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Facebook Offers Brands a Revamped Offers Experience

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Offers ads appear in people’s News Feed  in the Facebook mobile application and website. Finally, Facebook described upcoming improvements to Offers: Today, Facebook Offers support one offer code or barcode for every claimed Offer (provided by the advertiser). Facebook Tuesday announced several new features for its Offers  ad units and page posts.

Facebook Live Getting Two-Person Remote Broadcasts, Pre-Scheduled Streams, MSQRD Masks/Effects

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Facebook used VidCon  in Anaheim, Calif., to announce three upcoming updates to its Facebook Live  live-video-streaming feature. Finally, MSQRD users will be able to go directly to Facebook live via the MSQRD application, allowing them to sample masks and effects from MSQRD during their live streams. Facebook Web Video Anaheim Applications apps effects Facebook Live Fitz Tepper Live Streaming Live Videos Masks MSQRD Prescheduling Techcrunch Two-Person Remote Broadcasts Verified Pages VidCon Waiting RoomsScreenshot courtesy of Fitz Tepper, TechCrunch.

A Complete Guide to Twitter’s Q2 2016 Earnings Call

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In May, we announced upcoming changes to simplify tweets–including what counts toward your 140 characters. Twitter Engage , a new companion application for iOS, helps creators better understand, engage and grow their audiences on the go with real-time data and insights. Twitter reported its second-quarter-2016 financial results Tuesday, and Wall Street was far from overwhelmed.

Users Testy Over Twitter Test of Removing Handles From Replies

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Cara McGoogan of The Telegraph  reported that some users of Twitter’s flagship iOS application are not seeing other users’ Twitter handles when replying to users or groups. We have announced upcoming changes that will enable people to fit more into the 140 characters of a tweet. Twitter 140 characters 140-Character Limit Applications apps Cara McGoogan Groups Handles harassment iOS privacy replies safety security The Telegraph Tressie McMillan Cottom User names VCU Virginia Commonwealth UniversityWithout the security of knowing to whom I am replying, I cannot safely tweet.

How to Optimize Events with Social Media [Infographic]

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In order to generate social media buzz on your business’s upcoming event, create and share content in the weeks leading up to it. It’s important to post company updates of upcoming events, and include updates from important trade shows or industry summits. Using social networks for events is one application for which such platforms are ideally suited. Guest post by Dave Landry.

Four Seasons #IgniteTheSpark Campaign Brings Romance To Social Media

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Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts’ recently launched a new campaign – with a heavy focus on social media – targeting couples worldwide who are seeking a romantic getaway.  ”The Spark” campaign includes a microsite, Facebook application, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook engagement advertising. Why create a campaign focused on the theme of romance?

Prepare yourself and your team for the future of Sales #SalesStack15

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I’m happy to announce that I will be speaking at the upcoming Sales Hacker event In San Francisco. It’s been a while since I’ve been at an event where I can talk very specifically with sales professionals about social selling best practices with LinkedIn and other social media applications. Register here to take 20% off your tickets: [link]. gid=6932016.

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7 Facebook Marketing Case Studies


The Arizona-based bicycle manufacturer wanted to use Facebook to familiarize people with its brand and vision to: Increase fan engagement when communicating product releases and upcoming events. Results: 1 million views of Facebook application. Learn some inventive ways to integrate Facebook into your social media marketing strategy. HubSpot. Results: 71% sales increase from Facebook.

The Productive Online Business Toolbox: My Must-Have Tools

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also have the Google Calendar gadget on my Gmail sidebar, so I have an easy way to access my upcoming meetings, appointments, and phone calls. With Remember the Milk, I’m able to be on top of every single upcoming task wherever I go. also get an email every day at 12:00AM with the upcoming tasks for the day. It’s a great application to handle multiple accounts.

Understanding Meetings Cost in the New Reality [HYBRID EVENT 5/23]


View stunning multimedia techniques and dynamic webcast platforms that you can apply to your upcoming hybrid events. Participate in a “hot-button topic” with engaging content that is fresh, relevant and applicable to the meetings, events, travel and hospitality industries. And we would love fo r you to attend !! Earn continuing education credit hours (CAE).

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Google Helpouts- Small Biz Boon?

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Examples on the Google website include learning to play guitar, navigate a software application, or cook, but the opportunities are endless. Google will also help you manage your schedule, creating reminders, calendar events and allowing you to view upcoming and past Helpouts. We are big fans of the Google Hangout around here. What’s the big deal? On the face of it not much.

Six Surprising B2B Content Marketing Ideas

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Widget – This is a small web application that provides a simple function – such as weather, news headlines, sports scores – without requiring the user to visit a website. Tradeshow organizers can use a widget to help promote attendance at an upcoming conference with a countdown timer to the date and include an RSS feed with event updates, sponsors, ticket sales, etc.

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9 Powerful Time-Saving Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

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While Instagram still doesn’t allow publishing through its web application, there are many tools that allow you to create your Instagram posts on desktop first. Create and edit all the images you want to post for the upcoming week altogether since you are already in the image editor. 600 million! That’s a huge number. percent- way above Facebook (0.2%) and Twitter (0.02%).

Facebook’s New Comment System: All You Wanted to Know

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Were you gearing up for the upcoming Facebook page updates for 10th March? Please note, this plugin can only be used if your website has an application ID. Obtaining an application ID is simple and it can be easily done by registering the site. Well, hang on for a bit as there is more surprise in store for you before that happens. How and where do you install Facebook plug-in?

Facebook’s New Comment System: All You Wanted to Know

The Marketing Blog

Were you gearing up for the upcoming Facebook page updates for 10th March? Please note, this plugin can only be used if your website has an application ID. Obtaining an application ID is simple and it can be easily done by registering the site. Well, hang on for a bit as there is more surprise in store for you before that happens. How and where do you install Facebook plug-in?

How to Build the Ultimate Online Newsroom

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Upcoming events / sponsorships / speaking engagements (with speaker bios included). Upcoming events and speaking engagements should include the date, name of the conference or event, a description of the company’s participation in the event, and links to the conference website and the speaker’s bio (if applicable). by TomPick and guest blogger Maria Verven.

Non-Techie Guide to Social Media

Bare Feet Studios Search your name; claim your business if applicable ( @emihart is our local guru). Search your name; claim your business if applicable. KnowHow Cafe – join our free email list to receive an intro eBook and be notified of upcoming classes! Here are links and handouts for two of my recent speaking opportunities. Please enjoy all the links! Listen.

19 productivity and time management apps for 2016


Make the most of every day with Google Calendar, a time management mobile app and web application. With this application you can set reminders, so you don’t have to remember things anymore. And, an application like Focus Booster is just what procrastinators need to get rid of this unproductive habit. Do you use any of these applications/tools? And, rightly so! Basecamp.

Google Drive…Driving The Future of Online Storage

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Now anyone with a Google account can install a small application to their computer (mac/pc) and a Google Drive folder is created. All of us here are eager to start integrating Google Drive into our organization and we look forward to sharing our experience utilizing the service over the upcoming days/weeks. Well we can now! Well, some of us can. Official Google Blog Release: [link].

IBM Webinar: Leaders Will Bubble Up Through Social Learning #SocBiz #HR #NewWayToWork

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We are excited to be participating in the upcoming IBM webinar, “ Changing the Learning Culture ,” where Blue Focus Marketing cofounder Mark Burgess and I will join Scott Edwards, Product Manager, Smarter Workforce, for a discussion of social employees—focusing on the best training models and strategies for establishing an engaged, sustainable culture. How important is it?

Join us for an #IBM #SWFChat w/@mnburgess @jaferrar @KimWhitler @ProfessorGary @MainCane83 #HR #SocBiz

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We are excited to be participating in an upcoming IBM Twitter #SWFChat on Tuesday, April 28, from 1–2 p.m. Jonathan Ferrar (@ jaferrar ) Vice President, IBM Smarter Workforce, is focused on helping clients improve business performance through the application of people-related analytics solutions—solving needs with social employees! Professor Kimberly A. Professor Gary R.

How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page

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Click on the “Application Settings&# link for that subsection, and another popover dialog will appear. FBML stands for “Facebook Markup Language&# , and is meant to be a shortcut for use in Facebook applications. Facebook has also enabled the use of a subset of FBML in the Static FBML application. Scroll down to the end of the post for details on how to win. c s? c?a

10 Tips For Taking A Vacation From Social Media

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Stop relying on user reviews on the Web and mobile applications and ask the locals. hope these are helpful to anyone preparing for an upcoming vacation. I’m making the official call. Social Media is ubiquitous. If you don’t know what that means, it means that everywhere you turn, social media is there. It’s nearly impossible. Trust me, I tried. Who pinned what?

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How 8 Departments That Aren’t Marketing Can Use Social Media

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By taking to social media to promote your team, culture, and opportunities, you can boost the quantity and the quality of your applicant pool. Seeing the people behind the product is fascinating, and I always feel special when I learn about an upcoming product update before everyone else. It also improves engagement with employees, potential job applicants, and investors.

What Can a CRM Do for Your Small Business?


Some of the first killer applications for personal computers were electronic address books that replaced the Rolodex. Many CRM systems also contain project management and administrative features, such as the ability to create tasks and milestones for projects, and receive email reminders for upcoming activity. CRM systems are being adopted worldwide at a rapid pace. link]. Value.

Buffer Review – My Favorite Time Saving Twitter Tool


Both HootSuite and Buffer are freemium applications meaning that there is a free structure vs. a paid structure. also use Formulists for creating awesome, automatically updated Twitter lists (more on that in an upcoming post). What are your favorite Twitter management applications and time saving tools? What I didn’t realize is how much simpler Buffer really is.

The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012

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This year, we’re pleased to honor 50 women (below) and 50 men (in an upcoming post on the Blue Focus Marketing Blog ) who are among the top social media connectors and engagers in the technology world, representing technology vendors as well as related venture capital (VC), advisory and analyst firms. A year ago, the #Nifty50 honored 50 remarkable men and women on Twitter. sacevero.

20 Ways to Generate ROI from a Corporate Blog

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Again, you can “advertise&# upcoming webinars in your sidebar. Exhibiting at an upcoming trade show? Again, the non-profits benefited (by getting applications built at no cost, including an improved online donation system for on group), the firm was able to demonstrate the prowess of its developers, and the event was well-covered by local media. What should they promote?

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New Tool Makes My Email Work Harder and Smarter

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This is especially difficult when someone does not use their real name all on platforms, like when Samantha Jones sends me an email asking if I’ll speak at an upcoming conference. I don’t recognize her name because she follows me on Twitter as @bloggymama43. Some people are already using ad-blocking applications to get rid of this. Email is so 1990s, right? Not so fast. Email

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The Hero’s Journey: Finding Inspiration to Author Brand Stories

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It’s very applicable to entrepreneurs who are making a risky venture.” —Matthew “ Matthew’s upcoming book, “ Teenage Heroes “ Joseph Campbell’s books, “ The Hero with a Thousand Faces ” and “ The Hero’s Journey “ Makes a Hero? which went viral with over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Proven Tactics to Recruit, Retain and Unleash Millennial Talent


Make your career website and application mobile friendly. Provide a calendar of fun upcoming activities to do in the community (ex: festivals, shopping, outdoor competitions, etc.). Guest post by Ryan Jenkins. ————-. By 2025, Millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce. Millennial’s Employer Criteria. Honest, authentic, and transparent. This is how.

Four Blogging Tools to Make your Content Go Further


The next time you’re brainstorming blog topics for your upcoming content cycle, try researching the topic you’re interested in via the BuzzSumo platform to see what other bloggers and content influencers have to say about it. Hootsuite is a third-party tool or application that is designed to collate all of your social media account streams into one handy dashboard.

30 Social Media Sites, Tools, Posts and Articles that I Bookmarked from 2010

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So it starts with this resource: 100+ Upcoming Social Media & Tech Events. 2) Turn what people post in social media into compelling stories with Storify. 3) I liked the premise of this but always questioned whether it was sustainable beyond the this is cool stage? 2010 was a heck of a year in so many ways wasn’t it? know it was for me. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck -. 8.

The Fifteen Classes of the Social Business Software Suite (Q4, 2010)

The Techcrunch acquisition dispels those myths 4 days ago « Upcoming Research Teaser: What do Employers Want in a Corporate Social Media Strategist? Although I started a list , my partner Marcia Conner specializes in this space, and has an upcoming research report on this topic, follow her on Twitter to learn more. looking forward to the upcoming report!

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All You Need to Know About Instagram Takeovers: How to Host a Takeover in 6 Simple Steps

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Shopify gave its followers a heads up about an upcoming Instagram Stories takeover. When you schedule an Instagram reminder with the Buffer web application, we will automatically transfer the photo to your smartphone through the Buffer app. If you are wondering what Instagram takeovers are and how to organize them to boost your Instagram marketing efforts, this post is for you!

Google selling the Galaxy Nexus…What’s Next!?

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Will we see Tablets, Chromebooks, and glasses in the upcoming months available for purchase? Especially since it is not bogged down with carrier specific applications. Just this past week Google announced on their Google Mobile Blog that the company has begun selling the HSPA+ version of their pure Google Experience phone, the Galaxy Nexus. This phone, by Samsung, is now available from a new section of the Google Play web store entitled Devices. Many of the technorati are already speculating on what the search giant will begin selling next in the new Devices section. Android Beam.

Twitter announces #NewTwitter


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Flickr Friday: The Content Grid | Main | Branding Outside The Box » September 15, 2010 Twitter announces #NewTwitter Last night Twitter announced that it was rolling out several new changes to its web interface - incorporating many aspects of existing 3rd party applications such as Seesmic and Tweetdeck. Please try again.


Monday’s 5 Social Media Must-Reads


Google+ To Take On Foursquare With Upcoming “Check-in Offers” Feature. By Sarah Perez It looks like Google+ is adding a feature that will allow users to “check-in” via the Google+ mobile application in order to receive a time-sensitive deal or discount. Below are 5 social media must-reads that we wouldn’t want you to miss. Twitter’s Fly Redesign Aims To Be Faster, Simpler.

Twitter Homepage Refresh | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

Since many of you probably use a third-party application like TweetDeck or Seesmic , you may not log into the Twitter homepage that often anymore.  Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Twitter Homepage Refresh Written on July 28, 2009 by Justin Levy in social media , twitter 17 Comments - Leave a comment! What do you think?

How to Grow a Twitter Chat to Reach 1 Million People: Learnings From Two Years of #bufferchat

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Community is a part of the foundation of Buffer and we’ve been fortunate to include many Buffer team members as guests and sometimes even meet some of our job applicants in #bufferchat before they are interviewed! Check out our Bufferchat home page for recaps and news about upcoming chats: Over to you. More than one hundred chats later,   #bufferchat   has turned two! more effective.