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Welcome To The Future: Apple And Google Cars, Anyone?

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If you were wondering what, exactly, Apple is going to do for it''s next act (after it releases the watch that we''re all waiting for)? There were a lot of rumours floating around two weeks ago ( including some from the Wall Street Journal ), but things got real and tangible last week, that Apple is working on an electric car. So, is Apple building a car or are they really just looking to make the applications and user experience for cars? Have Instagram , Vine and even Snapchat stolen the mobile/social video thing away from Twitter? apple. apple car.

Facebook Tip: Changing From Mobile To Desktop View On Your iPad Or Tablet

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If you are a tablet owner, though, you probably know that apps like Twitter and Facebook treat your tablet as a mobile device by default. It took me an hour of finding workarounds for Twitter and I document the process of switching to the Twitter desktop view (not the mobile view) of Twitter in this blog post. I can’t live without my tablet. No easy fix. Something helpful!

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Apple TV, Google Chromecast Users Can Stream Facebook Videos to Their TVs

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The social network announced Thursday that users with devices including Apple TV  and Google Chromecast  can now stream videos from Facebook directly to their TV screens. Why settle for watching Facebook videos on your smartphones or tablets when you can view them on your television screens? Select the device you want the video to stream to. Enjoy the video right from your TV.

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Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Ad Retargeting, Google ‘+Post Ads,’ Apple Buys Topsy

The Realtime Report

Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr and Apple: Facebook. Facebook adds more ‘News’ to News Feed to become more Twitter-like – Facebook is now promoting more ‘real news’ posted by users; the social network’s news-feed algorithm will now expose more links to articles from media organizations — especially on mobile (AdAge). Google+. and… Apple?! Twitter. Tumblr. Any social media updates that we missed?

Top Tools for Mobile Marketing


The world of mobile marketing has been in development for several years now and businesses of all stripes have “gone mobile”. The organizations that invest in mobile marketing are the ones who will see the most success. Okay, so you’re ready to launch a mobile marketing campaign for your nonprofit. Apple Pay : A brand new payment app for iPhone and iPad users.

Google Glass And Thinking Differently About Technology

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Google's Project Glass is a very interesting product. At this week's TED 2013 conference in Long Beach, I had the chance to wear and tinker with Google Project Glass (for photographic proof, you can follow me on Twitter and see the pictures). What the experience of Google Glass is really like. What you quickly realize about Google glasses. google. google glass.

3 Secrets To Having A Two-Way Conversation With Your Brand’s Customers Online

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in Branding Communities eCommerce Interactive Marketing Mobile Optimization. What Google, Amazon and Facebook all have in common is that they’ve built their entire customer experience across all devices and all channels around customers’ trust and respect. That is what we saw in the  “Mobilizing the Retail Shopping Experience” research study.

How to create mobile-friendly content with Google’s AMP

How Accelerated Mobile Pages can fuel your mobile marketing strategy. Target audience: Businesses, brands, mobile marketers, digital marketers, advertising agencies, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, educators, journalists, Web publishers. AMP, like Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple’s Apple News, is designed to reduce bounce rates and improve users’ social media experience.

Google's Third Wave Of Innovation

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If you''re in the marketing profession, you have to be scratching your head at the moves that Google has made over the past little while. If Google''s main form of revenue is advertising and licensing software, where will the ads be going on all of these robots and drones? Google''s first wave of innovation. Google has gone through two dramatic waves of innovation (with many nuances and smaller ones in between). It''s important to understand that in phase one, Google mastered search. Google''s second wave of innovation. google. google innovation.

The Year Of Mobile? Sounds Like The Month Of The Smartphone

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Mobile phones may even be going away - along with desktop computers and laptops - in favor of smartphones and tablets. One thing is for certain: the tide is beginning to shift dramatically and it won't be (too) long before mobile becomes the primary screen. It wasn't too long ago that mobile carriers didn't care about data. According to the MediaPost article, " Cisco predicted today that mobile data use worldwide is poised to grow 21x by 2015." Mobile networks vs. wi-fi. Apple vs. Android vs. RIM vs. Microsoft vs. everyone else. apple.

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Five Forms of Mobile Media

Geoff Livingston

Watching App Savvy Author (and personal friend) Ken Yarmosh speak, clarity in mobile communications becomes clear. Specifically, Ken talks about the three primary communication methods via mobile web development. From a communicators perspective, there are several ways to approach stakeholders on mobile media. Which forms of mobile media do you like, and why?

Kickass User Interfaces for Mobile Devices


57.6% of Baby Boomers, 62.2% of Gen Xers, and 63.2% of Millenials in the United States used mobile devices to access the web in 2012, according to eMarketer. The mobile Internet population is sizeable and rapidly growing across all age groups. A key driver for mobile Internet use is email access. This shift in mentality makes a lot of sense for mobile devices. Takeaway.

Comparing Apples To BlackBerrys

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Many think RIM is faltering because they aren't innovating like Apple or Google ( Android is a Google initiative). Comparing Apple to RIM is like comparing Jay-Z to The Beatles. Email in the palm of your hand was a bold vision statement in a world that was just getting acclimatized to mobile phones and pagers (remember when people would be frowned upon for using their mobile phones in a restaurant or while on public transit?). Professionals (and now, even casual consumers) did want to access their email in a mobile fashion. It wasn't last week.

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Is Google+ the Next Big Social Media Site for Business?

The Social Media Incubator

Google+ is getting a lot of attention right now due to the “rivalry&# between Google and Facebook, which is heavily partnered with Microsoft.  Social Media Strategist Caroline Melberg feels that the site will be beneficial at some point in the future, but it might take some time. “I think it is a bit too early for most businesses to jump into Google+ as the jury is still out on how participation will ramp up, but if it happens like I think it will, Google+ will become the first real social-business networking site,” said Melberg. have more to worry about.

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Health And Fitness Apps See 62% Increase In Usage In Last Six Months

The Realtime Report

Looking at data from over 6,800 iPhone and iPad apps listed under the health and fitness category, Flurry Analytics reports a 62% increase in the usage of health and fitness apps over the past 6 months, while the overall mobile app industry has only seen a 33% increase. Such a statistic means that growth in health and fitness apps is 87% faster than the entire mobile app industry.

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What to Consider When You Price Your Mobile App

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Around the close of 2015, Google Play contained around 1.8 million apps , while the Apple Store boasted 1.5 Estimates peg consumer expenditure on mobile apps at $50 billion for 2016. This makes the mobile app space both an opportunity and a challenge for new app developers and businesses. That constitutes 48.2% of the total revenue generated by mobile apps!

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How to Leverage Mobile Payments to Garner Customer Loyalty


Mobile payments will reach $90 billion by 2017, according to Forrester. The ability to attract mobile customers isn’t just a matter of selling more products, however. From loyalty programs to innovative social-sharing incentives, mobile marketing can boost your sales and help form lasting loyalty. Open up Your Mobile Wallet. MobileGeotarget Your Customers.

WhatsApp Ceases Support for Older Operating Systems

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WhatsApp announced these steps  in a blog post last February , writing at the time: When we started WhatsApp in 2009, people’s use of mobile devices looked very different from today. The Apple iTunes App Store was only a few months old. Mobile operating systems offered by Google, Apple and Microsoft–which account for 99.5 percent of sales today–were on less than 25 percent of mobile devices sold at the time. WhatsApp  users on devices with older operating systems were on the receiving end of a New Year’s Eve surprise. Froyo or older versions of Android.

Is Google Breeding An Army Of "Glassholes"?

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From Nike FuelBand to Jawbone ''s Up and the pending public launch of Google ''s Project Glass and whatever Apple has up their sleeves for their own wearable technology , it is becoming increasingly obvious that our connected computers will be more a "part of us" than ever before. Regardless of which train of thought becomes our virtual reality, we are beginning to see the technology companies that we know and love (Google, Apple, Amazon , etc.) As Technology evangelist, Robert Scoble , points out: "This is a huge shift for Google''s business model.

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Apple Pay And The Future Of How We Spend Money

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Still, Google is attempting to reinvent email to make it that much efficient for all of us. This past week, Google launched something called Google Inbox. Apple Pay was launched last week when the new iOS for iPhone ''s was launched. What will the future of mobile payment look like? Can Apple Play be the big player ? apple. apple ios. google.

Motorola XOOM Android Tablet – A Fair Rival to Apple’s iPad


It comes with 3G from Verizon out of the box (a 4G LTE upgrade is on the way), integrated GPS and Google Maps, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 2.1 Motorola XOOM lets users video-chat through Google Talk with virtually anyone who uses a device that fully supports the application, i.e. other tablet, personal computer, SmartPhone, etc. In addition, Google Chrome users can sync their bookmarks.

The Digital Reality

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Do you really think that Google Glass is a flop? I don''t. Google Glass did - and will do - what it was intended for. Now, before I go on, let me explain: Google probably hoped (assumed) that more and more would find these glasses cool, interesting and worth it to wear. Apple is banking that by the end of this month, we''ll be willing to leap from our pockets to our wrists.

Marketing Doubleshot Podcast – Ep.10 – Ad Blocking & Missing out on the Mobile Moment

The New Strategist

In this episode, Jonathan Barrick and Josh Muirhead discuss the latest in digital ad blocking developments, and the ‘mobile moment’ that many brands and marketers are approaching from the wrong angle. Links and resources mentioned in this episode: The Verge – Welcome to hell: Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook and the slow death of the web –…death-of-the-web. Luke Wroblewski – Product Director at Google – – Hotel Tonight – [link].

Is the iPhone 4 Apple’s Vista?


Apple’s iPhone 4 just can’t catch a break. To add insult to injury, Microsoft executive Kevin Turner says Apple’s latest smartphone release could fail, just like his own company’s Windows Vista. On a mobile phone, signal loss typically occurs when your hand attenuates the most sensitive part of the antenna. Post on Google Buzz. Tweet This!

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012

Webbiquity SMM

Marketers have questions, this post has answers: 87 vital social media and online marketing statistics covering everything from how executives and large companies are using social media for marketing, customer service and recruiting to fresh stats on the leading social media platforms to search, email, content and mobile marketing trends. Mobile Marketing Statistics. MindJumpers ). 3.

Why Online Banking on Mobiles Will Soar


Several forecasts predict that by 2015, 50% or more of US mobile users will be conducting transactions from their mobile devices (e.g. million people say they like Apple iTunes on Facebook. Post on Google Buzz. Since 2008, consumers have been moving from brick-and-mortar banking to online banking at an impressive rate. opening an online savings account ). Meanwhile 4.2

Social Media News Ticker: Sum Up 2013 with Facebook Year In Review, Google+ Auto Awesome Movie

The Realtime Report

Happy New Year!  It’s been a bit quiet on the social media news front over the holidays, but here are a few updates worth checking out: Google+ and Facebook. Twitter appears to be testing app store links and other customized links within promoted tweets – Twitter is testing out a new type of ad unit on mobile; promoted app installs on the Twitter mobile app (The Next Web).

Chatbots: The future of conversational commerce and marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Christian Brucculeri, the CEO at mobile messaging company Snaps, a developer of chatbots and other marketing technology products for companies. Certainly chatbots have close technological relatives we’re already used to, like Apple’s Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. They’re applications that have linguistic structure.

The Year Of More

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Through mobile (which are GPS-enabled) and other innovations, there will be a much bigger push to deliver services to the consumer where they physically are in much more effective ways. This year will see the introduction of many new devices (including the hotly anticipated entry of Apple into the television set business). From Amazon , Google / Android , Microsoft , RIM (hopefully) and maybe even Facebook , our lives (and briefcases) will continue to get filled up with new, different and interesting devices. apple. apple television. google. mobile.

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Micro Persuasion: Become a Knowledge Management Ninja with Google Reader

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Become a Knowledge Management Ninja with Google Reader. However, none matches the power of Google Reader. Some of these may work with RSS readers from Newsgator, Bloglines and others but they are written with Google in mind.). This post has several parts. * The Core Philosophy: Google Reader is a database and a feed reader. Wait, I think someone already did that: Google!

The Only Screen That Matters

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We used to talk about three screens (TV, computers and mobile), but we''re closing in on the one screen world. and they''re on us ( Google Glass , wearable technology and beyond). Our speed and connectivity is only going to increase, and all of this has been validated in what I consider to be the most jaw-dropping stat that I have been exposed to in 2014: The rise of smart connected devices relegates PC to an accessory for mobile. The PC will be the new accessory to mobile as smartphones become the first and primary computing device for many.'' apple. mobile.

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Expect Big Changes At Facebook

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Does Google look anything like Google before its IPO? What about Apple ? Mobile. To stay competitive, Facebook is going to have to up their game when it comes to both mobile devices and smartphones. This is where Twitter was making the most advances and now Facebook is going to have to ensure that the mobile and smartphone Facebook experience is as good (if not better) than the Web-based one. apple. apple television. google. google tv. mobile. mobile app. There is a reason that Facebook is going public. Touch.

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The End Of The Smartphone

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When Tim Cook (CEO at Apple ) took the stage in the company's first post- Steve Jobs product launch to announce the iPad 2 in 2011, Cook's staggering statistic was that the iPad had already outsold all of the desktop and laptops sold by their competitors in the previous quarter. That piece of data still hold true as Apple currently has the fourth generation iPad in-market. Google co-founder, Sergey Brin , can often be found about town wearing his Google Glasses (aka Project Glass). What will Apple do next? apple. google. google glasses.

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How Will Project Glass Impact Marketers?

Geoff Livingston

Co-organizer Patrick Ashmalla and I are presenting together on Google Project Glass and augmented reality. Google Project Glass promises to take ubiquitous mobile Internet access and layer unprecedented information into our day-to-day existence. Scheduled for release in 2014, Project Glass holds so much promise Apple and Microsoft have competing projects.

Adapt Or Die

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It's all about the Web or mobile or Social," but these are companies that have both a legacy and a functioning business model. " When you actually start digging down deep into how these companies have evolved and stayed relevant, you won't see business models that look like anything from the playbooks of Apple , Google or Facebook. apple. google. mobile. Do you like the saying, "adapt or die" ? There are days when it is the soundtrack of my life and then there are days when I shake my head at what the connotation truly means. retail.

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The Billion Dollar Questions

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The prevailing views about this are spot-on with my own thinking: Facebook struggles to understand mobile. Instagram nailed the UI and design of a mobile, social photo app. Instagram is, ultimately, photo, mobile and social. I'm not dumb. I get that this move is a defensive one (don't let Twitter, Google or someone else get them). It could also be defensive if Facebook thought Instagram could scale to the point that it truly does affect the Facebook business. I get that this move is a proactive one (this gets Facebook into mobile and photos in a big way.

What Is Code?

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It's for you to understand what lies beneath these words, your website, that mobile application, Facebook , YouTube and more. I'd happily talk to people from Google and Apple , too, but they so rarely reenter the general population. The for mobile, Beverly Hills for finance programmers, and all of Orange County for Windows. There apple. google. mobile. mobile application. Every Saturday, I share links with good friends , Alistair Croll and Hugh McGuire. The process is simple: Each one of us must choose one link for the other person. mirum.

The World Is A Hyperlink

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Last week Google held their Google I/O developers conference. In short: the new Android operating system will have something that looks like a carousel of little cards displaying your recently used apps and tabs (unified across all of your Google-enabled devices). Google is looking for a way to get multitasking on mobile to be that much more easy. Switching between apps on Apple is easy, but it''s not real multitasking yet. Some see Google''s dominance driven by the ad revenue. Apple certainly accelerated things when it came to technology.

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Where The Boys (And Girls) Are

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Mobile is small. The real shift that we're going to see is from desktop versus mobile. What we learned from yesterday's Blog post is that consumers are spending much more time with their mobile than other media channels. This is also why they're not putting a lot of dollars into mobile, even though consumers are spending more time there. much in the same way that the trend in media consumption is with mobile (more than other, traditional, media channels). apple. google. mobile. mobile advertising. mobile marketing. Hardly.

LinkedIn - A Newer Professional Social Network?

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We write a ton on Facebook, but shortly the world's largest online social network is predicting that it will be entirely mobile and - probably - all video. apple. google. alexa amazon amazonecho appoftheweek apple chom977fm chomfm ctrlaltdelete ctrlaltdeletewithmitchjoel digitalmedia facebook flogg google guestcontributor heatherbeckman jwalterthompson jwt linkedin livestreaming microsoft mirum mirumagency montrealradio morningshow morningsrockwithterryandheatherb radiosegment radiostation siri socialmedia soundcloud technology terrydimonte twitter wpp youtube