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Did Facebook Screw Up?

Small Business Mavericks

Last week, I discussed Facebook’s new Page layout features , which I think are generally a good thing. Just read the comments on Facebook’s own page. One of the biggest bones of contention seems to be Facebook’s relevance algorithm. They’d rather that Facebook kept the chronological order for comments. That’s a good question, Facebook.

It’s Time to Take Facebook Seriously for Location Marketing

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What’s your location marketing strategy for Facebook? If you are one of those businesses, it’s time to take local presence on Facebook more seriously, because Facebook is taking some big steps to make itself a stronger platform for location marketing, especially on-demand commerce at a local level. Even better, Facebook is giving you tools to succeed on the world’s largest social network. Like clockwork, Facebook has been signaling a very clear move toward local marketing year after year. One year later, Facebook upped the ante with two enhancements.

How to Love Facebook Live

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Brands have jumped on Facebook Live  with a sense of urgency, and for understandable reasons. Facebook is not only the world’s largest social network, it’s also a media monster. Here are some lessons to learn from how brands succeed with Facebook Live. To engage with Facebook Live, you’re going to need to have a tolerance for testing and learning.

Why Facebook Breeds Voyeurism

Ari Herzog

Rachel Jonat recently shared why she quit Facebook , extracting in part: I want more from my friends than status updates. Rachel replied that she joined Facebook in 2006 as a convert from MySpace. Instead of calling people or seeing people I just watched them on Facebook. people who watch everyone else Facebooking. Why I Don’t Hate Facebook Anymore.

10 Reasons Brands Fail to Convert Facebook Fans into Paying Customers

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Posted in Commerce Facebook Interactive Marketing Sales Social Media Social Networking Strategy. According to HubSpot, ninety three percent of adults on the Internet are on Facebook, yet only 1% of a brand’s Facebook fans will ever make their way to the company’s main website. We know, after all, that Facebook users are a highly active and engaged audience.

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2012 Google I/O - Is This the 2007 Facebook F8?

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As the first Google I/O with the Google+ Team, and a serious read/write API yet to launch, I predict we are about to see an explosion of social apps at a level we haven't seen since Facebook's F8 Conference in 2007 when they launched their platform to the world. Just like Google+, Facebook took baby steps to launch their API, but when they were ready, they launched big.

21 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Tools and Rants of 2012 So Far

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Despite a shaky IPO last spring, Facebook remains the 800-pound gorilla of social media marketing, as it now approaches the billion-user mark. Though often associated with bands and brands, Facebook is viewed as the most effective social media tool (by a fairly large margin) by both B2C and bB2B marketers. So what are the best tactics for marketing and advertising on Facebook? Will Facebook continue to grow and dominate the web, or is it headed for a fall like AOL and MySpace before it? Facebook Guides, Tips & Techniques. Facebook Apps and Tools.

How I Network on Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn Â?

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That doesn’t typically fly elsewhere (Facebook will kill the account), but Times Square on Friendster required 2 accounts at the time because I maxed out on the initial 500 person limit. I had many friends just like that. The High Point: Facebook In 2004, I joined Facebook and my behavior changed drastically. Facebook is mostly used for professional use. MySpace?

The Silent Revolution: Facebook Video and the Importance of Consumer Behavior

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And if you scroll through your Facebook News Feed, you may notice that in some ways, we’re moving back to those days. And this is likely because  according to multiple publishers , as much as 85% percent of video views on Facebook happen with the sound off. . Tailoring content to Facebook’s algorithms and user trends is an essential part of any social media strategy.

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Enter The Age Of Facebook Phone Calls | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

An app for the iPhone is on the way and there are rumors that a Skype Facebook app is in development. I can see a day when this technology will be available worldwide. It also has astounding potential for small businesses who want to do business with their Facebook friends. About Us What’s a Maverick? But it’s available only in the U.S. and Canada. That’s not a long time.

Embed Facebook Content Into Your Website | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

But I have yet to see a really good tool that allows you to embed Facebook content. Here it is in action, from SocialDitto’s own Facebook page: SocialDitto SocialDitto has been updated to include Twitter! Tags: facebook , Social Media , SocialDitto , Twitter , WebProNews This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 at 11:13 am and is filed under Social Media.

Bloggers Flash Back to 2006 and Flash Forward to 2009

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Several 2006 wishes came true. hope you enjoy the 2006 - 2009 comparisons. Elana Centor , Funny Business 2006 If I am going to be completely honest and self-absorbed, the thing that I would like it see more of in 2006 is more traffic at Funny Business. Yvonne DiVita , Lip-sticking 2006 MORE Smart Women Bloggers. Tim Jackson , MASIGuy 2006 More people blogging.

Facebook Changes Page Layout Features | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

Tweeting Can Lead To Short-Term Traffic Gains » Facebook Changes Page Layout Features It used to be that Facebook fan pages weren’t allowed to interact with other pages or with Facebook profile walls. You can interact with others on Facebook as your branded Facebook page. This is a great opportunity for brands that are using Facebook for marketing.

Dear Facebook Friends, You're Doing it Wrong

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Facebook, originally known as, was a service that connected college students to their classmates and to friends in other universities. If you do so on Facebook, your account will likely be terminated especially if Facebook receives reports of misrepresentation. Facebook is a great tool for marketing your business , but only if you use it correctly.

How to Find Your Fans on Facebook but Connect with Them on Snapchat

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Tweetable Moments Facebook is where we go to find our fans, and Snapchat is what we use to become friends with them. Chris Mikulin , CLYW’s Owner, started the Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works company in 2006 because he was dissatisfied with all of the yo-yo products on the market. Chris got into yo-yoing for fun in college, where he studied mechanical engineering.

Propel Your Brand into the Future with Social Employees

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Think back to 2006 and consider the landscape. Meanwhile, Facebook was still a closed network exclusive to America’s […]. We’ve come a long way in 10 years. Marketers, want an idea of how quickly digital branding has changed in the past decade? MySpace was the undisputed king of the social web, and RSS feeds were flourishing.

Search and Social Lessons from the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference

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” Grant Tilus and Katy Katz of Collegis discussed the virtual demise of organic reach on Facebook, and what to do about it. For example, “This Facebook contest will drive 100 new leads in 90 days.”. • To crack the organic code, tap into human psychology; people like content tnat: makes us feel good, gives us answers, tells a story, or surprises us.

CollegeHumor Co-Founder Ricky Van Veen Joins Facebook

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Facebook is adding some humor to its Facebook Live  and 360 video  offerings, as in CollegeHumor  co-founder Ricky Van Veen. Van Veen announced in a Facebook post (embedded below) that he was joining the social network in the newly created position of head of global creative strategy, adding that he will work with content creators and organizations and focus on video. According to Re/code , Van Veen and three other co-founders launched CollegeHumor in 2000 and sold it and other assets, including video site Vimeo , to IAC  in 2006.

Facebook Page Promotion - OfflineOffline | Small Business Mavericks

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Did Facebook Screw Up? » Facebook Page Promotion – Offline A lot has been said of Facebook Pages. How do you promote your Facebook Page? These might include: Your website Twitter LinkedIn Social bookmarking HubPage or Squidoo Lens Facebook advertising Online display advertising Your blog Mobile phone apps The list could go on, I’m sure.

Evolving on Facebook From Then to Now

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Reviewing my Facebook history from Day One (which you can learn how to download yourself ), I’ll guess I joined the social networking site in the spring of 2005 shortly after I gained email address in graduate school. Facts from my Facebook past… August 30, 2005: I wrote a message to someone for the first time. August 20, 2006: Someone wrote on my wall for the first time. November 5, 2006: Someone sent me an event invitation for the first time. Because search engines can see pages, so too can any person whether or not a Facebook user.

Create A Facebook Fan Page

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Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Create A Facebook Fan Page January 20, 2010 by Taylor Marek For those wondering, this is a short blast to all who may need one. I am right now making Facebook Fan Pages for FREE for anyone who may need one. Take note. :) Filed Under: Business , General , New Media , Products , Social Media Tagged: Create A Fan Page , Facebook , Fan Page Speak Your Mind Tell us what youre thinking. Update: Yes, I am true to my word. It is well worth the cost though.

Facebook Is Entering The Q&A Market | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

Facebook Experiments With Real-Time Advertising » Facebook Is Entering The Q&A Market Facebook has decided it’s time to start a Questions feature based on an astute observation: Like many of our products, Questions originated as people began using Facebook in a new and unexpected way. Facebook users were asking their friends questions. Brilliant!

Facebook Experiments With Real-Time Advertising | Small Business.

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But there is another reason to fear Facebook too. But then Facebook became the popular social network and introduced its own PPC advertising model. In the last couple of years, Facebook has improved its advertising offerings and is now in a respectable position. The latest test run by Facebook is for real-time advertising. About Us What’s a Maverick? As well it should.

#95: Now is the Hour, 5 Branding Mistakes, and Facebook breaks 250.

Taylor Marek

Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me #95: Now is the Hour, 5 Branding Mistakes, and Facebook breaks 250 million July 16, 2009 by Taylor Marek We have an audio comment! link] Technology : Facebook breaks 250 million Facebook has broken 250 million users and is crushing MySpace in terms of page views, you’ll want to listen to this one! taylormarek me on Twitter Facebook: [link] Taylor is a 21 year old New Media Visionary on a Journey to change the World.

Should You Post To Twitter Daily? | Small Business Mavericks

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The question arises often about how often is often enough when posting to the popular social media sites – particularly Facebook and Twitter. If you manage a Twitter and a Facebook account, that’s one hour per day. When it comes to Twitter and Facebook, moderation is best. About Us What’s a Maverick? Can you post too often or not often enough?

Twitter’s Biz Stone speaks at CIRA’s AGM

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He told the crowd made up of Internet geeks, social media enthusiasts and business professionals about how Twitter was born in 2006.  At the time his business associates weren’t convinced of the usefulness of a tool that would let friends communicate through only short text messages. PLEASE LIKE  MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Photo Credit: CIRA. This week CIRA*, the organization behind

Why More Members, Money, and Ads Don’t Always Mean More Success: A B2B Marketer’s Survival Guide

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There is an old adage that says “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” So the question is–are there things that today’s B2B marketers can learn from history, specifically, the tremendous success of Facebook and the rise, fall and possible resurrection of Myspace? In contrast, Facebook was founded in February 2004 and only took in its first outside funding of 12.7

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3 Ways Facebook Attracts An Older Crowd, How Google+ Can Catch Up


While it may be criticized for every step it takes, Facebook is very well known for doing one thing especially well: attracting a whole new crowd to the internet. The baby-boomer crowd was never strongly into the internet or technology in general before around 2006. Since then, Facebook has been infiltrated with moms, grandmas and people from every generation. Farmville.

506 – Marketing Insights For Targeting LGBT market

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He wrote the first book in 2006  about this area, Business Inside Out: Capturing Millions of Brand-loyal Gay Consumers. How Facebook is a great geo targeting tool. Pod Casts Bob Witeck engaging brand podcast Facebook + LGBT LGBT marketing targeting LGBT tips LGBT marketing How do you create a marketing campaign that appeals rather than patronises a market sector?

Australia: Senior Citizens on Facebook over 55’s

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Facebook has seen a surge of 513% of Senior Citizens and over 55’s joining in the USA.   Figures show that the number of older users of Facebook increased nearly tenfold in America last year, while university-age users declined by 55 per cent. Australian figures show that about one in five over the age of 55 is connecting through Facebook, with 550,000 logging in. Do you?

Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

Ari Herzog

2007: Facebook. One night in 2006, over Tiger beer and carrot cake at a hawker center , my designer friend Little Ong told me about Multiply. Another friend, Dinnertube , started posting videos on Youtube in 2006. I may have opened a MySpace account when it was still the talk of the digital town. Even if Facebook et al. This is a guest blog post by Stephen Black. Maybe.

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Why Customer Service is the Future of Social Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

In 2006, social media was building steam in the United States. With the rise of Facebook’s popularity, the launch of Twitter, and the surge of influence from social news sites like Digg, social media looked to be a great breeding ground for marketers to make their mark. Facebook’s algorithm addressed this last year.) And make their marks they did. Then, thousands.

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Social Media Gone Wrong … and How to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes

Buzz Marketing for Technology

couple years ago, Canlis, a restaurant in Seattle widely regarded as the best in the city, celebrated its 60th birthday, and to mark the occasion, it ran a Facebook and Twitter contest where the winners were able to dine at 1950’s prices. The “scavenger hunt” started anew every day, as the restaurant posts a clue to the menu’s whereabouts, via their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

An Introduction to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


If you’re a social-media savvy Development Director of a nonprofit, you’re probably posting pictures of volunteers to your organization’s Facebook, announcing new fundraising campaigns, and occasionally sharing a compelling story. 2006 and on the university’s Blue Ribbon Scholarship Committee. Peer-to-Peer fundraising is a great way to accomplish all of this at once.

Small Business Marketing Optimization Tips for 2016

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Ask yourself and your team how it is you communicate with your target audience through Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms —have you appointed anyone to dedicate their energy to this task? single tweet, Facebook post or Instagram photo focusing on the right topic and posted at the right time could very well be worth a dozen haphazard posts that don’t have a clear purpose.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010

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Facebook is the world’s most visited social media brand with 54% of the worlds internet population visiting the brand. More than 700,000 local businesses have active Pages on Facebook. Facebook, Twitter Growing As Video Referral Sources by MediaPost Online Media Daily. Are Twitter Followers Better Than Facebook Fans? Facebook reaches 57% of the U.S. Adam T.

My 3 Words For 2017

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I've been doing this exercise ever since Chris first introduced it (I think it was back in 2006?). The monetization has created giant new media companies (take a look at Facebook , Google , Snapchat , etc.). facebook. Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017. What's your plan? It's the second day of the new year, and you are already stressing out. aren't you? Maybe I'm just projecting). You've set up your resolutions. You've got your goals in place. Only three words? Every year, Chris Brogan does an exercise he calls, My 3 Words For The Year. Going public (again). What's next?

11 Myths of Social Media Marketing

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On the consumer side, the largest cohort of Facebook’s user base is the 35-54 age group, and the fastest growing is the 55+ cohort. Certainly the tools are new: Twitter has only been around since 2007, Facebook since 2006, and even blogging has been popular for less than a decade. Share this on Facebook. Social media is so easy we can hire an intern to do it.

The Business Of Podcasting

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I've been creating this podcast - on a weekly basis - since 2006. facebook. advertisingawards advertisingpodcast audio blog blogging brand businessbook businesspodcast davidusher digitalmarketing donnapapacosta facebook google itunes jwalterthompson marketingblog marketingpodcast mirum mirumagency stevelubetkin sxsx thebusinessofpodcasting trafalgarcommunications twitter wpp Episode #477 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. It's hard to deny that podcasting is really coming into its own as a media format. audio. brand.

The Business Behind Facebook


Viral Video Ad Update: Hip Hop Hamsters Closing In On Old Spice » The Business Behind Facebook Posted by Anne Herngaard Aug 10th, 2010 Tweet A new infographic by Phd Online sums up the story behind Facebook. The success of Facebook is rather indisputable with an estimate of 1 billion $ revenue in 2010. You can read more about Facebook on their press site.