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Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources


Aggregation. How Marketing Might Want to Aggregate, Filter, Curate, Publish and Distribute. Can you give priority to your own content within the aggregated content? How to Curate Content for an Aggregated Content Site. Then aggregate. Content aggregation drives viewers, but can it drive profits? Curation: The end of content aggregation as we know it.

Customer Experience in the Age of the Aggregator

Simply Measured

In the age of the aggregator, the power of the consumer has never been greater, and brands simply can’t afford to enter the social realm and try to “play the game” by their own rules — whatever those are. In the Simply Measured app, you can set very detailed parameters for when you’d like to be alerted about activity on your accounts. Kate Zabriskie.

Content Curation versus Content Aggregation

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Content Curation versus Content Aggregation: A Velvet Mr. T Painting Two posts brought to my attention the discussion starting to take root about the worlds of content aggregation versus content curation. Not an aggregator. Curation goes one step beyond aggregation by adding an active, ongoing editorial component. Digital media strategy.

What’s the law around aggregating news online

ABOUT ARCHIVES CONTACT SUBSCRIBE TWITTER What’s the law around aggregating news online? Harvard Law report on the risks and the best practices By Kimberley Isbell / Sept. 8 / 10:30 a.m. [So much of the web is built around aggregation — gathering together interesting and useful things from around the Internet and presenting them in new ways to an audience. billion in 2008 alone.

Aggregators: the good ones vs. the looters

The Carriers’ Rebellion » Aggregators: the good ones vs. the looters September 19, 2010 - 6:58 pm | Edited by Frédéric Filloux News aggregators have grown into all shapes and forms. It is a pure aggregator — actually an aggrefilter , as coined by Dan Farber, at the time editor-in-chief of Cnet, who recommended it. My daily media routine starts on Techmeme.

Content Aggregation For Links, Traffic And Buzz

For this post, I am not talking about scripting content, I am talking about manually collecting it and being a human aggregator of the best, editorially chosen material.  I know that’s not the usual definition of aggregation on the web, but I think the actual, not buzzword definition of the word works to describe this strategy. quick example: 49 Amazing Social Media, Web 2.0

Facebook Beefs Up Analytics for Apps

SocialTimes Facebook

Sharing insights (pictured above) help you see the most popular stories shared from your website to Facebook and the aggregated demographics of the people who shared them, as well as a sentiment analysis, top quotes and other insights. Facebook launched several new features and an improved design for its Analytics for Apps  free mobile analytics solution. With more than 1.5

Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 2: Aggregation Is Not Curation

Print this article | Read this article in: | Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 2: Aggregation Is Not Curation We are no longer just consumers of content , we have become curators of it too. As I see it: " Aggregation is automated, curation is manual. Automated aggregation is not the solution. In fact, aggregation can equal aggravation. Guess what?

Aggregation Editorial Social Layers


It’s different from mere aggregation services because there is an editorial layer and a social layer. Browse My Stuff relies much more heavily on Social Filtering than the approach that they take.  We look at the activities of people on the site as well as off-site in order to surface good content.  The editorial layer allows curators to highlight specific pieces of content.

Sony Builds Interactive Social Media Hub For 2014 World Cup

The Realtime Report

With an exponential rise in the use of social media platforms between the 2010 World Cup and today, One Stadium Live provides a unique venue to aggregate the increasing amount of conversations soccer fans are having across the world. Social Media Campaigns Facebook Google Isobar One Stadium Live Online forum soccer social media Social Media aggregation Sony Twitter World Cup

Aggregate your online activity using Tumblr [Tutorial]

Subscribe to 8824 RSS Subscribers 321 Aggregate your online activity using Tumblr [Tutorial] October 19, 2008 | In Tutorials , WebApp | View Comments Friendfeed is a great site. It collects all your “social networks&# activity and creates a linear feed where your friends can leave comments. If we take Twitter for example, it also offers RSS feed of your updates.

Content Aggregators are Killing Content Creators

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Opinion , Social Media > Content Aggregators are Killing Content Creators Content Aggregators are Killing Content Creators by Tamar Weinberg on September 23, 2009 Share This is a guest post from Josh Schnell, founder of and web developer. Sometimes I’m incredibly active.

5 Ways that Social Media Impacts SEO

Adam Sherk

How does social media activity impact search engine optimization? For example: This extra visual information attracts user attention which leads to improved clickthrough rates and thus increased traffic from search engines. 2. Google’s “Search Plus Your World” puts the most weight on Google+ activity but other social signals are taken into consideration too.

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The New Dilemma: Social Media Exposes Us to Too Much, Too Often

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Instead of having to actively search for new and interesting things, our friends were doing the work for us. will also cover some of the popular ways that power users use useful services and features to better organize and aggregate the constant flow of high quality, popular content. One of the best examples of how this overabundance has done harm is with daily deal sites.

Five models of content curation


This is a pretty good deconstruction of how we actively curate content for you here on SocialFishing, and it’s a useful way to think about particular kinds of posts you could be posting on your association or nonprofit blog relative to your industry topics. Let’s run through them quickly, and I’ll point to an example of each from this blog. We like them a lot.

How To Engage On Sites Using Facebook’s New Commenting Plugin

Dave Fleet

Company-related conversation aggregated on employee Facebook profile. Lost opportunity to aggregate relevant conversation and to activate advocates on page. Aggregated conversations provide additional content for Facebook pages. Conversations aggregated on company page may not be positive in tone. Do they just avoid commenting on sites using this plugin? login.

Media Fragmentation: 3 Strategies For How Business Marketers Can Keep Up

The Realtime Report

For example, research shows that B2B decision makers today use an average of 10 different sources when making purchase decisions about complex, enterprise-wide technology solutions. Today:  B2B buying decision model is highly collaborative where corporate and management are active participants in needs determination and evaluation. Billion Monthly Active Users, #RLTM Scoreboard.

8 Social Media Questions Publishers Should Be Asking Themselves

Adam Sherk

Understanding intent can be tricky (see Can Publishers Harvest Social Media Intent in a Meaningful Way? ) but monitoring behavior and activity often proves valuable. 4. How do we maintain active social outposts without sacrificing on-site community? The fact that sharing links is a large part of social media activity is a tremendous advantage for publishers. AddThis).

What Does 2013 Hold for Social Media?


It’s an example of a company truly taking part in activities similar to those of a media company by offering a non-branded service to their target group. Add Social TV, “Social Nicheworks”, co-creating prosumers and aggregators, hyper connectivity and social search to the list of trends to be on the lookout for in 2013 as well. What does this mean?

The 20 Best New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017 (And How to Use Them)

Buffer Social

For example, when you are searching on a particular topic on Google, Refind will highlight the relevant links you have previously saved in the search results. Here’s a really cool example. For example, if you are making a video, here are the story templates you can choose from: Promote an idea. Check out a cool example from the Rocketium team here. Panda 5. Yotpo.

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Automated Filtering vs Human-Powered Curation


With solutions like and Browse My Stuff grabbing attention, and with people like Robin Good doing a series on Real-Time News Curation , and Ross Dawson tells us has curation has hit the tipping point , it seems like the concepts of curation, aggregation, filtering are suddenly a central conversation.  Of course, this has long been a conversation as Robin, Ross or I could tell you.  Aggregation, Automated Filtering and Curation. Aggregation is Automated, Curation is Manual. Automated Aggregation without Curation, is mostly spam. Browse My Stuff and Tweetmeme.

The Social Media Monitoring Lighthouse – A Guide on What and How to Monitor

Razor Social

Is all that social media activity paying off? When you create a specific campaign, you’ll want to isolate activity based on this campaign and report on everything within the campaign. Link tracking – You can add additional parameters to your links so you can track activity on those links. We have shown an example of an alert where there is a break-out post.

6 Reasons Social Media Sucks, But You Need to Use It Anyway

Webbiquity SMM

These people aren’t shy about telling you how wonderful they are (it’s amazing how many Twitter handles and profiles, for example, include terms like “guru,&# “expert&# or even “god&# ), or treating social media as a direct sales channel rather than a mechanism for sharing valuable insights and information. Last night’s extracurricular activities?

Facebook’s New Comment System: All You Wanted to Know

The Marketing Blog

For example, you need to enter the URL of the website where the comments system will be integrated. Now once you post a comment and it goes to your Facebook profile, it is also reflected in the activity stream of your friends. Here is one example that we tested in the case of Techcrunch. Were you gearing up for the upcoming Facebook page updates for 10th March?

Facebook’s New Comment System: All You Wanted to Know

The Marketing Blog

For example, you need to enter the URL of the website where the comments system will be integrated. This cross-posting feature ensures that any comment you make on a blog/website also goes to your Facebook profile thereby allowing your friends to see your comment in their activity stream. Here is one example that we tested in the case of Techcrunch. What is the Good Part?

10 Ways to Strategically Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

Social Selling Masters

Here is a link to examples. Fictional example: Senior Sales Manager with campaigns delivering at least 30% to 40% profits to clients in the Americas and APAC regions. Here is a rough example: [Keyword: Senior Sales Manager] for [company name]. Note that not all users who viewed your profile can be identified as some may have chosen to activate their privacy settings.

Four Content Discovery Tools to Engage

Spin Sucks

Spundge aggregates content from a variety of sources to help you with content discovery  for your WordPress blog, social networks, or other content publishing platforms. Include negative keywords to filter out irrelevant stories.  In the example below, we’re looking for stories based around android smartphone technology. By Jessica Davis. Swayy for Personalized Content.

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3 Mistakes You’re Making Online

Almost Savvy

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re active online and chances are you’re making one of these mistakes. If you are not intentionally and strategically sharing information online, you may be defined by a hodgepodge of links to your extracurricular activities or from various sites that aggregate content about someone with your name, which may or may not indeed be you.

Web Lead Tracking Explained: How to Get High Quality Leads with the Internet

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

For example, some firms tie one phone number to all of their Google AdWords ads. Beyond providing aggregated referral data, tracking services can supply you with a recording of every phone call.  By listening to the call, a business can identify the source of each individual lead – and evaluate and improve its inbound sales team’s performance. You can’t. Simple Phone Tracking.

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New Facebook Power Editor: A Complete Guide

Jon Loomer

Audiences: This aggregates all of your Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences and Saved Audiences. Following are the filtering options, by category… Campaign Delivery: Active. Ad Set Delivery: Active. Ad Delivery: Active. For example, if you choose “Campaign Delivery,” you’ll need to select from variables like Active, Inactive, Scheduled, etc.

Why Curation Is Just as Important as Creation [OPINION]

Computers can’t distinguish between data and ideas or between human intellect and aggregated text and links. Are Content Aggregators Vampires? The content aggregators are vampires!” mean come on, The New York Times is an aggregator of a thousand people’s work. The New York Times has been doing aggregation for a hundred years. Now compare that with aggregators.

22 Expert Guides and Reviews of 200+ Social Media Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Based on one of his conference presentations, Ian Anderson Gray showcases seven tools “that can help you be more effective and efficient” at managing your social media marketing activities, such as Friends+Me (which is “similar to Buffer but allows you to repost to your Google+ profiles, pages, communities and collections. Image credit: Buddy Media. Check out this post.

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23 (More) of the Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resources of 2012

Webbiquity SMM

Google+, for example, allows you to link to as many of your other social profiles as you choose”) as well as specific suggestions for getting the most out of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. For example, useful tools for keeping a collaborative calendar include Google Calendar, Outlook, Basecamp and ZOHO. Social Media Marketing Guides and Tips. know—Reddit?

How to Curate Content: The Secret Sauce to Getting Noticed, Becoming an Influencer, and Having Fun Online

Buffer Social

Check aggregation sites like, Growth Hackers, Hacker News, Panda, Digg, etc. Here’s an example. Community aggregators. These are basically community aggregators for anything you could imagine. He’s cornered the market on “huh, interesting” content, which is a great example for those feeling a bit too tied to one particular subject.

Why Reddit Continues to be Relevant


An Example. They work with a minimal staff – a staff that is still very active within the community, giving regular updates – and despite being a part of the Conde Nast company, have not “sold out” as it were. So for users looking to find an online news aggregator that is customizable and interactive, Reddit is really the only place left to go. The Problem with Digg. Reddit.

Create an Audience of People Who Spent the Most Time on Your Website

Jon Loomer

In the example above, an audience is being generated of people who have visited at least 20 times during the past 30 days. Aggregate values: Total amount someone has spent. To create an audience of the top 25% of active users on your website, Facebook takes the top 25,000 in this case. How to Create. We recommend installing a pixel on every page for best results.

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Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

Sprout Social

Choose social media platforms where you can actively participate and consistently create content. Quick Twitter Stats 310 million monthly active users. This will allow you to Tweet outside of regular business hours and keep your timeline active throughout the day. When you’re building your initial following, being active gives people a chance to build familiarity with you.

How to Use Competitive Social Monitoring on Twitter

Convince & Convert

Rather, the true power comes from the trends you find by aggregating data to extract patterns. Now, you’ll get a full view of their marketing activities that are actually making an impact. In this post, I’ll use Rival IQ , a digital analytics tool that tracks the social media and SEO activities of you and your competitors. Lots of Data Means You’ll Need Some Help. Sweet!

How to Get Your Social Media Audience Engaging With You Elsewhere Too

Clearly, brands need to be active on these channels, so they can be a part of the conversation. Now you can send your best marketing content (like that high-quality Curated newsletter you’re now using, for example) straight to their inboxes. Post by Adi Englander. Cross-channel engagement has some major advantages. Here are some of the best ways to do just that. features. Host an AMA.

The digital marketing trends & ideas to take into 2017, and beyond


Using our understanding of the data we’ve gathered we can help other areas of the business predict the result they can expect from their activities. Solar Impulse integrated targeted DM activity in their PR strategy, as email inboxes of journalists were becoming cluttered. For example, if we have a beauty product that is sold at one of the high street pharmacies.