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What a Social API Does (And How It Makes Your Life Easier)

Simply Measured

Awesome Things That a Social API Enables Download. Telling someone I work with APIs complicates the “What do you do?” APIs are critical to making your job possible, but making sense of them, especially when it comes to social, is never easy. Completing your organization’s data puzzle requires you to use APIs from Google Analytics, DoubleClick, Marketo, and more.

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Advisory: Google+ Begins Booting Brands

Geoff Livingston

Much has been said about marketing on Google+. Both of us have been intentionally conservative about marketing on the new network due to a statement from Google+ specifically asking businesses and brands to wait until it formalized its business offering. This offering is rumored to include an open API for applications and data usage. Image by Sean MacEntee. Image from KCET-TV.

Tips To Improve Performance in Google Shopping

Social Media Marketing

If you are an online shopping store owner looking to drive sales then Google Shopping is your best bet in that endeavor. Means currently setting up ad campaigns in Google Shopping is a profitable option. Here are some useful techniques which you can apply to boost performance in Google Shopping, including tips that can help you reduce your work time. Avoid promotional text.

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PLEASE Don’t Visit My Google+ Page! Here’s Why.

SocMed Sean

No, this isn’t another one of those anti-Google+ posts and no…it isn’t one of those reverse psychology attempts to actually trick you into visiting my Google+ page. In fact, I really don’t want you to visit my Google+ page and I have a good reason for it. We can all lie with charts and graphs and corporations like Google excel at it. Cheers!

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There Is No Salvation for the ‘Facebook Expert’

SocialTimes Facebook

Some people even pretended to build software that mapped Google keywords to Facebook interests. It was easy with Google, since you could set up a crawler to scan where you ranked and also monitor competitor ads. With Power Editor and the Facebook Ads API (application-programming interface), the geeks got a ton of tools to play with. Sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo?

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Is Google becoming evil?

The Way of the Web

Given the high standards Google set for itself with the aims of indexing the world’s information, and the mantra of ‘Don’t Be Evil’, it’s likely we hold it to higher standards than most companies. After all, if you’re paying $150,000 for Google Analytics Premium, you’d be expecting all information. WTF Google?

Announcing Google For Nonprofits!


We’re frantically digging out from Great Ideas (one word – awesomesauce) and heading over to NTC for the next three days, so I’ll just drop this completely unedited little list of informational links from Google, who have just launched Google for Nonprofits. “Google for Nonprofits launched a new program to help nonprofits scale their impact by reaching more donors, improving operations, and increasing awareness. Read the Official Google blog post. On Facebook:

8 Open Source Projects from Google


For many Google has become the patron saint of open source, and the number of open source projects Google supports or directly develops seems to increase every day. Some of Google’s own open source projects, like Android, have become as common as their proprietary competitors, yet many do not even realize they are using software with free and open source components.

Everything You Need to Know About Google+

Social Media Marketing

In case you're coming out from the rock you've been living under for the summer, Google+ arrived on our digital doorsteps in early July - but only for limited field testing. Yesterday, it was announced that Google+ had finally been released as a public beta, meaning that you no longer require an invitation to join the network. At this time, Google+ is only open to individuals.

Facebook's Need for Consistency in the Competition With Google

Stay N' Alive

When people such as Google and Twitter mention their inability to integrate with Facebook, I traditionally shake my head. After all, I see things such as Youtube integrate just fine with Facebook, but Google complains they can't seem to integrate Facebook's platform into Google. Google eventually gave up. I've heard the same from friends at Google. So what?

3 Ways Google Search is impacted by #SocialMedia & #GooglePlus

Laurel Papworth

Should your business bother with social media, Google Plus and SEO/SMO? Does Google Plus make a difference to Google Search? If your customers find you by searching on Google, you might want to consider these three points: Where are the Plumbers WITHOUT a Google Plus Page? The one’s without a Google Plus page? Have a look at this image.

5 Things You Need to Know About Google’s Mobile Changes

Convince & Convert

The misinterpretations surrounding Google’s April 21 algorithm updates resulted in panic in the tech and business communities last week. There are two major changes at play in Google’s recent move to favor mobile: First, Google will adjust its search results order to favor mobile-friendly sites. Google determines websites’ mobile-friendliness based on multiple aspects.

Google+ Communities Yay or Wait and See?

Janet Fouts

I don’t know about you but I’ve gotten more than a dozen invitations to Google+ communities in the last couple of days. In case you’re not aware of what that means, Google+ launched a new feature, Google+ Communities on Dec 6. Here’s a video from Google on what these new communities are all about: What Do Google+ Communities Offer My Business?

API Widget Economy: Social Media Business Podcast

Laurel Papworth

Episode 3 focusses on monetizing APIs and looking at revenue streams from widgets. API Widget Economy: Social Media Business Ep.003 from Laurel Papworth on Vimeo. One popular widget was the Nintendo wii (see programmable web) mashup of available/in stock Wii’s and a Google map. Ebay API. Amazon API. Etsy API. Web 3.0 CHART: 2008 Amazon traffic.

Better Noise Control on Google+ is Coming, but its More Beautiful Than You Think

Stay N' Alive

Over the last 2 or 3 years Facebook, Google, Plaxo, Myspace, and others have all been working on a standard to make fixing the noise problem easier. In addition, it provides a simple API for accessing this data in Atom and MediaRSS format. See this video from 2009, when both were not working for Google: Here's the deal though. isn't just about a common API or noise control.

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The Death of Google Reader: Did Email Kill the RSS Star?

Stay N' Alive

I admit I'm not as mad as before , as the dust has settled off since they killed sharing and replaced it with a very limited Google+ sharing feature (on top of the "send to" feature that was there before). At the same time we see other "social networks" of Google's (Youtube) hitting over a billion active users. Compared to that, Google Reader was minuscule. Like, a lot.

Is Feedburner about to be closed by Google?

The Way of the Web

It’s particularly worrying in some areas, where companies of the size and scale of Google have effectively closed out the market, particularly in terms of RSS syndication with Feedburner and RSS reading with Google Reader. We’ve already seen negative changes to Google Reader forced on users as Google sacrificed it to try and jumpstart Google+. The Feedburner API was already deprecated and is due to close in October, 2012. Trust in Google? Blogging rss closing deprecating feedburner google publishing syndicationBuffer.

Twitter Eases Voter-Registration Process for Users

SocialTimes Twitter

Twitter added that the @Gov account will begin answering additional questions from voters, such as polling place locations and ballot information, thanks to the social network’s partnership with the Voting Information Project from Pew Research Center and the Google Civic Information API (application-programming interface). Twitter marked National Voter Registration Day with the introduction of an easy way for its users to kick-start the process. Through a Direct Message with @Gov , Twitter can help you find your state's voter registration deadline and register to vote.

Google is Not Facebook (and Vice Versa)

Stay N' Alive

Google seems to be trying of late to do everything they can to be like Facebook. Let's "face" it - Google is not social. As I've been playing with Google's "+1" buttons I'm really trying to think what the benefit is. Google's "+1" button does neither of that, and if it were to send an email that would just annoy them. Integrate Facebook "like" buttons into Google search.

What Brands Get Wrong About Local Marketing Strategy

Convince & Convert

Since December of 2015 , we have seen Google become more deeply involved in helping brands manage their location data in a seamless way. The Google My Business API rollout has been a welcome development to more quickly and efficiently keep Google listings updated. Currently, neither of these challenges can be handled programmatically through the Google API.

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A Walk Through Twitter’s Walled Garden

The Realtime Report

Smart people are posting ideas for new business models based on an open API , lamenting what could have been had Twitter become an API company rather than an advertising company, and raising money to build an alternative realtime feed API. Insights branded hashtag page Events pages Expanded Tweets Hashtag pages Twitter Twitter API Twitter Cards Twitter video Walled Garden

Will Facial Recognition Ads End Privacy?

Geoff Livingston

This service matches your physical image at a store or location against your social profile pictures via the Facebook API , and then serving you specific social deals on site. Google discontinued a facial recognition technology earlier this year that would allow anyone to snap photos of someone and then run a search online for personal information. Facedeals is going a step further.

Why Marketers Should Use Native Interfaces

Geoff Livingston

Recently, conversations have picked up on possible third party interfaces for Google+. The proliferation of Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, and other third party API-based clients to update social networks within the marketing space is substantial. Social Media API facebook google interface third party twitterImage by Literally. What do you think?

Google Maps to Start Charging Businesses for Service

Bill Hartzer

According to a report , Google is going to start charging for usage of their Google Maps service. Google will charge businesses that are “heavy users” of their service. If a business gets more than 25,000 map requests per day, then the business will have to start paying to allow their users to use Google Maps. link]. Local Search

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How to create mobile-friendly content with Google’s AMP

A lot has been said about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and how it affects business owners, startups and digital marketers. AMP is a Google-backed open-source project that launched last February as an open standard to make it easier for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. Google is placing more and more emphasis on speed and mobile friendliness.

Shhh…Don’t Tell. You Can Still Post Your Tweets To Other Platforms

SocMed Sean

For a company that is engaged in the business of social media (which means sharing things), they recently restricted how developers can use their API. I can’t imagine them completely doing away with RSS feeds and I’m technically not calling their API so there isn’t anything black hat going on here. But fear-not fellow social sharers! Okay…here are the details.

How I do it : Bulk URL shortening for #socialmedia updates

Koka Sexton

In settings, under advanced, you’ll see “Legacy API Key”, click the link and your credentials are shown (have this page open as you’ll need the keys in the the next steps). Get a copy of this URL shortening Google spreadsheet. Be signed in on your Google account and click this link to download the Google Docs spreadsheet. Customize the Google doc setting.

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Five Step Process for Using the Social Web

Spin Sucks

The easiest way to listen is to use Google alerts. It always surprises me how few people use this free tool from Google. Of course, if you have the budget or receive more than 500-1,000 mentions per day (my Google alerts usually have no more than 10 each day), you’ll want to pay for a listening program. ” This makes my blood boil. Play Where Your Customers Play.

"Follow" Networks and The Creep Factor - Why It Isn't a Facebook Play

Stay N' Alive

As I was setting up an account for my wife to be able to post to this blog today, I created a Google+ profile for her. However, there's something I just can't get passed, and that's that I'm a little creeped out by the fact that just about anyone can follow her on Google+. I can make my posts public there, just like Google+. She knew, and will probably even use it - some day.

The Productive Online Business Toolbox: My Must-Have Tools

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

I also have the Google Calendar gadget on my Gmail sidebar, so I have an easy way to access my upcoming meetings, appointments, and phone calls. Get notifications via Gmail Notifier : Google Notifier is a small app that tells me about new incoming email, much like Outlook does with its native app. Google Reader. Google Docs. I don’t live in Google Docs.

Social Media - A Site That Tells Your Age In Your Photo!

Social Media Network Marketing

Microsoft engineers Corom Thompson and Santosh Balasubramanian developed the site to test out the company's new face-detection API. API is Application-Programming Interface is simply a set of computer instructions that allows a program to interact with a website]. When they were testing their face-detection API, they were hoping for, at most, 50 respondents to use the technology.

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Promoting an API – Etsy offering basic programming classes…

The Way of the Web

A lot of people have spent time talking about the value you can get by providing an API (Application Programming Interface) for other people to use and build with. A nice example of going further than simply creating and releasing an API has been announced by Etsy , the community of makers and sellers of all sorts of items. Pipework by Matius Kalisky on Flickr (CC Licence).

Social Media Monitoring Bookmarks and RSS

Laurel Papworth

When monitoring social media, don’t forget to monitor social media platforms (changes at Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc) as well as stuff specific to YOUR industry. For my students: RSS allows you to manually (or autopost) Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc updates from a 3rd party site. Google Search. Readers (Alternative). link]. 363337977414.

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Is Virtual Reality Finally Ready To Be Social?

Ignite Social Media

Let’s be clear, all eyes, where it comes to VR hardware, are on Google, Facebook, and China, in general. Google Cardboard ($20) and Samsung Gear ($99) also play in this space, but they are not selling anywhere near as many units as, say, Baofeng Mojing , which has sold over a million units of its various fifth-generation headsets. Maybe…no, not really. Perhaps. Read on.

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Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and the Gang of Four

Convince & Convert

Certainly you and I were just talking before about Google+, and some people would say, “Is Google trying to become the next Facebook?” ” I would argue no, but think about it from Google’s perspective. If I had to go off of the Google platform to be social, I may not come back. Video production by my friends at Candidio. Jay: Hey everybody.


Freebase is Shutting Down in March 2015

Bill Hartzer

According to a Google Plus post today , Freebase is shutting down, and will no longer be available after March 2015. I even participated in a Google Hangout about Freebase: But now Freebase is shutting down. Freebase has also supported developer access to the data, so before we retire it, we’ll launch a new API for entity search powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph.

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How to View the Stream of Any Facebook Hashtag

Stay N' Alive

Yesterday Facebook announced that they were finally launching the support of hashtags, a format currently supported on Twitter and Google+. This now makes me wonder - are we close to an API for developers on this feature? It would also make a lot of sense as part of their search API, however, trying

Is It Hip to Be Square?

Geoff Livingston

The great debate is upon us thanks to the launch of Google+ for Business. From Jim Long’s social media survey to Debra Askanese’s well debated post on Google+’s benefits and detriments , voices across the web are debating whether it’s hip to be Square (Corporate brands are denoted by squares on Google+). What do you think of Google+ for Business?

How to Get Your Profile and Data Completely Disconnected from Klout


Your account will be removed, note that will take up to 7 days to get removed from Klout API. HootSuite and MarketMeSuite are using Klout's API for accessing the Klout Scores, which is real time data. GOOGLE PLUS YOUTUBE BLOGGER. You will need to revoke every application for Klout sparate, for Google+, YouTube, see screen shoots bellow: LINKEDIN. FLICKR.

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What Twitter’s Rate Limit Changes Mean to You

Janet Fouts

Twitter recently announced new rate limits on how many “hits” to the API it will allow. There are a lot of complicated issues here, and if you’re not a developer you probably don’t care about those, so I’m not going to explain the differences between Rest API limiting and Feature-base limiting, you can learn all you want about that in Twitter’s docs.