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4 Must-Download Windows Phone Apps


Check out these 4 must-download Windows Phone apps. Just the fact of its availability represents a success for the app vendors Lazyworm Applications Ltd. So support the good vibes and download it for the best in You Tube results when using Windows Phone. And it’s all Microsoft’s fault for dropping the ball on world software domination. Metro Tube. Folks love a comeback story.

I Brainstormed 180 Blog Post Ideas for You [Free Download]


tweaked the prompts a little to make them applicable to blogs of all styles and niches and bundled the list into a series of 6 PDFs that we’ll be sending to all ProBloggerPLUS newsletter subscribers each month. The post I Brainstormed 180 Blog Post Ideas for You [Free Download] appeared first on ProBlogger. Have you ever found yourself stuck for ideas on what to blog about?

Facebook Is Launching It’s Own App Center


Tweet Facebook has unveiled its own App Center just like Apple and Google – an application store for both Android and iOS devices that features native and web apps that connect with Facebook one way or another. Facebook Applications Facebook App Facebook insights mobile apps Social MediaThe App Center has about 600 apps so far but more are being added every day. Rating facility.

Twitter: Gnip’s Audience API Now Generally Available

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Twitter has been beta-testing Gnip’s Audience API  since last October, and the social network announced Tuesday that the application-programming interface is now available to all advertisers. Return insights in real-time. Seamlessly integrate alongside existing Gnip APIs. Protect user privacy. At Twitter, everything we do is oriented around our users, and the Audience API is no different.

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Six ways to make Web 2.0 work - The McKinsey Quarterly - Six ways Web 2.0 work - Business Technology - Application Management

In earlier IT campaigns, identifying and prioritizing the applications that would generate the greatest business value was relatively easy. These applications focused primarily on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of known business processes within functional silos (for example, supply-chain-management software to improve coordination across the network). By contrast, our research shows the applications that drive the most value through participatory technologies often aren’t those that management expects. First time here? Read our Quarterly Basics. adoption.

Bailout Application - Koka Sexton dot Com

Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Bailout Application I could use some of that federal bail out money just about now. Author: Koka Sexton Comments: 1 comment Date: 23 Dec 2008 Categories: Geek Break Tags: bailout , bailout_application , billions , lehman_brothers , money , vanity_fair There are 1 comment. How do you apply? Leave a comment!

Why Facebook’s Moments Is the No. 1 Free App on the iTunes App Store

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Facebook’s stand-alone Moments  application, which was received tepidly, at best, suddenly found itself at No. The social network has begun emailing users and warning them that their Synced Photos folders will be deleted July 7, with those images lost unless users download them or install Moments. Readers: Have you downloaded Moments? Otherwise, they’ll be deleted.

Joomla! Surpasses 15 Million Downloads

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the industry’s leading open source content management system (CMS), has been downloaded more than 15 million times from JoomlaCode. reached 15 million downloads,&# said Elin Waring, President of Open Source Maters, part of the Joomla! reached 10 million downloads, so to hit the 15 million mark is quite an achievement and shows an accelerated download pace over the past 8 months. The application has been averaging 20,000 downloads a day for the past 250 days.&#. Other notable JoomlaCode downloads surrounding the Joomla! million downloads), Joomla!

Trade Shows: The Right Marketing Approach

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Due to technological advancements , it is now easier than ever for a business to reach its audience with mobile phone applications and downloads. Specific people who might be more willing to make a purchase can also be targeted with these applications, rather than purchasing bulk promotional items that could be picked up by disinterested customers. Banner Stands. Presence.

App Providing Shortcuts on iPhone Returns From Ban

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Launcher was banned by Apple last year for a violation of their design guidelines, due to the ability of the app to create a widget that leads to other applications and functions on the iPhone. The app is free to download and install from the App Store, and allows you to choose up to eight shortcuts for you to reach quickly. How it works.

Tools for Mobile Marketing Strategy Success

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Consumers now feel more comfortable using mobile applications as opposed to the desktop version, and that is reflected in their sales habits— nine out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, and five out of 10 lead to a sale. ”  For applications and web browsers alike, if a customer finds you helpful, they are likely to return. Through downloads? and nearly $220B worldwide.

The future of groupware in the interactive workplace. | Technology > Software Services & Applications from

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Trials & Downloads. Related Topics: Software Services & Applications (301). |. applications fit into the larger scheme of information technology. And, as a result, we are finding that many typical Internet and intranet applications are actually forms of groupware. The simplest components are applications like e-mail and newsgroups. Also, HR can allow outside recruiters to review job postings and submit applications and resumes on behalf of their clients. Sign In. | | Free Newsletters. Home |. Business Advice |. Professional Journals |. by Topic.

Tweetdeck Officially Launches for Android


can now be downloaded after a few months of beta testing. Tags: Twitter Tools Android app application ipad iPhone launch release Tweet TweetDeck Twitter Video It’s about time! The ever popular twitter app, Tweetdeck , has finally come to Android. Just announced, Tweetdeck 1.0 Usually, it comes to the iPad and iPhone first. for Android: © 2008 TwiTip Twitter Tips.

How to Track Mobile App Conversions

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To understand the meaning behind downloads for your mobile app, you need to know how to track conversions effectively. On a mobile app, a download is by no means a conversion, although it does have valuable data that can increase your conversions. So, if a download isn’t a conversion, what is? Time to Understand Download Data. Image via registration?

Monitor Your Brand’s Instagram Activity with New Reporting Tool


In my blog post How to Boost Your Number of Followers on Instagram , I wrote about the importance of monitoring your activity on photo-sharing application Instagram at the same level as  you monitor your other social media presences. Simply Measured just made that task easier with the launch of a new Instagram reporting tool. Similar Posts: Use Instagram to Create Visual Engagement.

Miss Those Old Style Retweets on Try This Kynetx Extension

Stay N' Alive

So, if you’re looking for old-style retweets on top of, head on over to Mike Grace’s blog and download the extension.  I think it’s a pretty nifty extension! Technology Twitter social Add-ons Application programming interface Google Chrome kynetx Mozilla Firefox retweet utah

Get Internet Voicemail from Website Visitors with SpeakPipe

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In the spirit of Vine, SnapChat, and other applications that enable you to record your voice (or any sound) in combination with video to your friends, meet SpeakPipe. click a link and can choose between playing it on the spot and/or downloading the file to my computer. Best of all, there is a free version which is currently installed here. Have you heard of this plugin before? Do

I Got You vs. I Keep You - The Mobile Brand Crisis

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Yes, brands will continue to struggle with a mobile web experience vs./plus a native mobile application for iOS and Android. Search is a problem because discoverability of these mobile applications is a real chore for brands. It turns out that discoverability, getting a consumer to download your app and use it isn't even half of the challenge. Exactly half of all time spent on smartphone applications occurs on an adult's single most-used app, says comScore in a new report that contains a host of intriguing data points about mobile app reach and engagement. app store.

What is your Reach on Facebook? (Any why you shouldn’t care)

Janet Fouts

The reach chart shows how many people have seen any content about your Page, and where applicable, whether these people were reached through an organic, paid or viral channel. Download it here. A client contacted me this morning, upset because her “reach” seems to be  seriously declining on Facebook. For Here’s how Facebook defines reach. So let’s say you run some “story” ads.

Facebook-Owned Moves App Showing Up in Flagship iOS App’s ‘More’ Menu

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Facebook acquired Protogeo Oy , creator of fitness tracking application Moves , in April 2014, and Moves has pretty much remained in the background, until now. Several users of Facebook’s flagship iOS app  are seeing the icon for the Moves app in their “more” menus, even though those users had not downloaded Moves. Readers: Are you seeing an option for Moves in your “more” menus?

Are you on Facebook messenger?

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Facebook  users will have seen prompts to download the standalone Facebook Messenger app to their phones since April. People who like to use Facebook to send messages from their phones are now required to download Facebook’s standalone messenger app. Facebook says that shift will allow both mobile applications to work more efficiently. Now, resistance is futile.

3 Practical Android Apps for Fashionistas


If you are in the fashion business or if you are one of those people that people that talk, eat and sleep fashion, then you will love these applications for your Android smartphone. When you need some guidance in what is hot and what is not and what are the best promotional products , then these applications will be ideal for you. MyCloset. Makeup Tutorials. TriMirror Fashion.

Miss Those Old Style Retweets on Try This Kynetx Extension

Stay N' Alive

According to Grace, "I got really sick of doing the copy and paste dance so I built a Kynetx app that adds the “RT” functionality that I want." So, if you're looking for old-style retweets on top of, head on over to Mike Grace's blog and download the extension.  I think it's a pretty nifty extension!

Hootbar – Use Hootsuite In Your Browser


Twitterbar almost got 2 million downloads, so some people are already familiar with how it works, and Hootbar looks a lot like Twitterbar. You don’t need to use any applications, but once you have installed the add-on to your Mozilla Firefox, you get the option of sharing content. The simplicity of Hootbar lies in the fact that you don’t need to use any extra applications.

[Solved] Posting Photos To Instagram From Your Desktop

SocMed Sean

Right on their front page, they acknowledge that they’re working out issues with the Mac version of their software, but when you click the link to the PC version of the download, you get a 404 error. Well…it’s happened again. I’ve stumbled across another one of those social media tasks that should be soooo simple, yet isn’t. Soo…the workaround. Cheers!

How to Balance Creation and Curation in Your Social Strategy

Simply Measured

2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download. 24 Ways to Test Your Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook Content Download. little digging will reveal templates for download. How to Create a Weekly Social Media Report Download. Download our Twitter Content Calendar guide below! A social media calendar plays a key role in your social strategy. What gets them engaged?

What Are “Fake Apps” and How Do You Avoid Them?


Have you ever downloaded a smartphone app, only to find that it didn’t work? Simply put: not all of the apps in the Android Market or on Google Play are legitimate phone applications. Some of them even copy the logo and name of real  apps, in the hopes that you’ll download and install them by mistake. What Happens After You Download a Fake App? Messenger.”

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Lessons From Testing Facebook Live, 360 Video and Images, and Snapchat Geofilters

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Future of Social Download. These use cases and tactics will not be applicable across all organizations and verticals, but they have been successful for our needs.  We plan on continuing throughout 2016. There are seemingly endless updates, features, and new social channels popping up. It’s hard to figure out what works best for your brand. Why they’re looking to do it. Facebook Live.

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12 Most Creative Strategies to Craft an Effective Blog Post

Peg Fitzpatrick

Make sure, however, that users need not download any third-party plugin or app for these to show up. 5. For maximum engagement, make sure to create unique title, write a short but relevant description, use high-resolution images and mention people in your post, if applicable. Do you wonder why some blog posts tend to attract a lot of readers and get a lot of reaction? This K.I.S.S.

Missing DM’s in your Twitter Stream?

Janet Fouts

If you’re getting an error message on your Twitter desktop or mobile application it’s likely because Twitter recently changed the way authorization works. Open your Twitter application on your phone or desktop and check for updates. Both have updates, so download the updates and then you’ll have to re-authorize the application to access Twitter.

Media Relations Can Be Measured Against Real Dollars

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And, of course,  Automotive OEM is very effective in passing through job applicants, with nearly half of the visitors contacting HR. downloadable piece of content that sits behind a landing page (so you can collect email addresses), such as a workbook, a template, a checklist, tools, or tips. An application to submit for a job. By Gini Dietric h. Here is a breakdown of each.

Health And Fitness Apps See 62% Increase In Usage In Last Six Months

The Realtime Report

Many of these accessories come compatible with mobile applications, which are then designed to be used on a daily basis. Apple has already begun marketing the various health and fitness apps that can be downloaded as a part of HealthKit and iOS8. Usage of health and fitness apps has grown exponentially since 2013. Fitness Fanatics are 62% females and 38% males, according to Flurry.

4 iPhone Apps for MBA Students


By utilizing digital applications on the iPhone, MBA students can improve their academic potential to perform effectively in class. Also free,   The Economist is a multifunctional application designed exclusively for use on the iPhone. Some of the best features of this app include: Downloadable issues for your iPhone. Each app is available for download for $9.99. Skype.

How to Set Up iCloud for All Your Apple Devices


Modify your settings to make the iCloud application personable to you. Turn on automatic downloads. From there, you can turn the automatic downloads on/off. iCloud: The New Way of Storing. With Apple’s recent innovate creation, iCloud, users now have the ability to access their documents, photos and music anywhere. How to Set Up iCloud. iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation.

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8 Tips for Using QR Codes in Marketing


Use a QR code on business cards or on your website so that individuals scanning the code can instantly download your contact information to their phone – for example, if you own a plumbing company, enabling consumers to instantly download your contact details to their phone as ‘ABC Plumbing Company’ means that your company will be top of the list when/if they need your services in the future. 2.

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75% of Apps Are Used At Least Seven Times Per Month

The Realtime Report

The number of downloads is a useful metric, but it’s just a starting point: of those who download the app, how many are retained, and how often are they opening the app? Swrve’s data was collected during May 2014 using “ over fifty applications, with tens of millions of users and billions of mobile events.” Swrve’s hourly breakdown of app sessions.

The Use of Animation in Digital Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

GE recently released a series of animations promoting a health related Facebook application. It’s important to think of interesting ways to visualize online activities, to direct traffic to your social networks or to get people to download an app. This is a guest post by Manroop Takhar. It’s pretty clear from the buzz around them that this is the year of the web video. million.