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Four Things Your Public Relations Clients Want Right Now

Spin Sucks

As a PR pro you need to anticipate what your clients want and need from you. Today’s CMO is a data scientist, pure and simple. They need data. Aly Saxe looks at the most important things your clients want from you, their trusted PR advisor, right now. The post Four Things Your Public Relations Clients Want Right Now appeared first on Spin Sucks.


5 Social Media Trends to Follow


Whether you're just getting your social media strategy rolling or you've already built a powerful following, you must evolve with changing trends. Many new services are available, so let us help you focus on the most important trends right now. Live Streaming Video. Marketers who are keeping up already know that video on a landing page significantly impacts conversion rates. Mobile.


Social Media News Will Affect Communications Planning

Spin Sucks

There is a lot of social media news, particularly coming out of Twitter and Google, that will affect your 2017 communications planning. The post Social Media News Will Affect Communications Planning appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Eight Social Media Tactics Designed for Big Return Anatomy of a Snapchat Takeover Ten Social Media Truths About Chatbots.

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How To Monetize Your Blog By Repurposing Content


This is a guest contribution from Natalie Sisson of Suitcase Entrepreneur. Sometimes creating valuable content week after week feels a bit like you’re running on a hamster wheel, doesn’t it? It doesn’t even matter how much you like writing blog posts and replying to readers’ comments. So let me tell you a little secret. Let me show you how. How to monetize your blog by repurposing content.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

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4 Types of Instagram Posts You Can Schedule Ahead of Time

agora pulse

One aspect of social media engagement is the live aspect: what is happening right now ? Yet another important aspect of social media management is planning ahead ( a timesaving tip I’ve shared before ). Scheduling Instagram posts is a great way to plan ahead so that you have more time to focus on real-time content. How to schedule a post for Instagram. tool cannot publish at a scheduled time.

Guaranteed Traffic?

Janet Fouts

There is no easy way to shoot to the top of the search engines and stay there generating tons of inbound traffic. But it CAN be done! social business Seo


New Facebook Ad Options Aimed at Sparking Retailers’ In-Store Sales

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook Tuesday introduced two new advertising options for retailers looking to boost in-store sales: dynamic ads  for retail, and store visits optimization. The social network said in an email to SocialTimes that dynamic ads for retail enable retailers to upload their stores’ inventories to Facebook and automatically update their ad campaigns based on availability and users’ locations.

Association Social Media Jobs


No Feeds Found. TIME IS RUNNING OUT! We have a special 20% discount for employers for a very limited time:  Please use SOCIALFISHVIP at checkout. The SocialFish job board is live! Will you please share this with your friends and colleagues and employer and anyone else you know who might be looking for a job or looking to hire? We photo credit ). Featured From the Trenches

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Improve Your Communications Strategy By Asking These Questions

Spin Sucks

These eight questions are crucial for a successful communications strategy. Laura Petrolino explains why and how you can make sure your plan is on track. The post Improve Your Communications Strategy By Asking These Questions appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Instagram Introduces New Business Profiles


Instagram is rocking it so this is great news! With a Business Profile and its new features, Instagram can work even better for your business and help you stand out, get insights and find new customers. That’s why I recommend using Instagram and changing your personal profile to a business profile today to get more leverage for your business. Follow these steps : 1. That’s it! Insights.

Troubleshooting Your Video Conference Tools: 4 Basic Questions To Ask

The Realtime Report

Troubleshooting Your Video Conference Tools: 4 Basic Questions To Ask. Video conferencing software today isn’t as difficult to use as it was ten or even five years ago. It is designed to be as easy to use, reliable, and accessible as possible with the bare minimum of problems. But it is inevitable that things will go wrong sometimes, even to the IT literate or those who use the software daily.

Exploring the World of Blockchain Transactions

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Those of you who have been following my recent posts about digital currencies may remember my recent discussion with Alex Tapscott, founder and CEO of Northwest Passage Ventures. He’s the co-author along with his dad, the business theorist Don Tapscott of the best selling book ‘ The Trust Protocol: How Blockchain Technology Will Change Money, Business and the World. Watch for it!

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

[Cool Infographic Friday] Top 5 Fundraisers for Fall School Fundraising


I like this one, could give you ideas.  H/T from Booster. ——– Looking to make a mark this fall fundraising season? Choosing and planning fundraisers can be daunting, especially if you’re fundraising for a school and are already juggling numerous other initiatives and tasks. Check out the list below and share it with those you think might find it helpful! photo credit ).

Gin and Topics: The Political Edition

Spin Sucks

On this week's Gin and Topics, it's mostly a political edition with a Trump rally and Between Two Ferns. With an orangutan and Kelly Ripa thrown in. The post Gin and Topics: The Political Edition appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Gin and Topics: The First Lady Goes to CVS Gin and Topics: Hide Your Wife. Hide Your Kids. Hide Everyone. Gin and Topics: Buttery, Crispy Crust.

6 embarrassing email mistakes and how to fix them

Janet Fouts

Ever been embarrassed by an error in your newsletter or email blast? Here are some quick fixes. social business Social Media Tips and Tricks Email newsletter

5 Tips To Secure Your Business Success

The Realtime Report

5 Tips To Secure Your Business Success. Succeeding in business is something that all of us aspire to. Think about it, none of us go into business to be mediocre, right? started my first business many years ago and found that after three years in business I was facing having to close the doors. After the economic downturn of 2008, the face of business changed. Use the right kind of office.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

We Didn’t Know How to Promote a Podcast. So Here’s All We Learned

Buffer Social

Before we launched our Buffer podcast , so much of our time and energy (99.9% of it, I’d wager!) was spent getting the sounds and feel just right. How do people promote podcasts? We didn’t know. We’d never promoted a podcast before! Here’s all we found and all that we’re excited to try. We’ll be sure to report back with what works! Images. Links. Solve a problem.

27 things CRM can do for you


People working in the field of sales and marketing might be familiar with CRM or Customer Relationship Management software. However, if you are one those people who are new to this technology, and want to learn more about it before you can integrate it into your business, then this article is for you. To begin with, let’s take a look at what CRM means. So let’s get started! 1. Lead Status Reports.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: David J.P. Fisher

Spin Sucks

On this week's Spin Sucks Inquisition, we talk with David J.P. Fisher—or DFish, as his friends call him—about social selling, entrepreneurship, and weddings. The post The Spin Sucks Inquisition: David J.P. Fisher appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories The Spin Sucks Inquisition: The RoundUp, Part Two The Spin Sucks Inquisition: The RoundUp, Part One #FollowFriday: Amanda Gant.

6 INSANELY Useful Tools to Take Your Blog to the Next Level


Want to take your blog the level? While I understand ‘next level’ can be subjective to each blogger’s journey, I’ll share tools that can help you achieve more: Traffic. Social Media shares. Subscribers. Sales. What do I know about this topic? started my first personal blog back in 2008 and that failed miserably. It’s been quite the ride. That blog has been featured on. Buzzsumo.

Maximizing LinkedIn for Business

Get started on truly maximizing your LinkedIn presence with this informative eBook.

Optimize Your Logistics: Give Your Stockroom A Makeover

The Realtime Report

Optimize Your Logistics: Give Your Stockroom A Makeover By Stephan Reed. If you’re really busy coping with new orders coming in every day, it can often mean that your stockroom takes a backseat when it comes to giving it an overhaul and a makeover. Finding The Right Storage Solution. Make The Most of Vertical Space. Eliminate Wasted Floor Space. Stock Clearance. Consider The Temperature.

How to Create Effective Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Sprout Social

What if there was a powerful way to boost your Facebook marketing efforts? What if you could offer your followers gated content to encourage signups and generate leads all from within Facebook? You can do this and more with Facebook Lead Generation Ads. What Is Lead Generation? Lead generation is a marketing process where you capture interest in your products and services. No cold calls here.

Social CRM: Tools That Can Help You Know Your Audience Better

Ignite Social Media

What are our customers spending their time doing? What are they saying about us on their channels when we aren’t being tagged? Is there a need they have that we could be fulfilling? How can we interact with them to show them that we get them and care? That’s great to have, but when a brand is looking to connect with their customers on a social level, those things aren’t always helpful.


Five Ways to Ensure PR Success with Your Start-up

Spin Sucks

Start-ups need PR. The challenge becomes how exactly does a start-up achieves PR success? The first steps is understanding PR it's a journey, not a destination. The post Five Ways to Ensure PR Success with Your Start-up appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories What is Corporate Storytelling and How Do I Use it? The 2016 Modern Blogging Masterclass Media Relations is a Tactic, Not a Strategy.

22 Tips Combat Social Media Fears

Diva Marketing Blog

Social media marketing is a digital bridge that humanizes the brand online with offline benefits. However, before your brand can build that social media digital bridge you must first confront the fears that I call ~ the elephant in the room. I've been working in the social media space for over 12-years. In terms of digital that has to be at least 4 lifetimes! Toby : Why? Toby : Why? Sales. Track.


Facebook Allowing Advertisers to Create Rules for Turning Off Ads, Email Alerts

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook appears to have given advertisers the ability to establish rules to automatically turn off ad or send email alerts once certain criteria are met. Reader Chris Ruberg , digital marketing specialist at OneCommand , shared the screenshots below with SocialTimes. Facebook had not responded to a request for comment at the time of this post. Advertisers: Thoughts?


Monitorea y participa con las Opiniones de Facebook desde la Entrada inteligente

Sprout Social

La gestión de reputación es una parte clave de una estrategia en redes sociales efectiva. Desde su lanzamiento en 2013, las Opiniones de Facebook se han convertido rápidamente en una de las maneras más populares que eligen los consumidores para dejar comentarios directos y públicos para las marcas. Administrar las Opiniones de Facebook desde la Entrada inteligente. Español


Facebook is Rolling Out Product Tagging for Facebook Pages – Do You Have This?

Stay N' Alive

As I was working on a client’s Facebook Page the other day I came across an interesting new feature that Facebook alerted me of in a little popup. It asked me if I wanted to tag any products in my post. Up until this point, the feature has only been available to advertisers. So what value does this have to Facebook Page owners? It gives a little more attention and reason to go and purchase.


36 Animals with a Better Social Media Strategy Than You

Spin Sucks

These 36 animals can teach you some very important lessons about developing a unique and community building social media strategy. Laura Petrolino explains why you can learn about communications from our animal-friends. The post 36 Animals with a Better Social Media Strategy Than You appeared first on Spin Sucks.