[Blog] Why Did a Russian Weed Company Just Buy Ebola.com for $200,000?
    Just to be safe, I tried searching on Google for a variety of Ebola-related queries, starting with the site’s blog post titles, including “how to control ebola” and “key ebola facts” It turns out that Ebola.com ranks for literally one search – “ebola.com” So is the site penalized? And that doesn’t even count the link they just got from our blog: How Can They Make Money from Ebola.com? And no, you’re not high (as far as we know). This really happened. from Tim and Eric Show , Great Job!, courtesy of reactiongifs.com.
    [Blog] #ThinkBig 2: Food Edition
    'Thanks to the support for  Stop Thinking Small, Louisville , the first installment of #ThinkBig, we at NowSourcing are pleased to announce the next #ThinkBig event. Scheduled for November, this one is all about food. Known all over the US as a food hub, Louisville is credited with some of the best food and restaurants anywhere. So we’ve got to ask, how did the food industry make it so well here, and how can other start ups follow in their footsteps? And how can we as a community help to build the food industry even more?
    [Blog] New Facebook Admin Changes
    The post New Facebook Admin Changes appeared first on PWB Blog. 'Most Facebook Page administrators know the frustration of posting updates and commenting on a post on it. First you needed to be either using the page as the “business” then you needed to toggle back and forth to “use the page as.” ” Within the last few days though I have noticed Facebook Admin changes that have made posting, commenting and liking a page a little cleaner. Users can still use the top drop down arrow (#1) to choose the Page they wish to administer. We can help.
    [Blog] Brand Identity: What It Is and How to Maintain It
    Monitor message boards and blogs for people who discuss your brand. 'A brand identity or brand personality is the first and most comprehensive way to introduce your company to the customer. Household names maintain their notoriety by being noticeable and consistent. Some brands are hip and popular in a social media setting, while others are conscientious and dedicated to a cause. Below, we examine some tips for creating a brand personality or identity, and offer some ideas for how to maintain the consistency of your brand in communications. What is positive brand image? Engage.
    [Blog] Mobile Devices Are Changing The Way We Do Search
    There’s a fascinating look at eye-tracking research on the Moz Blog. '“Where scanning was once more  horizontal , the adoption of mobile devices over the past 9 years has habitually conditioned searchers to now scan more  vertically —they are looking for the fastest path to the desired content, and, compared to 9 years ago, they are viewing more search results listings during a single session and spending less time viewing each one.” ”  – Rebecca Maynes. But now that triangle is not evident in the way SERPs are looked at.
    [Blog] Storytelling, storytelling, and more storytelling
    'Seems like every marketing book, blog and study is talking about how we should be using storytelling as a marketing technique. couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, I think most attempts fall short. Marketers clearly believe that storytelling is a critical component of their marketing efforts. It’s one of the most talked about topics in marketing circles today. So — no argument that marketing’s version of storytelling is critical to a business’ communications success. If you dig deep enough, you’ll find the emotions behind your stories.
    [Blog] All Saints Dress & Christian Louboutin Wedges
    If you’re thinking of going to Santorini, check out my Best Things To Do In Santorini blog post. 'I’ve had this All Saints dress for years…it’s an old faithful. love the way it falls, it creates a nice silhouette but doesn’t overly cling. The straps are made of rope…making it quite heavy at the top, easy to wear…but hell trying to keep it on a hanger! On holiday in Santorini recently, I paired the dress with some Christian Louboutin wedges. love the ballet style ties, they are fairly easy to walk in…but admittedly not for a long time!
    [Blog] Facebook Messenger Is #1 Messaging App In The U.S.
    Blog Facebook Social Media 'Despite their outcries about privacy and security concerns, Americans can’t seem to get enough of Facebook Messenger. recent report by Parks Associates shows that 53% of Americans using messaging apps are on Messenger—putting it in the #1 spot ahead of Skype, Snapchat and iMessage. Is there any stopping Facebook in its battle for the backchannel?
    [Blog] How I stick to a 30 hour work week (and how you can too)
    For instance, you might want to spend one afternoon a week on your creative business writing: blogs, newsletters, sales pages, web pages, auto responder series. 'I was sitting opposite my doctor in her consulting room – a fatigue specialist at The Royal Free Hospital in London. We were going through the results of my blood tests, and I was hoping for a conclusive diagnosis that would explain mysterious symptoms I’d battled with for the past year. The specialist asked me hundreds of questions about my lifestyle, daily activities, my diet, sleeping patterns. Or is it your choice?’.
    [Blog] Tips for Mobile Marketing: How to Bring Customers Into Your Store
    Here are three tips to make sure your mobile marketing efforts are bringing customers into your store: Enhance Your Store Locator Vend Blog’s Francesca Nicasio has some important pointers for retailers regarding their store locators. She enjoys creating informational content for clients including blog posts, articles, white papers, case studies, and talking points, as well as business documents such as sales letters, business plans and strategic plans. 'Guest Post from Heid Cardenas Shopping has gone mobile in a big way with the wild popularity of smartphones and apps.
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    [Blog] How to Establish a Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 9 Easy Steps (With Pictures)
    The post How to Establish a Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 9 Easy Steps (With Pictures) appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'Your business just opened a Pinterest business account and you’re wondering how to establish a Pinterest marketing strategy…that’s why you clicked on my very descriptive headline! Pinterest is a very different social media platform when compared to Twitter, with minor similarities to Facebook. If you think you can cut and paste your Facebook strategy though, you’re going to fail. How to Establish a Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 9 easy steps. Find new customers.
    [Blog] LinkedIn Influence: How to Build a Profitable Digital Presence
    Awareness Blogging Community Marketing Podcast Small Business Social Business Social Media Certified Financial Planner community Digital Influence influencers influential Jeff Korhan LinkedIn LinkedIn Influence network personal Ralph Waldo Emerson social media Social network Stephanie Sammons 'Listen to the Episode Below (0:37:24). Download. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Discover What is New for Business. Powered by Simple Podcast Press. This is Episode 14 of  This Old New Business  weekly  business podcast with Jeff Korhan. Leverage Your Personal Strengths.
    [Blog] 3 Writing Techniques to Double Your Productivity
    'Productivity is huge in freelance writing and blogging. First and foremost, there’s the actual work: the article writing/blogging/copywriting. However, once you actually try creating an outline, and then writing your blog posts or pieces of copy according to it, your writing speed will explode. E.g. I will get this 500-word blog post done in 2 hours. Your first draft (and blogging in general) is not so much about  perfect grammar and spelling as it is about ideation and the flow of your thoughts. Like, make or break your business huge. Prospects to Skype.
    [Blog] How The Motley Fool Became the #1 Company in America to Work For
    Motley Fool Public Blog. Links from the episode: Motley Fool Motley Fool Public Blog Podcast future of work motley fool podcast 'Click Here to Subscribe via iTunes. Click Here to Subscribe via RSS Feed (non-iTunes feed). link]. The one stat you need to know. According to a  new report  by the Conference Board, the New York-based nonprofit research group, some 54.6% liked their physical environment in 1987 versus 56.4% today, and 54.7% liked their equipment in 1987, compared to less than a percentage point more today, 55.2%. What this episode is about and why you should care.
    [Blog] A Social Media Etiquette Guide You Might Find Useful
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Jennifer Landry. What do you think of when you hear the word etiquette? For most people, the term conjures up images of a relative telling them to chew with their mouth closed, or to take their elbows off the table. So what does it mean when it’s applied to social media? In general terms, etiquette is a set of guidelines on how to behave properly around other people. The simplest way to avoid this problem is to read over your posts before pressing publish. Social Media Etiquette Guide You Might Find Useful.
    [Blog] 5 Reasons Your Social Media ROI Sucks
    It originally appeared here at the Brian Carter Group blog. Once per week or month, go back and see which ads and posts and tweets and blog posts are working (in terms of your key metric), and which aren’t. 'This post by Brian Carter is so awesome, I’m reposting it here in its entirety with permission. ————-. There are several failure points you need to watch out for: 1. You Have Lame Goals. Choose Choose Better Ones. Without a clear goal, you won’t know what to measure or if you’re successful. Go beyond engagement and get them to your website.
    [Blog] What’s Your Content Style?
    Creating a Style Guide for Your Blog or Brand : An easy template available from a site that is itself a wonderful example of following a style guide. Blog Coach Small Business 'Years ago, a new district manager came into my store to do an audit. Looking at the negative space on wall displays and the placement of the rotunda tables on the floor, he barked, “ Are we selling wall space and floor space this month? ” While the previous district manager preferred displays with plenty of ‘white space’, our new leader preferred a crowd of selections and choice.
    [Blog] What Social Media Means For Your Business in 2014/2015
    Sign up HERE  to get my blogs on the latest social media and marketing trends, updates and best practices.  Blog Integrated Marketing Social Media for Business Social Media Marketing marketing for small business marketing strategy Mobile Marketing social media social media for 2015 Tips 'SOCIAL MEDIA is no longer a novelty , but a strong marketing tool for small and medium business owners. Businesses have definitely realized and experienced the power and importance of social media. Social media has leveled the playing field for small and medium businesses.  . It’s essential.
    [Blog] Google’s New Inbox By Gmail Can’t Handle Its Inbox
    In the blog post , Google asked people to send an email to Inbox@Google.com. 'Wow, this is something that I found rather funny… Google just announced Inbox by Gmail, a new type of service that handles all of your appointments, calendar, and emails (and some other stuff) in one place. OK, so that’s really cool. If it works. I’d like to be one of the first to try it. But, apparently Google’s Inbox won’t accept emails to inbox@gmail.com. My email, sent to Inbox@Gmail.com, bounced back, like this: From: Mail Delivery Subsystem. To: XXXXXXX@gmail.com. gmail.com.
    [Blog] Why I don’t believe in B2B or B2C Exclusive Leads groups
    Blog networking 'I’ve belonged to a number of different lead referral organizations. One element most of them have had in common is a tendency to create lead referral groups that are specifically for business to consumer businesses (B2C) or business to business businesses (B2B) with never the two groups meeting because theoretically neither has much to offer to the other in terms of lead generation. One of the reasons is because such groups tend to stay small. small group doesn’t have the same leverage a large group has, or the same depth of connection.
    [Blog] How You Can Make Your Writing Twice as Fast by Making It 3x More Time-Consuming; Wait, What?!
    Imagine yourself in the following scenario… It’s a normal Tuesday and you decide to write a blog post. Yep, crafting a quality blog post is†a three-part process. Karol K. ( @carlosinho ) is a freelance writer, published author, founder of NewInternetOrder.com and a blogger at Bidsketch.com ( delivering some cool freelance blogging and writing tools, advice and resources just like what you’re reading now). Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Karol K. But almost immediately there’s a problem. 2) Edit later.
    [Blog] 8 New B2B Video Content Marketing Trends
    Use footage from an event to create a highlights reel and embed it into your recap blogs and social media posts. 'The “play” button is the most compelling action on the web. This is the sentiment that started the Vidyard Ignite conference – the first-of-its-kind event specifically designed to address the issues that B2B marketers face when it comes to creating video. While it’s well understood that video marketing is an extremely unique and valuable tactic to reach consumers effectively, marketers often feel paralyzed by the daunting task of creating useful videos. People Love to Laugh.
    [Blog] Dear Podcaster
    I’m blogging this because I want the universe to know, not just one person.) 'Dear podcaster: I’m really glad that you were kind enough to invite me to be a guest on your show. It means a lot that you think my ideas will be of value to the community you serve. really want to share a few things with you before we get started. I run the risk of seeming a bit fancy or snobby. That’s not it. I’m more sad than anything. Continue Reading. BiggerStories
    [Blog] You Already Have A Great Blog Resource
    'It’s being said more and more: “you need to blog and put lots of original, relevant content on your site.” This is where your employees can be a great resource for real-life blog ideas. You could even have interested would-be writers do blog posts and give them a bio with what they do in the business. Blogging for business is not going to be going away any time soon, so we who blog for business need all the help we can get. Blogging for Small Business blog ideas blog resource blogging for business
    [Blog] Is Your Business Using the Correct Facebook Profile?
    It is a place where a business or brand is highlighted and shares their photos, events, blogs, news, etc. 'In our work with many different industries, including education marketing with schools and school districts, we’ve come across many different types of Facebook set ups. There are three types Facebook offers: Profiles, Groups, and Pages. It can be confusing to sort out exactly what each one should be used for and what it should look like. What is a Facebook Profile? . Profile is used to represent an individual. With a profile, you can add and message friends.
    [Blog] 5 Essentials of a High Converting Copy
    The post 5 Essentials of a High Converting Copy appeared first on Writtent Blog. Blogging Content Creation Content Strategy Copywriting 'Image source. If you want copy that converts, you need to understand these 5 basic essentials of good copywriting. Good – nay, great copywriting has to have a certain set of standards. By following those standards, you can ensure that your copy has a fighting chance to make your business (or your client’s business) money, and lots of it. Perfect Grammar & Spelling. High converting copy has perfect grammar and spelling. Audience Targeting.
    [Blog] Is ‘Mental’ Health a Misnomer? Why We Need to Destigmatize Depression
    Read more at Op-Ed Marketing Blog , or connect on Twitter and/or LinkedIn. 'This is a guest post by Robert Clarke, and is a personal recollection and call-to-action on how we need to change the conversation around depression. Two young men. The first young man is 19, a constant joker who enjoys nothing else than making people laugh and bringing joy to those around him. He is big into robotics and the challenge of solving problems. He also helps his close friends solve their problems by being their go-to guy when they need a shoulder to cry on, or simply someone to listen. lot better.
    [Blog] Facebook’s Atlas Ad Platform: 5 Must-Reads
    Blog Facebook Social Media 'Facebook has revamped and relaunched its Atlas ad platform. Learn all about it in these five must-reads. Meet the new Atlas By Erik Johnson Today, we are announcing the launch of Atlas. We’ve rebuilt Atlas from the ground up to tackle today’s marketing challenges, like reaching people across devices and bridging the gap between online.
    [Blog] Your Customers CAN Handle the Truth
    Jess runs Don’t Panic Management , fantastic virtual assistant company, does tons of work for us at Convince & Convert , including the production of these Jay Today videos, does our Social Pros Podcast , and the award winning Convince & Convert blog (this one that you are reading!). 'You can’t handle the truth! That’s what a lot of brands think when they have to share news with their customers. But guess what brands? You look stupid, and your customers trust you less, not more. had an amazing experience last night checking in at the Four Seasons Boston.
    [Blog] Twitter Follower Hack: The Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Tactics to Use
    This step alone can, according to Jeff Bullas’ blog (who’s totally getting a tweet about this), get around 20 – 50% follow backs without doing anything. Here is the type of content you’ll want to schedule every week: Popular content – hit those popular Twitter users from above a few times, and share content from popular blogs and websites. Your own content – this can be your blog posts, products, promotions, specials, and anything else that you personally create. Follower hacks you do once a week. Daily activities. First, give them a follow. Good question!
    [Blog] There is a Book Within You
    Blog Coach Small Business 'Every business owner I talk with, be it an owner of a small business or a solopreneur, every single one of them should write a book. You should write a book. Maybe two. Your book doesn’t need to be the size of a Harry Potter novel. It doesn’t even have to go to print. It can be (and maybe should be) a print-on-demand or even a single Kindle book. It can be a free e-book you offer as a lead magnet. once shadowed a hands-on business owner for two days and one night. Gathering this kind of info was easy while I was there listening. You can do it, too.
    [Blog] Tech and sanity – You can have both!
    also dictate blog post ideas, client meeting notes and other info I need on hand wherever I am. Scoop.it  -Quickly browse the most recent blog posts on the information that’s important to me and share it to social networks over time through Buffer. 'There’s a lot of talk right now about the need to disconnect from technology and how social media overload is making everyone crazy. totally get that. All of that constant buzz can be annoying, distracting and keep us from doing what really matters in life; being real and connecting personally with people.
    [Blog] Don’t expect engagement if your content isn’t worth it
    The people who still love what they do are doing their best to create interesting content, whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and other owned channels. 'I get it. Engagement is hard to come by. No matter the platform, brands are competing with every other platform for an iota of time from their target audience, which we all know is so bifurcated these days it’s insane. also know that when it comes to Facebook in particular, there’s always an algorithm change. get all of that. But community managers do bear some responsibility. And that lies in the content. Today.
    [Blog] Stat-Driven Tips on How to Pitch to Big-Name Publishers in Your Niche
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Wil of Startup Bros. What’s the best way to pitch a content idea to the big players in your niche? What do today’s top publishers look for in a contribution? Many of today’s biggest influencers get hundreds of pitches every week. How do you stand out from the crowd? It’s a tough question to answer unless you’re the one who’s doing the sifting. So, the folks over at Fractl went straight to the horse’s mouth to find out what separates the good enquiries from the bad.
    [Blog] How Storytelling Grows Your Social Media Audience
    Awareness Blogging Community content marketing How-To Marketing Online Marketing Small Business Social Business Social Media communication community customers Jeff Korhan LinkedIn relationships social media social media audience stories Storytelling 'Are your social media profiles glorified resumes, or do they tell people what they really want to know – who you are and why they should care about you and your business? In addition to technology changing, everything about people and business is changing too. This means your social media has to meet new expectations. Here’s the thing.
    [Blog] How to Turn Your Old, Forgotten Content Into Your New Secret Weapon
    Even an above-average business doesn’t have  those  kinds of resources – after all, you can only post so many blogs in a day! Just look at the blog here at Convince & Convert, for example. Over the years, this blog has built up well over 100 pages  of posts. Sort through your existing catalogue of evergreen content, and for every blog post or article, write one or two social media updates. 'image via Big Stock Photo. Wouldn’t it be nice if content marketing were as simple as just creating stellar content? After all, it should be.) Long story short? The solution?
    [Blog] Sometimes the Most Productive Thing – is No Thing
    Outline the main point your next piece of content (blog post, podcast, chapter, class, etc.) 'Sometimes, the most productive thing we can do in the next 15-20 minutes – is no thing. Re-Create : A 20-minute power nap can help re-create energy and focus. Read : A 15-minute fictional read or magazine article can spark imagination. Or find an interview of a favorite creative such as an actor or musician. Reflect : A 15-20 minute quiet time of reflection of the day thus far can kickstart a thought process (make sure to have pen and paper handy). The first 5-6 should be easy.
    [Blog] Google Penguin 3.0: No One Can Recommend How to Recover Yet
    There’s no blog post. 'Over the weekend, it was confirmed that Google has updated their Google Penguin algorithm. Or, at least while I write this, Google apparently is still in the process of updating it. So, if your website was previously hit by the Google Penguin algorithm, then there is a chance that your site may recover if you’ve truly cleaned up your site’s links. We Can’t Talk Google Penguin 3.0 Recovery Yet. What disturbs me greatly, after having been practicing search engine optimization since 1996 , is that the Google Penguin 3.0 It’s snake oil.
    [Blog] The Language of Selling – Are You Using It?
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Richard Akhmerov. Benefits, benefits, benefits. We’ve all heard that benefits sell, not features. Create needs, not wants. But this is all rehashed information. And no amount of reading will make you better at the following if you don’t practice it by trying. But there is one thing missing from all of this marketing talk. And it has to do with the epicenter of marketing and copywriting. What creates the language of selling, and how does it work? The language of selling is not a single language.
    [Blog] Are you social sharing to your best advantage?
    Your blog content: If you aren’t using your corporate blog to fuel your social media strategy, you are almost certainly not as effective and efficient as you could be. If you are sharing great content on social networks that doesn’t exist on your blog or content hub, you are missing out on a huge SEO opportunity. If your content is on your blog, it will generate links and social indicators (likes, shares, +1s, etc.) Blog content is permanent  – social content is not. However, if you post the tax tip on your blog, you can re-share it year after year.
    [Blog] 8 Ways What You Write Will Affect Your Bottom Line
    After reading this blog, you’ll know how to create content that converts (or how to hire amazing writers to do it for you). Think of the problems that they face, and use your blog to present solutions to these issues. Adding a bunch of fluff to your blogs will only bore or annoy your readers. Using your blog to publish “common sense” or low-value information. Finally, be ruthless about editing your blogs to remove any hidden fluff from your content! Your blogs should never be an overt sales pitch. Give Them The Meaning: The Substance of Content.
    [Blog] Selecting Media Venues
    Secondary choices included select social networks, a live event at Google HQ that extended the event, blogs that extended the book’s logic, and native ads. included this and influencer blogs as tertiary as they were content pieces that were beyond our control. 'When you are considering media outlets to deploy a story, there are so many choices. How do you know which digital and traditional media venues are the right ones, and how do you prioritize them? It is based off a presentation I gave last week at the International PRSA Conference. It’s critical to have a focus.
    [Blog] Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts Oct 12 – Oct 18, 2014
    One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on  SlideShare. ConverStations blog posts you may have missed this week: Reach and Retain in a Subscription Economy Write. ” (LIFT Clip) SmallBizTracks Daily Podcasts you many have missed this week: SBTD Episode 92:  What’s the Best Kind of Blog Post? Blog Coach Whistle Stops SmallBiz Tracks Week in Review: October 18, 2014 from Mike Sansone You can catch a complete review, in addition to top links to give your small business a L.I.F.T Format. Publish. Format.
    [Blog] Be a Better Blogger by Doing as Little as Possible
    'When you make the decision to grow your blog and hopefully create an income from it, it can be so easy to fall into the trap of doing everything all at once in the name of getting as much exposure as you can. You’re blogging every day, you’re promoting those posts to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, you’re ensuring all posts have a Pinnable image, and you’re Instagramming the behind-the-scenes for your followers. It’s pretty easy to get to a stage where your blog is running you instead of you running your blog. Ironically, I blog less and podcast more.
    [Blog] DvF scarves, friends and trying to take it easier
    donated a bit of money to the Leeds Indie Food Festival – see Amy Liz’s blog post for more details on that. entered Kelly’s giveaway on her blog – Adventures in Tea & Cake. 'Hey all…how’s your week been? kept the promise to myself of taking it a little easier…only a little though. It’s really great to live in Leeds where the food seems to be going from strength to strength! This morning, we found ourselves at home for the first time in ages…so took advantage and went out for breakfast in Chapel Allerton. That works for me.
    [Blog] First There Was UnMarketing Now There Is UnSelling
    blogging. marketing blog. advertisingpodcast alisonkramer blog blogging brand businessbook businesspodcast customerservice davidusher digitalmarketing facebook google itunes marketingblog marketingpodcast qrcodeskillkittens scottstratten thebookofbusinessawesome thebookofbusinessunawesome twitter unmarketing unselling 'Episode #432 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Scott Stratten is back with a brand new book, UnSelling , that he co-authored with Alison Kramer. Seems simple enough, right? It isn''t.
    [Blog] Bill Hartzer Weekly Update: October 18, 2014
    See my post for confirmation, the GoDaddy social folks commented on the blog post: https://www.billhartzer.com/pages/godaddy-price-confusion-new-gtld-domains/. Bill Hartzer – Weekly Update August 30, 2014 This past week, there was a major change this week: blogs personal blog 'Google Penguin Refresh this weekend, and a pricing bug found in GoDaddy’s domain registration. This weekend, there appears to finally be a Google Penguin refresh, which is affecting a lot of website traffic from Google organic search. Google Penguin Refresh, Google Penguin 3.0. link].
    [Blog] Social Selling Tips: 3 Sales Lessons from The Amazing Race
    This was originally posted on the LinkedIn Sales Solutions blog. 'The twenty-fifth ‘trip’ of the long-running reality competition  The Amazing Race  premieres this fall. The show pits teams of two against each other in a race around the world, complete with various physical and mental challenges. Contestants face various fears and risks along the way, including communication barriers and unfamiliar environments as they zig zag across the globe. Still, there are certain similarities between the show and the fast-paced world of social sales. The teams who win work together.
    [Blog] 12 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Divide responsibilities among your team, such as who is in charge of posting to your blog and each social media network, who will respond to comments and @mentions, and who will own metrics tracking and reporting. Infographic via BIGEYE 12 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy is a post by Pam Dyer on Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog. 'Do you need some help to get started with your social media marketing plan? If you don’t, it will be obvious to your fans and target market that you are disorganized. What problems are they trying to solve?
    [Blog] Social Media Tweetable Facts
    FACT] 34% of Fortune 500 companies have a public facing blog. The post Social Media Tweetable Facts appeared first on PWB Blog. 'Social media statistics these days are all about big data, how companies are collecting (and using) the data, where this data comes from and how social media sites are used.  Do you know the recent B2B social media facts from fiction? Here are several of the latest Tweetable social media facts to consider – No matter how you look at it though, social media is changing faster than a blink of an eye. Twitter devours 12x more. TWEET THIS. TWEET THIS.
    [Blog] Creating a Powerful Business Presence with Brochures
    Another question for you: What brings people back to your website or blog? 'Written by Donzell Davis What is it that connects and builds every relationship? The answer is you. When you meet someone your desire is to connect and build based on something that you can provide. Before you provide what you have to offer to your customers, they need to be aware that you exist and what your company does. You need to establish your presence. brochure provides just that: Your presence on paper! So what is so special about having a brochure?  Ok, enough questions. Just one more question.
    [Blog] Our Digital Lives
    Yesterday, I blogged about a new documentary that was being aired on TVO titled, Life After Digital. 'Don''t blame technology. Technology is ambiguous. The documentary depressed me on many levels. Yes, it''s a dystopian view of how bad people seem to be doing terrible things online, while the culture of rubber-necking is pushed further ahead by other bad civilians hiding behind their keyboards and screens egging these terrible things on. It''s sad. In fact, in many instances, it''s tragic (as the documentary displays). or our society. It would be easy to create a documentary on any city.
    [Blog] What I REALLY think about blogging (you’ll be surprised!)
    'Being in the business of modern marketing means I write a lot: Blogs. Guest blogs. knew that in modern business a blog is one of the most powerful pieces of free marketing at your disposal. ve found ways to make blogging easier. So that my blog remains a lucrative way of bringing fresh clients and opportunities into my business now and in the future. know that blogging isn’t always easy. So, if you are ready to up your business blogging or learn other ways to easily streamline and market your business for better profits,  book a chat  with me.
    [Blog] Firebelly CEO Presenting “Next Generation Social Media” At BOLO Conference
    Specifically, Blog News 'Our own Duncan Alney will be presenting “Next Generation Social Media For Agencies” at the 2014 BOLO Conference, a conference that brings together thought-leaders and change-makers of the agency world, in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 20th. Session description This session will focus on emerging trends that will effect most agencies in the near future.
    [Blog] 32 Resources to Write Great Blog Headlines
    million blog posts are written every day. As the web becomes more crowded with content, it’s becoming harder and harder to draw people’s attention to your blog posts. Keep your blog steadily growing by improving your skill set and adopting content marketing best practices. Here are 32 resources to help you write blog headlines that will rock the web: Tips and Tricks for Writing Great Blog Headlines. The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post: The Data on Headlines, Length, Images and More. How to Craft Post Titles that Draw Readers Into Your Blog. Right?
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2014
    [Blog] Online Music Marketing with Tweets: Twitter and SoundCloud Finally Team Up
    Twitter announced it on their blog yesterday, and SoundCloud followed up with an announcement on their own blog. It’s a Madchild track, so there’s a lot of heart, but  THERE’S ALSO SWEARING ON THIS TRACK : The post Online Music Marketing with Tweets: Twitter and SoundCloud Finally Team Up appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'There have been rumors of Twitter and SoundCloud working together for months. reported on Twitter’s interest back then , but now we know for certain that the two titans of rapid fire social media, and online music streaming, are going to work together.
    [Blog] How I experienced Dreamforce #DF14
    Blog Life at LinkedIn Social Media Social Selling Strategies 'Dreamforce 2014 is now over and I am walking away exhausted but inspired. spoke in 5 sessions total over 3 days to groups ranging from sales to marketing to support. I’m usually lucky to get one session to talk in so it was an amazing opportunity to have so many this year. was collecting all of the tweets from the past few days and surprised myself with all of the activity. It was so great to see familiar faces, people I only see at Dreamforce or maybe one other event in a year. Powered by WP Bannerize.
    [Blog] Top Five Things to Learn from the Greggs vs Google Twitter Debacle
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from Mark Potter. Greggs is the UK’s largest bakery chain, famed for its sausage rolls and steak bakes. They have always enjoyed a strong social media presence, winning a Digital Impact Award in 2013 for a ‘Sandwich Maker’ Facebook app. As a relatively low-budget food chain, they are a popular target for online abuse. The gaffe spread like wildfire across the internet, and the Greggs Twitter account was rapidly inundated with tweets. However, the social media team kept their cool, and handled the crisis with aplomb.
    [Blog] The Hierarchy of Communications
    Members communicate by blog posts/videos/UGC. Notice that forums, videos, and blog posts rank last. 'If members can only interact via the platform, it will take far longer to develop the community. This is because the level of  social presence  (awareness of an intelligent other) in the discussions are low. See the hierarchy of communication mediums below (1 is highest). Members communicate in person. Members communicate by phone. Members communicate by voice-chat. Members communicate in IM/SMS. Members communicate in chat-rooms. Members communicate by social networks.
    [Blog] 7 NEW Social Media Solutions to Grow Your Business
    Blog Guest post marketing Social Media 'When it comes to creating buzz online, it’s hard to keep up. You want to hit your social media marketing out of the ballpark , but with so many changes, updates, and new features, how can you know you’re leveraging every avenue available? Here are seven new tools and solutions that you should be aware of when marketing your business on social media. Pinterest Messenger. Pinterest users send over two million pins each day. With so much engagement on Pinterest, it’s hard to ignore their newest feature – Pinterest Messenger.
    [Blog] Coaching Calls with SubCLUBs
    Blog Coach Small Business 'Every business and business owner is unique in more ways than one. Personality, Personality, demographics, location, offerings, the list of differences can get long. These differences are part of what makes the Coaching Calls portion of SubCLUBs so important. SubCLLUBs is a new project offering premium content, coaching, and calibration to help you in building a better business presence. One of the benefits to members of SubCLUBs is the 90 minutes of one-on-one coaching calls (either by phone or Skype). a quick question), 30 minutes (i.e., Format. Publish.
    [Blog] Why The Sharing Economy is Changing Everything
    Links from the episode: Jeremiah Owyang’s Blog. Links from the episode: Jeremiah Owyang''s Blog Crowd Companies Podcast collaborative economy crowd companies jeremiah owyang sharing economy 'Click Here to Subscribe via iTunes. Click Here to Subscribe via RSS Feed (non-iTunes feed). link]. The one stat you need to know. Forbes estimates “The revenue flowing through the share economy directly into people’s wallets will surpass $3.5 billion this year, with growth exceeding 25%. What this episode is about and why you should care. Need a wedding dress? What about a place to stay?
    [Blog] How Blogging In College Got Me My First Job
    Squirming on the hard plastic chairs at my boarding gate with my laptop perched on my knees, I typed my first post on my new study abroad blog. Well, that cold January day is a big part of where I am today because my little study abroad blog helped determine my career and land my first job. Getting Started with my Travel Blog. All my friends that had spent time in Europe kept blogs that were updated every few weeks with a snapshot of their crazy jet-setter lifestyle. loved writing, and I jumped at the chance to blog about something exciting. General
    [Blog] Interview with Simon Sinek – Start With Why
    For those that follow this blog but are not yet familiar with your book Start with Why , give us little background. 'I had a chance to catch up with fellow author, Simon Sinek to discuss his book called – Start With Why at the World Business Forum held in New York at Radio City Music Hall on October 7-8. My goal was to go a bit more in-depth on how to get started for B2B marketers, hope you enjoy the interview. Everybody knows what they do. It’s the products we sell or the services we offer. Some know how we do it. But why I don’t mean to make money. That’s a result. It’s the same thing.
    [Blog] 20 Amazing Resources to Learn Copywriting
    The post 20 Amazing Resources to Learn Copywriting appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'What is copywriting, really? Most often, it is the art of writing copy for marketing or advertising. In other words, it’s writing that’s designed to sell. That might seem easy, but believe me, it’s often not. If you’re considering an engaging and rewarding career in the world of copywriting, this list of 20 top resources will help you master the practice: 1. Copyblogger. If you truly want to be good at copywriting, Copyblogger is definitely the right place to start learning. Kopywriting Kourse.
    [Blog] Offering Free Tools to Increase Your Social Reach
    Basically, something interactive that you can use for free but that usually requires (or at least encourages) visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, email updates or blog notifications. Similar to adding bonus content for specific blog posts (which have been known to perform better than general offers), free tools are designed with your reader’s self-interest in mind. 'Giving away a free report, whitepaper or case study has long been a staple in the content marketing world. know I’ve taken my turn being on both ends of that equation. Free Tools Make Value Interactive.
    [Blog] How to Set Up a YouTube Remarketing Campaign in Google Adwords
    'We recently spoke about Twitter Remarketing here on the Devumi blog, but to keep things fair for all those video marketers out there I am also going to cover YouTube Remarketing so that your videos, and video marketing, can help your end goal of increasing conversions and spreading your brand message to the right people. The post How to Set Up a YouTube Remarketing Campaign in Google Adwords appeared first on Devumi Blog. Setting up a YouTube Remarketing Campaign. What is remarketing? How to setup your YouTube Remarketing campaign. Click next. Tip: the more, the merrier. Wrong!
    [Blog] Halloween & Social Media: 5 Must-Reads
    From Facebook, to Twitter, Vine, Blog Social Media 'Don’t be scared of having some fun with your online community this Halloween! Check out these five must-reads for inspiration. Three Frightfully Fun Examples of Brand Generated Halloween Social Media Content By Jessica Gioglio In celebration of this spooktactular holiday, we’re skipping the tricks and going right to the treats.
    [Blog] Your Blog as Part of an Overarching Business Strategy
    So you have a business blog (you DO have a blog for your business, yes?). In a 2012 HubSpot study , 62% of respondents claimed to run a company blog. Today is also not the first time somebody tells you a blog will bring several advantages to your business. You’ve heard professionals tell you that writing blog posts gives you the opportunity to leverage the human side of your business. What I’m telling you now is that your company blog should be a piece in your overall business puzzle, that perfectly fits among the other pieces. blog tells a story.
    [Blog] LXRSEO Review – Getting an Edge on Competitors in Search
    You can embark on a journey to boost search rankings via keyword optimization, backlink building, blogging, competitive research and more. Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of my free 8,000+ word guide to guest blogging and become a fan on Facebook. 'You know it when you’ve seen it. It’s that competitor appearing on the first page of Google who changes you. You are so affected that you can’t help but take measures to rank higher than him. We’ve all experienced situations like this. But do we know a way around it? That’s the question. How to use LXRSEO. SEO Performance. Tools.
    [Blog] The Pillars of Online Marketing Success in 2014 & Beyond
    At least having a mobile responsive website / blog is mandatory and every piece of content created for engaging users should be optimized for mobile. 'As online marketing budgets continue to rise this year and with prospects to increase for the future, there’s good sign that more businesses are taking the potential and necessity of the web seriously. It also means a few others things; your number of competitors are increasing daily; tactics that once produced high conversion rates are now diluted and less effective and you will need to invest more in making your mark and selling online.
    [Blog] What Ragnar Taught Me About Grassroots Content Marketing
    The first impression a person receives when visiting your blog creates your brand. Start refining your brand by giving your blog and social profile’s a graphic makeover. Invest in a premium WordPress template to quickly present a well-organized blogging presence. 'I recently ran 14.1 miles over 24 hours through the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. Before you dismiss this as just something “runners” do, you should know that before to this event the longest distance I have ever run was 3 miles.A few weeks ago I was, according to my wife, “sedentary.”. Prime The Pump.
    [Blog] Twitter and TV: 4 Ways to Make It Work
    'Image via Twitter Blog It’s that time of year when kids go back to school, football is starting, baseball is ending, Mr. Autumn Man is walking down the street with his coffee, and television’s top shows come back for their big premieres. Twitter has been positioning itself in the mind of network execs as a platform that is complimentary to TV, and user numbers seem to support their claims. In fact, 85% of users active on Twitter during primetime TV hours tweet about TV , with  66% saying. Read the whole entry. » Social Media Strategy
    [Blog] SubCLUBs – Building Your Business Presence a Month at a Time
    Blog Coach Marketing Small Business 'SubCLUBs is an extension of SmallBiz Tracks. We announced a version earlier this year and the feedback was compelling enough to make some changes. As always, we look to accomplish a few things with everything we do: Provide small business owners a LIFT in building their business presence. Practice simple, small steps leading to big results. Prepare owners with instruction towards independence. The new SubCLUBs plan does all that for less than a daily cup of coffee. One-on-One coaching calls totaling 90 minutes each month. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Blog] How to Be Famous for Your Business Content
    Blogging Community content marketing How-To Marketing Online Marketing Small Business Social Business Success Bill Gates business content business experience communication community content is king customers Jeff Korhan marketing social media marketing 'As a marketer you no doubt are familiar with the expression “Content is King” – but do you know who is credited with first coining it? posed that question to my audience at a recent content marketing conference here in Chicago. To my surprise, nobody knew the answer. Claim Your Signature Content. This is the basis of every copyright.
    [Blog] Bill Hartzer: Weekly Update for October 13, 2014
    personal blog 'This past week, I’ve been busy speaking at the PubCon conference in Las Vegas, so there weren’t a lot of posts and updates this week. But, notably the TopSEOs website appears to have been banned in Google. also posted about speakers I wanted to see at the PubCon conference, which was a great success. In case you’ve missed it, you might want to check out SocialCentiv, a really cool new Twitter marketing software product. TopSEOs Banned. TopSEOs, a website that “lists” the top SEOs in the industry, appears to have been banned in Google. link].
    [Blog] Why Social Media Matters in the Job Search
    From there, you can also build your social presence by starting your own professional blog and website. 'Taking a social approach to your job search might just be the best employment decision you ever make. With more and more social media sites dedicated to the professional job market, going social with your job seeking endeavors is more fruitful than you might think. When you’re ready to find your dream job, here are a few social websites that can help: First Things First: Clean Up Your Social Act. All Begins With Linkedin. Linkedin is the ultimate social site for professionals.
    [Blog] How to Write Successful Emails (and Improve Open Rates)
    Like a binder to a book, so is the email list to blog/website. m willing to be spammed, get boring emails, and go through tons of junk just to get that one email from a friend or blog that will connect and enhance me with information that I need. Stay updated with the favorite blog. You’re not about connecting when you do this and I believe these addresses shouldn’t exist for any blog unless it’s a notifier of some sort. Look at it here: Subject: How to Write Blog Posts That Generate Leads. How to Write Blog Posts That Generate Leads. Think about it.
    [Blog] 15 Must-Use Words in Your Headlines [+Examples]
    The single most important piece of copy in a blog post. One of the ultimate determinants of a blog post’s success. If you do get them right, your blog post has the potential to go viral and bring your business obscene amounts of traffic and customers. Your blog post readers sure will. By adding the word surprising in your headlines, you’re basically telling your readers that your blog post has new content that they’ve never seen before elsewhere. One of the primary reasons why people read blog posts in the first place is to gain knowledge. 'Headlines.
    [Blog] Write. Edit. Format. Publish.
    Blog Coach Social Media 'Here’s how it often goes… Write a little bit of text … oops, backspace – backspace -backspace … a bit more writing. Think. Fix the margins. Bold … no, nix the bold. There’s gotta be a better word, hmm – where’s that thesaurus? Should Thesaurus get capitalized? Where’s that APA sheet? Backspace again. Maybe a cup of tea will help. It just took 10 minutes to write edit format craft (!) that’s the word) – to craft an uncompleted sentence. That process ( a process? It can get ugly. Just Spill!
    [Blog] X Factor, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet & Silver Skechers
    spotted this on a few blogs with good reviews and you might have seen that I bought it in my Superdrug haul. On Friday, I was feeling a bit more rock and wore my ‘Blog Off’ tee from Lustre with blue skinnies and a tartan-sleeved biker jacket from Primark. 'Morning! Wow… it’s feeling Autumnal today, isn’t it? Brrrrrr………    Did you watch X Factor this weekend? I’ve I’ve got Lauren Platt and Only The Young in the office sweepstake. did also have Blonde Electra, but they went out last night. Why did I have three? Flouncy.
    [Blog] Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts Oct 5 – Oct 11, 2014
    One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on  SlideShare. ConverStations blog posts you may have missed this week: One Rung at a Time (Thoughtography). Blog Coach Brain Stew 'Week in Review October 5 – 11: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations  and  SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts. The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach. SmallBiz Tracks Week in Review: October 11, 2014 from Mike Sansone. Steps to Finding Local Speaking Gigs.
    [Blog] Rebranding Your Blog: The Resources
    'Last week we had Jodi from Practising Simplicity talk us through the decision behind rebranding her six-year-old established blog. Many of you had questions about the technical details of moving a blog, so I’ve rounded up some resources to help. Before you even start, get clear on WHY you want to rebrand: Nuts and Bolts Media // Things to Consider Before Rebranding Your Blog. The Lotus Creative // How to Rebrand Your Blog  Has a step-by-step guide right from the very beginning – choosing a name and getting a.com. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
    [Blog] Advertising Week With Joseph Jaffe
    long-time friend (and one of the main inspirations behind the Six Pixels of Separation blog and podcast), we''ve decided to hold semi-regular conversations, debates and back-and-forths that will dive a little deeper into the digital marketing and advertising landscape. blogging. marketing blog. 'Episode #431 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. This is also episode #29.20 of Across The Sound. He is the author of four excellent books ( Life After The 30-Second Spot , Join The Conversation , Flip The Funnel Z.E.R.O.)
    [Blog] The Five Business Books That Permanently Changed My Life
    Here''s what Seth wrote about permission marketing on his blog: "Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. 'We buy a lot of books. Many of them don''t get read. Sadly. I''m just as guilty as the next person of picking up the latest and greatest business book, with every intention of devouring every page. fail at this with a spectacular flair. It''s easy to be dismissive of the business book genre. Written by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke , Doc Searls and David Weinberger.
    [Blog] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #225
    "We live in a world where we write blog posts, online articles and more with little happening in terms of the editing process. How many times have you written a blog post, stepped away from it, came back and made a second draft of your work? 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Chills Its Eggs And Most Of The World Doesn''t - NPR. "I''ve always wondered about this. Turns out there are good reasons why. Also, if you live in the US, you probably shouldn''t keep your eggs on the counter."
    [Blog] Video: Why Flare Social Sharing is Much More Than Just a Sharing App
    From the early version last year, Flare (and now Flare Pro) has become my de-facto option when it comes to social sharing options on my blog, and those I manage. To try Flare for your own blog, hop on over here to create an account. Creates the Perfect Content for Bloggers and Marketers 3 Types of Editorial Calendar to Manage Your Business Blog. Blog Tips Recommended Viewing flare social sharing Personally, I’ve tried multiple solutions, from free options to premium options like MashShare and Ultimate Social Deux. Enjoy.
    [Blog] ICYMI – Snapchat, Buzzfeed and Imgur
    dramatic fake blog exposes issues around forced child marriage. 'Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Friend-to-friend payments coming to Facebook messenger. Buzzfeed adds a ‘buy now’ button. Yahoo is set to invest in Snapchat. …and Snapchat is on the verge of launching ads. Imgur will now convert animated GIFs to MP4s. Facebook releases a new collage layout for mobile photo galleries. Linkedin has revamped Pulse.
    [Blog] Firebelly CEO Presenting “Social Media For Lead Generation” At Midwest Multifamily Conference
    Blog News 'Our own Duncan Alney will be presenting two sessions at the Midwest Multifamily Conference at the Indiana Convention Center on October 15th. In “Social Media For Lead Generation & Customer Retention,” Duncan will discuss the use of ‘listening’ and “engagement” to identify prospective residents, the creation of useful content, landing pages and tracking conversion, as.
    [Blog] 7 thought-provoking ideas I share with my clients most often
    Write blogs, make videos, record podcasts or upload images. What things do you find yourself telling your customers and clients (hint: it could be a great blog post!). 'Working with other small business owners on their modern marketing strategies, I’ve noticed that the same fears and frustrations come up – no matter how unique as individuals they are, or what type of business they own. Right here, I’m sharing the 7 things I tell my clients most often. This advice helps get them moving ahead, enjoying their work day and creating more freedom for themselves. tasks.
    [Blog] 5 Factors that Distinguish Great Copywriters
    The post 5 Factors that Distinguish Great Copywriters appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'Image source. It’s a common myth that anyone who writes well can be a copywriter. The truth, however, is that great copywriters possess unique skills and traits that aren’t common to all writers. If If your goal is to be an effective copywriter, the good news for you is that these skills and traits can be learned. As in most things, the key to writing great copy is lots of practice. Great Copywriters Solve Problems. Promising a solution to their problem often does the trick.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2014
    [Blog] Getting More SoundCloud Plays: 5 Dos & 5 Don’ts to get More Plays!
    As is the tradition here on the Devumi blog, my favorite current track on SoundCloud will be at the bottom. Include linking URLs to your SoundCloud from your website, blogs, in your artist bio for interviews, and anywhere else a link fits. appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'SoundCloud is the most exciting opportunity for musicians to increase their exposure, find new fans, and even get discovered. Getting more SoundCloud plays is not, however, as simple as uploading some tracks and letting the magic happen. They’ll be obvious once you have them done, but you can’t skip them!
    [Blog] The Beauty of Social Media for New Mothers
    BlogsBlogging is a huge market for moms to connect with one another and share tips. simple Google search of “mommy blogs” will yield thousands of results. If you find a mom you like and relate to, send her an email or leave a comment on her blog. And if you’re feeling really brave, consider starting a blog of your own as a way to motivate you in your goals. 'With more than 1 billion people using social media, it can be used for just about anything. That is, until social media stepped in. Social Media Can be Inspiring.
    [Blog] How to Make Marketing Analytics Easier
    For example, clickthroughs and blog views are nice to have, but do they impact revenue? 'Tons of marketers hate data, so they only focus on the low-hanging fruit. These “vanity metrics” include data like total page views, Twitter followers, and other fluffy numbers. The strongest marketers are the ones who collect actionable data. Doing so leads to the most profitable outcomes. If you’d like to be more actionable with your analytics, start with the “so what?” question. When you frame your. Read the whole entry.
    [Blog] The Power of “TK” in Content Writing (and How it Can Help You)
    'Sometimes blogging is just slooooww… If you’ve ever been struggling (painfully) to write a couple of paragraphs that would make sense , only to find yourself with 400 words after two hours of effort then you know what I mean. … Some examples: (1) “There are tons of people who TK at blogging because they took too much TK upon themselves.” Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. … There can be many reasons why this is possibly your reality at the moment. Maybe it’s just not your day. Maybe you have some kind of a. by getting hung up.
    [Blog] Overhaul Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with These Basic Approaches
    If you were to login to your Twitter account right now, I know I can safely assume that 90% of the messages you’re seeing in your feed are irrelevant to you as everyone is chaotically trying to tell their own story, promoting their own opinions, ideas, newest blog post, etc. Certainly acquiring 1,000 likes on your recent blog post looks good but how does it make your business a more profitable one? 'As dynamic and potent as social media can be for growing businesses and catapulting causes to million-strong audiences, it’s quite easy for the medium to grow stale. Image source.
    [Blog] FAQs Found in the Archives
    'One of the great things about blogging as part of your web presence, is how some of those blog posts you’ve written are answers to some of your “quick question” requests. good answer might be found in your inventory of blog posts. Freelancing to Supplement Your Business How Often Should I Blog? Here are 4 Scenarios on How Often You Should Blog. What’s the Best Blogging Tip You Have? Mine is included in 21 Best Business Blogging Tips Do You Accept Guest Posts? Some of those are not as popular as they once were. It Depends.
    [Blog] Pondering Panda 4.1
    The Devil Is in the Aggregate ” on the Moz Blog. 'Russ Jones has been studying the Panda update since it first hit the scene, and the result of his ponderings is an excellent overview of “ Panda 4.1: He explains his evaluation process this way: “…the original Panda questionnaire still remains a powerful predictive tool to wield in defense of what can be a painful organic traffic loss. By analyzing the winner/loser reports of Panda 4.1 using standard Panda surveys, we can determine whether Google’s choices are still in line with their original vision.”
    [Blog] From MAGNET: Manufacturing – It’s for Women Too!
    'Each month we’ll be featuring a blog post from our friends at MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network). MAGNET’s mission i s to support, educate and champion manufacturing in Ohio with the goal of transforming the region’s economy into a powerful, global player. You can visit MAGNET online at manufacturingsuccess.org. Manufacturing – It’s for Women Too! Judith Crocker, Director of Workforce & Talent Development, MAGNET. As the economy in Northeast Ohio continues to rebound, the demand for skilled, educated workers in manufacturing is increasing.
    [Blog] 5 Crucial Link Building Strategies After Google Panda 4.1
    ve always been a strong believer that the success of your website and/or blog has to do with providing “high” quality resources to your readers and using authentic link building techniques. From my experience, there have been five crucial link building techniques that have stood the test of time and continue to provide high quality traffic to my blog WITHOUT being penalized by Google algorithm updates. Guest posting opportunities is a great way to get your experienced noticed and you’re rewarded with a link back to your personal blog. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
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