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What Alternative Facts Mean to the PR Industry

Spin Sucks

As part of his very first news conference, press secretary Sean Spicer presented alternative facts. Here's how that affects the PR industry. The post What Alternative Facts Mean to the PR Industry appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories The Brave New World of Crisis Communications Seven Ways to Launch a Product Without a News Release Cleopatra: The PESO Model Pharaoh.

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

Webbiquity SMM

While Facebook is far and away the largest social network, when it comes to driving B2B website traffic and brand visibility, Twitter and LinkedIn are tops. Twitter’s key strength is in driving traffic to informative online content including news and blogs. (It’s generally not great for posting random thoughts at wee hours of the morning, though that appears to work for some people.)

White House Directs Comments Line Callers to Nonexistent Facebook Messenger Accounts

SocialTimes Facebook

Following in the footsteps of many other businesses, the Trump administration is turning to Facebook Messenger for customer service. However, there’s a slight problem. Janko Roettgers  of Variety  reported that the White House comments line is no longer active, and a recorded message directs callers to fill out a form  on the White House website  or use Facebook Messenger. However, The White House Facebook page  does not include a messaging option, and neither does the page of President Donald Trump. Readers: Is this your idea of an open-door policy? Image courtesy of Shutterstock.


9 Tips to Flawlessly Manage Your Instagram Followers

Sprout Social

Let’s not kid ourselves–it’s nice to see those Instagram alerts saying your business has a new follower. While the feeling might not get old, the thought of knowing how to easily manage your Instagram followers might be daunting. Don’t let that love for a new follower grow stale. As a business, you want to continually see new customers interacting and engaging with your Instagram account.


Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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26 Words That People Use to Describe Donald Trump

Ari Herzog

Donald Trump was inaugurated four days ago — and my friends and family members continue to talk about our new President with mostly negative words. Authoritarian. Bully. Charlatan. Disturbing. Egomaniacal. Frightening. Gross. Hateful. Idiotic. Kleptocrat. Loudmouth. Megalomaniacal. Nepotist. Oligarch. Plutocrat. Quarrelsome. Racist. Sexist. Terrifying. Ubiquitous. Violating. Worst. Yawner.

Top 6 Food Influencers to follow in 2017

Ignite Social Media

If you recall, in the past we provided a list of 100 women bloggers , this time we’ll give you a little less to digest (pun intended). Skinny Taste. Not only is Gina’s blog easy to navigate and loaded with recipes, her photos on Instagram are the type that make you want to reach into your computer screen and eat them. Naturally Ella. It is for me. Lemon Tree Dwelling. Real House Moms.


How Millennials Are Changing Retail Patterns


Retail moves at the speed of culture, which means players sometimes quickly come and go.… … Read More.


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