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API Widget Economy: Social Media Business Podcast

Laurel Papworth

Episode 3 focusses on monetizing APIs and looking at revenue streams from widgets. Companies that open their business databases and stream that data out, can have an army of hundreds of thousands (mostly) unpaid developers creating Facebook apps, iPhone apps and blog widgets to help sell their products and services. An overview of social media monetization revenues. Ebay API.

Twitter Eases Process of Embedding Timelines

SocialTimes Twitter

Senior product manager Mollie Vandor  used a blog post  to reveal three ways for publishers to generate an unlimited number of timelines: factory functions , Twitter’s new oEmbed application-programming interface  and via Vandor also said publishers no longer need to create and save widgets to their accounts.

Tweet Spinner Review: A Powerful Application to Manage Your Tweets

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Tweet Spinner is a powerful application that manages the more high level management Twitter tasks for you, from managing followers/friends to changing your profile design and then some. It’s especially useful to have an opportunity to let Tweet Spinner run its magic and find targeted followers; I haven’t seen a single Twitter application that offers any comparable features.

Adjectives are Cheap: Sell Yourself with Nouns and Verbs

Waxing UnLyrical

Reduce marketing costs by 45% by creating a widget that puts the e-zine together for you. Career Client Relations Communication Guest Posts adjectives job applicants odesk Guest Post by Ann Wylie. “Adjectives are cheap. Everyone is a ‘best selling’ author or a ‘sought after’ speaker or a ‘world class’ coach. Adjectives are cheap.

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App Providing Shortcuts on iPhone Returns From Ban

The Social Media Incubator

Launcher was banned by Apple last year for a violation of their design guidelines, due to the ability of the app to create a widget that leads to other applications and functions on the iPhone. Once banned by Apple back in September 2014, a popular app has made its return to the App Store. How it works. Apps Mobile Apps Social Media Apple iPhone apps launcher launcher app

More businesses should use LinkedIn for job applications

Josh S Peters

Home About eBooks Social Media and Internet Marketing Speaking Twitter Says You Are Here: Home » Job Hunting » More businesses should use LinkedIn for job applications More businesses should use LinkedIn for job applications Written on October 18, 2010 by Josh Peters in Job Hunting 4 Comments - Leave a comment! Resume, LinkedIn, name, and contact info. That’s it.

Three Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

Spin Sucks

knew there were business applications for it, especially if you sell something visual such as clothes, food, or jewelry, but I knew once I got on there, I’d have to quickly attend rehab. I was right. But the more I play with it, the more business applications I’m finding. Add the “Pin It” widget to your sites. Just like you have the social network widgets on your website and blog, you can add the Pin It widget. I’m not going to lie. I’m obsessed with Pinterest. blame my sister. She’s an enabler. But the best part?

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Link Building Tactics for Publishers

Adam Sherk

Widgets and badges. Utilizing various forms of widgets and badges is a tactic more often used by other types of businesses, but it is applicable to publishers too. But beyond the SEO implications, widgets offer a way to help promote new and featured content so there is value in the right situation. Recommended Tactics. 1. Link reclamation. mail newsletters and RSS feeds.

How to Drive Traffic from Twitter using @Anywhere


Go to this URL on Twitter and fill out the form: Sign Up for @Anywhere On the form, make sure you set the following correctly: Application Name : This text is what will appear on your user’s tweets Callback URL : Just set this to your home page address Default Access Type : Has to be Read & Write – make sure you set it! Adding @Anywhere To Your Site 1. Thank you very much!


37 of the Best Facebook Page Apps for Brand Marketing


One of the easiest ways to use your Facebook page to its fullest potential for social media marketing is to employ third-party Facebook applications. . Its 10 Facebook page applications  give you everything you need to attract fans, engage them, and offer exclusive content on your Facebook page, mobile devices, and your own website.  Facebook App Suites. 1. Ripe Social. AgoraPlus.

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Boosting Opt-Ins with Selz


Before we dive into numbers, let’s compare the two widgets I was using for opt-ins. Next is the Selz widget. The difference in number of opt-ins I received using my standard opt-in box vs. the Selz widget is pretty dramatic. The Selz widget received 62 downloads and opt-ins vs. 26 opt-ins with the standard opt-in box. The Selz widget combats that. Verdict.

Six Surprising B2B Content Marketing Ideas

PWB Marketing Blog

Widget – This is a small web application that provides a simple function – such as weather, news headlines, sports scores – without requiring the user to visit a website. widget is a good way to extend a brand into a customer’s everyday life. One of the biggest challenges B2B marketers have is coming up with new content. So how do you find new content that engages audiences?

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Apps Optimized for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich


However, some of these applications are optimized to reap the benefits from the new operating system. Dropbox is a cloud storage application and hence could be called as the most useful application over your ICS based devices. Secondly, you can bulk upload the videos and pictures along with renaming several folders and files from the application itself. Gingerbread.

20+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Want to show the world how social you are with a cool widget on your website or blog? Need a way to edit video and photos without the expense and overhead of a pricey editing application? Social Mention also lets you set up alerts (simiar to Google Alerts) and offers a widget that can be installed on a website or blog to display the real-time buzz about your specified topic.

Social Influence and the Impact of Klout API

Laurel Papworth

API stands for Application Programming Interface – it lets you put a widget on your website that is updated every time someone updates their database. Klout is the social media measurement tool that measures influence – how many followers, how much interaction and the style of interaction that a person has in their personal or business social network. The power of Web 3.0

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BrainDump: 101+ Things You MUST Know About Social Media For Business

SocMed Sean

24) If part of your mobile/social strategy is to build a Facebook application, just remember that Facebook apps can’t be accessed via the Facebook mobile app. This is important because a large percentage of Facebook users access it from their mobile device, rather than via the desktop application. 50) Spend time learning about plugins, themes and widgets. content plan.

iGoogle Finished – what’s your favourite RSS Dashboard social media monitoring?

Laurel Papworth

It can’t be a purely RSS play as we need gadgets/widgets for API only based services. On your mobile device,  Google Play  offers applications ranging from  games  to  news readers  to home screen widgets. If you’re a fan of  Google Chrome , the  Chrome Web Store  provides a similar range of options like productivity tools  and applications to  check the weather.

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22 Social Media Marketing Management Software & Services Reviewed - Online Marketing Blog

StrongMail Social Studio – Comprehensive social media marketing platform with a referral marketing platform, social sharing tool and campaign management application. Also includes access to 7 white-labeled, best practice social networking applications. Social Media Marketing is no different. Also offers a white label option for agencies. Solutions for small and large business. As Social Networking

Small Business Mavericks

Here are some tips to help make a social networking application for you: When you read a book, listen to music, or try out a new product, leave a review. You can designate a Wish List on Amazon and display your wish list with a widget on your website or blog. Are you a big reader? Do you use a lot? Buy books, read books, download Kindle files? Did you know you can use as a social networking tool? This is truly a useful tool for writers, musicians, artists, other crafts persons, and people in the publishing industries.

The Convergence of Search and Social Part 7 – A Strategy Framework

Josh S Peters

GOAL: Increase awareness of blue widgets and increase the sale of blue widgets by 10%. If applicable build your content calendar around buying cycles and yearly / monthly events pertinent to your customers. Simple Search And Social Strategy Framework. Customer Behavior: The goal here is to build a model of your customer, their behavior online, purchase behaviors, etc.

WordPress Themes 101


Widgets, Plugins and Skins, Oh My! Plugins are small, often single-purpose software applications with limited functionality that can be integrated into your website. Widgets are easy-to-use, push-button plugins that add a visible feature to your site. Examples of widgets include the little boxes that display the last five blog topics or the most recent blog comments.

Email Overload: The Secret to Getting Inbox Zero Every Time

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

While I respect standalone email applications, having true portability for your email is killer and I have no plans to move back. If you need a reply eventually, make a note (I use Remember the Milk ; read about my widget integration here ) to follow up with the person on a designated date. Once an impossibility, it’s now an everyday occurrence. Use a Conversation Email System.

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Pinterest for Business?

Janet Fouts

See, it turns out that not only does the TOU state “Cold Brew Labs and its licensors exclusively own all right, title and interest in and to the Site, Application, Services and Site Content, including all associated intellectual property rights”, (that means the pins you post too!) I admit I’m a little behind with this post. Its’s the media darling of the day.

Master List ?(A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples)?

For an additional 500, be sure to visit Master List 2.  And the third 500 has started on Master List 3. To learn how to contribute/edit, visit the Administration page. Wikis  Automotive  United States  David Bausola   Ford   Hurra Torpedo campaign   Presentation sharing  Automotive  United States  Philippe Deltenre   Ford   Where are the Joneses? adenin Facebook Page   Social networks  High Tech  United States  Meryl K. Evans   adenin TECHNOLOGIES Inc. Adenin Twitter   Microblogging / Microsharing  High Tech  United States  Meryl K. Whittemore   ePi Tech Inc.

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How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Click on the “Application Settings&# link for that subsection, and another popover dialog will appear. FBML stands for “Facebook Markup Language&# , and is meant to be a shortcut for use in Facebook applications. Facebook has also enabled the use of a subset of FBML in the Static FBML application. Scroll down to the end of the post for details on how to win. c s? c?a

eLearning 2.0 Technologies and Concepts: Start Pages as Environments for Self-Organized Learners

Buzz Marketing for Technology

What I like most is the combination of RSS feeds, bookmarks and widgets in one tab (section) according to a context. It took me some time to realize that it is more effective to have on one section RSS feeds from one topic, together with the relevant bookmarks and widgets, rather than having all RSS feed, all bookmarks and all widgets on separate sections. Each channel is implemented with existing components, including html and link components and widgets. because of these features: * Canvas view support: allows the easy development of powerful full-page widgets.

100+ Social Media Monitoring Tools


With integrated applications for microblogging, CRM, and project management, Bantam Live is centered around a real-time stream, where people, applications, and data come together. $. Buzzient provides a next-generation solution for social media analytics and integration of this valuable content with enterprise applications. $. eCairn Conversation is a SaaS application that provides a cost-effective solution for marketing professionals who want to leverage communities and influencers. $. Woopra is a desktop Web analytics tool designed as a client + server application.

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10 Reasons Market Research is Critical to Social Media

Adam Cohen

link] The Digital Five Tool Player | a thousand cuts :: adam cohen's blog [.] to reach or interact with is a fundamental key to being relevant.  It’s more than just market research, it’s the practical application of [.] That stuff is important to the business, no doubt.  People are the fuel behind social media, which is really just tools and tactics. What did I miss?

7 Awesome eCommerce Platforms For Small Businesses


You can start selling products quality without the need of all the bells and whistles of a full-blown eCommerce application. You can also use Selz widgets on your pre-existing blog or website as opposed to having a complete store. The ‘click and order’ trend is undergoing a major shift. As consumers increasingly turn to their PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc. The solution?

Join us for an #IBM #SWFChat w/@mnburgess @jaferrar @KimWhitler @ProfessorGary @MainCane83 #HR #SocBiz

Blue Focus Marketing

Jonathan Ferrar (@ jaferrar ) Vice President, IBM Smarter Workforce, is focused on helping clients improve business performance through the application of people-related analytics solutions—solving needs with social employees! Or, for your convenience, we’ve created this handy widget to let you follow along right here from our blog: #SWFChat Tweets. Professor Kimberly A.

PB127: How to Write in a More Personal and Engaging Voice


This moves the topic away from theory and makes it more applicable. You can use the following widget to ask a question. Writing That Develops a Personal Connection With Your Readers. Have you ever felt a personal connection with a blogger who you’ve never met and have no real reason to feel a connection with?  . This has happened to me numerous times over the years. Multi-media.

Social Media From A to Z: A Glossary


This list will constantly evolve — please add other terms in the comments below and I’ll be happy to incorporate them. A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z A Application Programing Interface (API) : An API is a documented interface that allows one software application to to interact with another application.

Interview with Social Media Influencer: Tom H. C. Anderson

Social Media Citizens

Finally, widgets and other applications have yet to be truly leveraged in my industry. G: How the growth of social commerce will affect marketers? Tom H. C. Named the “Uncrowned Father of Web 3.0 Tom served as the elected U.S. Conversely, they can also be influenced to some degree. Obviously some have a much wider reach and are also more well respected (likely to be listened to).

Why I’ll Keep Growing My Private Link Network After Google’s “Crackdown”

Viper Chill

Example #1 : Spamming Your Users Sites with Widget Links Can Still Work Incredibly Well. If you use something other than WordPress then you’ll have to figure this out for whichever CMS you’re using, where applicable. After all, do you still hear about people getting hit for guest blogging, or widget links or anything else (outside of this blog?). PBN’s? P.P.S.

Four Blogging Tools to Make your Content Go Further


Hootsuite is a third-party tool or application that is designed to collate all of your social media account streams into one handy dashboard. Manage it all through mobile applications. Create ad tags, install the audience analytics beacon and search widget. This is a guest contribution from Chris Crawfurd of  sovrn. Use to increase your content distribution.

100+ Social Media Monitoring Tools

With integrated applications for microblogging, CRM, and project management, Bantam Live is centered around a real-time stream, where people, applications, and data come together. Buzzient Buzzient provides a next-generation solution for social media analytics and integration of this valuable content with enterprise applications. Is it good news or bad news? Greetz!

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Online Content Distribution: Guide To The Best Content Syndication Services

This means that each time an ad-enabled content widget containing your article, is published on a web site, you earn part of the advertising revenue. Online Content Distribution Services Comparative Table Online Content Distribution: Guide To The Best Content Syndication Services Gigya Gigya is a widget platform that lets you distribute, track and monetize your content using web widgets.