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Add Products to Facebook Dynamic Ads via URL

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Brands using Facebook’s dynamic ads  can now add product images via URL, rather than solely via product catalogs  on the social network. Advertisers: What have your experiences with dynamic ads been like? Advertising/Marketing Facebook Chris Ruberg Dynamic Ads OneCommand Product Catalogs URLs

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Display Advertising Is A Failed State

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Display advertising has a huge problem. When someone says that the 30-second spot is dead or that television advertising (or newspaper advertising. or radio advertising) is dying because of online advertising, they could not be more incorrect. On one had, the smart advertisers are finding a tremendous amount of value in certain online/digital advertising channels (think about search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, specific targeting capabilities on Facebook , being smart with YouTube pre-rolls, etc.). advertiser.

The Complete, Always-Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising

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Social media has been found to be the most effective digital advertising channel for getting more impressions, clicks, and conversions. You can spend as little as $5 per day on Facebook advertising and see significant results. This article is our best shot at covering all the important aspects of Facebook advertising for someone who is just starting out. Advertising

Don’t Tell Anyone These 9 Facebook Advertising Timesaving Tips

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Do you find Facebook advertising time consuming? Name Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns Well. Use Saved Audiences. A lot of advertisers run Facebook ads to the same audiences over and over again. Website Custom Audience , at the beginning of the name, followed with the domain name, page URL, and the number of days. ” And there you have your saved audience!

Five Priorities for Your Online Advertising

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Every company knows they need to devote some of their advertising resources to the web. If you’re going to make effective use of your advertising dollars, you need to properly define what it is you’ve set out to do. Following are five priorities to consider when developing an online advertising campaign. 1. Internet advertising doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Leads.

The $1,000 Facebook Guide: How I Advertise to People You Can’t…Yet

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Today I’m going to show you how I’m (probably) the only advertiser that can reach all of’s users via Facebook. I’m also going to show you that for every industry you care about, you should have at least two fan pages to cover it. I’ll also show you how you can steal the best content ideas from any of your competitors right under their nose. Really.

Facebook to Debut Canvas Organic Page Posts June 22

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The social network added that once a Canvas is created, its URL can be pasted into a page post, adding that once Canvas has been used once by a page, that page’s Pages Composer menu will feature a “Create a Canvas” option in its drop-down menu. The social network also highlighted the following uses of Canvas by advertisers: A sports team ( Miami Dolphins ) used Canvas as a virtual baseball card introducing a new player, complete with team colors, fun facts, vital stats, video of his greatest hits and quotes from coaches–more story than a single photo could possibly tell.

Four Reasons the PESO Model Won’t Work in Your Organization

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chicago cubs cision CRM Google analytics Lead Generation PR measurement PR metrics social media advertising unique URL utn paramentersThere are four common reasons people give for the PESO model not working in their organization. Gini Dietrich debunks them all and shows you what does work. The post Four Reasons the PESO Model Won’t Work in Your Organization appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories The Spin Sucks 30-Day Communications Challenge Three Ways to Optimize Client Communication What’s Behind the Reticence in Measuring PR? Communication Planning

Facebook Announces More Metrics Fixes

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When an advertiser begins creating a campaign, the tool provides them with an estimate of both the potential overall reach and the estimated daily reach of their ad campaign. The number of shares of a URL off Facebook (this includes copy/pasting a link back to Facebook). The number of likes and comments on stories on Facebook about a URL.

How to Get 10x More Traffic Without Spending a Dime on Advertising


In this post, I’m going to share 7 unusual tips you can use right away on your blog to get more traffic and shares, without spending a penny on advertising. 1. Do remember to add a watermark to your website URL at the bottom of each image.: Getting more traffic without spending on advertising isn’t hard, but it isn’t a cakewalk either. Not true. Create shareworthy headlines.

How To Spread Your Facebook Page URL And Twitter Handle - Social Media

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work as Freelance Social Media Network Online Professional. My Business Page is on Facebook at: [link] Do join me

Facebook Begins Prefetching to Improve Mobile Site Speed

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Facebook announced Wednesday that it will begin prefetching, or preloading advertiser sites, in order to boost its mobile performance and ease users’ frustration with slow load times. The thinking behind implementing prefetching was described as follows in the post: Our goal is to improve user experience by helping businesses be the best mobile advertisers they can be, so we’re always developing new tools and insights to improve mobile experience. Readers: What are your thoughts on Facebook’s efforts to improve its mobile experiences for advertisers and users?

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Facebook Debuts Several Ad Products, New Features at Cannes Lions

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Facebook used the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity  in France this week to take the wraps off several new advertising-related products and features. Advertisers can now share their Canvases with stakeholders to simplify the review process. They can also share these mock-ups with stakeholders through a preview URL. That’s why we’re launching the Creative Hub.

Social Fakers: What Do Numbers Mean these Days?

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” Barracuda Networks says the underground economy consists of sellers or dealers who create and sell thousands of fake social accounts; and the abusers who buy followers or likes from these fake accounts to boost their perceived popularity, or to sell advertising based on their now larger social audience. I did a quick search for “buy Facebook likes.” All hail Facebook.

Super Bowl XLIX Advertising Insight: Papa John’s Needs an SEO Firm

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Today, as I was browsing the web for some Super Bowl XLIX Advertising insights to post here on my blog, I came across one of the advertisers’ websites, Papa John’s. There is absolutely no reason that one should ever see index.html show up in a URL. And for this, I give this Super Bowl XLIX Advertising insight: Papa John’s SEO should be given an F grade.

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How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

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In fact, you’re likely spotting the shift; instead of companies posting their URLs on television commercials, they’re asking their followers to join them on Facebook. Make sure you apply the username to your Facebook Page, not your personal profile, and be sure to use something memorable that people can find by plugging in the URL. You forgot your URL. Want one?

4 Free Tools for Researching Guest Blogging and Advertising Opportunities


If you are looking for guest blogging or advertising opportunities on other blogs, you will first want to research your options so that you choose the best home for your post or banner ad. The former two will be more important when it comes to getting your guest post or advertisement exposure to the right kind of audience. What Makes a Great Opportunity. Free Research Tools. PostRank.

Facebook: The Lowdown on Advertising, and What We’ve Found Works Really Well


Often when I float the idea of advertising amongst my blogging colleagues (including Darren) I get looks of skepticism, dismissal, and that blank empty stare of disinterest. Thinks like crafting better content, creating a product, talking with an advertiser, etc, so it does come at some cost. You’ll never ever hear from me that advertising is a replacement for your content.

Facebook: The Lowdown on Advertising, and What We’ve Found Works Really Well


Often when I float the idea of advertising amongst my blogging colleagues (including Darren) I get looks of skepticism, dismissal, and that blank empty stare of disinterest. Thinks like crafting better content, creating a product, talking with an advertiser, etc, so it does come at some cost. You’ll never ever hear from me that advertising is a replacement for your content.

8 Google Analytics Tricks For Marketers

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This overview can help marketers determine which advertising strategies are working well for them and which ones could be improved. Particularly, campaign tracking is used in Google Analytics to better understand the results from the AdWords generated campaigns, but also from other advertising sources. All advertising AdWords branding digital marketing Google Analytics marketing

Twitter: Gnip 2.0 APIs Now Generally Available

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Tornes also detailed the new functionality in Gnip 2.0: New data and enrichments: Take advantage of new URL metadata and a more powerful Klout  enrichment to create new product experiences. Twitter advertisers: Are you ready for Gnip 2.0? Advertising/Marketing Twitter 30-Day Search Adam Tornes APIs Application-Programming Interfaces Decahose Emoji emojis Gnip Gnip 2.0 Hashtags Historical PowerTrack Klout Metadata PowerTrack Queries Quoted Tweets URLsTwitter announced earlier this week that the updated (2.0) Brands and agencies that want to upgrade to Gnip 2.0

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3 Sure-Fire Ways Non-Profits Can Increase Awareness With Social Media


Slideshare URL: [link] ]. Social Media Advertising Social Media Management Social Media MarketingLast week, I spoke at Kiwanis International’s annual convention on the topic “3 Sure-Fire Ways To Increase Awareness With Social Media.” ” Below are my slides from that presentation.

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PB129: How to Create Your Facebook Advertising – 3 Types of Ads to Consider


Three Types of Ads to Consider When Creating Facebook Advertising. Today we are talking about Facebook advertising. Facebook has been putting more emphasis on advertising, and I know it something that many of you grapple with. nice thing about Facebook advertising is that you don’t have to invest a lot, and it can have immediate results. Angela Ponsford from Dotti Media.

Facebook Creative Hub Opens Its Doors

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The Facebook Creative Hub  that the social network announced at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity  in June is now available to “the entire global advertising and marketing community.”. They can also share these mock-ups with stakeholders through a preview URL. People consume content on mobile in fundamentally different ways than they do on other channels.

Social Media is Complicated [Infographic]

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To demonstrate that complexity Buddy Media created this image that shows all of the brands/companies involved including: analytics, social scoring, ad networks, facebook apps, content curation, twitter apps, photo sharing, social TV, and URL shorteners… to name a few. Online Advertising Social Media analytics business content facebook scoring social media software twitter

How to Build Landing Pages for PR Pros

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The lines between PR, marketing, and advertising continue to blur, which is great for the PR industry because we finally have data to prove we are an investment, not an expense. But it also means we have to do more than report on media impressions ,  advertising equivalencies , and increased fans and followers. By Gini Dietrich. Which means we have to do more than media relations.

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35 (of the) Best Guides to Facebook Marketing, Advertising, Search and More of 2010 (So Far)

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Whether you’re anxious to get started marketing on Facebook, already there but looking for better results, or not sure if Facebook is right for your company (despite the eye-popping audience numbers), you’ll find guidance here in some of the best posts on Facebook marketing so far in 2010: tips, tactics and best practices for building Facebook pages, growing your fan (or “like&# ) base, advertising, optimizing for search, using Facebook apps and tools, and more, from experts like Mari Smith, Lisa Barone, Ching Ya, John Haydon, Brian Carter, Marty Weintraub and Shel Holtz.

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Podcast: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Popular PR Show

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Quick News (2-minute reports; include URLs). News That Fits (longer reports—four to five minutes—with discussion; include URLs) (Shel to intro). The FTC, disclosure, and native advertising . By Gini Dietrich. On Sunday, I spent a little more than an hour recording a podcast with Shel Holtz on Skype. And I was more than happy to help. The FIR Format. Welcome (recorded). Outro.

How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Scores [Infographic]

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The infographic provides great insight into one of the most important aspects of paid search advertising, the Google Adwords Quality Score. Online Advertising Paid Search google infographic measurement optimization quality score search engine marketing semYou can optimize your Quality Score to receive a higher position for a lower bid that your competitors.

26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics

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What are the best practices for advertising on LinkedIn? Create images that are 640×220 pixels, upload them to your page and add a unique URL, preferably to a landing page, and you have free ads”) and incorporating video with a call to action. Advertising on LinkedIn. How can companies best use LinkedIn as a marketing platform? Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile and Use.

Facebook Website Custom Audiences: A Definitive Guide for Remarketing

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Any Facebook advertiser with a website can do this using Website Custom Audiences. Facebook will then refer to rules an advertiser has created to determine whether that user should fall within a specific audience to be targeted with an ad. This then allows advertisers to create ads that are perfectly crafted based on a user’s activity on their website. ” section.

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Why Was My Facebook Ad Rejected?

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If you are planning to advertise on Facebook, then you need to familiarize yourself with 10 basic rules. If you are offering pyramid multi-level marketing schemes, then don’t advertise. So, assuming like me, you are not a gangster trying to advertise your illegal drug and weapons stash … why would your ad get rejected? Takeaways with your landing URL. Click  Apply.

Debunking the myths of social media

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RadiumOne , an enterprise advertising platform that operates the social sharing and URL-shortening platform has recently published a study, along with a nifty infographic  which debunks six myths  of social media. Infographic: Native advertising effectiveness. Featured Headline Social Media Marketing and Advertising Ottawa RadiumOne PLEASE LIKE  MY FACEBOOK PAGE.

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How To Use Facebook Audience Insights For Better Targeting

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Discovering what your perfect customers are interested in is one of the most crucial parts of Facebook advertising. In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to use the Audience Insights tool to uncover hidden targeting opportunities, which can result in a staggering 64.83% decrease in your advertising costs. Are you struggling with Facebook ads targeting? Select Your Audience.

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 2

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As she notes, “By claiming your Page, you have the opportunity to customize that free advertising. It also makes it easy to purchase pay-per-click advertising for your Places page.” Facebook Advertising Tips. As it approaches one billion users, Facebook has evolved from a site where friends and family share photos to an online marketing juggernaut rivaling Google.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Online Shareability


Being found in a search engine is important but perhaps even more powerful is having others do your advertising for you by way of online word-of-mouth recommendations. If a person really, really, REALLY liked your content he or she could copy and paste the URL and then open Facebook or Twitter and paste it in there. You don’t need to make your content one unending advertisement, but alerting groups to the fact that you mentioned them is one easy way to ensure shareability. Here are a few ways to do it: Add a “share this” widget. Make content entertaining.

You’re Doing Retargeting Wrong: Here’s How to Fix It

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Your audience would look like this: You’d then create four different retargeting audiences for all visitors who hit that specific URL. Digital Marketing AdWords audience segmentation content promotion content strategy digital advertising PPC strategy retargetingImage via ComScore. The only downside is that many people do it so wrong. Grouping

How to Monitor Comments on your Instagram Ads (and why it’s crucial to do so!)

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They’re actually the easiest native way to get leads as you can’t have any clickable URLs on organic Instagram posts. We recently wrote an entire article about the importance of managing comments on your Facebook ads with several examples of newsfeed ads with a lot of comments left unmanaged by the advertiser. Instagram comments instagram advertisingClick To Tweet.

Combine Email and Facebook Ad Campaigns for Greater Success (Example)

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Much of the confusion about Facebook advertising among novice to intermediate marketers centers around the lack of specificity in training materials available. They speak in generalities and in theory instead of providing specific examples and step-by-step instructions. I try to do things differently here, sharing as much detail and as many examples from my own advertising as I can.

New Facebook Ads Manager: A Complete Guide

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In the past, very few advertisers used the custom ad reports. Advertiser Support. You can view activity by domain (default), URLs, device or events. Facebook Marketing Tutorials Facebook Ads How To Facebook Ads Manager Facebook Advertising[NOTE: The following is a guide to the latest updates to Facebook Ads Manager. Custom Ad Reports Front and Center. Top Nav. Billing.

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