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10 Tips For Optimal AdWords Campaign Settings

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Do you have the right campaign settings? ” He has  written A Guide to Optimal Campaign Settings for AdWords in 2014 for Savvy Advertisers over on Search Engine Journal to explain the way he approaches this foundational topic. Campaign settings are pretty basic, but many times we overlook a basic thing and wonder why things aren’t going as smoothly as we anticipated. Always include the search partner network when starting a new AdWords campaign. The optimal campaign settings are determined by your goals and circumstances.

Optimize Your AdWords Campaigns

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I have been working with a client to optimize their AdWords campaigns. As I was reviewing AdWords campaigns yesterday, I realized that one client had edited landing page content based on ideas I had provided. Here are a few quick tips to consider when creating a new AdWords Campaign: 1) Create good on page content that uses relevant keywords. 2) Using appropriate keywords in the URL. 3) Meta tag the page and use Alt Tags for images. 4) Create targeted ads specific to the landing page content. Need help setting up your B2B AdWords campaigns?

Using Google AdWords to Test Your Messaging

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The blog post discusses how to use Google AdWords to test your messaging before you go to your customers and prospects with it. While a huge advocate of the many free Google tools available, I’m not a Google AdWords fan, unless it’s tied specifically to search engine marketing and landing pages that create a call-to-action to generate qualified leads. Sorry John Falchetto.

A Marketer’s Guide to Making the Most of AdWords

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Many people ask me how they can optimize in AdWords. tell them to look for opportunities in their campaigns. highlight to tweet) There are numerous AdWords reports that can help you find areas with room for improvement. Here’s a list of common metrics that should become the basis of your AdWords strategy: Clicks. Campaign Performance. Impressions.

Google Enhanced Adword Best Practices

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The new Google Enhanced Adword Campaigns  automatically go live on all accounts July 22nd,  and this is going to be a very powerful ad platform in the right hands. The Tatu Digital team put together this infographic for Enhanced Adword best practices to help you get rolling quickly. Let us know how we can help you with your Adwords, Facebook or Twitter campaigns.

Why your AdWords Landing Pages Should Match your Brand


We spend so much time optimizing our Adwords campaigns, to filter out the searches we do not need, ensure our ads are well-positioned and don’t cost the earth.  Claire Jarrett runs Marketing By Web, who offer Google AdWords Management. Google AdWords AdWords Landing PagesEnsure that everything looks perfect on all of the main browsers your customers may use. 

Monday Roundup: Optimizing Your Campaigns

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Campaigns and events take a lot of planning and effort. Here are some ideas on how to optimize your campaigns… and on a day that comes only once every four years, no less! 1. Google AdWords Hacks That’ll Double Your Conversion Rate. The Science of Optimizing Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. ” How do you optimize and extend your campaigns?

How to Select Keywords for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

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Although many factors influence the success or failure of an AdWords campaign, keyword selection is often where the problem begins in many self-managed campaigns. For example, if you wanted to start an AdWords campaign advertising  “search engine marketing services,” you might come up with an initial list like this one: Search engine marketing.

8 Google Analytics Tricks For Marketers

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In addition to this, GA also provides an alternative conversion tracking method called Smart Goals, which are designed specifically to help AdWords marketers who may not have adequate conversions to use the AdWords optimization tools. 3. AdWords. The AdWords reports showcase valuable ABC metrics from both AdWords and Analytics. Campaigns. By Varun Sharma.

Cherokee Letter Domain Names for Sale – Owner Recommends Their Use in AdWords Campaigns

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The owner of a bunch of Cherokee Letter domain names is recommending that you buy his domain names–and use them in a Google AdWords campaign to commit what I would call outright fraud and deception. This has to be what I would personally call the most bizarre domain name sales pitch I have ever seen. This is probably some of the worst deception I have seen lately. Domain Names

Google AdWords – Easy Tips for Bloggers and Small Business Owners


Google AdWords is one of the most popular ways of online advertising. Even though it is easy to set up and anyone can make an AdWords account, it has proven to be rather difficult to optimize for good results. Here, we offer you some tricks of the trade that might help you optimize, maintain, and improve your advertising campaign. Take advantage of that for a small investment in your campaign. Campaign Budgeting. AdWords is addictive, and just like anything else that is addictive, it can get out of control. This is a guest post by Ivan Dimitrijevic.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool Gone: Here Are Some Alternatives

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As of today, August 27, 2013, the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is gone. And you can no longer get keyword suggestions from the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. When you click on the search result above, you will no longer see the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Apply these insights to improve your keyword selection and campaign performance. Bing Network. Search Engine Marketin

Things Bloggers Should Know Before Using Google Adwords


Google Adwords has been the most popular tool for online advertising. Many popular blogs are already using Google Adwords to popularize and monetize the sites. While you might already be using other advertisement platforms, Google Adwords opens new ways to rise to the top. Adwords, as such integrates several different methods for advertising. Arbitrage. Bridge Page.

A Startup’s Struggles and Successes in Influencer Outreach: How to Set Up Your First Blogger Campaigns

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There are a ton of articles out there about WHY you should work with bloggers, but there isn’t a lot of info about HOW to set up your first campaign from start to finish.  I know this, because 75% of the brands that use our platform fall into the exact same pitfalls that we fell into when we first ventured down that rabbit-hole. Then, one day, I had a small epiphany. My First Epiphany.

Facebook Ads or Google AdWords: Which One’s for You?


Chief among the search advertising platforms is Google AdWords (Note that Google still dominates the search game with nearly two-thirds market share). There are other platforms but for now, let’s see just how Facebook ads fare against the ads from Google AdWords. Google AdWords simply allows businesses to advertise to people who are already looking for a product or service.

You’re Doing Retargeting Wrong: Here’s How to Fix It

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For one of our clients, we decided to run a test by splitting up our AdWords retargeting audiences in 1–30 day buckets and 31–360 day buckets (image and text ads in separate campaigns). We changed up the offer in the 31–360 day retargeting campaigns to re-engage those visitors and saw a cheaper cost per conversion compared to the 1–30 day group. Image via ComScore.

Remarketing - Best Way to Follow Your Visitors

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The Google Adwords manage all the ads on the website. Things to Know about Remarketing Before activating the campaign, you must be aware of the limit of cookie IDs on each remarketing list. The successful campaign has two different traits. Every user is able to track outcomes through the normal tracking of conversion as it is the [art of Google Adwords. Google Adwords remarketing remarketing list remarketing list size remarketing lists adwords remarketing lists for search adsOne is in the form of images and other in the text. How does it work?

10 Tips For Strengthening AdWords Campaigns

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Tommy Landry’s list of 10 Ways To Breathe New Life Into A Floundering Google AdWords Campaign in Search Engine Journal is similar to a list of gardening techniques because you have to know enough about the situation to decide which technique is going to be the best for improving it. Just like the expert gardener draws on multiple seasons of experience as well as the advice of others to cultivate for a maximum harvest, a good PPC manager combines both experience and advice like “10 Ways to…” and decides on the best strategy for a profitable campaign.

Finding Keywords: The First Step to Blogging Success

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Whether you want to believe it or not, keyword research is the first step in any successful SEO or Content Marketing campaign. Blogging Communication Guest Posts How To Marketing Resources finding keywords Google AdWords Google Analytics Google Trends Google Webmaster Tools SEO web marketing Guest post by  Sean McGinnis. I’ve been a web marketer for a long, long time. Google Trends.

The Giant Robot Guide to Combining Marketing Tactics

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Research keyphrases using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This will segment out email traffic as a campaign in traffic sources within your analytics. Content Marketing adwords analytics clickthrough clickthrough rates code content conversion Email Marketing facebook FilterTweeps Google keywords LinkedIn SEO Social Media tweets Twitter URLloved it. Search Optimization.

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There Is No Salvation for the ‘Facebook Expert’

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The fool’s gold of social was inflated fan campaigns, the bubble of app installs and general nonsense passed off to unsuspecting brands. Google was founded in 1998 (2000 for AdWords), so that’s 17 years. In the old days of search marketing, it was about tricking the dumb robots –buy links, cloak, spin content, or whatever trick you could pull. Set it and forget it.

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The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Prospective Facebook Ads Clients

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You may have already seen her tips on how to kick-start a  crowdfunding campaign  or how to revive a dead email list , for example. friend who is a Google AdWords consultant has the “top-rated” status on UpWork , which means many companies get in touch with him. What are your business goals after your successful campaign? Waiting in line here is worth it! Upwork

Strategies for a Successful Paid Search Campaign

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To further optimize Paid Search, campaigns can be limited down to other factors such as mobile or desktop device, keyword match (broad, phrase, or exact), geography (X miles from Zip Code), time of day and day of week, and languages. Campaigns should also intentionally direct users to the appropriate page based on their keyword. This advertising is known as Paid Search.

Will You Be Part Of The Twitter Self-Serve Ad Platform – Not Sure That I Will

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The platform used is a keyword bidding system much like Adwords and similar keyword bidding advertising options.  It’s a first-come-first-served basis limited to 10,000 businesses, and those who do sign up will receive $100 in free advertising credits. If conversion levels are good, and the bid price on your keywords are not too high, then Twitters self-serve platform may be better than Adwords. PPC for Small Business adwords Social Media TwitterTwitter have opened up a self-serve ad platform which, on the surface, appears to be good news for marketers.

6 Things You Should Be Doing Now With AdWords

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Andrew Lolk at Search Engine Journal just wrote a good post on 6 Effective AdWords Optimization Techniques for Beginners , and I think it’s a good reminder that we all need to remember the basics. AdWords Foundation Blocks. They have spent time over the last couple of years optimizing their AdWords campaigns to perfection. Getting success with AdWords is not exactly rocket science, but it is hard work and for many it requires a great deal of studying to get familiar with all the different aspects of AdWords management. Expand existing keywords.

Panda vs eBay — Don’t Poke The Bear

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In regard to AdWords — here are my thoughts on that portion of the article: If you are going to run an AdWords campaign but not manage it properly, you should not be surprised that it does not work. Running an AdWords campaign but not managing it is like buying a treadmill and not using it — it’s not the treadmill’s fault if you don’t see results. eBay created a major AdWords campaign that was by all accounts completely spammy. eBay did a study and published it stating that AdWords doesn’t work?

Google Changes How It Reports AdWords Quality Scores

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Quality scores are very important for Google AdWords users. That scale is tied to three key aspects of your AdWords campaign: Expected Click-Through Rate (CTR). Recently, Google announced they’re changing how they report AdWords quality scores. Since your quality scores is based on three key factors noted above, you should spend some time analyzing your AdWords campaigns to see how you stack up. These are all important factors in determining your AdWords quality score. Your ad position is determined by your quality score. Ad Relevance.

My First AdWords: How to Trial AdWords Promotion for Your Blog


AdWords is the system Google uses for advertising. Right now Google is offering $75 free to anyone that wants to try out AdWords. That’s a good chunk of change but it can easily disappear in a day on AdWords and give you nothing to show for it. wrote this with a few assumptions in mind: that you know how AdWords works in terms of buying clicks and that you have full control over your site. If you have never heard of AdWords you should probably start here. have also assumed you have made an AdWords account. Advertising AdWords Blog Promotion google

Tips To Improve Performance in Google Shopping

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Means currently setting up ad campaigns in Google Shopping is a profitable option. Data & Campaign Optimization Product Groupings After finishing the data feed work your next focus is seeing how you’re using it. This feature enables you to group and filter your products into separate Shopping Campaigns in Google AdWords. 20% of the product’s sale price on AdWords.

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How to Set Up a YouTube Remarketing Campaign in Google Adwords


Setting up a YouTube Remarketing Campaign. How to setup your YouTube Remarketing campaign. 1. Link your YouTube account to your Google AdWords account. You already have a YouTube account full of videos, and a Google Adwords account, right? You can link up your YouTube channel to Google AdWords account in the YouTube dashboard. What is remarketing? Click next.


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Advantages of Google AdWords over SEO Minimal Impact: SEO often involves website design changes, and these changes can be important while in PPC websites do not have to make layout or design changes in order to use this channel. SEO requires a big investment with no guarantees of successful campaign performance. This helps you to run solidly focused campaigns.

New Tool Helps SEO, SEM Consultants Pinpoint Local Clients

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SEMRush Geo displays Google AdWords advertisers on a Google Maps background, enabling users to identify the businesses within any geographic area who are running AdWords campaigns. The free link displays only partial data; a Pro subscription to SEMRush (at $50 per month) is required to view all of the AdWords data, plus organic keywords, history and export capabilities.

Paying to Boost Organic Search Engine Rankings on Google

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Google has always been adamant about the fact that paying for Google AdWords ads will not boost your site’s organic search engine rankings. Google’s AdWords database is not shared with their organic search algorithm or any of the databases connected to it. But what about paying for other promotions, paying for traffic in other ways? But this is different.

Ultimate Guide to Measuring Social Media ROI

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Because measuring the effectiveness of social media marketing efforts isn’t as clear cut as, say, running a Google AdWords campaign. Imagine if you blindly ran Google AdWords campaigns and never checked how much you were paying per click, what kind of click-through-rate you were getting or whether any of the people who clicked on your ads were actually converting.

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Two Terms Marketers Need for Today's Media Landscape

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How do you think Google - as a search engine - would be performing if the sole form of revenue was driven by banner advertising on the search results and not the contextually relevant format of AdWords ? Understanding how these channels operate and which types of advertising matches the consumer''s intent is critical to building a successful advertising campaign. adwords. We thought that the Internet would bring with it a whole wave of new media disruption. We were unprepared for just how massive the disruption has been. Do you stick to your traditional guns? Active media.

What Every Marketing Department Needs to Know About Google+

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Here’s why: Google+ and Google Adwords In the past, Google Adwords was about CTR, but now Google+ and Adwords collide with +Post Ads. Through social connecting with Adwords, you can bet that every business with million dollar spends on Adwords will be testing what works for them. “Ghost town.” ” “Waste of time.” Well, it won’t be.

Top Marketing Trends for 2013


There are many ways to go mobile: creating a responsive website (above), sending out mobile-optimized emails, undertaking mobile advertising, using Google Adwords for mobile and mobile SEO. As you create your marketing campaigns, be sure a clear and concise theme ties all of your channels together. Here we go: Social Business Has Risen. You cannot afford to ignore social media.

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The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem

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Start off with just one of the many components of a successful marketing campaign. If it’s any type of intelligent or dynamic campaign, a CRM such as SalesForce, Oracle, Zoho, Sugar, or a dozen others are needed. You can launch campaigns with AdRoll, Google AdWords, Authority Rank, OutBrain.”. They say, “Okay, go!” How do we send a simple email? Probably not.

45 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2017

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You can use it to automate your email campaigns, send automated SMS messages to your email subscribers, quickly create and test email capture landing pages, or for functions like lead scoring and routing, task management, and more. Google Analytics also integrates with AdWords allowing you to measure and optimize your campaigns. Marketing Automation. Let’s look at some numbers.

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10 PPC Blogs Every Marketer Should Read

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You will find tremendous improvement in your campaigns. Instead of reinventing the wheel, learn from the successes and failures of your competitors to get more out of your own campaigns right away.”. The blog offers valuable insights and strategies for Agencies to quickly optimize on SEO, AdWords, and other PPC campaigns using information from their top competitors.