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Basic SEO for Bloggers


Who wants to spend all that time writing creative, helpful content? It’s not 2001 anymore. Keywords are still vital to determining how you rank for certain queries, but remember to adapt your content to fit the term. If the visual applies to the content, the reader is likely to remember the messaging. The best bloggers I know are writing constantly.

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20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012


As Michael Stelzner said at Blogworld, “You’re not a blogger, you’re a publisher!”. He had a popular blog, Free Pursuits, but focused on creating a legacy rather then  just  being a blogger. He He started  Think Traffic  in 2010, and quickly built a solid reputation for building quality content. In Marcus started a swimming pool company in 2001. Enjoy!

Effective Planning for Video Content


Whether you’re an established blogger or simply trying to break into film production, developing a video requires the consideration of some key pieces before, during, and after the green light process. If you’re thinking of diving into video production , the following tips may give you the edge you need to create the best video content without spending more than you need to.

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Social Sharing – Getting News Content Right in 2011

Proactive Report

“The challenge now is to produce content – not ads – that can create connections between people. In this environment, forward-thinking advertisers are shifting budgets towards social strategies that center around creating content that’s likely to be shared.&#. We need change the way we craft our news content. What Content to Offer Journalists. source: Hitwise).

How to Use Private Label Rights to Get Content for Your Blog


For the time-strapped blogger who’s constantly struggling to write fresh, unique content, PLR can seem like a godsend.  Although PLR can be a useful tool in developing content for your blog, it isn’t a “copy and paste” solution (at least, it isn’t if you don’t want the Big G to come down hard on you and your search rankings!).  To understand why, let’s take a closer look at what PLR content is and how you can use it effectively to develop content for your blog. Finding good content. But how do you know which authors write good quality PLR content

40 Core Philosophies From the Most Famous Marketers in History

Buffer Social

What: John Deere may be best known for farm equipment, but he also has another distinction: He may very well have created content marketing. In ” Her suggestions to do this including content curation, user-generated content and using social media to tell bigger stories. What:  In 2001, social media barely existed. 10x content. Details matter. ” 13.

Is Your Blog Spiraling Into An Echo Chamber?


But the truth is a lot of bloggers hit the big time in their circle of contacts and think they’ve made it as big as they ever will get. The truth of this whole vicious cycle is that you begin to rot as a blogger when you hit the edge of your echo chamber. Has your blog gone into reruns so often that even you don’t know what the last truly fresh content was? The Echo Chamber.

Blogosphere Trends + Using Infographics


They’re also working on a tool that will allow bloggers and others to create their own infographics using a plug-and-play system. If you have the resources, interactive graphics such as this timeline of Middle East protests is just about the most engaging content you can provide. This infographic on travel ten years after September 11, 2001 makes effective use of lines and graphics to pull the viewer’s eye down the page and onto the next piece of information. Writing ContentIBM’s Many Eyes gives you access to libraries of data and the ability to upload your own.

5 Steps to Launch Your International Social Media

Convince & Convert

Launched in 2001, Lingo24 has clients in over sixty countries, and translated over forty million words in the last year. They’re also avid bloggers, and frequently access the Web on mobile devices. Western Europe – most similar to North America, in that content which is either useful (e.g. Localize your content. How can you adjust the content to make it relevant to them?

“Reclaim Blogging”: Why I’m giving up Twitter and Facebook

Besides, even if they’re very good at hiding the fact, over on Twitter and Facebook, it’s not your content, it’s their content. The content on your blog, however, belongs to you, and you alone. On both occasions, we were reminiscing about the early days of blogging (I started gapingvoid in 2001, btw. It’s not your content, either. Exactly.

How I Network on Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn Â?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

First (Real) Stop: Friendster In 2001, I took the plunge into Friendster , and as an early adopter, I befriended just about anyone I had some sort of association with and reciprocated every friend request. Accelerated by MaxCDN Content Delivery Network. How Do You Network on Different Social Sites? Are you the same? For example, one of my Friendster aliases is Times Square. MySpace?

The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise

Webbiquity SMM

This should be a wake-up call for companies’ content on pursuing outbound marketing initiatives. Blogger for Huffington Post and @op_editorial , Marketer, Do-Gooder, Master Surfer! An avid search marketing blogger, he’s written extensively for SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineLand, SEORoundTable and others. Award-winning marketing and social media blogger. Adam L.

What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing

Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Small business Business Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! About the Meltwater GroupThe Meltwater Group is a privately held software company founded in Norway in 2001 committed to challenging. Learn more. Social media is capable of so much more. Interesting.

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Blog Business Model 1: Land Public Speaking Gigs Through Your Blog


Marcus has told us his story before, in the post From Small-time Blogger to Professional Paid Speaker: My Journey. Since 2001, I’ve owned an inground swimming pool company that installs pools throughout Virginia and Maryland. want companies to see I can come in and speak to their organizations and assist them in their content marketing efforts. you make it sound so easy!

2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men

Blue Focus Marketing

This should be a wake-up call for companies’ content on pursuing outbound marketing initiatives. Blogger for Huffington Post and @op_editorial , Marketer, Do-Gooder, Master Surfer! An avid search marketing blogger, he’s written extensively for SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineLand, SEORoundTable and others. Award-winning marketing and social media blogger. Adam L.

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From The Information Age To The Connected Age " GigaOM

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Google monetizes the human behavior on the web — human action captured in web pages as links, content and meta data. This enablement of minds to meeet is a great thing, only if the bloggers do not cheply write for no purpose, it will become a plateform of exchange of worthwhile thoughts and would develop the human society much faster than it was able to do so far. GigaOM. About.

5 Fast Tips for Going Multilingual on Twitter


Your stats for other online content can be revealing here. Producing accurate foreign language content can be tricky. These can range from celebrities to the leaders and popular bloggers in your own particular field. Being part of their conversations lets you monitor what they are saying: about your blog as a whole or your latest post, about other bloggers, about wants, desires and frustrations. Launched in 2001, Lingo24 now has over 170 employees spanning three continents and clients in over sixty countries. This guest post is by Christian Arno of Lingo24.

Quantum Entanglements: The Social Media Scandals

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Kaycee Nicole Swenson brought her sparkly brand of wholesome, flirtatious courage to a wide audience on the internet from 1999 through May 14, 2001 , when her mother Debbie announced that Kaycee had passed away suddenly. Debbie Swenson, who’d been living with her deception for years, finally broke down early Sunday on May 20, 2001, posting a confession on her blog. Be observant!

Hawaii Officially Dips Toes in the Waters of Social Media

Bare Feet Studios

Schaefer’s article and PBN does not allow links in their comments – both of which limit the conversation and tend to make me a little grumpy.) As I understand it, this blogger trip is not the first time Hawaii tourism has paid for blogger fam trips – though it is the first official blogger tour and significant campaign of which I am aware. Such a deal! Mahalo!

This weeks #SocialMedia Tweetchat Topic: Destruction of the Media Industry: Will We Be Better Off In the Long Run?

Direct Marketing Observations

Newsroom employment would peak in 2001 as newsstand sales of the top 100 magazines approached 30 million. Meanwhile, US newsroom employment fell to a 25-year low and magazine newsstand sales dropped 63% from of their 2001 peaks. That’s a great foundation for this week’s topic. I’ll add a couple of thoughts directed squarely at the corporate side of this discussion that relate to content, trust and brands. Today anyone can produce content and distribute to a potentially sizeable market. This week is an exception. In January, 2000, few people had heard of Google.

Web Worker Daily " Archive Busyness vs. Burst: Why Corporate Web Workers Look Unproductive "

Buzz Marketing for Technology

In my heart I know I can only truly engage with 200 bloggers and yet… I am subscribed [.]. Over at his blog, Michael Specht (one of very few Australian HR bloggers - my wife is the only other I know of) is talking about managing an always-on work life, the intrusions it makes into work-life balance and the culture clash always-on can introduce between busy and bursty workers. [.]. Table of Contents. Copyright 2001–2008 Giga Omni Media, Inc. GigaOM Network: GigaOM |. WebWorkerDaily |. NewTeeVee |. Earth2Tech |. OStatic |. Events |. Jobs |. About |. About.

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Weekly Roundup: The Magic of Discovery

Waxing UnLyrical

Does blogger outreach really require engagement? There is so much great content out there and its posts like this that make it easier to stay up-to-date. Youre right: blogrolls are static backwaters and I tend to favor those whove been blogging about public relations longer (I started in 2001) - and miss out on some new and interesting voices. What’s a gal to do? Smart.

Social Media Network and me

Social Media Network Marketing

have been working in the Social Media Networking Online Space since 2001 alongside with the Brands and Clients. While writing content I keep in mind the SEO requirements so that the page / site comes up high on the search engines. Optionally use this Widget installer to add this link to your blogger blog. Powered by Blogger Unported License. Social Media Ne.

Robert Scoble Discusses Women In Tech

Geoff Livingston

Following up from the joint blog post, “ Why Tech Already Has Women… &# co-authored with Danny Brown , noted tech blogger Robert Scoble felt the critical remarks in the post were unfair. But let’s go back to 2001. held an open-to-the-public dinner for bloggers. Scoble: I didn’t realize that succeeding in tech required conferences, media, or bloggers?

AMA Handbook of Public Relations Published

Bill Hartzer

Before the invasion of YouTube , Facebook , and bloggers, the Internet was embraced by visionary PR professionals working feverishly to develop online content to advance a client’s agenda. In 2001, he received an honorary Doctorate of Public Service from Muskingum College. Public relations icon Robert L. Hardcover). Robert L. Louis. Subscribe to the comments for this post?

Blogs are Becoming the New Front Door for Prospects: Is Yours Open?

Personal Branding: The five elements of being seen as a thought leader through crowdsourcing Marketing Research: Cold, hard cash versus focus groups Social Marketing: Twitter contest boosts followers 43% Online Marketing: Cyber Monday reactions from 17 of your consumer marketing peers Archives January 2011 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 Sherpa Bloggers Adam T.

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Diva Marketing Blog

Our content may be a little smarter and a little deeper than your average web humor (sometimes).  My favorite social media tactic is contributing to the content and community in highly specialized LinkedIn groups to generate B2B leads. Blogging took me some time to get in a groove with, but now I’m a very active blogger. My favorite social media tactic is bonding with humor. 3.

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Diva Marketing Blog

Social marketing is about the ability to connect to your target market cost effectively, frequently, and succinctly with value content.  Working with clients at home and internationally since 1998, we help clients with strategy, messaging, content development and media relations. A couple of weeks ago Mashable held a smashing mash in Atlanta for over 400 of its closest friends.

10 Realizations that Will Crush Your Little Heart In Your First Year of Blogging


As a new blogger in a very crowded niche, I’ve found the year tough. It’s been tough finding my voice among so many others, producing content that is rich and teaches others a thing or two, attracting traffic that sticks (subscribers)—all while trying to establish a schedule. Are you presenting your readers with boring content? And it will take you more than a few minutes to promote your content properly and on a daily basis. It’s absolutely essential that you write great, unique content and create a list of subscribers who love that content.

From Side Project to Sustainable Business … Using Social Media


When I decided to drop out of corporate life, my first move was to open a consultancy. I had been working online since 2001 and by 2008 was confident I’d accumulated enough skills and experience that finding work wouldn’t be a problem. You’ll create content and you’ll need to promote it. Not only do you need to promote your content, you need to promote the meaningful transactions that affect your bottom line. As a blogger, an essential meaningful transaction occurs when a visitor subscribes via RSS or email. My side project was a blog: