[Blog] When Will Marketers Be More Business Focused?
    Yes, stop reading this blog post and spend an hour or so reading what Avinash has to say. 'It''s laughable that the vast majority of marketing professionals are still seen as those who spend the money on the TV commercials. Here''s what''s really happening: The c-suite is pushing back (and hard). They''re asking marketers to do more than spend money on advertising they want them to: Get in line with the CEO''s objectives. Help drive organizational change. Deliver timely results. Anything shocking there? That''s what the 2014 Korn Ferry Marketing Pulse Survey is saying. marketers.
    [Blog] Persistence Pays Off in Networking
    Blog networking 'The other day I went to an after hours event and while there saw a number of acquaintances that I’ve met at other networking meetings. In a few cases, I ended up having longer conversations with a few of the acquaintances, than I’d normally had before. During the course of the conversation they noted that they’d seen me at other events. What these interactions told me is how important to be persistent with your networking efforts. Without that persistence a network will go its own way, without you. You can’t develop a relationship if you show up.
    [Blog] The Science Behind a Compelling Social Media Campaign
    You’ll also likely be balancing tasks such as writing blog content and other marketing tactics, so you’ll feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants without a plan. '“Setting up a social media campaign is a piece of cake,” said no marketing professional ever. When it comes to social media-based campaigns, it involves a lot more than just posting content and waiting for the likes and comments to rack up. It involves meticulous planning, endless analysis, and a true understanding of what makes your audience tick. The answer to all these questions can be, “yes!”
    [Blog] How to Use Content Themes to Make Blogging a Snap
    You’re due to publish a blog post but you have absolutely no idea what to write about. The “writers block” cycle can put a serious cramp in your blogging style, but contrary to popular opinion, it’s not a mysterious ailment with no known cure. This is good news, because it means that with correct planning, you can skip right over the blank screen and save loads of time and sanity when blogging. The editorial calendar is like a blogging secret weapon – except, it’s not so secret. Coming up with an endless stream of fresh blog post ideas can be exhausting.
    [Blog] Loyalty Is Not a Given – Like Trust, It Needs to be Earned
    Related Stories The B t Excuses for Attitudes Towards Women Needs to Stop Blog Comments, Digital Universes, and the Future of Social Conversations How to Build the Commodities of Identity and Trust in Social Media. 'Back in July 2012, I spoke at an event in Toronto. During my talk, I made a quip about whether or not anyone still used Canadian smartphone giant BlackBerry (previously known as RIM). While it was a throwaway joke that most people laughed at, it attracted its share of criticism too. For that answer, I was called unpatriotic, and not loyal to seeing Canadian companies succeed.
    [Blog] Will Facebook’s ‘buy’ button succeed where its previous ecommerce attempts have failed?
    As we discussed on the blog recently , this app has monetised well through in-app purchases and marketplaces – this year, it sold 150,000 smartphones within 10 minutes. 'Facebook is determined to finally crack e-commerce and if it proves to be a success, its rivals are determined to cash in too. In recent years, Facebook has been frustrated with incorporating micro-payments, removing its virtual currency ‘credits’ , as well as twice culling its ‘gifts’ offering , and several major brands have closed their Facebook stores too, after claiming that return on investment was poor.
    [Blog] Show Off Your Team On and Off the Job
    'In a recent post, I share some thoughts on how to Show Off Your Back Room and Backstory on your company’s site, blog, or social network pages. Use your current space, whether it’s on your blog or other social network, to help build relationships and your business presence by putting a spotlight on your staff. Related Stories Show Off Your Back Room and Backstory Driving Car Comfy Shocking: Most Small Businesses Don’t Have a Website If a Tree Falls in the Forest and Nobody is Around … Blog Coach Small Business Social Media
    [Blog] Twitter Popular Tweets Update: Content Forced into Newsfeeds
    The post Twitter Popular Tweets Update: Content Forced into Newsfeeds appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'Twitter has been doing a lot lately to start looking like Facebook Lite , or like an Instagram with a more instant appeal. Their new “Popular Tweets” feature is one of those moves. This Twitter update, released just yesterday and hitting a timeline near you soon, has been met with varied emotion – and by that, I mean various forms of anger and annoyance. The problem with the new Twitter popular tweets update. This means you will sometimes see Tweets from accounts you don’t follow.
    [Blog] Announcing the Ultimate Blog Jumpstart Kit Giveaway
    'I just had a great conversation with a Pushing Social reader about their blog. In 30 minutes we zeroed in on some easy changes that would immediately put her blog on the right path. “How can I help more readers with their blog?” couple of hours later – The Blog Jumpstart Kit Giveaway was born. Free Autographed Copy of Born to Blog. Here’s what readers are saying about Born to Blog. highly recommend Born to Blog to anyone launching a personal or business  – Mike Hale blog. . Blog Strategy Giveaways
    [Blog] Remarkable Way to Assess Your Brand Strength
    Can you use video’s, can you use social media marketing, can you use blog posts to show the reasons why your brand should be chosen…not because you believe it is great but because you demonstrate the right reasons the customer needs your brand. 'Marketing is simple and YOU can do it because you create reasons in all walks of your life. When you apply for a job, when you want someone to give you a salary in return for your time, you send a CV to the prospective firm. Does that make sense? Do you think the employer has a right to look at your credentials, skills and experience?
    [Blog] Find Your Audience: How to Grow Sales with Digital Media
    Here''s the Exact Target Audience Growth Survey Ryan mentioned Blogging Community content marketing How-To Marketing Online Marketing Podcast Selling Small Business Social Media Digital Media Digital World email marketing Google Grow Sales insurance Jeff Korhan landscaping business Marketing Podcast sales selling SEO social media 'Listen to the Episode Below (00:37:39). Download Audio. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud. Get Weekly Marketing Updates. Discover What is New for Business. This is Episode 05 of  This Old New Business  weekly  business podcast with Jeff Korhan. You do. It''s true.
    [Blog] 27+ Resources to Learn SEO Copywriting
    Blog Posts/Articles. 35 SEO Copywriting Tips for Rocking Content – A recent blog post by yours truly. Check out the blog and/or sign up for their industry-endorsed training program. The post 27+ Resources to Learn SEO Copywriting appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'Image source. Copywriting is how companies sell things online. And offline. Smart businesses know this and are investing in learning how to use the written word to their full advantage. However, don’t expect to reach scores of buying masses until you master SEO copywriting and leverage search traffic.
    [Blog] Joining the Google Analytics Team to Help Make Data Count
    To stay on top of what we''ll be doing in the world of Analytics, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Google+ and Twitter. 'Starting tomorrow, my six year old twins begin the next steps in their education, as they begin the school year in first grade. Similarly, I''ve made a move here at Google that I''m excited about, focused on education, advocacy, and like most good education offerings, lots of numbers and measurement. Moving between teams is encouraged, as we pick up new skills and expand our exposure to new ideas and people. Speaking of Counting. back to work.
    [Blog] Why You Have a Better Chance of Landing a Guest Post Than You Think (and How to Do It)
    You probably already know that guest posting is one of the most effective ways to build relationships in the blogging world, get writing credits, and grow your audience … . … yet you might worry that no-one will take your posts, because you’re too new to blogging, your own audience is too small, or you’re not (yet) a great writer. wanted to guest blog on your esteemed site under SEO section. We are interested in writing a “ guest blog ” for your website. Tell me when it will be live on the blog.”). Get to grips with formatting a blog post well.
    [Blog] Stop Writing for Free and Launch Your Own Profitable Blog
    Launching a blog, whether it be in sports, fashion, technology, or any field is difficult. In my guide to launching a profitable sports blog , the focus is clearly on sports, but the steps to go from unpaid writer to founder of a site generating a profit can be applied for just about any other topic. Each area, if handled properly will ultimately lead to a blog that generates enough traffic to make a good amount of money. The most common pitfall in blogging is poor quality. If your blog is not attracting a ton of traffic this should be a perfectly acceptable option.
  • JUGNOO  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2014
    [Blog] Finding the Human Element
    'Jugnoo Blog: Where social listening meets social engagement - trends that matter in social media marketing management. The post Finding the Human Element appeared first on Jugnoo Blog : Social Listening & Engagement. People like to do business with other people. This is a basic truth, and something that companies both large and small have struggled with through the years. The advent of social media, however, gives companies a great way to bridge that gap. It doesn’t feel like a throwaway, or like ten different people are responding to whatever they feel like on a given day.
    [Blog] Are Your Customers Worried About Security?
    like the idea of having a regular security feature in your blog that addresses current topics with tips for privacy settings or password creation. 'It sure seems like there are repeated waves of news stories about hackers managing to compromise security for a lot of people. This latest wave has anyone who has done business with part of the Community Health network worried, but even those not affected yet wonder when they will be. People Want To Feel Safe On Your Site. One of the best ways to help customers feel confident is by making your privacy policies easy to find and easy to read.
    [Blog] Writing tricks for content marketers
    The sweet spot for blog content is from about 300 to 400 words. Blogging With SEO in Mind. 'Time was you only had to worry about writing for the human eye and sometimes for the ear. Now when it comes to content marketing , writers need to know about search engines and how digital formats are impacting reader habits and preferences. Good headline writing has long been an art form. It takes a skilled and experienced editor to sum up a whole story in a five or six word phrase that will attract readers’ attention and draw them in. Should writers keep copy short? Related articles.
    [Blog] Show Off Your Back Room and Backstory
    'As part of the 64 Different Kinds of Blog Posts  I share with business owners, one that seems to kickoff a flurry of creative stories and writing is sharing your company’s back room and backstory. Blog Coach Small Business The backstory of your business should talk about the history of the idea behind the company, as well as the actions and applications to get where the business is at today. Reach is another great part of your business backstory. Where were your first customers coming from, did you start with a neighborhood reach and grow – and how so?
    [Blog] Are you using old skool strategies with new media tools?
    blog about it. 'Do you really talk to a brand? No, you don’t. Whether through social media or other means, you talk to a person who is representing the brand. It may be you are talking to the founder of a business, a marketing or sales manager, customer service or a social media manager, but you’re talking to a person at the other end of that conversation. recently had an issue with a purchase at Whole Foods market. No big deal really, but I expressed my disappointment online. The social media team responded quickly to direct me to the right person to solve my problem.
    [Blog] How to Make Friends and Influence People at the ProBlogger Event
    For many of us this day has been eagerly anticipated for about 6 months, and it represents one of two days in which you’ll meet some of the biggest names in blogging: Presenters, bloggers, media celebrities and a heap of new friends. Because I’ve been there done that, and at my first ProBlogger event in 2011 I cringed with embarrassment and wondered how I’d dared to bring me and my little blog out into the open to such a huge conference. Just as you might comment on other people’s blogs in the online world, you need to carve out a ‘belonging’ in the real life world too.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 18, 2014
    [Blog] Why I List My Facebook Friends
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. 'Facebook defines the news feed as “an ongoing list of updates on your homepage that shows you what’s new with the friends and pages you follow.” ” The news feed shows the typical person a reverse chronological hodgepodge of baby photos, cat photos, opinions, links, videos, and other stuff that your friends share on their walls. The feed also shows updates from brand pages after you click like. By default, you follow your friends. am probably in the minority of Facebook users in that I rarely follow my friends.
    [Blog] Association Social Media: National Society of Accountants
    On Facebook, I tend to stick with more lighthearted posts like fun photos, practice management tips, or blogs and article our members can share with their clients. upcoming webinars and related blogs (we have our webinar instructors blog to promote upcoming webinar topics). -  digital magazine releases (then we make a few of the articles into blogs). consumer and practitioner focused blogs. - “benefit of the month” promotions. 1) First things first – in what department in your organization does your role sit? Who do you report to? . LinkedIn: [link].
    [Blog] The Snackable Misnomer
    However, since then the mobile web dominates online media consumption and the sheer volume of blogs and print content has increased. In that vein, Tenacity5 is releasing a blog post, slideshare deck and eBook tomorrow filled with simple tips on how to use visual media on a variety of networks. 'Throughout the social media marketing web, photos and video and infographics are often discussed as “snackable” content. Calling rich media snackable is a big misnomer ( Image by decipherment ). Instead, visual media have become the necessary hook to capture customer interest.
    [Blog] 7 Lies About Freelance Writers You Believe
    For example, an 800-word blog post includes research, time spent properly formatting and editing, writing in keywords for SEO, searching for  an effective image , finding reputable sources to link to for more information, and telling an engaging story that makes a connection with you, the reader. The post 7 Lies About Freelance Writers You Believe appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'Image source. Have you considered hiring a freelance writer but have a few preconceived notions that are holding you back? You’re not alone. This is another myth that gets passed around frequently.
    [Blog] Single Serve Content for Mobile Consumers
    Content often brings to mind a blog post or an article, but as content consumption with mobile devices becomes the norm, you will need to redesign your content strategy to adapt. There are plenty of people in your communities that will not always tune in to the your primary content marketing channel, which most likely is some form of a digital magazine (a blog). 'We have previously discussed the importance of planning both the construction and deconstruction of your content. Read further to learn why they work so well. Create Bite-Sized Content Snacks. Me neither. You can do it.
    [Blog] HTTPS Secure Sites Will Rank Higher in Search Results
    Blogging SEO 'Google has informed webmasters that they now consider HTTPS secure sites as a ranking signal for Google algorithms. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and is a protocol for. Read more Read full original article at HTTPS Secure Sites Will Rank Higher in Search Results ©2014 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved.
    [Blog] How to Build a Blog Worth Monetizing
    The topic was ‘How to Build a Blog Worth Monetizing’ – a massive topic. We covered heaps of ground but I thought I’d pull out some of my most RT’d and commented upon tweets from the hour here as a blog post. was asked to prepare some advice for those about to start a blog (although much of this can be applied by more established bloggers too). Knowing WHO reads your blog will inform content strategy, how to find readers, how to build community & how to monetise #BlogChat. Great blogs CHANGE people in some way. BlogChat.
    [Blog] The Marketing Performance Blueprint
    blogging. advertisingpodcast blog blogging brand businessbook businesspodcast davidusher digitalmarketing facebook google hubspot hubspotagencypartner itunes marketingautomation marketingpodcast paulroetzer performancebasedmarketing pr2020 themarketingagencyblueprint themarketingperformanceblueprint twitter 'Episode #423 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. have been in this business a long time. was there before Google existed, and I watched the birth of search engine marketing as it''s entire evolution to today.
    [Blog] ALS #IceBucketChallenge - You Could Be Next
    als alsassociation alscanada alsicebucketchallenge blog blogger brand brandassociation businessbook causemarketing davidusher evolution flipthefunnel icebucketchallenge jointheconversation josephjaffe lifeafterthe30secondspot podcast podcaster sethgodin susancain viralmarketing zero 'It was a cold morning. Joseph Jaffe challenged me. That''s right, he did. The rules are simple: If you don''t accept the challenge and do it within 24 hours, you have to donate $100 to the ALS Association (or ALS Canada ). Well, I did the deed this morning ( video proof below). Seth Godin. David Usher.
    [Blog] Fired Up Friday – 138 Days
    You already have a successful blog. 'You have 138 days left to make things happen this year. Look at your business goals. How are you doing? Are you going to finish the year with solid progress, wins, and valuable lessons learned? or… Will you coast into 2015 no better than you were on January 1st, 2014? The good news is that it is all up to you. You have time to fix the problems and get your business moving in the right direction. If your momentum has stalled: Get A Coach. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Pivot. Nokia was a paper mill. Try this. You win either way.
    [Blog] Simplicity is the Best Policy: 6 Essentials for the Successful Blogger
    'In an age where blockbuster movie scripts could fit in a pamphlet and thoughts must be expressed in 140 characters or less, blogging has become a square peg trying to fit into a round hole scenario when competing for the minimized attention span of most people. Blogging is in many ways even more difficult to increase penetration than typical social media campaigns, if such a situation is possible, but not all hope is lost. With a little care and thought, any blog with an empty viewer  can be grown into an influential force  by following 6 essential ideas. Blogging
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 2014
    [Blog] Twitter Remarketing: Stay on the Mind of your Important Fans
    The post Twitter Remarketing: Stay on the Mind of your Important Fans appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'Twitter has announced an exciting new way to promote to relevant users only when you use Promoted tweets , Twitter ads or Twitter lead generation cards. It’s called Twitter Remarketing , and it can help you target the users who are actually interested in your company. ll explain how Twitter Remarketing works, how to do it, and do some explaining of the thoughts behind it. What is the point of Twitter Remarketing? These are people who have thought “maybe I’ll buy from them” before.
    [Blog] 4 Simple Steps to Help You Improve Your Marketing Strategy
    She also writes about small businesses startups, which you can read more about on her blog,  JetFeeds. 'Written by Leah Rutherford. If you’ve had the same marketing strategy for awhile, you may have noticed one of two things. Either it’s not working for your business, or it did at first… but things have gotten slow. It’s perfectly normal. If there was a perfectly static marketing strategy that could be uniformly applied and was 100 percent successful, change would be non-existent. As this does not exist, a willingness to adjust and update your marketing strategy is a must.
    [Blog] Why knowing your customer is vital for success (and what dating’s got to do with it)
    When you communicate with them, whether through your website, blog posts, email updates, sales copy, or social media posts, you want them to feel at ease. Not just on your website, but on social media, your blog posts, sales pages, webinars, consultation, introductions, conversations, phone calls… everything. Social Media & Online Marketing blogging and content marketing business tips small business marketing Social Media and Internet Marketing 'Do you know your ideal customer? mean, really, really understand them? Their wants, needs, worries? The Attraction Factor.
    [Blog] A Simple Way To Get Great At Writing
    I''ve tracked through pages of notes in my Moleskine , and it''s prompted me to think very differently about how I construct my written pieces and, most importantly, how I research and think about the blog posts, articles, book chapters, client pitches and more before I hit anything on the keyboard. The title of this blog post is a lie. Tags: blog. 'Do you want to make more money? It''s the ultimate question, isn''t it? In some instances, the promise rings true. In most instances, it''s some kind of scam. Most of the time, it''s not that direct. What about a writing course?
    [Blog] 5 Tips From a Bestselling Author (and Former Luddite) on Overcoming Blog Phobia
    There’s no such term as “blog phobia” as far as I know, but the condition is very real, I assure you. know authors who quake at the mention of blogging, as I once did before I got a handle on it. Mainly this is done through blogging and social media, which go hand in hand. To blog or not to blog,” is no longer the question. blog is an essential tool in every author’s tool kit.  Not long ago, I read a blog post by an author who compared her site when she first started out to a “dusty billboard on a back-roads highway.” Blog Promotion Ann R.
    [Blog] Your Selfies Tell A Story, Prepare To Get Creeped Out
    Blog brand Facebook Firebelly Instagram Marketing selfie Social Media Twitter 'Think about all the photos you take in a week, in a month, how about the last six months. Think about all of those pictures, not just of you, but of your friends. Places you’ve gone, things you’ve eaten, exercise routines you’ve started, ballgames, concerts, movies, vacations, on, and on, and on. Now think.
    [Blog] 3 Keys to Creating Chemistry with Your Audience
    'Image via It’s Just Lunch Blog One of the greatest challenges in running a blog well is making sure that it reaches the right audience and elicits the desired response from them. In this month’s Blog Rescue, we take a look at It’s Just Lunch , from blog from a dating service for busy executives. Blog writer Niki Payne tells us that their top issue is they are having trouble connecting with their desired audience. How do we create content that resonates with our intended audience? Read the whole entry. » Content Marketing
    [Blog] Association Social Media: NASTAD
    In addition, we also have a blog. Yes in the sense that we monitor comments on Facebook, Twitter, and the blog and respond accordingly. One of my visions for social media for our organization is a data-responsive social media strategy driven in part by a real-time dashboard that incorporates key performance indicators from across our social media platforms, website, blog, email, and URL shorteners like  bit.ly. 1) First things first –  in what department in your organization does your role sit? Who do you report to? report to the Director of Policy and Health Equity.
    [Blog] 3 Steps to Becoming a Content Marketing Master
    For example, you are reading this blog post because you want to turn your story into profit and or credibility. This unique insight turned into a content marketing campaign that turned locals into citizen tour guides on Facebook, Twitter, and their blog. Think about the the last blog post that made you immediately change the way you do business. He proves it once a week on his blog QuickSprout.com. Check out the Zapier blog. The Zapier Blog shines because their team teaches you how be more productive. Step #1: Answer The Toughest Question in Business.
    [Blog] Re-Imagine the Future with Social Leaders #SocBiz25 #SocBiz
    Much as I describe the evolving role of TV advertising in my essay, the IBM campaign only begins there, but the conversation continues on other online platforms like YouTube , Twitter ( #IBMer ), and employee blogs, just to name a few. 'Last week brought an interesting convergence of events, all focused on what the future of social business might look like. First, there was the official unveiling of the Economist’s (@ TheEconomist ) list of Top 25 Social Business Leaders. special thanks to everyone involved for all their hard work. But what might that future look like?
    [Blog] Robin Williams
    Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. Rethinking Blog Comments Again. 'Popeye, Moscow on the Hudson, Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, The Fisher King, Toys, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, The Birdcage, Good Will Hunting, Fathers Day, Patch Adams, Insomnia, One Hour Photo, Night at the Museum, the list goes on of the excellent films with Robin Williams. One of my favorite scenes is from 1991′s Hook. It invokes our inner child and helps us remember where we came from before growing up got in the way. Musings culture
    [Blog] The Late-Adoption/Profitability Paradox
    'Why does working in internet marketing sometimes seem to suck so much more than it really should have to? Okay real quick so that you don’t get bored before I get to my point, here’s why: 1. Marketing professionals are perversely incentivized to focus on delivering services that are already declining in terms of their.
    [Blog] Interview With American Marketing Association CEO Russ Klein
    One might even say, AMA set me on the road to social media when I chaired its first conferene on blogs in 2004 into 2005. . 'There''s a new dude in town. Well in the world of the American Marketing Association. Russ Klein recentlyaccepted the role of CEO for AMA and with that he now leads North America''s largest professional marketing association. Of course, AMA dropped a media release which details Russ'' credentials (impressive!). was curious about the man-behind-the-logo. Russ graciously agreed to a Diva Marketing interview. In the following conversationhe offers:.
    [Blog] How to Use Your Blog to Leverage Social Proof and Increase Your Authority
    You can use this concept on your blog and it’s easier to do than most people realise. The same can happen with your blog. So, first impressions are a big deal and you need to take every step you can to ensure that the first impressions your blogs visitors get is a great one. If you check your blogs analytics, chances are that your homepage will be one of the most visited pages. Instead of a standard blog page, you could try something different, something that would place higher focus on social proof elements. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger.
    [Blog] Facebook Changes Again, And You Might Not Like It
    But now, the Facebook Developer blog has this statement in its August 7, 2014 post which basically reverses the policy: “You must not incentivize people to use social plugins or to like a Page. 'It’s no secret that Facebook changes its algorithm, just like Google does. And they will tell you that the reason they make their changes is an attempt to keep quality content high in newsfeeds, just like Google tries to do for the SERPs. The trick is figuring out what is considered quality content. Like-Gates Are No Longer A Good Idea. ” What Does This Mean For Businesses?
    [Blog] On Public Relations and Taking Out the Garbage
    He blogs at A Professors Thoughts. 'I recently had a talk em off the ledge conversation with a young friend who has just passed the half-year mark with a big-city PR firm. She had targeted this particular firm because its focus and client mix mirrored what she had been passionate about in college, and she dove in with enthusiasm. Image: Nehama Verter via Flickr, CC 2.0. But, as those of us who have been around the block a few times know so well, nothings perfect, especially when it comes to working for a living, which I’ve talked about before.
    [Blog] Go Get One More
    Whether it’s sales, appointments, blog posts, or likes and retweets. 'Sometimes, one or two is a good day. The best ballplayers are never satisfied. One or two hits is a good day. Three is a great day. If you get three, go for four. It’s not about getting the four, it’s about getting one more. Go get one more. Photo: “ Marcus Thames Tigers 2007 ” by Philpottm – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. Go Get One More is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Go Get One More ! Consider leaving a comment!
    [Blog] How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell
    Indeed, product descriptions are just like blog posts in this aspect. The post How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'Killer product descriptions that induce sales aren’t necessarily hard to write. On the contrary, once you know the formula and key ingredients that make one up, you can follow a simple series of steps every time you write a new one for a product. Just so we’re clear, product descriptions are not always the entire copy for a product. Keep it Short. Product descriptions are meant to be short and quick to read.
    [Blog] How Do I Reach My Audience?
    blogging 'People ask me that often. “How do I reach my audience?” ” First, I tell them gently, it’s not your audience. Second, I tell them that reach is only part of it. Once they’ve seen you, they have to care enough that they’ll take a next step. From there, it only gets more difficult. But that’s okay. Challenge is good. Let me give you some thoughts. Before You Try to “Reach Your Audience” Let’s convert that to “reach out to people who might care” or just “reach out.” Continue Reading.
    [Blog] Book Suggestions from Social Networks
    Remember blogs? I''ve seen a few blog posts with suggested reading lists, such as these from the Oxford Martin School and Mention. It''s not an unusual topic for a blog post or web page. 'Where do you find books to read? Do you ask your friends, follow reviews or seller recommendations, or just go for the bestsellers? Whether you like your books on paper or downloaded, you have to know it exists to read it, and because we''re in the twenty teens, there''s a social way to do it online. Start where you are? Sometimes it''s just as easy as asking. So what else can we do?
    [Blog] The B t Excuses for Attitudes Towards Women Needs to Stop
    Related Stories Blog Comments, Digital Universes, and the Future of Social Conversations How to Build the Commodities of Identity and Trust in Social Media Are We In Danger of Losing the Right to an Opinion? 'Warning: This post contains profanity and disturbing imagery. If this offends you, you may want to skip today’s post and I’ll see you next time around. couple of nights ago, I shared a link over on Facebook to an article over at RYOT. Image copyright: Emelio Morenatti. So, when she was just five years old her father burned her as she slept. This post contains a video.
    [Blog] Business Led by Technology: How Mobile Commerce is Dominating Total eCommerce Activity in 2014
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from online journalist and entrepreneur Megan Ritter. Every year, tech companies continue to roll out dazzling new smartphones and tablets into the market. Depending on personal preference, people have the option to choose from an iOS, Android, or Windows device, and you dont necessarily have to break the bank anymore to have the latest and greatest in technology. Simply put, todays tech makes even the most grueling daily tasks, like banking, as easy as tapping a screen a few times.. Mobile Tech: Pros and Cons.
    [Blog] Follow Me, Friend Me, Do Me Wherever
    To some, social media replaces blog commenting. If you have an account on a social account somewhere, why would you take time to write a comment here when you can click a button and share this blog post with your network? will keep blog comments open for the foreseeable future. Please sign up to receive blog posts by email. 'Looking back at my year-long desire to find order in chaos , here’s where things are today in Month Eight: On Twitter: I initially thought that I could find order by following everyone. You can follow and tweet me here. Thanks for reading.
  • DEVUMI  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2014
    [Blog] Social Media and In Store Sales: The Value of Social for Brick and Mortar Stores
    'I was recently tasked by another social media blog to look at the Twitter account of Dunkin’ Donuts. The post Social Media and In Store Sales: The Value of Social for Brick and Mortar Stores appeared first on Devumi Blog. worked through it by looking at their Twitter account, checking connections between social and web profiles, reading tweets, and viewing images from them and their fans. Then it hit me: I really wanted a donut from Dunkin. m going to focus on that aspect of social media and in store sales by showing you: Stats on in store purchases resulting from social media.
    [Blog] Modern Chamber Marketing: How to Successfully Build a Digital Community
    Awareness Blogging Community How-To Marketing Online Marketing Podcast Selling Small Business Social Business Social Media Success Technology Trends chamber of commerce Chamber Pro chambers community digital marketing Facebook Frank J Kenny Frank Kenny Itunes Jeff Korhan Local Communities Marketing Podcast podcasting social media 'You can also subscribe here with iTunes or Stitcher. Subscribingwith SoundCloud is coming soon. This is Episode 4 of This Old New Business weekly business podcast with Jeff Korhan. You will want to listen to the very end of this episode. Kenny.
    [Blog] Driving Car Comfy
    There are business owners who decline opportunities and responsibilities to have a web page or a presence in some social networks because they are not “Tech Savvy” Just as you don’t need to be Car Savvy to drive a car, you don’t need to be Tech Savvy to have a website, blog, or a presence on a social network. Shocking: Most Small Businesses Don’t Have a Website 13 ½ Business Blogging Tips to Effortlessly Impress Your Readers and Skyrocket Your Sales 5 Freemium Tools Perfect for New Businesses. Blogging Small Business Social Media
    [Blog] Smashing Soundbites: Is It Really All About Relationships?
    you want them to buy stuff themselves and they want free stuff to post on their blog), you’re setting yourself both up for disappointment and frustration, not to mention a really really hard time defining and tracking success. 'One of the most popular mantras in the marketing and social media spheres: “It’s all about relationships.” ” Or some variant thereof. But in itself, that statement is completely and utterly useless. It means nothing simply because it could mean just about anything. What the heck constitutes a “relationship” anyway?
    [Blog] 21 Steps to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile
    Readthis blogfor tips on getting more LinkedIn recommendations. 'I thought this post would be great to share with our readers. It provides 21 helpful tips for anyone trying to beef up their LinkedIn presence. This article was written before LinkedIn offered a publishing tool, so I have also included a few other posts that our Socialnomics team has written in the last year about LinkedIn. LinkedIns Best New Tool: Professional Publishing Platform | Socialnomics [link]. How To Get A (Strong) Recommendation on LinkedIn | Socialnomics [link]. Keep it clean and concise! Same drill!
    [Blog] The 6-Step Guide for Crafting an Effective Content Marketing Channel Plan
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'This is a guest contribution from freelance writer Kanika. With businesses employing multiple channels for marketing, it can quickly get overwhelming. To stay across everything without losing your head, you really need to have a plan of attack for each channel. Only then will your business be able to get the best results from its marketing projects, campaigns undertaken across various channels, and comprehensively achieve its marketing objectives. This is so important for the success of a businesss marketing projects and campaigns. General
    [Blog] Marketers Don't Really Understand Consumer Behavior
    Since then, we have become friends (and since then, I started blogging, podcasting, writing books, speaking and more), and I continue to be an admirer of his work, which includes books like, The Business of Belief , Sandbox Wisdom , A Clear Eye For Branding and many more. blogging. acleareyeforbranding advertisingpodcast blog blogging brand businessbook businesspodcast davidusher digitalmarketing facebook itunes marketingpodcast sandboxwisdom tedx tedxcambridge tedxtalk thebusinessofbelief tomasacker twitter Enjoy the conversation. advertising podcast. brand. itunes.
    [Blog] Association Social Media: American Anthropological Association
    When I arrived at my position three years ago, the organization had a blog, a twitter account and a facebook page. Today the organization has three twitter accounts, two Facebook pages, a LinkedIn company page and group, a WordPress blog , a You Tube page and a Google+ page. Anybody within the organization is welcome to post, particularly with the blog. Welcome Joslyn Osten, Marketing and Communications Manager at the American Anthropological Association! First things first -in what department in your organization does your role sit? Whodo you report to?.
    [Blog] Digital trends round-up August 2014
    To find out more about iBeacons and the use cases for the technology, check out our blog post on the subject. 'Each month we bring you the FreshMinds Digital Business Update – a summary of innovations , new technologies and the latest digital trends to help you navigate todays fast-paced, tech-enabled world. This month we’re looking at the Co-op’s tech-enabled trolleys, Facebook’s ’Buy’ button, easyJet’s iBeacon trial and Westpac’s plans for an augmented reality banking app. easyJet trials iBeacons in the UK and France.
    [Blog] 9 Data-Driven Copywriting Tips
    For more inspiration, check out 14 Tools to Create Images for Blog Posts in 5 Mins. Take a stand, and watch your blog comment count soar! Love this blog? The post 9 Data-Driven Copywriting Tips appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'Image source. Copywriting is creative work. But today’s content marketers have an immense amount of information at their fingertips. If you’re not data-driven, you’re probably missing out on a wealth of information. Today, you’re in luck. Check it out: 1. Use Peer Pressure. Use Pictures of Babies and Women.
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 2014
    [Blog] This Week in Content: How Time Flies
    TopRank Blog. TopRank Blog has its 2015 digital marketing trends and predictions ready to go! 'This weeks round-up offers a look into the not-too-distant future with trends and predictions for digital and content marketing for the year ahead. Better soak up whats left of 2014, because change is a-comin. An Expert View. Business2Community. Its easy to lose sight of the future when youre dealing in real-time content creation. My top takeaway: Joe reminds us that even if content is tied to a brand, it can still have a brand all its own. AdAge. Forbes.
    [Blog] How to Load Disqus Comments on Click with jQuery
    Blogging Tutorials WordPress 'How to load Disqus comment on click and on demand using jQuery? You might want to increasepage speed or hide comments to save space to display other interactive elements to. Read more Read full original article at How to Load Disqus Comments on Click with jQuery ©2014 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved.
  • SOSHABLE  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 10, 2014
    [Blog] Social Media Marketing: Another Thing to Love About Responsive Website Design
    Blogs Featured Local Mobile Social News Nugget Offbeat Social Content Social Marketing Social Media Management Social Media Marketing Social Media Strategy Tip of the Day Websites landing pages Responsive Website Design Social Media 'As a good chunk of the internet is finally starting to switch to responsive websites, let’s put another nail in the unresponsive website design coffin. For social media, consistency between mobile devices and desktops is imperative. If the goal is to send traffic to the website through social media, responsive is an ideal solution.
    [Blog] Solving the Content Management System Standoff: Drupal, Joomla or WordPress?
    Whether youll be running a company blog or a site thats jam-packed with graphics and video, making the right choice depends on your content. From its beginning as a humble blog platform, the latest edition of WordPress now boasts over 20 million users and is the basis for everything from The New York Times blog to the Lollapalooza website. For those interested in creating a simple blog or getting their new startup online, WordPress will be a straightforward choice. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. Checking out the contenders. And the Winner Is..
    [Blog] Facebook Week: Putting it All Together
    Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger. 'It has been an action-packed Theme Week here at ProBlogger as we delved into making Facebook work for you. We’ve been hearing for a long time now that bloggers and small business owners are both confused and frustrated with the platform – where they once enjoyed using it to interact with their audience, they now faced algorithms that meant they needed to work harder to be seen by everyone who had signed up to receive their updates. It has left a lot of people dissatisfied. Organic Vs Paid. But all is not lost. Social Media
    [Blog] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #216
    "A while back, I blogged about a Skillshare course that Seth Godin was giving. 'Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "A couple of years ago, my friends and I started something we call International New Year''s: for 24 hours, we eat one food and drink one tipple from around the world. It''s a tiring journey, with only a few up to the whole trek (which begins with a bottle of Fiji Water at 6 AM and ends somewhere near Guam). And nothing says colonialism like Gin. " (Alistair for Hugh). facebook.
  • JUGNOO  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 2014
    [Blog] Social Listening Leads to Best-In-Class Social Media Campaigns
    'Jugnoo Blog: Where social listening meets social engagement - trends that matter in social media marketing management. They are bland billboards – automatically generated links from a blogging platform, links to press releases, calendar announcements, etc. The post Social Listening Leads to Best-In-Class Social Media Campaigns appeared first on Jugnoo Blog : Social Listening & Engagement. Many companies continue to conduct ineffective social media campaigns. – instead of active conversations. Best-in-class Social Media Campaigns Require Constant Management.
    [Blog] 5 Freemium Tools Perfect for New Businesses
    Previous post by Joe: Why You Should Blog About your Business. 'Written by Joe Pawlikowski. Everyone loves a good portmanteau, right? note: ConverStations = Conversation Stations). All right, you got me. Most portmanteaus overextend themselves. For every “craptacular” there’s a “edutainment” (who farted, right?). You’ve probably already heard this portmanteau already, and will hear it many more times in the coming years. Freemium. It’s software that has a free tier, but for which you have to pay a premium for the good stuff. FreshBooks. OK, good.
    [Blog] The ONE thing You Need To Do To Get Noticed Online
    'This week I learnt that (once again) my blog has been listed as an influential resource – named as a Top 10 UK Marketing Blog by Search Engine Journal. In my previous post about being named a TopRank Influential UK blogger, I explain the 4 main strategies you can apply to help you get recognised for your own business blogging. This is why I recommend (and know from experience) that regular blogging and content marketing requires a planned approach. What do you find hardest about blogging consistently? Naturally, Im thrilled. BONUS! Showing up!
    [Blog] Herding Comments In The Digital Wind
    Chris Brogan decided to turn off the comments on his blog yesterday. In his blog post, cutely titled: Turning Off Comments and Why We Will All Be Okay , he lists the reasons as: Comments are everywhere. Because of this, community members are simply writing their own blog posts, responding in podcasts, creating video responses on YouTube and more. In short, we''re not just adding our opinions in a comment section on a blog, but we''re creating an entirely new piece of content (like this blog post). Blog comment spam is brutal. blog comments.
    [Blog] 100 Blog Topics for Your Business
    'Seven years ago, I wrote a post entitled 100 blog topics I hope you write. But I thought it might be fun to give you a NEW list of 100 blog topics to make your own. So if you’re looking for blog ideas, or just a whole new list of things to blog about, I’m hopeful this helps your writing. blogging lot of them still hold up rather well. Please feel free to share this list, but please link back to this page to do so. Thanks! Continue Reading.
    [Blog] ICYMI: Pinterest Profile Image Changes
    To keep your profile image looking good, follow these recommendations from Pinterest’s blog post about the update: Upload a square, 200X200 px image (JPG or PNG) Keep your logo centered and inside the safe area Avoid images. 'In case you missed it (ICYMI), Pinterest announced changes to how profile images appear this weekthey’re now circular. Pinterest Social Media
    [Blog] Security, SEO, and Google
    It isn’t going to be a big change at first, because it will be a light-weight signal affecting maybe 1% of global queries, but according to their blog this will change soon. 'Google has announced that they are interested in making the internet a safer place so they are going to start using HTTPS as a ranking signal. Whenever Google says they will be doing something like this, you know that your SEO will be affected eventually. Having a secure website is actually a very good idea, one that would be wise even if Google wasn’t in the picture at all. People Like Secure Sites.
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 2014
    [Blog] How Taming ���Monkey Mind��� Leads to Better Content
    Just a few of the comments Ive heard: Write me something that bloggers will talk about so I dont have to pay for so many ads, We need 27 tweets a day, Lets start a blog tomorrow, Make me a viral video.. 'Dan Harris, the weekend anchor of ABCs Good Morning America, recently wrote a book called  10% Happier , which is about how he found that meditation could, well, make him 10% happier. Whether you work in an in-house agency or are a third-party partner, you know what Im talking about. Its a waste of time, money and resources. have no doubt.
    [Blog] Shocking: Most Small Businesses Don���t Have a Website
    From there, you can branch out to prime social media management , blogging and other options if you like. 'Written by Larry Alton. It might seem like everyone is online these days, but numbers dont lie: The majority of small businesses actually dont have a website. Youve probably stumbled across this before when Googling a specific caf or boutique, or if you look up the best reviews for a restaurant in a city only to find they dont have a website. If youre lucky, they might have a social media page, but even these are often slim pickings. Getting started. Author Bio.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 2014
    [Blog] SoundCloud Acquisition Imminent: Get your SoundCloud Account Ready
    The post SoundCloud Acquisition Imminent: Get your SoundCloud Account Ready appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'The past few months have been full of rumors of a Soundcloud acquisition. deal fell through around 3 months ago where Twitter was considering buy them up for around $2 billion. Twitter backed out of the deal when they became nervous of the fact that the major record labels were not happy with the lack of licenses for most of the music on the service. The difference now is that the three major record labels are buying into SoundCloud. SoundCloud Acquisition: How it would work.
    [Blog] Why Quality Content is the Core for Any SEO Strategy
    Its the type of article you start by scanning but end up reading to the end  the kind of blog post you bookmark and come back to again and again. The post Why Quality Content is the Core for Any SEO Strategy appeared first on Writtent Blog. 'Image source. Is quality content the backbone of your SEO strategy? If you are a serious small business or online marketer, it certainly should be. Shabby content doesnt engage readers. It doesnt build valuable links. It doesnt attract search engines, generate leads, or convert sales. SEO Strategy: What Is High-Quality Content?
    [Blog] Moving to HTTPS for Better Search Engine Rankings
    John Mueller, from Google, gave some really good points about why a non-ecommerce site, a “content site” should go https: Some webmasters say they have “just a content site”, like a blog, and that doesn’t need to be secured. 'Due to Google’s recent official announcement that an https site is a search engine ranking factor, I’ve decided to move my site, BillHartzer.com, to https from http. Currently, I do not accept any sort of payment for the content that I write here on my site, so that’s not the reason I’m moving the site from http to https.
    [Blog] Social Media for Your Business: Quality Over Quantity
    Sign up  HERE   to get my blogs directly to your inbox! Blog Marketing Social Media for Business Social Media Marketing 'We all want to see our followers on social media skyrocket in numbers. But numbers don’t necessarily equate to engagement, return on investment and…sales! Don’t fall into the social media trap of being obsessed with getting over 100K followers, especially if you are a small business. Relax. Take a deep breath. You You don’t want to just get more followers; you want to get the RIGHT KIND of followers. This is KEY. The go-to-source in your niche.
    [Blog] Facebook: The Lowdown on Advertising, and What We’ve Found Works Really Well
    'Often when I float the idea of advertising amongst my blogging colleagues (including Darren) I get looks of skepticism, dismissal, and that blank empty stare of disinterest. As bloggers, for more than a decade we have leveraged our content as the main drawcard for attracting visitors to our blog through free means such as organic search (SEO), social media, and incoming links and referrals. But what makes a blog truly valuable is the audience and community you build around it. Advertising has been around for a lot longer than blogging. Right? Learn. Actions (what).
    [Blog] Facebook: The Lowdown on Advertising, and What We’ve Found Works Really Well
    'Often when I float the idea of advertising amongst my blogging colleagues (including Darren) I get looks of skepticism, dismissal, and that blank empty stare of disinterest. As bloggers, for more than a decade we have leveraged our content as the main drawcard for attracting visitors to our blog through free means such as organic search (SEO), social media, and incoming links and referrals. But what makes a blog truly valuable is the audience and community you build around it. Advertising has been around for a lot longer than blogging. Right? Learn. Actions (what).
    [Blog] 9 Tips to Perfectly Pitch Your Guest Blog Post
    » Content Marketing be respectful catchy subject line creative content editing guest blogging imagery managing editor pitch a guest post relationship building visual storytelling writing 'Themanaging editor rolehas existedsince traditional media emerged, however today’s digital editor has evolved into much more than a piece of paper and a red pen. constantflurryof pitches and eagerauthors combined with the actual reviewing, editing, formatting, and publishing content makes for a very complex position. Read the whole entry.
    [Blog] Association Social Media: ASCD
    Since my job also entails managing our blog, Inservice , a great portion of my day is also spent working on the blog’s editorial calendar. The campaign was completely integrated, blanketing each of our social media channels and our Inservice blog with a week’s worth of content and a special giveaway. Here is a breakdown of how this campaign was executed: We started the week out with a blog post announcing that we’d be giving away a set of 13 ASCD Arias™ publications. ———————  . Who do you report to? . all week. Facebook.
    [Blog] Blog Comments, Digital Universes, and the Future of Social Conversations
    'Back in “the good old days”, conversations around a blog post would happen at source – the blog itself. This led to a few direct results: The blogger would be seen as an “authority figure”, since the ability to spark conversation meant his or her thoughts were worth listening to and debating; Commenters could share their thoughts and, by adding extra value to the conversation, potentially increase awareness and interest in their own blogs or social footprints. Often, blog readers may be put off commenting on a post.
    [Blog] Blogging for Business and Profit Notes: DPiP August 2014
    In the meantime, you can always follow me on Twitter (@badgergravling), or follow TheWayofTheWeb (@twotwmarketing) to be alerted when I’ve compiled and sorted everything… The post Blogging for Business and Profit Notes: DPiP August 2014 appeared first on TheWayoftheWeb. 'There’s nothing here yet until after I give my presentation this evening – Thursday, August 7th. The full notes will magically appear on Saturday, August 9th.
    [Blog] How Web Appearance Works – Why a nice web design is more attractive
    'Tweet As I have started the HubSpot Inbound Certification, I learned that a user-friendly web or blog appearance is important. Well, it is the nature of humans that we love looking at something nice, especially if it is online. bet nobody wants to see a boring website from their screen. In public relations and […]. Strategy
    [Blog] 6 Tips to prepare for Business Trips
    Blog business Work-life balance 'I recently got back from an 11 day business trip. The trip was great, with new connections made and new opportunities discovered. However, as anyone who takes such trips knows, it can be very easy to fall behind on the daily work you do for your business, as well as other aspects of life, which need to be caught up with, once you get back from the trip. The following tips can help you prepare for your trip and the aftermath of it. Clear out your refrigerator, trash, etc ahead of time. If you are flying take a red eye flight. What really needs to be done?
    [Blog] Lawyers, People Don’t Want A Drill, They Want A Hole
    Something she just said applies to every industry or profession, and bears a bit of discussion here on the Myrland Marketing Minutes blog. 'I’m over on Inbound.org, watching a digital conversation called Ask Me Anything! with guest  Amber Naslund. She is a Marketing, Community and Social Exec, and author of The NOW Revolution. If you are trying to figure out how to position your practice with your clients and potential clients, they don’t care that you’re a lawyer. They care about what you can do for them. As they say, people don’t want a drill, they want a hole.
    [Blog] Theme Week: Tips and Tricks to Nail Facebook Advertising, a Webinar with Jon Loomer
    With regular sharing, you’re limited with the amount of people who will engage with your post – paying will reach people who still want to read your work – people who have been to your blog but don’t currently like your Facebook page, perhaps. It also assists in finding people with similar interests who might like your blog, but just haven’t heard of you yet. Facebook provides conversion pixels, which uses cookie information from your blog. Targeting people depending on what page they’ve landed on your blog. Advertising Blog Promotion
    [Blog] Turning Off Comments and Why We Will All Be Okay
    blogging 'Today, I have decided to shut down the commenting feature on chrisbrogan.com. My reason is very basic: Since moving to a new platform, comment spam has fallen onto my site like a ton of bricks. And people are sending me lots of very polite and well-meaning emails telling me that my site is overrun with spam. But that’s not the whole truth. Continue Reading.
    [Blog] Agile Selling: How to Quickly Win with Buyers Today
    Awareness Blogging Community Marketing Podcast Selling Small Business Social Media Success agile Buyer Jeff Korhan Jill Konrath learning marketing questions relationships sales selling Selling Practices Selling Process speed 'You can also subscribe here with  iTunes  or  Stitcher. Subscribing with SoundCloud is coming soon. This is Episode 3 of  This Old New Business  weekly business podcast with Jeff Korhan. Join me and Jill Konrath as we tackle some of the challenges of selling that are just as relevant today as  they have been for probably most of the modern era of marketing.
    [Blog] Top 3 Posts On The Firebelly Blog In July
    'Facebook was a popular subject on our blog in July! Blog Facebook All three of our most-read posts were about everyone’s favorite (or not-so-favorite) social network. In case you missed them, here they are. 1 5 Reasons Your Facebook Contest Failed Not every Facebook contest is a success. Here are five common reasons why they fail.
    [Blog] How to Write a Great Business Blog Post
    'Seems that everyone’s churning out content these days – but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to write a really good blog post that grabs interest and keeps it. Here are just a few tips that might just help your blog writing stand out from the crowd. After all, in this age of information overload, your boring title may be the reason your blog post gets ignored – even if the post itself is deep and wonderful. ” Well, not so in blogging. Blogging is ultimately a personal art. So for blogging, that’s the reader.
    [Blog] It’s About “Time”
    He blogs at  A Professor’s Thoughts. 'I’m hanging out in a local mall writing this while my wife has a session with her acupuncturist a couple of miles away. I’m m fascinated as I sit here watching folks mosey by with no apparent purpose other than to mosey. How do they do that?”. Image:  Alan via Flickr,  CC 2.0. I’m also reminded of a somewhat terrifying, ultimately rewarding, experience I had as a college sophomore. Instead, I: *Set a new personal low in grade achievement. Partied my brains out. Fine-tuned my pool shooting skills. don’t feel pressured to be doing this.
    [Blog] Why Would I Buy 1000 Twitter Followers?
    You can read more about the practice on our FAQ page , or continue reading our blog if you just want some free Twitter marketing advice! appeared first on Devumi Blog. 'Everyone is looking to increase their Twitter following, and there are several ways to do so. We’ve covered a number of them here under our Twitter heading at Devumi. But why would someone buy 1000 Twitter followers, or more, when there are natural ways to go about it? ll give a more in depth look at the practice of buying Twitter followers so that you can understand the thinking behind it. Follow first. link].
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