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5 reasons to practice old school PR

Jeff Esposito

This is a guest post from Elissa Freeman. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m a traditionalist when it comes to practicing PR. There’s been much speculation over the longevity of ‘old school’ methods and how social media will eventually replace the press release, the press conference and good old ‘look’em in the eye’ relationships. Nobody reads them anymore!” Personal interaction creates trust.

Cancer Fighting Sock Monkeys

Jeff Esposito

One of the things that I think we often forget when pontificating on social media is the human element. A few years back, I began speaking with Jennifer Windrum and while I have never met her in person, I can say that we’re friends. What truly impressed me about Jennifer was that she was not filtered in her story of her mother and her battle with lung cancer.

Are you bumping into coworkers enough?

Jeff Esposito

A few months back I stumbled upon an interesting question and answer session with Tony Hsieh at Samsung’s Blogger Lounge at SXSW. During the 30-minute session, the Zappos CEO touched on a lot of topics, but the one that stood out the most was on what he wanted to do with the company’s new offices in the old Las Vegas city hall. Sounds crazy right? Is it your team and direct co-workers? thought so.

It’s time to put an end to siloed views of social media.

Jeff Esposito

Over the past few weeks the misconstrued debate around social media ownership has been kicked back around. This post from PR Daily helped spark some outcry and others, like Shelly Kramer , threw out some more balanced and level-headed thoughts. With that said, can we agree to end this foolish p **g-contest about social media ownership? Social media is not an infant anymore; it’s something companies are starting to take seriously. It is the only way to paint the full picture of social media success. Confused? You shouldn’t be. Someone has to make the change, why not lead the charge?

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Six companies I admire in social media

Jeff Esposito

Working in social media, I am often asked by coworkers and peers who I find to be an inspiration or company just crushing it in the space. While Ford. and Dell might immediately jump to mind, I really just see them as a constant rather than someone to glean some inspiration from, instead I find myself noting or looking to the following brands for brain cookies.

See you later Vistaprint, best of luck

Jeff Esposito

Eight years, one month and 13 days ago, I walked into Vistaprint to take on a role as an associate manager on the company’s PR team. Taking the job, I thought that it would be something that would help me transition out of the sports world and get into more of a stable PR role. Little did I know that walking through the doors would lead me into a completely different career path – for the better. So as I close out my career at Vistaprint today, it only seems fitting for me to reflect on some of the moments that helped shape my career and are memories that I will take with me along the way.

Rethinking Google Plus

Jeff Esposito

Over the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking about Google+. Overall I think it it is time to stop calling it a social network and looking at it for what it really is – an evolution of the Google platform. In the video below, I share some more thoughts on why we should all give G+ another look and see if we can leverage it for our businesses.

Gilda’s Club: What went wrong?

Jeff Esposito

This is a guest post from  Elissa Freeman. public outcry over the removal of Gilda Radner’s name from the iconic cancer support group has turned into a public relations and branding case study of ‘what not to do.’. People were mad, shocked and sad. Major media outlets started to roll with the story, including a column I wrote for, a major Canadian website. Terse in tone. No apology.

Drive Toward Social Intelligence Maturity

Propelling your organization to new levels of social intelligence skill and application is essential for maximizing the value of your listening and monitoring efforts.

A look at how the global social media map has changed in four years

Jeff Esposito

Oh what a difference four years makes. Overall this shouldn’t really surprise anyone, but to me it’s amazing to see how Facebook beat out the fragmented market that everyone was pontificating on circa 2009-10. Image: Vincenzo Cosenza. social media social media globally

Put the groans away, Facebook’s algorithm change is good for you

Jeff Esposito

Every time that Facebook announces a change in their algorithm, like they did earlier this week , you hear a collective groan from the echo-chamber of the talking heads in the social media space. As I have noted a few times on this blog, Facebook has built a perfect fly trap and businesses need to adapt to the ecosystem, much like they do with Google. just think it is more on finding that balance.

What [insert current event] can teach you about [insert industry]

Jeff Esposito

Whenever a celebrity makes a mistake, a company misspeaks, a natural disaster or political snafu occurs, bloggers take it upon themselves to pen a post of what we can learn from X. These posts are often list posts that come in counts of three, five or 10 and are things that the authors say should be avoided in a particular industry — often social media or PR. Some of the advice is 101 while some is Monday morning quarterbacking. In all honesty the Miami Heat winning the NBA title will not teach you anything about social media neither will posts about Kanye naming his kid North.

How many social networks can you handle?

Jeff Esposito

I like to consider myself pretty tech and social media savvy. However, I have recently found myself pondering how many networks I could realistically handle on a personal basis. In my day job, I am constantly evaluating networks and what resources would be needed to add them to the company’s mix. We’re social beings so adding another network can’t hurt right? Foursquare – I love this network.

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What do you suck at?

Jeff Esposito

It is easy to write a blog or article on things you are good at. Heck, it is the reason 90% of people are on a social network – to tell the world how awesome they (or their company) are. It also goes to show you how immodest some folks are. Remembering Names – no matter how hard I try, I am forgetful when it comes to names. Faces I never forget, but the names…. Me too. So what are you afraid of?

Can PR prevent white collar crime?

Jeff Esposito

This is a guest post from Elissa Freeman. Should PR pros take white collar crime more seriously when developing crisis communications plans?  Have we been failing our clients by not doing a better job of warning them upfront of the potential reputational hit resulting from knowingly breaking the law? The usual formula goes something like this: Company X does wrong. Now what?”.

Are preconceived notions on social media killing your program?

Jeff Esposito

Social media is a very large bell jar. While we might be thinking outside the box in terms of our companies or clients, we’re also boxing ourselves into what the social media bubble is doing. Many times this leaves us blind to go against the gospel of the groupthink tank that is social media. This mindset can leave us closed to accepting new thoughts from those outside the social bubble.

Why should I like your brand?

Jeff Esposito

After closing on our new house, my wife and I visited a number of large retailers looking for appliances, a lawn mower and other things that first time “big people” homeowners (read: not a condo in Boston) would need. Without a doubt each one of these stores had a callout to “like them on Facebook,” or to “check-in on foursquare” or to “follow us on Twitter”. If you guessed yes, you were incorrect.

The Smart Marketer's Guide to Social Media Management

Engaging in social media isn't an option anymore. So if you're going to do it, you want to do it well.

Epic Commercial of 2013 – Snuffy the Seal

Jeff Esposito

Every year, the Discovery Channel kills it in terms of marketing Shark Week. This year is no different with the new roll-out of the epic Snuffy the Seal commercial. Well played. Uncategorized Discovery Channel Shark Week Snuffy the Seal

Book Review: Digital Marketing Analytics [video]

Jeff Esposito

Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary are some smart dudes, so I had some high expectations when my copy of  Digital Marketing Analytics  come in. These expectations were more than exceeded when I got into the book that I’d like to call a good textbook for digital marketers. Overall, you should read this book if you: manage a social media program (PR, marketing, support). like to learn.

Are you leveraging LinkedIn effectively?

Jeff Esposito

As I have discussed on this blog on a number of occasions, LinkedIn is really one of those networks in the social media space that I would like to know more about. If you are like me and always head over there weekly staring at ways that you can better leverage the network, you should pick up a copy of Brian Carter ‘s LinkedIn for Business.  Below is my full review. .

PR’s Four-Letter Word

Jeff Esposito

There’s nothing more powerful in the PR arsenal than the use of the embargo ( click here for a sample embargo ).  Reporters hate them. PR pros love them. It’s the ultimate tool of professional manipulation. On the one hand, it’s pretty ballsy to think anyone can control the media’s distribution of a story—especially if you’re a reporter or working the general assignment desk.

Master The Next Wave Of Social

As social media adoption becomes more and more mainstream, marketing leaders race to keep up - creating blogs, communities, and Facebook pages, all too often without a clear road map in mind.

Goodbye Republican Party, It’s YOU Not Me

Jeff Esposito

This is going to be a political post. If that offends you, please click here. For the past 6+ years I have been a member of the Republican Party, but the past few years have really driven me to question if it even made sense anymore. As many Americans know, our political system is broken and my Party is a big part of the problem. Now that is what was the final straw, Nate Bell was.

Who do you trust on social media?

Jeff Esposito

Over the past few weeks social media has had a big issue in terms of its credibility. During this period we’ve seen pieces ranging from a Forbes contributor (not a Forbes staff writer) writing a linkbait article on influential folks to incorrect information regarding the Boston Marathon Bombings has further diluted the trust that we can have with information shared in the space. Image:  phauly.

Klout 16

23 Social Media Facts to Share with Executives

Jeff Esposito

For my job, I read and research A LOT and save A LOT of useful stats and figures that help “sell” the benefits of social media for companies. Not just from a communications perspective, but also from a strategic thinking and integration point of view. Usually they wind up stuck in my presentations or in. social media eConsultancy ExactTarget Facebook Hitwise Social Media Executive Summary Social Media Numbers for Executives Twitter

Who speaks for your company?

Jeff Esposito

When you think about the voice that comes out of a company or organization, what do you envision? For me it’s folks like the late Steve Jobs at Apple, New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick or Jim Koch of the Boston Beer Company. would wager to guess that many of you had similar folks or some incarnation of a public relations person or CEO. You’d probably say that I was nuts. What you say?

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

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Don’t fall for b t social media certifications

Jeff Esposito

How hard can this social media stuff be? I’m a ninja. In the social media space everyone is trying to skim some green off the cash cow. Whether it is a $47 webinar, a company running a Twitter exclusive sale or someone charging local businesses to set up a fan page on Facebook, everyone seems to be getting in on the action. The latest in this line of offenders is PR News. So please don’t.

Can a bad first impression come back to bite you in the ass?

Jeff Esposito

Have you ever had a bad first impression or experience that came back years later? How did it make you feel? This vlog focuses on a poor experience that we had with Home Depot that brought out the claws from Mrs. Espo on a saleswoman. If you have made a poor first impression were you able to recover?

Why I am not sleeping on Google+

Jeff Esposito

In case you haven’t heard, Google has launched a new network for its users, Google+. Some are calling it a Facebook killer , while others are calling it dead. Both of these groups are wrong. Sure Google+ has some social components, but it is far from a social network, rather it’s a means to make search smarter.  Think I am wrong? Think again. Despite this convenience, Google has two problems.

30 Social Media Stats for the C-Suite

Jeff Esposito

Every month I read countless research reports and blog posts on interesting social media metrics. Instead of having them sit on my desk or in a bookmarks folder in my browser, I wanted to pass them along because social media continues to evolve at a rapid clip and it is very easy to lose sight of key metrics or research data that can help make more informed decisions. Below are 30 of the top stats I have seen over the past few months that can help you either sell social media to the higher ups in your company or help you in securing additional resources for your company’s social program.

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Memo to Social Media Pros – Social Media is NOT necessary for the C-suite

Jeff Esposito

You know what this is right? Earlier this week, my pal Gini Dietrich (even though she has zero skills in Draw Something , we are still cool) wrote a post showcasing social media usage by CEOs in the Fortune 500. Unsurprisingly the usage in this group was quite low: 3.8% of Fortune 500 CEOs use Twitter. 7.6% of these CEOs are on Facebook. contribute to blogs. 0 are on Pinterest. You betcha! Hell no.

Why your small business SHOULD care about social media

Jeff Esposito

This post originally ran on Vistaprint’s Small Business Blog. We’ve talked a lot about engagement on Facebook with best practices for using Facebook for your small business. While we think there was some great content in there (hopefully, you agree), we have gotten some feedback asking if investing time on social media sites (including Facebook ) is worth it for micro and small business owners. This is a very valid question, so we wanted to answer it with this post. Here are some industry statistics that might ease some of your concerns: 150 million Facebook users ( socialbakers ).

Has social media burned PR bridges?

Jeff Esposito

There is no question that social media is the most useful innovation or tool for the public relations industry. It has leveled the playing field and allowed easier access to reporters for public relations pros. This has also served as the catalyst for more meaningful relationships between journalists and flacks. Not only does it look bad to recruiters, it also can burn bridges within the industry.

Is your marketing smarter than a 4-year old?

Jeff Esposito

This post contains video, click here if you are having trouble viewing. At the end of last week I heard my boss, Jason Keith , laughing hysterically at his desk. When I asked him what was so funny, he passed me the video above. It took me a while to get around to watching it, but when I did, I had to watch it a few times. There may be opportunities to capitalize on. Are you being too predictable?