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How Data Cleansing Helps Expiring Data and Poor Leads

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Large companies live or die based on their data, so you’d think that marketing data would be strictly controlled and carefully recorded and maintained. Keep Track of Customer and Contact Data Expiration Dates. Like meat on supermarket shelves, milk in the fridge, or prescription medicine sitting in your cabinet at home, all customer contacts and data have a use-by date.

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Social Media is Dead, Long Live Big Data

Laurel Papworth

Shares Social Media has trained artificial intelligence and now Big Data is taking over. They are focussing on the DATA behind social media. Viva La Big Data. I’ve been giving some keynote presentations and one day workshop in the last year on Big Data and Social Media, and this is a summary of the marketing part of those workbooks. While SMH big data social media.

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Google Activates Their First New gTLD Domain Name

Bill Hartzer

Google has activated their first New gTLD domain name, which is As an internet marketer, I believe it’s important to let the numbers and the marketing data determine your actions. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately to determine the overall viability and marketability of the New gTLDs. Nic.Google currently redirects to the Google Registry. HTTP/1.1·302·Found

How Data Is Used to Refine Marketing Messages

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Instead, most of us are using data to inform our campaigns and listening to our consumers on a regular basis. It’s called a tent pole for a reason: instead of no activity in between major promotions, it just droops a bit to a persistent lower level. Here’s a great example: Gmail. This example might not seem groundbreaking, but it illustrates a key point. Crickets.

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How to Actively Use Facebook Post Insights to Improve Your Community Management


But where should you start in the masses of available data about your posts? In this blog post I will look into the post level data that community managers can export to Excel sheets via Facebook Insights. will share a few tips as to which questions and answers to use when analysing the data and show how to use your new found findings to optimize on future community management.

[INTERVIEW] How TV producers are bridging the gap between social data, risk, and creativity (and how you can too)


We caught up with him to see why he thinks social data holds a pivotal role in show creation, how you can use it for creativity, and how Audiense played an integral part in his new show’s creative process. Audiense: What sparked your interest in the connection between social data and TV? It dawned on me, why not use this data in the creation of the show too? In a rush?

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HOW TO: Activate Your Brand's Super Influencers

Home Social Media Business Entertainment Tech Web Video Dev & Design Apple Mobile Social Good Jobs Business News Advertising & Marketing Small Business Advice Career Development Money & Finance Business Apps Now Trending : The Future of Social Media Parenting [COMIC] November 12, 2010 Ben Straley View Comments HOW TO: Activate Your Brand’s Super Influencers email share email share Do you like this story? When you see data like these as regularly as we do, you realize pretty quickly that super influencers are worth engaging. Treat them like the real VIPs they are.

How to Analyze Twitter Data

Sprout Social

But the fact of the matter is numerous marketers see success in their social media marketing strategies by paying closer attention to Twitter data. common problem for companies is they don’t know the best route to take when analyzing Twitter data. Looking into the data not only shows you what was working, but it gives you more insights to be successful on your next campaign.

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The Importance of Real Time Data In Business

The Realtime Report

The Importance of Real Time Data In Business. The most important asset anyone can have in business is good data. With data never previously available on the scale it is today, the art of success has shifted from being good at acquiring it, to being good at processing and extracting value from it. Market Data. Managing Data. Customer Activity Data.

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Two Social Media Toolkit Examples and Other Goodies


Increasingly, these tools are also being used for predictive and sentiment analysis—using the vast amount of real-time data from these social platforms to predict emerging trends and respond to them quickly (referred to as “social data”). The purpose is to establish a common, yet customizable approach to analyzing social data using the most cost-effective methods available.

The 5 Pillars Of Your Social Data Framework For An Olympic Strategy


Twitter’s active user based has doubled since then and approximately 800 million extra people are now on social networks, so we can expect even more social media data to analyse and act upon this year. Sports clubs, clothing brands, broadcasters, FMCGs and more have a bigger opportunity than ever before to use the social data around the Olympics to their advantage.

3 Ways Sports Marketers Need To Be Using Instagram Data


Implementing insights gleaned from Instagram data can impact a sporting brand’s social activity on more than just instagram. The importance of extracting data will only increase as Instagram continues to experiment with providing audience analytics to marketers. When looking at periods when your activity was/wasn’t successful, remember the context of the post.

How and Why Data Syncing Matters to Your Online Community Setup


This post covers the need-to-know details about the data sync, the most important part of the implementation process. First, let’s define some terms: Data syncing  usually means pushing data from your association management system (AMS) or your customer relationship management (CRM) database to your community platform. Why data syncing is so important. Single sign-on. This

12 Facebook Success Factors Based on Real Data

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We track real-time data on nearly 20,000 Facebook business pages at Rival IQ, and I used this data set to determine several best practices for Facebook engagement. Engagement rate allows us to compare a page with 10,000 fans to one with 1M fans based on the likelihood that fans interact with content on a regular basis The spreadsheet ( View in Google Docs ) shows all the raw data. For clarity, I removed the non-English pages, not because they aren’t examples of good performance, but just because I can’t actually evaluate the posts without a ton of Google Translate time.

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Data Mining: The Ultimate Guide to Niche Analysis

Viper Chill

After that I’m going to give two examples in different industries showing how you can use these services – and the information they generate – to your advantage. 22 Resources for Data-Mining Your Industry. You can find ideas in literally any niche, with some examples being their finance , gadget and humour sections. Data Mining the Surfing Niche. Spyfu.

The Impact of Data, Research for PR

Proactive Report

One of the biggest ways technology has changed the practice of PR is the use of data to drive strategy. PR practitioners today mus tknow how to find, mine and analyze relevant data sets. In fact, data is vital from start to finish for PR today.  If you look at the 10-step PR strategy you will see that data affects almost every step along the plan. Tracking progress.

How to Improve Social Media Results With Data

Rebekah Radice

The key is being data informed. Rather than throwing content at a wall and hoping it sticks, you analyze the data. Andrew Chen  explains it this way, “Being data-informed means that you acknowledge the fact that you only have a small subset of the information that you need to build a successful product. While data is concrete, it is often systematically biased.”

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Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing

Marketers now have the ability to augment their traditional marketing approaches with rich behavioral and activity-based targeting that should increase marketing ROI significantly. Invest in Data Measuring the impact of social media campaigns is systemically different from that of traditional marketing campaigns. While data is abundant, it is by nature unstructured. link] [.]

How H&R Block Activated 90,000 Seasonal Tax Pros in Social Media

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This week: From ExactTarget , a free white paper called “ 3 Truths Every CMO Needs to Know About Social Media and the Customer Experience “ From Expion , a case study about how H&R Block mobilized 90,000 tax professionals in social media using Expion to guide their activity. From Janrain , a free guide on how to improve conversion rates and data quality. Listen Now .

Using Social Media Data for Targeting – How to Locate and Action Real Audience Insights


So what does all this have to do with social media data mining? Social Media Provides Real-Time Data. Let me give you another example. Now they use twitter data to get extremely fast confirmation and send out alerts in record time. Social media can provide a wealth of data, in real time, and advertisers can now tap into it. Applying This Real-Time Data to Marketing. So how can we apply this real-time data to your marketing plan? This level of data tracking allows us to accomplish two things: Advertise Directly to Your Niche. Going Mobile.

How to use big data to find sponsors for your podcast and blog

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hope you’ll agree that it’s a very, very interesting use of big data. For example, Uberflip (which makes killer content hubs, like this one ) is a sponsor of our Content Pros podcast. But lately, I’ve been using big data from Affinio to dig deep and find potential sponsors based on the demonstrated affinities of my fans and followers. Very handy!

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Real World Data

Webbiquity SMM

Looking at data from the Webbiquity blog, several trends are apparent. For example, links from other blogs may provide only modest direct traffic, but they influence search engines and other social media sources, as well as increasing direct traffic. Every blogger wants more traffic. How to get it? So where does blog traffic come from, and how does this change over time?

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Google Embraces Real-Time Data and Visuals To Share Search Trends Around The World Cup

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With global attention and excitement around The FIFA World Cup, Google is leveraging real-time search data to curate sharable facts and visuals to help fuel online conversations around the matches. In each section, information icons offer users more background on how the data was complied. Users can also click on the visual to see detailed search trends from each match.

How Ad Testing Can Combat Facebook’s Slow Ad Growth

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For example, if I want to run a test targeting parents, I literally write down how I define the test: “I am testing parents because I think they will provide converting leads.” Comparing the results from multiple variations of an ad provides the hard data you need to make informed decisions. In its third-quarter-2016 earnings call , Facebook reported that 1.71 billion people used its service in June. That’s nearly one-quarter of the earth’s population! Yet in spite of these impressive numbers, Facebook is expecting much lower ad revenue growth over the next two quarters.

Facebook Beefs Up Analytics for Apps

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Breakdowns let you pivot your data across multiple dimensions including age, gender, platform, country, language, app version and more. They’re a great way to explore your data and answer questions like, “How much of my revenue is coming from a particular platform-operating system combination in a particular country?”. With more than 1.5

Non-Facebook Users to Start Seeing Audience Network-Powered Ads

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Facebook announced in a Facebook for Business post  that it is extending the reach of its Facebook Audience Network  mobile advertising network to non-Facebook users via data it gathers from third-party sites and applications that use the social network’s technology. “Over the coming months,” you won’t have to be a Facebook user to see ads powered by the social network.

B2B Marketing Stats from HubSpot’s Marketing Data Box

Webbiquity SMM

HubSpot last week released the Marketing Data Box , a 3.4 megabyte, 65-slide data dump of marketing facts and statistics from a variety of sources. Direct mail, for example, can be highly effective if done properly. For example, marketers need to understand how QR codes work and different ways QR codes can be used in marketing. Content aggregation ?). Email.

Strategic Marketing of Managing Expectations


For example, your company expects a product to generate specific and positive cash flow over a period of its life, and your customers expect the product to reliably perform functions you have promised them in your marketing communications. would like to pose that pro-active management of your customers expectations will dramatically improve the probability of your product’s success.

Tweet late, email early, and don’t forget about Saturday: Using data to develop a social media strategy » Nieman Journalism Lab

ABOUT ARCHIVES CONTACT SUBSCRIBE TWITTER Tweet late, email early, and don’t forget about Saturday: Using data to develop a social media strategy By Andrew Phelps Tweet Tweet more, and embrace the weekends. Zarrella works for HubSpot , mining data on hundreds of millions of tweets, blog posts, and email newsletters to help marketers find trends. Zarrella’s analysis found.

A Comprehensive Facebook Ads Checklist to Increase Email Acquisition

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billion monthly active users , it’s the largest social network around, making it an effective medium for gaining not only followers, but also high-quality email subscribers. Start off by using historical data about your customer base to segment multiple target audiences. To make sound decisions based on real data, measure your Facebook ad spend in relation to certain key metrics, such as the number of newly acquired email subscribers, open rates, CTRs and cost per action. Take theSkimm , for example. Get on the same page as your target customers. With roughly 1.65

8 Data KPIs Every Blogger Should be Using to Grow Their Blog


In this day and age there are many free tools that provide insights with data that eliminates the need to guess. If you are happy with your bounce rate but still think there is room for improvement, then work harder on driving more relevant visitors to your blog via activities on social media, certain niche forums, and by getting backlinks from other sites in your space. 2. Exit rate.

Selfies and Beyond: What Americans Are Really Doing With Their Smartphones

The Realtime Report

The vast majority – 85% – rely on their smartphone for basic lifestyle activities, according to a survey of 1,000 U.S. Other smartphone activities commonly reported included hooking up (6%) and dating (4%). Even more interesting: the study found that the most popular smartphone activities vary by gender and geographic location. adults by security app Clean Master.

What Small Businesses Need to Kickstart a Programmatic Ad Strategy

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Business and customer data has existed for ages. The introduction of Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) aid the increase of customer data collection so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone, according to IBM. Customer Data is Gold. Driving Results with Data.

10 Steps to Master Your Social Media Analytics

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The advantage of this is the ability to engage with users in real-time and activate the data received. For example, do you need to check the performance of your latest campaign or understand the growth of your social channels ? Once your monitoring period has begun, create alerts to track unusual spikes in activity. Image via Unsplash. The ultimate goal for brands?

Legal and Ethical Issues in Marketing

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For example, when does data collection become an invasion of privacy?  When does promotional activity become a misleading claim? Privacy Concerns and Data Collection Data collection is the first step in any good marketing campaign. Essential data will include information about age, demographic, spending habits, and interests. and 6 p.m. and 5 p.m.

A Complete Guide to Twitter’s Q2 2016 Earnings Call

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Twitter reported 313 million monthly active users at the end of the second quarter of 2016, up from 310 million at the end of the first quarter  and up 3 percent year-over-year. Twitter Engage , a new companion application for iOS, helps creators better understand, engage and grow their audiences on the go with real-time data and insights. Product overview. And then tweeting itself.

Research-Driven Ideas for Social Data


Attending the European Conference of Information Systems in Tel Aviv last week, I was happy to find that areas such as data visualization, predictive analytics, social CRM and ROI etc found their way into the conference. Industries such as marketing now rely heavily on a new field of social data science to make sense of the large quantities of information about their brand community.

Influence Met Transparency with @Kred


Founded in 2007, they providing data mining, analytics, and brand engagement. Example of Top Community Members: There is no influence without transparency. Throughout your Activity Statement you are able to view records of every interaction, giving you a full view of your social presence. PeopleBrowsr is a high-tech social analytics company with a passion for marketing.

35 Great Social Media Infographics


As you probably know, infographics are visual representations of information, data, or knowledge. They are driven by the same information as charts, but they’re often a better form of communication because of their pleasant aesthetics — charts and graphs can communicate data, but infographics turn data into information. The Social Engagement Spectrum 2. Anyone?

CMOs Win When High-Value Customers Are Treated Personally Online

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