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Best Webinars of 2014

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By Gini Dietrich On the fourth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… four free webinars, three strategy games , two Crazies secrets , and the PR win of 2014. Best Webinars of 2014 I went through the webinars of 2014 and chose the “best” based on number of attendees and the percentage of people who watched it all the way through. (As The best webinars of 2014.

The PR Win of 2014

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She’ll likely nearly double that in 2014. Copyblogger recently took down their Facebook page and everyone in our industry was talking about it. Make a risky decision for your industry and let the trade publications and bloggers do the rest. The post The PR Win of 2014 appeared first on Spin Sucks. But the proof is in the pudding: She sold 1.3 In one week.

Tradeshow Trends for 2014


20+ Tradeshow Trends For 2014 & Beyond from Jeff Hurt. From the Trenches Industry Insider …by the always excellent Jeff Hurt. Stick this in your pipe and smoke it! Related Posts Best Linkedin Company Pages How to Lead Your Way to a Social Organization Here’s what Silicon Valley cares about.

The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Puzzle Marketer

Take this common example, a company exec or CMO attends an industry event and buys in to the latest marketing craze. The post The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem appeared first on Puzzle Marketer. That’s not to say that marketers are less educated or qualified, it’s just that they have become over specialized and often don’t pull back to see the larger picture.

The State of Community Management 2014


The State of Community Management 2014 from The Community Roundtable. Lessons From The 2014 State of Community Management Report. Content Strategy From the Trenches Industry Insider Open Community Potluck Useful Data White Paper You know, it, it’s that time again! From the Community Roundtable comes the awesomest comprehensive report on communities. Appetite whetted?

Best Tips for Successful Social Media and Digital Marketing in 2014


Social media and digital marketing are going to grow even stronger in 2014. With my first hand experience working with so many businesses, I am giving you my most important social media and digital marketing tips that will help you increase your online footprint, exposure and bottom line in 2014 for your business. Set aside a budget in your 2014 plan for social media advertising.

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The 2014 State of Digital Transformation


Slides] The 2014 State of Digital Transformation by Altimeter Group from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare. Industry Insider Lots of good stuff in this Altimeter report on Digital Transformation. Jamie Notter and I have a whole chapter on Digital in our forthcoming book. Watch this space, you’ll hear a lot more about it soon! Check us out.

SEO Copywriting: 25 Best Practices for 2014

Writtent Blog

Nevertheless, industry best practices are still very much worth implementing. We’ve listed 25 of the best practices of 2014 below. In 2014, SEO copywriting is about quality – well-written optimized content that appeals to humans. You can also discover techniques, learn new tricks, and stay up to date on industry news. They can also enhance credibility and authority.

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SEO in 2014: Where It’s All Headed


2013 was a downright bizarre year for SEO, which is why you’re bound to see all sorts of wacky predictions for 2014. SEOmoz, one of the industry’s biggest thought leaders, rebranded to just Moz. because not a lot of people understand the industry in the first place ( but don’t those kind of headlines get a lot more clicks? ). What is Next for SEO in 2014? SEO” Got Fuzzy.

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30 Remarkable Content Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

Webbiquity SMM

And it continues to expand: 82% of marketers plan to increase their budgets for content marketing in 2014. The most trusted types of content are reports and white papers produced by professional associations (cited by 67% of B2B buyers) and reports or white papers from industry research groups (50%). Content marketing has become ubiquitous, with 93% of B2B marketers now using it.

20 Statistics That Will Drive 2014 Marketing Strategies [Infographic]


No longer a luxury, it will become a must-have in 2014 marketing strategies. In 2014, marketers will use dynamic content to deliver targeted, highly-personalized experiences to the right audience at the right time. PPC: 72% of PPC marketers (those who use pay-per-click advertising) plan to increase their PPC budget in 2014. What to expect. Trends in the marketing mix.

How to Build a Content Calendar (Plus a Free Template for 2014)

Convince & Convert

We have no problems with other people borrowing our methods we wanted to offer a content marketer’s guide to building a content calendar along with a free template for the 2014 calendar year. Looking at the year ahead, you might see several industry or world events that you want to plan content around – the content calendar is a place to store and manage this information.

21 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2014

Writtent Blog

While some of the content marketing tools trending in 2014 are familiar, many of the rest are brand-new and probably worth adding to your program. InboxQ is one heck of a smart search engine, which takes your industry keywords and connects them to questions that are being asked in real-time on Twitter. What if a marketer was only as good as their content marketing tools? Evernote.

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KLM Lets You Book Flights Via Facebook and Twitter

The Realtime Report

Social Media Campaigns airline industry airlines Facebook KLM Twitter Here’s another first for airlines: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is now allowing customers to book flights and pay via social media. A customer on Facebook or Twitter can now book or rebook a flight, reserve a seat, arrange extra baggage, and pay through the social networking platform.

The Best of Association Social Media 2014


And what a year 2014 was. And I’m helping launch an awesome association industry startup (more on that in due course). In wrapping up this year, I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our SocialFish contributors in 2014 – your content has been fantastic and I love that this blog is an amalgam of so many voices. So here we are, in a new year. Phew! Centscere.

Industry Spam Rings Plague Google Local, Cause Problems

Bill Hartzer

Google Local, now known officially as Google My Business , has to deal with what they call “industry spam rings”, which are plaguing Google’s local listings like a virus. And as a result, they’ve changed their internal policies in order to deal with these industry spam rings. To combat the industry spam rings, Google is doing several things. Lawncare.

Apartment Marketing Predictions 2014: The New Breed Speaks


2014 is upon us. This trend will continue in 2014. In 2014, our focus will be on improving our mobile exposure. One issue that I hope to resolve in 2014 is to try and gain more reliability and responsiveness from our marketing partner. I think 2014 marketing themes will start to incorporate words like rest, refuge, and respite. Mark Juleen, VP Marketing, J.C.

The Five Communications Trends for 2015

Spin Sucks

By Gini Dietrich On the fifth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… five communications trends, four free webinars , three strategy games , two Crazies secrets , and the PR win of 2014. The communications industry will become more accountable to drive their efforts through data. Yay for my content team! They came up with the idea. I just have to execute. I mean, right now.

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How to Create Visual Content for Social Media on the Fly


Content Strategy Featured Industry Insider My favorite free (or cheap!) tools for non-designers. So, we’ve all been hearing it. It’s all over the Web: the future of social media is becoming more and more visual. You can no longer get away with simple text and links to blog posts and call it content. But, let’s say you’re not a designer. I can totally relate. So cool. Desktop tools and apps.

BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups


Featured From the Trenches Implementation Industry Insider IMPORTANT: I submitted a ticket to LinkedIn last week, because despite all my best efforts, I was unable to set an organization’s group settings to allow the Jobs tab. Here’s the normal settings page, where you click to “enable the jobs feature” As you can see, I selected that. Only $195 for a posting!

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NEW! Essentials of Online Community Management On-Demand Course


Content Strategy Featured From the Trenches Implementation Industry Insider Nimble Nonprofit Open Community Risk and Social Media Social Learning I’ve partnered with Ben Martin of Online Community Results to offer an on-demand, crash course on the Essentials on Online Community Management (EOCM). You’re busy, take the course on your own schedule! EOCM video lessons are on-demand.

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85 Takeaways from New Media Expo 2014


Without further ado, here are the 101 things I learned at #NMX 2014. Summary: Even if you aren’t a podcaster, these are some great tips to connect with experts, industry influencers, etc. Ask guests to quikcly recommend / introduce you to other industry experts that they know who would be a good fit for your podcast. The bulk of my session notes from New Media Expo 2014!

Most Popular Newspapers on Twitter: Guess Who’s #1?

The Realtime Report

Social Media Statistics media newspaper industry newspapers Searchmetrics Twitter Which US newspaper do you think is tops on Twitter? A new study by Searchmetrics reveals the leaders: The Washington Post, The New York Times and USA Today. The study ranked leading US newspaper sites by the number of tweets per week that were generated by the content on each site. Here are the top 10: .

3 Day Social Media Intensive – Hands on! Sydney 2014

Laurel Papworth

Not sure if/when I’m running them next year due to available dates but here’s the details for this December course: Social Media 3 Day Intensive Course (hands on) in Sydney December 2014. Workshop Facilitator: Laurel was named by Forbes magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally, and Marketing Magazine named her “Head of Industry, Social Media” Author of Social Media Revenue, Laurel has consulted globally including with Singapore Government and Middle East Broadcasting, and in Australia, with Westpac, Sony, local, State and Federal Government.

Content Strategy for Associations


Content Strategy Featured Industry Insider Another MUST READ (must view??) deck on content strategy for associations from the awesome Hilary Marsh. Creating a great content strategy from Content Company. ————-. photo credit ). Five Web Design Trends to Watch.

Ten Communicators to Follow

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On the 10th day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… 10 communicators to follow, nine PR blogs to read , eight PR up-and-comers , seven must-listen podcasts , six communicator gifts , five communications trends , four free webinars , three strategy games , two Crazies secrets , and the PR win of 2014. Merry Christmas to me! Today we bring you the 10 communicators you should follow.

Why Customer Service is the Future of Social Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Today, in 2014, people are still “social media experts.” But we’re in 2014 now. I’m sorry to say, it no longer asserts thought leadership to the extent it used to when you’re a company posting about somewhat of a relevant article to your industry either. In 2006, social media was building steam in the United States. And make their marks they did.

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Five Web Design Trends to Watch


————— Is your organization embarking on a website redesign in 2014? In 2014, sliders will start to be replaced by one prominent photo or graphic with a small amount of text. In 2014, organizations should expect to see simpler sites on mobile that focus on the most important content you need users to have. Here are five design trends to consider.

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The Eight PR Up-and-Comers

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On the eighth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… eight PR up-and-comers, seven must-listen podcasts , six communicator gifts , five communications trends , four free webinars , three strategy games , two Crazies secrets , and the PR win of 2014. She keeps me updated on the PR industry in Canada by sending links and her thoughts every month or so. By Gini Dietrich.

13 Things to Include in a Communications Firm Business Plan

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This is where you’ll state which kinds of clients by size, industry, and marketing needs. or it could be the industries in which you specialize. Plan : Develop deep and narrow expertise in industry XX or in specialty XX with focused positioning that include targeted staffing, research, special resources or capabilities, relevant work experience, and other activities.

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Leveraging Social Identity


Debunking the Hype Featured Industry Insider Watched this over the weekend. It’s really good. ” Download the slides to this webinar. and download the full research report. Webinar] Leveraging Social Identity, by Altimeter Group from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare. ————— ( photo credit ). More like this.

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12 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy


As soon as breaking news comes out about anything related to your brand or industry, you should share your opinion and become part of the conversation. Do you need some help to get started with your social media marketing plan? If you don’t, it will be obvious to your fans and target market that you are disorganized. If you’re starting from scratch, it can feel overwhelming.

7 Skills New Marketers Need to Succeed

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The industry is constantly changing and it can be a challenge to keep up. How can you tell the difference between the skills that are necessary and those that are just hype? Checkout Formstack ’s new infographic on the “7 Skills Marketers Need to Succeed.” They studied the trends and crunched the numbers to help digital marketers prioritize their goals.

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The Five Parts to Brand Storytelling Nearly Everyone Misses

Spin Sucks

Is it an industry concern; perhaps you work in print distribution and the products you make are becoming extinct because everything is going online and you no longer have something to distribute? By Gini Dietrich Last week, I had a fun email conversation with Patrick Coffee over at Mediabistro. ” Which made me laugh out loud. Granted, I’m easily amused.) We know it’s crap.

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How to Produce Social Media Content for Your Business


Sharing of other valuable Facebook posts in your industry. - Re-Tweeting other valuable tweets in your industry. Industry events. If your business already has a presence on your chosen social media profiles or if you are just starting out, you know that you have to post great valuable content continually and consistently to attract new followers and retain the ones you have.

Nine PR Blogs to Read

Spin Sucks

By Gini Dietrich On the ninth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… nine PR blogs to read, eight PR up-and-comers , seven must-listen podcasts , six communicator gifts , five communications trends , four free webinars , three strategy games , two Crazies secrets , and the PR win of 2014. Pretty much anything you need to know about the industry is covered in this blog. AirPR.

Plan Your Content Using a Marketing Funnel

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The top (or broad content) goals should simply be to build industry awareness, attract links, and reach new audiences. The middle (or discovery content) goals should be to create awareness of a solution you have to an industry problem, awareness of your organizations, and help prospects to remember you. It could be pricing or delivery or warranty or just education about your industry.

The Secrets to Becoming Part of the Spin Sucks Crazies

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By Laura Petrolino On the second day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… two secrets to become a Spin Sucks Crazy and the PR win of 2014. While I might not always comment, or comment at all (we love our “phantom” Crazies too) I shall do my part to help transform the PR industry. Becoming a part of the Spin Sucks Crazies is no doubt on the 2015 list of many. Rob is the secret.

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2014 Domainer’s Choice Awards – Official Results

Bill Hartzer

The first annual Domainer’s Choice Awards were presented this evening, June 28, 2014, at the Dana Point Yacht Club, in Dana Point, California. This award is to honor an individual or a group that has consistently represented the best of our industry. Best Industry Conference -. Industry Customer Service Rep -. Most Helpful Resource for Domain Industry Newcomers -.

23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides

Webbiquity SMM

5 Social Media Trends for 2014: New Research by Social Media Examiner. ” 24 Social Media Tips For The DIY Social Media Marketer In 2014 by Idea Girl Marketing. This makes it the perfect avenue for…businesses in industries with a visual focus.” Basic presence and listening tactics will no longer suffice, and certainly won’t differentiate brands.