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All of the Social Media Metrics That Matter

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Did you know that when it comes to social media metrics, there are hundreds you could be analyzing? In this post, we’re going to look at the metrics you can gather from the top social networks and which ones matter most for your business. What Are Social Media Metrics? We’re going to break down all of the social media metrics you need to know. Overview Tab.

10 Simple and Reliable Digital Marketing Metrics

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When you’re wondering if your efforts were worth it later, or speculating over whether you’ve done a good job, these metrics will be there for you, answering your questions, providing proof, and cheering you on to greater altitudes. The metrics you’ll want to track will actually be dependent on your most important goals for a project or campaign. 6-10: Additional Proven Metrics.

Five Marketing Metrics that are Definitely NOT “Worthless”

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Online marketing activities preovide marketers with a wealth of metrics; actually, too much information. Marketers just want the competitive and multichannel metrics they need to make informed decisions, nothing more. Simply because a specific metric doesn’t appear on a P&L statement or in an ROI calculation doesn’t make it unimportant. ” True!

4 Steps to Refocus PR Measurement on Metrics that Matter: Part 1

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With that in place, with everyone spouting the “Barcelona Principles” as if they carried them around in their handbags and man-bags, with the number of vendors, agency leaders and thought leaders alike decrying AVE (ad value equivalency) as a valid metric for PR … … people – especially those at large organizations and corporations – are STILL using AVE.

5 Shifts to Fix Your Social Media Metrics

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On the social media consulting side of our business at Convince & Convert, my team and I are frequently called in to advise companies on how to improve and enhance their social media metrics. These scenarios vary based on company size and type (as well as their social media activities), but typically I find 5 areas where social media metrics and reporting can be fixed: 1.

The social media strategy series: Metrics and Measurement « The Cube

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Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe The social media strategy series: Metrics and Measurement 20/09/2010 tags: social media strategy , social media ROI , social media metrics , how to measure social media by Gemma Went The next post in our social media strategy series looks at the all important ‘metrics and measurement’ The ROI bit.

Facebook’s Latest Blunder and the Elephant in the Living Room

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The Wall Street Journal reported last Friday that Facebook has been inflating a key performance metric relating to its mobile video ads. Here is an example  of a Cheerios  shared media campaign. We are seeing some impressive metrics with shared media video campaigns: Videos are always viewed full-screen and with audio. Vivoom Viewer Experience from Vivoom on Vimeo.

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Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing

Marketers now have the ability to augment their traditional marketing approaches with rich behavioral and activity-based targeting that should increase marketing ROI significantly. Additionally, social media is a two-way communication medium and businesses need to invest in listening capabilities that capture the activities of their existing or potential customers online. link] [.]

9 Content Metrics to Keep an Eye On

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Content marketing sometimes gets a bad rep because its benefits are not exactly the most measurable of any marketing activity around. Here are 9 content metrics that will help you determine tangible ROI from your content production. 1. Bounce rate is another important ranking factor, a metric that measures the ratio of the number of one-page visits to the number of total visits.

Facebook Beefs Up Analytics for Apps

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For example, you can filter revenue trends based on a segment of people using older Android devices to decide whether you should continue supporting older devices. Facebook launched several new features and an improved design for its Analytics for Apps  free mobile analytics solution. The social network introduced Analytics for Apps at its F8  global developers’ conference in March 2015.

Two Social Media Toolkit Examples and Other Goodies


Social Media Metrics for Federal Agencies  - new toolkit for federal agencies, which could be useful for associations and nonprofits as well. Below are a set of recommended, baseline social media metrics, developed and maintained by an interagency working group of the  Federal Social Media Community of Practice. Part 1: Social Media Metrics and Social Data: Why They Matter.

The Social Media Monitoring Metric We Need, But Can’t Get

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But there’s one critical metric that remains elusive to measure. If a firm’s online actions demonstrate those attributes, and the social media activities of customers and other industry influencers reinforce that image, then good karma is (arguably) created. Social media monitoring tools continue to proliferate in number and advance in functionality. And real important.

How to Operationalize the Barcelona Principles 2.0

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Deliberately broad, they provided overarching guidance and some common alignment to a fragmented measurement sector which was beset by proprietary indexes and an over-reliance on the flawed AVE metric. common criticism of the Barcelona Principles is that having killed off AVEs, they failed to provide a suitable replacement metric. simple one size fits all metric doesn’t work.

How To Analyse And Measure / The ROI Metrics For Social Media

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It is essential that you discuss and make sure that every concerned person is in tune with your Measuring Metrics. Over the course of time as your Page Members grow there will be fine tuning and tightening of the Metrics; however it is best to have a direction from the very beginning. Just the way you would have put forth the objectives of Social Media similarly you need to put forth the Measuring Metrics as well. It is best to understand the Objectives and Measuring Metrics of Social Media at the very beginning. This is to be done at the very beginning. The reason?

How To Analyse And Measure / The ROI Metrics For Social Media

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It is essential that you discuss and make sure that every concerned person is in tune with your Measuring Metrics. Over the course of time as your Page Members grow there will be fine tuning and tightening of the Metrics; however it is best to have a direction from the very beginning. Just the way you would have put forth the objectives of Social Media similarly you need to put forth the Measuring Metrics as well. It is best to understand the Objectives and Measuring Metrics of Social Media at the very beginning. This is to be done at the very beginning. The reason?

Social Media Metrics Superlist: Measurement, ROI, & Key Statistics Resources

blog archives about Services Contact Social Media Metrics Superlist: Measurement, ROI, & Key Statistics Resources February 2nd, 2009 by Robin Broitman Trying to get a handle on how to measure the effectiveness of your social media programs?  Need key statistics or metrics that will help you make strategic decisions to refine your social media programs? Engage or Die! monitoring).

The Social Organization: Social Media Metrics

The Social Organization About Rachel Social Media Metrics Social Media Examples Enterprise 2.0 Events Examples News/Commentary Organizational Structure People Relationship Management Social Media Marketing Technology Web/Tech Weblogs Archives March 2009 February 2009 January 2009 December 2008 November 2008 October 2008 September 2008 August 2008 July 2008 June 2008 More.

The 4 Marketing Metrics Mandates

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recently gave a presentation to the Measured Marketing Roundtable at Techpoint , Indiana’s technology and economic development association, that outlines these new metric must-dos. The 4 Modern Metrics Mandates. Now, there are 4 Metrics Mandates: 1. Twitter followers and Facebook fans and the most egregious example. Integrated Metrics instead of Siloed Numbers.

A Comprehensive Facebook Ads Checklist to Increase Email Acquisition

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billion monthly active users , it’s the largest social network around, making it an effective medium for gaining not only followers, but also high-quality email subscribers. To make sound decisions based on real data, measure your Facebook ad spend in relation to certain key metrics, such as the number of newly acquired email subscribers, open rates, CTRs and cost per action. Take theSkimm , for example. While email is the closest thing to direct communication in the digital age, few people would gripe about a drought hitting their inbox. With roughly 1.65

Social Media ROI: Mythic or Measurable? Six Experts Weigh In

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Yvette Pistorio shares tips from Jay Baer on social media measurement, such as the importance of selecting the right social media marketing metrics to track, and doing so as early as possible in the social marketing process. ” Brands are instead focusing on reach, engagement and sentiment metrics. 10 Examples of Social Media ROI [INFOGRAPHIC] by Social Media Today.

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3 Scientific Studies With Real Insight Into Social Media

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And instead of measuring some meaningless metric like the number of Page Likes or something, they measured which customers saw which posts and comments , they used text analysis to quantify the information richness and emotional sentiment of them, and they categorized them into marketer-generated versus user-generated, and direct interaction versus indirect interaction. Facebook API data.

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Influence Met Transparency with @Kred


Kred is measurable Influence with 2 metrics: Influence: Ability to drive action: reply, retweet (RT) & new. Metrics include: retweets, @Replies, Likes, +1, Shares, new follows, list follows, connections, and follow ratio. Metrics include: retweets, @Replies, Likes, +1, Shares, new follows, list follows, connections, and follow ratio. What is Kred ? follows. Kred API.

50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)

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Brian Carroll talks with MECLABS Director of Research Sergio Balegno about the disconnect between social media activity and results in the B2B environment, and concludes that “marketers are expecting way too much too soon.&# Looking for examples of social media success to emulate? B2B Social Media Example: GE MarkNet by Social Media B2B. Social Media Metrics and ROI.

The 5 Top Google Analytics Reports for Social Media Marketers

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They also shed light on the types of content that resonate best with your social audience with respect to driving traffic and activity on your website. Select a metric or KPI that will help determine which variation is performing best – must be objective related. social media ROI google analytics social media metrics social media success metricsand how much?

Why Marketers Need to Rethink Influencer Targeting

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Likes and retweets are fairly hollow metrics when they aren’t put in context. For example, some interesting variables that we have discovered include: If someone has customized their background image on Twitter, they are over 20% more likely to reciprocate an engagement. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a significant shift in the way brands utilize social media. But should it be?

What Does B2B Social Media Success Look Like?

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Those last two are of the course the ultimate purpose of any marketing activity, though they can be challenging to measure in social media for a couple of reasons. First, social media activities more often influence a sale (by helping with awareness and branding objectives, for example) than lead directly to one in the B2B world. Objectives. Leads and new business. Results.

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Why it’s easier for B2B to measure content marketing

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Terry: Do you think communicators are missing opportunities if they don’t have conversion activities or call to actions plans in their campaigns? For example, we talked about the Columbia Sportswear mobile application. Content Marketing content marketing content metrics content strategy marketing sideways They might. They might not. You know when somebody buys.

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20 Ways to Generate ROI from a Corporate Blog

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It’s challenging to get the metrics really needed to measure social media ROI primarily because social media is much more like public relations than it is like direct marketing or search engine advertising. Nevertheless, social media activity consumes resources and therefore must produce business results–or those resources will be spent somewhere else. Here are 20 ideas.

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How to Sell Smarter Using Social Insights

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great example of a company that did just that is Coca-Cola. highlight to tweet) Thanks to social media insights, we now know more about our targets than ever before: personal facts, interests, hobbies, activities, connections, and more are all out in the open and provided by the sources themselves. Image via Are sales dropping? Find out why. Is engagement down?

Bad PR Measurement Gets a Smackdown

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Meaningless metric if we arbitrary assign loose value to it. jenzings: Unless tie a result to a like purch/activity means 0. alanchumley ROI If it ain’t a workable (not conceptual) equation it ain’t ROI Misused often as an intermediate loose proxy metric. alanchumley ROI easy a pie if you’ve set meas’ objectives and chosen the right metrics methods.

The Fight for the Future of Influencer Analytics

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The most notable changes are: An increase in ranking factors from approximately 100 to 400, meaning there are vastly more activity and behavior types comprising your Klout score. The new Klout is improved on this front, as it overweights action (clicks and other engagement) and underweights activity (tons of pointless tweets). Fair enough. Very easy to use. Very easy to understand.

5 Reasons Snackable Content is (Still) Awesome

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By breaking an infographic, for example, into a series of memorable quotes and videos, you gain: A longer shelf life for content on social media. For example, consider creating a platform-specific snackable content strategy for the webinars your brand provides. For this article, for example, we might use an image like this to get attention: 5. Puh-lease.

Social Media ROI: 5 Must-Reads


Social Media Metrics That Matter Now. By Debra Donston-Miller As businesses get more sophisticated in their use of social networking, so too are the metrics by which they measure social business ROI. 101 Examples of Social Business ROI. By Peter Kim Here are 101 examples of social business return on investment, roughly 60% revenue generation and 40% cost reduction.

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Strength of Community Supersedes Influence

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With the current overfocus on influence metrics, companies and nonprofits are left to wonder at the digeratti’s navel gazing via participation scores. That’s why the most important metric should always be Strength of Community. Yet, there’s no real focus on developing social media based Strength of Community metrics. Image by Annie Siegal.

The Social Media ROI Debate

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Can the financial return on expenditures for social media business activities– in marketing, PR, customer support, HR, product development or other areas — be accurately measured? For example, if John Doe clicks through to your website from a tweet and buys something, that’s easy to measure. Though a few of the examples are vague or misleading, most are compelling.

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The Six Best Google+ Marketing Tools

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Again, as for all posts in this series, tools are shown with the number of results returned by Google on a search for reviews of that tool (not necessarily the actual number of reviews) and example showcase reviews. This metric represents the number of persons who are following a user’s posts at Google+. Here are half a dozen of the most popular, as ranked by reviewers.

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Working with Social Media Data: Activity

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All of these treat social media as data, but social media generate at least three types of data : content, activity, and people. This time, let's talk about activity. What is activity data? Activity data is just what it sounds like: data about the behaviors of people as they use social media. There's little ambiguity in clicking on a Like button, for example.

Return On Influence Can Return From Whence It Came

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The Harvard Business Review recently published a post entitled “ Return on Influence, the New ROI “ In it, the author suggested that marketers consider the use of “Return on Influence” as a metric for measuring social media activity. What is this metric, you ask? To Measurement should be activity-specific. Measure an activity, not a medium.

How to Calculate the ROI of Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

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Do you know how each campaign performed when measured against those metrics, and how they contributed to the bottom line? Many of the activities driven by social media—newsletter signups, event attendance, hashtag use, report downloads—don’t have a direct dollar value. Quick: Can you list the goals of each and every one of your social media efforts?

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What ARE Influencers Good For?

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Influencers don’t manage communities and distributed networks of loyalists in such activities as crowdsourcing. While Quora was “discovered,&# its experience serves as the perfect example of the positives and limitations of influencers. “ Marketing social media attention bubble community criticism influence influencer marketing metrics public relations Quora roles