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QR Codes, Email, and Mobile Marketing: Tools for Small Businesses to Compete Digitally

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Rather than bombarding potential customers with too much information (see: radio advertisements), a QR code or text keyword can quickly link people in the community to information about their product or service, which is exactly what they want. Get my Internet Marketing newsletter , buy my book, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web , and subscribe to the Techipedia RSS feed.

No More Media Buying Specialty for Facebook Marketing Partners

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook announced that it is eliminating the media buying specialty for Facebook Marketing Partners. The current media buying partners for Facebook and Instagram are: 360i. The social network said in a Facebook Marketing Partners post : We have found that the Blueprint Certification , which recognizes an individual buyer’s competency with Facebook and Instagram products, better suits the need of the market and of our agency partners. Facebook advertisers: What are your thoughts on this move? Adaptly. AdParlor. Ampush. Brand Networks. iProspect. Kenshoo. MediaVest.

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Competing with Free

Direct Marketing Observations

Does giving stuff away for free make you eventually buy stuff? How do other companies compete when Nike, Gatorade and AE give stuff away for free? remember asking a small business owner once why they kept advertising in magazines and newspapers when the results were so poor and their answer was that they had no other options. Don’t give something away to sell something-you can’t compete with those that use that as a business model. Every day we’re faced with free and I hate it… Marketers throw free around like it’s confetti. Engagement?

Facebook Blueprint Tops 1 Million Enrollments, Announces Blueprint Certification

SocialTimes Facebook

The social network also announced three additions to its Blueprint program: Blueprint Certification for digital advertisers, a partnership with the Miami Ad School and the inclusion of French and Indonesian on its list of languages. This credential is awarded to digital advertising professionals who are proficient in planning successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost? The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Pricing

Buffer Social

We previously shared what $5 per day will buy you on Facebook Ads , but how much does Facebook advertising really cost? Let’s go… Benchmarks: How much does Facebook advertising cost? However, as many factors influence the cost of Facebook advertising, there isn’t an absolute answer to this question. Time of The Year: How many people are buying Facebook ads.

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4 Ways to Effeciently Spend Your Holiday Paid Media Budget

Ignite Social Media

For us this means increased prices as advertisers are looking to spend their budget before the end of the year. Here are money-saving tips for social media buying during this expensive period. Competition during the holiday season is at its peak as advertisers are competing in the same space. Avoid the pricy competition by advertising your non-holiday content before and after these times. Instead of buying on all channels, focus on the ones that have historically been cost effective for you. Plan your Timing. Capitalize on your Efficient Channels.

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Native advertising is here to stay

Sherrilynne Starkie

Advertorials have been almost since the dawn of the news business; the concept of native advertising is nothing new. The hope is that readers will click through to the advertisers own web property. The issue is native advertising’s potential to confuse readers about what is and what is not news. Like it or hate it, native advertising is here to stay.  Because it works.

How “No Comment” Has Edelman In Trouble…Again

Spin Sucks

Edelman is in trouble again…this time over a media request from Ragan about  Best Buy On. Mark Ragan , who most of you know if you’re in the PR industry, asked one of his reporters to contact Best Buy to interview them about their new On, the new “magazine&# they’ve created for customers. Mark, like a lot of us, see the trend of companies becoming publishers and wanted to know more about what Best Buy is doing in order to provide a case study to his readers. Matt responds to clarify that he’s preparing a piece on Best Buy On. The Uh oh.

When Agencies Oversell Practice Areas, No One Wins

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In response, agencies assume it’s better to “fake it ‘til they make it” on certain core competencies instead of losing significant pieces of business. This mentality also stems from the “agency of record” concept, which has lost meaning and traction in an increasingly digital world (just look at the recent cases of Best Buy and Chobani ). By Robert Glazer. If You Have it, Flaunt it.

Five Things Facebook Must Do Now that They’re Public

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Just a few days after GM announced they’ve dropped their Facebook advertising (and Super Bowl advertising too, it seems), the social network must pull itself together and begin offering even more to users and advertisers (which means more changes…don’t freak out) or it will end up going the way of AOL, Netscape, and MySpace. Impulse Buying. Right agree.

Why Marketers Should Use Twitter (Infographic)

SocialTimes Twitter

52 percent of users report buying a product they first saw on the network, while 81 percent say Twitter impacts purchase decisions more than TV. Additionally, two-thirds of companies with more than 100 employees use Twitter, so any brand hoping to compete should needs to maintain a strong presence on Twitter. An infographic from WebpageFX  examines the impact of marketing on Twitter.

The Three “Ss” of a Successful Live Event

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The problem is, as soon as people see a new channel is working for another business, they jump in, attracted by the “free advertising” this platform offers. There are costs involved, which may include renting a space, paying for speakers, marketing, advertising, travel costs, opportunity costs, food costs, and more, so it’s more risky. . Where should I market or advertise?

Why Digital Marketers Need to Get More Personal

Buzz Marketing for Technology

When defining them, you must take into account known consumer behaviors, including the various stages that shoppers go through when making any kind of purchase and the fact that they may visit your site several times before actually pulling the “buy now” trigger. Posted in behavioral targeting Personalization. What does personalization really mean? It makes sense. Defining Personalization.

Understanding the Difference Between “Want” and “Want to Buy”


Buying versus browsing. There’s a significant, actionable difference between admiration and buying intent. Yet all the admiration in the world couldn’t compete with the prospect’s lack of buying intent. Businesses tend to forecast and allocate advertising monies based on consumer feedback, which is unfortunately more “do you like?&# Create value.

A Look at Social Video’s Big, Bright (and Somewhat Uncertain) Future

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook can bypass not only traditional providers, but also services such as Netflix and Amazon, when it comes to widespread distribution and advertising opportunities. Twitter competed aggressively with Facebook for the rights to stream Thursday Night Football in partnership with the National Football League , and such face-offs will occur more often as sports franchises re-evaluate their cable contracts. Not to mention, it has the foundation for more advanced advertising opportunities within the space. What it means for advertisers. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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PPC For Small Business – Are You Attracting The Wrong Traffic?

Small Business Mavericks

Small business owners often feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to advertising online. When a small business owner does run an advertising campaign, the most common complaint we hear is that their campaign was a complete flop.  When competing for keywords, some business owners, especially those new to paid search marketing, head straight for the cheapest keywords. If you want to make a sale, you need to use keywords similar to those used by people wanting to buy. When preparing any advertising campaign, your focus should be on targeting the right audience.

How “No Comment” Has Edelman In Trouble

Spin Sucks

Edelman is in trouble again…this time over a media request from Ragan about  Best Buy On. Mark Ragan , who most of you know if you’re in the PR industry, asked one of his reporters to contact Best Buy to interview them about their new On, the new “magazine&# they’ve created for customers. Mark, like a lot of us, see the trend of companies becoming publishers and wanted to know more about what Best Buy is doing in order to provide a case study to his readers. Matt responds to clarify that he’s preparing a piece on Best Buy On. The Uh oh.

Google: The search party is not over


Google Buzz was a complete failure and there's a slim chance that Google even has a shot at competing with Facebook with the rumored Google Me. That brings us to the topic of appeal to advertisers. People who want business cards Google it, which make Google to dominant player for businesses seeking advertising exposure. What are Google's problems you ask? Absolutely. Digg this!

How Social Media Changes Retail Storefronts

Ari Herzog

fought with competing distributors over the signage in the front window and the decals on the door. spoke to restaurant owners when competing Budweiser decals faded. The only other product that is advertised is for Boar’s Head meat. And, LevelUp signs notify people that they buy goods with a phone if the wallet was left at home (bottom left). Why is this effective?

Success Stories From Twitter’s Front Lines

SocialTimes Twitter

the following day using Twitter’s partnership with Oracle  to target multiple audiences of people who frequent fast-food restaurants, who spend money at competing QSRs and who buy ready-made breakfast items. Twitter has had an extraordinary year by any measure. Regardless of the headlines, though, leading brands continue to invest in the platform to achieve a variety of marketing objectives and insights. Twitter’s open nature lends itself to this approach. As Insightpool  CEO Devon Wijesinghe  put it recently: Twitter plays an influential role in public discourse.

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Are You About To Lose Your YouTube Presence?

Small Business Mavericks

Can you imagine competing against the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Oprah Winfrey for attention? If you think this is no different than competing against the Big O and the Big A on Twitter, think again. However, if celebrities are paid for providing YouTube content, your YouTube channel could be relegated to second-class status by a celebrity who is competing directly against you.

The iPad Should Be Free

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It's about the cumulative and ongoing buying of content (books, music, movies, TV shows, magazine and more) that Amazon offers. Amazon has something very incredible that Apple doesn't even have: an advertising and media empire. Tie this thought into the recent news of Amazon becoming very public about their media and advertising models (before moving any further, please read this article: Advertising Becomes Amazon's Newest Low-Price Weapon ) and you can see how hard retailers will struggle to beat Amazon. advertising age. best buy. buying habit.

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Out with the Old (Marketing) And In With the New

Blue Focus Marketing

The power of television in the 1950’s gave advertisers the ability to push messages out to a mass audience. Today, marketers engage with customers very differently and are more interested in earning people’s interest instead of buying it. Consumers are looking for information before buying products. Advertising & Mktg. Charles Darwin. More Media Options Today.

The real problem with Google might be Facebook

Convince & Convert

And in just about any company, in any scenario, 17% growth when you are already that large would be considered astoundingly competent. It’s already happening with Facebook, as the skyrocketing ad revenues at Facebook are coming not just from big advertisers, but from SMBs that are willing to pay for the organic reach that Facebook shrewdly took away. Ubiquity.

What Publicis Omnicom Is Screaming At Our Industry

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That is the conversation that every marketing, advertising and communications agency needs to be having. This is all about the transformation of advertising agency into a digital agency. It''s all about how the new Publicis Omnicom will compete (or be better frenemies) with the likes of Google , Facebook , Twitter and Amazon. The main thrust of the agencies within these networks is to create ads that get people to buy things. On a personal note, Twist Image never truly felt like it was a part of the advertising industry. We weren''t about advertising.

5 Ways to Develop a Unique Selling Proposition

Convince & Convert

Instead of trying to stand out, most simply try to be the “best;” but when you’re competing with the best, this often just puts you among the status quo, giving you no opportunity to stand out. This sort of personality, which so perfectly aligned with what was being sold, is something that is difficult if not impossible to buy. Why You Need a Unique Selling Proposition. Get Personal.

How Data Is Used to Refine Marketing Messages

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Women who used the product might have been tempted to switch to a competing brand. If you don’t respond to consumers, and someone else does, they’ll start asking themselves, “Hey, why am I buying this brand again? It never crosses my mind to buy another brand of small appliance. I’m on Google, and a little ad pops up at the top of the page telling me about a Samsung microwave.

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The real problem with Google might be Facebook

Convince & Convert

And in just about any company, in any scenario, 17% growth when you are already that large would be considered astoundingly competent. It’s already happening with Facebook, as the skyrocketing ad revenues at Facebook are coming not just from big advertisers, but from SMBs that are willing to pay for the organic reach that Facebook shrewdly took away. Ubiquity. Jay Today.

Why Paying Bloggers For Posts Changes The Game

Dave Fleet

You need to compete for budget. The PR person becomes a client, just as someone buying ad space is a client of the publication selling the ads. This leads into the last key factor here… You need to compete for budget. However, the result is that the blogger then finds themselves competing against other options for budget. PR people accept that risk when they pitch.

The Marketing Problem Is Simple: There Are Too Many Ads

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The entire construct of the advertising industry was built on the scarcity model. There was only a finite number of pages in the newspaper allotted to advertising. If your brand can post your commercial to YouTube and generate tens of millions of views (which is common for ads that are remarkable) for free, what does that say when you have to do a media buy with a guarantee that you will generate fewer impressions? But, they feel this way not because it's expensive to advertise or because there is a lack of substantive places to put those ads. advertising.

Counting Screens. Counting Dollars. Connecting Consumers.

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Do the advertising dollars follow the consumer? If you did deeper into the eMarketer report, you will see that brands are still pumping plenty of money into TV advertising. Yes, this year TV advertising will still be a $70+ billion market. The viewing habits change, but the dogma of traditional advertising institutions still holds on - for dear life - to what they presume is working, instead of allowing their media allotment to be more aligned with actual usage and viewership. Why should a consumer buy my dishwasher detergent over my competitors? How much?

The Problem With The Status Quo

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If you're a publisher, one day you wake up and Amazon is competing with you too. Do I feel that the standard way that marketing sends messages to an audience in the form of an advertisement is the be all and end all? advertising amazon author bookpublisher bookpublishing data ebook ipad iphonekindleapp josephjaffe kindle kindlesingle lifeafterthe30secondspot literaryagent retail richardcurtis stephenking technology thematrix thenewyorktimes theterminator webanalyticsTags: advertising. Stop me if you've heard this one before: "technology is the great disruptor."

104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

Webbiquity SMM

72% of marketers think branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine; 69% say it is superior to direct mail and PR. Internet advertising will make up 25% of the entire ad market in 2015. 81% of B2B purchase cycles start with web search, and 90% of buyers say when they are ready to buy, “they’ll find you.” General Marketing Stats. 1. Really.

Social Media News Ticker: Facebook Launches FB Newswire, Acquires Motion Tracking App Moves

The Realtime Report

Facebook launches a newswire so it can help the media — while it competes with them  - the FB Newswire is designed to give media outlets and journalists a realtime feed of news-worthy content; the service debuted on Thursday and is partially powered by social news verification service Storyful (GigaOM). Twitter. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Any social media updates that we missed?

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Social Intelligence adds value throughout the Stage Gate Process

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Later, when launch is imminent, social channels are becoming a key factor in setting media and advertising strategies. Information gathered as part of market analysis might signal that customers are showing strong preference for the features of another company’s competing product. Social data can also be invaluable in the media planning and buying process.

Innovation Gone Wild On Madison Avenue

Blue Focus Marketing

Without a doubt, marketing and advertising is changing at a pace unequaled in history. In the March, 2011 issue of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Advertising & Marketing , Mullen was listed as one of the top innovative advertising agencies. This approach generated a considerable amount of interest within the advertising community. Advertising & Mktg.

Amazon vs. Wal-Mart: How Online Strategy Can Meet In-Store Opportunity

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Prior to breaking the news, Wal-Mart was already one of the few companies that could compete with Amazon online. Wal-Mart has the significant advantage of already having 10,000 retail locations—something Amazon can’t currently compete with. For Along the way, there are a number of touch points, including email, direct marketing, advertising, customer service, and so on.

Give Your Content Marketing a Human Face

Waxing UnLyrical

People buy from people. Sure we go to lots of big box stores, and buy from faceless companies every day. But our first choice is to buy from people — people we know, like, and trust. Chief Marketing Officers at large companies seek out Twist Image first because they feel like they know, like, and trust Mitch and his company — even before they buy. Twist

Blocking the Ad Blockers | Social You Should Know

Ignite Social Media

Google introduced Duo , which is designed to compete with Apple’s FaceTime, but be available for every device. It’s also a rationale for buying Twitter’s new Promoted Stickers. Last week we told you that Facebook was making moves to thwart ad blockers. Not so fast apparently! AdBlockers Work to Block FB Ad Blocking. Within days AdBlock Plus reportedly blocked the blockers. We’ll see.

Social Pros 12 – Derek Halpern, Social Triggers

Convince & Convert

Read on for insights from Derek, and Eric’s Social Media Stat of the Week (this week: for Facebook advertising, CPM rates are up 41%, CPC rates are up 23%). Our friend Jeremiah Owyang , from Altimeter Group published a really interesting blog post over the weekend, about the trend of social media agencies getting deep into social media advertising. Listen Now. Eric : Exactly.

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