” So, what is the best way to create consistent content for your own blog? Raven had always used a calendar to manage their WordPress blog, but as Arienne describes , it was missing the frills that truly began to save them a ton of time and keep them on track. “With CoSchedule, you can communicate essential details about a particular blog post all in one place.”
    [Blog] Earned Media ROI in Three Steps
    If you wrote a guest post (which is the easiest and most reliable way to do this since you have greater control over content and linking), place a link in the content as you would for a blog on your own site, which directs to a landing page. 'By Laura Petrolino Do you want to be in the New York Times ? Maybe a mention in The Wall Street Journal ? How about a feature article in TechCrunch or VentureBeat? What’s your earned media “wish list” and why? What are the goals of placements in your wish list publications? What do they read? People are essentially lazy. Badda Bing Badda Boom LEAD!
    [Blog] Optimize Your LinkedIn Efforts
    These are helpful suggestions that may be exactly what you are looking for: Learn how to unsubscribe from blog posts and unclutter your inbox. We have talked about LinkedIn a lot in past blog posts because it currently is the best social media platform for business networking. 'Search Engine Journal has consistently been a source of good ideas. Recently, Kristi Hines’  10 LinkedIn Tips and Strategies You Need To Know  has some great ones. Changing the frequency of a group digest can make life less hectic. Seeing where you rank can help focus strategies. is a good idea.
    [Blog] 10 Simple Hacks That Will Increase Your Blog Traffic
    Of course, you know that writing more blog posts will increase your blog traffic. If one blog post results in an average of 200 visits, then two blog posts should magically turn into 400 visits. What if there was a way to increase your blog traffic  without creating more content? Just recently, we began publishing one less post per week on the CoSchedule blog. We decided to blog smarter, and not just harder. Here are the 10 ‘hacks’ that we used to optimize traffic on our own blog. Make Your Blog Load Faster. Voila! But, that sucks.
    [Blog] Easy A/B Testing with Visual Website Optimizer
    Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of my free 8,000+ word guide to guest blogging and become a fan on Facebook. 'I have a confession to make. For the longest time, when I read about A/B testing, I thought it would be difficult. So I didn’t do it, even though I knew that A/B testing gives you the chance to optimize your website for conversions. But then I got the opportunity to review Visual Website Optimizer and found out that it wasn’t difficult to do at all. In this post, I’m going to take you through the steps of setting up a simple A/B testing campaign. Reviews
    [Blog] Monday Roundup: New Beginnings
    How Do You Start Over After Building a Successful Blog? Why: How does one start from scratch after building a successful blog and community? Is Your Self-perception Killing Your Blog? 'Even though the new year is barely two weeks old, it’s easy to fall back into old routines and habits. To help you avoid that trap, this week’s roundup features seven posts from around the web that might help you craft new beginnings for old issues, as it were. Enjoy! Image: mario via Flickr, CC 2.0. This is a remarkable read. Falling Behind on Content?
    [Blog] 2015: The Year of Brand Publishing
    By utilizing brand publishing, the DriveTime blog and social media pages have evolved into an incredible resource for car enthusiasts and timely lifestyle readers. Xerox is well known for their printers and copiers, but in an effort to become more of a household name, they’ve launched their blog Real Business to “see how [they''re] working with companies like yours to reduce costs, delight customers and grow your business.” 'Have you ever thought of your small brand as a publisher? Need some inspiration? Here are four brands that dominate brand publishing: GoPro.
    [Blog] How Social Media Affects Search
    How to use your website/blog as a networking tool and cross the streams across weak connections. 'By Gini Dietrich. It’s our first webinar of the year and we kick it off with the one and only Andy Crestodina. For those of you who don’t know Andy, he is the co-founder and strategic director at Orbit Media, a web design and development firm in Chicago. He also hosted our second most popular webinar in 2014 so you know you’re going to get something good. Here’s the thing about this webinar. How Social Media Affects Search. Webinar Details. CT, 10 a.m. MT, and 9 a.m.
    [Blog] Creating Additional Revenues – The LIFT Weekly Podcast No. 2
    The answers might be your next eBook or blog series. 'The LIFT Weekly Podcast for Small Business Owners  Episode No. 2 – Creating Additional Revenues. When looking to increase revenue, owners look for new business, new products, better margins, cutting costs. All are good ways to increase business. There are other ways to increase revenue  - many by doing a lot of what you’re already doing. Capture Your Day : Questions from Customers; Images of Process or Production; Sayings and Mantras you Repeat Often. Passive Income : Earn while you sleep. LIFT Resources. And you…?
    [Blog] The Internet Is Not The Answer
    blogging. marketing blog. advertisingpodcast advertisingweek andrewkeen audio blog blogging brand businessbook businesspodcast davidusher digitalmarketing digitalvertigo facebook gigaom google itunes marketingblog marketingpodcast mathewingram thecultoftheamateur theinternetisnottheanswer twitter 'Episode #444 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. On Monday, January 26th, 2015 in Toronto, I will be taking part in a live public debate with Andrew Keen abut the value and merits of the Internet. andrew keen.
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