[Blog] 7 Awesome eCommerce Platforms For Small Businesses
    modern admin interface, build-in blog interface, and apps available for almost any advanced functionality, make Shopify a viable option. WooCommerce is built on the back of WordPress blogging platform. You can also use Selz widgets on your pre-existing blog or website as opposed to having a complete store. Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of my free 8,000+ word guide to guest blogging and become a fan on Facebook. 'The ‘click and order’ trend is undergoing a major shift. As consumers increasingly turn to their PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc. PrestaShop.
    [Blog] 6 Internal Links Your Site Should Have
    But, as Ben Acheson points out on Search Engine People Blog, “ 6 Ways to Use Internal Links (The Next Key SEO Tactic?) ” it’s getting even more important. Link Blog and News Content to Products and Categories  – always a logical and valuable way to add to your optimization. 'Did you know that internal links are powerful SEO tools? “Sure,” you say, “I learned that way back at the beginning.” ” And it’s true, internal links on your site are basic SEO stuff. Always. link building internal links links online health checkup
    [Blog] 7 Roles of the Savvy Content Marketer
    The content marketer isn’t a glorified account executive who can talk about Facebook and blogging. A little CSS knowledge give you the ability to add personality and flair to your websites and blog. PHP is the underlying language that runs WordPress blogs and you can use it customize your WordPress blog and customize your content. 'A content marketer is a different species of professional. I’ve been helping businesses market themselves for 18 years and have seen the marketer evolve since the early 90’s. They went from direct mail specialists to media specialists.
    [Blog] 5 Marketing Myths
    In actuality, a small group of blogging voices laud these best practices and ideas based on their experiences or beliefs, which for all intents and purposes are valid. Write a great blog post and publish it with no visual media assets at all. 3) Blogs Are the First Tactic of Content Marketing Future. Blogs are not the first go tactic in the content marketing future. wonder what its going to be like reading this blog post on an Apple Watch. Of all the distribution channels noted by marketing survey respondents, blogging was considered the least effective.
    [Blog] Simple and Easy
    Writing a blog post on a consistent, frequent basis is not easy, but it is simple. 'A lot of business owners are looking for easy. Some call easy, simple. Yet, simple can sometimes be hard. Easy is not always lazy. Simple and Easy are not the same, and there can be great value in both. We We use an acronym for EASY – though it’s more for the decision-making than the work or practice. Christopher Penn writes, “ Easy is a minimum amount of effort to produce a result ,” and follows with “ Simple is the removal of everything except what matters.”
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    [Blog] 5 Blogging Worst Practices to Avoid
    'Blogging is a popular activity, but there are some worst practices out there that all bloggers need to avoid. Have a look and make sure you aren’t committing any of these blogging fouls. If you come across a blog that states that Facebook has  nearly a billion users, that post is somewhat outdated, and the information you’re reading is wrong. slight typo here or there won’t cause people to flee from your blog, but if you display a total lack of writing ability, people will be hard pressed to return. Writing a good blog is hard. Attribution.
    [Blog] Master 5 Copywriting Formulas to Grow Sales Online
    just could not write a blog post about sales copywriting formulas without adding FAB to the list. The post Master 5 Copywriting Formulas to Grow Sales Online appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'Image source. Want your sales copy to stand out to readers and compel them to make a purchase? Of course you do. But for your sales copy to be effective in a time when consumers are constantly bombarded with content it must meet three vital criteria: Your sales copy must grab attention. Your content must then gain the reader’s interest. Savvy Panda explains. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4. SLAP Rule. Forest.
    [Blog] 8 Tips for Managing a Social Media Crisis
    Create an area to house information Develop an area on your website or blog that contains all of the information about the crisis and what your company is doing about it. Tips for Managing a Social Media Crisis is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog. 'How in the world could this have happened?! It’s the middle of the night where you are but it’s early afternoon someplace else, where a group of angry customers is mounting an offensive against your brand. Rage spills over to other social networks and influential bloggers are decimating your reputation. The
    [Blog] Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts September 7 – 13, 2014
    One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on SlideShare. ConverStations blog posts you may have missed this week: NFL: Collaboration Plus Competition 21 Best Blogging Tips Stay in the Stable? Related Stories Saturday Slides Providing a LIFT to Business Owners The PAIN of Small Business Owners (LIFT Clips) Week in Review August 17 – August 23, 2014: Posts and Podcasts If a Tree Falls in the Forest and Nobody is Around … Blog Coach Whistle Stops by subscribing to  Whistle Stops Weekly  email newsletter.
    [Blog] The Future Of Work
    blogging. advertisingpodcast blog blogging brand businessbook businesspodcast chessmediagroup davidusher digitalmarketing facebook google itunes jacobmorgan markzuckerberg marketingpodcast starbucks thecollaborativeorganization thefutureofwork thefutureorganization twitter 'Episode #427 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. It''s not just the marketing of a business that fascinates me. It''s everything about the future of work. How will teams be structured? What will the leaders of the future look like? brand.
    [Blog] Show 503 – Maximising E-learning for Marketing
    And for your chance to win just share this blog post! 'Laura Wall Klieves is the VP Academy & Marketing and Duarte.com. Nancy Duarte is one of my favourite business thinkers. She has a life’s mission of removing boring presentations and helping business leaders tell their stories in an engaging way. Recently she launched an e-learning course on how to make awesome presentations and of course I signed up… and I asked Laura for her to share her learning on how to develop an e-learning package that delivers great content and acts as a lead generator for their business.
    [Blog] Saturday Slides Providing a LIFT to Business Owners
    LEARN: Business Books From A – Z Business Books from A to Z from Emma Snider IMPROVE: 10 Tips for a Better Blog Post by Ann Handley 10 Tips for a Better Blog Post by Ann Handley from Wiley Publishers FIND FLOW: The Pixar Way: Quotes on Maintaining a Creative Company The Pixar Way: 37 Quotes on Developing and Maintaining a Creative Company (from Creativity, Inc. Blogging Books Marketing Whistle Stops 'As we approach our customers and the content we publish, we always look for ways to give our people a boost using  the LIFT acronym. your presence or practice. 
    [Blog] SendinBlue Review – Small Business Pricing with Enterprise Features
    Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of my free 8,000+ word guide to guest blogging and become a fan on Facebook. 'Just recently, I saw a long conversation on Facebook where someone asked if there were any good email marketing platforms outside of the top two or three that everyone seems to be using. This person was looking for a platform that had not been pummelled by hackers lately, keeping well-known email marketers down for days at a time. Around the same time, I was contacted about a sponsored post from an interesting email marketing platform. SendinBlue. SMS marketing. Spam checking.
    [Blog] Best Practices for Your Online Business and E-commerce
    Related Stories 5 Ways to Make Your Startup Attractive for Social Media Engagement 4 Simple Steps to Help You Improve Your Marketing Strategy The Customers Love Cheese 13 ½ Business Blogging Tips to Effortlessly Impress Your Readers and Skyrocket Your Sales. 'Guest Post by Larry Alton Since businesses first started building websites on the Internet, marketing and optimization practices have changed in order to accommodate the evolution of technology. The website needs to be able to scale down to smartphone display sizes in order to be the most efficient. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Blog] Google+ Communities: Amplify Your Content In Search
    Complete User Guide by Martin Shervington that includes video tutorials, a blog, and more. 'Listen to the Episode Below (0:34:29). Download. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Discover What is New for Business. This is Episode 8 of  This Old New Business  weekly  business podcast with Jeff Korhan. Earlier this year Social Media Examiner released an extensive social media marketing industry report that revealed learning Google+ was a top priority for businesses. One of the reasons for this is they intuitively understand Google+ impacts Google search results.
    [Blog] SEO and the Stock Market: How to Profit from Google Penalties
    This wouldn’t be much of a blog post if I only had a few examples so I decided to look further back to 2013 and beyond. needed publicly traded companies which are the kind that TechCrunch would blog about. would recommend similar “site: searches” for Mashable, The Next Web and other startup-related blogs to find even more examples you can follow. Another company I’ve blogged about, Wix.com, are clearly buying paid links around the web. Create a blog post targeting Yelp and how they’re breaking guidelines. When Panda 4.0 Airbnb.
    [Blog] Agile innovation update September 2014
    To find out more about Uber’s agile approach to service development, read our thoughts on Corner Shop on the blog. In a recent blog post, we explore 4 other corporates collaborating with start-ups to drive innovation.  . 'Each month we bring you the  FreshMinds  Agile Innovation Update. This month we’re looking at Uber’s agile approach to service development, Barclaycard’s plans to use its wearable payments technology as an insight tool and Tesco’s hackathon to drive innovation. Uber leads the way in agile service development.
    [Blog] 5 Ways to Make Your Startup Attractive for Social Media Engagement
    Related Stories 21 Best Business Blogging Tips Slide Decks that LIFT 4 Simple Steps to Help You Improve Your Marketing Strategy Driving Car Comfy. 'Written by Larry Alton As a startup, you probably have ambition to spare, but when it comes to social media engagement you can’t depend on drive alone. Social media (SM) management is both an art and a skill, but you might not be able to squeeze a professional manager into your budget quite yet. In this case, and for all businesses, you have to start with making your company appealing for SM platforms in the first place.
    [Blog] Facebook vs. Twitter: Which is Better for your Brand?
    appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'When you’re looking at a Facebook vs. Twitter comparisons in terms of which is best for your brand, the first the thing that comes to mind is which thing first came into being. Facebook has been around since 2004, while Twitter has been around since 2006. That’s an extra two years of exposure, plus Twitter doesn’t have a movie. This has lead to Facebook having bigger and better brand exposure for its own brand, but what about yours? Facebook vs. Twitter: Which is better for promoting your brand? This is another bad sign for Facebook. Facebook, of course!
    [Blog] When TV Becomes An Accessory To YouTube
    After introducing auto-play video earlier this year, Facebook noted in a blog post today that the feature has led people to discover ''significantly more content'' as a result. 'Everyone is talking about video. Have you noticed how on Facebook , some videos in your newsfeed start on their own now? You don''t have to click on them. They just start. For some, this is very upsetting and disruptive to the Facebook experience. If this is you, step aside. If this is causing you pain, please do this ). and just how big of a business this is (and will continue to be) for marketers. autoplay.
    [Blog] Creating and Selling Ebooks Webinar
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This webinar (available in full for ProBlogger.com members) features ProBlogger Marketing Ninja Shayne Tilley outlining the strategy for getting the best return on your efforts creating and selling eBooks. It covers: Sell Sheets: Do you need one? What is it? How to make a good one. What content to have in your book – what shouldn’t you miss? An effective book outline. Thinking about your audience. Your review process. The editing process. Adding visual elements. What your final draft should look like. How to do it thriftily. General
    [Blog] 9 Magnetic Headline Formulas to Grow CTR
    That makes powerful headlines essential for the success of any online blog or business. Titles are important, but they are not the sole element of a successful blog or website. For more information on writing clickable headlines, check out this Writtent blog post full of resources for writing killer headlines. The post 9 Magnetic Headline Formulas to Grow CTR appeared first on Writtent Blog. Blogging Content Creation Content Strategy 'Despite a massive influx of interactive multimedia, writing still rules the web. Tell Them How To. How To __. She Said What?!
    [Blog] 3 Tips for Increasing Network Value and Influence
    Awareness Blogging Community content marketing Marketing Selling Small Business Social Business Social Media adding value community Jeff Korhan network networking relationships small business podcasting 'In our connected world network influence is derived from the strength of your network, or more accurately, the collective ecosystem comprised of your on and offline networks. It’s not the size of a network that matters as much as it’s responsiveness to affecting change , which of course is only possible when the network both values and trusts you and the others within it. Photo Credit.
    [Blog] 7 Surefire Social Media Strategies for Your Business
    For example, start a company blog that will have something more to offer than generic news about your business, and publish links to them in appropriate social media. 'Over the past decade social media have irrevocably changed the way we live and perceive life – today an average person will hardly do anything without tweeting about it on Twitter, sharing the experience via Facebook or posting a selfie on Instagram. And as a business owner, you should make use of it – what once was just a pastime turned into a powerful marketing instrument you cannot afford to ignore. How To Social Medi
    [Blog] What is Influencer Marketing?
    Read more from the awesome Encore Alert Blog  and sign up for their upcoming ebook on influencer marketing. 'Short answer – human to human interaction. Here I am with a short video on influencer marketing, filmed as part of Encore Alert ‘s League of Extraordinary Marketers series (*blush*). Haven’t heard of Encore Alert? Well I will keep up the suspense while you watch this space, as I’m going to feature them in a forthcoming Cool Social Tools post. In the meantime, enjoy the video. ————— ( photo credit ). More like this.
    [Blog] 9 Tips to Spot Amazing Blog Writers
    bet you’d be lying if you said you weren’t afraid of the repercussions of bad blog content. Whether you’re looking to bring on the right freelance blog writers or considering adding a full-time staffer to your marketing squad, here are some ways to determine just who’s qualified to represent your organization to the outside world: 1. Former journalists and aspiring fiction writers are often powerful candidates for blog writers, especially in boring industries. Many of the world’s most talented blog writers are insatiably curious.
    [Blog] Get Social in Promoting Your SEO Talents
    If you have a blog post either written in-house or by a relevant guest blogger or infographic, make it as simple as click on a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. 'If you are an SEO consultant, whether running your own company or one of a number on a team, your services can be of great interest to many overseeing businesses. For too many companies, SEO (search engine optimization) is put on the back burner while other tasks come to the forefront. Why Do I Need Social Media Partnered with SEO? icon so that the piece can be shared. SEO and social media can work well together if used correctly.
    [Blog] Stay in the Stable? Leave Money on the Table!
    When your first begin blogging, it’s probable no one will be reading your blog  - truth is, your baby blog will probably be filled with baby blog messes. lot of business owners think they have to be fantastic out of the gate trying new things: Blogging Cold Calling Podcasting Networking Public Speaking Joint Ventures Instead of stumbling out of the gate (Egad!), 'When you first start getting back into shape at Daily Burn , you’ll probably start off at the True Beginner stage. Yeah, well – that happened at age 8, too. Leave Money on the Table!
    [Blog] The Future of Content Part 3: with Richard Becker
    Read more from Richard on his blog , or connect with him on Twitter , Google+ or LinkedIn. 3 Types of Editorial Calendar to Manage Your Business Blog. 'As content continues to become an ever-important staple for businesses of all shapes and sizes, I thought it’d be interesting to share some thoughts on what the future of content might look like. However, instead of sharing just my own thoughts, I wanted to bring you what the future of content looks like for some of the folks I look up to and respect in this space. Like it or not, that is the model. They were partly right too.
    [Blog] Are You Leveraging Social Media Across Your Manufacturing Business?
    Start a blog to establish thought leadership. 'There are all kinds of buzz words out there—integrated marketing, 360 degree marketing, etc. They all have the same goal in mind, and that is to take your marketing message and share it across all methods of communication. Place your customer in the center of your efforts and then deliver your information in various ways so they can get it in the format they prefer. Heidi Cohen had an interesting post recently,  360 Degree Social Media Marketing , where she shared 37 different tactics that you can use. Create a FAQ segment to share.
    [Blog] SoundCloud Ads are Here: Prepare your SoundCloud Account
    As is tradition here on the Devumi blog, every SoundCloud post also features my favourite track on SoundCloud right now at the bottom. The post SoundCloud Ads are Here: Prepare your SoundCloud Account appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'SoundCloud ads were recently introduced by the world’s second most popular music sharing site (behind the all-powerful YouTube) in an effort to grow the amount of money that uploaders can earn. As of now, the revenue sharing is only available to a select few. ll break it all down in the article below! Read all the way through to find it!
    [Blog] Marketing is the NFL Quarterback of Business
    Great blog post by my friend, Tom Webster. In the many, many comments about Tom’s blog post, Brian Clark from Copyblogger mentioned the fact that, at the end of the day, the product itself matters more than the marketing approach. So the analogy that I used in the comments for this blog post is that marketing is essentially the NFL quarterback of business. Terrific company, outstanding blog. 'Fascinating conversation this week around HubSpot’s financials and its implications for inbound marketing as a marketing discipline. It really got me thinking.
    [Blog] How to Blog for Business
    'Writing posts on this blog has been a cornerstone of my business for quite a while now. started blogging in 1998 (we called it “journaling” back then), but it wasn’t really until somewhere around 2005 that I started figuring out how it would be part of my actual business (and by that, how it would be a way to make money). How to Blog for Business. You can choose to think of your blog as a media company, and stuff ads on it. blogging There are so many ways to look at this. love ads, well, ads for things that make sense. Or Adsense.
    [Blog] How to Craft a Blog that Attracts Customers and Converts Like Crazy
    So, you want to turn your blog into an online business? then you need to know one thing: A blog that doesn’t make money is a hobby, and a hobby is not a business. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. How to Craft a Blog that Attracts Customers and Converts Like Crazy. Blogging for Dollars Business Blogging 'This is a guest contribution from entrepreneur Natalie Sisson. Congratulations, so does every other person with wifi. Now, I don’t mean to to bust your buns right off the get go, but if I’m being honest (and I always am!) Keep it clean.
    [Blog] A Word about The Social Media Success Summit 2014
    Face it, you can lose readers and customers by taking too long to launch a blog. 'Can’t you get everything you need to know about content marketing by running a few Google searches and save some cash in the process? want to convince you that reading a few random articles online isn’t the same as focused, deliberate education. In October, Social Media Examiner will be holding it’s Sixth Annual Social Media Success Summit. Social Media Examiner knows how to run these conferences and they have the juice to attract the top experts in social media. It’s a webinar on steroids. But why attend?
    [Blog] We’ve Always Done it That Way!
    If you have the resources, starting a blog would be an ideal way of setting you apart from your competitors and putting you out as an industry expert. 'I cringe when I hear someone say that phrase. Past actions will not ensure future success. Manufacturers who have this mindset are missing out on many opportunities. You literally need to think outside the box. In today’s market, there are so many other options to consider. Some may not be appropriate for you, but you have to evaluate and pick the ones that might be useful for you. Make it easy to find what they are looking for.
    [Blog] This Is My First Ever Blog Post, and It’s About Writing Blog Posts
    'Since I’ve never written a blog, I needed to start with researching the basics of what makes a good post. Here are some tips to cut through the noise and help your blog posts stand out from the rest. Dino Dogan, CEO and founder of Triberr , a source for growing a blog’s readership by connecting like-minded readers and bloggers, suggests you write for a single individual—“singlecast” he calls it. Read other blog posts (and their comments) and notice what does and doesn’t work. Fact is: People don’t follow a blog if they don’t find it professional or credible.
    [Blog] How to Promote Your Book Like Gini Dietrich
    'For those of you who don’t know Gini Dietrich , she runs my favorite PR blog -  Spin Sucks  - and is a go-to resource for all things influencer marketing and digital PR. Also, I find her hilarious and her favorite classic arcade game is Tetris. few months ago, Gini published her second book, Spin Sucks , and the method she used to promote her new book should be used as a go-to model for promoting new products. Spark Notes Version: Campaign Background With a goal to make the New York Times. Read the whole entry. » Social Media Case Studies
    [Blog] 21 Best Business Blogging Tips
    'When it comes to building a better business presence on the web, one of the topics that come up most often is blogging tips: How often to post; Length of posts; Headline writing; Curation and Copyright practices. The team at Verve has put together a playbook of sorts with 21 Blog Writing Tips From the Experts. From an inside perspective (one of my tips is included in the post – one of the Blog Posting Mantra tips), Dave cultivated the tips with a short email filled with clarity and excitement, yet respectful of time. Blogging Social Media
    [Blog] 9 Tips to Spot Amazing Article Writers
    If you’re currently on the lookout to hire an experienced, top-quality writer but can’t seem to find one by yourself, then you’re reading the right blog posts. Frequent Multi-Author Blogs. The majority of blogs nowadays, particularly the smaller-time ones, only have one (or maximum two) authors regularly contributing. However, there are still a few diamond-in-the-rough blogs that have several recurring authors that post quality content. Once you find those blogs, it’s only a matter of locating a writing style you like, and then contacting the author via the byline.
    [Blog] How Power Partner Groups can lead to more Referrals
    Blog networking 'A power partner group is made up of people who offer services that are complementary to each other, who want to work with the same type of clients and aren’t in competition with you for those clients. Power partners are more likely to refer business to you because they are working with clients who made need your services. Likewise you are more likely to refer business to them for similar reasons. power partner group can be a lead referral group or can be a smaller set of people in a lead referral group. And that is the value of a power partner group.
    [Blog] 72 Hours Only: How to Become a Podcast Millionaire
    decided that instead of just turning this blog post into a review of the plugin – which is amazing – I wanted to look at Podcasting as a whole. Abel is clearly someone who follows marketing blogs as well, looking to grow his audience further and convert that into sales more than ever. If you follow a number of blogs in the internet marketing space then you’ve very likely heard of John Lee Dumas. There’s no harm in simply reading your blog posts aloud and putting them up on iTunes. It has nothing to do with writing, however. The TXT Book : $97.
    [Blog] Hypnotic Writing | 5 Effective Strategies To Put Your Reader In A Trance.
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Thai Nguyen of Wantrepreneur Journey. You are getting sleepy…very sleepy…. That’s typically what comes to mind when you think of hypnosis—a stage show with some unfortunate soul doing the chicken-dance. However, those who practice hypnosis are quick to give a proper explanation. Here’s the textbook definition:  The induction of a state of consciousness in which a person becomes highly responsive to suggestion or direction. It happens when you drive, when you watch movies, and—when you read. Poetic Meter.
    [Blog] 5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Efforts are not Working
    Sign up  HERE  to get my blogs directly to your inbox! Blog Social Media for Business Social Media Marketing Tips Social Media For Your Business 'While many small-to-medium size business owners are reaping the benefits of using social media to generate traffic and significantly boost sales , some business owners have found that social media has shown few if any tangible results. In my experience with my clients, I see that these business owners often make one or more of the following mistakes in their marketing efforts:   1. Aiming at the Wrong Audience. No (or Poor) Posting Plan.
    [Blog] Are The Signs Pointing to the Demise of Google+ ?
    And for individuals who blog or contribute to publications, Google authorship was worth setting up a Google+ profile for in terms of SEO and verification of authority. 'This post originally appeared on Mizz Information. —————-. As much as I liked the concept of Google+ (or is it Google Plus? There still seems to be no consensus), I can’t say I’ve used it a ton. When it launched three years ago, I was among the many who had high hopes for the platform, wishing it would replace Facebook. ——————-. Image credit ).
    [Blog] 8 Random Thoughts
    All of the mentioned topics were notable but not worth full blog posts so you’re getting a bit of a mash-up. It’s an honor, and rather than blog here and create entities to help the local community this seemed like an easier path. 'Strap in, this is going to be a bit of a random wild post. 1) Lists Don’t Matter Until You’re On One. Most folks claim that lists don’t matter until they are on one. Then the lording of mightiness ensues, humblebrags and the posts of “how you, too, can be part of x influencer (or whatever) list.” 4) Be Visual.
    [Blog] Does your commitment pass the social media test?
    It can be frustrating… not because they are asking about blogging but because they are too often the people who read nothing, go nowhere, listen to audio or watch video. Often once you dispel the myth of blogging, they are off and away and can see the value of content marketing. It is almost that discontent that fuels your blogging and gives it a brand personality. Entrepreneurship blogging brand personality content marketing social media social media marketing social media test Content marketing is not dreaming. When people mutter but what do I write about?
    [Blog] 20 LinkedIn Mistakes That Turn Off Potential Customers
    20 LinkedIn Mistakes That Turn Off Potential Customers is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog. 'Are you getting good results on LinkedIn? The professional social network is a force to be reckoned with. It’s a great tool for businesses looking to increase traffic and leads, as well as for people searching for new career opportunities who want to market their expertise. Social media is unique in its ability to communicate with large audiences. This Nowhere is this more true than on LinkedIn. Avoid these LinkedIn mistakes. Don’t hoard your connections.
    [Blog] Week in Review August 31 – September 6, 2014: Posts and Podcasts
    One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on SlideShare. ConverStations blog posts you may have missed this week: Getting Comfortable With Crap Doesn’t Mean Satisfied. SBTD 60:  Tips for Starting to Blog For Your Business. Blog Coach Whistle Stops 'Week in Review August 31 – September 06: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations  and  SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts. The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Blog] The 5 Step Voyage of Creating Awesome Content
    Instead use, “Learn more about SEO in my article < How to Easily Optimize your Blog for Search >” (see how I did that?). Optimizing your Content for Conversion: We’re blogging for business here, not musing about the trials and tribulations of maternity (unless you are… In which case you still need to be optimizing your content for conversion!). Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'Image via Flickr user na.harii. This is a guest contribution from James Scherer. Do you struggle for content inspiration? Unfortunately, I can’t do that for you. No there’s not.
    [Blog] Everbody Writes
    Just start reading her blog. If you''re going to be writing anything (from a tweet or blog post to a book of your own), this is the book you want to read, study and leave right next to whatever it is that you will be typing on. blogging. advertisingpodcast annhandley blog blogging brand businessbook businesspodcast ccchapman clickz contentmarketing contentrules davidusher digitalmarketing entrepreneurmagazine everybodywrites facebook google itunes marketingpodcast marketingprofs twitter Ann Handley is a great writer. Don''t believe me? Enjoy the conversation.
    [Blog] Show 502 -Recognising and Handling Stress in Business
    Remember for your chance to win the goodie bag – just share this blog post on your social networking site or leave an iTunes review – the goodie bag may well be coming to you next week! 'Suzanne Levy joins me to talk about how best to handle stress in business. Wellness is so often neglected and Suzanne, a certified Wellness coach at Evergreen Life and Wellness talks about how to improve your mindset. Why wellness is so important to a successful career. Why wellness is important in both parts of our lives – career and family. What is a healthy mind? Pod Casts
    [Blog] 4 Best WordPress Plugins to Stop Comment Spam
    Blogging WordPress 'Which are the best WordPress comment spam blocking plugins. Probably most of you use the amazing Aksimet plugin which comes bundled with WordPress, but it is not enough to stop. Read more Read full original article at 4 Best WordPress Plugins to Stop Comment Spam ©2014 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved.
    [Blog] 5 Tips to Manage the Demands of Content Marketing
    4) Revisit & Refresh - Struggling for blog post ideas? marketing content content marketing digital marketing social media blogging 'No time for content marketing? It might not be quite as demanding as you think. Businesses of all sizes are jumping on content marketing with gusto, but unfortunately many are lacking a logical and sensible plan to manage the demands that it places on an organization. Fortunately, there are many simple ways that brands can ease the pressure off their content marketing demands. While it’s an admirable pursuit, it rarely works.
    [Blog] Put Your Brand at the Center of Growth With A Targeted Media Strategy
    'TweetRead any number of content marketing blogs and you […]. Strategy earned media strategy public relations public relations strategy strategic pr
    [Blog] What My Podcast Is Not
    If you want to hear these people get asked the same questions about the same things, I am sure there are tons of articles, blog posts, tv shows, radio programs and even other podcasts that people can listen to. do it on this blog. 'I can run off at the mouth quite a bit. especially, if you let me. like to talk. like to write. It''s what I do. It''s not for everyone. If you''re reading this, maybe it is for you (who knows). get a lot of comments about my podcast, Six Pixels of Separation. publish it weekly. I''ve been doing it since 2006. Every week. I''m lucky. don''t edit it.
    [Blog] How to Make Social Media Interesting for Niche Companies
    For instance, Pegasus Health a company specialising in horse supplements recently made a blog post about the appropriate use of Twitter in the riding community. Whilst on the surface horse supplements may not seem like the most riveting topic worthy of its own blog and social media effort, they know their audience and have aligned their efforts with the riding and horse enthusiast community – they even sponsor an international show jumper and have him write guest blog posts for their website. But in reality is social media applicable for every business type?
    [Blog] Fired Up Friday – You Gotta Jump to be Successful
    'Blogging is scary. You want blogging to be tough so that you can get your work seen when you persevere.  . Publishing is scary. Building a business is scary too.  . But here’s the deal. You want it to be hard and terrifying to build a business to make sure that the world can see you for who you are – a determined human being hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to succeed. The incredible Steve Harvey says it best… Fired Up Friday
    [Blog] Facebook Marketing: Attracting Your Ideal Audience
    Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, authors of In Search of Excellence Blogging Community content marketing Marketing Mobile Online Marketing Podcast Selling Small Business Social Business Social Media Technology advertising attraction digital marketing engagement Facebook Facebook Marketing Google Ideal Audience Itunes Jeff Korhan Like Button Marketing Podcast Marketing Speakers Mike Gingerich social media Stitcher Twitter 'Listen to the Episode Below (00:36:23). Download Audio. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Discover What is New for Business. have to be honest.
    [Blog] Leaders in Advocate Marketing: Q&A with Michael Brito
    In your blog post “Top 3 Considerations Before Launching a Brand Advocacy Program,” you used an H&R Block Case study as an example of a well-executed strategy. 'For this week’s advocate marketing Q&A, we sat down with Michael Brito , group director at WCG, a W2O company. We started this series in partnership with the leading advocate and influencer marketers to help brands understand the word of mouth landscape and how to drive the best results across social, email and all customer engagement channels. " 1. This abstraction doesn’t work for executives.
    [Blog] YouTube and Vimeo video marketing: Ride the Next Wave of Content Marketing
    Having video embedded on different platforms outside of Vimeo and youTube, like on a blog (ahem), helps break through the seemingly never ending stream of written words that are online. The post YouTube and Vimeo video marketing: Ride the Next Wave of Content Marketing appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'Youtube and Vimeo video marketing are the two hottest advertising platforms online today. This is for a few very good reasons, namely that people are watching more and more video all the time as networks get faster and uncapped limits come into play. Video can be great for SEO.
    [Blog] 9 Ways to Create Great Content
    For more information on crafting great content, check out this Writtent blog post about why content is the core of your SEO strategy, and this Writtent Academy article on creating effective calls to action. The post 9 Ways to Create Great Content appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'Image source. If you are marketing a product or building a brand, the internet is arguably the best tool at your disposal. It has the potential to introduce your ideas to thousands or even millions of viewers a day. In order to get those numbers, however, you need high quality, attention-getting content.
    [Blog] The Rise of Trollmarketing and Trashtweeting on Business Social Media
    There are blogs and merchandise and tv shows dedicated to trashing the opposition. 'Using trolling as a marketing campaign on social media. Advertising used to be so polite. Well except when it wasn’t. When Apple ripped into IBM with the Superbowl 1984 Ad, it was a shocker to the world. And unusual. Today it seems that every brand voice is experimenting with being obnoxious to get those much needed eyeballs that wander the ‘net lost in the Attention Economy. Dissing competitors is du jour. What’s up with that? Or a Coke. Will a Pepsi do ? Cola Wars. Cup from Microsoft.
    [Blog] Everything Is Digital
    must have read the quote at the beginning of this blog post ten times in the past few days (probably more). 'Digital is everything. Are you listening? read the following quote from a recently published Forrester report titled, The Future Of Business Is Digital : "Business leaders don''t think of digital as central to their business because in the past, it hasn''t been. But now your customers, your products, your business operations, and your competitors are fundamentally digital. piecemeal strategy of bolting on digital channels or methods is no longer sufficient. business leaders.
    [Blog] Striving for Streams of Serendipity or Inbox Zero?
    Most of us living in a social media powered world have taken a lot of effort to refine our content sources, to the right sets of blogs, and the right friend groups on social networks. Many of these social networks, dating back to the first blogs, are sorted chronologically, with the newest content at the top. via FriendFeed blog: See popular items from your friends-of-friends It''s assumed the more signals given to the network about what your friends like, the more likely it is that this piece of content is also relevant to you. And it worked. Then we''ll all be happy.
    [Blog] How to conduct effective one-on-one networking meetings
    Blog networking 'As part of my networking activity, I do a fair amount of one-on-one meetings with people I meet in order to learn about who they are, what they do, and who they are looking to connect with and what they need. One of the observations I inevitably in end up making is that the majority of people who do one-on-ones don’t really know how to do them, in order to network effectively. Consequently they miss out on a lot of opportunities to discover what other people need, which leads to lost opportunities to connect and/or refer people. Ask what they need, beside clients.
    [Blog] Top 10 Web-Based Personal Project Management Tools
    So, if we consider some of our daily personal activities or blog work as projects, we can apply principles of project management to enable us to measure success in our life, derive personal satisfaction, have better blogs, be better planners, and happier human beings. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution. Every time we encounter the phrase “project management”, the very first thought you might have is that only businesses undertake projects for managing their needs. Relevant files and documents can be attached to threads.
    [Blog] [Podcast] Episode #23: The Question Every Content Marketer Should Ask
    That’s why we asked Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz to hang out with us on the Pushing Social Podcast to talk about the intersection of blogging, content marketing, and SEO. Rand’s Litmus Test for making sure your blog is safe from the next Google search algorithm change. The question you should ask before publishing your next blog post. Podcast Today blogging content marketing '[link]. Push Me To Subscribe to the Pushing Social Podcast. Have you ever wondered if you were doing all you could to get more readers from Google? Enjoy. Show Notes.
    [Blog] Outbound Links: Resource or Stamp of Approval?
    When we coach small business owners on their blogging practice, one of the key tips is At Least One Link Out  (this is also an example of an internal link).  At Least One Link Out is a part of our Blog Posting Mantra , e free ebook we off to all small business owners. Blog Coach Marketing Small Business 'If you have outbound links, the site you are linking out to should always include quality and relevancy to the content you’re linking out from. The same can be said for your inbound links (links to your own stuff). The quality of their work. Who they associate with.
    [Blog] Is Marketing About Your Business?
    There’s a real difference between writing a blog post that has a lot of keywords and writing a blog post that answers a reader’s questions. That person won’t see your blog post unless it comes up on the page when they search, but they will also skim past things that don’t look helpful. 'The answer to the question in the title is a resounding negative. Your business has a lot to offer, and you have poured your efforts into making it a good thing, but the truth is that marketing, in order to be effective, is not about you.
    [Blog] From MAGNET: MAGNET Helps SIFCO Streamline And Stay “SMART”
    'Each month we’ll be featuring a blog post from our friends at MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network). MAGNET’s mission i s to support, educate and champion manufacturing in Ohio with the goal of transforming the region’s economy into a powerful, global player. You can visit MAGNET online at manufacturingsuccess.org. MAGNET Helps SIFCO Streamline And Stay “SMART”. SIFCO Forge Group found themselves with longer-than-desired turnaround and delivery times and needed a lean program to help them reduce these times and their costs. Click here to read the original post.
    [Blog] MeatLiquor Leeds: Burgers & Cocktails
    I’m keen to see what different types of burgers they will be serving, we’re big fans of Byron (also just opened in Leeds… blog post coming soon), so they are going to be hard to beat in my eyes. Fellow bloggers Faith from Music & Eyeliner and Kellie from Big Fashionista were also at the party, you can check out Kellie’s blog post here. 'MeatLiquor Leeds opened it’s very new doors to us last night. MeatLiquor are legends in London (lots of friends say their burgers are to die for), so I was really looking forward to this opening party.
    [Blog] The Hottest Online Video Trends of 2014
    Over 1 billion people now use Facebook and one in four users have shared a video on a social network, blog or video site. 'According to a recent article in The Guardian , there are a number of online video trends to watch closely during the remainder of 2014. Whether you’re an SVP of marketing, a creative director, or the president of a media event planning company, certain indicators can’t be ignored when it comes to creating online video content. INTERACTIVITY is the rule of the day. The main advantage of online video versus television is that it can be incredibly interactive.
    [Blog] Insights From the First 3 Months of Daily Podcasts #SBTDshow
    As for listening, it seems that archives of daily podcasts are more likely to be binge-consumed than blog posts, with some listeners taking in several shows in one sitting (or workout). SBTD Episode 57: Why Should I Have a Business Blog? 'When I first launched  daily podcasts  for Small Biz Tracks , I knew what I thought about the format as both a listener and a show host. hoped that our customers, readers of this site, and listeners of business podcasts would like it, too. Initial Goals. So far, so good. Production. The equipment I’ve used most has been. Recordium. Dropbox.
    [Blog] #TBT: Three Can’t-Miss Video Campaigns From Summer 2014
    And, for the Convince & Convert blog, that can only mean one thing – a summer social media #TBT. 'Although Labor Day is not the official end of summer, it does cause us to reflect on some of the season’s best memories. Inspired by some of the great video campaigns launched this summer, here are three examples to propel your social media efforts well past the warm weather season. Make sure to plug in your headphones or close the office door and turn up the sound to fully experience these. Read the whole entry.
    [Blog] Top 3 Firebelly Blog Posts Of August
    'Facebook was a popular subject on our blog in July, but interests varied in August. What would you like to see us write about in September? Let us know in a comment below! YOUR SELFIES TELL A STORY, PREPARE TO GET CREEPED OUT By Stephanie Daily Think about all the photos you take in a.
    [Blog] 10 Super Tips for Managing Freelance Writers
    Avoid signing any contracts, handing over the keys to your blog, or otherwise making a commitment too early. The post 10 Super Tips for Managing Freelance Writers appeared first on Writtent Blog. Blogging Content Creation Content Strategy 'Image source. know exactly why you’re here, reading this. Creating content takes a really long time, especially if you’re trying to create something new, fresh, and valuable. Well, I’m going to let you in on one of the best-kept secrets in business today. Everyone’s using freelance writers.  Articulate Your Goals.
    [Blog] New Pinterest Analytics Dashboard Tools: How to Use Them
    The post New Pinterest Analytics Dashboard Tools: How to Use Them appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'Pinterest has huge potential as a social media marketing platform. The new Pinterest Analytics dashboard will make this even more obvious, and help business accounts on Pinterest thrive. It has taken some time to turn almost all the marketing dollars away from Twitter and Facebook, but your time to market on Pinterest is now. New Pinterest Analytics – Go beyond basic demographics. It’s hard to argue that Pinterest isn’t a female dominated demographic. Pinterest Analytics as a tool.
    [Blog] Think Big Louisville: It’s Time To Act
    Blog cafe press entrepreneurship in louisville events louisville business louisville startups NowSourcing startup culture in louisville stop thinking small think big us chia velocity 'It’s time for Louisville to think big. That was the consensus last week at NowSourcing’s Stop Thinking Small Louisville event. Brian Wallace, Founder of NowSourcing , Jason Falls, VP of Marketing at Cafe Press , Tony Schy, Executive Director at Velocity , and Zack Pennington, Co-founder and CEO of US Chia each took turns addressing the crowd. There are also valuable lessons to be learned from failure.
    [Blog] How to turn Abundance Thinking into Abundance Living
    Mark Hiatt, of Your Networking Universe has also posted a blog article on Abundance Thinking. 'One of my favorite business books is the Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz, because what he teaches in that book is how to turn abundance thinking into a lifestyle choice. In my experience, its a much more realistic approach to abundance thinking, because the reality of life and business is that we will have bad situations occur, but how we choose to respond to those situations will be what really determines if we are applying abundance thinking to our lives. What can I learn today?
    [Blog] Digital Sabbaticals are Healthy
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. '“It’s only by having some distance from the world that you can see it whole, and understand what you should be doing with it.” ” - Pico Iyer. Five days after logging off Facebook to spend time with family and enjoy the other side of the country, I returned to the social networking site and observed 6 private messages and 67 notifications. The messages were pithy and not time sensitive. Other than seeing what family members shared during those five days, I did not visit my other lists to see what people wrote.
    [Blog] Why We Shouldn’t Confuse Real Time Marketing with Data Driven Marketing
    Over at the evergage blog, Rob Carpenter shares his thoughts on where real-time marketing first became more visible , based on search terms and traffic spikes on Google Trends. In both the book and on his blog, Scott shares examples of the best types of real-time marketing that don’t hype themselves by using the phrase. 'When I was a teen, back in the 80′s – yes, I’m old – there was this bakery just off my local high street. It was a family-owned bakery, and had a mix of fancies, pastries, bread and sweets (candy, in North America). Nothing new there.
    [Blog] Discover The Secret of An Successful Marketing Plan
    Each tweet, each blog post, each article, each traditional marketing campaign…are bricks that will form to create a bridge for the customer to move from what they have to what they want. 'We create our business to provide a solution to the market. We love our solution, we are passionate about what we offer and yet we forget one important step. The business is the bridge; a bridge between the customer and our offer. So how do we build a bridge that people want to walk over? By answering two important questions. What does your customer have? What does your customer want?
    [Blog] Cool Social Tools: Small World Labs Community
    Blogs. 'This series of posts is for software and app and tech vendors who have useful tools they’d like you to know about. Startups are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms. ———— Cool Social Tools: Small World Labs Community. Small World Labs helps nonprofit organizations engage, collaborate with, and mobilize their supporters. It’s a comprehensive, enterprise-level platform that can help your organization: Acquire new constituents. Improve supporter retention rates. What Is an Online Community? 
    [Blog] The Future of Work is Out Today, Last Chance for Bonus Content!
    This is most likely the last blog post I will write about the book (unless something amazing happens) and I would love your support. 'I hope all you had a wonderful long weekend! I’m very excited to share that my latest book  The Future of Work is now officially available for order wherever books are sold. It’s been endorsed by some of the world’s top business leaders such as Gary Hamel, Dan Pink, the global Chairman of KPMG, CEO of Whirlpool, CEO of SAP, CEO of Intuit, CEO of Zappos, and others. Seven versions of the original book cover that didn’t make the cut.
    [Blog] FeverBee SPRINT's Reward System - Invite Your Friends, Come To London
      If you invite your friends, colleagues, blog/website readers, mailing list subscribers, customers, clients, and others we're going to reward you with the following:   Get 3 people to attend, and we'll give you: A free conference ticket.   If you have a blog/media site/customer list and want your own tracking code to use, let us know and we’ll set one up just for you.  'Half the people that have signed up for  FeverBee SPRINT  came via your referrals.    We've decided to reward people doing this. 
    [Blog] Testing
    'This is a test of a new blog-to-email system. Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. If you’re on the list, you should be reading this in your email inbox. If you’re not on the list, click here. Thanks for reading. Related Stories Why I List My Facebook Friends Follow Me, Friend Me, Do Me Wherever Why Foursquare and I Split Up. Media
    [Blog] Are You Ignoring this Important SEO Strategy?
    Know more about Al Gomez by visiting his blog. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Al Gomez. So, you have a new business – a new product to market. So now what’s next? Perhaps Perhaps you are thinking about getting traffic, or how to have more visitors to your website? If so, then expect that your mind will be abuzz with terms such as social media, SEO, AdWords, videos, banner ads, articles, etc. Or, it will be empty and blank. Focus. Search Engines are what you need, despite all the buzz about social media. General
    [Blog] Getting Comfortable With Crap Doesn’t Mean Satisfied
    Start writing a blog. 'A lot of business owners I talk with want to start on that project or this next to-do item, but they often get “ cooked in the squat ” (watch Zig for explanation). They have plenty of excuses and reasons that sound good, but really these excuses are crutches preventing them to get going (and keep growing). wonder sometimes if perfectionism is the core problem, but even that might be an excuse. Give yourself permission to be crap. Now you might be saying, “Hold on there, brother – what wrong with quality and high standards.”
    [Blog] 11 Actionable Writing Tips [+Examples]
    Engaging a blog reader is a hard thing to do, especially in this digital age. As more and more content is produced on the Internet, people are less and less likely to read your blog in particular and stay interested in it. To keep ahead in the blogging rat race, you need to be constantly improving your writing. Including them in your blog posts makes you sound smart, informed, and authoritative. Simply source statistics on a certain topic from online case studies, white papers, and other blogs, and put them in your blog post whenever relevant.
    [Blog] Week in Review August 24 – August 30, 2014: Posts and Podcasts
    One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on SlideShare. ConverStations blog posts you may have missed this week : Always Going Back to School. SBTD 57:  Why Should I Have a Business Blog? Blog Coach Whistle Stops 'Week in Review August 24 – August 30: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations  and  SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts. The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach. SmallBiz Tracks Week in Review: August 30, 2014 from Mike Sansone.
    [Blog] The Imperative Of Hope
    often think about the Six Pixels of Separation blog, then the podcast and then my Facebook and Twitter feed. 1984 anxiety blog content depression digitallegacy documentary facebook georgeorwell happiness hope instagram podcast publishing robinwilliams socialexperiment stories thehappinesstrap twitter 'How are you feeling these days? Facebook is a fascinating social experiment. Post Robin Williams , I feel a steady stream of people dealing with anxiety and depression coming forward to tell their story. Still, sharing their stories - in real time - becomes part of a bigger story.
    [Blog] Laughing All The Way To The Bank With James Altucher
    He was following my blog (which, kind of made me want to tidy the place up a little bit after knowing that), and he could tell that I am both a fan of standup comedy, and a student of the mechanics behind it. Also, if you''re not following his blog, The Altucher Confidential , you don''t know what you''re missing. blogging. 'Episode #425 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. got a strange email from James Altucher a while back. It was all about stand-up comedy. His bio is an impressive one. Enjoy the conversation.
    [Blog] How I Balance Personal and Professional Online Today
    Blogging. maintain a few different blogs, which I know isn’t feasible for most people. But since my departure in July, I’ve revived the blog here to focus on my professional perspectives on life online, digital communication, and online marketing. This is the blog you’ll see me share most often in my social streams as I believe it’s the one that’s most in line with what the majority of my community wants to read and see. Wherever I am professionally, I always contribute to blogs there. Earlier if you count much more nerdy things.
    [Blog] 10 Ways to Land Your Next Job Through Social Media
    You can use this page for your blog, online portfolio or even as a landing page with links to your other social media pages (After you’ve cleaned up your digital footprints on those pages of course). Tweet relevant industry tips and articles - As you do your research from reading blogs, Tweet/share articles you find beneficial to people in your industry. Read blogs about current industry related topics - Make sure you do as much research as possible not only about the companies you’re applying for (that’s a given) but the entire industry. PREPARING FOR YOUR JOB SEARCH.
    [Blog] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #219
    On the Folyo blog , Sacha Greif decided to find out, which reminded me of my own adventures in design crowdsourcing (see Crapweeding ). 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "This is the sort of thing the Internet is great at. How military gear has changed as a result of technology and how we fight wars, for the last thousand years." " (Alistair for Hugh). The $5 Logo - The Folyo Notebook. "Can you get a well-designed logo for five dollars? The answer? " (Alistair for Mitch). Who is?
    [Blog] 100,000 Facebook Likes!
    Blogging Facebook Social Media 'A big thanks goes out to the amazing QOT community as we cross 100,000 Facebook likes today. It has been a long journey to 100K likes, but the QOT Facebook. Read more Read full original article at 100,000 Facebook Likes! ©2014 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved.
    [Blog] [Video] How the Social Employee Fuels the Brand #SocBiz
    Solis’s observations come during a blog post and video interview with Porter Gale, former VP of marketing at Virgin America (@ VirginAmerica ). 'A few days ago, we unveiled our most recent video in support of our Amazon best-selling book, The Social Employee. As our roster of video content continues to expand, we find ourselves circling back on our earlier videos as a way of revisiting the concepts presented in them and exploring some real-world examples. Today, we look at our video, “ What is a Möbius Strip ?” How does this work? Watch the video to find out. Community Comes First.
    [Blog] 3 Words That Get You Unstuck To Take Action
    Otherwise I would be linking to that previous post right here (genius blogging tip for you there, babes!). Yet we post that update, write that blog, record that video, make that call, send that email anyway…. Social Media & Online Marketing blogging and content marketing small business marketing Social Networking 'In January, I didn’t set a one-word theme for the year like I’ve done in the past. And, when I have done, I’ve never declared it. kept it to myself. Hoping that those people who need them will find them anyway. WE ALL FEEL THIS WAY SOMETIMES!
    [Blog] Hospitals Operating with a More Social Approach
    Hospitals are even getting into the blogging field. 'When many of us think of social media, we think of teenagers sending pictures and snarky remarks, or middle-aged women planning high school reunions and sharing their kids’ latest achievements. However, there is much more to it. Most businesses these days would be at a loss without social media; it’s a huge marketing facet and one that opens a great informative forum. Even hospitals are deep into social media and seeing important benefits from its use. How and why are they using it? Hospitals use social media to form connections.
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