Fri.Dec 09, 2016

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The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Julia Carcamo

Spin Sucks

On this week's Spin Sucks Inquisition, we host Julia Carcamo, who spends her days in casino marketing, a narrow niche that she rules. You will really enjoy getting to know her. The post The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Julia Carcamo appeared first on Spin Sucks. FollowFriday follow Social Media casino journal casino marketing j carcamo associates king cake modern blogging masterclass

Facebook Announces More Metrics Fixes

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook announced more metrics updates  Friday, this time affecting estimated reach, Reactions  counts on posts and a discrepancy involving its like  and share  buttons. When an advertiser begins creating a campaign, the tool provides them with an estimate of both the potential overall reach and the estimated daily reach of their ad campaign.


Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?


Coming to you live from amid the christmas tree, twinkle lights, and wrapping paper – I’ve got the holiday spirit full force! It’s my favourite time of year, Grab a glass of eggnog and wander through the news this week. How to Figure Out Your Overarching Theme — The Definitive Resource List | Puttylike. Perhaps a very fetching rainbow number. – Whiteboard Friday | Moz.

How Team Sprout Uses Message Approval to Onboard New Hires

Sprout Social

Onboarding can present challenges, especially when a new team member isn’t quite as familiar with a brand’s existing voice and tone. At Sprout, when a new social media specialist is given permission to publish content onto Sprout’s social channels, it’s crucial that they use language that matches our style. Once submitted for review, myself or our VP of Marketing approves or rejects the message.


The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

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The End Of Advertising (Easy There)

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Say this with me. all together now: "advertising is here to stay.". You may not like to say that. It's a fact. Advertising is not going anywhere. Advertising is not dying. Advertising is not being replaced by anything (sorry, content marketers). Advertising is changing. Why this rant? Why this rant again? Why this rant again now? Recently, there has been a lot of editorializing that the content marketing industry is booming, and that - eventually - it will lead to the hollowing out of advertising. Content marketing will replace advertising? This is not happening. hate advertising. Inform. .

The Role Of A Marketer (Yesterday And Tomorrow)

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Marketing professionals don't have it easy. The expectation of what marketing can deliver continues to evolve. And, by evolve, I think we all know what this means: adding in more responsibilities with a lack of time and resources to make it happen. Marketing is not alone. All businesses (and all functions within the brand) are feeling this pressure. Here's what marketers have done and need to become: From Brand Ambassador to Business Driver. From shaping the brand to building growth strategies. From advertising expenses to profit center. From adding value to impacting revenue. How's your focus?