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HOW TO: Activate Your Brand's Super Influencers

Home Social Media Business Entertainment Tech Web Video Dev & Design Apple Mobile Social Good Jobs Business News Advertising & Marketing Small Business Advice Career Development Money & Finance Business Apps Now Trending : The Future of Social Media Parenting [COMIC] November 12, 2010 Ben Straley View Comments HOW TO: Activate Your Brand’s Super Influencers email share email share Do you like this story? Once you find these influencers, the trick is activating them to share even more. Here are three tips to help you activate your top influencers. 1. iOS 4.2

No One “Consumes” Social Media

Geoff Livingston

No one goes home and says, “I think I’ll consume Facebook for three hours.&# “How about some Disqus or Quora at dinner, this is boring.&# Or, “Can I have some Flickr for that blog?&#. Many Americans use three or more actively used viewing screens for media — TV, computer, and now mobile/portable. Image by ugod. Dominance in media form is passing.

Social Media Insecurity: What to do When Online Activity Affects.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social media is about helping one another and building real strong friendships, usually around a certain interest or activity. If my actively engaged social media colleague James posts a photo of his young son Harold on his Facebook page, James might expect comments by me and other peers who may not know the mother of that child. An example. Meanwhile, I did my uncle proud.

Aggregate your online activity using Tumblr [Tutorial]

Subscribe to 8824 RSS Subscribers 321 Aggregate your online activity using Tumblr [Tutorial] October 19, 2008 | In Tutorials , WebApp | View Comments Friendfeed is a great site. It collects all your “social networks&# activity and creates a linear feed where your friends can leave comments. If we take Twitter for example, it also offers RSS feed of your updates.

Making Dough(nuts): A Real World Example of Using Social Media.

Jason Yormark Home About Me My Videos My Resume Contact Me Browse > Home / Community , Social Media / Making Dough(nuts): A Real World Example of Using Social Media Effectively | Subcribe via RSS Making Dough(nuts): A Real World Example of Using Social Media Effectively August 13th, 2009 Posted in Community , Social Media Tweet Share There aren’t many folks who will argue that social networking isn’t a valuable tool for business.  Active Engagement – FROST does not rest on its laurels.  Their Facebook and Twitter pages are a flurry of activity.

Facebook’s New Comment System: All You Wanted to Know

The Marketing Blog

Let’s look at this all new plug-in and what makes it vastly different from already available commenting systems like Disqus, Intense Debate etc. For example, you need to enter the URL of the website where the comments system will be integrated. Now once you post a comment and it goes to your Facebook profile, it is also reflected in the activity stream of your friends.

When to Post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler for Maximum Effect

Studying the differences between these networks leads us to interesting insights, for example, did you know that the half-life of a link on Twitter is 2.8 For the second plot, the darker blue represents when the site is most active, which we calculate based on number of clicks on Bitly links coming from these social platforms. blog comments powered by Disqus. bitly blog.

20 Top Twitter Monitoring and Analytics Tools


We’ve all heard examples of how breaking news spreads immediately on Twitter. It also creates custom graphs that display the activity for any given word on Twitter. Twitalyzer : Twitalyzer is a free tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and report on dozens of useful measures of success in social media. How is your brand perceived? Wide reach. Direct feedback.

Why Livefyre is Here and How It Helps You

Ari Herzog

Most of the people reading this sentence have an account (whether used actively or inactively) on Twitter, Facebook, Google, or another online media platform. Shonali elaborates with an example: Try it out. Jordan Kretchmer was quick to respond with a bug solution and Jenna Langer is actively responding to inquiries whether in tweets or emails. You want stress-free commenting.

How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Share the 10OFF discount code for everyone, for example. Better yet, to show that the page is active, give the users control by letting their Fan posts show up on the front page. As a result, engagement goes up as the page appears very active. The page should appear active but it should also appear like you’re not neglecting your community. Want one? Go here.

A Commenting System to Rule them All: Why Choosing the Right Comment System can Make or Break your Blog


Disqus. Disqus was created as a platform to cultivate online dialog on a variety of subjects such as sports, tech, entertainment, and more. Disqus platform. For example, The Atlantic has their own channel on Disqus’s site, providing an external means for users to discuss their opinions on various articles. This is a guest contribution from writer Lauren Sirt.

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The Joint Chiefs of Staff 2010 Social Media Strategy | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

We have seen plenty of examples of how government and politics (sometimes one of the same) are using social media.  We have even seen how some branches of the military, such as the Air Force , are using social media. If youre new here or just an old friend, Id love it if you subscribed via RSS feed. Thanks for taking time out of your day to come hang out here! What do you think of it?

How to Audit Your Social Media Efforts: 20+ Questions to Ask Yourself

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

For example, they use a green background on Twitter, black background on their YouTube channels and maybe red on their Facebook fan page landing tabs. For example, I’ll put “I tweet. Examples of baits are: graphics, eBooks, whitepapers, scripts, website themes, coupon codes, etc. Measurement Audit What part of my social activities do I measure? And that was the UK.

Want to Friend Me on Facebook? Please Use My Public Page or.

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Take my husband’s grandfather as an example. These examples above illustrate a typical usability question faced by Facebook users (well, except for Grandpa). Today, my 1,508 Facebook connections are broken into the following categories: Extra-curricular Programs refer to friends I met on vacation, through summer programs, or though other related activities. Jay a.k.a.

Social Media Strategy from A to Z » Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Lead generation and client acquisition can be had on LinkedIn, especially in the B2B space, just as long as you’re active and engaging. If you’re active in any particular medium, you become influential. You can’t hope that someone remembers you when you’re not aggressively and actively doing that which makes you remembered. Always be Listening. Blogging.

Open Research: A Framework for Social Analytics

View Comments patrickdh Look forward to reading it – more than ROI – a holistic view as to where you should be taking social media activities – is fundamental. After interviewing nearly 40 experts and working with Charlene Li and a bit of help from myself, she’s found six distinct use cases (see compass below) on how companies are measuring using these new toolsets.

An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex | Mindjumpers


Let me introduce another example of successful use of YouTube advertising that combines these two experiences… Tipp-ex, leader on the European market of correcting products, has created a fun interactive YouTube campaign featuring a hunter and a bear, offering the viewers to choose what ending they want to see by changing the title of the video – thanks to Tipp-ex of course!

22 Social Media Marketing Management Software & Services Reviewed - Online Marketing Blog

KickApps – Self service social media web site authoring and social content management system system supporting video, social networking, social graph & activity streams, apps & analytics. Social Media Marketing is no different. Includes multiple account and platform support, social CRM and ecommerce for Facebook, email marketing and mobile features.

Social Media Marketing - Is Your Business Ready?

If active, how long has the company participated with social media sites and which? Have you started something you really weren’t ready for? Sometimes it works out and other times it doesn’t. Identifying a company’s current state of social media readiness helps determine benchmarks and sets a baseline from where to build from. Do they prefer particular sites?

Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing

Marketers now have the ability to augment their traditional marketing approaches with rich behavioral and activity-based targeting that should increase marketing ROI significantly. Additionally, social media is a two-way communication medium and businesses need to invest in listening capabilities that capture the activities of their existing or potential customers online. link] [.]

How to Write a Great Article for the Internet

Social Media Network Marketing

Here are seven simple tips and some examples that will teach you how to write a great article for the Internet: 1) Create a catchy title Your article's title can be a make or break for readers. Unported License. Based on a work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at [link]. Sections To Read Home Main Page Community - Social Media Network Online Who will benefit from this blog? Social Media Ne. Services You Could Avail Of By Partnering Me For Y. What People Have To Say About Pervara - Social Med. Become a billionai.

How to Become a Niche Rockstar: The Guide

Viper Chill

The huge growth of online sites like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, which have the potential to give anyone a large audience are a great example of this in action. This same desire is why there are over 100 million active blogs out there, each with authors trying to connect to the bigger whole. There are always going to be fewer influencers than there are people to be influenced.

Tweet late, email early, and don’t forget about Saturday: Using data to develop a social media strategy » Nieman Journalism Lab

Retweet activity is highest late in the work day, between 2 and 5 p.m., Comment activity also jumps dramatically: Users have more time and attention to devote to content on the weekend, even if the content isn’t fresh, and fewer distractions compete for attention. For example, he thinks 11 pm might seem a wise time to reach out to bloggers because they post in the early AM.

The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Considering the above example, I pose a question on Facebook etiquette: Is it appropriate to let these requests sit in pending mode or to reject the friends outright?? The blog comments represent an area I always pay attention. I don’t get when people sign comments for example, since they comment itself already comes with the name and link above it. Many call this spam. Usually.)

How to Get an Influencer's Attention

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

For example, I write a lot about AOL, and after the recent layoffs, I wrote how the entire mobile advertising team took a voluntary buyout and quit the company. One example is Mint and the insights they offer via their blog. It’s important to connect with me where I’m actively engaging…when I’m present. PR people shouldn’t try to get my attention.

Measuring Social Media ROI & Goal Conversions with Google Analytics 5

For example… If someone purchases an item, the Goal URL would be the “thank you for your order&# or confirmation page. didn’t know we could use social media so such great lengths. I had no idea about tracking conversations on Google Analytics, I used Disqus for that purpose and also livefyre. Here are 10 Examples That Dont. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Thanks!

ROI 62

Are We Connected Yet?

Justin Levy

One of the things that is most important to me is the meaningful relationships that I’m able to build through this blog, Prime Cuts (my foodie blog) and the various networks that I’m active on. For example, I will post my Facebook link on  Twitter or vice versa. Facebook I absolutely love Facebook!  I use it to share a lot with you by pulling in from the many other networks I’m active on. Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Are We Connected Yet? For that I will always be thankful.

We'll Always Have Blogging

Social Media Marketing

When a crisis is brewing, this means that your blog can become a central hub of all activity - one that you control - that can still be engaging and two-way in nature, should that be required. For a great set of examples, check out Mashable's 15 Excellent Corporate Blogs. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." But of course, you know that's just crazy talk.

How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

With 350 million+ users, a self-promoting and natural way to have people promote your product, and a very active audience full of close friends and family, what’s not to like? Here’s an example of a simple tab I set up: Welcome! He’s volunteered to give away a copy of his recent book, FBML Essentials , to two readers. Marketers love Facebook. This is your Canvas.

How PR Pros Are Using Social Media for Real Results

“One recent example is that EPISD (El Paso Independent School District) is a legacy customer of Palisade Systems, and recently signed up for the DLP solution. Social Media Drives Authenticity Political figures have really embraced social media — the White House has an official presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, plus its own blog-powered website, for example — and more and more local and national representatives from all over the world are taking to the web to connect with their constituents. See how it works here. Claire McCaskill , the junior U.S.

The 39 Social Media Tools I’ll Use Today

Blog Comments (The blog is on WordPress) Disqus This is what I use to manage comments here at Convince & Convert. This is one of the plug-ins that doesn’t sync well with Disqus, so it’s not working as well as it used to, pre-Disqus. See an example at the bottom of this post (the little squares that animate when you put your cursor over them). Smart.

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How I Network on Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn Â?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

For example, one of my Friendster aliases is Times Square. Extracurricular programs combine summer programs, vacations, and related activities. The value to me (although I don’t know if a lot of people are actively doing it) is the ability for me to vote on what you think is applicable to you. How Do You Network on Different Social Sites? Are you the same? MySpace? P.P.S.

How To Measure Blog Conversion

We’ll create an example to explain the process. In this example you sell coaching sessions, you need to find clients that will put you on a retainer for a period of time. It’s clear that in this example our approach is a 2-Step lead generation process. Create a Goal URL page In our example our conversion was based on getting email addresses as leads.

List of Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)

Strongmail , a traditional email marketing platform offers platform that tracks the multi-stage sharing activity of the campaign all the way to conversion, analysis on reach, sharing activity, CT’s, feedback on Facebook fan page wall posts. Besides collaboration and so, those are pretty handy tools to monitor social media activities around the web. like socialoomph too.

Content farms will eat themselves

The Way of the Web

If you can optimise a page for traffic and response by targeting people actively searching for it, and it’s something which advertisers will happily bid a significant amount to advertise against, you’re in business. Partly this is because it’s easy – relative to establishing a successful blog in a niche and achieving the same level of earnings for example.

The Business of Social Media: B2B and B2C Engagement by the Numbers | Brian Solis

In almost every scenario I’ve encountered, executives, marcom and service executives, and brand managers have generally assumed that social and interactive activities and programming were ideally best suited for consumer applications. As decision makers take to the social web, their research, activity, communication, and most importantly, their relationships only intensify over time.

Google Me – quick thoughts for and against…

The Way of the Web

For example, Mike Arrington argues Google should clone Facebook , Kim-Mai Cutler argues the opposite. million activations a month, a focus on mobile first (as said by Eric Schmidt), and working across mobiles and the merging tablet market (in terms of tablets now getting mainstream coverage and adoption post iPad). And whenever there are big rumours, the blogosphere rushes to comment.

What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing

Here are some examples: 81% of B2B companies were likely to maintain company-related profiles on social networks, compared to 67% of B2C companies. That gap stayed true for a wide range of social media activities; 75% of B2B companies participated in Twitter (compared to 49% for B2C), 74% hosted a blog (compared to 55% for B2C), and 66% engaged in online discussions (compared to 43% of B2C companies). One of the only areas where B2C was more active than B2B in social media was advertising on social networks (B2B: 42%, B2C: 54%). Learn more. million followers). Mobile 2.0

B2B 39

3 Tips for Maximizing Engagement With Facebook Likes and Shares

Facebook recently released data on the value of a “Liker&# which provides compelling reasons for engaging them: “People who click the Facebook Like button are more engaged, active and connected than the average Facebook user. People typically “Like&# things or social objects , but share activity. For example, if someone makes a comment on an article or reviews a product, they are more likely to want to share their point of view with friends rather than “Like&# it. November 8, 2010 David A. David A. Let’s drill into the specifics to illustrate. iOS 4.2

The Three C’s of Social Content: Consumption, Curation, Creation

The Social Genome The activity that defines the social web is as diverse as the personalities of its inhabitants. only 10% of online consumers actually upload videos for example. blog comments powered by Disqus SUBSCRIBE ABOUT ME Brian Solis is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media. call this behaviorgraphics.