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Database marketing is used by most Marketers

Social Media Network Marketing

One of the most successful forms of marketing used by marketers is database marketing. Database marketing is essentially about sending targeted promotions to any segment of the customer and prospect lists and measuring the value of each individual customer and tracking the promotional efforts, measuring responses, purchases, and the return on investment for the spent on the promotional efforts. Database marketing is essentially the technique of gathering all the information available about your customer, leads, and prospects into a central database.

What is Market Basket Analysis

Social Media Network Marketing

Market Basket Analysis is a modelling technique. The basket enables us to diagnose on who is buying what product and what he/she 'may' 'most probably buy' Based upon the theory that if you buy a certain group of items, you are more (or less) likely to buy another group of items. To put it simply it is Affinity Analysis.It is a technique that discovers co-occurrence relationships among activities performed by (or recorded about) specific individuals, groups, etc. The challenge has been how to leverage this data to produce business value.

Social Networking at a glance

Social Media Network Marketing

Social networking media can be a helpful tool for companies to generate more business, marketing experts say. The most common sites for business purposes are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, experts say. Twitter: A free, real-time messaging service that lets users send out messages, or "tweets," of up to 140 characters to "followers" who sign up to receive the tweets. Authors can choose to send tweets to only their friends via the Web site or they can let anyone read the messages. There are more than 50 million professionals on the site

Content Is Still King, but Conversation Is Queen (and Conversion Is the Prince)

Social Media Network Marketing

Nothing beats well-written, informative, entertaining content in all its forms: blog posts, tweets, videos, podcasts, images, webinars, or whitepapers. Place yourself in a position of being a knowledgeable expert (assuming you are, of course). Community is the context. Moreover, keep content and commerce separate. Never the twain shall meet is a good rule of thumb. Editorial and advertorial content should be distant kin, if related at all

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Personal Branding on FaceBook

Social Media Network Marketing

Facebook is growing fast and as their list of users grows so does the list of people getting hired, fired, embarrassed and shunned. Globally, as you can see there are vast opportunities on Facebook for personal branding but the opportunities for tainting your reputation or losing your job are even more vast. In fact, nearly 1 out of 10 employers globally now admit to firing employees because of their activities on Facebook [The actual number is much higher because many employers would never openly admit to doing this, even in a survey

Don't use Social Networking loosely

Social Media Network Marketing

Don't use social networking to make a generic sales pitch to thousands of people. 2. Do start a dialog of conversation by sending updates that will be interested to people. Offer valuable information. 3. Don't use public forums for private messages. 4. Do ask people if they want to receive your FREE newsletter before you start sending it to them. 5. Never, ever post negative comments on other peoples blogs, profile pages or websites. You always want to be positive. 6. Don't rely on one group or one website for all your networking needs. 7.

What are Google Alerts

Social Media Network Marketing

What are Google Alerts? Google Alerts are emails automatically sent to you when there are new Google results for your search terms. You can also choose to have your alerts delivered via feed to the feedreader of your choice (e.g., Google Reader or add the feed to your iGoogle page). We currently offer alerts with results from News, Web, Blogs, Video and Groups. What are the different types of alerts I can sign up for? What kinds of topics make for interesting Google Alerts? Well, if it's interesting to you, it's a good subject for a Google Alert.

How to Write a Great Article for the Internet

Social Media Network Marketing

Article writing is one of the best ways to get your knowledge out and provide you with great free exposure for your business or your website. Here are seven simple tips and some examples that will teach you how to write a great article

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Tips for Making a Corporate Blog Stand Out

Social Media Network Marketing

Talk about something other than yourself. Too many corporate marketers make the mistake of creating blogs as purely another mechanism to talk about their products and services. While increased sales and improved brand visibility may be two fundamental goals of a corporate blog, there are more effective ways for achieving those goals that just pushing product. The most successful corporate blogs leverage product and service information with relevant industry news, human interest pieces, case studies and other useful information. That balance is what keeps readers coming back time and again.

Are you in favor of SideWiki?

Social Media Network Marketing

Google has set up a controversial new tool that permits the public to comment about any web site in a side bar displayed in their web browser.  Guess this tool will open a wave of problems with spammers talking rubbish about great sites, there is also nothing stopping someone's competitor using this tool under lots of Gmail id's and creating a hate campaign against its rivals. The tool is integrated in the latest version of Google Toolbar and works with both Firefox and Internet Explorer but ironically, not yet Google Chrome.

Market Basket Analysis

Social Media Network Marketing

Market Basket Analysis is used to identify or gain interesting insights into the way customers buy items. It finds out the combination of items which are most likely to be bought together. For example buying milk and bread together can lead to buying butter. Identifying such patterns from the transaction data collected over the years provide new window of opportunity to explore and understand the purchasing behavior and thus can be used to increase sales through cross selling and targeted marketing. Data Mining technique called association rule mining is usually used.

Screening Phase

Social Media Network Marketing

Examine data for five different kinds of possible errors: Lack of data – Do some questions have far fewer answers than surrounding questions? Excess of data – Are there duplicate responses? Outliers/inconsistencies – Are there values that are so far beyond the typical that they seem potentially erroneous? Strange patterns – Are there patterns that imply cheating rather than honest answers? For instance, does a respondent alternate between ratings of 4 and 5 on every other topic in a matrix question?

Data: Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

Social Media Network Marketing

Screening Phase Examine data for five different kinds of possible errors: Lack of data – Do some questions have far fewer answers than surrounding questions? Excess of data – Are there duplicate responses? Outliers/inconsistencies – Are there values that are so far beyond the typical that they seem potentially erroneous? Strange patterns – Are there patterns that imply cheating rather than honest answers? For instance, does a respondent alternate between ratings of 4 and 5 on every other topic in a matrix question? What to do? Delete just this response or delete the entire record?

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Dos and Don'ts: Online copywriting

Social Media Network Marketing

Consumers interact differently with copy on the Web than they do with traditional marketing media. Transferring copy from a printed brochure online is not a recipe for success. Web copy must embrace online consumer behavior and be relevant to the audience's needs. Don't: Forget to listen Make sure you are creating a dialogue, not a monologue. Give the audience a part to play. Be attentive. With every reaction and interaction, they're telling you something about themselves. If you haven't given them anything relevant or a way to engage/respond, you'll lose them fast.

Easy Database Marketing

Social Media Network Marketing

Some business owners assume that database marketing requires a level of sophistication that is beyond them. While it is certainly true that some systems can be quite complex, there's one powerful database strategy that is within everyone's grasp. The concept of Recency. As long as you have a database that records customer transactions, you can use this powerful concept to help market to people most likely to respond. This will help reduce your overall marketing costs while increasing your response rates

What DataBase provides

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The information in your database provides you with a detailed picture of the market and allows you to answer questions such as: Who are our most important customers? How many are there? What characteristics do they have? What other prospects have similar characteristics? Are we generating the maximum amount of business from each customer? Are we maximizing the business opportunities from each customer contact? Do we really know what our customers want? What factors and marketing activities affect their buying behavior? Can we identify every product our customers might use?

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Get a Better Understanding of Customers via DataBase

Social Media Network Marketing

Most companies have a base of regular customers, but few know why those customers keep coming back. Quality, price, delivery, convenience; these are some of the factors that could explain why a customer continues to buy from your company but, unless you understand the factors behind your success, you cannot plan a customer retention strategy for the future. The discipline of building and using a database helps you concentrate on these important issues. How many are in each sector? What products do they buy? What other products could be offered to these sectors?

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Understanding Google PageRank

Social Media Network Marketing

Understanding Google PageRank is not as mysterious as some would have you believe. So what exactly is PageRank and how does it affect your rankings in the search engines? This article will set you straight on this often misunderstood topic. PageRank is essentially the measure of a web page's importance relative to all other web pages. While no one knows the exact algorithm Google uses to calculate PageRank, one of the major factors is the number and quality of inbound links pointing to the page in question. The more votes (i.e.,

Meta Tags

Social Media Network Marketing

It's very simple - if you don't optimize your web pages, the search engines will have a difficult time figuring out your content focus and you can forget about increased website traffic. These are the things you build into your web pages so that the search engines find your site and rank it favorably. You should also know that there are many dozens of off-page criteria that the search engines (SE's) look at as well - but that's a topic for another article. How does an SE know that a page has relevance to a particular search term? File Name 2. Page Title 3. META Keyword Tag 4.

Determining Keywords For Your Web Pages - Research on Google Key Words

Social Media Network Marketing

Determining keywords that are profitable is one of the most important techniques you can master as you bring your small business online. Just in case you haven't heard the term "keyword" before, here's a brief explanation. Any time someone uses a search engine, they type in a word or phrase. This word or phrase is known as a keyword (even though it can be longer than one word.) The search engine goes out and retrieves all the web pages that focus content on that particular keyword or keyword phrase. Each web page contains a place in the HTML coding to insert these keywords.

Polish Off Your Reading List for Freelance Writing

Social Media Network Marketing

We all do know that unread piles of books, magazines and papers sitting around your office would make you nervous. And anxious. fresh start entails catching up on your reading list. Magazines like Writer and Poets & Writer are excellent selections to read monthly for fresh ideas and new instruction, but they don't do you any good if they pile up and cause anxiety

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8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

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Get That Prospect Off Your List

Social Media Network Marketing

Congratulations!  You've got a real live prospect on the line.  Your first task is to start selling, right?  WRONG!  At the very beginning of the sales cycle, your most important task is to find out if you can eliminate the prospect completely from your to-do list. Yes, you heard me correctly. Many sales pros (particularly novices) are so thrilled simply to be talking to a real live prospect that they don't want to burst the happy bubble.  So they pretend that the mere fact that a prospect has shown a little interest (by not hanging up) means that they're a potential customer.

Backlinks to your websites

Social Media Network Marketing

We all need backlinks to our websites. backlink is an inbound html code that points to your website. You are probably wondering why you would want a backlink. If you have many websites with one-way links to your website, the search engines interpret this in your favor. You want to make sure that your website is at the "hub of the wheel" so to speak -- all the spokes, or links, are pointing to your website. Let's step back a bit and explain links in an example: If Sally's site links to you, then you have one inbound link. Don't look for reciprocal links.

Should You Let Your Interns Manage Twitter?

Social Media Network Marketing

Would you let a 21-year-old intern work the phones without training? Then why would you let one manage your company's Twitter account, where they have direct contact with loads of extremely vocal customers? Fresh joinees are often given charge of a corporate Twitter updates because they tend to be Web savvy. But their lack of experience can be a drawback, especially when they're dealing directly with customers. They may struggle to pick up on the culture, image, direction, and goals of a company in the short time they are there. Interns are not your only option. Train them.

Are You Socially Acceptable?

Social Media Network Marketing

One reason social media sites have caught on like wildfire among users is that, by and large, they operate on basic principles of social decency. always have a check on: Do your social-media skills match the subtle standards set at sites like Twitter and YouTube? Not sure? Well, here are a few site-inspired rules to help ensure your online outreach efforts are socially acceptable: Don't stifle the conversation. It's easy to react negatively when you spot a negative review at a social site, but first take a deep breath. Consider this: do the comments have merit? Be responsive.

Maximizing LinkedIn for Business

Get started on truly maximizing your LinkedIn presence with this informative eBook.

what is Google Analytics?

Social Media Network Marketing

Google Analytics is a free analysis tool which gives you information on where your website visitors are coming from, which pages they visit, how long they stay, and a lot more. There are plenty of paid stat counters available which present data in different ways, but Google Analytics is one of the best, and it's free. One can over-analyze or under-analyze any website. Some people spend too much time checking stats, analyzing, and planning, and don't spend enough time writing good content and getting new readers to their blogs. In between, we have a happy balance. 1. " 4.

High ROI Customer Marketing Tactics!

Social Media Network Marketing

Go beyond using simple customer demographics to start looking at past customer behavior, the most reliable source of data for predicting the potential value of a customer and their likelihood to remain a customer.

Past and Current customer behavior are the best predictors of Future customer behavior

Social Media Network Marketing

Past and Current customer behavior are the best predictors of Future customer behavior. Think about it. Any entity you can define as a customer – external, internal, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers – they all pursue certain routines, and changes in these routines often indicate an opportunity or challenge is ahead in your relationship with them. When it comes to action-oriented activities like interacting with a web site, this concept really takes on a very important role. It works because actual behavior is better at predicting future behavior than demographic characteristics are

When Bad Buzz Happens to Good Companies

Social Media Network Marketing

It seems almost inevitable these days: You run a search on your company's name or product and a negative review, remark or blog post appears in the top listings. What do you do? Don't . lose your cool and try to retaliate, It often does more damage than good. Instead what you probably could do is: Do your best to resolve the issue with the dissatisfied person—publicly. It shows that you are persistent and take your customers' satisfaction seriously. Take action to push the negative reports down in search-results pages. Use social networking to build—and spread—positive buzz.

Maximize Your Social-Networking Investment

Social Media Network Marketing

You don't get to be a social-networking superstar without paying your dues. You ought to try to maximize the value of the time spent.You should talk about others eight times for each thing you say about yourself. There's a good reason for doing so: The more you discuss what others say and do, the more likely they are to reciprocate. You're going to be more successful in social networks if people have an idea of the real you—not just the business you, not just the consultant you. But beware of sharing TMI [too much information], a common mistake in the world of social networks.

Tweet Like You Mean It

Social Media Network Marketing

Lots of companies are trying out to see how they can use Twitter to promote their products and services. The fact is a few good tweets can also provide great customer service.  Send out tips on maintaining your products. Your years of experience can help you gain credibility on Twitter as a leader in your profession, A jeweler can tweet a few tips on cleaning and maintaining that wedding ring. "How often should you have the prongs checked?" " A dry cleaner can tweet advice about attacking a stain before you bring a garment in to be cleaned. Announce new arrivals of inventory.

Home Office writer

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If you're working out of your home, you most likely have some sort of a home office. No matter what type of home office you have, there are some things that every office should have. Get ready to get rid of the clutter and get your home office looking more modern and better than ever! Essential Home Office Tools: What do you need for an effective home office? Don't fall for all of the high-tech, fancy gadgets on the market today. Get rid of that old scanner, the dated fax, and the crappy copier and pick up an all-in-one. This way, you go in, do your work, and leave.

Marketers weave web of loyalty

Social Media Network Marketing

Many multichannel merchants are investing in the e-commerce customer experience as a way to drive results even as economic pressures force them to cutback in other areas. These retailers are also delving further into the connection between online customer experience and customer loyalty. While most areas are being cut, and online efforts are not immune, retailers see the online experience as an investment which can increase sales through better conversion rates and decrease costly customer service calls. In general, retailers understand that a good user experience will enhance loyalty.

Focus first on your existing prospect and customer database

Social Media Network Marketing

The in-house database is often the most productive source of short-term leads and sales. That is because the people in the database have already expressed an interest in your products or services by responding to previous marketing programs, inquiring or buying. They also may have been added to your prospect database because they were similar to your best customers, or they appeared likely to have problems or needs your products or services can solve. That makes them the right people to target with lead generation campaigns