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Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords: Which Is Better for Your Business?

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Facebook’s numerous changes to its algorithm  have many marketers scratching their heads. Facebook’s stated goal is to please users by showing them what they most want to see. In a June Newsroom post , engineer Lars Backstrom  made it pretty clear that Facebook is aware the changes will disrupt businesses. Do Facebook’s changes make Google AdWords  a more viable advertising spend? Facebook wins this one. Few people are on Facebook searching for products, so this point goes to Google. Ad quality: Facebook wins here, as well.

Google Enhanced Adword Best Practices

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The new Google Enhanced Adword Campaigns  automatically go live on all accounts July 22nd,  and this is going to be a very powerful ad platform in the right hands. The Tatu Digital team put together this infographic for Enhanced Adword best practices to help you get rolling quickly. Let us know how we can help you with your Adwords, Facebook or Twitter campaigns.

Why your AdWords Landing Pages Should Match your Brand


We spend so much time optimizing our Adwords campaigns, to filter out the searches we do not need, ensure our ads are well-positioned and don’t cost the earth.  Claire Jarrett runs Marketing By Web, who offer Google AdWords Management. Share this on Facebook. Google AdWords AdWords Landing PagesThe transition should be smooth. Email this to a friend? Tweet This!

There Is No Salvation for the ‘Facebook Expert’

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Seeing the forest from the trees, the smart Facebook advertiser no longer salivates like happy dogs hearing dinging bells. As we said before, Facebook has now largely solved the optimization challenge for you. Put the money in the machine and Facebook itself does the optimization. This kills the single-channel marketer and a raft of Facebook-only companies at the same time.

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Google AdWords – Easy Tips for Bloggers and Small Business Owners


Google AdWords is one of the most popular ways of online advertising. Even though it is easy to set up and anyone can make an AdWords account, it has proven to be rather difficult to optimize for good results. If you are doing a local campaign, make sure to include your phone number in the ad text so when a potential customer see that you are a local company they can pick up the phone and give you a call, saving you an AdWords click. AdWords is addictive, and just like anything else that is addictive, it can get out of control. How to Improve Your Keywords.

3 Reliable Ad Networks For Small Businesses

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PPC Hero has a post about alternative ad networks to Google AdWords. The top two on the list are Bing and Facebook. wouldn’t recommend giving up on Google AdWords, of course. But you should know that your click-throughs will cost you less at Bing and Facebook. If you can stretch your dollars to maximize awesome traffic from Google AdWords, then there’s a golden opportunity. Once you’ve proven that your ad writing and landing page skills are superb, then you can move up to Google AdWords. Surprised? Use the smaller ad networks.

Did Facebook Screw Up?

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Last week, I discussed Facebook’s new Page layout features , which I think are generally a good thing. Just read the comments on Facebook’s own page. One of the biggest bones of contention seems to be Facebook’s relevance algorithm. They’d rather that Facebook kept the chronological order for comments. That’s a good question, Facebook.

The Cost of Marketing on Facebook [Infographic]


With close to one billion members, Facebook is a very attractive marketing platform. The Facebook Advertising team has done a great job of working with company engineers to build a self-service, easy-to-use product that makes Google AdWords look quaint by comparison. Flowtown created this infographic to show data the company collected about who is marketing on Facebook.

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The Gift Of Facebook

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Let me be clear: I am still bullish on Facebook. I am not bullish on advertising as Facebook's main revenue model. In March of 2011, I wrote a blog post titled, F-Commerce - Rise Of The Facebook Consumer. never liked Facebook as an advertising platform. The reason I'm such a massive advocate for Google and AdWords is because the advertising platform fits in with the user experience (it's additive). While I think Facebook can (and will) figure out their own, AdWords-like model that best fits their environment, it still has a ways to go. adwords.

The Giant Robot Guide to Combining Marketing Tactics

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Research keyphrases using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Post on the major social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Content Marketing adwords analytics clickthrough clickthrough rates code content conversion Email Marketing facebook FilterTweeps Google keywords LinkedIn SEO Social Media tweets Twitter URLToday’s guest post is by Andy Crestodina.

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Display Advertising Is A Failed State

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On one had, the smart advertisers are finding a tremendous amount of value in certain online/digital advertising channels (think about search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, specific targeting capabilities on Facebook , being smart with YouTube pre-rolls, etc.). adwords. facebook. facebook advertising. google adwords. Display advertising has a huge problem. It's all going to come to head in 2017. There is only so long that this charade can go on. or display advertising) is simply not true. . Here's my thinking (from way back when).

How to Select Keywords for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

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Although many factors influence the success or failure of an AdWords campaign, keyword selection is often where the problem begins in many self-managed campaigns. For example, if you wanted to start an AdWords campaign advertising  “search engine marketing services,” you might come up with an initial list like this one: Search engine marketing. Google AdWords.

Facebook On The Brain

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Facebook is messing with your mind, people. There is this very real, very public outcry against Facebook (again). Since the news broke, Facebook has explained and apologized for this incident (the incident took place in 2012). So, the naysayers who feel more manipulated than usual over Facebook are digging through their archives and, primarily, updating the same stuff that they blogged about when the Facebook Beacon debacle happened in 2007 - 2009. Ask yourself this: who is Facebook''s customer? Facebook is trying to find itself. adwords.

The Three “Ss” of a Successful Live Event

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You may have noticed that it’s more challenging to get engagement on your company’s Facebook page of late. And looking at the adoption rate of blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, and now Periscope , the benefits of being an early adopter are quickly disappearing. . By Rich Brooks. This makes it more difficult for you to get found and engage your community. Why Put On Live Events.

Will You Be Part Of The Twitter Self-Serve Ad Platform – Not Sure That I Will

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The platform used is a keyword bidding system much like Adwords and similar keyword bidding advertising options.  It’s a first-come-first-served basis limited to 10,000 businesses, and those who do sign up will receive $100 in free advertising credits. If conversion levels are good, and the bid price on your keywords are not too high, then Twitters self-serve platform may be better than Adwords. Facebook still leads the way with StumbleUpon a clear second. would also compare that to other social media traffic sources like Facebook, StumbleUpon and Google.

Facebook Advertising Tricks for B2B Marketers

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One of the great things about the Facebook is that it provides you access to a large audience of over 550 Million people worldwide at a very low cost so why not take advantage of it. After 9 years of Search Engine Marketing – I think it is safe to say any keyword you are going to buy is maxed out when it comes to the Google AdWords auction process. Share this on Facebook.

What Could Kill Google and Facebook

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potential Google killer , Facebook killer or even Twitter killer may not do it with superior technology, but simply with a better user experience. Facebook. One of the biggest complaints about Facebook is of course its constantly changing interface , and its convoluted privacy settings have also repeatedly come under fire (as have changes to its privacy settings ). Granted, even with its never-ending UI changes, Facebook is easy enough to use even for technophobic grandmas. Imagine that you walk into a restaurant and there’s no one there to take your order.

Google: The search party is not over


The fact that 90% of their revenue is still based on the AdWords and AdSense business model and the web is becoming increasingly social, which Google has not been a player in. However, Copeland's argument that Google is on the decline is premised on the idea that the significance of search in our daily lives will decline while search loses market share to Facebook. Absolutely.

The New Media Diet

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One news item being tossed around today (over and above the news that Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars ), is an Advertising Age piece titled, Young Consumers Switch Media 27 Times An Hour. adwords. facebook. How much media can you switch through in an hour? The picture gets a little darker. And its time might be closer than you think. So, what's a marketer to do?

Free Facebook Ads For Small Business

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Yes, it’s another Facebook post. But don’t roll your eyes yet ( Howie !). I’m not going to talk about the user changes, I’m here to discuss the free ads Facebook is giving to small business. million pages on Facebook are home to small businesses. Fifty dollars in advertising might not sound like a lot, but on the Facebook platform, a little can go a long way.

The Complete, Always-Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising

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Facebook in particular stands out — in some cases, 7x cheaper than the next most affordable social media ads channel (Twitter). You can spend as little as $5 per day on Facebook advertising and see significant results. We’d love to make it easy for you to get up and running with Facebook Ads. There’s a lot to learn with Facebook Ads! Facebook pages.

[Case Study] Why Nonprofits Should Save Some Marketing Budget for Facebook Advertising


—————– In its simplest description, Facebook advertising is essentially placing ads within the Facebook interface with a goal of increasing visibility for your target audience. Why Facebook Advertising is Beneficial for Nonprofits. Here are just a few of the ways Facebook allows advertisers to target: Age & Gender. Minimal Costs.

The End Of Privacy. The Beginning Of Personalization

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My bet is that if Amazon plays its cards right, it will have capabilities as personalized and profound as Google''s AdWords. Cookies used to be a tasty treat, now we''re all worried about our digital cookies and what crumbs we are leaving behind in an effort to use more cool free stuff like Facebook , Twitter and YouTube. adwords. facebook. Marketers are at a precarious crossroads (whether they know it or not). Those who argue that these are simple semantics are completely missing the bigger picture. But what about the rest of the Web? Yes, it has become that dire.

Death To The Page View

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In it, Eric Farkas from appssavvy says: "If you look at some of the most popular sites and apps ( Facebook , Twitter , Spotify , Pandora , Instagram ), none of them generates advertising revenue through page views. Facebook is bringing your social graph into the ad equation and is turning brand content into one of its primary sources of advertising. Love or hate Google (I happen to be in the "love" camp), they cracked the DaVinci Code with Google AdWords - everything from how they're bought to how they are displayed. adwords. facebook. One page.

Pop Goes The Social Media Bubble

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But now, with Groupon (GRPN), Facebook (FB) and Zynga (ZNGA) alone accounting for tens of billions in losses to investors, it's a different story. Last time I checked, Groupon was a daily-deal retail business, Facebook was an online social network and Zynga was a gaming company. Almost every single company (B2B and B2C) is looking for more and more ways to become more social (and we're not just talking about chasing likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter ). Facebook has been grappling with a clear definition of monetization forever. adwords. facebook.

Stop Being A Digital Immigrant

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responsive website, a mobile experience, a decent email database, a social media presence and ad spend that tips more towards AdWords than towards newspaper advertising doesn't count as digital transformation, and it certainly doesn't count as thinking/being born digital. They're trying (so desperately) to get something out of Facebook as an engine of advertising or how to adjust their LinkedIn profiles to attract a better employee that they're losing sight of the greater opportunity. adwords. facebook. google adwords. They don't have to transform. Get help.

Is Advertising The Future Of Twitter?

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Facebook , on the other hand, pulled in $1.86 When Google first introduced AdWords , the concept made a lot of sense: if no one clicked on the ad, the advertiser didn't have to pay. As the AdWords platform evolved and became increasingly popular, the model shifted slightly with the additional pressure being put on the advertiser that if no one was clicking on their ads, they would be booted off of the system. " Much like Google (pre-AdWords), Twitter has an amazing opportunity to help us CTRL ALT DEL the world of marketing. adwords. facebook.

The $1,000 Facebook Guide: How I Advertise to People You Can’t…Yet

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Today I’m going to show you how I’m (probably) the only advertiser that can reach all of’s users via Facebook. I’m also going to show you that for every industry you care about, you should have at least two fan pages to cover it. I’ll also show you how you can steal the best content ideas from any of your competitors right under their nose. Really.

The Future of Media Is Beyond The Screen

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Google's AdWords still acts as a ray of hope because the company was able to devise an advertising platform that matched the media that consumers wanted to consume (in terms of context, engagement and even performance). Facebook marketing and leveraging the newsfeed is demonstrating some prowess and hope as well, but it still needs time to optimize, mature and capture consumers desire for it. adwords. facebook. facebook marketing. Advertising traditionally serves a traditional purpose. It either interrupts your content experience or wraps itself around it.

Native Advertising And The Trouble It Will Cause

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You would never run the same ad on YouTube as you would on Facebook as you would on Twitter as you would on Google as you would on the site of The New York Times. " Twitter has its own native advertising platform ( Promoted Tweets ), as does Google ( AdWords ), as does Facebook and on and on. adwords. facebook. It turns out that trying to standardize advertising sizes and formats may have been a bad idea for online advertising. We used to have major challenges with delivering online advertising. My, how things change in such a short while. don't. brand.

How to Measure Your Facebook Ad ROI

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There’s no area where that’s more true than in Facebook advertising. One of the common misconceptions about online advertising – whether we’re talking about Facebook , Google AdWords  or something else – is that click-through rates are an adequate measure of success. They’re not. Conversions = leads or sales. 

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The Future Of Marketing: You Connected To Your Toaster

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Even the media channels that you love: Twitter , Facebook , YouTube and here, at The Huffington Post , there are many fine marketers behind the scenes doing everything they can to figure out how to make you the product. " We find ourselves in a world where we reject the notion of advertising on Twitter or chide Facebook for attempting to monetize their experience, and yet we - the loyal consumers - pay nothing for the product. The AdWords of life. Brands like it for other reasons (and yes, there are some that feel that AdWords is no longer what it used to be).

The Misery Of Monetization

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Neither was Facebook. You could argue that while Google wasn't created that way, they are one of the few brands that was able to turn it around in a spectacular fashion (thank you, Google AdWords ). adwords. facebook. advertising advertisingsupportedmedia adwords amazon brand brandedcontent businessmodel facebook google internet kickstarter media mediacompany mobiledevice monetization onlinemedia onlinesocialnetwork onlinevideo pageview professionalmarketing square targetedadvertising trueview twitter userexperience wallstreetjournal website youtube

Enter The Age Of Facebook Phone Calls | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

An app for the iPhone is on the way and there are rumors that a Skype Facebook app is in development. I can see a day when this technology will be available worldwide. It also has astounding potential for small businesses who want to do business with their Facebook friends. About Us What’s a Maverick? But it’s available only in the U.S. and Canada. That’s not a long time.

Embed Facebook Content Into Your Website | Small Business Mavericks

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But I have yet to see a really good tool that allows you to embed Facebook content. Here it is in action, from SocialDitto’s own Facebook page: SocialDitto SocialDitto has been updated to include Twitter! Tags: facebook , Social Media , SocialDitto , Twitter , WebProNews This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 at 11:13 am and is filed under Social Media.

Why Social Media Is So Important for Your Business in 2014


Check out this  infographic  from Digital Insights on social media facts, figures and statistics from 2013: Facebook  is still the leading social media network and continues to grow. Here are the latest  facts and figures : Facebook now has 1.26 Facebook averages 1.23 There are 128 million daily active Facebook users in the US. Online ads (Google Adwords).

Facebook Changes Page Layout Features | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

Tweeting Can Lead To Short-Term Traffic Gains » Facebook Changes Page Layout Features It used to be that Facebook fan pages weren’t allowed to interact with other pages or with Facebook profile walls. You can interact with others on Facebook as your branded Facebook page. This is a great opportunity for brands that are using Facebook for marketing.

Facebook Credit: Zuckerberg next Treasurer of the Internet App2User

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Facebook has just announced it’s plans to expand it’s Facebook currency. Called Facebook “Credit&# it includes a real world component named, rather fetchingly, “App2User&# , which aims to encourage merchants and loyalty programs like Qantas Frequent Flyer points and Flybuys and whatnot to use the Facebook points social media system. Foursquare?

BrainDump: 101+ Things You MUST Know About Social Media For Business

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I’ve been meaning to do this braindump for a while now. I get a lot of questions via Facebook , Twitter and my email contact form and many of the items listed below come straight from those questions, my experience in social media strategy, years of researching platforms and best practices and…well…tinkering with social media. 25) Never, ever, ever buy Facebook fans.

Want to Raise Your Click Rate on Facebook Ads? Images Are the Answer!


Tweet Using Facebook ads and not thinking that they gain enough attention, you might consider using a picture or changing the one that you have already made use of. And on Facebook, the right pictures can bring an increase in clicks while decreasing your overall advertising cost. Since Facebook allows marketers to utilize images in ads, it’s just about making use of this opportunity.